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  • Posts

    • the homes in riverside lack mail boxes
    • I bought the game very early, test it, following update, etc... but i let it go, and i do this 3 time in 7years.... lol
      Sure there is comunication mistake but add choices too...
      extend map -> need a drivable car
      add recipes / profession -> add items / objects etc...

      we ask too for new profession / items / features , etc...
      If i consider "the game", for realism : there is always an item, a map who could give an ADD to the game.
      But when i play in the country, no in the town.. no, even in the neighborhood ! it's true npc are missing and some car carcass can be consistency enough.
      So 3d animations will be pretty, but it is visual... consistency of the game was layed aside to contents and visuals. but that is wishes of our society...
      (it is a sensitive subject, and it isn't handy to talk in english)
    •   It's a shame that is even a problem, why so many struggle with it is beyond me. It's an in-progress game. That kind of stuff is going to happen. It is in no way surprising or unexpected.   Then again, seems like most people don't even have the self control to flick their finger to use their turn signal while driving so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.. Not unusual for the majority to suffer for actions of a very vocal minority.   Oh well.
    • The different zones (TownZone, Forest, etc) haven't been done in Riverside yet.  Loot only respawns in TownZone and TrailerPark zones.
    • Spiffospace server crash... when somebody hotwire, destruct my car and uninstall parts (don't know if is related). i realize server crash because the two container bug (refresh and desappear) stopped but nothing "for the game was wrong", i could have kept on play without be in contact with server.
        SP Bugs : trunk capacity is less for "car break" than "2 place car" can't acces van trunk by front seat garages are tiny to car (not really a bug) Z's crush and hurt seems to deal sames damages at low speed. i think car acceleration is very low.   MP bugs (on spiffospace): with key in neiman : shortcut "start engin" (n) doesn't work.
      in "v" menu option "start engin" is declare like no key (need lvl 3 mecha + 1 elec to hirewire).
      have to remove key from neiman, then use "v" menu and option "start engine" work (with key in inventory). stop engine in "v" menu , sometimes desepear key (from inventory) Random car jacking when interact with other windows (click "pin window", chat, etc...) server seems to not apply all "get out of car" : 2 sec later, we reappear in car, or Z's around don't see me (i can kill 20 Z's without  they look at me) container limits from sit don't match (sometimes can more fill, soometimes less) hotwire is the game for children on server.... (prevent by : padlock or hoof car to the police station, lvl up hire wire, reclaim car, resized garage and lockable door, etc...) container refresh bug : when look at a container, a refresh bug occurs (about 1/2 sec), the higlight selected container flash. Each refresh reset contain in this container. if many container, select and other one, but each refresh  reselect first container.   prevent refresh bug : if occur, have to choose  "floor container" then select one container. "refresh bug" stop (until i open inventory window or modify "containers list" (by look at others or different direction).
      cheat of this bug : Duplicate edible or brokable objects. Everything who generate new object (because add the same erase older) : up electricty by disassemble again and again the same CDplayer, lot of slice on one : watermelon, ham, cheese. Duplicate edible or brokable objects. Container desappear bug : random desappear, exept oven or/and fridge. very often when many containers. prevent desappear bug : select an oven do reappear container most of the time.   Adds : carry 4 or 6 player at the back of van (or pick-up with shooting possibility, but players should be sitting visible), as hold-up or police intervention.