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  1. No probs mate - usually we mark stuff we've seen and added to the task board with a 'Pie' emoticon but sometimes it slips through the net. We don't have legions of folks playing on split-screen co-op, so please let us know if there's any hitches with this sleep thing when we push out the build.
  2. This is already fixed in the next update, sorry for not flagging it here and thanks for the report. Next update won't be in the public beta till... end of next week though, maybe early the week after next... as we need to finish the tutorial which is the main body of the patch.
  3. Could you please give us the coordinates we can find it at on the PZ map? https://map.projectzomboid.com/
  4. Posters and mirrors has been fixed and will be patched in the next build- cheers for the pointer
  5. NEW Prevention for prone zombie heads clipping through walls and obstacles: Falling and prone zombies will now slide away from walls. Added guitar case/flight case Added a "Delete All" button next to "Loot all" button for trash can/bins, click this will permanently delete items from the container (there's a confirmation dialog before deleting them). Made many previously unmovable objects movable: benches, bunk beds, carpets, canopies, spiffo's tables, bar stools, counters etc. Added "Resume normal speed when timed actions complete" Accessibility option. (Once a timed action is done (reading book, cooking, crafting..) it'll auto-cancel fast-forward. Canceling a timed action via ESC will cancel fast forward.) Added CounterOverlays.lua which add Mash's random open cupboard doors and file-cabinet drawers. Helmet attacks change: - Before zombie attacks make your helmet fall and also you get a hit. - Now if the helmet fall, that's it, current attack won't connect, only the next one. BALANCE Ripping clothing now have a chance to gives thread (depend on tailoring skill & size of the item). Can now consolidate thread (if you have multiple used thread, right click the stack to merge them together) Lowered chance of having the toilet paper house. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nPT64U6X40) Reduced damage done to the car's engine when ramming zombies without hood. Added Machete to some missing recipes (slice food, create spear...). Increased fishing line spawn rate. CONTROLLER IMPROVEMENTS - Added loot-window context-menu commands when using a controller: 1) Turn microwave and stove on/off. 2) Show settings ui for microwave and stove. 3) Turn clothing dryer and clothing washer on/off. 4) Deleting items from trash cans. - Changed the controller shoulder buttons to both affect the currently-highlighted inventory or loot window. Previously, the left shoulder button would select the next container in the inventory window, while the right shoulder button would select the next container in the loot window. Now the left shoulder button selects the previous container in the currently-highlighted window. BAG IMPROVEMENTS (mostly under the hood) - Experiment with not creating a new inventory item when a bag is equipped to or unequipped from the hands. - Split "masking" animation state into "maskingleft" and "maskingright" to fix a bug with holding a bag and a flashlight. - Bags can now be chosen to be held in left or right hands - No longer does the jaw-stab RaiseHand animation when a bag is held in the left hand. - Fixed weapon on the back being placed as if a backpack was worn, when the backpack is carried in the hand. - Removed transitions from maskingleft and maskingright animation groups. FIXES - Fixed lack of lighting on water. - Fixed vision cone angle not updating for zombified players. - Fixed lua error updating the hotbar after a player dies. - Fixed untranslated strings in the tailoring ui and generator info ui. Added translations for makeup categories and types to MakeUp_EN.txt. - Fixed not being able to open double doors. - Fixed applying make up increasing your weight. - Fixed bandit road story appearing before 30 days in the apocalypse. - Fixed lunch box being set as "Medical" (only for loot chance). - Fixed double "red lipstick" option. - Fixed "Unpack" appearing for items outside of bags. - Fixed being able to swing while in fast forward. - Fixed alice bags in primary hand being wrong. - Fixed player standing up when getting hit by a zombie while sitting. - Fixed zombie pushing player when biting him. - Fixed some missing translation (thanks Narnika!). - Fixed typo in survival guide. - Fixed the player's view cone being much brighter with the Short Sighted trait. - Fixed reload animations not playing when sitting. - Fixed ISCharacterInfoWindow sometimes updating after the window was closed. - Fixed makeup being applied when closing the makeup ui without clicking Apply. - Fixed zombies thumping short metal fences. - Fixed an exception when a zombie destroys an object on a chunk that was unloaded. - Fixed the foraging ui not handling Organized and Disorganized traits properly. - Fixed the Take Screenshot key not working when certain windows were displayed - Fixed lua error when a splitscreen player presses the X button driving a vehicle. - Fixed context-menu tooltips for some actions being displayed (or not) in splitscreen. - Fixed Unusable Wood appearing twice in the barbeque Add Fuel menu. - Fixed the player not turning to face a barbeque when displaying the info ui.
  6. The 'zed flip' bug is one that's really annoying us (one of several seen at 00:57') as we see it everywhere but can never seem to replicate it ourselves Any replication steps from people appreciated
  7. All Challenges will be set on Apocalypse in next patch
  8. That was an @EasyPickinsspecial He should get all the thanks
  9. We''ll improve this, lengthen the time (most likely) and introduce better sandbox options - but it'll be by the time of the next patch most likely. So while those bodies will go, the bodies of the future will be able to hang around for longer
  10. Currently it's not a very refined thing - the cars themselves don't get damaged, but the siren takes some pelts. We'll be improving it in future.
  11. Can you please supply a screenshot of the large squares?
  12. Weirdly multi-coloured and distorted character models.
  13. I'll add this to the Team Tanglewood fix list tomorrow.
  14. I think in this instance some of the mods got our internal testers talking about Foraging QOL improvements etc. off the back of the mod, which then transferred to one of our coders picking up on their conversation. So there's probably an indirect link to certain fixes appearing in the main game. A lot of the stuff on there are Quality of Life improvements that we've had on our 'must do this' list for 41 for ages backstage - dropping items when moving for example just went in, and I think Team Tanglewood have a task given to dating back aeons about giving campfires an indication of how much fuel they have. So kudos to this modder dude for getting there first basically
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