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    • Hi @TrailerParkThor thanks for your point of view about instruments, you are right, and you showed me that it will be too much effort for a low gain. about the silo, Ive tought that: since you are builder of the silo, if its clean or not, is up to the survivor, and theoretically a level 9 on metalworking can handle holes and things like that to store gas/water (you cant store gas, and after that fill it with water, different silos for different proposes). Again, in my toughts, in a survivalist situation, you have to use what you have and improvise... exactly like sheets, its made to cover your bed, but you can use it as a rope... but if the survivor is trying to use another silo (already used before), found somewhere in the map, then i totally agree with you.  
    • Hi guys,    Being from the UK I like to play PZ in sandbox mode to alter it making it more like the UK. First step is to make it cold and wet because we all know that's the British climate 😅 The issue falls when I tag "Ranged Weapons" and "Ammunition" as Extremely rare because we don't have guns in the UK. So my starting home had a gun case with a pistol and a clip, the third house I looted had a gun case with ammo and a clip, I passed two zombies with guns on them between these two houses, then I died 😅 I don't really want to start another character in this world if guns are growing on trees, so my question is...    Is the "Ranged Weapons" spawn rate broken? Or are guns accidentally not in the ranged weapons bracket? (because I increased the tool spawn rate) What's happening here?    Thanks for hearing me out,    Adam
    • You do get the queasy moodle if.you hang around enough corpses. If you see and hear flies, then you will eventually get sick.   Don't know how deadly it is, and you recover pretty quickly when you leave the area.i suspect that system will get some work in the future, as the sickness mechanics seem a little weak as it stands now.   And apparently there is an unused vomit animation, so I would expect that to be included in the future.
    • Oh, I see. The hs_err is actually from May 1st, so it's probably not relevant if the game is running.   There might not be much we can suggest here, if the main problem is just that it's not running at full capacity vs. crashing because it's ultimately going to be decided by the OS/GPU drivers.   Are you running it on the laptop's native display? You might get better results if you have the option of plugging in an external monitor to the eGPU. 
    • Hi!, Yes i saw a video on YT on how to make it right, but when i hover cd's or the other thing on the square where it goes they dind't go green nor red.   Btw i saw a post 2 sec ago:   maybe it seems the same problem, cause i'm playing with controller too (and the mouse when it needed). I will try to see if it work with that solution when i get home.
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