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    • Hey everyone!   I was just "recruited" to the game by a friend, but have not been able to start the game, at all. I am trying to run the game on my M2 MacBook Pro (see attached files for more info). I can open the main menu and change all the options, however, as soon as I hit Tutorial or anything else (again, see attached), it crashes.   I tried to attach as much as I can below, please let me know if I happened to miss anything or if I can provide more information.    • 41.78.16 (Steam) • Tutorial • No Mods • Brand New Save • Reproduction steps: 1. Open the game 2. Click Tutorial   3. Wait for it to load 4. The game crashes right after you're prompted to click past "This Is How You Died"   Thank you so much! - Munchkin Screen Recording 2024-02-28 at 14.37.40.mov 28-02-24_13-52-21_DebugLog.txt 28-02-24_14-05-41_DebugLog.txt PZ_Full_Crash_Report.rtf
    • Can someone do a mod that place the following Challenge Maps in Knox Country?:   Challenge Map #2 in South Muldraugh (acting as a "extension" of that map):   The Studio (i know there is a mod already on Workshop that does that, but the positioning seems a little off for me) also near South Muldraugh:
    • Totally understandable -- given how huge the map is, I imagine it's a *huge* challenge to get it fine-tuned down to the last detail.  And that's not even taking into account all the other non-map related issues that (I'm sure) need working ...   It's great how responsive y'all are to the community -- one more reason to love the game.   
    • Make sure that your game Display is set to "Fullscreen", because Borderless mode will always scale up the resolution to the max. GUI updates will come in future versions.
    • Hi, My partner is running the game on her laptop (she uses the I5-1340P's integrated graphics on windows 11 home's latest version). She is running the latest version available on steam of the game. Her screen is set to a resolution of 2560x1600 which is her native res.   The icons in game (moodlets, inventory, health status etc) and text are very small. We have read that decreasing the game's resolution might help. However, from some reason we cant decrease the resolution of the game at all to 1920*1200 although its also designated for 16:10 screens. We have checked multiple forum posts and tried to use their solutions (we tried both on fullscreen, borderless fullscreen and windowed), tried setting it in the game's options files and nothing seems to help.   First, I really think there should be a GUI size option to help you set the icons and text sizes without changing the resolution. Secondly, we would really appreciate your help since its really impacting her gameplay experience.
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