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IWBUMS 41.46 released


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- Zombie appearance is now mostly preserved when reloading.
- Added Zombie.Outfit.Random debug option to disable persistent outfits and choose random ones when zombies are loaded.
- Added AttachedWeaponDefinitions class to avoid parsing the Lua table every time a zombie spawns.
- Rewrote ZombiesZoneDefinition to avoid parsing the Lua table each time a zombie spawns.
- Fixed the police barricade vehicle stories not checking for a wide-enough zone properly, preventing them from spawning.
- DebugChunkState displays all the zones at a location.
- Moved client/Definitions to shared/Definitions. server/recipecode.lua uses ClothingRecipesDefinitions.


1) If in debug use addVehicle("Base.Trailer") to spawn a trailer.
2) Park a vehicle with it's rear end near the front of the trailer.
3) Looking at either the vehicle or the trailer, use the vehicle radial menu and choose "Attach Trailer" (the plus-sign icon).

Vehicles should have an attachment named "trailer" that is aligned with the same attachment on the trailer itself.
Vehicles without this attachment will connect somewhere on the rear of the vehicle.
Editing attachments on vehicles is a new thing in the vehicle editor.

- Added support for multiple collision shapes on vehicles. This is to support the trailer hitch extending forwards of the trailer's body. Shapes must be added in the vehicle's script.  They can be edited in the vehicle editor under the new "Physics" section.
 A maximum of 10 shapes is supported, minus one for physicsChassisShape.
- Updated the vehicle blood and damage textures. Damage and rust textures are applied to the trailer. The blood texture doesn't currently appear, however.
- Simulate a rope when towing cars: breaking too much at full speed and your towing car will bump into you.
- Added uncovered trailer Base.Trailer.  Base.TrailerCover is the covered version.
 The uncovered trailer FBX is missing the second UV channel.
- Trailer brake lights will come on when the vehicle towing it's brake lights are on.
- Added 4-wheeled advertisement trailer.

- Added 'world' attachments to some weapon models so they are positioned better when on the ground.
- Added new advertising trailers. The "Set Script" vehicle debug-menu command picks a random skin.
- Added trailer car crash story.


- Sometimes in forests, at the beach or next to lakes, you'll find people who were zombified doing different activities.
- Beach party, fisherman trips, forest campement...
- BBQ party
- Sexy time (!)
- Hunter camp
- Trapper camp
- More!


- Added beer can & beer bottle item.
- Recipe tooltips now display available items in white text above unavailable items in grey text.
- Stop emote animations when the "Cancel Action" key or the controller B button is pressed.
- Added more gun attachments models, fixed missing ones.
- Added ammo straps as clothing item. Can be worn, exist with shells or bullets, can increase reload speed (shells for shotgun/bullets for the rest).
- Added possible bullet vest on police outfit.
- Added several new hair cuts
- Added new beard styles.

Added a HairOutfitDefinitions.lua definition file:
- Allow to spawn some haircut only on specific outfit.
- Force some haircut on some outfit (ZombiesZoneDefinition.lua take precedence over it)
- Added some outfits for Zed Stories.
- Implemented new hats/eye patch (icons, functionality etc).

- Added the JOIN_IDENTICAL_VERTICES option when loading models.  This can greatly reduce the number of vertices in a model.
- Updated translations.


- Damage to car parts from melee weapons now made more accurate to type of weapon
- Changed damage from hitting zombies with car: speed exponentially increases damage. Also made attempts to stop sprinters hammering on the rear of car and destroying it too fast.
- Whiskey bottle with water weight now more in keeping with whiskey bottle weight
- Decreased the gain in drunkeness from drinking beer bottles/cans vs. spirits
- Made alcohol->drunkeness slightly more potent when character has an empty stomach
- Disassembling Lamps now gives a Lightbulb
- Log Stacks recipes to always use 2 Ropes, instead of 1 Rope per Log
- Beverage can now be prepared with only sugar
- Sugar and coffee now drainable items (due to be reverted in next patch due to internal rethink)
- Hood/bonnet now repairable with metal sheets + screws or torch
- Uncooked pasta or rice in a pot/pan of water will now eventually rot 
- Balanced trunk and glove box capacity on vehicles and trailers
- Increased watch spawn rate on zombies.


- Added Zombie_WindowLungeHitReact.X.
- adjusted bob_sitground anim to finish on correct pose
- tweaked sitting anims to blend a little better


- Added support for custom decals, clothing and outfits in mods.
    Each mod may have it's own copy of these files:
    The above mod files no longer override the game's files with the same name.
    Mod decal groups and outfits with the same name as one the game defines will override the game's.

- Added support for custom beard styles and hair styles in mods.

- Added a new script item property named AcceptItemFunction which specifies the name of a Lua function to test whether an item is allowed in a container. 
    This is in addition to the existing OnlyAcceptCategory property which tests InventoryItem:getCategory().
     For example, to allow only medical items in a First Aid Kit, add a line to clothing_bags.txt:
     item FirstAidKit
            AcceptItemFunction = AcceptItemFunction.FirstAidKit,
     And add this function in a Lua file:
         function AcceptItemFunction.FirstAidKit(container, item)
           return item:getStringItemType() == "Medical"

- Changed Color.HSBtoRGB() to return a Color instead of Integer[3]. If you want the integer values, use Color.getRedByte(), Color.getGreenByte() and Color.getBlueByte().

- Challenges may define a function named getSpawnRegion() to allow multiple spawn points and spawn regions. Previously only a single fixed spawn point was supported.
 See the commented-out Kingsmouth.getSpawnRegion() function for an example.
- A challenge's AddPlayer() function is now called when creating new players in existing games.
    This is used by the CDDA challenge to start new players naked and injured, for example.
- The "OnEat" item-script Lua function is now called with a third parameter named 'percent' to indicate what percentage of the remaining amount of the item was consumed. Also, the function is called before the food is consumed.
    See OnEat_Cigarettes() for an example of how it is used.
- Fixed unrecoverable TextureCombiner errors when a texture couldn't be loaded.
    Missing textures are displayed as a red and white checkerboard texture.
- Display the filename of an asset that fails to load in the exception message.
- Fixed multithreading issue with OutfitRNG. ImageData constructors throw exceptions instead of catching them now. 

- Fixed not properly reloading modified textures that previously failed to load.
    This doesn't handle texture files that were previously missing, only ones that failed to load.
- Added a two-second delay before DebugFileWatcher handles changes to modified files.
    This is to address two things:
        1) The file may still be being written by another application that is saving it.
        2) Sometimes there are multiple events for the same file, such as a "create" event followed by one or more "modified" events.

- ISSliderPanel now checks for shift-clicking instead of whatever key "Run" is bound to.
- Changed puddles rendering to use vertex buffer objects, reducing the number of calls needed to render them.


- Fixed stretched window cutaways 
- Fixed vents not cutting away / turning transparent like other objects
- Fixed Short walls in Prison not cutting away in a nice way
- Fixed Double door cutaways - were previously offset on a building
- Fixed stairs not cutting away properly


- Fixed not being able to choose a texture in the character-creation ui for clothing items that don't have models. For example, Denim Shirt and Leather Gloves.
- Fixed "Override:true" not working in mod recipes, resulting in duplicate recipes.
- Fixed the skybox texture not updating after fast-forwarding (F5 or F6 or sleeping).
- Fixed SkyBox.update() allocating Color and Vector3f each time.
- Fixed the Skybox.Show debug texture size changing when zooming.
- Fixed less than one unit of Twine being returned when destroying a Stick Trap.
- Fixed server-side STrapGlobalObject calling client-side CTrapSystem:sendCommand().
- Fixed items that weigh less than 0.005 being displayed as 0.0 weight. Now items weighing less than 0.01 are displayed as 0.01. For example, Screws.
- Fixed double metalwork doors giving planks and nails when destroyed.
- Fixed loading the SQL library from the user's Temp directory on 64-bit Windows.
- Fixed missing animation for unloading bullets from rifles without magazines.
- Fixed being unable to remove the key from the ignition when clicking on the key icon in the dashboard when the "Leave Key In Ignition" option is on.
- Fixed controller not being able to open Fitness UI (The controller Y button opens it from the health UI)
- Fixed sunstar motel arch cutaway.
- Fixed the police barricade vehicle stories not checking for a wide-enough zone properly, preventing them from spawning.
- Fixed closing the health panel closing after opening fitness panel.
- Fixed a multi-monitor issue on Linux.  Sometimes resolutions for the non-primary monitor were detected.
- Fixed errors cleaning bandages using a sink/etc.
- Fixed not walking to the water-containing object when cleaning bandages from a sink/etc.
- Fixed student zeds could spawn with 2 bags.
- Fixed muzzle flashes emitting no light during the day, even in dark rooms.
- Fixed the shovel not appearing in the player's hands when filling a grave, if the shovel wasn't already equipped.
- Fixed animation when burning a corpse with gas.
- Fixed exception in InventoryItem.synchWithVisual() when an item's IconsForTexture list is smaller than the number of
 clothing textures for that item.
- Fixed formatting bug in clothing_pants.txt related to Shorts_ShortDenim.
- Fixed the "Remove Broken Glass" context-menu option not being shown as disabled when the player is holding an item in the left hand.
- Fixed the health panel being shown when displaying the fitness ui, when using a controller.
- Fixed errors pressing keys during the "This is how you died" loading stage.
- Fixed FileNotFoundException when loading mods without clothing.xml.
- Fixed an exception turning an equipped radio on or off when a generator is nearby.
- Fixed surprise zombies in spawn locations, even though this was frequently hilarious. Zombies are now removed from the inside and around the building the player spawns in, when creating a new player in an existing game.
 This does not include reanimated player zombies. Also, house alarms are disabled.
- Fixed player not spawning in the correct location when creating a new player in an existing challenge
- Fixed getting max benefit (or harm) from smoking part of a cigarette.
- Fixed not being able to interrupt closing windows or smashing windows.
- Fixed the player turning when following a very short path.  Now the player will strafe to the new position without turning. For example, when smashing a vehicle window, the player would turn around, walk to the required position, then turn to
 face the vehicle again before smashing the window.
- Fixed vehicles dropping to the ground when loading or spawning them.
- Fixed PhysicsDebugRenderer not being thread-safe.
- Fixed zeds taking too long to stomp to death in certain conditions
- Fixed being able to build a floor on farming plots
- Fixed return items when dismantling of double doors
- Fixed doorframe going invisible when painted light blue
- Fixed male tourist outfit spawning wearing dresses/skirts.
- Fixed extreme length of required stomping on zombies in some situations.
- Fixed various map bugs
- Fixed untranslated names of burnt vehicles being displayed in the radial menu.
- Fixed some bags not playing "zip" sfx when interacted with
- Fixed painted boxes not showing color correctly
- Fixed having hood up and equipping hat replacing whole hoodie with hat, instead of removing hood and putting hat on
- Fixed not being able to "Put Out" BBQ
- Fixed non-centered multiple lines of text horizontally in the radial menu.
- Fixed split-screen rendering issue with puddles.
- Fixed a rendering issue with water that resulted in visible lines along chunk boundaries.(Water flow and speed weren't updated when adjacent chunks were loaded.)
- Fixed a bug where fixed capacity defined in vehicles wasn't used.
- Fixed Default Sprint key on MacOS being LMETA instead of LMENU.
- Fixed hedges not slowing players and zombies. (Players in ghost mode or noclip are not slowed by hedges or trees.)
- Fixed clothing condition and wetness resetting when switching from hood-up to hood-down, etc.
- Fixed the controller A button entering vans instead of opening the rear door to access the trunk.
- Fixed the wrong strafe angle being used when walking short paths.
- Fixed max capacity for vehicles not being saved.

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Hey guys good work as always but can you please make some optimization for Intel hd graphics beacose it s crashing sometimes (maybe it s only on my graphics card) randomly. To me it s happening since first build 41 but i still playing. On my nvidia i has no crashes. thanks and good luck :)

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1 hour ago, Uesbecko said:

Hey guys good work as always but can you please make some optimization for Intel hd graphics beacose it s crashing sometimes (maybe it s only on my graphics card) randomly. To me it s happening since first build 41 but i still playing. On my nvidia i has no crashes. thanks and good luck :)

HD530 is fine.

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9 hours ago, Batsphinx said:

Uncooked pasta or rice in a pot/pan of water will now eventually rot 

Just wondering what the thinking behind this is? I would have thought dried foods would be like canned foods in that they never rot (so long as they're kept dry. Is this to simulate them getting damp etc. over time?)

ignore this i'm blind, it's in a pot of water.

Edited by Kappatao
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10 minutes ago, NoctisFalco said:

The new balance of vehicles' trunks doesn't make any sense. 110 cap for pickup, pickupvan - 130, stationwagon - 150 (really? + 3 seats, what's the point of heavy-duty vehicles?), stepvan - 160, but only 85 for van, seriously?

Ah lovely feedback. So eloquent and friendly, but still helpful. Textbook. Thank you.

We'll take it on board and balance it further.

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18 minutes ago, Toshis said:

Your post wasnt bad, that sarcasm in reply wasnt necessary. I've seen much worse on other game forums.

Seeing worse elsewhere is hardly a good argument against decency or for us having to take whatever is flung at us on our own forums while not being allowed to be sarcastic when we drop a hint that people are expected to remain civil.

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