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    • Here you will find a concise guide of making 3D models for Project Zomboid.   Currently this will mainly pertain to custom Clothing creation, but may include weapon creation in the future. This will present how to create models from scratch with Blender and bringing them into the game. I would like to emphasize that with the right optimization, you can bring any model in to Zomboid.   Step 1) Installation and setup.         Step 2) Model creation.        Step 3) Skinned model or not? If not, Export your model and go onto the next step.         Step 4)  Creating the clothing item scripts          
    • 4-th row -  "Failed to find any .lotheader files" Game can't generate the map without lotheader files.  Just trying to recompile your map and be sure what your new lotheader files and another will change your old lotheader files and another in your mod directory like C:/users/NAMEPC/Zomboid/mods/.......  In WorldEd you should be generate output files : "File" => "Generate Lots" => "All cells" or "Selected cells" Be sure what you set right path to your mod directory.   More information you can find here (  Step 4 ):  
    • Hello Ladies and Gentleman,   I got some question since Build 41 and RAM Allocation. Iv'e read that Build 41 should take around 1200 - 1400 MB Memory. But the thing is, many people as you know play with many mods, so it will take up more Memory. The weird thing about this is, in the past, I could set my Java System Settings with the known Parameters/Arguments and I'm good to go.   Now it's not that obvious anymore, if I set the Max Memory in the Java System Settings and in the zomboid64.bat, nothing happens, or Im reading it wrong, see picture "1". It just does say JVM hasn't more than 1733.5 MB available. Also when I watch the usage in the Task-Manager, it always climbs up to around 2250 MB and then does drop to nearly 1700 MB. Why isn't it possible anymore, or I am missing something, that PZ can utilize the Memory I give to the JVM Environment? It looks like that it wants to climb higher, but then gets cut off or just the Garbage Collector kicks in. When I also set the minimum RAM to 4GB, it does the same. Also does anyone "or the DEVS" could give us hints about what Graphic Setting (maybe Puddles and stuff) drain the most performance? Thank you all in advance.            
    • Я получил много ошибок в этом месте и не мог никак сесть в свой автомобиль. После нескольких попыток сесть - игра крашнулась. Когда перезашёл в игру - тоже самое. Вытолкал другой машиной свою и только тогда смог сесть. Не знаю в чём проблема. Но этот кусок карты дико нагружает комп. 
    • You should be able to run the attached tools just by running them normally, there's an updated version here: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/35239-latest-tilezed-worlded-and-tilesets-april-7-2021/ and source code here: https://github.com/timbaker  
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