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  1. nasKo

    Techno Babbloid

    Hey all, welcome to this week’s Thursdoid! MP NEWS Our weekly Wednesday test went a teeny bit worse than last week, which was a little disheartening at first – however don’t fear too much, as it transpired this was mainly down to the last of the new features required for the MP release going in this week that were still a little untested and broken, and not down to any new issues with the net code. The initial version of the stealth system that will allow players who are hidden in dark corners or behind fences to have a chance to remain hidden to other players went in, and
  2. nasKo

    Penisham Cancelled

    Okay so we’ll be doing the April Fools at the end of the blog, and it’s the bit where we say that the Community Penisham Festival is cancelled this year due to Covid. Penisham is NOT cancelled. It remains very dear to us. So anyway – Friday was probably the biggest day so far in Build 41 MP development as it was a stress test with a full 32 player server. And, huzzah, it passed the test. Our focus for the past few weeks has been server stability, and 32 players reported a smooth experience (for some the smoothest so far) with only two lag-waves. These edge case serve
  3. nasKo


    Evening all, small-ish Wednesday night MP test last night, with a max population of 17 people – and it went pretty well. This week the Multiplayer Strike Force have been concentrating primarily on server stability, profiling and improving our fake clients – giving us ever more handy data that can tell us where crashes and snarl-ups occur, and why. This has already borne fruit today by revealing the cause of a server hang that threw all our players into the void at the end of the test session – and which Yuri has now fixed. Tomorrow we intend to populate the build with th
  4. nasKo

    Ohio Orio

    A significantly smoother Wednesday Night Test internal session last night on the 41 MP build: still with its issues and bugs to improve/fix but a clear sign that concentrating on server stability for the past week or so was the right thing for us to be doing. We had a good session with 20-ish players: vastly diminished map load cones, zero black boxing and an overall much smoother experience. Next plans are to keep server testing with more and more fake clients rather than real ones (32 next, 64 later) in various normal gameplay and edge case scenarios like spawned hordes or m
  5. nasKo

    EmergenZy Stop

    A bit of a three steps forward, two steps back week on the MP front. After a largely successful 20-tester Wednesday Night session last week, and a moderately successful smaller/unplanned affair on Friday Night – last night was fairly disrupted. Some of the testing apparatus caused memory issues on clients and crashes, freshly discovered server instabilities created lag and map-load cones, and this spilled out into being a generally less fun experience for all participants. This also meant that we couldn’t really get a decent grasp on whether the improvements we’d adde
  6. You don't select anything from the betas, because Build 40 is the current stable branch.
  7. nasKo

    Rusty Rifle

    Evening all, here’s a quick rundown on a lot of the things we’ve been up to in the past week. As mentioned last time round there’s been a degree of getting the Noiseworks team onboard so they can get their teeth into the PZ soundscape – but clearly getting MP fixed, improved, done and out is our current main priority. The stage we’re at is that increasingly a server of 20 people is stable and fun, but peppered with some moments in which it very much is not. Yuri has been strapping various recording instruments to the server to learn more about what’s causing the ser
  8. nasKo

    Noise Works

    Let’s start off this week with something exciting that’s not piped straight out of Build 41 MP testing. Long-time readers of this dev blog might recall that our writer / creative director / dogsbody Will wrote for renowned horror sci-fi game Alien: Isolation a few years ago. Alien Isolation is widely seen as a cult classic for a variety of reasons, but its BAFTA award winning sound design is one of the most compelling. The noise of the creature in the vents, Amanda’s trainers treading and squeaking on the floors of Sevastopol, the way you’d strain to hear wher
  9. We switched from weekly reposts to monthly roundup blogs specifically for Steam in Feb 2019 and around June that year decided to just update the latest post for a while instead, until B41 arrives on the public beta. After that, we only posted the "IWBUMS released" news. There's many ways to browse news and many people use the Activity tab on Steam. People who have the game on their follow list also get a desktop notification when news were posted.
  10. We used to, and the feedback we received from doing so led to us not doing so anymore. We will keep it limited to maybe monthly reports like last time, along with patchnotes pushed.
  11. nasKo


    It’s been an up and down week in terms of MP development for Build 41. Last week’s moderately successful Wednesday Night Internal Test Session (W.N.I.T.S.) was followed by another on Friday (F.N.I.T.S) – which was… not moderately successful. People had fun, but issues (now fixed) with Turbo’s new more compressed savegames made life difficult. Meanwhile, several of Andrei’s additions to the code have now had to be taken back into the garage for further work and testing – as we were seeing far more desync and zed teleports than we have had in previous test sessions. The g
  12. nasKo

    41 multyplayer

    Hey! It's still worked on. We're currently in closed testing, so should be too long. Quoting from our latest blog:
  13. Pressing ESC cancels the action, including Reading
  14. Hello! Here’s your weekly update on the internal testing of the Build 41 MP build. This week we decided that the build was stable enough with our usual group of testers, and wanted to push things a little further – knowing that this would likely shake a variety of new issues and bugs out into the open. As such rather than the usual 10-15 players, last night the Wednesday Night Internal Test Session (WNITS) we had around 25-30 in peak times. The results were encouraging, in that folks generally had a fun time, but also (as was foretold) a variety of new and annoying issues to fix
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