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    • Thanks! ^^   It's working very well and very simple! A lot of perspectives in mind just by watching at the tiles.   Yes i see, maybe it's easier to talk about it in Discord. I don't want to spam this thread, organization is such a big thing.
    • Very usefull tool, it's working fine, thanks!  And if you are unable to run it, install the Java JRE! 
    • I find it strange how there's little mention of Fort Knox in the TV and radio broadcasts in-game. However, there are mentions of secret military camps and field laboratories with scientists and hazmat teams. Maybe Fort Knox is the origin of these camps, a military hub that also serves as the front line for whatever health/biohazard group is operating within the Exclusion Zone. Maybe Fort Knox will even hold secrets about the outbreak.
    • I know that the only reason why Project Zomboid is in an area of Kentucky that nobody cares about is because of Fort Knox, it might even become a selling point. But, how special will Fort Knox be? Is it going to be another generic looting area? Your one stop shop for guns and ammo? Or maybe when NPC's come out, it'll operate like an actual base and gun down zombies and survivors alike? Any ideas guys?
    • Hi and welcome to the wiki 

      The images are taken from the texturepack folder at: "\ProjectZomboid\media\texturepacks" inside .pack file types. So you'll need UnPacker to extract the files correctly. From there, you'll need image editing software, such as, to crop the image you want.

          The organisation of the wiki is a big thing I've wanted to get stuck into, but it's such a big task. The current structure can be found here and I've been working on a new structure which is here. 
      Any help with organisation would be awesome! You can copy and paste my WIP wiki index into your own sandbox and play around with it if you'd like.
      The big problem I've had with the categories is that it's hard to make them nice and linear. I'll give you an example:
        As you can see, that can start to get pretty messy, with categories like Heat sources and Tools being used in multiple subcategories... 

      But, have a play around and we'll see what we can come up with.

      If you want better collaboration, we have a discord channel