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    • Since winter has turned into something that can rival zombies in lethality I am starting to feel that zombies should be affected to a degree. If temperatures reach 15 degrees or less I don't how a zombie can exactly come after me effectively unless I am just being careless.  I just wanted to run over some ideas really quick because if I can get hypothermia why cant a zombie get stiffer and slower?   1) Zombies enter a passive state similar to what is already in the options menu for Day/Night. 2) Players will be lulled into a false sense of security by more docile groups of zombies. 3) Areas previously too dangerous to explore become more viable to explore. 4) Human interaction will increase now that people are more willing to venture out. 5) Human competition for resources will come to a boiling point.  
    • I would love to help out with the PZ Wiki, but I have no clue where to help out at. I've been playing Zomboid since 2014 and have watched this game become better and better. Currently playing the latest in IWBUMS.
    • Work In Progress Report I would like to say that I love this game and I played a lot of it.  Here is my Report for the new controller. I wanted to be able to play it with it so this is quite important for me.   What controller are you using?   Xbox One Controller   Does the controller work?    It does I had to set it up in the options , It needed some customization   Please check out the new gamepad customization menu in the Options. Does it work, and does it make sense? Is it relevant to the pad you’re using? How could it be improved?   Although the controller works after I configure the controls in  the settings , I had hard time changing the melee to the trigger button. The controller It is relevant to what I have.  Here a screenshot of what I have   Nothing Stop me from putting  the same action in multiple buttons.  Also it is a bit confusing because I don't know which button is the triggers  and which is the LB and LR.    How does your gamepad feel in-game? Is there anything missing, and has anything changed that you’re used to playing with?   It working but needs a lot work still. It  feels strange to open interact with  Doors and Other Items. Searching inside containers and get items feels good. Having hard time accessing the Inventory and using the items. I would enjoy to toggle sneak or not sneaking instead of using the right stick.   How would you like your gamepad play further improved?   The only thing i would like to be improved is the walking and interacting with the environment still feel a bit strange. The character keeps looking away when you walk towards a direction for example a fridge which makes it hard to loot.   Do you play in split-screen? If so, how is this beta playing?   I haven't played split-screen lately. Dont have many friend who like to play this game with me.    In the current game when you use inventory and character windows, your survivor on-screen can still move and perform some actions. If we were to forbid this, and have you either controller as your survivor OR having you navigate the UI, how would you feel? How would this change your playing style?   I think if I couldn't be able to move , I will try to be more careful when searching though the area.    What other gamepad bugs or weirdness have you noticed in this build?   When you try walk  towards a bookcase or door and you interact with it to show the menu even if you try  to move toward it , it keeps turning away.  I found a strange bug where to change the melee from B even if I change it , it did not change it. It only changed when I assented it to a different button. When I started a new game and pressed A on my controller to start the game , I could controller the character from start but the movement was invert. I had to press A and then select from menu take over the player 1 and then it  worked fine.   This build also contains a java lwjgl upgrade. Have you noticed any changes in game performance and stability, especially at higher resolutions?   The game seem to run faster than normal. ( The problem was that I had to lock the fps to 60 because I am using 144herz).     What's the Number 1 most important issue that you'd like to see resolved in the next update to this beta?   The most important thing for me is to fix the character movement while Interacting with the Environment. Also turning around is not smooth and not hard to control. It does not always remember the direction you are moving. Also interacting with Doors seem not to be working very well. I press Interact and the door opens and closes. I would prefer to have a button to toggle Combat mode with a button and move and attack with a button. Toggle the sneak mode so you don't have turn around with the left stick.   I hope  that helps . I am going to keep testing it out. It feels a lot better than the  old. I really liked the customization screen  for the controller. Keep the good work. It is certainly in the right direction.
    •   I did this and I am still getting the display options for an Xbox One controller. Is there something else I am missing?   Edit: I decided not to mess with the controller configuration this time and jump back into my save game. The problem with the actions for the triggers and the shoulder buttons both being bound to the triggers persists. Is there some other file I need to be deleting? Do I need to delete the game save that I created for this test as well?