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    Upstairs Downstairs

    Now then, survivors. Let’s do the thing. NEXT This week we released version 41.77 into our Unstable beta. This is primarily aimed at fixing the Linux crashes that have been plaguing server hosts, and so far seems to be a mission success in that regard. It also improves client to server connections by preferring a direct connection to the server. Servers now have two ports for clients to connect to, configurable through the server options. The game port (UDP 16261 by default) is used to handle Steam queries. The additional port (UDP 16262 by default) is used to handle the direct connection. We’ve had a successful wider test of 41.77 with more than 30 people on a server without any crashes, and we’ve tested a modded setup afterwards as well. Upon release there were servers running mods with 41.77 just fine, but unfortunately it seemed that some mod setup constellations caused conflicts that resulted in black screens for some servers. We have just pushed a hotfix we believe will resolve this. If, however, you run a 41.77 server and you are still experiencing players unable to log on (only seeing a black screen) then please send us: the list of ModIDs (specifically the “Mods=” line from their server.ini, the workshop= line, and your server logs. Posting these in the forum release thread or in our Discord techsupport channel would probably be best. Likewise, any reports of ongoing server instability or general misbehaviour – please let us know ASAP. THEN We’re still adding tweaks and polish to our final B41 patch that we’ll put out once the current network improvements are fully tested, released and stable. This is the current changelist, with notable additions in the past few weeks on show here if you already read up on what was incoming in our last blog. OOH, 42 Build 42 will be a very big update, and it will appear a sizable amount of time after Build 41 is fully wrapped. We’ve announced most of the things that we currently have brewing for it, but there’s one thing we’ve only hinted at so far – and which is very likely to feature. As regular readers may remember, a while ago we wrote a blog called Techdoid that detailed some of the big engine improvements we have slated for 42. Amongst them is a new rendering pipeline which allows for entire chunks to be cached with a depth buffer, which will afford us MASSIVE rendering and scene construction improvements and should rid us of all the performance issues we’ve been plagued with due to the isometric draw order over the years. There’s also a new light propagation system, which allows for light to naturally leak through doors and windows, providing much more atmospheric and believable lighting We also got rid of the 8 storey limit on chunks: specifically we allowed each chunk to have its own unique defined height up to 32 levels. Finally, we discussed that we’d fixed the many areas of the codebase that used static casts to round the player’s position to determine what chunk or tile they were on to using Math.floors instead. This method allows for negative coordinates to work where prior the calculations would have failed if the player was stood on a tile with a negative coordinate. This in theory will allow for us, or modders, to build north or west to the same extents as we currently build to the east and south, effectively quadrupling the maximum size the map could be extended to and open up a great deal of extra land to populate should we need to in future. Whilst all these features are gamechangers in themselves, they were also done in service of another very specific feature we’ve had planned for a long time, which required each of them to be made feasible in any way. The current in-game lighting system means that the indoor ambience levels are defined solely by the time of day. If it’s daytime, the ambient light levels inside a building are above zero, giving just sub-daylight levels, even if there are no sources of natural light that should fall on a tile just by virtue of it being day. That wouldn’t work very well if we were wanting to do… a certain other feature. The previous eight level hard limit and high rendering cost of multiple levels was rather restrictive if we were to… want to do a certain something. The lack of support for negative coordinates for character positions? Well that was IMMENSELY restrictive if we… were to want to do a certain something. A few people may have been able to read between the lines of what all these lead toward. Many more will have just watched the video already. The plan we have for basements and sub-levels is an interesting one, as it will provide a lot more replayability to the game map, which is otherwise completely static at the moment. Essentially in 42 we, or modders, can list positions on the map (along with staircase orientation) that have the space for a basement and can be allocated the potential to have one. However, no basements are placed within the map itself. When an area is streamed in for the first time, an appropriate basement ‘building’ created in the building editor and exported as a binary file is selected randomly from the list of all possible basements and will be injected into the map as it is loaded. We could add tags to make it pick an appropriate category of basement to fit the specific house, though right now the code has it set as completely random. Each basement has stairs leading up from its ‘top’ floor and these stairs will be aligned to the correct position when it is injected into the map. This means that despite the map being static, any areas with basements will yield surprises in every playthrough. This will also, clearly, cause the least disruption to the existing map development, modded maps and everything else. Whilst most of the basements will be modest basement rooms, that will have their own unique layout and lootable containers and will change on every new world and be populated with our own collection as well as any collections of mod basements that are subscribed to. There may be a few, however, which are more extensive, the player could happen upon a super rare and extensive underground complex. We have 32 levels to work with that can be distributed in any way above or below ground per chunk as required, so there’ll be few limits particularly in what modders can do with this. We can also hardcode some specific basement levels, so we could say provide key buildings within the map with bespoke basement levels that fit that particular building and will always be the same on every map. Also, with the new light propagation system, you better bring a torch – because unless there are light switches, its gonna be dark even if it’s daytime! We’re also considering the possibility of other sub-surface structures, such as sewers for locations like Louisville. We’re still researching what would be appropriate and sufficiently realistic for this, however, and it’s not certain what could/would appear in b42 beyond what’s discussed above at this stage. SPIFFO: BEYOND If you are a Terraria player then right now you are likely enjoying the amazing Labor of Love update, and maybe you’ve even discovered a certain someone has made the jump into another game – heralding the beginning of some sort of Spiffo Cinematic Universe. Our endless thanks to everyone at Re-Logic for letting our little dude spread his wings (or spin his tail, I guess) and treating him so well. This week’s stunning outdoor scene from Citro. A changelist of all our pre-release and post-release patches since the 41 beta began can be found here. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send you update notifications once builds get released. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too. Experienced games dev and want to work with us, especially if you’re an Animations Engineer as Christ alive that would be handy? Details here.
  2. Kleines Missverständnis? Unser Blog von vor ca anderthalb Wochen hat eine Menge an neuen Sachen und Fixes aufgelistet, die in dem "übernächsten" Patch kommen. Dieser Patch ist noch nicht erschienen, du kannst hierzu die beiden Patchnotes vergleichen; der Fix ist noch nicht im Release aufgelistet. Wir wissen also, dass der Bug mit den Mäusefallen noch nicht gefixt ist, da wir den Patch noch nicht releasen konnten.
  3. Hotfix #2 September 29th: - Fixed black screen issues with certain mod constellations. - Improved ConnectionManager logs. - Increased kick delay for CRC differences. Hotfix #1 September 29th: - Improved Type5 and Type22 Anti-Cheat behaviour to reduce false positives. - Extended checksum logs for debugging CRC differences. - Fixed Type21 black screen at connection stage when Type21 anti-cheat check is disabled. - Fixed the character model always using media/textures/Body/Masks instead a clothing item's UnderlayMasks folder. __________________________ Original Patch: MP - Improved client connection. Important for server providers: Servers now have two ports for clients to connect to. The game port (UDP 16261 by default) is used to handle Steam queries. The additional port (UDP 16262 by default) is used to handle the direct connection. These ports can be configured through the server options. Clients will first try to use a direct connection. If direct connection fails, clients will try to connect via Steam. The non-Steam version works as usual. UPnP rules were changed accordingly (UPnP is used in cases to prevent manual port-forwarding). The client will show the warning message "WARNING: SERVER HAS PORT %1 CLOSED. PERFORMANCE MAY BE SEVERELY AFFECTED" if the client can't connect through direct connection. - ZNet libraries rebuilt for Windows, Linux, and Mac. - ZNet, Connection, and Kick logs are improved. - Additional logs were added. - Fixed kicks after disabling VOIP. - Fixed connecting to host after disconnection from a dedicated server. - Fixed infinite connection attempt to non-steam server when it's not up. - Fixed the client displaying "Disconnected" instead of "Wrong username or password". - Fixed players being able to change their saved password for an already created account in some instances. NEW - Added a looping progress bar for timed actions that have no defined end. This is mainly a stopgap fix for entering cars, to visualize that there is an ongoing unfinished action until we can have visually open doors, etc. Specifically added for the scenarios where players reported being bitten through the car door after they had entered a car and interrupted the "enter car" action before it could finish (e.g. by opening the map, etc) and before the door was "closed". This bar extends to other "infinite" actions like Walk To. MODELS - Added new body locations: Jacket_Bulky, JacketHat_Bulky, TorsoExtraVest, and JacketSuit. - Assigned new body locations to existing clothing items to avoid clipping. - Tweaked and added many clothing masks to avoid clipping through each other. - Adjusted several clothing models and bone weighting to improve clipping. - Removed Bowling shirt model from Bowling shirt definitions and made Bowling Shirt a texture. The model was left in the files in case mods use it. - Improved base Body mask to help with clipping. - Re-exported ALICE packs as some straps were missing.
  4. We posted the changelog of the upcoming build in our last blog, and among other things it mentioned that the collision with mousetraps was fixed.
  5. nasKo

    The Good Life

    Hello everyone. NEXT The situation with Linux server instability remains ongoing, with the MP team working on another update to the Unstable beta – and an internal test of their work tonight. The good news from the Unstable release of 41.76 was that overall network and connection speeds were improved, and will be beneficial to all online players once fully released, but the far more pressing issue was that residual errors in our zombienet library carried over server instability. Getting this, finally, sorted is currently the team’s number one priority. This issue doesn’t impact all our players, but we recognise how frustrating it must be for those who play regularly on Linux servers – and above all those who operate them. We can only apologise for the continued outage and ongoing work, and recognise that patience has been running understandably thin. In our travels fixing the issues, the networking has been changed so as to more directly communicate between server and client. The server now has 2 ports to connect to. The game port (16261 by default) is used to handle Steam queries. The additional port (16262 by default) is used to handle the direct connection, and thus circumnavigate the data travelling through the steam network which was impacting latency and throughput significantly. These ports can be configured through the server options. We’re aware this may cause a bit of disruption when we first release this to stable. However, the positive impact this will have on server performance, reducing lag and improving syncing of the game is too great to ignore, and should be just an additional port for server operators to be aware of and shouldn’t affect the vast majority of players connecting. The non-Steam version, meanwhile, will just work as usual. THEN Most of the non-MP team are now fully on B42 development, but we do have a few brave soldiers working on the final 41 patch that’s currently backlogged behind the aforementioned MP fixes. The intention of this patch is to be as non-disruptive as possible, and to leave 41 in the best possible condition during the next period of extensive Build 42 development. As such it’s primarily fix-based and polish, but there are also some expanded sandbox options. You can see the topline of new changes in the screenshot below. You can thankfully also view the full current changelist by following this hotlink. This build will go into the unstable beta once MP servers are fully patched up and stable. 42 We’ve got a couple of videos from RJ this week to show his current work on domestic animals. They are fairly self-explanatory when you watch them, but PLEASE NOTE everything you see is heavily WIP. RJ is working in something of a development debug sandbox here, and as such everything will have rough edges – and likewise some player actions will have more appropriate animations, animal sizes will be improved, sound effects, further polished UI etc. etc. Finally, just to give you the shivers, here’s a sample of the Sound Team’s latest work on sprinter screams. Don’t have nightmares. This week’s book club from Kawri. A changelist of all our pre-release and post-release patches since the 41 beta began can be found here. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send you update notifications once builds get released. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too. Experienced games dev and want to work with us, especially if you’re an Animations Engineer as Christ alive that would be handy? Details here.
  6. Good points. We'll add a Main Menu button and have a retry looked into again.
  7. We skipped public testing for 41.75. The TL;DR of the changes from 41.74 to 41.76 is that the Steam Networking API implementation was improved; Linux crashes should be fixed and overall networking performance has been improved alongside connection stability in internal tests. In essence the game will now also use direct communication with dedicated servers, instead of going entirely through Steam’s own networking API, improving performance and stability for dedicated servers. MP - Improved Steam Networking API implementation. - Selected game data is no longer transmitted through the Steam P2P API but through UDP instead. - Adjusted Anti-Cheat Types 21-24 to result in fewer false positives. A note that if you do not run a public server (i.e. a server exclusively for you and your family & friends without the worry of griefing and cheating), you can entirely circumvent any sort of frustration with false positives by disabling all AntiCheat protections in the servers .ini file. - Split the large ConnectionDetails packet into several smaller packets with one of the ConnectionDetailsPacket.State enum values indicating which data is requested. - Improved algorithm for the transmission of large files while playing. - Loading screen now shows the download status of large files when connecting to a server. - ZNet library was rebuilt on all platforms. - Fixed ObjectModData packets not being sent while the server was in the FastForward state. - Fixed bug in world dictionary when an item in a different module but with a similar name as an vanilla item was removed. - Fixed a new stubble Beard getting added to remote players after each appearance change, which resulted in receivePlayerZombieDescriptors errors.
  8. nasKo

    Broadened HorizonZ

    Okay, so here’s a run down on our current basic plans for finalizing Build 41, and then beyond. NEXT We’ve left Linux server operators hanging out to dry a bit over the last two weeks and feel awful about it – especially ones with larger/busier servers. 41.73 came with crashes on Linux servers, and the version with the updated Steam API we put into the Unstable beta in 41.74 turned out to bring in as many issues as it solved. As such Yuri and Andrei are currently working on another approach that will be going into Unstable beta (and then Stable) as soon as we can muster – which will have the crashes fixed, and should also have increased networking performance and improved connection stabilities for everyone. We’re hoping to conduct an internal test on it tomorrow. In essence the game will now also use direct communication with dedicated servers, instead of going entirely through Steam’s own networking. This should improve things for all players on dedicated servers – including the Linux servers that were sadly the canary in the coalmine that flagged up the fact that something needed to be done here. Again, our apologies to those impacted – we are thinking of ways to repair some of the damage done during the outage and appreciate your frustration. THEN We have a staging branch backstage that all our coders are feeding aspects of their work that they wouldn’t want people to have to wait until Build 42 for – so no big features, but instead a lot of fixes and balance. We will also be trying to limit mod disruption and big/controversial changes, as this will be the version that we leave folks with for quite a while when all of us are 100% working on new features alongside the existing 42 team. (Apart from anything urgent we might need to attend to on 41, clearly). The sorts of things we’re currently testing for this patch include: many and various visual issues with the cutaway system, colour blind accessibility options, better crate highlights, many recipe improvements, better ways for the game to handle car alarms and (hopefully) fixes for sounds cutting out in busy MP situations. There’s also some new 3D models where we’ve had icon mismatches, new tooltips to better explain what different items can do, weight/encumbrance rebalancing on some items, the lighter/Molotov fix we mentioned last time and many and varied other fixes. We’ve also done some work improving the in-game server browser that we would certainly like to include as well. There’s a lot of other stuff too, but you probably get the gist. Nothing that’s going to rock the boat, but also enough stuff to keep the boat sailing until we reach the glittering shores of 42. MAP NEXT While we can’t and won’t go into forensic detail on which towns and what design themes we’re going for, it’s perhaps time to talk about the next map expansion – which will most likely hit with 42. Xeonyx and Ayrton are essentially pushing the map out on all sides, apart from beyond the game’s traditional Ohio River boundary. The map team are returning to fictionalised versions of real places on the Kentucky map – Riverside and March Ridge being entirely fictional. We don’t want to name exactly which ones, but it might be worth mentioning one of them will be Ekron. The location currently commonly known as Ekron within the community is not supposed to be our version of that place, and (for reasons that will become explicit when viewed on the PZ map) is internally known as Fallas Lake. We will erect a sign in Build 42 to make this information more prominent. Here’s a few WIP screens of some of our future locations to keep you all going. ALSO Other things currently being worked on for B42 inclusion that we haven’t mentioned before are: The Sound Team are working on sprinter zed growls and screams – our first inspirations here will be the Dawn of the Dead remake but we will iterate until we get it right. Formosa have also created a variety of bullet impact noises (on cars, dirt, glass, plastic, trees, walls and wood) that we will be integrating come 42, alongside the further improvement of the dynamic music system. They will also clearly have their hands full with the cows, chickens, sheep, improved fishing and many and various new post-apocalypse items and actions that B42 will bring along with it. RJ is currently experimenting with rats, which could also become part of the Knox Event alongside domestic animals. Martin, meanwhile, has been working on animal transportation – namely new trailers and potential new vehicles. Pat_Bren has been expanding the breadth of different TV and radio channels available to tune into at the start of the outbreak, and is now moving onto some other frequencies that players might be lucky enough to come across later on within the PZ timeline too. Right now he’s added Public Access TV, a Music channel, a Sports channel, a movie channel, a new entertainment channel and a radio station called Upper South Radio. We can’t remember if we showed it before, apologies if so, but seeing as RJ is back working with his rats – here’s what a PZ rat looks like when it bugs out with human hair. Thanks all, and thanks for your patience. We’ll see you next time. This week’s foggy overview from the Universe of Gamer. A changelist of all our pre-release and post-release patches since the 41 beta began can be found here. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send you update notifications once builds get released. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too. Experienced games dev and want to work with us, especially if you’re an Animations Engineer as Christ alive that would be handy? Details here.
  9. nasKo

    Discord ban

    Yep, that's what the bot saw. https://discord.gg/theindiestone
  10. nasKo

    Camp GigaMart

    Hey all, we’ve had our heads deep in MP stuff this past ten days – so please excuse a blog that’s heavy on busywork and housekeeping. We released 41.73 to stable last week, which came with an unanticipated issue that saw Linux servers (of which there are many) having frequent crashes – generally when multiple users tried to connect at the same time. This wasn’t great, to say the least, so a lot of the B41 team’s bandwidth has gone into investigating, testing and finding a solution for this over the last ten days. We’ve recently released version 41.74 to the Unstable beta, which has fixed the crash issue at our end – and we would ask that anyone who hasn’t been able to play due to linux server crashes to try it out. This includes a full update to Valve’s latest Steam API. If you continue to experience crashes on the Unstable branch after this patch, please head to our Discord techsupport channel or forums and send us your hs_err_pid**.log file (you’ll find this in the server installation folder) in addition to a download link to a .zip file of your Home/Zomboid folder (remove the “Saves” folder from it to save space). Doing a wholesale update to the Steam networking interface like this isn’t small beans, and it has thrown up a few issues that we will be remedying in the coming days – but in the interest of getting folks missing out on their PZ ASAP we have released the fix to Unstable to get people back on-board, and report back on any other misbehaviour. We will also be making some of the new anti-cheat additions far less twitchy, as these too caused issues for some people on 41.73 launch. NEXT PATCH Slightly logjammed behind 41.74 is a wide-ranging patch full of many and various things. To minimise future disruption to B41 players we are thinking that it may well be the last major patch before all coders are moved to B42 and more feature-based development. Clearly there will still be fixes and maintenance where necessary. We’ll be wanting to leave 41 in the best state that we can, and with as many annoyances removed as possible. Plans can change of course, but this currently our direction. Some of the logjammed items ready-coded and awaiting internal integration and testing are: New flatpack model for movable icons. Cleared up plastic/metal bucket confusion. New watering cans. Added compass support for the forthcoming compass item. When an item with the Compass tag is in a player’s inventory, the tooltip on mouseover will include text indicating which direction the character is facing. Recipe improvements: – more food items capable of being added to tacos and burritos. Rebalanced weights/encumbrance of: walkie talkies (for French speakers: talkie walkies), fire extinguishers, branches, spears, more. Adjusted the capacities of pistol and revolver cases from 7 down to 4. Changed the sawed off shotgun recipes to only use the hacksaw, and not the garden saw. Longstanding bugbear that using lighters with Molotovs completely drains them fixed. Also when a Lighter is equipped it will no longer automatically become lit, instead it will do so only if activated using the flashlight keybind or radial menu, or using the inventory context menu option to activate them. Several new zed and building stories. Added a new sandbox setting “EnablePoisoning” which has the settings “True” (default), “False”, and “Bleach is Disabled”. It governs if poison, or only bleach, is disallowed from being added to foods. Although this is primarily intended for MP servers, as an anti-griefing/no-PVP allowance, it has been requested for singleplayer as well, thus why it is a sandbox setting and not a server setting. Building keys spawn on zombies and corpses when they spawn inside buildings, when appropriate, instead of when they die inside of one. (WIP – may be B42) Set some traits to be mutually exclusive to remove exploits or illogical combinations: Brave & Agoraphobic/Claustrophobic; Adrenaline Junkie & Agoraphobic/Claustrophobic/Cowardly. Rebalanced the maggots that spawn on corpses so that they spawn less often in spring and fall, and also so that the maggots that spawn on zombie corpses have a poison value of 5 instead of 3. Improved how current fakedead zombie spawns function. Improvement to buffs and debuffs in terms of XP and moodles shown. Fixed issues that involve spawning in barricaded/burnt/randomized locations. House keys will no longer spawn with a long string of numbers in their display name. (Should’ve improved this previously – apologies) Added attachments to most food models so they appear in the player’s hand while eating /gunshot command can now target a specific player Some work-in-progress changes to zombie behaviour. Random offset to where zombies think a sound came from for unseen squares. Rain increases zombie hearing random offset range and decreases chance for zombies to react to player sounds. Zombies wander more during heavy rain. (Potentially B42 content) Fixes and improvements to the admin tile picker system in MP. Some logical improvements to clothing items. Motorcycle helmets protect from head fractures, firefighter gear protects from fire etc. A fix to how you’re unable to claim a safehouse unless standing on the ground floor, and how game currently doesn’t check upper floors for other players or zombies when claiming. “Streamer Mode” audio option which changes vehicle siren sounds to avoid bizarre copyright strikes. Various improvements and fixes to the cutaway system. Colour-blind friendly accessibility addition – letting you add:another variant to red/green in aiming outline – and also to reduce difficulty when zed is standing on snow. Added highlight to crates so it’s easier to differentiate which one player is interacting with. Optional Sandbox Setting To Disable The Tainted Water Tooltip/Warning For Hardcore Play Improvements to level of damage burnt food does to players with weak stomach trait Changes to how car alarms function in-game, seeing as currently they are an extremely rare threat. Although its early days yet, and unconfirmed for B42, we are also currently spending some time doing some backstage experimentation with basements and improvements to our loot/inventory UIs. If these are successful we may well see them surface in future blogs. Thanks all! This week’s supermarket camping trip from 지혁. A changelist of all our pre-release and post-release patches since the 41 beta began can be found here. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send you update notifications once builds get released. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too. Experienced games dev and want to work with us? Details here.
  11. [Note: Parts of this patch were previously released as a 41.73 Unstable hotfix.* A version bump ensures players running the Stable client get a clearer error (version mismatch) when connecting to servers running the Unstable branch.] This patch addressed the Linux server crashes. Please let us know about any remaining crashes and the performance you're experiencing. If you continue to experience crashes on the Unstable branch after this patch, please send us your hs_err_pid**.log file (you'll find this in the server installation folder) in addition to a .zip file of your Home/Zomboid folder (remove the "Saves" folder from it to save space). If you're submitting them outside of our Discord techsupport channel, please make sure to provide a download link from your filesharing service of choice. MP - Migrated to newer Steam API.* - ZNet library was rebuilt on all platforms.* - Steam network logs are added.* - SteamGeneric packet was removed.* - Old steam session info was removed.* - SteamGameServer.BUpdateUserData method call is removed as deprecated.* - Error descriptions for the ESteamNetConnectionEnd and EResult were added. - Fixes to Steam logging. Additional MP fixes will follow in the coming days.
  12. We've released a patch to the Unstable branch. - znet library was rebuilt on all platforms. - Migrated to newer Steam API. - Steam network logs are added. - SteamGeneric packet was removed. - Old steam session info was removed. - SteamGameServer.BUpdateUserData method call is removed as deprecated This Hotfix is hopefully fixing the Linux server crashes. Please let us know about crashes and performance. If you continue to experience crashes on the Unstable branch after this hotfix, as before: please send us your hs_err_pid**.log file (you'll find this in the server installation folder) in addition to a .zip file of your Home/Zomboid folder (remove the "Saves" folder from it to save space). If you're submitting them outside of our Discord techsupport channel, please make sure to provide a download link from your filesharing service of choice. Note: Despite being the same version number, the Stable and Unstable branch are different. Make sure your players are on the same branch as the server. We'll bump up the version number soon so it'll result in a clearer error message
  13. nasKo

    41.73 Released

    Hotfix August 12th: - Extended client connection logs - The zombienet library was rebuilt (libZNet*) We've pushed this update to help us further investigate and better reproduce Linux server crashes. If you continue to experience crashes on your Linux server after this update, please send us your hs_err_pid**.log file (you'll find this in the server installation folder) in addition to a .zip file of your Home/Zomboid folder (remove the "Saves" folder from it to save space). If you're submitting them outside of our Discord techsupport channel, please make sure to provide a download link from your filesharing service of choice.
  14. nasKo

    41.73 Released

    No, it's players elsewhere on the map in MP.
  15. Edit: Hotfix August 12th: - Extended client connection logs - The zombienet library was rebuilt (libZNet*) We've pushed this update to help us further investigate and better reproduce Linux server crashes. If you continue to experience crashes on your Linux server after this update, please send us your hs_err_pid**.log file (you'll find this in the server installation folder) in addition to a .zip file of your Home/Zomboid folder (remove the "Saves" folder from it to save space). If you're submitting them outside of our Discord techsupport channel, please make sure to provide a download link from your filesharing service of choice. 41.73 compiled changelist (Also including 41.72 from the unstable branch) NEW - Added the MapRemotePlayerVisibility server option for Multiplayer. 1 = Remote players aren't visible on the in-game map 2 = Remote players in the same faction or sharing a safehouse are visible 3 = Remote players are always visible - The OPT button in the in-game map that was previously visible only in debug mode or for admins is now always visible. When not in debug mode, these options are available: - Players - Remote Players (client only) - Player Names (client only) - Symbols - Added MapRemotePlayerVisibility server option to the server-settings editor and admin panel. - Added a new volume slider to the Audio options which affects the jump-scare sound. - Fixed updates to the map causing zombies to spawn inside previously cleared buildings. - Fixed BuildingDef.calculateMetaID() and RoomDef.calculateMetaID() possibly creating the same ID for different buildings or rooms. This was why zombies would respawn in some already-seen rooms. - Give zombies that are targeting a player higher priority for pathfinding than other zombies. - Added new loot maps from Pat Bren. - Split the single Louisville map-item into nine separate maps. - Added Louisville maps to the loot tables. - Gas container tooltip tweaks: 1) When adding fuel to a generator, tooltips show the percentage the generator's fuel percentage will increase. 2) When adding/siphoning fuel to/from a vehicle, tooltips show the item capacity in liters (to match the mechanics ui). 3) When taking fuel from a gas pump, tooltips show the item capacity in drainable units. - Updated Community Translations - Added icons + textures for Medical/Trauma Bag and Canned Fruit Beverage. - Added highlighting to changed Zombie Lore Sandbox Options (options that differ from Apocalypse mode are highlighted). - Added an "AttachedToGlass" tile prop to fix signs attached to windows not being removed when breaking the window. - Prevent the loot window from popping open when clicking on objects when using the furniture-manipulation tools. - Added "Default=" to combobox sandbox-option tooltips. - Allow empty bottles to store gasoline. - Added water capacity in context tooltip when filling water container (if only 1 item type) - Updated community translations. - Updated credits. - Improved icon draw for context menu - Added ISContextMenu.addDebugOption() which adds an option with iconTexture=media/ui/BugIcon.png. - Added a way to rename a savefile in the load-game "More..." panel. - Added the various pictures frame missing (not spawning yet, also no inventory icon yet - currently using empty frame icon) - Allow building double doors inside buildings. This is to fix a bug where double doors couldn't be built on some outer walls of buildings. - Added checks for wall-like obstacles that should prevent opening or closing double doors. - Don't allow building stairs where there are walls or obstacles at the top. The player will pass through these when going up the stairs. Building walls or obstacles at the top of stairs was already disallowed. - Incorporated Baph's latest additions, which include: new movable script items; new modder-orientated procedural distributions tables; new zombie outfit distributions; new vehicle distributions; more through junk tables; new items. - Longer evolved recipe names; now up to 3 ingredients will be displayed in the display name of compound recipe items. - Updated ISAddItemToRecipe and translation text with translation string support for new recipe naming system. - Added a panel to the Attachment Editor (Shift-F7) that is displayed when a "world" attachment is selected. This new panel displays the selected model as it would appear on the ground. - Removed the -Xss1280k stack-size JVM parameter from Linux ProjectZomboid.json files. - Increased Linux and Mac -Xmx=2048m to -Xmx=3072m max-heap JVM parameter to match Windows. SFX - Updated sound banks. - New action music track. - Fixed one male zombie voice looping the Hit sound. - Added missing sound for taking water from a dispenser. - Added an ambient sound to the Gas-2-Go pumps. - Set the value of the FMOD parameter "Generator" on powered items so they play a sound when powered by a generator. - Added ZombieCrawlLungeSwing and ZombieCrawlLungeHit sounds for zombie fence/window crawling attacks. - Zombies play their Attack and GettingUp sounds during fence/window crawling attack animation. MAP - Full export of the current Knox Event map. This will be the final B41 map update. - Updates many farms and farmsteads - Improves upper class areas in Louisville - Adds many new tiles on the tilesheets - Fixes many and various community-reported map issues and bugs FOOD AND RECIPES - New Ice Cream Cones now melt and produce a Melted Ice Cream Cone item. - New Gravy Boat, Baloney Slices, Salami, Salami Slices, and Snack Cakes models. - New Canned Condensed Milk item; can be used for the same recipes as milk. - Balance adjusted assorted values of food items and recipes. - Appropriate bottles can now hold gasoline. - Baloney and salami can be sliced. - Many food items have more options for being used as evolved recipe ingredients. - Recipes for Onigiri; Baguette Dough; Biscuit Dough; Meat Patty; Scooping Ice Cream; and Trays of Cookie Dough. - Crayons can be used to write notes and mark the map. - Toast can be made from Bread Slices by cooking them. - New recipe for a Cheese Sandwich item; cook a Cheese Sandwich to make it into a Grilled Cheese Sandwich. - Evolved Recipes for Ice Cream Cones; Sweet Pies; Bread; Toast; Bowls of Oatmeal; Mixed Beverages; and Glasses of Wine and Beer. This makes it possible to make foods such as Ice Cream Cones with candy and fruit on them, chocolate, cheese, or sunflower seed Bread, Toast with beans or avocado on it, Bowls of Oatmeal with berries and honey, cocktails, and such. - Whole Pizza item added. - Glasses and cup items can be filled with water. - WildGarlic item replaced by WildGarlic2 which is edible; this was done so that Wild Garlic could be a food item and be used in recipes. Otherwise identical to the old Wild Garlic. - Canned Condensed Milk item; can be used for the same recipes as milk. - Maggots that spawn with zombie corpses will be mildly poisonous. - Added evolved recipe item PizzaRecipe; "Pizza(Uncooked)" can be used to make an evolved recipe pizza with toppings. - When Hot Drink beverages are made using Black Sage, Common Mallow, or Lemon Grass the medicinal properties of those items are transferred to the Beverage, "Herbal Teas". - For herbal tea purposes, Hot Drinks are more flexible re ingredients and have special naming. - Coffee and Espresso Machine stoves will now only accept mugs and other appropriate items. - Added placeholder texture for Bag_MedicalBag. - Added BrokenGlass tag to broken glass movables and smashed bottle, and added recipecode code for the tag, for modding purposes. - Added support for the tag "SewingNeedle"; this will allow modders to add new mod items that can perform tailoring and wound stitching tasks. - More flexible Tag support for writing notes. - Added Tomato Paste item for pizza crafting. - Added Prepare Pizza recipe to make a RecipePizza base evolved recipe item. BALANCE - Baloney, Salami, Ham, Onions, and Watermelon must be sliced before being able to be used in evolved recipes. - Watermelon must be sliced or smashed before being able to eat it. - Values of many food items adjusted for balance, consistency, and QOL purposes such as allowing one instance of an item to be used in more evolved recipe portions. - Only Bread Slices and Toast can be placed inside Toasters. - Some recipes now require a bowl as well as a spatula, spoon or fork, to mix ingredients. - Many recipes adjusted to allow for more ingredient flexibility. - Hot water is now required to make Bowls of Oatmeal. Tim is now satisfied. - Added new param to Recipe: "InSameInventory". When this param true items gets only from same outermost inventory. (Need for fix Rip clothing only from player inventory or only from Floor/Container) - Changed Rip Clothing recipe - HandWeapon.weaponSprite is saved if it is different than the item-script's value. - Slightly increased zed attraction to gunshots in MP - Reduced the endurance loss when missing a hit (especially when pushing). - Set sprite properties on the "Wood Pegboard" and "Wood Top Workbench" in location_business_machinery_01 so they are movable. - Added all the missing translations to Moveables_EN.txt. Any missing translations for this are printed to the console when loading a game. - Added a "Slice Onion" recipe so Fried Onion Rings can be made. - Made the Composter thumpable by zombies. - Sometimes the corpses that spawn as the player explores the world will be fake dead. - As corpses progress in rot stages they have a chance of becoming fake dead. - Additional appropriate corpses spawned in randomized world stories will rarely be fake dead. - As corpses progress in rot stages they have a chance of spawning maggots in their inventory and in their square. - Food value and evolved recipe name adjustments for more flexible recipe usage and shorter compound names. - Obese is now mutually exclusive with Light Eater and Very Underweight is mutually exclusive with Hearty Appetite at character creations. - Adjusted weight of Spears - Floor tiles will now provide a maximum of 1 nail when dismantled. - Eggs are dangerous uncooked but now with a greatly reduced chance of causing food sickness. - Ice Cream Cones now melt and produce a Melted Ice Cream Cone item. - Ginseng now provides an Endurance Buff when used to make a Hot Beverage as a spice. - Added Basil to more recipes. - Better handling of evolved recipe item name when they only have spice ingredients. - Added the ability to install Makeshift Radios into vehicles; this was done for consistency with the requested fix of allowing Makeshift HAM radios to be installed in Ham radio vehicles. - Allow vehicles that have HAM radios to allow any sort of HAM radio installed in them; Luxury and Modern Cars will also always spawn with Premium Radios installed. - CDs in Premium radios will transfer to/from the vehicle they are being installed into/uninstalled from. ANIMS - Added new fill from bourbon bottle anim - Changed fill from bourbon bottle xml to use new anim Emote Wheel adjustments: - Adjusted some emote bone masks to reduce clipping - Added some stealth emote versions to reduce clipping and posing awkwardness - Added emote states for different weapon poses - Added an eating animation for WaterPotPasta WaterPotRice. The animation is the same as for drinking out of a pot. Idle extension adjustments: - Adjusted normal stance extensions bone masks to avoid clipping and awkward poses - Added normal stance extensions anims, where appropriate - Added normal stance extension xml for different weapon stances, where appropriate - Added masks to extended idle xmls to not clip as much, - Added relevant extended idle anims where needed - Capped off hoodieUP xfiles to stop transparency - Adjusted hoodieUP texture for new cap - Added blood locations to a couple of missing shirts - Re-exported female and zombie female base textures after eliminating some erroneous pixels causing holes - Adjusted Hat_Spiffo mask to display properly on character - re-exported missed zombie body textures that had outlying pixels - Adjusted male and female HighViz vests to visually work similar to hunting vests - Reworked Male and Female HighViz vests - Changed HighViz vest body location - Tweaked Hunting vest masks to work better with underlying clothes MP - Various anti-cheat improvements - Sync and physics improvements for vehicles. - Refactored and decreased vehicle physics packet size. - Vehicle interpolation was refactored and improved . - Improved towing physics and behaviour. - Updated PZBullet library on all platforms. - Rope constraint is added to PZBullet. Now used for vehicles instead of z-offset for point-to-point constraint. - Optimized Vehicle authorization on exit - Allow admins to repair clothes via Edit -> Condition, and remove holes when the item is set to max condition when the item is in their inventory. - Visual data for damaged/fixed clothing will now sync between clients. - Hit reaction translation length is now calculated by appropriate animation clip - Use WaveSignal packet on client - Improve auth/towing for cases with two drivers/swap tow - Stopped clients updating rotting corpses and fake-dead corpses. - Added check for IsoDeadBody.getHumanVisual() being null. - Server will send the success result of recipes checksum validation if the client is untouchable. - The game will calculate the checksum using the original recipe name. - The driver now stops the vehicle before they exit from the vehicle or switch seat. - Added ISBaseTimedAction timed action. - The BaseVehicle.setForceBrake function was added. Calling this function activates the brakes for 1 second. - The SystemDisabler.doDisableTunePhysicDelay variable was added - If FPS is capped the updatePhysic function receives time delta uses the PerformanceSettings.getLockFPS function. - The game server will not send the PlayerUpdateReliable packets from players who are far away. - Improvements for some anti-cheat checks - ServerOptions to enable/disable AntiCheatProtectionType checks for types 21-24 are added. - Added log message for LUA debugger - Improve vehicle logging - Add DebugLogStream noise methods - Logs can be filtered by severity - Reformatted log streams for damage, death, and multiplayer log types - Added server log command for vehicle traces (ex.: "log vehicle trace" or "log ve t" for short) - Command entered in general chat tab changes severity on the client - Command entered in admin chat tab changes severity on the server - Increased allowed map_meta.bin and map_zone.bin file size from 20MB to 50MB in multiplayer. - Fixed Zed appearance not syncing between players. - Fixed one player being able to use two radios / walkie talkies. - Fixed text not displaying above the placed HAM radio if there is a Walkie talkie in your hands. - Fixed vehicle radio using wrong coordinates. - Fixed vehicle radio not working in the same way as world placed radio. - Fixed other vehicle radio issues (radio stations, text, chat, VOIP). - Fixed vehicle radio text processing. - Fixed trailer authorizations / floaty trailers. - Fixed Item Remove tool not removing items from containers on a server. - Fixed clients sending StopSound packets to the server for zombie vocals. - Fixed clients sending climb-over-fence sounds and climb-through-window sounds for players and zombies. It seems each client runs the ClimbOverFenceState and ClimbThroughWindowState, so these sounds may be kept local. - Fixed clients sending climb-over-wall sounds. - Fixed seat authorizations. - Fixed null pointer exception in the VehicleManager.serverPacket function. - Fixed incorrect delay-tuning algorithm. - Fixed issues with Handle BufferOverflowException sending map_meta.bin and map_zone.bin for servers that use many map mods. - Fixed issues when characters are hit by trailers. - Fixed corpses disappeared when killed by trailer - Fixed issues with vehicle physics debug log messages. - Fixed Admin being kicked because of incorrect checksum. - Fixed car changing its place after re-login. - Fixed normal vehicle not being removable in mods. - Fixed movement sound when vehicle is stopped. - Fixed movement sound when player changed seat from driver to passenger. Redundant vehicle packet EngineSound flag is removed. - Fixed disappearing trailers. - Fixed physics update limits. - Fixed a vehicle and towed vehicle having different physic delays right after they were attached, causing clients to see the two closer than they actually were. - Fixed attached cars being disconnected after re-login. - Fixed passenger not being able to exit attached car if they occupy driver's seat while the car is being towed. - Fixed attached trailer twitching after player gets in car. The server gives authorization for a short time to a player if both vehicles don't have drivers. - Fixed empty RequestGetFull being sent. - Fixed vehicle passenger could have vehicle authorization after collision. - Fixed vehicle collision owner. - Fixed tow re-attach. - Fixed vehicle seat switching. - Fixed passengers seeing black boxes at high speeds. - Fixed vehicle not damaging players after re-login. - Fixed vehicle local simulation pass through another vehicle. - Fixed player can't become owner of pushed vehicle. - Fixed bouncing vehicle authorization at the end of local simulation. - Fixed player can exit or sleep in moving car. - Fixed rare incorrect vehicles authorization after towing. - Fixed engine sound disappearing without a driver. - Fixed car not stopping when driver changes their place due to cruise control. - Fixed error when try to type "[" in Item list viewer. - Fixed bug in the GameTime class. The class had insufficient precision when calculating the time in the syncServerTime function. - Fixed car stopping condition. The vehicle is stopped if the speed is less than 0.8 kmph. - Fixed clipping vehicles. - Fixed remote cars lag. The stepSimulation function will receive fixed update period. This period will not depend from FPS. - Fixed Vehicle simulation speed depending on locked fps. - Fixed the server kicking players when SystemDisabler.doAllowDebugConnections variable was set to true. - Added MapRemotePlayerVisibility server option to the server-settings editor and admin panel. MODS - Improved log for lua errors. Now it shows if it modified file error - Added list of mods in Pause menu + this list show mods that cause errors - Added additional check to Vehicle Create, Update and Install Radios that may help prevent mods that modify what data is sent to it from causing errors. FORAGING - Adjusted the position of foraging pin icons and direction arrows. The arrows always pointed to the northwest corner of a square, which didn't look right for dropped items. - Turn the player to face a forage item when picking it up. - Fixed the foraging system not handling non-rectangular zones (i.e., polygon or thick polyline zones). - Zone.getRandomSquareInZone() now handles polygon and thick polyline zones. - Zone.getTotalArea() returns the area of polygon and thick polyline zones. Note this isn't an accurate count of the squares in such zones, it is the sum of the area of each triangle that forms the polygon. For other types of zones, width * height is returned. - Added the OnLoadedMapZones event which is called after map_zone.bin is loaded. As before, the existing OnLoadMapZones event is triggered before map_zone.bin is loaded. - forageSystem.init() is called by the new OnLoadedMapZones event instead of OnLoadMapZones. - forageSystem.integrityCheck() checks whether the original map zone represented by each ForageZone still exists. - Changed double click behaviour of search mode pins to place items into the current selected player inventory panel if possible - Adjusted the search mode snow cover penalty limit as snowy weather combination could easily hit the penalty cap - Fixed an exploit with search focus when spamming the search mode button which could force items to change type - Fixed a visual issue with search focus trigger after spotting items which caused picked up items to sometimes be the original item ADMIN/DEBUG - Added Brush Tool for copying, destroying, and building specific Tiles, as well as a Fire, Smoke, and Explosion-Brush. . - Controls: - Turn on Brush Tool cheat via the Debug Menu -> "Cheats" -> "Brush Tool".. - Right-Click on any tile -> "Brush Tool Manager", "Copy tile", "Destroy Tile". - When a tile was picked from the Bruth Tool Manager -> keys "[" and "]" for scrolling between tiles. - Added trigger thunder tool (for admins). - Added respawn new loot in container by RMC-ContextOption on container button (when LootZed cheat on or isAdmin). - Changed LootZed manager opening on RMC-ContextOption on container button. - Allowed admin to create any VHS out of spawned VHS-home (like in debug). - Added sync for Health panel cheats. - Trailers debug is improved. - Small fix to Lua closure. - Improved spawn vehicle menu. - Added ability to change weight in Player Stats window. - Added destroying objects without a sledgehammer if building cheat is on. - Added sliders for change weight and calories in debug panel. - Added Step Into, Step Over, and Resume buttons to the Lua debugger. - Improved ContextMenu - Now you can add icons for context options: local myOption = context:addOption("My option name", ...) myOption.iconTexture = getTexture("media/ui/MyIconForOption.png") - Added new functions for context: insertOptionAfter(...), insertOptionBefore(...), removeOptionByName(...), getMenuOptionNames(...) - Improved Debug/Admin options. - Added new options for doors - Now you can set a building ID for doors and force-lock doors inside buildings. - Added Door Options can be found in the Right-Click Context Menu -> Objects. - To lock a door inside a building, set a Building Key ID for the door, set Force-Lock to "True" and click "Objects" -> "Door Lock" in the context menu. A key for the door can be spawned via the "Get Key" option. - Added 'make noise' options to attract zombies. - Added option for removing all zombies in a zone to the Admin tools. - Added icons in context menu for ADMIN/DEBUG options. - Added elapsed time since server started in server statistics info. - Added access to some Admin tools for moderators. - Added an external anim debug UI for Martin. - Removed the line "Press Esc to open Admin panel" from Server toolbox UI FIXES - Fixed radio batteries spawning at 100% charge no matter how much time has passed. They should be depleted after about 4-5 days. - Fixed radio batteries sometimes not draining after loading a game after quitting to the main menu. - Fixed Weapon-part models (for scopes, etc) not being displayed for weapons on the ground. - Fixed ability to disassemble the floor at the top of a staircase. It was already forbidden to destroy such a floor using a sledgehammer. - Fixed the composter becoming unusable after moving it. - Fixed being able to move a composter if it has compost in it. - Fixed food unhappiness being reset to the default value when loading the item, when it was set to zero after being cooked. - Fixed clothing dryers and washers not consuming fuel from generators. - Fixed generator fuel consumption not being updated properly when turning things on and off. - Fixed picking up and placing powered objects not updating generator fuel consumption. - Fixed battery-powered radios consuming generator fuel. - Fixed requiring 2 or more units of gas in a can to refill a generator, rather than 1 or more. - Fixed playing VehicleAddFuel instead of GeneratorAddFuel when refilling a generator. - Fixed opening a smashed window when holding down the E key, when a vehicle blocks the other side. - Fixed "Grabbing XYZ" appearing in the crafting UI when putting items back into containers. - Fixed IsoGenerator.setSurroundingElectricity() calling IsoObject.checkHaveElectricity() before each chunk's list of active generators was updated. - Fixed exterior doors and windows not playing ambient sounds if they are on the west or north edge of a chunk but the adjacent chunk hasn't been loaded yet. - Fixed VehicleAmbiance stopping immediately after starting sometimes. - Fixed some object ambient sounds that don't use the Generator parameter stopping immediately after starting. - Fixed Base.BareHands.HitFloorSound. It was trying to play the non-existent default BatOnFloor sound. - Fixed hot food not cooling down when placed on the ground. - Fixed incorrect weights of weapons with upgrade parts. - Fixed equipping an already-equipped item causing the item to drop on the ground when the player's inventory is near 50. - Fixed hearing rain hitting a vehicle when the vehicle is inside a building. - Fixed ambient sound playing at "outside" volume when inside a vehicle that is inside a building. - Fixed ISVehicleMechanics.OnMechanicActionDone() calling undefined noise() function. - Fixed Lua errors on the Steam Deck after disabling the "Steam Virtual Gamepad" in the controller options UI. - Fixed not being able to upgrade wall frames or walls when there is no floor to the east or south of the wall. - Fixed incorrect math applying a model's "world" attachment when displaying an item on the ground. - Fixed MagazineGround and MagazineOpenGround models appearing off-center when on the ground. - Fixed and adjusted many model "world" attachments. - Fixed bug when character weight does not decrease if day length > 1 hour - Fixed equipped radios only updating for one splitscreen player. - Fixed stacking of military crates and the popcorn machine. - Fixed the freeze the first time a vehicle is entered. This was due to loading all the vehicle-dashboard textures. - Fixed "Min= Max= Default=" not being displayed in server-option tooltips as is done for sandbox options. - Fixed accidental change of Muldraugh map bounds to Louisville area. - Fixed mapper-placed open doors not being IsoDoor objects. There are some open doors at the Louisville stables that couldn't be interacted with. - Fixed each part of a double door being randomly locked or unlocked on creation. Now they are always unlocked. - Fixed the wrong type of item being returned when the foraging "search focus" causes an existing item to change type. There is still an issue where an already-seen item may change type by spamming the End key. - Fixed ISForageIcon.lua overriding ISBaseIcon.checkIsForageable() by mistake. - Fixed (again) incorrect placement of the foraging pin icon over the item icon. ISBaseIcon.textureCenter is no longer used after this change. - Fixed the animation played when filling Bourbon and Wine bottles. - Fixed bunker tiles cutaways. - Fixed blood appearing on destroyed windows.an destroyed fences. - Fixed holding SHIFT made weight decrease faster. - Fixed holding SHIFT without moving having the same impact as running on hunger. - Fixed sitting on a chair giving a different endurance regen than sitting on ground. - Fixed car's engine not taking damage when running over zombies when the hood was removed by player. - Fixed not losing endurance when stomping zombies in the legs. - Fixed more cases where indoor zombies can spawn in inaccessible locations. - Fixed picking up and placing WallOverlay movables (like mirrors) on the east and south edge of a square. - Fixed LuaClosure.toString2() exception when a function has no filename. This includes everything in the built-in stdlib.lua code. - Fixed missing tile properties on the Public Garbage Bin (and added translation). - Fixed the Small Crate (found in Greene's Grocery) not being stackable. - Fixed police cars at blockades with their headlights and flashers on not spawning with the battery drained according to the amount of time that's passed. - Fixed the properties on some new stove sprites. They became IsoThumpable instead of IsoStove. - Fixed weapon parts not appearing on equipped weapons on corpses or on the character-info avatar. - Fixed stepping over a Lua function in the debugger that adds a UI element adding the UI element in the debugger instead of in the game. - Fixed the Lua debugger not handling changes to screen resolution. - Fixed bug in vehicle skin editor in SP. - Fixed bug with fast transfer leaving item in inventory after crafting (for example stacked logs). - Fixed tile properties on a stair railing creating invisible walls. - Fixed CornerNorthWall and CornerWestWall not having tile properties. - Fixed zombies only playing their Hurt sound one time when hit on the ground. - Fixed spear-charge zombie kills not being counted. - Fixed the container highlight color not being displayed for painted crates. - Fixed not being able to sleep on brown picnic table. - Fixed Spiffo's green arrow requiring farming skill to be picked up. - Fixed some desks that couldn't be picked up. - Fixed some office whiteboards that couldn't be picked up. - Fixed (again) aspects of Composter sprites as RJ BROKE EVERYTHING. - Fixed bug when generator can charge vehicle battery. - Fixed water containers not getting fully emptied when watering crops. - Fixed clicking "Health icon" while Health Panel info is open adding spaces in the bottom of the text. - Fixed players being able to start changing parts of vehicles when inside a certain vehicle. - Fixed Dirty Rags being used to build a Log Wall when there are exactly 4 Ripped Sheets in inventory. - Fixed missing translation for new movable Medical Desk. - Fixed bug with rip clothing menu. - Fixed bug with double checking fishing net. - Fixed being able to dismantle favorited Electronics. - Fixed bug player not takeing nearest item in inventory for smoking. - Fixed character info panel showing male player model when the character was female. - Fixed zombies colliding with the player's vehicle when walking into a different, nearby vehicle. This only affects singleplayer. - Fixed debug rendering of vehicle trailer positions. Only one of the two locations was drawn in red when obstructed. - Fixed radios with dead batteries still being turned on. - Fixed missing space after the water amount in the farming tooltip - Fixed the animation speed of the wind effect on water being faster at higher framerates. - Fixed fog from a previous game appearing briefly when loading a different game. - Fixed the character Info and Protection panels displaying no help text when the "i" button in the titlebar is pressed. These two panels have no translations, so the help dialog is now hidden when either is displayed. - Fixed the character-info-window help dialog not resizing to match the height of the text. - Fixed ISAdminPanelUI.updateButtons() overwriting self.climateOptionsBtn and self.showStatisticsBtn. - Fixed the 'pinned' state of the character-info window not being preserved. - Fixed the 'pinned' and 'visible' states of the forage ui not being preserved. - Fixed lack of shoveling sound when filling in graves. - Fixed being unable to dismantle Electronics with a favorited Screwdriver. - Fixed Flashlights falling out of hands when climbing over walls. - Fixed dried foods and Ramen noodles transferring their thirst values when used in evolved recipes. - Fixed granola bars and cookies being perishable. - Fixed missing fruit cocktail item. - Fixed items being used in evolved recipes not having their thirst values reduced. - Fixed Pancakes being unable to be burnt. - Fixed evolved recipe tooltip displaying uncooked icons for cooked ingredients. - Fixed partially eaten food not getting lighter in some circumstances. - Fixed cutting Bacon Rashers into Bacon Bits producing rotten Bacon Bits. - Fixed the names used for ingredients in evolved recipe names to be shorter. - Fixed the junk tables entries in the loot distribution tables being affected by zombie population density. - Fixed PiePrep not having a debuff. - Fixed Ice Cream Cones now melt and produce a Melted Ice Cream Cone item. - Fixed added several missing models. - Fixed renamed items are now limited to a new name of 28 characters or less. - Fixed Display Category for the PetrolBleachBottle and PetrolPopBottle items - Fixed missing models for Muffin Tray, Carving Fork, Gravy, Gravy Mix, Spatula, Teacup, Baloney Slices, Salami, Salami Slices and Snack Cakes - Fixed renamed items being able to have new names of more than 28 characters - Fixed animal-in-trap sounds not being sent from the server. Currently this only happens every 10 minutes so they're easy to miss. - Fixed music not restarting after creating a new character in-game. - Fixed missing PikeRotten.png and PikeCookedRotten.png - which is currently unused. Food models are rendered as Cooked or Rotten but not both. - Fixed not being able to navigate out of the Sandbox options preset panel with D-pad left and right. - Fixed previously-loaded buildings possibly being randomized (burned down, etc) after a server soft reset. This could happen any time map_meta.bin was deleted since that is where the "has this building been checked before" flag is kept. Now, a building will only be randomized if it hasn't been checked before and if at least one of the chunks covered by the building was loaded for the first time. - Fixed the custom weight of trapped animals not being preserved. - Fixed inaccurate weights for partially eaten food items with custom weights. - Fixed renamed items not being limited to a new name of 28 characters or less. - Fixed accurate weights for partially eaten food items with custom weights. - Fixed claustrophobic characters being able sleep in small rooms by right-clicking the bed from outside the room. - Fixed two-way radios installed in vehicles not transmitting text chat; needs testing for VOIP. - Fixed vehicles with premium radios installed not being able to play CDs in them. - Fixed Gravy Boat, Baloney Slices, Salami, Salami Slices and Snack Cakes models. - Fixed missing models for Muffin Tray, Carving Fork, Gravy, Gravy Mix, Spatula, Teacup, Baloney Slices, Salami, Salami Slices and Snack Cakes. - Fixed missing Sport T-shirt icons. - Fixed missing tooltip explaining that to purify some water containers, a microwave must be used. - Fixed error with Baguettes being unable to be used to make sandwiches. - Fixed missing add-all option in the fill menu for Generators. - Fixed not being able to equip a weapon as secondary when a handgun is equipped as primary. - Fixed Sweet Pies being unavailable in the crafting UI. - Fixed mapper-placed broken windows not being smashed IsoWindow objects. - Fixed vehicle lightbar lights and siren continuing to operate after the part condition drops to zero (due to zombie thumping). - Fixed the lightbar option not appearing in the vehicle radio menu after the part is destroyed. The option appears now, but the lights and siren won't operate at zero condition. - Fixed multiple lightbar parts appearing in the vehicle mechanics ui. - Fixed incorrect effect of distance on critical-hit chance with firearms. - Fixed pans holding less water than pots. - Fixed issue with zombie maggots + fishing; zombie corpses now spawn poisoned Base.Maggots and not Base.Maggots2 which are now obsolete. - Fixed issues with new gas bottles and containers in backpacks. - Fixed missing distributions for barbequestore and bathroom/shelves. - Fixed Canned Fruit Beverage not having reduce thirst value. - Fixed Obese and Fit not being fully mutually exclusive in MainCreationMethods.lua. - Fixed missing translation string ContextMenu_FuelCapacity. - Fixed inconsistent GoodHot from WildEggs tooltip. - Fixed ContextMenu_PanicNoSleep not being translated in one instance. - Fixed IsWaterSource parameter from BleachBottleGasoline. - Fixed issues with eating quarter and half portions of small amounts of food. - Fixed recipes to tear denim and leather - temporary fix pending improvement. - Fixed adding whole and uncooked animal as a bait, removing and butchering it returning a "full" hunger reduction value animal - Fixed missing tooltip for SafehouseAllowNonResidential server option - Fixed ContextMenu_ContextMenu_FuelCapacity typo. - Fixed the wrong sprites being used for windows sometimes. - Fixed one of the molotov cocktail producing unwanted empty bottles. - Fixed added AddIngredientIfCooked:true to the Burger evolved recipe so baked bread slices can be used to make burgers - Fixed missing period in Tooltip_item_RainFromGroundOnlyPurifyMicrowave. - Fixed missing period in Tooltip_item_RainFromGround. - Fixed hot drinks with alcohol being too strong. - Fixed better tooltips for tainted water items in plastic containers that can only be boiled in microwaves. - Fixed baked bread slices not being usable when making sandwiches; this was on account of them being cooked, the evolved recipe for sandwiches was changed to allow cooked bread slices. - Fixed missing item Violets that got accidentally removed - Fixed Peaches having evolved recipe food type "Berry" - Fixed various mapping issues. - Fixed misbehaving transfer of media items (CDs) when installing/uninstalling vehicle radios by removing it for now, as the current method causes issues in MP. Will be resolved in next build. - Fixed a redundant/duplicate exclusive trait definition in MainCreationMethods.lua that could allow the Obese trait to be taken twice under some circumstances. - Fixed NullPointerException in IsoGameCharacter.Eat(). - Fixed incorrect error messages when loading map_meta.bin version 194 and up. This only changes error messages that are printed when rooms or buildings don't exist. CODE / ENGINE - Changed ZomboidFileSystem.getGameModeCacheDir() to not append a trailing File.separator. Most callers of getGameModeCacheDir() already appended a File.separator, resulting in two separator characters. These duplicate separators didn't seem to hurt anything.
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