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  1. Of course you will - don't worry about that
  2. Batsphinx

    Covoid 19

    Stair Death bug was fixed quite a while ago I think?
  3. 41.50 HOTFIX II released - Fixed "Wash > Yourself" using 10 times the water it says it will. - Fixed NullPointerException in PolygonalMap2.Obstacle.connectCrawlNode(). (This happened when a burnt vehicle was close to a non-burnt vehicle) - Fixed incorrectly showing 'car crawl zed' options
  4. Should be fixed now chaps/ladies. Could you give it a whirl for us? (Also thanks for the heads up that this was on 32 bit systems, we had seen the bug but our testers hadn't made the mental connection to 32 bit)
  5. HOTFIX RELEASED! HOTFIX - Fixed zombie spawns on 32 bit systems - Boosted tailoring book spawn in residential houses (not included in previous patch) - Boosted farming book spawn, also now appears in shops and farmhouses (not included in previous patch) FRESH ANIMS -hooked up weapon variants of bumped anims -re-exported handgun bumps as weapon bone orientation was wrong
  6. We think we have the fix - will try to hotfix tomorrow
  7. Fixed in imminent patch - thanks for catching this one
  8. Fixed in imminent patch - thanks for report
  9. Latest Public Beta IWBUMS patch has been released! Barring anything urgent or required hot-fixes this will be the last update to IWBUMS for a little while. Backstage the current internal MP branch is being merged into our mainline, meaning that all devs will be working on the version containing our MP work. As such after this there won't be any big patches until MP itself is ready for a full IWBUMS beta release. Things are feeling really good with it, but there's still a lot of work to do! Please keep tabs on the Thursday blogs for updates.
  10. Thanks - I'll pass this over to the Build 41 MP team.
  11. It means that previously you'd pick up gun types in a set order when you came across them in survivor houses (I think), whereas now it's more of a roll of the dice.
  12. KNOWN ISSUE: Worms won't work in traps now due to the change :/ Sorry about that, will be broked over Xmas I'm afraid. We didn't have time to change it before the holidays.
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