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    This thread is now locked, and a new thread can be found here:
  2. Hey all, we've just updated the Weather beta and collated a full changelist which can be found below. Due to the size of the changelist I thought it best to start off a new thread. For details of the handy weather debug tools present in this build please check out the old thread. How do I join? Steam beta password: weathertestbranch Steam beta name: weather What still needs to be done before this goes into the wider IWBUMS test? There are still a few issues we'd like fixed up - some of which have already been committed backstage, but haven't been tested. There's an annoying shadow flicker lighting bug and some chatbox issues that we've put in, but aren't in this build yet. Likewise we need to fix some unfair deaths from exposure/temperature, and while we're at it stop indoor players getting wet when it rains. What's the current changelist for the weather beta / Build 40.6? Here you go: --------------------------------------------------------- NEW Simulated weather and climate system - recreating true-to-life weather patterns through 365 days of the year New shaders for times of day and seasonal effects Storms that move over the map Fog and mist New isoRegions system to detect an enclosed area (player-made or dev-created) to keep weather effects on the outside New player character temperature system New Chatbox. Primary features include separate chat streams (safehouse, local, global, etc), customizable chat and more intuitive usage and commands. It's hopefully a lot more convenient now. New system to convert objects placed by mappers so they can be used as functional game objects. This covers items like barricades, campfires, rain barrels, traps, composters, crops etc. New functionalities for the PZ sound system. Formerly modders couldn't override sounds in PZ FMOD soundbanks, so when players find certain sounds are too loud or annoying (heartbeat, zombie alert, flies, level up noise etc) it was hard to raise/lower them independently. Details about all the game sounds now go into media/scripts/sounds.txt. A new in-game UI allows users change the volume of any sound they feel is too oppressive. Added BloodSplatLifespanDays server option to remove old blood-splats. Added a 'Revert screen settings' feature after 20 seconds for when newly selected resolution settings are incompatible. Single tile doors can now be blocked from opening/closing by obstacles - as it is with double doors. Car-battery charger is now placed on the ground and interacted with using a context menu. Transferring water from an object to an inventory item nos requires equipping that item. The amount of water to transfer is calculated in start() instead of when the action is queued. Repair Engine and Take Engine Parts now show progress bars and flash Success/Failure. Drunk moodle now has an impact on driver steering input Added a way to edit admin powers (invisible, godmod, no clip, unlimited carry, various cheat...) in the MP admin panel. Added in-game Sandbox options editor for server admins - this will allow server admins to change in-game settings that do not require a restart. Updated community translations. Also updated translations with the display names to aid the process. Many UI changes to handle different font sizes. Added context-menu font-size option. Moved the vehicle zone definition over lua for modding purpose + refractoring it a bit to be more user friendly. Warnings now displayed on button tooltips in the Mods screen. Added UIFont.DebugConsole for the lua console which doesn't handle larger fonts. Added a setColor function to Added DebugOptions.WorldStreamerSlowLoad to simulate slow map loading. Added a way for outside signs to have light (check room under it if they have electricity). Added lights to neon signs. Added a way to dismantle car wreck (burnt car) with a propane torch & a welding mask. Gathered metal material will depend on your metalwork skill. Metal currently appears in your inventory, but in future will appear on the ground. Added buttons to server-disconnect screen to return to Main Menu or Quit to Desktop. Added separate Shadow extents from vehicle extents to allow for better shadows You can now improve wooden door frames as you would walls. (This won't work on previously built frames though). Updated fonts to bold to aid readability. Re-exported the map for to improve zombie density in some farmland and rural areas. Changed First Week in One Week Later and adjusted settings to make sure that new players aren't given too easy a ride. Added a way to edit Admin powers (invisible, godmod, no clip, unlimited carry etc) in the in-game admin panel Players can now be harmed when hit by a car. DamageToPlayerFromHitByACar sandbox option added Added back the Lowest lighting-quality display option. [Lowest lighting quality now doesn't use the circle-stencil and doesn't draw a second pass of floor shading, so it is a help to low-spec users.] Added Display option to disable the new roof-hiding feature for low-spec users. Client now displays the first lua or script file that does not match one on the server to aid user diagnosis of things going wrong with MP Added an eight-second timeout while waiting for the checksum response from the server. BALANCE Reduced the the impact of loot modifier sandbox option on easier difficulty. Tweaked News_EN.txt Increased the height of tooltip progressbars by 1 pixel. Added being able to rest/sleep on picnic table (considered as a bad bed.) Added missing Raspberry Shortbread, CookieChocolateChip" & Candycane" items to the loot table. Added missing nutrition values to medicinal herbs and condiments. Disabled zombies sprinters in MP (if speed is set to Sprinter, it'll be set back to Fast Shamblers) Lowered the alarm clocks & digital watch wake up distance. Added "Very Low" choice to CarSpawnRate Sandbox option. Increased VOIP range (fade and falloff) Bowls of soup now affect thirst. Wood barricades require two nails. Previously in SP 2 nails would be used, while in MP only 1 would be used. FIXES Fixed character info UI exception when admin assigns a profession to a formerly profession-less player. Fixed mousewheel not scrolling the ServerWelcomeMessage textbox in the server-settings editor. Fixed ancient font kerning bug. Fixed "Loading..." message appearing briefly when continuing an existing save. Fixed resize bug with the server browser that made the tabs unclickable. Fixed missing scrollbar in the New Game screen. Fixed duplicate scrollbars in some server-settings editor lists. Fixed "Lage Metal Shelves" typo. Fixed house with missing walls near 14070,5200. Fixed rendering hidden moodles every frame. Fixed unused duplicate ISInventoryPage.refreshBackpacks() Fixed UIElement.DrawText(x,y,alpha) not using FBO_ALPHA_MULT. Fixed bug that could result in invisible 3D corpses. Fixed invalid RGB values used in TextManager.DrawString(x,y,str) Fixed GC created while loading files and some related to textures loading. Fixed unoptimized TextManager.getFontFromEnum() Fixed splitscreen players not being able to wake themselves up with less than two controllers active. Fixed exception playing zombie sounds when a zombie's current square is null. Fixed server sending smash-window packets to distant clients. Fixed outright carmageddon when vehicle ids become negative after a long time running. Fixed "Drop" option appearing for non-droppable moveable objects in inventory. Fixed not being able to pick up corpses behind tall windows. Fixed previously-clicked buttons sometimes remaining highlighted when redisplayed. Fixed "Peanut Butter and Sandwich". Fixed the info button in the character-info screen titlebar not displaying the help text for the current tab. Fixed calculation of the amount of condition restored when fixing things. Fixed syncing of the remaining uses of ingredients with CanBeDoneFromFloor recipes. Fixed syncing items in vehicles or containers with CanBeDoneFromFloor recipes. Fixed sledgehammer being primary weapon over axe or baseballbat when pressing the "equip handweapon" hotkey (default 1). Fixed being able to equip weapon while running. Fixed lack of ability to plaster and paint a wooden pillar. Fixed campfire spawning items. Fixed painting a wall not removing a blood splat on it. Fixed progress bar not showing when adding an ingredient in an evolved recipe. Fixed not being to craft battery connector for some movable items. Fixed GameClient.receiveItemListNet() using short instead of int ids. Fixed "Level Up" button in Player Stats admin UI not updating target player. Fixed handling of Attached sprites. Fixed exception reading a map chunk when an object without a sprite was saved. Fixed client exception taking a bag off the ground shortly after transferring items to/from it. Fixed being able to dig graves from a vehicle. Fixed wrong nutrition value for PanFish. Fixed various wrong container items spawning. Fixed not being allowed to take more dirt from the same spot. Fixed appropriate tiles not being seen as "Gravel". Fixed carpentry/metalwork/walkto context option being available while inside a vehicle. Fixed being able to dig with hands and shovel from a car. Fixed a bug when trying to eat an item that was no longer there. Fixed carpentry door option not being disabled if nothing could be built. Fixed typo "You killed 0 zombie" into "You killed 0 zombies". Fixed server sending (most but not all) vehicle packets to distant clients. Fixed server sending multiple packets when brake lights turn on/off. Fixed deaf players being able to hear car radios, players with deaf trait can still read/hear TVs if facing them due to closed captions. In splitscreen, text displayed above a non-deaf player is visible to a deaf player. Fixed "buffer overrun" error after sitting on the server-disconnect screen for a while. Fixed players becoming trapped upstairs by forbidding building floors (and metal roofs) above/over stairs. Fixed being able to move the health body status everywhere. Fixed some wrong/missing parking lot zones. Fixed campfire container icon not being displayed. Fixed speed controls clock button being too fast. Fixed client sending 20KB checksum string to the server. Fixed error loading zomboidSmall font on Mac/Linux. Fixed the the first spawned vehicle not having a schematic in Vehicle Mechanics and having a very basic "switch seat" image Fixed zone mask textures for all vehicles - ensuring correct doors, rear view mirrors and hoods. Fixed wrong calculation of WaterShutModifier & ElecShutModifier sandbox options. Fixed SystemDisabler.doAllowDebugConnections being set to true Fixed headlights on Sportscar being incorrectly positioned Fixed bounding rectangle for character collisions being smaller than physics collisions for vehicles. Also Remade transfer areas vertically, and not parallel to the vehicle. Also also Changed the shift of areas. Now the hood and trunk area is shifted in parallel of vehicle. The areas of doors and tires shift vertical. Fixed physicsDelay and physicsDelayServer transmitting incorrectly Fixed Function UpdateLimit.Check incorrectly calculating delay time. Fixed the game client periodically requesting a full update of the car for which the coordinates are transmitted from the server. This caused the car to twitch. Fixed Van sliding around map even without brakes and tires Fixed debug log message "VID=__ force=__" on server Fixed vehicles that can be rammed to turn over and float above zombies Fixed shell texture being set to null for special vehicles Fixed vehicles missing uninstalled Trunk lid / Hood textures; when uninstalled, these parts look visually repaired Fixed 'Cone of light' from vehicle headlights being too narrow Fixed not being able to get into cars that are tightly packed in parking lots Fixed getting in a car door on the southern side causing the car to overlap the player entirely for a brief second Fixed the game becoming unresponsive when standing next to a vehicle that is turned on its side Fixed Van/VanSeats missing textures for uninstalled rear doors Fixed Van/VanSeats missing textures for uninstalled middle doors Fixed stationary cars getting hit by another car in MP rubber-banding back to their old position This involved Yuri changing the algorithm for synchronizing cars on the network. Fixed NullPointerException in zombie.iso.objects.IsoWaveSignal.AddDeviceText( Fixed plants clipping through the car Fixed trash sprite being rendered above the car Fixed visual anomaly after re-loading a Host server and driving Fixed passengers sometimes not being able to exit from vehicle after travel. Fixed the wrong render of "Random" - Button In "Customise Character" menu Fixed colliding with a zombie head on, while they're in their walking state, letting you push them indefinitely Fixed zombies hit by a turning car snapping to a different position Fixed how, on a dedicated server hosted remotely, zombies take a very long time to react to vehicle sounds and movement Fixed issues with how Zombies walk between several sources of sounds. Fixed incorrectly displayed position of vehicle after collision with another car. Fixed cars floating to the ground when spawned Fixed some car texture issues Fixed the game sometimes not reacting to some keys (V and Esc) Fixed horn (Q or V menu) causing popping sound, as if several were being played at once Fixed clicking repeatedly while the game is saving can causing it to lock up Fixed the missing hood and rear view mirror being incorrectly displayed on PickUp vehicle. Fixed cars showing damage texture on parts but not in Mechanics menu Fixed some standing zombies not reacting to collisions with vehicle in MP. Fixed the 'Hours until death from zombie infection' not starting at the exact mome infection occurs. Fixed ambient sound emitters being played every frame and clogging the FMOD command queue. Fixed sound file name instead of GameSound name in AttackVehicleState. Fixed UIElements not getting onMouseMoveOutside callbacks sometimes. Fixed selecting text in UITextBox2 with the mouse. Fixed BaseVehicle.emitter not being removed from SoundManager.emitters. Fixed "0-12 hours" Sandbox setting killing instantly. Fixed server database editor not handling special characters in strings. Fixed some vehicle sounds not being sent to remote clients when the local player has the Deaf trait. Fixed vehicle exit positions not being blocked by obstacles properly. Fixed various door and window sounds not playing for remote clients. Fixed metalwork crafting sounds not using GameSound name. Fixed players with Deaf trait sending repeated sounds to other clients for some actions and creating HORRIBLE NOISE. Fixed mechanics UI delay in showing textures when opened for the first time. Fixed UIElement.DrawTextScaledUniform when textures are in a .pack file. Fixed multithreading bug with animation loading. Fixed missing RotateObject GameSound. Fixed inventory tooltips overlapping the mouse pointer near the bottom-right corner of the screen. Fixed street signs not showing the collided-with sprites Fixed NullPointerException in WorldSoundManager.getBiggestSoundZomb() Fixed usernames being case-sensitive, leading to duplicates (Hicks, hicks, hICKs . . . ) in the database Fixed game characters with names in different registers being loaded as one and the same character Fixed position of Toggle Stove button in loot window titlebar with larger fonts. Fixed the new GameSounds UI not working with the controller. Fixed the lack of SFX when attempting to push a stationary vehicle out of the way. Fixed getting out of the van ejecting you a tile or two away Fixed admin commands not working with ' " '. - Romain H. Fixed setaccesslevel not working anymore. - Romain H. Fixed not being able to modify steamid column in whitelist viewer. - Romain H. Fixed not being able to see some columns (including steamid) in the admin's whitelist viewer. Fixed setaccesslevel not being usable on a non connected player who's present in the whitelist. Fixed it not being possible to enter vans through rear doors. Fixed issues with adding/removing gas from a vehicle. Previously the time wasn't proportional to the amount of gas being transferred and Gas Can didn't need to be equipped first. Fixed equipped empty Gas Can was remaining equipped as an empty gas can after siphoning. Fixed the Server Workshop Items connect-to-server UI having issues when the scrollbar is visible. Fixed farming tooltip rendering with different font sizes. Fixed ac/heater draining the battery when the engine isn't running. Fixed LayoutManager making a window visible without adding it to the list of windows. Fixed host losing admin accessLevel in splitscreen. Fixed swinging a weapon at a broken window granting the player XP. Fixed ac/heater draining the battery when the engine isn't running. Fixed Stick Trap using the wrong "closed" sprite. Fixed bad things happening when using the "Level Up" button in the player-stats admin panel. Fixed player not facing campfires when performing various actions on them. Fixed player animation not playing when opening a barricaded window from the non-barricaded side. Fixed missing context-menu option to remove metal-bar barricades. Fixed second farm-plant sprites not being used. Fixed not being able to place medicine cabinets over low objects like toilets. Fixed exception with sprites that have one of lightR/lightG/lightB properties equal to zero. Fixed many duplicate invisible sprites being created for unspawned erosion objects. Fixed erroneous "user XXX will be kicked because Lua/script checksums do not match" message.
  3. How long do YOU survive?

    This isn't a question that's about difficulty levels, or how skilled a player you are... more just how long your games of PZ take to play out in terms of in-game days, months and years - no matter what your game mode or sandbox settings. Following on from the integration of Turbo's weather and seasonal change systems, we're currently working out ways to make stuff like farming and the 'nature takes over' aspects of the Erosion system more closely tied with the year as it progresses. But, if we do stuff like this - how many players will actually play through / survive until the spring to cultivate a certain crop? Will people notice that Erosion growth systems kick in around that time too, when it's 150 days+ after most people have started their game? I'm wondering whether we should change the start date of the game too - so more people see the more varied aspects of the weather system later in the year. Should we even consider a scenario in which a PZ year isn't a 365 day year? (I'd find this a bit weird, but there could be ways?) So anyway, HOW LONG DO YOU SURVIVE? Do let us know
  4. RELEASED: 39.67.5

    Hmm. It should... what's your metalworking skill like when you attempt it?
  5. Nah it's global I think - Yuri is looking at it atm
  6. Foot Steps

    Which version are you playing?

    Just another day in the zombie apocalypse.

    Could Turbo get some details on time of day/year, temperature, how long you were outside etc? All this stuff clearly needs a lot of balancing, and I suspect making the impact less 'DEATH' and more 'MAKES YOU SLOW' or similar.
  9. I believe we fixed this in a recent internal build - and it actually may already be fixed in the weather build Many thanks for the continued ideas that are going into this thread by the way guys. Please keep them coming.

    Some of these might have been disabled in preparation for a wider release.
  11. Turbo's done a lot of work on this - but he needs to finish his wider work on 'electronic systems' before it can go in. It's one of the things he wants to move onto once the Weather stuff is in-game. (I really want it to go in too, as I've written a bunch of extra stuff that hasn't seen the light of day yet).

    If people are testing this and take any screenshots, by the way, we'd love to feature them in the dev blogs etc - just pop them in the thread


    Weather Test Version Updated! Please note that this will break current saves on this test build. Turbo has also just released an updated version of the test weather beta, which features a multiplayer component of his IsoRegions system – this should allow the information about enclosed player-built spaces across an MP network so fog/precipitation can only be shown in outdoor areas. Next step will be in addressing some of the great feedback you guys have given above
  15. Yeah it's fine - post away sorry for delayed response