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  1. NO GAME IN HISTORY DOES IT THE WAY IT WAS PREVIOUSLY You don't mash. You hold down. The same way you hold down a button to walk. People with disabilites like to use Walk To, but proper click to move would be better. An option for the future but I don't see pressing W once to go on for eternity as the messiah for ease of access. Toggle option ok. Svarog's suggestion sounds good too!
  2. Happy Steam Summer Sale week survivors. May all your money-off dreams come true. CHRISW’S BUILDING TIER MAGIC Okay, so first off we’ve just had some of ChrisW’s cool engine/visuals stuff drop into the IWBUMS public test in build 38.4. They look a little bit like this. [Vid supplied by the lovely Mark.exe] Essentially the only levels that are hidden from the player are the ones of the building that you’re inside or directly outside – meaning that higher floors and rooftops around you become visible. ChrisW has also made the act of peeking through windows to see what’s inside a lot more immersive, as well as improving the engine so walls no longer stencil to transparent when you’re outside unless they’re blocking your view. All this makes the map feel a lot more tangible and real, so feel free to take the IWBUMS beta for a spin – and please let us know of any bugs or issues that might crop up for you. One that’s immediately in the above video, for example, is that some overhang tiles appear as black upon approach. After fixing bugs/issues that emerge, then next on ChrisW’ list are Sims style cutaways to make internal building navigation more pleasant and visually attractive. SERVER COMMUNITY MEGATEST Also just added to the IWBUMS public beta is an MP server option that Stas from General Arcade has been working on. This momentarily pauses all player activity when admins require server saving, instead of having it stretch out while players are out performing various in-game actions. Stas has also worked on shortening these save times – so this should all help lag, black boxes and the like. It’ll also need a stress test. So… This Wednesday 28th June at 7pm GMT we will be running a test IWBUMS server with this new function (full details to appear in this thread) and anyone willing to jump on and play the game for an hour will get a free Project Zomboid code to give to a friend/enemy/close family relation. All we need is for you to be running around on the server for an hour or so, and it’ll probably be quite a fun escapade. GENERAL IWBUMS Also added in this beta is an SP custom map selection that’ll allow you to load up multiple community maps without having to create your own mod, and some new grave imagery too as the initial ones were too long and looked a little too neat. Next up RJ is reworking how the current ‘nearby rotting corpses don’t make survival pleasant’ code operates, as its current implementation clearly needs some improvement. OTHER STUFF MarkR has created a tool called AnimZed, which is one of the mediums through which he’s simplifying the anim integration process both for us and, in future, the modding community. It looks a little bit like this. Ooh, and we’d also like to officially welcome Connall to the PZ codebase, who’ll be starting off by going back through the bug tracker and fixing up legacy irritations alongside various other nips and tucks. VEHICLES In today’s new vehicles build, as well as hopefully nixing the irritating flies bug that came in with the last version, Yuri has been fixing up MP syncing issues that saw lights apparently flicking on and off by themselves, and zombies running through closed doors to try to get to you. This week the plan is for him to work on aspects of the physics that need improvement. For example: collision with zombies, the fact that driving into zombie crowds without acceleration seems to have more impact on them than doing so with your foot down, deceleration in general, braking distance and, of course, the famed tumbling/hovering StepVan of Doom. This week’s lonely gas station clerk from Goonty Asatrigger. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless Mondoids for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too.
  3. Care to point out an example? This whole post was basically just short notes.
  4. Tons going on at the moment, but something of a ‘in progress’ blog. So here’s some nuggets on what our various workers are up to for Build 38 and beyond. RJ has just released IWBUMS public beta build 38.3 – which remedies the incessant fly buzz around rotten body piles, adds some new of Turbo’s new sounds for TV/radio and corrects various issues around the new graves and in-game memorials. This follows on from last Tuesday’s 38.2 that added some new sandbox options, random selection on zed strength/toughness/cognition and some darkness and nutrition balance. Next up RJ is working alongside RingoD to improve the selection process for solo game map mods – and let you boot up with multiple map mods without players having to create their own combined map mod. The plan is for ChrisW’s cool work on the building floor render code (stopping rooftops and higher floors being hidden all the time) to get merged into the 38 IWBUMS this week too – although this is dependent on a few fixes getting in, alongside improved window-peeking and getting the system working with garage/awning roof structures that the game currently doesn’t consider as being part of buildings. The public Vehicles Tech Test has been getting Yuri love backstage for the past week or so, as he’s been hunting out memory leaks through profiles of different machines running the build. It’s been a tricky process, but it seems like we’ve finally got to the bottom of one of the issues that was hampering FPS – and as such we’ll hopefully be returning to more ‘fun’ updates on the cars themselves, and remedying the MP inventory difficulties, later in the week. Our thanks to EG and Nasko for their help in the performance bug hunt. The Vehicles Tech Test has been going so well that we’ll definitely be doing something similar with Anims when the time comes. MarkR’s got a pipeline toward that locked down now – building on the new model format he’s put in for us, tidying up the work we already had in the can with his technical cleverness, as well as creating a quick tool to aid creation of more complex animation states, implementing ‘layers’ which is like an extra dimension to the current animation system that would exponentially simplify all the remaining game logic stuff that still needs fixing up and tying together. [TLDR: There’s a hell of a lot of technical chat going on, the guy who writes the Mondoids doesn’t really understand it all, but there’s a real push on and we are going to owe MarkR more than a few beers.] We also have another bold Russian, also from the General Arcade stable, currently tasked with improving the PZ online experience. Stas’ current task is to improve how servers perform ‘SaveAll’ – and in turn hopefully address the terror of ‘black boxing’, frozen zeds and map stream pauses. His is a long term mission, it could take a while, but it’s great to have someone of his talents getting in amongst it all. Hopefully more developments on all fronts next week, and clearly Mash’s next map expansion isn’t a million miles away – oh and we’re also back in touch with Zach Beever now he’s finished up his studies about polishing the PZ soundtrack, and maybe a few new tunes too. More on that when it happens. This week’s Spiffo Speakeasy from Tasma. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too.
  5. Done.
  6. You can't. Administrators can change it for you. What do you want it changed to?
  7. Factually wrong. Why spread bullshit?
  8. Hello! Another Monday, another Mondoid. Quite a lot of cool stuff bubbling under today… BUILD 38 IWBUMS First off we’ve got a new IWBUMS public beta release for Build 38 out today. This contains a first version of our new ‘corpse management’, aimed at encouraging players not to leave piles of rotting zombie corpses outside their safehouse. To this end you can dig graves, craft memorials for RP and also proximity to rotten corpses will make you feel ill/sad (although it seems that this aspect is bugged and breathing in zed fumes is loads too dangerous at the moment, 38.2 will remedy this when it arrives tomorrow). Also included in this first version of 38 are some changes to the clothing system, and a bunch of new Sandbox options to help you personalise your game – touching on darkness, randomised zombie speeds, day/night active zombies, chances of annotated map and randomized house discoveries and fuel consumption. Oh, and TV and Radio programmes now have an impact on the character’s moodles, and if watching an instructional show then an XP multiplier is received. 38.2 will be arriving tmorrow, and it’ll have some extra sandbox options as well as the fixes – and higher capacity graves. BUILDING FUN As mentioned last week NewChris (ChrisW) is making change to the PZ building floor render code, and already has a build of his changes working backstage. His first task is to stop the game from hiding rooftops and upper floors as soon as you go up to them. This should give a much better sense of immersion, and better show off the buildings that Mash (and the community) has created. The following vid is WIP, but gives a fair indication of how things will look. This week’s challenge has been in ensuring that zombies are still visible, and not covered up, if the player is in a tight spot where walls/roof tops would previously have been collapsed. As such in the following video Chris has made sure that if your character has seen the nearest zombie, then the engine won’t hide it behind a wall. Depending on how ChrisW gets on with the system over the next week, this might become a part of Build 38 too – before he moves on to our much-desired Sims-style cutaway. VEHICLE BRANCH Alongside the new IWBUMS beta we still have our public vehicles Tech Test running, details of which you can find here. In the past week Yuri has fixed the ‘cars floating away on the Z axis’ bugs, some memory leaks and the ability to sleep when driving – and has also updated the physics of each individual car. For the past few days he’s been investigating other potential memory leaks and general FPS issues, and his next task will be to work on the annoying invisible shared inventory bugs that are getting in the way of our MP testers. In the mean-time we’ll also set up some threads on the forum to help us get particular feedback on the current physical set-ups of each vehicle. Our thanks to the community for the invaluable bug reports and insight they’ve been providing. When it comes to the animations (which new boy Mark has been doing some great work with over the past week) we’ll probably use the same approach. OTHER STUFF RingoD has published some cool new guides on the TIS forum. First off, How to Combine Map Mods and then How to Create Lootable Maps for community created towns and settlements. If there are any other map-making and modding tutorials that you think are required then please just let us know. Deputy on the TIS forums paid the locals of the real Muldraugh and West Point a visit! Check out his pics, as he terrified the locals with printed out Spiffo images, through here. This week’s burning issue from Steffen over Discord. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is now open for chat and hijinks too. A general overview of the content of PZ builds past, in testing and upcoming can be found here.
  9. That would be ace. Your screenshot shows 30 FPS in the top right corner. Also, are you sure about your hardware? I believe the i7 2700k doesn't support DDR4 RAM.
  10. Mind posting your specs?
  11. Afternoon one and all! Here’s t’news. Vehicles The public Vehicles Tech Test continues, and its been fascinating watching testers adapting their PZ play-styles and spreading themselves out over the map. This week we even had our first retexture in the form of Lexx2k’s camper van, which bodes extremely well for the modding community. Right now Yuri is reworking aspects of the physics model to fix a bug we’ve had with car bouncing, and simultaneously improving the slow turns on vans, and over-sensitive steer on the sports car. Once this has been done we’ll be opening up a specific feedback thread that’ll cover each different model of car on the TIS forum, so that it’s clear exactly what needs refinement on each different vehicle. We’re also midway through some work on zombie collision. Currently holding down ‘W’ key while driving into zeds actually means they react less, and coasting into them without acceleration has a greater impact. As such zombie/car impacts should improve in the next couple of builds. Finally, Yuri has been chasing down the occasional memory leaks that were popping up and causing stutter-mayhem – and, in particular, a tricky one that appeared when testers died and reloaded. We seem to be getting there with major performance tasks on the vehicles Tech Test, but fringe cases of game-breaking issues do occasionally pop up in player reports. As such if you’re experiencing any super slowdown and juddering on the vehicles build then we 100% need to hear from you. So please leave your findings, and importantly the details of the system you’re running PZ on, here. NewChris Stuff NewChris has taken to the eccentricities of Java worship (following his former days in the church of Unreal) really well – and already has a backstage branch running showcasing his changes to the PZ building floor render code. His first mission, to get him acquainted with PZ, is through rejigging the world rendering to stop the game from hiding the roofs and upper floors of every building on-screen as soon as you step close to any building. Instead, the game will intelligently collapse just the building you are stood behind or are stood inside. It’s already clear from playing the test version that players will get a more immersive feeling, instead of having to view buildings that have been sliced up by PZ’s old ways of doing things. The next step will be to look into implementing some more ‘Sims-like’ cut away walls to interiors, to eliminate the transparent walls we currently have, and provide a much nicer system for navigating inside buildings – while being able to see the floorplan layout much easier. It’s currently unclear whether these improvements will be going into the coming IWBUMS or the next, but good stuff is already starting to flow. Anims As mentioned previously we’re now working with our new/old friend Mark to get animations over the line. Mark was previously Technical Director at SEGA Europe, he loves PZ and he really knows his shit. He’s investigated the roadblocks we were facing, and we’re now working together with him to navigate it all. For example, Mark is implementing some good ideas for handling rotational root motion from his experience on other games, and this week will also be working on a new tool that will make anim state xml handling easier for both the wider team and the community. He’s also going to be adding in some optimizations for how our existing system handled hair that’ll save on skeleton processing, and to allow for us to improve the way we were integrating the new animation system with the existing state machine that the rest of the game logic relies on. It’s all good and necessary stuff that’s given us renewed momentum backstage, and hopefully that’ll become clearer front-of-house too in the weeks to come. IWBUMS We’ll likely be opening up a new IWBUMS for Build 38 over the next week or so – featuring RJ’s corpse management discussed in previous blogs, bloody clothes increasing wound infection risks, graves, pyres etc. It will also feature General Arcade’s work on MP Discord integration that we’ve had stacked up behind the scenes for a while, potentially some of the NewChris work described above and hopefully some Turbo stuff and Stas MP stuff too. Bedford Falls A quick note to say that the in-game maps of Build 37 have now been joined by one for ourRingoD-curated community map Bedford Falls as well, as designed by Ringo himself. He’s now working on some stash maps for it too, as well as writing some guidance for the community on how they can create their own. This week’s car frenzy from (ЗлОй_КаКтУс). The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too. A general overview of the content of PZ builds past, in testing and upcoming can be found here.
  12. This is a Steam limitation. You cannot buy 4 packs without keeping one copy yourself.
  13. Try to see if there's a zombie directly behind the northern or western wall of a house, 5 meters in front of you
  14. Hello! Let’s get down to zombie business. VEHICLES Quite an intriguing update to the Public Vehicles Tech Test build today – but first off a quick Public Awareness Notice that the ‘engine ignition’ key has been changed to ‘W’ as that should feel more natural for new players. We’ve also taken the password off the beta channel, as everyone knows it’s WIP content now. So what’s in the new build? Previously all vehicles had their wheels in the same place so, following Animator/Modelling man Martin’s guidelines, Yuri has been making sure each car has its tyres spinning in the correct place. This, temporarily, made the vehicles fly – which was not the desired effect. Yuri, then, has now gone back in to debug each vehicle individually and also used the opportunity to experiment and improve handling/feel on each of them. They should feel a lot more distinct now, but we’re still at an experimental stage so you may well like some changes more than others. Early feedback is really good, but sounds like we need to finetune sports cars and vans a little more in terms of turning circles and spin-outs. In terms of performance, things are a lot more stable now but there’s certainly still room for improvement in terms of FPS. As such with this build we’ve also introduced some new caching to the LightingJNI interface which should make things smoother game-wide. To make life easier for our amazing testers (who are providing so much good feedback) we’re also now addressing various ‘irritation issues’ that have crept into the Tech Test that prevent ‘proper’ PZ playthroughs – stuff like the loot table being messed up on reloads, rain somehow breaching ceilings on anything above the ground floor etc. These will be added to build during the week. The most pressing however, the ‘survivor is stuck on top of a flipped car until they starve’ bug, should be fixed in this new release. STEAM INVITE FIX Those who were struggling to send/receive Steam invites to private servers should now find the issue fixed via a recent Steam update. If you’re still having issues then please try restarting Steam to make sure you’ve caught the latest version. Our thanks to Sergei from General Arcade for all his investigation work into the issue, and to Valve for being on the ball in terms of the fix that remedied the situation both for us and a variety of other games. OTHER STUFF RJ’s work on Build 38 continues – as mentioned last week at first it’ll introduce a bunch of new sandbox options, experimentation with darker nights, negative consequences for survivors who let fetid corpses stack up outside their safehouse and new ways to bury/burn/dispose of corpses. Mash is currently creating new sprites for graves, pyres and RP-enhancing memorials and crosses. We should have news on when the IWBUMS public beta will be ready in the week ahead. It’s also a fair bet that Mash’s next map update, including the Knox Heights Country Club, will be a part of Build 38 – although it’s unlikely to be a part of the initial testing. Elsewhere our new workers are getting used to the new codebase. GA’s Stas is ready for his deep-dive into the MP code and his warm-up ‘introduction task’ is to look into some of the crashes our server hosts face. NewChris, meanwhile, has begun investigations into improving the single building cutaway system and making interior cutaways while inside buildings to be more Sims-esque. This, in turn, should lead into his wider mission that we’ll discuss a little later down the line. Mark’s work on streamlining the foundations of the animation system, meanwhile, has brought him up to speed with the ins and outs of the code – and with his expertise on board we feel we’ll finally be able to bring you good news while vehicles are finished off elsewhere. In the background Animator and Model Man Martin hasn’t been resting easy, and recently has been polishing weapon and weapon upgrade visuals according to community feedback and getting ready for the time at which Mark requires everything re-exported under the improved export/format system. [Away from this Martin has also been creating some awesome-looking military vehicles for implementation further down the line.] At this point we’ve got double the bodies working on PZ that we did at this point last year (it really has been like ‘London buses all turning up at once’ in terms of the talent that has become available) and, much as we know that PZ development has been slow, we hope that the introduction of The New Batch will bear more and more fruit as the year goes on. In final news, if PZ Modding Hero Nolan ever wants to create a Back to the Future Part II flying car mod then the opportunity is now here! Where we’re going we don’t need roads… This week’s car lot tragedy from Ellihow. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is now open for chat and hijinks too. A general overview of the content of PZ builds past, in testing and upcoming can be found here.