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  1. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    If this build seems okay (as in: no major horror shows) then we'll be killing the vehicles beta branches tomorrow, and shifting it all back into the traditional IWBUMS beta.
  2. PvP damage - sound

    Can you add this to the tasklist please @Sasha ?
  3. Walkie talkie and ham radio seems really nerf.

    Good stuff for @turbotutone to feed on
  4. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Nah, maybe it's been a bug for a while. One for @RobertJohnson
  5. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    'On the door' might be me being incorrect, but they should also be on zeds and in nearby houses - if they're not that's a bug.
  6. Cars get copied — Vehicle B38

    This is hopefully fixed in the build we plan to release on Thursday - many thanks for the report
  7. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Thanks! I've passed it on to Mash. Just there, or elsewhere in Riverside too?
  8. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Rosewood, or the newer Riverside town? Riverside this the town that got the most map changes in this build.
  9. That name's already taken in the gaming world unfortunately!
  10. Svarog's Small Mods

    You are sorely missed Svarog! I hope you find the time to come back one day
  11. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    It's not intentional, but does make sense. We've had Uncle Bitbaboon Steve on this today, and hopefully have found something to improve matters. We're just putting it into an internal test now. @arkahys EP has fixed up compost a bit in the next version - so keep an eye out for it. Cheers for all your detailed reports
  12. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    How much do you drive off-road? I'm sure it probably does need balance - but driving on non-road surfaces will have an impact, and we don't do a good job of explaining that atm.
  13. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Cheers for the reports - I think we've hopefully fixed the items loss bug in the upcoming build, though @Pandorea will have to confirm if it's also fixed up the key issue. Likewise zombie-striking with cars is also something we've looked at. Glad you like the vehicles. Still a little bit to go on them, but it's good that people are having fun with 'em.
  14. Additional Day lengths

    Can we add this to the general task list please @Pandorea? Looks like something that shouldn't be too tricky to get in.
  15. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Not too far I don't think - main thing to do is to straighten out some MP issues that it'd be nice to have fixed up before we drop a bunch more curious testers in via the move to IWBUMS. We've got a new internal build going into testing atm with the new map and some MP fixes, and the map was something else we were waiting for. There's still balance and bugfixes, and those new sounds i mentioned, but we're not adding anything else that's 'big' feature-wise. In other news so people reporting bugs know when we've seen, and are checking out, a user-reported bug then the code will be that @Pandorea (Sasha) gives you a slice of cake. That way we don't clutter this thread, and you guys get feedback / virtual cake.