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  1. nasKo

    MP Status Update

    THE BAD NEWS This week we have been playing the MP build extensively, to try and get a clearer and more solid idea how much work would be required to get it into a state we’d be comfortable releasing, and have increasingly become aware that it’s not good enough. We have been too optimistic, and for that we are extremely sorry. Advances have been made, and the quality of where it is going is clear from our many tester testimonials and gameplay sessions, but since the (vital) transitions to zombies on the client it is not even close to the quality that the game or
  2. Can you try joining again? Applying a role to your Discord account might let you re-join / participate again. https://discord.gg/theindiestone
  3. Having a verified phone number associated with your Discord account is one of the methods to reduce spam, scambots, and trolls. We're aware that this also locks a couple of people without a phone out of participating, but this is a concession we're willing to make at the moment. Sorry for the inconvenience. Have you been on the server before or were you looking to join just now?
  4. Greetings zomrades! We are always amazed at how many great maps our community is making, and Eerie Country is one of the very best. Some maps go for huge size and others for high levels of detail, but Eerie Country sits in the perfect sweet spot between both. With an appropriately eerie feeling pervading each and every area, Eerie Country has a much more apocalyptic feel than our base map, but also a wonderful variety of places not found in our Knox County like oil derricks, an airport, military watchtowers, bus stations, greenhouses, and detailed farms. Some areas ma
  5. nasKo

    Last Boy Zcout

    Hey all, here we all are again. Here’s your latest zombie news. Beginning with the latest from the MP Strike Force who are working on the implementation of multiplayer for the ongoing Build 41 public beta. After a more highly populated test last night, last week’s quiet optimism for the client zombies work remains – but there’s certainly many/varied subsidiary issues that have been dislodged during their implementation and need sorting out. In terms of gameplay blockers there are some car issues that need addressing (meaning last night’s test had to be vehicle-less),
  6. nasKo


    What I meant by practical was not in game-terms but how feasible it is in real life. It's largely only a hollywood kind of thing from what I've seen.
  7. I think by and large the common place-to-go for games has generally moved away from the "classic" forums and more onto platforms like Discord and maybe Reddit.
  8. nasKo


    Nah. Where were you seeing this? As for the merit of it, while it would probably look hollywood-cool, I doubt it's a practical use of firearms. I don't know much about guns, though.
  9. nasKo


    Hello everyone! A bit of a featureless Thursdoid this week, Noiseworks have been knee deep in the music system overhaul the past week, and we’ve nothing to show in a video, so we’re afraid this will be a multiplayer-centric blog this week. However we have some encouraging news from the latest Wednesday test. The phrase of the day is ‘careful, measured optimism’. Please note that there’s still a laundry list of ‘stuff to do’ before we’d be comfortable putting it out there, however it feels like the last big thing, the client zombies that we’ve been talking about over the past while
  10. Judging from the screenshot I assume you're on the wrong version of the game, since there are a couple things missing. Right click PZ in your library and select Properties. Then navigate to the betas tab. Select either "iwillbackupmysave" or "build 41" from the dropdown, it doesn't matter which of those two. Then let Steam update. Please make future posts in english, even if through the use of a translator. https://i.imgur.com/vEZ34gz.mp4
  11. nasKo

    41 multyplayer

    We don't give out release dates. We'll release it when it's ready and right now it's simply not.
  12. nasKo


    Happy Thursday all. Things are ticking on okay over here, hope things are well with you. MP STRIKE FORCE For those out of the loop, the last few weeks of dev-time on the Build 41 internal test build has been centred around moving control over nearby zed placement from the server over to the client. As you’ve seen in previous dev blogs the previous system was allowing 32 players to run around and have fun smoothly, but instances of zombie teleportation were still present – along with their game-ending and game-breaking bites. As such the transplant was made, and
  13. What are you talking about. We blog every Thursday. This is just a monthly Mod Spotlight.
  14. Thank you for your interest! We're not adding people at this time and we might not need any new ones before public testing. We'll keep it in mind
  15. The Zomboid mod scene is currently in full bloom, and so is our Mod Spotlight thanks to our writer friend @Pat_Bren_Writer! This month, Patrick has chosen to take a look at the numerous and diverse mods of Planetalgol. The Many Mods of Planetalgol Spend any time looking in the PZ Steam workshop and you’ll almost immediately come across the work of Planetalgol, who has an incredible 119 (!) mods listed at the time of writing. Activate several of his mods at random and you’ll find yourself firing your flare gun at sprinting zombies, flinging smoke grenades y
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