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    Migration vs Craft

    Hello survivors! Today marks the beginning of one of the most significant and important periods in the modern world’s social and religious calendar: the Steam Summer Sale! Because of this, all you existing survivors will no doubt get a little swamped with all the fresh meat turning up for the PZ grinder. The Zomboid community has always been amazing in terms of supporting new players, and this time won’t be any different, but our tech and support teams will be working flat-out – most likely. As such we just thought we’d say that (entirely fictitious and non-existent) bonus Spiffo points will be available for those who jump into threads to give advice or survival tips to survivors fresh to the Knox Event. Likewise if you are one of the aforementioned noobs: hello! This is a dev blog we do every two weeks. PATCH 41.72 We are still working on the next update to Build 41, which we are hoping to release to an Unstable beta as soon as we possibly can. The hold-up (we were originally planning to put this out two weeks ago) is due to us wanting to smoothen out MP issues that arise when driving alongside (or in the same car as) players with a far higher or lower ping than yourself. It becomes very stop-start, and quite unplayable. These are essentially the edge-case ramifications of the necessary decision we made to remove physics-calculations from the server, but there are a lot of people playing PZ these days so edge-cases aren’t an inconsiderable number of players. The MP team have put a LOT of work into improving this over the past two weeks, and as soon as we’ve had a successful internal test with their latest changes we will feel in a position to punt the build out into unstable. A top line of major changes in 41.72 includes: fellow players optionally visible on the in-game map, new loot maps, new SFX and a new music track, polished emotes and a new way for players to be able to identify exactly which mods are misbehaving when they throw errors. Also an admin brush tool letting server chiefs paint items and walls etc. onto an ongoing game, and reams of small issue bug fixes. Additions that have gone in over the last two weeks also include: A huge amount of polish to the game’s food and recipes from BlairAlgol: filling in illogical gaps, expanding recipes, making foodstuffs previously absent from food crafting part of the system and making sure that you can no longer store a football in a toaster. Also a fair amount of food-related balance and common sense additions. An improvement beneath the hood to foraging – meaning that the game will be able to recognise polygonal foraging zones on the map, rather than the more inaccurate squares and rectangles it currently works from. The map team are also currently gearing up to do a final export of the current Build 41 map ready for the 41.72 unstable release. This will contain all the polish recently mixed into the main map, after which the team will turn to concentrate purely on mapping new areas beyond the current boundaries. There’s nothing huge in this map update, we are primarily releasing it so that all the map bugs the community have been reporting are fixed up before the team moves onto Build 42 content, but there are a few treats: Improved farms and farmsteads in readiness for 42’s animals, these include scarecrows that can be dressed up in the same way as shop mannequins. Improved rich district houses in Louisville Various new tiles like baby cribs, heavy factory machinery, standing floor lamps, farm related tiles, atm machines, heavy safes, medical related tiles, and new car wash tiles. [And no, baby cribs are not a harbinger of baby zeds] We are now at a point at which it’s increasingly becoming a pain keeping 41 and 42 content separate on our internal build. We won’t be calling time on 41 patches any time super-soon, we’ll leave it polished and stable, but we’re certainly now well on the way the flipping the switch and working purely on Build 42 content. (Clearly we will still be able to return to implement super-important fixes and changes though) 42 CONTENT We haven’t spotlit much from Build 42 recently – partly because one of its primary coders had been seriously ill (now recovered), and partly because a lot of what’s been done recently isn’t super visual yet. However, if you’ll forgive the primarily textual blog, here’s a few updates on what’s been happening. First from our newly-healthy Turbo, who is responsible for our crafting update. CRAFTING IMPROVEMENTS “Hello! This is Turbo! As mentioned in earlier blogs, the new craft update introduces a good bunch of new professions, new items, crafting tree and profession work stations etc as well as some other changes to how the game code ‘creates’ and records things.” “To explain what I’m currently working on and why, I’ll focus on a few aspects of the update:” A) Crafted items that have more RPG-like variable attributes that are based on the crafter’s skill. B) Stats of input items that may also influence the attributes of a final output item. C) The fact that a newly crafted item will be able to be placed as what we call a worldobject, then picked up again to item form – with all its attributes transferred in the game code between the two.” “As an example, we are currently working on crafting that will occur deep into the apocalypse: so a blacksmith may be making a hammer which requires a wooden tool handle and a hammerhead as the input. The wooden tool handle may have a ‘quality’ and ‘condition’ attribute with values that are based on the skill of carpenter who made it, and perhaps for the ‘quality’ of the wood used by them. Likewise, the hammerhead may have similar attributes – based on the skills of the blacksmith who made it, and the attributes of the ore/iron used in the craft.” “Mixed into this we also have to take into account aspects such as the skill levels of the crafter – and also take in a random factor so that not everything produced is of a uniform quality.” “The attribute system I’m currently working on should help with these kind of things, and it will not only be used for the new stuff in 42’s crafting update – but we will also be able to refactor things currently in the game’s existing crafting systems to work with it all really easily.” “Lastly, a simple use case example. (And this is an example – not a promise of item inclusion!)” Consider a shotgun item that can be crafted with attributes like damage, range and condition – based on the skills of the player who has been upgrading, improving and caring for it. The shotgun is then crafted into a new shotgun trap item, where the attributes of the original shotgun are copied over. The trap item is placed on the world as what we call an IsoObject – and the attributes are once again carried over to it. The range and damage attributes are now being used for the trap’s code. The trap gets triggered a few times – lowering the condition attribute. Another player decides to disassemble the trap to retrieve the shotgun from it, and the newly instanced shotgun item copies the attributes from the trap – and we end up with the correct damage and range values as it was originally crafted with. However, it now also has a lowered condition due to its activity while it was being used in the trap.” “With the new system I’m coding, this daisychain of steps can be achieved with very minimal additional coding required.” LES ANIMAUX “Hello everyone! RJ here.” “Okay, so everything that’s outside of your current surroundings in PZ doesn’t really exist. It exists as ‘meta’ – it isn’t streamed in, and the game calculates hordes moving around in distant places.” “For animals, however – this needs to change somewhat. You need to be able to travel the distance of the map, but for the game to still remember things about them that don’t matter for shambling zombies. Animals need to age, eat and drink – if you leave them too long they can’t be in perfect condition when you get back. They, most likely, need to be dead.” “Not only are there lots of things to consider with animal, but there could also be a LOT of them on the map – although we’re current not 100% on our final list we have models for rats, squirrels, larger birds, deer and domesticated animals. So, even though the game knows everything about them and their movement – there’s a risk that when they’re properly streamed it might get too intensive for the CPU.” “To avoid this I have coded it so that their stats (hunger, thirst, age etc) are updated every in-game hour. Realistically you’ll likely only have one or two cows, but if you want to breed rats for… some inexplicable reason you could end up with a ton of them. We don’t want players with 100+ animals having their stats updated every tick, or things could melt.” “As such, animals won’t be updated real-time while they are off-screen (except for animals in a migration path, more on that below) but they will update themselves once you (or anyone else) returns to them. So be sure to fill up their feeding trough before you head out on loot run!” LA MIGRATION DES ANIMAUX “We don’t want wild animals to always spawn in the same place. So for creatures like deer, we need to have them follow a set path – as they usually do in real life. This is being done through additions that Tim has made to WorldZed – and where we can ‘simply’ draw all the paths that animals could take – with nodes all along it where they can eat, drink, etc.” “It’ll be up to the player to try to understand and learn these paths, so you’ll know where you could find your animals to hunt. We can also perhaps provide lootable items that can mark up rough hunting trails on your in-game map too.” “This aspect of animals will be updated in the meta though, as animals need to always be on the move and some animal paths will cross with others – meaning that a group of deer could decide to change its path if it chooses to.” “A deer group will contain all relevant members of the deer family. If you kill the buck in a deer group, they won’t have fawns for quite some time – until they find another buck to add into their group. As such, it will be important for players to recognise what animals they should kill: which are still too young, which might be pregnant etc.” “It’s not done for B42 yet, but we are planning tracking to an extent via the deer excrement they leave behind and its freshness – all discovered via the foraging system. This way you’ll start to know on your server/game, what are the path animals are currently on, and could quite easily track back to them to “collect” your meat. Again, this aspect isn’t 100% up for inclusion yet – but hopefully shines a light on our plans.” JOB AD MK II Sadly due to unforeseen circumstances we are back on the hunt for an Animations Engineer / Technical Wizard – most likely someone from the AAA game development space who has pines for joining a close-knit team of indie devs. If this is you, or someone you know, then our job page lives here! Today’s Rosewood base from Poffie_was_here. A changelist of all our pre-release and post-release patches since the 41 beta began can be found here. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send you update notifications once builds get released. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too. Experienced games dev and want to work with us? Details here.
  2. nasKo

    BaZil Brush

    Hey all, here’s a quick update on what we are all up to. Our initial plan was to release our next 41.72 patch to the Unstable beta today, but annoyingly last night’s internal playtest had too many niggles with vehicle gameplay for us to comfortably let you loose on it. This is slightly annoying in terms of today’s blog, but probably not quite as annoying as you happily downloading the new version only for MP passengers to be stuck revving on the tarmac while their drivers whizz off towards Louisville. Still, once the MP Strike Force have checked everything out and we’ve had another (more successful) test then this is some of the stuff that will be punted out for you to try out: As mentioned last week, the opt-in ability to see fellow MP players in your faction or safehouse on your in-game map. A huge range of new and improved admin powers that should breathe a little more life into online play. First and foremost of these is a brush tool that will allow admins to create tiles, walls, fire, smoke, water etc. in-game. There’s also the ability to easily trigger thunder, a more synced health panel, improved spawning of vehicles and trailers and the ability to change player weights. Also, also are more zombie-attracting options, improved zed spawns and some powers over whether doors are locked or not. Here’s a quick video Aiteron has made to show it all off: Another more minor, but quite pleasant all the same, addition from Aiteron is the possibility of adding icons to the context menu. As seen here. New loot maps. Previously we didn’t have any loot maps for Louisville, but Tim has now integrated a bunch from the hand of Pat_Bren into the loot table. There are nine different maps in all, which means that as well as the usual ‘treasure map’ aspects you will be able to reveal a ninth of the Louisville map upon reading them. Also of note in .72 is an improvement to the way in which mod errors are reported. We have added a list of mods to the pause menu, and if one of them is causing errors and ‘the red box of doom’ then the culprit will be highlighted within the list. Perhaps of greater import to mod authors and our tech support team, however, is the improved lua error log that goes with the above: this will show if any files reported in call stacks are overridden by mods. We hope that this will allow modders, players and our own community liaison peeps to easier find mod conflicts and other issues. SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF While it’s not exactly excitement dynamite, we know, this week we hit a point at which our internal tasklist board got a bit… silly. When you have been making a game for as long as we have there is a tendency for minor tasks, small bug fixes and ‘easy win’ suggestions to stack up, and up, and up… The boards were just clogged, and it was hard to see the wood for the trees – and as such we pulled some coders from their features to blitz through and give our testing and production staff some temporary relief. Not sexy: we know, but also necessary for the sanity of some of our team. This sort of stuff: Having made a sizable dent in this sort of bug, everyone is now back at their usual post – but ‘Enforced Small Task Clearance Week’ also culminated in an event that will hopefully mean that we don’t have to have one of these mandated periods again in future. Prolific modder Blair Algol has joined the team, and his role will be clearing out as many of the remaining hundreds (!) of these minor (but sometimes time-consuming) issues as he can. Blair’s many mods touch so many different areas of the game that it seemed like a very natural fit for such a duty, while he also, of course, comes packaged with many ideas of how to make modding life easier for others in the community too. Once the boards have been cleared, and Blair has a firmer grip on the codebase, it’s also our hope that he will be able to bring some of his own ideas and ingenuity into the game proper. SOUND PHASE III Much like the Marvel movies, our soundscape improvement operations have worked in phases – and we recently had the meeting that kicked off Phase 3. The following are Noiseworks/Formosa’s next primary missions: Improvements to how the sound system deals with multiplayer characters and sound priorities. Primary work here is to try and solve the issues where sounds drop out due to clashes in sound priorities and limits when multiple players are around. Expand the reactive music beyond action moments. The ultimate goal is to allow the other non-action tracks to evolve and change: triggered by walking into buildings, looting a container, or any other little action that may trigger a change in the track that’s playing. Likewise making sure that they all also blend more organically between each other. Gameplay related sound effects, like modelling the realistic effects of using firearms in enclosed spaces without ear protectors. Also: improved noises for large crowds of zeds, sprinters and bullet world impacts if the coding team can provide their support for implementation. OTHER STUFF We are currently debating whether to release the map team’s current work (fixes, polish, improved farm buildings and agricultural areas, more defined Louisville upper class suburbs) in a 41 patch, or whether to outright say that the next export will be for 42 later down the line – alongside some sizable planned expansion into other towns and conurbations that would be beyond the edges of our current area. More on that, and where we are taking the Knox Event location-wise, in future blogs. As we mentioned last time, we’re coming off the back of Turbo’s serious illness currently – so it’s been something of a month of consolidation rather than massive exciting strides ahead. That said, sometimes strides ahead come in the form of things that will pay off in the far-flung future. Ever since the success of the 41 release we have had a lot more resources at our command, and have been able to invest it in both middleware that could bring PZ to new heights – and the talent to integrate it with our codebase. As we all know, one of the weakest things about PZ is the UI. We all get on with it fine, but let’s face it: it aint a looker, and it can be a bit clunky, fiddly and slow. We’ve always said we’d give it an overhaul, but it’s always been a daunting prospect. Since March, alongside our friends at General Arcade, we have been experimenting with some super fancy AAA high-end UI tech middleware that will make this process easier, and will make the end result better. For the past few months we’ve been making sure that it’s compatible with the game, doesn’t negatively impact performance and will still allow for lua UI for our modders – and it has been this week that we feel comfortable enough to say out loud to each other that it’s going to work, and is safe to proceed. So next time you see someone moaning that the PZ UI isn’t exactly glamorous – just tell them ‘they know, and it’ll take a while – but they’re working on it’. It’ll be some considerable time till we talk about this again, but we just wanted to let you know that this is another iron that we have in the fire. Today’s pile-up campfire from Mr.Crab763. A changelist of all our pre-release and post-release patches since the 41 beta began can be found here. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send you update notifications once builds get released. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too. Want to work with us? Details here.
  3. Definitely against the terms and conditions, like pretty much anything where someone who pays has an advantage over someone who doesn't. A better approach is something where you do unlock tiers, e.g. cover 75% of the monthly server cost and everybody gets X. Cover 100% and everybody gets Y, etc.
  4. https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/54395-vanilla-buildings-pool/
  5. Hey all, here’s a Thursday round-up. We released version 41.71 last Thursday. We’re big on Thursdays around here. 41.71 contained a huge range of stuff, but topline features included: new and improved dynamic action music, a raft of improvements for Steam Deck players, new items, scarecrows, less wobbly and less performance-costly 3D items on your safehouse floor, loads of MP improvements under the hood, the fabled one-watch VHS video fix, new ambient and shutdown noises, modding improvements and tons more. Better to read the forum release post than a long paragraph in the blog, I guess, if you are in need of a catch-up. Since last week we hotfixed some issues with sound cut-outs on busy servers and with rapid-fire weapons, and so now we find ourselves moving onto… 41.72 Seeing as we already have a fair amount of MP changes, fixes and balance in the pot for .72 at the moment it feels like it won’t be too long until we move it into the Unstable beta – unless of course a more disruptive feature comes to the boil over the next week or so and requires added internal testing. The current changelist for what we have in this patch can be seen here if you are interested. Primary items of note involve a lot of fixes and polish to radio use in-game, improvements to the representation of weapon-part upgrades in 3D models, and various issues with generators and batteries. Also in the patch will be the opt-in ability for fellow faction and safehouse members to be visible on your in-game map. And also some support for our colour-blind survivors, who will now be able to choose their favoured new text colours instead of BAD RED and GOOD GREEN. Thanks to Fox for this one. BEYOND There are many advantages of having a tight small team when making a game like PZ. However, one of the biggest disadvantages is that when serious ‘irl’ stuff happens to any of us it makes aspects of development difficult. We’ve never really mentioned it before, and still won’t go into any detail, but this was one of the reasons that Build 41 itself took a long time to come to complete fruition. The reason we are bringing this up is because one of the primary architects of the revamped B42 crafting system, Turbo, has been very ill (and often hospitalized) for much of the last three-four months. Turbs said it was okay to let you all know this, as it clearly has meant that while RJ’s work on domestic animals and some roaming beasts has been rocketing on ahead – Turbo’s own work on the post-apoc crafting, tech-trees and recipes has had to be on hold. We are so, so relieved and happy that Turbo’s treatment led up to an operation and a complete return to health – to the extent that he has been back working with us again this week. It’s been awesome having him about the place again. We don’t yet know how much this will impact on build content, timings etc, and will be working out what’s what in the week or two ahead – tho B43 stuff is being worked on in parallel, so it hasn’t been detrimental to that. Sorry if this has been a bit of a ‘too much info’ update, it’s probably not something you’d catch in a Call of Duty blog, but with Turbo’s permission, we thought it would give everyone a more accurate insight into where we’re at with things. We also hope that everyone will join us in wishing Turbs continued good health – a phrase for which the Dutch probably have their own term for and that we will google later on. To circle back around to more developmental matters-at-hand, here’s an image from RJ and Tim’s work on ways in which our non-domestic animals will roam the map. These are AnimalZone paths that share points, and allow for both long paths that cross cell boundaries and branching paths too. MAPPING We love seeing the maps our community produces – each with their own flavours, design and challenge. To support all our mappers today we are releasing almost 1500 buildings and associated assets of our own in-game housing, garages, sheds and patio sets for use in community maps. These should help map-builders flesh out their worlds without having to rely purely on their own constructed (and shared community) houses, flats and outbuildings. If you are a mapper then you can find the released assets here. We are not releasing ‘special’ and governmental/military buildings – but there are many, many houses, apartments, sheds, shacks, shops and restaurants here for folks to use in their own apocalyptic zombie nightmares. In terms of our own future map improvement and expansion, meanwhile, check out what Ayrton has been doing to our Louisville rich districts. “To bring more diversity to some locations of Louisville, I am converting some streets or blocks into Victorian-style districts, it should enable us to add a new layer of complexity to the urban plan with areas that are more/less wealthy, ancient, etc. Those new tiles are also being added across existing relevant buildings.” Elsewhere Aiteron is playing around with his improved fishing system to mix in some added ‘fun quota’ alongside the improved anims/visuals we showed last time round. Long-term work on server-side items and timed actions for MP continues, and the Noiseworks/Formosa soundscape revolution continues with their next missions due to be discussed in the coming week. Pat_Bren is also, meanwhile, crafting a bunch more annotated survivor maps to bolster our current stock – and also to cover Louisville and other newer areas of the Knox Event map. JOB AD AGAIN Following the success of Build 41, we find ourselves in a position where we can hunt down other experienced Games Programmers to join the Project Zomboid team. We are looking for coders willing and able to refresh some of our older systems, polish the existing ones and then to delve further into the features that will be part of the Knox Event’s exciting future. Interested applicants should check our jobs page, but we should underline that we currently don’t have any entry-level positions available. You will need to have a fair amount of experience we are afraid. This week’s touching crime scene from hp.tf. A changelist of all our pre-release and post-release patches since the 41 beta began can be found here. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send you update notifications once builds get released. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too.
  6. nasKo

    41.71 Released

    HOTFIX: - Added maxInstancesPerEmitter property to sound scripts. This is used by "M16Shoot" to fade out the oldest instances when starting a new one. - Updated soundbanks to include two more tracks for the new dynamic music system.
  7. Hotfix released for 41.71 on Unstable branch: - Added maxInstancesPerEmitter property to sound scripts. This is used by "M16Shoot" to fade out the oldest instances when starting a new one.
  8. This is a regularly occurring issue on Twitch, not just with PZ but other games too. Sometimes it's copyright trolls who provide sounds that would regularly occur anywhere on Youtube, or Twitch (often in games), gaming automated content matching systems that would pick sounds that are "close enough" as matches. E.g. in Twitch's case, its automated content matching system Audible Magic is supposed to catch music, and in the example of the siren, someone uploaded a siren sound to Spotify so it'd get "matched". There is not really anything we can do about it, as we have all the required licenses for the sounds in questions. Content creators would have to push back in instances like this, citing TIS as having the relevant licenses and remove the mute or any sort of copyright infringement "count" that might come with it. Twitch has a form you can use to appeal muted audio: https://help.twitch.tv/s/article/how-to-appeal-flagged-content?language=en_US
  9. Changelog includes changes since the last stable update, from 41.69 to 41.71: HOTFIX 24th of May: - Added maxInstancesPerEmitter property to sound scripts. This is used by "M16Shoot" to fade out the oldest instances when starting a new one. - Updated soundbanks to include to more tracks for the new dynamic music system. NEW - New action music system Instead of switching between tracks mid-combat, the music is reactive and can increase and decrease in intensity during combat and other dramatic moments. - Added "Stubble" checkboxes to the Hair and Beard sections in the character-creation ui. - Added new items + updated 3D models - Added new forage items - Added the skeleton mannequin and scarecrow. - Added additional item categories and addressed some blunders - Added compilation of new hair types - Added option to "add all" to partially full Thread, Duct Tape, Twine etc - Added media/scripts/mannequins.txt which describes the model/texture/animation/etc for different mannequins. - Added BackupsOnVersionChange server option. - Added a second set of translations to the Survival Guide that are displayed when using a controller. - Added <JOYPAD:XXX> formatting to rich text, where XXX is the name of a Joypad.Texture.XXX texture. - Device options can now be opened when radio is on floor, in loot window or when radio just dropped from inventory - Added methods Texture.saveToCurrentSavefileDirectory(filename) and Texture.saveToZomboidDirectory(filename). The filename may contain folder names, but not "..", to prevent saving to arbitrary locations. These methods replace the broken Texture.save(filename) method. - Clicking and holding the left mouse button when placing items now locks the item to the clicked square. - Added XBOX_Menu.png and XBOX_View.png controller icons. - Added autouse new sack of gravel/sand/etc when pouring it on ground - Renamed Skill books so that they are easier to categorise. - ISClothingExtraAction now sets the item's job type to "Wear" and displays the progress of the action in the inventory window. - Updated credits - Updated community translations. - 3D items now shown as textures instead of models. They shouldn't slide around as much when the player moves. This helps a lot with framerates when there are 100 nails on the ground, for example. In debug mode, holding the HOME key will disable the item atlas and render models as before. - Added IsoSprite.ItemHeight and IsoSprite.Surface debug options to display a rectangle around surfaces that items can be placed on. - Changed some ItemHeight and Surface tile properties. - Added a title bar to the mini-map window which allows the mini-map to be repositioned. The title bar and bottom row of buttons are hidden unless the mouse is over the mini-map. - Changed setHaveConstruction to apply only when constructing and placing objects MODELS/ANIMS - Changed Diamond Pattern Sweater Vest and V-neck Sweater Vest to use Sweater body location - Changed High Viz vest to use Sweater body location - Added a different animation played when destroying floors with a sledgehammer. MP - Removed vehicle physics from server (not client) to address some of the vehicular weirdness sometimes seen online - do not apply impulses to static / kinematic vehicles - limit changes of linear and angular velocities - Passengers no longer allowed to exit the car while moving - Enable packet processing on the server - MultiplayerSeeNonPvpZones debug only option is added - Local admin check is delayed after set-access-level command - Player update replay is commented out - Check for local admin kick is improved - Turn on player teleport logs on the server - Admin is not kickable from safehouse - Burnt or smashed vehicle check is added for dismantle vehicle command - Car wreck is removed via new "dismantle" vehicle command - Only admin can delete vehicle via "remove" vehicle command - Add vehicle UI allows creation of burnt and smashed car wrecks - Anti-cheat: fixed kick local admin issue - Cancel auth ticket on client shutdown - Toggle timer is disabled in non-pvp area - MultiplayerLightAmbient debug option is removed - Refactored SafetySystem - Server option process cycles for SafetySystemManager are simplified - PVP safety is now set to true when PVP is disabled on server - Set the default Host server memory to 4GB on 64-bit systems. This is the value displayed in the "Server memory" combobox which is saved in Zomboid/Lua/host.ini. - Don't create a backup of the server savefile in Zomboid/backups/version if BackupsOnStart=false. This backup is created when a new version of the game is released, but only for the first server that is launched. - Hide the black overlay when the sleeping players are killed Improvements to how the MP game handles dead player bodies - DeadBody creation is moved to the server - DeadBody ID is added (World version 192) - Client does not allocate dead body ID - Fixed player death animations - Fixed desaturation being set for dead player - Fixed reanimation delay timer starting immediately without 10 seconds delay - Fixed reanimation delay of 0-30 seconds - Fixed player death final animation - Fixed possible null point exception when zombie bites dead player - Fixed dead body grabbing breaking reanimation - Fixed dead body id not changing when added to world - Fixed desync of safety cooldown timer - Fixed sleeping player not being woken up in case of kick from safehouse - Fixed PVP icon being located over the map - Fixed players who could be kicked when admin removes that player from safehouse - Fixed when a non-owner player quits a safe house, other players also getting kicked. - Fixed when safehouse owner goes offline, the non-safehouse-members get teleported immediately - Fixed PVP button becoming inactive for each player across the map if Admin shot\got shot by a player" - Fixed player being kicked when admin creates or removes PVP zone - Fixed SyncNonPvpZone packet send/receive loop - Fixed newly connected player not having all the non PVP zones - Fixed possible nullpointer in checkForNearbyRadios - Fixed zed texture 4 being used for player texture 5 instead of random index - Fixed reanimated player corpse disappearing - Fixed being able to turn pvp on when server option PVP set to false. - Fixed BufferUnderflowException on the server in SneezeCough packet processing - Fixed possible NullPointerException in ClientPlayerDB.getAllSavedPlayers(). - Fixed player appearance sync in multiplayer with greater than 32 connections. - Fixed erosion growth not being suppressed when building floors or digging graves in multiplayer. - Fixed radio sync in MP - Fixed players outside the Non-PVP zone being able to kill a player with a bomb located in that zone - Fixed player being able to remove PVP button cooldown in non-PVP zone - Fixed unexpected anti-cheat kick just after leaving non-PVP zone - Fixed being able to turn pvp on when server option PVP is set to false. - Fixed player being able to remove PVP button cooldown when in a non-PVP zone. (Safety cooldown timer is now stored/restored when player enters/leaves non-pvp-zone) VHS Fix - Fixed listened-to media lines being saved globally instead of for each player. This could add over 200KB to each player's saved data if every line is listened to. - Fixed ClientPlayerDB handling of WorldVersion. - Transfer known media lines from recorded_media.bin to the player on the first load. - Check for null arguments to RecordedMedia.hasListenedToAll(). A mod seems to pass null for the IsoPlayer argument, which was ok when listened-to lines were stored globally instead of per-player. The mod file is es.info.books.main.lua. MODDER WARNING: This could break any mods that modify ISRadioInteractions.lua or are using the OnDeviceText event (which gained a new parameter). MODDING - Fixed mod animations not being loaded if they aren't in a subdirectory of anims_X, or aren't in a subdirectory registered in animations_meshes.txt. Any such animations are added to the MaleBody model by default. Item tagging changes MODDERS: PLEASE READ ADDENDUM DOCUMENTATION FOR INFO - Added new tags to some items: BlowTorch, Fork, GasMask, Glue, HazmatSuit, Knife, Razor, Scissors, Sledgehammer, Spoon, StartFire, WeldingMask. These tags are used in multiple places instead of looking for specific item types. - Added methods ItemContainer.getBestConditionEvalArg() and ItemContainer.getBestConditionEvalArgRecurse(). - Script properties item.staticModel and item.worldStaticModel are set to the fully-qualified "module.type" after loading scripts. This is to fix mod items not finding "model" scripts that aren't in the Base module. - Added a new item-script property ReplaceTypes which supersedes ReplaceOnUseOn (which is still supported). The format is "ReplaceTypes=Key1 Type1;Key2 Type2;..." where each key is some string (such as WaterSource) and each type is an item type. ReplaceTypes allows specifying different replacement item types for different uses of an item, for example, filling an empty item with water and/or with gasoline. It is used for the same thing as ReplaceOnUseOn, but allows multiple key/type mappings instead of only one. These new methods were added to both Item and InventoryItem classes: String getReplaceType() HashMap<String,String> getReplaceTypes() String getReplaceType(String key) boolean hasReplaceType(String key) The existing ReplaceOnUseOn lines in items.txt add a new value to the item's ReplaceTypes HashMap. SOUND CHANGES - Added global parameters Electricity, RoomType, and Water. - Added a new tile property named "AmbientSound" to support custom ambient sounds from objects. Current values assigned to some tiles are: FactoryMachineAmbiance HotdogMachineAmbiance PayPhoneAmbiance StreetLightAmbiance NeonLightAmbiance NeonSignAmbiance JukeboxAmbiance ControlStationAmbiance ClockAmbiance GasPumpAmbiance LightBulbAmbiance - The FMOD global parameter "Electricity" is set to 0.0 when the new WorldEventElectricityShutdown event passes the "ElectricityOff" timeline marker. - Added FMOD parameter value RoomType=Factory. - Changed debugSetRoomType() to accept an integer instead of the name of an enum value. - Added sounds: ArcadeMachineAmbiance CanisterAddFuelFromGasPump CanisterAddFuelSiphon VehicleAddFuelFromCanister VehicleAddFuelFromGasPump VehicleHeadlightsOn VehicleHeadlightsOff VehicleWindowHandleOpen VehicleWindowHandleClose VehicleWindowElectricOpen VehicleWindowElectricClose - Synchronize room lights and other objects losing power with the ElectricityOff timeline marker. - Added PlaceOneSound and PlaceMultipleSound item script properties. These are played when placing items using the "Place Item" command. The default sound played if these aren't defined is PutItemInBag (the same sound played when dropping items). - Added BoxOfRoundsOpenOne and BoxOfShellsOpenOne sounds to some recipes. Increased the time of these recipes to allow the sound to play. The time is still quite short (was 5 ticks, now 15 ticks). Probably nobody will die waiting. - Added FountainBigAmbiance sound played to the multi-tile water fountain. The sound doesn't seem to loop and stops after several seconds. - Added RepairWithWrench sound played when plumbing sinks and for the moveables Wrench tool sound. - Added value MetalGate to the FenceTypeLow and TripObstacleType parameters. - Added sounds: BBQPropaneTankInsert BBQPropaneTankRemove BBQPropaneRunning BBQRegularAddFuel BBQRegularLight BBQRegularRunning CampfireAddFuel CampfireRunning CampfireLight CampfireBuild FireplaceAddFuel FireplaceRunning FireplaceLight ZombieTrip ZombieThumpGarageDoor - Added EquippedBaggageContainer FMOD parameter. - Added "SoundParameter = Name Value" item-script property. - Added FMOD parameter SinkType=Generic|Ceramic|Metallic which affects the WaterDrip sound. - Hitting trees with weapons and bare hands plays the weapon's HitSound instead of ChopTree. - A melee weapon's SwingSound is now played via animation events instead of at the start of SwipeStatePlayer. This allows using different sounds for different attack animations. Currently this is used to play a different sound for spear stab versus spear slash attacks. - Play the WorldEventElectricityShutdown event from the nearest square in a building when outdoors. - Set the FMOD parameter "RoomType" using RoomType objects added in WorldEd. - Changed how ambient sounds are played from doors and windows. Instead of choosing random objects, only the nearest exterior objects will play sound. Different sounds are played depending on whether the door or window is open or closed. This will be used for playing rain and wind sounds when the player is inside. - Fixed the BurningFlesh sound not stopping in multiplayer after a player dies. - Fixed the barbecue and fireplace extinguish sounds stopping instead of being triggered to fade out. - Play an animation when turning a propane barbecue on and off. - Fixed crouching when extinguishing a charcoal barbecue. - Fixed SFX and music cutting out in busy situations (often seen on MP servers) - Reimplemented ZombieVocalsManager to limit zombie voice events to the nearest 20 zombies. - Optimized sorting objects in DoorAndWindowEmitters and ZombieVocalsManager. - Changed handling of object ambient sounds so they only play from the nearest 20 objects. This includes doors, fridges, trees, windows and any sprite with the AmbientSound property set. - Removed DoorAndWindowEmitters. This is combined with ObjectAmbientEmitters. - Fixed ZombieVocalsManager not actually stopping vocal events when one of the 20 slots was reassigned to a different zombie. CONTROLLER / STEAMDECK IMPROVEMENTS - ProjectZomboid64.exe will disable the -XX:+UseZGC option if a required function is undefined in Kernel32.dll. Steam Proton does not define the MapViewOfFile3() function, which prevents the Windows version of the game starting on the Steam Deck. Conveniently, MapViewOfFile3() is only available on Windows 10 1803, the same version ZGC requires. - When options.ini doesn't exist on startup, set the display to fullscreen desktop resolution. - When options.ini doesn't exist on startup on Steam Deck, call Core.setOptionActiveController() to enable the controller. - Allow precise positioning when placing items using a controller. This is done by holding the Y button and using either D-pad or the left joystick to move the item around the square. When there is more than one surface, it can be changed by pressing the right shoulder button while the Y button is held down. - Enabled the on-screen keyboard in CoopUserName.lua. - Leave room for two lines of tooltip text at the bottom of the character-creation profession ui. - Several panels in the main menu can be scrolled using the right joystick. - The Start/Menu button will display the main menu in single-player, or resume normal game speed. This is instead of pressing once to pause the game and double-pressing to display the main menu. The game can still be paused using the Back/View button radial menu. - Added controller navigation in the Workshop ui (for submitting Workshop items). NOTE: The controller doesn't work in the Steam overlay, which some buttons display. - Allow mouse clicks etc in the inventory and loot windows when a controller is active. - Added controller navigation to the Temperature tab of the character info window. - Made the selection in the Health panel easier to see. - Made the character-info window more opaque. - Made CharacterCreationMain wider at lower resolutions to avoid overlap. - Added a button to the on-screen keyboard to hide and show password text. - Enabled controller navigation in the server browser ui. - Enabled controller navigation in the server-settings editor. - Put the inventory and loot windows in their default positions if the controller is disconnected and "Use Keyboard and Mouse" is selected. - When placing items, the inventory and loot windows are collapsed if they aren't pinned open. - When placing items, mouse clicks on world objects are ignored to prevent the loot window popping open. - Set the width of ISEquippedItem to match its buttons. This fixes the wider invisible area blocking mouse clicks. - Set the texture compression option to be on by default. - Fixed navigation in the Multiplayer tab in the options. - Fixed editing server spawn regions with a controller. - Fixed the filter checkboxes going outside the ui on small screens. - Fixed being unable to navigate to the filter checkboxes and some other buttons. - Fixed controller focus when creating a splitscreen player. - Fixed toggling the mod under the mouse pointer when pressing the controller A button. - Fixed several cases of improper controller focus after clicking buttons with the mouse. - Fixed Lua error in MapSpawnSelect when the filename entry is hidden. - Fixed LoadingQueueState disconnecting immediately due to the A button being pressed, after pressing it in the last character-creation panel. - Fixed ISGameLoadingUI not receiving the controller focus when an unexpected error occurred while loading. - Fixed BootstrapConnectPopup, ServerConnectPopup and ServerWorkshopItemScreen not working with a controller. - Fixed Build 41 popup and DebugScenarios ui appearing overtop BootstrapConnectPopup. - Fixed cancellation in ServerWorkshopItemScreen throwing an exception in ConnectToServerState due to GameClient.connection being null. - Fixed using the controller X button to "Toggle Vision Info" in the foraging ui. - Fixed rendering the post-death ui for split-screen players 3 and 4 in the top half of the screen. - Fixed a Lua error pressing the Y button when moving furniture when the player isn't on a square. BALANCE - Added BedType property to the Pizza-Whirled seats which fixes pizza spawning on them. - Added amount of bait items to Fishing UI - Added dismantling cameras for scrap/skill points - Plastic bags and paper money can now be used as tinder. - Doors broken by zombies now give unusable wood instead of planks. - Container items now grouped together into their type in the context menu, so you can 'fill all' of a certain container. - Players now able to stack and unstack logs on the ground - Cars now remember their cruise control setting - Breaking vehicle windows now produces broken glass - Decrease zed attraction volume of “remove broken glass action" - Updated and fixed item categorizations - Updated evolvedrecipes.txt and items_food.txt. - Removed Cookable:true from the Burger evolved recipe. - Added the "|Cooked" flag to Burger ingredients in farming.txt. - Updated distributions Lua files - Muffins produced by the "Get 6 Muffins" recipe have the name of the ingredient added to the muffins, if any, such as "Apple Muffin". - Muffins produced by the "Get 6 Muffins" recipe are marked "Cooked", so the hunger-reduction bonus due to being cooked is applied. - Fixed adding a spice to a stale Taco increases boredom and unhappiness. - Added new methods to the Food class (to fix the above issue): getBoredomChangeUnmodified() getEnduranceChangeUnmodified() getStressChangeUnmodified() getThirstChangeUnmodified() getUnhappyChangeUnmodified() - Higher level carpentry crates now have more space. - Can now move empty composter. - Can now move military crates. DEBUG - Updated Debug context menu. - Updated Debug Menu UI. - Added Z param to teleport. - Added change vehicle skin option to debug. - Added Sync for changing color, blood and skin of vehicles. - Refactored "Remove Item"-tool UI. - Added option to the F11 UI: Disable Welcome message (Works only in debug mode). - Added Reload Lua button to main screen (only in debug mode). - Added Cheats Panel in debug menu. Updated cheat list (merged in options from Admin and F11 menu). - Added fast move cheat (Controls: Arrow keys, Page Up/Down) (Debug and Admin panel). - Added Admin context menu options (some options from debug). - Added cheat Spawn Key door - Added LootZed tool - Added LootZed tool cheat (Check what can spawn in a container with what chance) - Added remove items tools - Added Remove items tools in Debug mode (Option for remove items from container menu and option in Debug UI for remove items in area) - Added options to the "[DEBUG] Objects" menu to: 1) Change a mannequin's script. 2) Create a Moveable item in the player's inventory for a chosen mannequin script. - Changes to the debug Items List UI: - Don't recreate the ui each time it is displayed, because it's slow. - Keyboard focus is set to the "Type" text-entry box each time the ui is displayed. - Pressing the Tab key switches focus between the "Type" and "Name" text-entry boxes when either one has the focus. FIXES - Fixed the player's head being semi-transparent where hair and beard stubble appears. This also fixes semi-transparency that has always been there around the edges of holes in clothing. - Fixed the controller tooltip text in the character-creation profession ui not displaying. - Fixed the overly-long delay before changing the volume of a cd player or television when using a controller. - Fixed spam messages about CDplayer's invalid world sprite. - Fixed the player not running when moving too slowly to sprint. - Fixed the character-creation Add Trait button being covered by the controller tooltip text. - Fixed placing multiple items locking the items to the first square that is clicked. - Fixed controller focus not being set to the "Check back cover" ui. - Fixed exploit holding down the Escape key before starting certain actions. - Fixed taking damage when walking down stairs while faster-forwarding. - Fixed a NullPointerException in InventoryItem.update() when an item's ReplaceOnUseOn refers to an invalid item type. - Fixed the post-death ui appearing in the main menu in multiplayer, if the player dies while the main menu is displayed. - Fixed use of an undefined variable in SPlantGlobalObject.stateToIsoObject(). - Fixed buggy player rendering in the in-game map when the player is attacked. - Fixed "Decaying Corpse Health Impact" health reduction for "Low" and "High" both being less than "Normal". - Fixed some duplications and formatting in MainCreationMethods.lua. - Fixed custom Sandbox floats displaying too many decimals in the tooltip. - Fixed walls in Fire station in LV remaining cutaway for no reason. - Fixed character being able to rest on seats seen through some windows. - Fixed siren and light bar shutting off once you get a certain distance away from the vehicle. Now even when you go over 1000 blocks away and come back, the lights and sirens on cars are still going off. - Fixed not being able to attach sheet ropes at certain locations. - Fixed cars not remembering their cruise control setting. - Fixed "Place item on ground" ignoring item's favourite status when placing items. - Fixed being able to interact with rain collectors through the wall. - Fixed player-built doors inside houses being transparent at any angle of view. - Fixed Walkie-Talkies not showing new "equipped" weight when equipped. - Fixed Metalwork locker container name being "Crate" in the loot window. - Fixed a spawned bowl of pasta or rice not being edible. - Fixed Painted Crates becoming white after Pick up / Place down. - Fixed Rotten food showing in right click menu as (Fresh) when newly spawned. - Fixed Applying Disinfectant to an un-infected wound making that body part immune to infection. - Fixed player-built walls cutting away completely when built inside of another building. - Fixed typo in AdjacentFreeTileFinder.lua. - Fixed "Cake Preparation" not spawning rotten in 6 Months Later scenario. - Fixed Dish Towel having option to "dry self" even if char is dry. - Fixed Hair/Beard types grow back to their dyed colour, instead of their natural colour. - Fixed Coffee / coffee beverage fatigue reduction values not saving on quit / restart. - Fixed replacing disassembled floors with dirt tiles above ground level. - Fixed clock Size option not being changable while in game. - Fixed nil variable in ISWorldObjectContextMenu.doSleepOption() when tired enough to sleep on the ground. - Fixed disassmbling floors playing the standing animation instead of crouching. - Fixed saved Radio Stations being removed when a radio is removed and reinstalled. - Fixed Foundation Makeup requiring a mirror when it already comes with one. - Fixed characters not using a Knive that was equipped or in main inventory when crafting while a better Knive was in a nearby container. - Fixed ISPaintMenu error when near a placed radio. - Fixed weirdness installing and uninstalling radios in vehicles. - Fixed NullPointerException in ParameterInside. - Fixed Composters not having a container icon and title. - Fixed blank VHS Home tapes spawning. They are now replaced with a random Retail VHS when spawning loot. - Fixed an occasional exception in ISInventoryPane.sortItemsByTypeAndWeight() caused by a bad item-sorting comparison function. - Fixed parts of weather effects not being rendered sometimes. This resulted in some clouds not being rendered at different zoom levels, causing the scene color to change when zooming in/out, for example. - Fixed items replaced by their ReplaceOnCooked type not being synced in multiplayer correctly. - Fixed Lua error when the mini-map doesn't exist. - Fixed jumbo item-atlas textures being drawn the first time models are loaded. - Fixed mannequins that spawn in containers being invisible when placing them the first time. - Fixed being unable to transfer the same item between containers until a timeout expires, if the first attempt was interrupted. This happened in multiplayer only. - Fixed item models being drawn jumbo-sized for one frame when they are still loading, when using the old way of rendering 3D items. - Fixed item-atlas textures being drawn in the incorrect position sometimes. - Fixed items floating in air or remaining on the ground after removing or placing furniture. - Fixed items on furniture being visible through walls. Item alpha is set to match that of the furniture it is placed on. - Fixed not setting the keyboard focus on the debug Items List ui the first time it is displayed. - Fixed the character-creation profession screen displaying controller icons after activating mods in the New Game ui, when no controller is active. - Fixed building Wallframe using two planks but giving three when disassembled - Fixed cooking an egg showing the progress bar twice - Fixed shirts and other clothing items getting auto-removed from the world when they shouldn't be. - Fixed the character-creation profession screen displaying controller icons after activating mods in the New Game ui, when no controller is active. - Fixed ISMap.canWrite() and ISMap:canErase() not using the Write and Eraser tags. - Fixed support pillars for stairs not being created on the server or other clients. - Fixed inability to burn corpses in MP - Fixed Millipede and Millepede2 in forageDefinitions.lua both using type=Base.Centipede. - Fixed forageSystem.modifyItemDef() incorrect use of _itemDef.type. - Fixed forageSystem.removeItemDef() possibly using a nil _itemDef variable when printing a warning. - Fixed HumanVisual.naturalBeardColor possibly being uninitialized before being copied in HumanVisual.copyFrom(). - Fixed OldBrake1 VehicleType being 3 instead of 1. - Fixed the "Enable left joystick radial menu" option not being saved. - Fixed a Lua error pressing the Toggle Search Mode key before starting a game. - Fixed the Toggle Search Mode key getting in the way when the game is paused. - Fixed crafted radios getting less maximum range at higher Electricity levels. - Fixed crafted Ham Radios weighing 1.5-3 pounds instead of 20. UPDATES AND BALANCE TO ITEMS_FOOD.TXT Reformatted file layout: - Standardized tab/space usage. - Sorted item script variables by group/function for improved legibility. Removed AlwaysWelcomeGift' entries from item scripts: - 'AlwaysWelcomeGift' was used in versions of the game and is likely no longer functional. Changes made to evolvedRecipe Burger in evolvedrecipes: - Removed 'Cookable' property to match with sandwiches, tortillas, and burritos. - Added '|Cooked' requirement to cookable items that have Burger in their EvolvedRecipe list. Changes made to 'Egg': - Removed Sandwich/Baguette/Burger/Salad EvolvedRecipes due to requiring cooked version of item. - Since this item uses ReplaceOnCooked, 'EggBoiled' is used as a stand-in for its cooked version. Changes made to 'EggBoiled': - Restricted EvolvedRecipes to Sandwich, Sandwich Baguette, Burger, and Salad. Changes made to 'BurgerRecipe': - Nutrition stats were double-defined. Fixed. Changes made to 'Dough', 'DoughRolled', and 'BakingTrayBread': - 'ThirstChange' and 'UnhappyChange' were double defined. Fixed. Changes made to 'NoodleSoup' - Added 'CustomContextMenu' and 'CustomEatSound' options, same as 'SoupBowl'. - Changed 'EatType' from '2hand' to '2handbowl'. Changes made to 'TVDinner': - 'UnhappyChange' was double-defined. Fixed. Changes made to 'FrogMeat': - Added cooked specification to Salad EvolvedRecipe. Changes made to 'FishFried': - EvolvedRecipes called for cooked versions of food. Food is already cooked. Fixed. Changes made to 'Pepperoni': - Removed Burger/Burrito/Taco EvolvedRecipes. - Added Sandwich/Baguette EvolvedRecipes. Changes made to 'Salami': - Added same EvolvedRecipe list as 'Pepperoni'. Changes made to 'MincedMeat': - Added Sandwich/Baguette EvolvedRecipes. Made the following foods non-cookable/pre-cooked: - Marhsmallows (Item 'Smore' can't be crafted/cooked) - EggBoiled (Placed by ReplaceOnUse in container after item 'Egg' is fully cooked) - EggPoached (Non-craftable. Icon shows cooked version) - GrilledCheese (Non-craftable. Icon shows cooked version) - Pepperoni (Is cured/salted. Didn't have MinutesToCook/MinutesToBurn defined) - NoodleSoup (Non-craftable. Used in themed restaurants as pre-cooked food, like 'MeatDumpling' and 'MeatSteamBun') Added Taco/Burrito EvolvedRecipes to: - Chicken - FishFillet - Steak Added Soup/Stew EvolvedRecipes to: - Crackers - Biscuit - Cornbread Made the following foods non-perishable: - Pretzels (These are 'packaged' pretzels, similar to 'TortillaChips') Made the following foods perishable (DaysFresh/DaysTotallyRotten): - BakingTrayBread (3/6) - Biscuit (3/5) - CookieChocolateChip (7/30) - CookieJelly (7/30) - CookiesChocolate (7/30) - CookiesOatmeal (7/30) - CookiesShortbread (7/30) - Cornbread (3/5) - Croissant (3/5) - Cupcake (4/8) - DoughnutChocolate (3/5) - DoughnutFrosted (3/5) - DoughnutJelly (3/5) - DoughnutPlain (3/5) - Guacamole (4/8) - RefriedBeans (4/8) - Wasabi (4/8) Changes made to DaysFresh/DaysTotallyRotten values: - BreadSlices (1/2) > (3/6) [Age is derived from base item-- non-rotten bread could produce rotten slices] - BreadDough (4/9) > (3/6) - EggBoiled (14/21) > (3/6) - EggPoached (14/21) > (3/6) - EggOmelette (14/21) > (3/6) - EggScrambled (14/21) > (3/6) - OmeletteRecipe (3/10) > (3/6) Changes made to MinutesToCook/MinutesToBurn values: - BakingTrayBread (40/80) > (20/50) Changes made to HungerChange values: - GrilledCheese: -80 > -20 Added 'JamFruit' and 'JamMarmalade' to EvolvedRecipes. - Can be used in Sandwiches, Pancakes, Waffles, and Muffins. Removed 'UseDelta' from 'Sugar' due to not being Drainables. Changes made to 'Grapefruit': - Changed DisplayName from 'Grape fruit' to 'Grapefruit'. Changes made to 'Honey': - Is now considered a Spice. - Can be added to Fruit Salads, Hot Drinks, Sandwiches, Waffles, and Pancakes. Changes made to hunger values: - Centipede2: -13 > -5 - Centipede: -13 > -5 - CheeseSandwich: 50 > 15 - Cockroach: -11 > -5 - Cricket: -6 > -5 - Grasshopper: -7 > -5 - Millipede: -13 > -5 - Millipede: -13 > -5 - PeanutButterSandwich: 40 > 17 - Slug2: -10 > -5 - Slug: -10 > -5 - Snail: -10 > -5 - Sugar: 6 > 30 - SugarBrown: 6 > 30 Changes made to item weights: - CannedCarrots2: 0.7 > 0.8 - CannedCarrotsOpen: 0.7 > 0.8 - CannedCorn: 0.7 > 0.8 - CannedCornOpen: 0.7 > 0.8 - CannedFruitCocktail: 0.3 > 0.8 - CannedFruitCocktailOpen: 1 > 0.8 - CannedMushroomSoup: 0.7 > 0.8 - CannedMushroomSoupOpen: 0.7 > 0.8 - CannedPeaches: 0.3 > 0.8 - CannedPeachesOpen: 1 > 0.8 - CannedPeas: 0.7 > 0.8 - CannedPeasOpen: 0.7 > 0.8 - CannedPineapple: 0.3 > 0.8 - CannedPineappleOpen: 1 > 0.8 - CannedPotato2: 0.7 > 0.8 - CannedPotatoOpen: 0.7 > 0.8 - CannedSardines: 0.7 > 0.3 - CannedSardinesOpen: 0.7 > 0.3 - CannedTomato2: 0.7 > 0.8 - CannedTomatoOpen: 0.7 > 0.8 - Dogfood: 1 > 0.8 - DogfoodOpen: 1 > 0.8 - Lettuce: 0.7 > 0.2 Added 3D Models to the following items: - Lobster - Nettles Added 'DisplayCategory' entries to the following items: - BagelPlain - BagelPoppy - BagelSesame - Baguette - BakingTray_Muffin - BakingTray_Muffin_Recipe - Baloney - Biscuit - Blackbeans - Burrito - BurritoRecipe - CakeBlackForest - CakeCarrot - CakeCheeseCake - CakeChocolate - CakeRedVelvet - CakeStrawberryShortcake - ChickenFoot - ChocolateChips - CocoaPowder - CookiesChocolate - CookiesOatmeal - CookiesShortbread - Cornbread - Crackers - Crayfish - Croissant - Daikon - DoughnutChocolate - DoughnutFrosted - DoughnutJelly - DoughnutPlain - Edamame - EggBoiled - EggOmelette - EggPoached - EggScrambled - FishFried - FishRoe - FriedOnionRings - FriedOnionRingsCraft - GingerPickled - GingerRoot - GrahamCrackers - Grapefruit - Gravy - Gum - Hotsauce - Icing - JamFruit - JamMarmalade - Lime - Lobster - Maki - MapleSyrup - Marshmallows - MeatDumpling - MeatSteamBun - MincedMeat - MuffinFruit - MuffinGeneric - NoodleSoup - OilOlive - OilVegetable - OmeletteRecipe - Onigiri - OnionRings - Oysters - OystersFried - PancakesRecipe - Pear - Pepperoni - RefriedBeans - RicePaper - RiceVinegar - Salami - Sausage - Seaweed - Shrimp - ShrimpDumpling - ShrimpFried - ShrimpFriedCraft - Smore - Soysauce - Springroll - Squid - SquidCalamari - SugarBrown - SushiEgg - SushiFish - Taco - TacoRecipe - TacoShell - TofuFried - Tortilla - TortillaChips - WafflesRecipe - Wasabi
  10. nasKo

    Howard Ze(n)d

    For our last blog we released the new unstable beta version of Build 41 – which was 41.69 (nice). Today we are releasing 41.71, which follows last Thursday’s 41.70. These have generally been iterative patches, polishing the unstable beta up to a standard that we hope to be ready for a wider stable release next week. This week’s primary task has been our Sound Team and coder brains fixing out some nasty total sound cut-outs that had been cropping up on busy servers. Another primary thing we’ve been adding patch-by-patch is our new approach to action music. Instead of switching between tracks mid-combat, the music is reactive and can increase and decrease in intensity during combat and other dramatic moments. The familiar tune can cross-fade into a high action version, essentially. So far we’ve been getting a very positive reaction from players on the beta. With 41.71 we will have ten out of the fourteen action tracks working in this way, so let us know what you think! Otherwise in these patches we’ve been fixing lots of different longstanding niggles with the game, so have a peek at the changelists – and jump in if you fancy on the unstable beta to let us know whether you think the build is ready for wider public consumption. Finally, if you notice that the Unstable beta is misbehaving with your favourite mods, then please let your favourite mod authors know – though please also be patient with them as they all exist in the real world with real lives/jobs/families/pets/TV shows to watch. Finally finally+ a reminder that we will be removing some legacy builds from the Steam betas once the latest unstable beta goes stable. If you are playing on an older Build 41 beta, then please return to the mainline if at all possible. NEXT Meanwhile, new stuff continues to build for future updates to Build 41. The MP team continue their long-term work on having all items operate server-side to prevent item-spawn cheating, while also providing improvements to 41’s more iterative patches. At the moment there’s also MP work in the can on stuff like vehicle radios now receiving radio stations, VOIP and radio chat messages in bubble text over the car. Likewise improvements have been made to your client predicting where your friends are falling/dying which is resulting in resulting in far less corpse placement weirdness. Work is also currently going into the smoothness of vehicles being controlled by other folks on the server – especially when they are moving at high speed. On the TIS side, meanwhile, EP has been integrating a new feature into the in-game map system that will be of great interest to admins and server owners: the ability to see where individual players are on Build 41’s in-game map. Server operators will also have the option of allowing members of safehouses or factions be able to see each other on their own map, if that suits their playstyle more than the usual default of having absolute no idea where your friends are. While it’s still not imminent, Aiteron is also integrating new animations into his fishing system that are starting to look really cool. This is super WIP and will get a lot of polish, but this is what it looked like this morning. Please note that in the vid the character is following the cursor: the cursor doesn’t represent fish placement. Gameplay hasn’t been fully tied to the anims yet. We are also looking for feedback and local knowledge from PZ players from Kentucky (and nearby surrounding regions) who enjoy fishing themselves. If this means you, then please check out the questions on this Google form. Massive thanks to those who previously emailed and have already given us some direction also! NEW HIRE Avid TIS followers will know that for a while we have been on the hunt for an Animation Engine Specialist to join the Project Zomboid team, and we are delighted to welcome one Howard Smith to our ranks. Howard is a big PZ fan, and also has big brains that have previously worked on the likes of Call of Duty, Halo and (wait for it) Left 4 Dead. Truth be told, in the big push for MP our work on our animations tech stalled somewhat – and there’s still many, many aspects of PZ combat and movement that we want to streamline and improve, and likewise many complex systems we’d dearly love to integrate in the future. Howard has a tasklist a mile long covering areas in which our animator has been logjammed recently, and as such will be something of a busy boy. Something else, meanwhile, that this gets us back on track with is work towards a release of our internal AnimZed animation tools to the community. This won’t be an imminent thing, but part of Howard’s work while getting bedded down in our code will be in building documentation and making some improvements both for us and the modding community. MORE NEW HIRE? Following the success of Build 41, we also find ourselves in a position where we can hunt down other experienced Games Programmers to join the Project Zomboid team. We are looking for coders willing and able to refresh some of our older systems, polish the existing ones and then to delve further into the features that will be part of the Knox Event’s exciting future. Interested applicants should check our jobs page, but we should underline that we currently don’t have any entry-level positions available. You will need to have a fair amount of experience we are afraid. TILL NEXT TIME That’s all the major news for this blog, but tomorrow we will have a surprise treat for denizens of the PZ subreddit. Pat_Bren has tracked down and interviewed a community hero, which has finally allowed us to say… This week’s arboreal scene from a S1ngle Man. A changelist of all our pre-release and post-release patches since the 41 beta began can be found here. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send you update notifications once builds get released. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too.
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    An MSPaint drawing of you apologizing to Judge Spiffo, saying you will not let your troll friend get you banned again, and obey the rules.
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    Your friend posted on your account?
  13. One of the mods currently causing this is Improved Hair Menu
  14. We've hotfixed a file mismatch. Small update should be coming through the Steam pipes shortly. GOG Galaxy within the hour
  15. Heya everyone, so today we’re pushing the 41.69 patch out into the Unstable beta. This is a the first release of a wide-ranging version that touches many parts of the codebase – including some fairly foundational stuff to improve the smooth running of MP, some handy new hooks for modders and many and various different fixes and improvements. The full and unexpurgated changelist is pretty vast, but a quick topline run-through of its contents will now follow: In MP: improvements to car physics, admin improvements, anti-cheat fixes, better handling of dead bodies, PvP and safehouse fixes, fixed grass growing through safehouse floors and much much more. VHS fix – an end to the peril of one-time-use video tapes on servers. A raft of Steamdeck compatibility improvements. New items, new forage finds, updated 3D models, new hair types and more. Scarecrows and Lab Skeleton ‘mannequins’ that can be kitted out in player clothes. Quality of life features: renamed Skill books, better item placing, movable minimap and many and various other things. 3D items now shown as textures rather than models. As such they now slide around less when the player moves, and have far less of a performance impact when all piled up. New/improved tag system for modders, and other general mod-side improvements. Added ambiance noise for different areas on the map tied to particular buildings and items, such as a little bit of mall muzak. Relevant ‘power down’ noises for the above-mentioned sounds to flag the power/water cutting out. New sounds for arcade machines, gas pumping, vehicle headlights and car window opening (both via handle and electric windows). Also BBQ noises, campfire sounds, fireplaces and more zed trip/thump stuff. Improved treatment of inside/outside sounds depending on whether doors and windows are open or closed. Loads of UI and controller improvements that are universally handy, but have primarily been put in for (you lucky!) Steamdeck users. 41.68 works okay with the new handheld device, but 41.69 should provide some vast improvements. Lots of general balance, including a spotlight on foods and recipes. A shitload of general fixes. We would be hugely grateful if players could move over to 41.69 and report any oddness or hiccups, and likewise to inform the creators of any mods that have been broken. We have done our best to bypass disruption, but in such a wide-ranging patch there will always be mod toes that the code has unavoidably trodden upon. (Creators of radio/TV-related mods should especially pay attention to the MP VHS fix, as it may cause some issues.) OTHER STUFF Elsewhere work continues on Build 42 and 43 content continues, with RJ still focusing on farm animals, and also the introduction of some basic AI versions of wild beasts also. Please consider these WIP! Also coming to you today with a WIP tag (as we are working on far better player directional ‘strain and lean’ animations rather than a repeated ‘pull animation’) is a video from Aiteron showing his current work on the fishing update. A lot of work these past few weeks has also been into making it work online, and our testers have been having some impromptu fishing competitions already. Here, also, you can see: Water splashes (visuals WIP) to show placement of groups of fish, ultimately we plan to move to a more constant surface disturbance to show the positions of fish at any given time, as well as use the current splashes instead when the fish is struggling on the line. Lines and hooks that can be changed on the fishing rod that have an impact on your fishing. A fishing net you can catch items in, and a new ‘generic trash’ item that can also become snared up in your tackle and provide you with a random item (not always a shoe!) In the land of MP meanwhile the Strike Force are currently working on vehicle smoothness, and rare strange physics during and after vehicle collisions. They also have some imminent plans for better hit-fall position prediction, which should make corpse placement much closer to how it looks in SP. We are also partway through a longer term process of making the inventory system completely server side (or rather authenticated server side) to avoid any kind of item spawning cheats. This is something we really need to do to close up the potential for item hacks on MP servers. It will not likely appear for a while, most like coming in a major build rather than an iterative patch as it is a major piece of work and will also come with the potential for mod breakage for mods that spawn items directly on the client. (We’ll make sure to keep it unstable a good period to give mod authors a chance to fix when it rolls around, and will provide some method for modders to legitimately spawn items recognized by the server when needed.) This week’s stand-off from Viиicius. A changelist of all our pre-release and post-release patches since the 41 beta began can be found here. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send you update notifications once builds get released. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too.
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