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  1. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    now released
  2. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    SI BETA VERSION 40.27 RELEASED! This should fix up any issues our Linux testers were having, but please let us know if anything else has flared up NEW Added 'sway' wind sprite effects for trees and vegetation that increases/decreases with wind speeds(default on, can be toggled off in options) As seen in high wind. Added 'shake' sprite effects for hits on doors, chops on trees and zeds/players walking through vegetation. General video of this seen below. Added a rain effect that now render precipitation according to wind angle Implemented new Welcome message for MP Chatbox Added server options for kick/ban thunderclap noises FIX Fixed small trees causing crashes but not being removable Fixed car engine turning off as soon as battery is removed Fixed crafting recipes losing their favourite status when game language is changed Fixed police sign showing higher on tile when placed Fixed radio saving last lines of broadcast so broadcasts didn't replay in full upon load
  3. Will Water Ever Be Animated?

    Water and fire visuals are probably some of the oldest graphics we have in the game currently tbh.
  4. Will Water Ever Be Animated?

    Yuri's reflection system and skybox is going to be used to make a better, reflective water - probably in Build 41. I think I mentioned in a blog recently that we agree it's probably the ugliest thing in the game at the moment.
  5. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    I think this is a gremlin in the works with our new autobuild system and Linux. We've raised it with Steve and will get it fixed as soon as we can.
  6. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Version 40.26 released to IWBUMS beta! Please note that this version is the first one automatically created by our new build system, that's been lovingly formed by Bitbaboon Steve. We're fairly sure it's firing on all cylinders, but likewise if there's disruption on any dedicated servers, Mac or Linux builds etc. then we apologise in advance NEW Added new clothes: Long shorts, Jacket, Padded Pants, Padded Jacket Thunder sound now plays to all players when an admin bans a player banned, a thunder rumble is heard when one is kicked. All vehicle doors may be locked/unlocked from inside without requiring a key. BALANCE Balanced some existing clothes insulation (sweater etc will be less effective) '/thunder start' now starts a thunder storm 24h duration. '/startRain' '/stopRain' is now equal to setting admin climate panel precipitation to 1.0. FIXES Fixed not being able to make it snow via admin panel Fixed bug where fog wasn't the same as when the player last quit Fixed some map bugs: missing walls, missing lightswitches, duplicate TVs. Fixed covered gas station that was considered interior. Fixed missing checkmarks next to the current values of chat-window options. Fixed unnecessary old chat-transparency display option. Fixed issues with on-screen server messages (using /servermsg command) - horizontal position was relative to the chat window, display time was depended on framerate, font now larger. Fixed missing "Ticking clock" animation while the char sleeps is missing Fixed wrong positions of "Performance skybox" and the "Performance reflections" options are moved. Fixed unclear "You need to restart the game to apply changes" text Fixed some debug code running that is disabled in multiplayer. Fixed vehicle skid sound not playing in multiplayer. It only played for the driver previously; remote clients wouldn't hear it. Fixed vehicle damage to prone zombies being too low in multiplayer. Fixed broken vehicle door locks being lockable/unlockable using the dashboard icon (and vehicle menu). Fixed car collision box blocking a door even if a char can come up to it Fixed wash clothing recipe not working. Fixed file encodings in translation files. Fixed dropped items are drawn above the car Fixed empty water container staying equipped when pouring water from one item to another. Fixed propane tank remaining equipped after inserting into a bbq Fixed weatherperiod loading bug Fixed rendering issue with Physics.Render debug option as other things such as vehicle areas wouldn't render. Fixed vehicle y-coordinates when spawning in long horizontal zones. (The long horizontal zones at gas-stations were spawning vehicles at the wrong y-coordinate) Fixed unused vehicle code. Fixed issues with adding/removing gas using gas cans. Fixed unnecessary allocations and file access related to non-existent textures. Fixed zones overlapping any cells in a map directory not being removed before loading that map's objects.lua file. Fixed speech from second player in splitscreen being displayed over first player.
  7. Massive Multiplayer Lag for joining player

    Are you both on IWBUMS, or the public build 39?
  8. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    SI version 40.25 released to IWBUMS beta NEW Added Loot All and Transfer All commands to the inventory context menu when using a controller. Added 'More Info' panel for Weather survival guide. Updated weather pattern generation (more random, shorter overall, less dark periods, clearings) Updated clouds, new textures and adjusted alpha plus nightfix Updated climate update sequence (for example: admin can now override night) Improved ground snow accumulation (should now also work when making it snow via panels granted other variables like temperature dont make it instantly melt) Weather periods can now be fully modded, including a designated 'modded' stage which can be freely modified. Clothing now shows insulation bar instead of temperature BALANCE Changed colors of server and shout in chatbox Frozen food no longer allowed as the primary ingredient in evolved recipes. Can no longer use rotten bread slices when cooking level is less than 7. Updated translations added. Added several missing vehicles zones (mccoy, fossoil) & improved gas station vehicles spawning. FIX Fixed exception when a vehicle crashes near a fire. Fixed loot sometimes respawning too soon. Fixed "map_zone.bin could not be saved" multiplayer error. Fixed /adduser not encrypting the new password. Fixed weight-gain and weight-loss indicators appearing at the same time. Also fixed increased weight-gain. Fixed McCoy vehicles not spawning. Fixed weight-gain indicator position in character-info screen. Fixed possibly not being able to click the bottom options in the vertical menu. Fixed typing a message in admin chat without a command or target stream sending the message to the admin stream Fixed typing a message in the normal chat panel without a command or target stream should sending the message to local chat Fixed teleport command not working with names Fixed missing teleportto command Fixed red font for system messages and shout being hard to read Fixed 'error with packet 127' (Discord) Fixed missing comma in UI_EN.txt Fixed multithreading issue with RenderSkybox. Fixed dead zeds lying on map blocks Fixed green corpses caused by RenderSkybox(). Fixed exception when plastering walls. Fixed long welcome messages do not wrap properly Fixed PZPopMan's handling of non-ascii filenames. Fixed server message not being shown. Authors now show on screen. Fixed AnnounceDeath message not showing in chat Fixed general tab of chat being added twice. Fixed wave signals not being ignored until player fully connected to server and chat manager is working Fixed InvalidOperation on Mac Fixed wrong calcul in failure of damaging part when installing it. Fixed missing some vehicles definitions (Fossoil wasn't spawning + a few variant of existing models) Fixed wrong distributions table for some vehicles (postal vans weren't spawning anything) Fixed positions zombies stand at when surrounding a vehicle. Fixed some soap items not being able to clean clothing. Fixed crowds of zombies launching vehicles like bottle rockets. Vehicles can still be jostled around by large hordes, but shouldn't go flying off at high speed anymore. Fixed errors loading vehicles whose script is no longer defined by picking a random script. Fixed coop server not starting if -cachedir= didn't end in "/Zomboid" Fixed ISEquippedItem exception when not in debug mode. Fixed vehicle force-field not checking for vehicles on neighbouring chunks - caused issues with zed pathfinding and trapped players. Fixed not being able to open a vehicle's trunk at certain angles. Fixed exception when a zombie's square is null.
  9. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    IWBUMS VERSION 40.21 RELEASED! Internal testers have also flagged a few issues that *might* be an issue on Linux and Mac, so if you’re on those platforms and the new IWBUMS beta isn’t behaving then please let us know. NEW Skybox generation for vehicle reflective windows. This takes into account: the time of day, the Global illumination color, fog, cloudiness, precipitation intensity, wind direction, wind speed and the temperature of the ambient air (as in winter the clouds are lower than the ground) Added more natural looking snow on the ground: Added more checks to online usernames. They now must be three characters long, and not contain any of the following character: ; . ' ? \ Added new server option AllowNonAsciiUsername (default false). This can be set to true to allow the use of non-ascii characters in the username, such as the Cyrillic alphabet etc..) Game now checks username in lowercase when accessing the database. So if your name is BLARG, but you type BLaRG you will still join. Added clear console command for client and server Commands can now be temporaly disabled with DisabledCommand annotation. Disabled connections, grantadmin, removeadmin, servermessage and thunder commands. Help also disabled for these commands by annotation Added debug menus for weather, climate, bodydamage and stats - which can be opened with shift-backspace: Added more climate modding options Weather now affect chance of starting the car (specially on low quality engine, the colder, the harder is to start). Added more filters to characters used in player usernames (, / @ $) FIXES Fixed not being able to create new username. Fixed removed unused import and leftover debug lines. Fixed new players not being able to join server. Fixed unnecassary 'ban steam id' when banuser is preferable Fixed Coordinates parameter being used with 'add vehicle' command Fixed wrong calcul in Nutritions values (it'll be now easier to gain more weight if eating high carbs or lipids food) Fixed "Survived For" showing on the character screen if the player doesn't have a watch. Fixed weight display from being a float to being an int (no more 80.14 but only 80.) Fixed outside temperature from showing on vehicle dashboards. This became confusing when we also had the UI temperature showing. Fixed server message command. Fixed additem command. -u flag removed. Fixed 'add vehicle' command not giving a vehicle to a player who hadn't included their name. Fixed Banuser command Fixed output from help command not being alphabetical Fixed players not being able to execute commands if they have the correct rights. Fixed wrong calcul in startEngine process. Fixed multiple VehicleFailingToStart sounds playing. Fixed DebugChunkState not rendering weather effects. Fixed scaling of lines when zooming indoors. Fixed some map issues: A house had a grass floor, a trailer had a TV on the same square as a kitchen counter, a building had no light switches in two upper floor rooms. Fixed doors/radios/tvs/windows sometimes having different states on clients and the server. Fixed ReleaseSafehouse command Fixed and refactored Grant Admin and Remove Admin commands Fixed incorrect trunk size of vans with seats. Fixed wrong calcul in chance of uninstalling part resulting in sometimes damaging the part where it should be impossible. Fixed some ingredients left at -1 hunger reduction when adding them to a recipe.
  10. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Would you mind sharing some screenshots of what you're looking at in each instance? To be sure we're all in the same place?
  11. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Also, just to check, are any of the people who are finding it too dark playing with Shaders turned to 'Off'?
  12. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    The first non-average rain you get is dialled up to eleven atm, and goes on for too long, which probably isn't helping matters. Turbo's gonna have a poke.
  13. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Nah, it's just a quick update on the beta in readiness for a Midweek Community Megatest
  14. 40.17 — Snowflakes lying on the AIR.

    Good spot mate, have passed on to Turbo
  15. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    version now released