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    • NEW MANAGEMENT SAME PROBLEMS!   The server now has more black boxing and lag than ever since changing their physical server. The Admins are barely on and when they are they are helping their friends by spawning items. This leads to a lowered server population so you barely see anyone and if you do they kill you on the spot and you lose all your hard work.   Also because the admins that are online don't have the ability to restart the servers you end up losing all your in-game work when they finally get around to restarting the server.   They also still allow the admins to be bias and play the game.
    • Could this be used to extract lot files from a map, i lost the original files and tiles i made for the Mc'donalds map i made due to a corrupt HDD but i would like to retrieve them from the steam workshop version so i can update it.
    •   There are a lot of things I would like to respond to here so I'll break it down by paragraph.   Paragraph 1: I agree with what you said about the zombies. They should be the primary threat. If I wanted to play a game where interactions with NPC's and characters pushed zombies to the side, I'd play The Walking Dead game by Telltale, which I wouldn't, because after awhile the plot becomes even worse than TWD on AMC.   Paragraph 2. That is the intended purpose of NPC's, yes, however, I argue that there has never been a game with NPC's where there hasn't come a point where we've seen it all, and I think unless the developers release a few patches and updates concerning NPC behavior after they are released, this will happen with Zomboid as well. That's not necessarily a bad thing, either. From what I've heard, Lemmy is programming a very advanced and complicated system for NPC behavior, and I'm interested in seeing just how many possibilities it provides for NPC-player interactions.   Paragraph 3: I'm not sure what you mean by "you and your friends can compete in accuracy and teamwork with the NPC's." Could you clarify?   Paragraph 4: I hope no one expects the NPC's to be like real people, and I certainly hope zombies don't take the back seat later in the game so we can have these weird faction wars and character dramas. I would be fine if the official NPC's were like the NPC's in nolanritchie's "Survivors!" mod, just slightly smarter and with more lines of dialogue.    
    •   I mean it's fine if you like it and would like to praise it, but it's equally fine for me to hate it and trash it. You or anyone else liking the show doesn't (and shouldn't) discourage me, or anyone for that matter, from criticizing or trashing it. I'm simply keeping the comparison that some of you made to The Walking Dead. I was saying why and how placing humans as the primary threat ruined the show due to how poorly it was done (in my opinion) and could also ruin the game. However, you're right, I did go a little to far off on my tangent.
    • It can also be really disorienting when it happens at the right time. A great example is when you try to secure the prison building in the cells when you secure the bottom floor suddenly zombies from the second floor start raining down behind you closing your exit.