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  1. nasKo

    On the Test Trail

    Okay, so TLDR after the last night’s Wednesday Night Test Session on the Build 41 MP beta is that the new MP is increasingly LOTS of fun, but there is still LOTS for us to do. For those interested in the nitty-gritty, here’s the changelist for the week of dev-time that was being tested. For those who would rather just see a few quick vids and screenshots of the developers, PZ server admins and modders we assembled to have a play of the current Build 41 MP, here’s some of the very same: And, an example of one of
  2. nasKo

    Translation support

    They've been put in for the next build already. Sorry for forgetting to reply to your DM.
  3. Those are just the base values that you start with. An unemployed character starts with what would be considered average strength and fitness. Kind of like you start with average weight without modifying traits.
  4. nasKo

    Down Under

    ‘Allo peeps. So! Quick run-down on where we’re at. IWBUMS Public beta version 41.50 was released on Monday, and received a hotfix today. This included new items, better silhouette visualisations for overflow zombies in large hordes, some balance changes, some QoL functions for mouse double-click in your inventory and… Spiffo’s Secret Special Sauce II which can be seen below. We’ve got another minor hotfix cooking for tomorrow, but barring anything urgent or more required hot-fixes this will be the last update to IWBUMS for a little while.
  5. GOG Updated with Hotfix
  6. Sometimes saying nothing at all is the way not to make a fool of yourself. Not sure why you thought spouting that nonsense was a good idea, especially after having literally no context for their ban at all. Your post serves no purpose rather than trying to incite drama for some reason. That's not welcome.
  7. Leaving doesn't apply a ban. Checking users, it says you're on the server just fine as RobloxMaster889ProGamer69. Is this outdated?
  8. nasKo

    Mascot Mayhem

    Not being able to do combat when next to fences
  9. nasKo

    Mascot Mayhem

    Hey all, the team’s just getting up some steam after Christmas, while our Russian MP Strike Force are having their own Russian Christmas at the moment. As such, you’ll get a more fully fledged development blog (and hopefully some internal MP test session vids) next week. In the meantime the rest of the team are working on IWBUMS public beta patch 41.50, which we intend to release at the start of next week. This will (very, very likely) be the last IWBUMS public beta build before all the non-MP developers move fully into a merged MP codebase. As such there will be a
  10. Couple years, give or take. Not really interested in having you back in all honesty. You're aware of the rules. Other people who were let back in were also more apologetic instead of going "what the fuck", in addition to being more pleasant to have around on a base level.
  11. Done. Or do you want it specifically all lower case?
  12. You have to update your GPU drivers. https://www.amd.com/en/support https://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/80939/Graphics
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