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    • Not sure if they are worth listening, but since similar items can often be disassembled: Wire fence: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10964x9179 Wire fence pole: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10921x9166
    • A little cool touch in games like GTA V or DayZ is that the character's mouth moves when people talk. While its questionable as to how good it looks in those games, where mouth movements are hard to make realistic, let alone be convincing when put next to what a person is saying (resulting in a poor looking lip sync), in Zomboid the style is simple enough that it couldn't look bad if it wanted to. I think this should be restricted to voice chat, or at least be toggleable on/off if extended to text chat, because on many RP servers due to the lack of command scripts or RP script mods as well as the general format for certain people, long unspoken actions are emoted by text, and that would look bad if the character's mouth unnecessarily and un-immersively moved in spite of a non-verbal emote. It would make characters look that little bit more lively.   Just as an extension to the RP thing, another way of solving this problem would be to add some condition where messages sent with surrounding asterisks won't be verbalized by the character. In this case you could probably keep the RPers happy, while also adding a bit more life even to text-based characters like NPCs when they talk.
    • Intels, especially up to 4th generation are not so powerful sadly. This is especially true with OpenGL games on WIndows – situation is a bit better on Linux (and Mac?), but you'd have to switch system and I don't know if that would help that much. In the meantime, maybe this will help:   
    • Seems like this issue got fixed by now, thanks
    • At the moment there is not much use for the first aid skill. Investing into that skill as a main char is rather a waste of trait points since most of us try to avoid getting injured by zombies anyways, and you either get lucky  scratched or lacerated and survive or you get bitten Z- infected ... and simply die anyways so first aid becomes pointless then. And this is where I would like to see more situations were you can get "domestic injuries" that don't seal a death sentence like a zombie bite. I know you can get cut damage from broken glass and even running through bushes can give you scratches, but I would love to see (and that may be optional in the sandbox settings) every day household injuries due to low experience in any field. -You are bad at cooking? How about you cut your finger when cutting vegetables or a dead animal, or you burn your finger when cooking / touching a hot pot. -If you are bad a carpentry, there could be a chance that you hit your own hand/finger with a hammer when building something.  -Get a splinter under your skin (use tweezers) from sawing logs. -bad at tailoring? prick your finger on the needle ... and so on. It could also be countered/mitigated by wearing protective gloves/clothing. The chances for such injuries should be fairly low, like 0.1 - 5% based on your respective skill, or completely optional. Situations like these would make the first aid skill a lot more needed overall while adding to the immersion, without an immediate life or death situation from a zombie injury.  
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