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  1. NEW - Allow crowbars to be used to remove wood barricades, and use animations for it - Added context-menu commands for adding all fuel items, and all fuel items of a certain type, to barbecues, campfires and fireplaces. - The warm-hands-by-a-fire now works with fireplaces. - Added 'world' attachments to shotgun models. - Added a shit ton of new male names, female names and surnames taken from 1994 US census so every other character isn't called Marina Hodgetts. (Thanks to Jam for putting these together.) - The inspect-clothing command will transfer items to the player's inventory if needed. - Inflating vehicle tires will stop at the maximum pressure instead of always adding 5. It was annoying having to cancel the action at the right time. - Play the "craft" animation when adding patches to and removing patches from clothing. - Updated translations. - Display "Sleep on Ground" instead of "Sleep" in the context menu when no bed is selected. - The "Sleep" tooltip displays the quality of the bed which can be Bad, Average or Good. - Added cooler (can be worn in hands). - Added satchel (3 variations, can be worn on back or in hands). - Added briefcase spawns - Added pistol case. - Updated some textures for bags. - Allow the player to shove (and stomp) sooner after attacking with a weapon. - The crafting ui displays the the player's skill level for recipes with required skills (such as Make Trap Box). Required skills are displayed in red text if the player's level is below the required level. - Added methods Recipe.getRequiredSkillCount() and Recipe.getRequiredSkill(). Recipe.getRequiredSkill(int index) returns a RequiredSkill object with methods getPerk() and getLevel(). IMPROVED FOG SYSTEM - brand new awesome fog now added - added display option for new fog, can toggle between high quality, medium quality and legacy (build 40) - changed fog generation, now variable duration based on day mean temperature. - added chance of grey tinted fog effect to storms. - added guaranteed strong tinted fog effect to tropical storm, now very distinctive. - modified blizzard effects to work well with new fog. - added new fog control panel to debug menu. FITNESS - Xp gain from exercises can now be different. - Regularity will not drop until 24h after doing an exercise. - Fixed some fitness animation weirdness. - Remove the fitness UI when entering a car. - Fixed NullPointerException in Fitness.decreaseRegularity(). - Fixed exception in Fitness.load(). - Moved fitness to health panel (new button) instead of right click menu. BALANCE - Allow washing dirty bandages from clean-water sources such as sinks. - Dismantle Flashlight recipe is allowed if there is a battery in the flashlight. - Renamed two Jackets to Leather Jacket. They were already leather. - Increased antique stove weight from 20.0 to 40.0. - Decreased gardening spray capacity - Reduced size of zombies target outline by 20%. - Reloading a gun will look for magazine in bags and not just main inventory. - Toilet paper can now be used the same way as tissue (equip in main or secondary hands to reduce cough noise). - Toilet paper can now be used to start and fuel a fire/BBQ. - Slight bump in sneak skill (when in plain sight, will reduce the zed vision/footstep volume) - MSR700/MSR788 now doesn't require magazines. OPTIMIZATION - Optimized ScriptModule.getRecipe(). - Declared SpriteRenderer.instance and SpriteRenderer.ringBuffer 'final'. - Avoid some string-related gc with cutaways (parsing sprite names). - Big optimization to cutaway rendering - moved testing of TallHoppableW, WallWTrans, TallHoppableN and WallNTrans to IsoFlagTypes since they were doing lots of string comparisons and slowing rendering down MODEL AND ANIM CHANGES -adjusted geometry so the gas mask works better with hats. -added another body location to BodyLocations.lua (MaskFull) -made welding mask part of the MaskFull body location - Changed the cough/sneeze/fidget animations (the 'ext' state) to play as a sub-state of the 'idle' state. -re-exported TShirt_white to not have buttoned front FIXES - Fixed the wrong animation playing when putting on baseball caps. - Fixed NullPointerException in IsoGridSquare.getPuddlesDir(). This happened with a fireplace. - Fixed some missing translation files - Fixed not being able to equip and unequip items while aiming. - Fixed zombie fence-flop crawling attacks hitting the player through closed doors. - Fixed recipes without required skills not working. - Fixed items not being taken from bags when equipping a light source. - Fixed equipping an item in one hand when it looked like it should be equipped two-handed when dragging an item onto the primary/secondary icons. - Fixed being able to climb through closed windows sometimes. - Fixed not being able to reload an empty magazine while aiming. - Fixed gunshot sounds and muzzleflash effects while sitting on the ground. - Fixed exception when lighting a barbecue or fireplace with gas. - Fixed timed actions not working while the warm-hands-by-a-fire animation is playing. - Fixed warm-hands-by-a-fire animation possibly continuing long after the fire goes out. - Fixed being able to fish at long distance with spears. (also one of the problem was if you only had a spear and open the UI, it was considered as a fishing rod!) - Fixed transition animation from standing to sitting on ground not playing. - Fixed available hotbar slots not updating when using a controller. - Fixed timed actions not starting while aiming in a vehicle. - Fixed the player getting stuck exiting a vehicle if it was done while aiming. - Fixed toggle aim on/off not working in vehicles. - Fixed the aim-assist cursor not disappearig after the player dies. - Fixed long lines of text extending outside the crafting and switch-vehicle-seat windows. - Fixed the automatic moving of items on vehicle seats not moving an item if it used all the remaining space on a seat. - Fixed regularity map being re-initlized if fitness instructor/fireman. - Fixed regularity progress bar showing incorrect values (it could never be at 100%!) - Fixed the info popup in the profession/traits ui not being hidden when going to the previous or next screen. - Fixed containers with capacity 3 or less not getting extra capacity from the Organized trait. This affected Fanny Packs. - Fixed corpse inventory capacity being affected by the Organized and Disorganized traits. Player inventory capacity has never been affected by these traits (only bags). - Fixed issues with the "Campfire Info" command after right-clicking on a campfire that is behind a wall. - Fixed being able to drive a vehicle forward in reverse gear. - Fixed being unable to look around by holding the right mouse button while in a vehicle with the window closed. This worked when holding the Aim key, but not when holding the right mouse button. - Fixed "All All" not adding all charcoal to barbecues, campfires and fireplaces. It will add one unit of charcoal (30 minutes) at a time until all is used. - Fixed zombies moving through walls after climbing over a fence sometimes. This was easy to reproduce north of the West Point police station when fast-forwarding. - Fixed cough/sneeze/fidget animations playing more frequently at higher framerates. - Fixed context-menu cooking translations for latest version of Translatoid - Fixed clothing mod data being lost when reversing caps, putting hoods up/down, etc. - Fixed not facing doors when locking and unlocking them via the context menu. - Fixed not gaining only strength and not fitness exp when doing some fitness exercices. - Fixed being able to open multiple fitness UI. - Fixed double door and stick traps returning more than they took to craft. - Fixed sleep traits not affecting how much a char sleeps - Fixed not being able to disassemble large metal shelves - Fixed not being able to remove tiredness with restless sleeper - Fixed front strength not showing properly in debug climate plotter
  2. Actually we do have plans to improve performance when huge hordes are around, but it's currently in the air whether or not it'd make it into 41. It'd probably be best to expect it in the builds beyond at this point.
  3. NEW - Re-use container buttons in the inventory and loot windows instead of creating new ones each time the windows are updated. - Use radio buttons instead of checkboxes for available bags in the forage ui. - Bloodied and dirtied backpacks can now be washed. - Removed the "Age" stat from the character info panel - Add Yes/No prompt after pressing quit to desktop - Arrange option-screen controls better when the resolution changes. - Re-enabled the FPS counter - displayed with K by default. Should work okay now. - DPad-down displays the emote radial menu. When a sub-menu is displayed, highlight an emote and press DPad-down again to select it. - Allow collapsed inventory and loot windows to expand when the mouse moves over them when the player is aiming if the game is paused. - Added new hairstyles - center parting, side partings etc - Added jar 3D models - mayo etc. (Either eat them with a spoon or directly drink them! wow.) - Added petrol can 3D models (also petrol can can now be held in hands) - Forbid switching between front and back seats in the police car, since there's a divider between them. - Visually indicate seats that can't be reached from the current seat in the switch-seat ui. - Added animations for equipping and un-equipping items and clothing. - Added new sitting animation used when performing timed actions. - Allow fishing rods, spears and lures to be taken from bags when used. - Allow stopping ringing clocks and watches in inventory while moving. - Updated translations. COMBAT FIXES - To address issues of the player attacking a downed zombie rather than an incoming threat, there is now a fixed value of 1.5 for ignoring prone zombies. When there is a zombie standing within 1.5 squares in front of the player, ground attacks won't happen. This value is the same regardless of which weapon (including bare hands) is used. - Zombies standing behind the player will not prevent ground attacks. - As always, prone zombies will be ignored if there is a standing zombie within weapon range, which might be greater than 1.5. - Given a choice between two zombies on the ground: 1) Give higher priority to a zombie that is getting up. 2) Give higher priority to a crawling zombie (but lower priority than one that is getting up). - Fixed a bug where a prone zombie might be chosen over one getting up. This was due to zombies switching from prone to standing half-way through the getting-up animation. - Fixed infinite ammo exploit with RackAfterShoot firearms. - Improved the appearance of the aim outlines around zombies and improved colors. - Changed the "Aim Outline" option to have three choices: "None", "Ranged Weapons" and "Any Weapon". "Any Weapon" should reduce frustration for some people with not knowing which zombie might be hit. FITNESS (Will require balance still, and will be put into the health panel next to temperature etc. in next patch) - Right click anywhere to bring up the fitness UI. - Select an exercise (some require items, like dumbbell), select how much time and click ok. - Exercise Fatigue will be induced approx 12h after the end of exercise. - Tooltips explain what stiffness does what (doing push ups will bring pain in your arms/chest, making combat slower, etc..) - The more you exercise, the more you'll gain "regularity", meaning the less stiffness you'll get from this exercise (each exercise has its own regularity). - System takes into account the impact of tiredness on the result of the exercise, nutrition, etc. - Includes "struggling" version of exercises for lower fitness level characters. - Some professions have existing regularity in certain exercises (fitness instructor, fireman..) WATER TIDY-UP - Changed "Quench Thirst" back to "Drink" for water-containing items. - Changed "Remaining: Percent" to "Water: Current / Max" in tooltips for these object context-menu options: Rainbarrel info, Water Dispenser info - Changed "Percent full" to "Water: Current / Max" in tooltips for these item context-menu options: Add Water From Item, Drink (from an item), Fill (taking water from an object into an item), Pour Into - Added a tooltip displaying "Water: Current / Max" when drinking from a sink or other object, as well as whether the water is tainted. - Drinking from sinks before the water shuts off, or rivers, displays "Water: Unlimited". - Always display the Drink context-menu option for drinking water from objects. - Drinking water from items and objects will reduce thirst to zero instead of possibly leaving some fraction < 0.1. BALANCE - Bullets are taken from bags when pressing the reload key without using the radial menu. - Fixed a couple places where weapon weight wasn't adjusted when bullets were added or removed. - Equipped weight on flashlights now shown. - Rename Roasted Vegetables to a Roast - Scrap metal now produced when dismantling car wrecks - Renamed ".44 Magnum Magazine" to ".44 Magazine". The Magnum is a revolver so doesn't take a magazine. The .44 Magazine goes into the D-E Pistol. - Hitting a zombies while going backward in a car can now damage gas tanks. - Destroyed traps can return multiple items, those using twine return the full twine cost - Storms now less dark during daytime - Antique stove can now spawn in a crate in any warehouse (very rare) - Fixed wrong items appearing in roomtype 'camping' - Fixed wrong items appearing in roomtype 'bakery' - Added roomtype 'campingstorage' to lists: Same lootlist as camping, better rolls, crates (cardboard boxes?) only. - EggCarton spawn chance increased. Small chance of finding two egg cartons in fridges. - Increased numbers of floorboard stashes in houses and numbers of items in them. - Increased odds of stuff spawning in bags on zeds FOX'S CUTAWAY POLISH - Player-built walls that enclose a space no longer collapse if there's no window - Fixed cutaway starting as soon as character sets foot on stairs - Fixed cutaways loading issues - Fixed cutaway of fences and walls starting a bit too late. - Fixed Dumpsters in warehouses never stop being cutaway or having jagged edges - Fixed cars being seen through closed garages - Fixed cutaways with missing tile properties MODDING AND TRANSLATION - Added EvolvedRecipeName_EN.txt translation file. This is used for the EvolvedRecipeName property of items. Previously, it was using the old DisplayName_XXX translation. - Added ContextMenu_CarBatteryCharger_RemoveBattery translation. - Added %-substitutions to translations: ContextMenu_Add_Ingredient ContextMenu_Create_From_Ingredient ContextMenu_From_Ingredient. - Added "Unload 1 Round From %1" translation for removing a single round from a revolver (instead of Rack). - Added "Tags = Screwdriver" to the Screwdriver. - Changed recipes that use a Screwdriver to use any item with Tags=Screwdriver. - Changed recipes that use a Screwdriver to use any item with Tags=Screwdriver. - Added Tags=CanOpener to TinOpener. - Adjusted recipes that used TinOpener to use any item with Tags=CanOpener - Added Tags=FishingRod and Tags=FishingSpear to rods and spears. ANIMATION CHANGES -cropped Bob_RunStumble.X -tweaked xmls to get smoother get up from scramble -capped Bob_JacketLong.X, Kate_Jacket.X and Kate_JacketLong.X -unified Bob_WeddingJacket.X normals -created ShortSleeveShirt Body Location -changed some shirt clothing items Body Location to ShortSleeveShirt so that they don't hide watches -hiding fanny packs with certain clothing items -removed ApronTEXTURE from outfit Waiter_Diner -capped some male and female clothes -tweaked transition and blends between run and sprint. sneak versions also done. UI TIDY-UP - Hide the post-death text when the quit-to-desktop dialog is visible. - Draw a rectangle under the post-death text so it is easier to see on light backgrounds. - Fixed layout of some things at different font sizes. OPTIMIZATION - Optimized PropertyContainer's handling of IsoFlagType. This is an optimization to a foundational element of PZ's code, which should give a small boost to many, many elements of the game since property containers / isoflagtype stuff is used throughout - especially map rendering, game logic etc. We have already seen gains in built-up areas like West Point. - Declared a lot of classes and fields 'final'. FIXES - Fixed DebugScenarios.lua calling Events.LoadGridsquare.Add() even in non-debug mode. - Fixed ambulance door mask to correct left and right - Fixed some see-through clothing on corpses - Fixed the player being immune to attacks from the front while holding bags in both hands. - Fixed Sugar not having nutritional value - Fixed Stone Axe weighing more than elements needed to assemble it - Fixed Cooked Rice and Pasta never rot - Fixed when building a fence up to a wall, the part where it connects to the wall isn't cut - Fixed ability to expand the inventory and loot windows if the player is aiming or panning the camera via the keyboard. - Fixed awarding Foraging experience points when failing to find things that are impossible to find, due to time of year and/or skill level. The player could easily level up Foraging skill without ever decreasing the zone's abundance. - Fixed exception in IsoCell.CullFullyOccludedSquares(). - Fixed animation clock running at a lower speed than expected, and adjusted global anim speeds to fit - Fixed small bug caused dont allow pouring multiple types (sand/gravel/dirt) not working - Fixed lua error when build cursor is on empty squares (above ground level) - Fixed build cursor not turning red when hovering invalid tiles for example when above ground level - Fixed being able to dig graves in interior - Fixed being able to dig graves on tiles with a poured dirtpatch but no natural floor underneath - Fixed trap spawning items when regularly removing it (non breaking) - Fixed radiointeractions missing out lines due to cooldown on fast speed (the fast-forward misses out on XP bug) - Fixed not racking some weapons after each shot. - Fixed issues with firearm and magazine weights. - Fixed muzzleflash textures not being visible on the first shot. - Fixed nearby vehicles not being rendered when the vehicle is inside the same room as the player. - Fixed the debug FPSGraph not being rendered unless the clock is visible. - Fixed corpses being drawn beneath railroad tracks and graves. - Fixed Lua error with "Insert Magazine" when right-clicking on a firearm. - Fixed trait tooltips not being displayed in the character-info ui when the character has a trait without a texture. - Fixed SmallCar extents not matching physicsChassisShape. - Fixed non-transfer of Lighter or Matches from bags when smoking. This also works when eating any item with RequireInHandOrInventory. - Fixed animation lockup with emotes. - Fixed the ZombieSurprisedPlayer sound playing too often. The timer is reset whenever the player sees a zombie. - Fixed deafening multiple thunder noises on speeds > 1 - Fixed exception when scavenging if more than one type of item is found. - Fixed items required for repairing items not being taken from bags. - Fixed "Dig Furrow With Hands" not being displayed when using a controller. - Fixed the hotbar being displayed for splitscreen players using a controller. - Fixed zombies flipping from back to front to become crawlers when being stepped on or when under a vehicle. - Fixed lua error repairing vehicle parts. - Fixed the player tripping in trees when in ghost mode. - Fixed getting free ammo when spamming the unload-magazine command. - Fixed zombies sometimes falling backward when shoved from behind. This happened when hitForce was <= 0.1. - Fixed drainable items losing their Favorite status when emptied after being used in recipes. - Fixed not using translations for moveable object names with the "Plumb XYZ" context-menu option. - Fixed the quit-to-desktop dialog overlapping buttons at the bottom of the screen after death. - Fixed clothing sometimes not getting a hole when it should. - Fixed sprinters pursuit collision - Fixed a lots of missing cutaway properties. - Fixed tied hair that's grown out still having 'untie' options - Fixed fishing from a long distance away - Fixed position of the 'muzzle' attachment on handguns and revolvers (used to display the muzzle-flash sprite). - Fixed missing overlays in pie shop - Fixed saplings grown by erosion system slowing and scratching player - Fixed various mapping bugs - Fixed items not being transferred from lightest to heaviest when dropping items onto container buttons. - Fixed the "Put In Container" context-menu option not working when right-clicking on the equipped primary or secondary icons unless the player's inventory (not a bag) was displayed. - Fixed NullPointerException adding gas to a generator when the gas can wasn't equipped.
  4. NEW - Updated with new controller icons on gameplay screen when playing with pad - The inventory and loot windows are collapsed right away when the player begins aiming, unless they are pinned. - Interrupt zombies climbing through windows if the player is closing the window. This applies if a zombie is starting to climb through a window, and isn't over the window sill. - Block the player closing a window if a zombie is climbing through it. The player plays the 'struggle' animation if a zombie is over the window sill. - Added "Automatically Drink Water When Thirsty" accessibility option. It is on by default. Right-clicking on a water bottle when thirsty displays a new option "Quench Thirst". This option isn't displayed for food (such as pop cans), only water containers. Each unit of water removes 10% of thirst, as always. So some thirst below 10% may remain after drinking. - Added "Leave Key In Ignition" accessibility option. When enabled, the key remains in a vehicle's ignition when the engine is shut off. PERFORMANCE - Improved pooled objects, which should in turn improve performance in areas of high zombie density. (On Six Months Later settings, for example, game was taking above 6ms to release an AnimationPlayer when removing one zombie from the world. This time has now been lowered to about 0.01ms - 0.03ms). BALANCE - Removed attack that was standing in for a cancelled jaw stab - Added more floorboard stashes, including some exotic ones. - Increased chance of finding an annotated map - Increased the chance of finding a Survivor Zed - Refined the outline colour when aiming at zeds with a firearm - green now appears when the chance of getting a good shot is a lot more likely - Increased chance of clip found in guns or next to it. - changed sleepyhead and wakeful sleep times - Added traps being destroyed in streamed world returning same items as when destroyed in 'offscreen simulation' MODELS/ANIMS CHANGES - Adjusted multiple bags and apron mesh so they don't clip each other - Made welding mask replace hats and vice versa (can't wear at same time) - Made it so earrings don't clip through hoods FIXES - Fixed crawling zombies hitting the player in a vehicle when doing the fence/window crawl attack. - Fixed the controller focus being on the load-game screen after loading a game with the controller active. - Fixed the inventory and loot window selections being cleared sometimes while dragging items. This resulted in dragged items not being rendered. - Fixed the vehicle dashboard remaining hidden after hiding the ui while inside a vehicle. - Fixed the crafting, map, and mechanics UIs blocking all keypress events. - Fixed multiples of "Time Before Corpse Removal" passing before corpses are removed. - Fixed corpses moving and changing from male to female when rotting. - Fixed Lua error while loading a challenge if all Lua files were reloaded due to mods. - Fixed multiple player-death sounds playing. - Fixed the inspect-clothing ui displaying the wrong bite/scratch defense values for items with neckProtectionModifier < 1. - Fixed bite/scratch defense bonus on the neck being reduced on clothing with neckProtectionModifier < 1. - Fixed setting the sandbox start time to 5AM starting at 9AM. - Fixed "Pouring in" being displayed in the inventory window when combining Thread. - Fixed stashed planks not working (the container "hidden" in the floor). - Fixed hotbar appearing for controller users - Fixed CTRL+A in the inventory and loot windows causing the player to turn. - Fixed missing function name in "xxx not defined for operands in null" exception messages. - Fixed not taking bullets from bags to reload a magazine when using the radial menu. Bullets in bags were taken when using the context menu. - Fixed being able to pour dirt onto water tiles - Fixed rugs/carpets being removed with certain actions calling addfloor (pour/take dirt, build floor) - Fixed some benches requiring different tools for different facing directions - Fixed objects not being able to click or added to context menu when 'under/behind' a collapsed wall - Fixed pouring the same thing out the same type multiple times on a tile (sand/gravel/dirt) - Fixed park ranger not having his/her walk through trees work correctly
  5. There'll be a hotfix for this and a few other issues (sometimes no zooming in tutorial, some recomplied stuff to make things work on Linux) over the next day or so
  6. Only our game could have a bug that's "Mom and Dad are naked"... 😂
  7. What OS do you play on? Standard PC set-up?
  8. NEW - NEW TUTORIAL Updated and improved Cabin in the Woods map by Xeonyx (worth exploring if you survive at end) New steps and expanded outside sequence Mainly covers movement and combat - will be expanded at a later date, and made compatibile with gamepads - Added a radial menu for reloading firearms and spare magazines. The menu is displayed after holding down the Reload key (or controller button) for half a second. The "Display reloading radial menu immediately" Accessibility option changes this behavior so the menu is displayed immediately. - Added a command to the item context menu and reload radial menu to unload all rounds from non-magazine type guns, like revolvers. - Changed "Rack" to "Unload Round" for non-magazine type guns. - Added StaticModel to RadioMag, MechanicMag, and BookMechanic items. - Rebuilt Tiles pack - this should include thinner log walls to help with cutaways, and also remove the random red dots on some tiles hopefully - Bar Taps now movable. - Taking dirt, gravel or sand from a square it was previously placed on now both removes it and restores the previous floor sprites. - Added Flip flops and Fannypacks. The latter can be worn on front or back. - Equipped bags with tint now have a tinted icon in the right panel (where backpacks are). - Tooltips of equipped bag on the right panel now show the name of the bag. - Added briefcase. - Added Mash's new overlay sprites (fridges, stoves, seats, etc). - Added a different icon to the vehicle radial menu for refueling from a pump at a gas station. - Play an animation when grabbing a corpse from the ground. NEW VEHICLE STUFF - Memory Optimization: Vehicles use the same damage and rust textures, with a second UV channel. - Blood is drawn separately on the front, back and sides of vehicles to handle hitting zombies on different locations. - Blood intensity varies from 0.0 to 1.0 instead of using 2 different blood textures. - Draw blood on vehicle windows before the damage texture, to avoid blood covering holes in windows - Blood is added to the front and back of vehicles when hitting zombies. - Blood is added to vehicle windows zombies are attacking. - Updated vehicle-blood textures. - Added "Wash Vehicle" context-menu command to remove blood from vehicles. Requires water. - Play the blowtorch sound and use the blowtorch animation when dismantling vehicles. COMPOSTING - Added "Set Compost" command to the "[DEBUG] Objects" context menu to set the amount of compost in a composter. - Added a context-menu command for adding compost from a Compost Bag to a composter. - Partial amounts of compost may be taken into empty Sacks and partly-empty Compost Bags. Previously the player could only take a full 10 units of compost at a time. MODDING - enabled previously added worldflares system TWEAKED FEMALE MODELS -adjusted female mesh around the arms -re-exported female clothes -re-assigned Vest_BulletCivilian.xml to point to correct famale mesh UI IMPROVEMENTS - Renamed "Quit" "Quit To Menu". - Moved "Quit To Desktop" below "Quit To Menu" to match the order of buttons in the main menu. - Moved "New Character" above "Quit To Menu". - Replaced Yes/No comboboxes in the Display options with checkboxes. - Moved the Delete button to the left of the New and Play buttons in the Last Stand player-select ui, to match other uis. - Sort beard and hair styles by name in the character-creation ui. - Changed the Yes/No "Chest Hair" combobox to a checkbox in the character-creation ui. CONTROLLER IMPROVEMENTS - Added an Accessibility option for choosing how the shoulder buttons switch containers in the inventory and loot windows. COMMUNITY TRANSLATION IMPROVEMENTS - Translations for map titles can be specified by adding a file named title.txt in the same folder as description.txt. For example, media\lua\shared\Translate\FR\Muldraugh, KY\title.txt. The file should contain a single line with the translated map name. - Fixed missing Last Stand translations. - Improved and standardised English language presentation. - Added translation for "Type 1" etc clothing texture choices in the character-creation ui. - Added IGUI_ClothingName_XXX translations separate from Tooltip_clothing_XXX (Dirty, Wet, etc). BALANCE - Made skill magazines take 10 minutes to read, equivalent to reading 5 pages of a skill book. - Made short fence doors hoppable and never locked. They can be hopped over using the context menu, holding the E key, or pressing the B controller button. - RMC Mildew/Insecticide Spray (full) shows option to Make Flies Cure if there is an empty spray can available - Partially-loaded gun magazines are reloaded when the reload key is pressed, if there are no other non-empty magazines in inventory. A full magazine is ejected without reloading it. - "Fill All" Option for multiple bottles etc - Bleach turns into "Empty Bleach Bottle" when consumed (previously it disappeared). - Added "Bleach Bottle With Water" that holds twice as much water as a pop bottle (and weighs twice as much). - Food items that turn into empty items when fully consumed (such as Orange Soda and Bleach) become lighter depending on the amount remaining. - Lowered lights on character. FIXES - Fixed mod .pack files being loaded too late, resulting in missing item textures. - Fixed ModelManager.RenderSkyBox() binding the wrong FBO. - Fixed perk name translations not changing when the display language is changed. - Fixed window frames becoming non-interactive after installing a window. For example, it wasn't possible to plaster a crafted window frame after putting a window in, until the game was reloaded. - Fixed parse errors not being displayed in the Lua debugger Errors window. - Fixed 1x1 NormalGlasses.png textures looking transparent if clothing textures were updated when the game wasn't zoomed all the way in. - Fixed Texture.getUVScale() allocating a new Vector2 each call. - Fixed Dye Hair doing nothing when the item isn't in the player's inventory already. - Fixed translations not being reloaded after quitting to the main menu. - Fixed lua error climbing over a tall fence with a bag in hand selected in the inventory window. - Fixed short metal pole fence being thumpable. - Fixed Bag_NormalHikingBag model not appearing in the player's hands. - Fixed not blacking out part of the screen when a splitscreen is loading. - Fixed invisible player 1 when loading a splitscreen game with a controller. - Fixed makeup and foraging uis not being removed when a player dies. - Fixed context-menu tooltips displaying "Hold E" when "Tap E" will suffice for climbing through. - Fixed the wrong "get up" animation playing sometimes when the player trips while sprinting through trees. - Fixed the wrong node name being displayed in the Anim Monitor debug ui sometimes. - Fixed using a door or window behind the player when there is a useable vehicle door in front of the player. - Fixed a new "empty trash" dialog box appearing each time the "Delete All" button is clicked. - Fixed lua error when inspecting clothing when the tailoring ui is already visible. - Fixed being able to rotate multi-tile furniture so that parts clip through walls and closed doors. - Fixed 'Police Sign' at proper height when trying to place. - Fixed Radio messages not showing last part of line when weather interference applied. - Fixed propane-bbq-with-tank sprite being a movable now so it can show the info panel. - Fixed warning about missing IGUI_SkinTemperature translation. - Fixed holding E doesn't climb over short IsoThumpable fence doors (it only worked for IsoDoor). - Fixed the player tripping and getting back up instead of falling when attacked by a zombie while climbing through a window, when there is no floor on the other side of the window. - Fixed the player playing a hit-reaction animation after tripping and getting back up when attacked by a zombie while climbing through a window. - Fixed zombies eating corpses from far away sometimes. - Fixed tile properties on several mirror sprites (they were missing attachedN/S/W/E properties). - Fixed table lamps sometimes hanging off the edge of furniture. This is done by restricting table lamps to face the same direction as required by the furniture-moving tool. - Fixed NullPointerException in IsoPlayer.updateDirt(). This occurred when loading a sleeping splitscreen player. - Fixed the player getting stuck after walking into an upside-down vehicle. - Fixed Salad and Vitamins not displaying a model when consumed. - Fixed both halves of a two-tile oven being activatable separately. - Fixed the vehicle radial menu "Open Hood" command not displaying the mechanics ui afterwards. - Fixed the vehicle hood not being closed automatically after opening the mechanics ui through the radial menu. - Fixed sprinter zombies sometimes skipping the getting-up animation after tripping. - Fixed sprinter zombies not being considered "on the ground" after tripping. - Fixed not being able to fix the new firearms. - Fixed firearms without chambers (such as revolvers) spawning with +1 round in the non-existent chamber. - Fixed OutOfMemoryError errors due to unreleased texture memory. - Fixed rain turning horizontal when windSpeed 0 and zooming - Fixed vehicle windows sometimes being left with 0 condition without being destroyed (InventoryItem wasn't set to null). - Fixed vehicle windows taking twice as much damage from zombie attacks. - Fixed zombies only damaging the vehicle window the player was sitting next to. - Fixed the player model becoming a blob when switching between male and female in the character-creation ui. - Fixed the character-creation ui male/female combobox being permanently highlighted when not using a controller. - Fixed a few typos in DynamicRadio_EN.txt - Fixed reversed bumper mask colours for the vans and pickups - Fixed animation events being skipped sometimes when an animation loops. - Fixed the Reloading skill not affecting the speed of putting bullets in or removing bullets from a magazine. - Fixed (maybe) insert-bullet and remove-bullet sounds not syncing well with the magazine reload/unload animations. - Fixed evolved recipes not being displayed in the crafting ui when the Filter All checkbox is ticked. - Fixed a lua error in the crafting ui when an evolved recipe has non-food item ingredients. (Prepare Beverage uses Sugar, for example). - Fixed an infinite loop when saving multiple items of the same type in a container. (This happened when saving two corpses in a container.) - Fixed reloading an empty magazine and putting it back into the gun after using the Eject Magazine context-menu command. Refactored parts of ISLoadBulletsInMagazine.lua into ISUnloadBulletsFromMagazine.lua. - Fixed using the wrong facing direction when calculating player aim. (The effect of this bug was that zombies that should have been in the aim cone based on the direction the player was aiming with the cursor-thingy were missed sometimes.) - Fixed being able to shove zombies behind the player while still turning. It was using getForwardDirection(). - Fixed StashDescriptions using non-existent containerItem Base.Duffelbag item. - Fixed zombies eating corpses through doors, walls and windows. - Fixed the player's inventory not being redisplayed when attaching or detaching items from the hotbar. - Fixed wrong "job type" being displayed in the vehicle-mechanics ui sometimes. - Fixed some elements of fence hiding logic - Fixed certain items losing their "favorite" status - Fixed breaking Metal Barricades having a woody sound - Fixed Antique stove not having fuel timer - Fixed non-clothing items being stored on clothing racks - Fixed Boots not protecting against bites/scratches - Fixed not being able to "Rip" a "Long Dress" - Fixed V-Neck Sweater Vest protecting forearms. - Fixed state change not respecting partial consumption of foods - Fixed Fish Fillets (cooked) found in-game having no calories to them - Fixed caught animals weight should not having any variation - Fixed the player not facing objects while painting them. - Fixed not being able to paint non-carpentry objects using a controller. - Fixed highlighting of stacked crates when choosing one to paint using a controller. - Fixed where the player stands when painting a crate. - Fixed invalid "require" statement in ISCampingInfoAction. - Fixed Boredom, stress and unhappiness increasing while reading literature which reduces those stats. This was changed for people playing with longer day lengths in sandbox games. - Fixed the version of Java used in popman/src/doJNI.bat. - Fixed untranslatable new hairstyles. - Fixed issues with saved outfits in the character-creation ui. - Translated names of clothing items were saved, which breaks when the display language changes. - The selected texture (color of Baseball Cap for example) wasn't loaded properly. - The wrong skin color was saved after clicking the Randomize button but not selecting a skin color from the combobox. - Fixed using an EmptySandbag with items in it when taking dirt/gravel/sand or compost. Compost Bag now uses the EmptySandbag model when equipped. - Fixed not being able to steer or brake a vehicle when the engine shuts off while driving. - Fixed equipping a Trowel in both hands when taking dirt/gravel/sand. - Fixed the iso-cursor flashing after playing the tutorial. - Fixed untranslated string in the inventory window when unloading bullets from a firearm. - Fixed wet towels not drying any faster in a Clothing Dryer. - Fixed lua error pressing the reload key the first time while equipping a firearm. - Fixed a few IsoObject fields not being reset to default values after releasing an object. - Fixed missing 3D model for the HotDrink item. - Fixed titles issue by adding UIFont.Title which is used for titles in the main menu. This is used instead of UIFont.Cred2 because some languages can't display all characters with UIFont.Cred2. For these languages, UIFont.Title is the same as UIFont.Large. - Fixed not skipping the UTF-8 Byte Order Mark when reading description.txt and title.txt map translation files. - Fixed some confusion about which equipped item to use for flashlight cone width, etc. If there is an active light in both hands, the right-hand item has priority. This can be fixed later to allow multiple active lights, not just in the hands, for headlamps, etc. - Fixed the appearance of the ui with offscreen rendering enabled not matching the appearance when offscreen rendering is disabled. A long-standing issue has been the alpha values not being the same between the two methods. - Fixed incorrect use of SandboxVars.NatureAbundance is ISFishingAction.lua. - Fixed rounding of floating-point display values in some places. 1) Bite and scratch chance in the clothing protection ui. 2) When gaining XP from TV broadcasts. 3) Tire pressure is rounded to one decimal place instead of three in the mechanics ui. - Fixed not drawing the same background texture behind "halo" notes as is drawn for speech text above the player's head. - Fixed crawling zombies turning too quickly sometimes. This was due to WalkTowardState calling setForwardDirection() when there was still turning to do. (Turning is still herky-jerky due to not having deferred rotation in the turning animations. Crawling zombies still turn "instantly" in PathFindState, but not in WalkTowardState.) - Fixed lua error saving character clothing in the character-creation ui with non-English languages. - Fixed furniture moving and disassembling actions not finding tools in bags. - Fixed furniture disassembling equipping a Welding Mask in the hand instead of wearing it. - Fixed playing the hammering sound when disassembling furniture with a blowtorch. - Fixed dismantling vehicles equipping a Welding Mask in the hand instead of wearing it. - Fixed hotbar items stacking with non-hotbar items in the inventory window. - Fixed the divider line between equipped and unequipped items sometimes being drawn in the wrong place. - Fixed seeds not being taken from bags when planting crops. - Fixed an equipped empty water-container item remaining in the hands after taking water from a sink/etc. - Fixed vehicle containers not being displayed in the loot window sometimes. - Fixed farming lua error by moving all seeds of the same type from a bag when planting crops. - Fixed double-clicking an individual weapon in an expanded stack not equipping or unequipping it. - Fixed double-clicking a stack of weapons equipping each of them in turn. - Fixed double-clicking an equipped weapon unequipping it instantly and not redisplaying the inventory. ANIMATION SYSTEM FIXES - Reverted changes to getSkinTransformData() and resetSkinTransforms(). Each AnimationPlayer can have multiple active SkinTransformData objects (one per clothing model, for example). - ModelInstance.reset() shouldn't call "Pool.tryRelease(AnimPlayer)" because AnimationPlayer is owned by IsoGameCharacter. Multiple ModelInstances (clothing models for example) all point to the same AnimationPlayer. - Fixed exception in PZArrayUtil.newInstance() when the new array is smaller than the one being copied.
  9. In the meantime though I think we should maybe reduce yields by a little in the short-term before 41 comes out. Do people feel that any crops are particularly crazy in what they produce beyond cabbages?
  10. Could you please give us the coordinates we can find it at on the PZ map? https://map.projectzomboid.com/
  11. Posters and mirrors has been fixed and will be patched in the next build- cheers for the pointer
  12. NEW Prevention for prone zombie heads clipping through walls and obstacles: Falling and prone zombies will now slide away from walls. Added guitar case/flight case Added a "Delete All" button next to "Loot all" button for trash can/bins, click this will permanently delete items from the container (there's a confirmation dialog before deleting them). Made many previously unmovable objects movable: benches, bunk beds, carpets, canopies, spiffo's tables, bar stools, counters etc. Added "Resume normal speed when timed actions complete" Accessibility option. (Once a timed action is done (reading book, cooking, crafting..) it'll auto-cancel fast-forward. Canceling a timed action via ESC will cancel fast forward.) Added CounterOverlays.lua which add Mash's random open cupboard doors and file-cabinet drawers. Helmet attacks change: - Before zombie attacks make your helmet fall and also you get a hit. - Now if the helmet fall, that's it, current attack won't connect, only the next one. BALANCE Ripping clothing now have a chance to gives thread (depend on tailoring skill & size of the item). Can now consolidate thread (if you have multiple used thread, right click the stack to merge them together) Lowered chance of having the toilet paper house. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nPT64U6X40) Reduced damage done to the car's engine when ramming zombies without hood. Added Machete to some missing recipes (slice food, create spear...). Increased fishing line spawn rate. CONTROLLER IMPROVEMENTS - Added loot-window context-menu commands when using a controller: 1) Turn microwave and stove on/off. 2) Show settings ui for microwave and stove. 3) Turn clothing dryer and clothing washer on/off. 4) Deleting items from trash cans. - Changed the controller shoulder buttons to both affect the currently-highlighted inventory or loot window. Previously, the left shoulder button would select the next container in the inventory window, while the right shoulder button would select the next container in the loot window. Now the left shoulder button selects the previous container in the currently-highlighted window. BAG IMPROVEMENTS (mostly under the hood) - Experiment with not creating a new inventory item when a bag is equipped to or unequipped from the hands. - Split "masking" animation state into "maskingleft" and "maskingright" to fix a bug with holding a bag and a flashlight. - Bags can now be chosen to be held in left or right hands - No longer does the jaw-stab RaiseHand animation when a bag is held in the left hand. - Fixed weapon on the back being placed as if a backpack was worn, when the backpack is carried in the hand. - Removed transitions from maskingleft and maskingright animation groups. FIXES - Fixed lack of lighting on water. - Fixed vision cone angle not updating for zombified players. - Fixed lua error updating the hotbar after a player dies. - Fixed untranslated strings in the tailoring ui and generator info ui. Added translations for makeup categories and types to MakeUp_EN.txt. - Fixed not being able to open double doors. - Fixed applying make up increasing your weight. - Fixed bandit road story appearing before 30 days in the apocalypse. - Fixed lunch box being set as "Medical" (only for loot chance). - Fixed double "red lipstick" option. - Fixed "Unpack" appearing for items outside of bags. - Fixed being able to swing while in fast forward. - Fixed alice bags in primary hand being wrong. - Fixed player standing up when getting hit by a zombie while sitting. - Fixed zombie pushing player when biting him. - Fixed some missing translation (thanks Narnika!). - Fixed typo in survival guide. - Fixed the player's view cone being much brighter with the Short Sighted trait. - Fixed reload animations not playing when sitting. - Fixed ISCharacterInfoWindow sometimes updating after the window was closed. - Fixed makeup being applied when closing the makeup ui without clicking Apply. - Fixed zombies thumping short metal fences. - Fixed an exception when a zombie destroys an object on a chunk that was unloaded. - Fixed the foraging ui not handling Organized and Disorganized traits properly. - Fixed the Take Screenshot key not working when certain windows were displayed - Fixed lua error when a splitscreen player presses the X button driving a vehicle. - Fixed context-menu tooltips for some actions being displayed (or not) in splitscreen. - Fixed Unusable Wood appearing twice in the barbeque Add Fuel menu. - Fixed the player not turning to face a barbeque when displaying the info ui.
  13. The 'zed flip' bug is one that's really annoying us (one of several seen at 00:57') as we see it everywhere but can never seem to replicate it ourselves Any replication steps from people appreciated
  14. All Challenges will be set on Apocalypse in next patch
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