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  1. Men with Ven

    Hey all, here’s a quick run-down on where we’re at with Build 40 and beyond. BUILD 41+ With the final touches being made to build 40, we’re now at the point of making a decision on what to do for the next build. The issue with huge features like our new animation and clothing system, and everything that comes with it, living on another code branch is you tend to have to play catch-up a lot. The developers on the base game add or fix things on the non-animation branch, those changes need merging in – and due to the vast differences in the underlying code due to the animations this tends to add in extra work for the four guys over at TEA working on the new systems. There comes a point you’ve just got to go all in and commit, or you’ll be playing catch-up forever. So (even though we have a few non-anim things ready to roll for Build 41 – like improved MP admin and gamepad functionality) as soon as build 40 is live and patched, we will be making the leap and merging in both the work we originally did, and all the extra animation tech that’s been worked on by TEA into the main development branch This will mean that every developer at Indie Stone, including the chaps at TEA and at General Arcade, will all be working directly on the same version, and the focus of the entire team will be shifted onto making sure the entire game functions with the new animation system. There is still a lot to do, there’s a lot of game there and things like cars and multiplayer will need some work to get functional, but this move will commit us and the next non-hotfix and non-patch build after 40 goes live will be the animations build. It also means that blog updates about it all (once the dust has settled from the big switch-over) will hopefully become a bit clearer and less dry and technical. As well as, say, this week’s news that ‘Zac has made improvements to the BlendField renderer to help visualise how the anims blend together’ we can increasingly show how the PZ gameplay we all know and love/hate is coming together with the new visuals etc. Which will hopefully prove less frustrating. Before this happens, though, TEA need to bed down a few things and prepare some documentation –and we need to get Build 40 out of the door and patched. So…. PUBLIC IWBUMS BETA 40.17 RELEASED We just released version 40.17 to the IWBUMS beta, patchnotes for which are available here. We’re pretty much done with Build 40 at this point, but do need to smuggle in some more temperature balance and seasonal SFX. We’re going to do a new internal test build for 40.18 tomorrow with some required fixes for admin commands and the chatbox, with the intention of then releasing it to IWBUMS early next week so we can have one final Community Megatest to shake out any remaining cobwebs. There will, as always, be free PZ codes for people who help out – and due to the additions to the game mentioned below it should be a lot of fun. Please keep an eye on the forums for details. Turbo has added climate and weather MP admin panels that should make for some really interesting roleplay and gameplay opportunities on PZ servers. Storms, snow and fog can be triggered at will to cover the entirety of the map – as well as overall climate values can be now be ticked to override what the game has conjured itself depending on what time of year it is. Server admins can also play around with how night appears, whether the game appears in monochrome etc We’re hoping that it’ll be a lot of fun. Rain and snow now look like they hit the ground, which makes for a huge visual improvement. Rain then disappears, and snow fades out. Likewise, Turbo has also fixed how precipitation wasn’t clearly visible when zoomed in. There’s also a bunch of fixes including: issues with various in-game tiles, gun sounds not being heard far enough away in multiplayer, two bugs that spawned a random zombie in a barricaded bathroom and the ability to learning from the TV and radio when asleep. Full list here! This week’s van diagram from La_Chaise™. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too.
  2. Soda Scream

    Thursday, Thursday one and all. We’re currently knuckling down on the Build 40 IWBUMS beta – as it’s pretty much feature complete at this stage, and are currently sweeping up as many issues as we can to package with the public release. To this end, we’ve just released IWBUMS beta version 40.16. In amongst the longer changelistof bug fixes and polish this version contains the following. Reflective windows on vehicles. Player temperature rework including better time control and overall system improvements, and clothing insulation values. This also includes a moodle to show, in extreme cases, wind speed and wind chill factor. Added ability to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit Improved weather effects to show snow, rain and clouds being better reflected by windspeed. This is also alongside improved blizzard and storm effects, and more ‘vertical’ appearing rain so it appears less snow-like. Bug fixes including passengers no longer falling out of moving cars during short disconnects, the issue with not being able to refill propane torches, Q not attracting zeds, zeds appearing black on reloading, snow covering up fire tiles and upgraded door frames blocking player movement. It works on Macs again now. If you are one of our testers then please be aware of two issues while you’re playing. This version might come packaged with an issue on some graphics cards due to a shader issue. We have a Radeon 390 on our internal testers, and it’s playing up a bit. Please let us know if you have any problems, so we know how widespread an issue it is. If you are impacted, then please try turning off the Steam Overlay and see if it helps. EP has also fixed an OLD bug that had zombies being immune to attacks while staggering backwards. This might create other bugs though, so please let us know if anything weird happens around smacking zeds around with melee weapons We’ve compiled some guidance as to how the new chat functions work, and you can find them here on the forum. Hopefully there’s not too much wrong with it, as that would make a Russian man cry. That said, some functions might not be 100% yet, and likewise chat history will come in the next version. Still to do on Build 40 are tasks like adding admin control to the new weather and climate system – which we will then use in a Community IWBUMS Megatest to flush out remaining bugs and issues. We think the ability to accompany bans from servers with the sound of thunder might be quite fun, alongside the added RP value that a godlike control of the elements will bring. We also have a soundbank of seasonal effects that Turbo would still like to add in, if he has time before release. Elsewhere we have plans for upcoming features in future builds crystallizing now (the power network, car upgrades, some thoughts on the farming revamp etc), and clearly have the guys at TEA working on the animation system too. After we put out our guidance on how to get new vehicle mods into the game alongside the official vehicles then it’s been really gratifying to see them starting to appear in the Workshop. Please check out Filibuster Rhymes’ Used Cars, for example. Hopefully one car set of many to appear in the future. This week’s soft drink capitalism from Slurp Burp. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too. And finally, vaileasys and the wiki have gotta know, where’s your favourite location in Project Zomboid?
  3. The Return of the Penisham

    Week concluded. Give your hams a good rest. Until next year!
  4. Issues loading game

    Whew, glad that fixed it Enjoy!
  5. Is Rosewood and riverside real places?

    It's funny that people still call it Knox County, because I think we haven't called it that for years. Knox County was basically the map from our tech alpha back in the day. The real Knox County is somewhere entirely different, which is also partly why we dropped the name when we moved to the new map. The additions of Rosewood and Riverside were not based on the real life location of Muldraugh and its surroundings.
  6. Beeverdoid

    I'm no gun nut but how much fucken metal do you intend to slap on your vehicle to stop a 7.62mm round? There are videos of it going through an inch of a steel plate with no hassle. To reach actual protection from bullets just by slapping metal on it, that's quite some weight you'd be putting onto an area of the vehicle. Overall good input though, and we'll certainly have to think about how to balance the damage reduction/prevention that any of the armor options will provide, but I have my doubts there will be much in the sense of protection against bullets, which makes all of this mainly a protection from zombies, not guns. Additional stuff like basically driving in a kevlar and steel tank could and maybe should be left to mods.
  7. Issues loading game

    Pixel format not accelerated means the GPU doesn't support the required OpenGL version. You will need to find updated drivers for your video card, hoping that the latest version supports it. Don't trust Windows to find the latest driver for you. AMD Catalyst drivers for that card range should be at 15.7.1. Unfortunately, that's quite an old GPU (about 7 years I think?) so if the latest driver doesn't fix it, only a GPU upgrade would fix the issue.
  8. How much is 10,000 meters?

    If the 10k is tiles, this would be an approximate showcase of the range in comparison to other distances:
  9. Beeverdoid

    Hey all, Thursday greetings. IWBUMS BETA 40.14 RELEASED We’ve just released IWBUMS beta 40.14, which is another release that’s primarily fix and polish – our current aim for the devs working on this build being to make lots of quality of life corrections and adjustments while Turbo finishes his weather/climate work and the version can get a full public release. You can see the patch notes here. To this end this version fixes missing raindrops, absent MP storms and other climate errors – while EP has also figured out the annoying sound volume and delayed sound issues, which should now be eradicated. The telepathic ‘terminator’ zeds trailing after players in MP that several of our IWBUMS testers have reported have also been stripped of their powers. EP has also made improvements to alleviate longstanding woes with zombies appearing in your vision cone all-too-late in large buildings like the Mall, and Yuri has made fuel caps more accessible through his vehicle anti-clipping force-field. EP has also been through all the various vehicle features and made them operate as you’d expect when the car battery is dead or uninstalled, also having them still operational until the car is powered down when the battery is removed and the engine is going. Another minor, but irritating and ancient, bug he’s figured out is the frozen food that’s been spawning in freezers long after the final power outage. Please be aware that SpiffoSpace remains open for IWBUMS testing. This server, based in France, has no password and can be found by anyone running the beta (access details here). Once we’ve added in some admin power over weather (admin-triggered storm/snow/fog etc) we will be coordinating a Community Megatest on here. IWBUMS NEXT Due for internal testing over the weekend and early next week, Turbo has redone the way the IWBUMS beta currently has changes in temperature, and resistance to hot and cold, impact on the player. Although it works okay-ish currently, the edges were too rough – and deaths were often broken/cheap. His revamped system focuses on how resistance to the elements is calculated – and the way it takes hunger, thirst, worn clothing, wetness and exercise all into account should be a marked improvement. The temperature ‘safe zone’ range will be wider too, and the system takes ‘real time’ minutes into account rather than ‘game time’ – so fast forward peril is decreased, alongside being dead by dawn next to the embers of a camp fire. The next version will also improve weather visuals to better distinguish rain from snow, and add in temperature conversions – so our Kentucky setting gets its proper and correct Fahrenheit readings, rather than horrid old European centigrade. MUSIC MAN ZACH While the four guys over at T.E.A. continue to work on our new animations system, we thought it might be worthwhile mentioning the fifth horseman of that build: our music composer Zach Beever. Since animations are such a fundamental evolution of the game, we want a whole bunch of new music to bring players along emotionally with the new visuals. Zach’s been working with us for months now, preparing a whole host of new tracks, many including familiar themes and motifs from old favourites. Rather than drip them in one by one, and to give him time to work on them as a collective whole, we felt their impact would be far greater if they all went in together. To this end, behind the scenes, Zach has now completed 19 new music tracks, with more to come – and a part of one of the latest can be heard below. For thoughts on his direction and inspiration for the music, we thought we’d ask the man himself. “When I began work on the soundtrack some years ago, part of the overall vision was to incorporate instruments that were totally removed from the Kentucky setting. The thinking was to mirror the massive shift in the world—that whole zombie thing—with an equally big change in the (expected) music. What could have possibly been played by the banjo and fiddle, for example, went to the tar and duduk.” “Recently, though, the team brought up a player’s suggestion to reexamine this and tie in aspects of the local music. This took some thought and a good bit of experimentation, as I didn’t want to upset the identity we had created for Zomboid.” “The result is a new set of tracks that, I believe, expand on the old ones faithfully—the mood is still there, but now we’ve got American-style sounds mixing with the more middle-eastern sounding ones. When everything’s heard together, I hope the occasional appearance of these instruments (and their distinct playing styles) hints at the past world.” VEHICLE ENHANCEMENTS Behind the scenes there’s currently a lot of conversation about revamps of existing systems (farming, last week’s thoughts on polishing the power outage etc) but something else we’re discussing are ‘survival-style’ skill and recipe-based enhancements to vehicles. To which end, we thought we’d float this image of our potential direction with this in front of the community – to gauge opinion and gather some feedback. Please note that this is NOT a final representation – it requires a full art pass, not to mention a lot of coding work that will likely come from General Arcade’s Yuri for a future build. It does, however, show how a modular model system could work – and we’d like your thoughts on it. PENISHAM FESTIVAL It’s currently the Annual Penisham Celebration on our forums. Feel free to join in, but be aware that Penisham will only be available for another five days. This week’s patriotism from GodImtrash . A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too. And did you ever wonder how the Knox Event played out in the UK, well wonder no more…
  10. Admin powers

    That's working as intended *only* if you are currently not opted into any of the test branches. The build that's currently in public testing allows admins to disable individual powers via the Admin Panel UI. We're hopeful that's going to come in handy for admins and most definitely sounds exactly like what you're asking for. If you're running the game from Steam, you can opt into the IWBUMS beta by right clicking PZ in your library, selecting Properties and then navigating to the betas tab. You can then select the iwillbackupmysavegame branch from the dropdown list.
  11. After a public outcry popular demand, a super successful petition from the community, and last years reappearance, the Penisham that was once taken from the community is to return for this week. Two times makes a tradition, so rejoice as Week of the Penisham commences! Disclaimer: Overuse of the Penisham can lead to blindness.
  12. Powerdoid

    Hey all. IWBUMS-centric Thursdoid this week due to the release last week, but elsewhere Mark and the guys at TEA continue their work for future PZ versions. With that in mind, then… SPIFFOSPACE RETURNS What with the release of Build 40 onto the wider IWBUMS beta last week, this Thursday we reopening the TIS-curated Spiffospace server for general testing and Community Megatest events. This server, based in France, has no password and can be found by anyone running the beta (access details here). For server-related feedback and to keep tabs on what’s happening please use this thread. We especially need feedback on the new chatbox and chat functionalities, any player-side oddness you notice while our admins play around with their new spawn systems and fixed-up safehouses, and (most importantly) feedback on any operational differences from the stable Build 39 version if you’re logging in from a distance. IWBUMS BETA 40.11 We’ve been seeing some great feedback from people who’ve tried out our storms, snow and fog – and have now just released IWBUMS beta version 40.11. This is primarily a tidy-up version that updates our FMOD sound engine and also removes some installation clutter in readiness for the new build system that Bitbaboon Steve has been making for us behind the scenes. This version also contains EP’s rewritten C++ version of ZombiePopulationManager system. This governs the placement and movement of zombies when they’re not on-screen, and should be an optimization for SP and MP – hopefully helping out lower spec machines and busy servers. Elsewhere this version should fix up some MP connection issues players have reported, polished the repositioned main menu and tackled a few problems related to the new driving traits. IWBUMS NEXT As seen above, it’s something of a rudimentary ‘background stuff’ IWBUMS that’s away from direct view – but we already have a few cool things in the can for implementation next week. First off Yuri’s reflective car windows are going into the test build tomorrow, while Turbo is also reworking the player temperature functions that have come in with the weather build to make it more appropriate and take into account player exertion/activity, nearby sources of heat like campfires and the more general health implications of hot/cold. There are also some bugs caused by different day lengths that once addressed could fix up some of the strange temperatures being reported at different times of day. POWER PLAY Another feature that should make it into the next IWBUMS build, or at least an early version of it, is a new approach to how the PZ map’s electricity supply is managed. The PZ bug repository has plenty of entries that deal with fridges, freezers and generators – often caused by the fact that it’s all coded around the game checking to see if the power has been turned off globally whenever food is looked at and the game updates. There is no global ‘power network’ beyond the on/off toggle that occurs when your game decides to cut the electrics – and the electricity shutdown has always been something that’s needed some polish in-game. EP, then, is currently improving this and making it so that the power falters more realistically – letting power be on/off in different towns instead of everywhere at once, and having the game log all power on/off events (both map-wide, and with individual generators) so we can finally eliminate some of the weirdness that surrounds food rotting and/or staying fresh when it’s slipped the net via a generator running out of gas, or a fridge that’s been hooked to a generator after the electric shut-down without being opened. The bigger picture of this, however, is more interesting. By marking out different ‘Power Zones’ in the WorldEd mapping tool then we (and modders, and server admins) can cut the power to different areas of the map – and of course restore it. It opens the door to making the power shutdown ‘event’ more organic (and initially explicable) through short-term and localised blackouts, and also have different areas and blocks within the same town or city lose/regain power while the power network fails. While we put this into the game, we will also consider stuff like lights flickering and suitable sound effects to better explain exactly what’s going on to new players. This week’s mannequin zed from Krust. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too.
  13. Build 40 IWBUMS

    Hey all, we have just moved Build 40 into the wider IWBUMS public beta – which contains Turbo’s weather and climate system (proper seasons, new shaders, fog, mist, storms that move over the map etc), vehicle improvements and an awful lot of gameplay tweaks, balance and bug fixes. A brief ‘highlights’ changelist can be found below, while the full changelist can be found here. Please leave feedback in the thread, and bug reports here. Details on how to join the public IWBUMS beta can be found here. Some quick housekeeping notes on this build: There *might* be an annoyance with players still getting wet and feeling temperature effects in vehicles, though this will be patched pretty soon if so. Likewise, – the general impact of temperature on players will be balanced over the course of the IWBUMS beta. This version has various aspects of car integration converted into Lua so that modding full cars, not just changing skins, is now a lot more viable for modders. Yuri has written detailed guidelines which RingoD has posted up here, and we’ve also included a new script to help you convert textures into PZ’s required form. A lot of engine work and general vehicle improvements have carried on into this build, but still require substantial testing on servers – not to mention a lot of improvements and fixes we’ve been making to MP Admin in general. Feedback on MP, and especially people connecting to distant servers, would be much appreciated. We will be bringing our own public SpiffoSpace IWBUMS test servers online next week. 40.9 CHANGELIST HIGHLIGHTS (For full changelist, and to provide feedback, please visit this thread on the forums. There are many, many other fixes and balance improvements.) Full weather and climate simulation system recreating true-to-life weather patterns through 365 days of the year. Morning fog, thunderstorms created by virtual weather fronts that move over the map, improved rainfall visuals, visible snowfall and improved rendering to better evoke the time of year, and the time of day. New SFX. New player character temperature system. New MP Chatbox. Primary features include separate chat streams (safehouse, local, global, etc), customizable chat and more intuitive usage and commands. It’s hopefully a lot more convenient now. New ‘A Storm is Coming’ and ‘The Mist Descends’ scenarios New system to convert objects placed by mappers so they can be used as functional game objects. This covers items like barricades, campfires, rain barrels, traps, composters, crops etc. Winter is Coming game mode now works with new climate system. Seasons still impact on this mode – ‘Summer’ highest temperature is 0 degrees centigrade, and winters may drop to -30. After 3 full days a powerful weather period is generated, that will always feature a blizzard. New MP Admin UI additions including an Items list viewer in the admin panel that can be used to quickly search through, and spawn, items. Also includes the functionality to change in-game settings on the server that don’t require a restart, and clear ways to change admin powers within the UI so hosts can remain admins and play along without advantages. Improved car handling. New driving traits. New car-battery charger item that’s placed on the ground and interacted with using a context menu. Drunk moodle now has an impact on driver steering input. Players can now be harmed when hit by a car. Car wrecks can now be dismantled with propane torch and a welding mask. Gathered metal material will depend on your metalwork skill. Many UI changes to handle different font sizes. Added context-menu font-size option. Re-exported the map to improve zombie density in some farmland and rural areas. Changed First Week and One Week Later and adjusted settings to make sure that new players aren’t given too easy a ride. Removed Initial Infection. Added Display option to disable the new roof-hiding feature for low-spec users. Updated menu screen with vertical rather than horizontal options – due to problems with taskbar in latest Windows Updates. Added chevrons on character screen next to the weight to indicate if weight is increasing or decreasing. New isoRegions system to detect an enclosed area – player-made or dev-created – to keep weather effects on the outside. New functionalities for the PZ sound system. Formerly modders couldn’t override sounds in PZ FMOD soundbanks, so when players find certain sounds are too loud or annoying (heartbeat, zombie alert, flies, level up noise etc) it was hard to raise/lower them independently. Details about all the game sounds now go into media/scripts/sounds.txt. A new in-game UI allows users change the volume of any sound they feel is too oppressive. Again, fuller examination of what’s in the changelist in terms of balance and fixes in this thread on the forums.
  14. Zombies in Bloom

    We’ve just updated the public weather build beta to version 40.7, which will probably be the last one before we widen it out to the more heavily subscribed IWBUMS public beta channel. (Steam beta password is ‘weathertestbranch’ for those wanting to check it out.) Primary new features in this include: Turbo has hooked the Winter is Coming game mode to the new climate system. After three full days of preparation time a powerful weather period is generated, that will always feature a blizzard. The mode will still follow seasons, of a sort, with the mode’s ‘Summer’ having a high temperature of 0 degrees centigrade, and the ‘Winter’ dropping to -30. A time-lapse of the initial Blizzard in Winter is Coming can be seen below. Before the public release of this build we will likely also add in an Endless Night and Mega Stormy scenarios too (names placeholder!), and likewise experiment with zombies being attracted to the rumble of thunder. Placeholder moodles have been added to show the ‘heating up’ and ‘cooling down’ of player temperature, but this will likely change to being shown on the player health screen. We don’t want this aspect of the game to become too distracting and micro-managey, and don’t feel that an over-population of the moodles is entirely the way to go. [In the meantime, however, they are quite useful for tracking impact of the WIP system. This build hopefully nerfs some of the more extreme impacts of temperature too.] RJ has coded a new MP Admin UI to help server owners quickly search through, and spawn, items. It looks a bit like this. Stas has continued to update his new chat system – and this version has a bunch of bugs fixed that have arisen in testing, alongside a much neater fade-in and fade-out for the input field. New car stuff: When dismantling a car wreck metal items are now spawned on the ground instead of player’s inventory. The player can also now sleep in a car that has its engine running, and Turbo has also played around with the visibility cone when driving through more intense weather effects. General Arcade’s Yuri has also exposed various elements of the vehicle code to modders, essentially rewriting stuff like LoadVehicleModel and vehicle spawn governance, in lua. This will aid modders who want to add in new/individual cars to operate alongside the existing ones of the vanilla game. He has also written a guide for this, which will go onto the forum in the coming week. The full changelist for 40.7, which also contains a lot of handy fixes and tweaks, can be found here. If you missed the full current changelist for the version 40 weather beta last week then that can also be found here. [As mentioned in the last blog this build also contains a system that converts items placed by mappers into in-game objects, the rethought soundbank system, an improved car battery charge system, in-game sandbox options for MP admins more readable fonts and players damaged by vehicles in MP.] Elsewhere we had a productive anims meeting with Bitbaboon Mark and the team at TEA this week, with work like a tidy-up of the state system, improved documentation of current player functions, a motion extraction build for Martin the Animator to play around with and an investigation into depth buffer usage to help with model issues all now being worked on over in their HQ. (None of it sexy stuff, but all of it necessary and in good hands.) Meanwhile RingoD is now helping out Mash when it comes to Louisville, and in particular the suburbs, creating house variants on what we already have in-game so that when the larger urban area finally arrives (as we’ve said before, this is a huge project so will be several public builds away at least) the expanded number of buildings won’t feel cookie-cutter. This week’s roof garden from Eddie. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too.