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    • Pretty much sums it up. If you can't get into a vehicle, you can still steal the radio but you can't uninstall headlights. Really you shouldn't be able to pop the hood at all without access to the car, but given that you can, headlights should be fair game (likewise taillights should lock with the trunk, not the doors). 
    • Ok, but ballparking here, What amount of renewable food is needed to keep weight up on an average day of killing a few dozen zombies and doing chores around the safehouse?   Without starting a new character to have the nutritionist trait or abusing admin powers to spawn sticks of butter to eat everyday, how much food is needed?   With renewables from farming, trapping, and fishing our options are: Fish, rabbit, squirrel, rat, mouse, small bird, frog, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, radishes, strawberries, and tomatoes. So what recipe combination would be needed and approximately how much needs to be eaten?   I am asking because eating multiple bowls of stew from a high hunger reduction stew (+100 hunger reduction from the pot) made from primarily fish and potatoes (the highest fat and carb food that is renewable) struggles to keep the weight on. 
    • I think there is a misunderstanding here. The character does not get stunlocked just because it is close to the zombie.   it gets stunlocked by: 1) animation where it reacts to the zombie lunging (which is fine) since you don’t want them grabbing you, smashing you, shoving you, scratching you.  2) the reaction animation which tells the player got hurt.    if we are trying to emulate realism, yes you would stop Actions and react to a bite or a laceration. You are not immune to pain. 
    • Can someone tell me if there's been bugs surrounding zombies and hearing? because I am genuinely getting mad at how any action I do at this rate seems to have 0 effect, Bust a window 6 tiles away? no reaction, Shoot a zombies head off 2 tiles away? no reaction. Like I am playing with friends and some of them are new so I thought we'd take it a little easy but I wasn't gonna make it boring for myself either like any zombie encounter is just a bore because I know that I literally unload an entire mag and no zombies are gonna make a single move. I have my  hearing settings set to normal and their distance for following a recent sound they heard to 130 or something? is it too low should it be higher? I don't know but I'm just starting to not enjoy it having no repercussions to being accidentally noisy.
    • I hope they take a look at this now that multiplayer is a thing. I imagine it would be easy to exploit. Build a wall around a base, then line it with cars pushed up against it, which could prevent players from exiting on the base side. Cleverly place a door, or hidden break in the fence that isn't noticeable to players on the outside, then block off the section of the car that needs to be accessable to tow it, and you've got a wall of trollish proportions.   Base security is a good thing to have, but I'd have to see cheesy exploits like this being used.
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