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    • So in build 41 knives have a chance of performing an instant kill when being grabbed by a zombie. I think that there should be an option to shoot the zed in the head when being grabbed when equiping a pistol or a revolver. To escape a grapple while making a lot of noise. This can also make guns more useful in game for low shooting skills. What do you guys think?  
    • The idea is that if someone were to take both Depressive and Self-Destructive, they would have 40 free points at the cost of a character that could spiral into death by sadness at any time and sometimes without warning.   Hoarder is only six points because it requires you to be at or over carrying capacity to avoid a slow decline in happiness/mood.
    • 1086    More material to make a spear with a blade using adhesive  tape , leather strips and denim strips for tying the blade weapon to spears if you dont want to use tape.   1087  Spears with a sharped  stone tip.
    • I feel like some existing occupations could use some better skills such as   - Police officer needing some small blunt skills since police officers would have a melee weapon called a baton/ nightstick   - Park Ranger could use some firearm experience since that park rangers in the USA and Canada have used to kill an animal that can be a threat to camp grounds.   - Veteran could use small blade skills since military have used a combat knife as a type of melee weapons.       Some ideas for occupations are   - Prison Guard/ Corrections officer  reloading and Accuracy skills - Paramedic  First aid skills   -  Exterminator  Trapping skills         Traits   - Gun enthusiast (Positive Trait)  having some skills to use some firearms reloading and accuracy skill.    
    • Barring bugs, like fences failing to provide a stealth bonus mentioned above (this will certainly have to be fixed - stealth needs a second look at), this is why we have sandbox and other game modes. Apocalypse, in particular, should never have been so easy that a zombie can’t spot someone from ~25ft (about 10-15 tiles) away that takes no precautions, like avoiding line of sight, sneaking, and looking out the windows before you just bust open the door and walk out. As is, this bug fix would have occurred about three weeks ago, if not for Christmas. No one should’ve been able to just walk near  a gargle of zombies and only have 2-3 peel off for you to dispatch at your leisure. This of course is a matter of opinion, but I don’t understand what would be fun about that, aside from easily racking up kills - since zombies were effectively legally blind before the patch.   it’s not too hard to deal with: look where they’re looking and go around. Yes, its hard to do and they might spot you, but you don’t have to fight them all. You can walk or sneak away, break line of sight and lose ‘em. You just have to be willing to die a bit until you get a feel for it - or change it up in sandbox. And definitely don’t play six months later if this is the case.   We do take these concerns seriously and will keep looking into it, mind.
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