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  1. Currently, most liquids (wines, bourbon, beer, orange soda, remoulade and mayonnaise) leave behind "Empty Bottle" after drinking which you can fill with water from tap or other water sources which will then appear as "Water Bottle". They have different weights and appearance and are grouped together. That's why some translations (Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and as of recently Chinese) use different names for each one. I made a pull request to incorporate it to English translation as well here: https://github.com/TheIndieStone/ProjectZomboidTranslations/pull/432 but it would be nice
  2. Thanks for spotting that! I left a pull request here: https://github.com/TheIndieStone/ProjectZomboidTranslations/pull/463
  3. Might be the same loot table as here: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/32987-wrong-loot-on-cash-register-inside-shop-in-muldraugh/
  4. It was teased as planned, hopefully it still is I also think rain doesn't properly clean blood on the floor, or maybe it's a really slow process. You can also wash or drink from puddles, but you never can clean clothes there as there's not enough water; would be nice if cleaning clothes could be done in parts.
  5. I noticed that last time too, thanks for reporting it!
  6. You can barricade, put moveable behind them or lock them up (I think the latter requires key though, not sure if being inside is enough though), but this could be an interesting option, especially with matching animation and getting exhausted from doing so, unable to block with max exhaust until someone come and help. The more pressing issue though is ability to lock down windows, though.
  7. Bags are indeed washable from blood but are treated a little differently than clothing as of now (i.e. they don't have holes/patches and don't provide protection/warmth), so maybe it's indeed omission that it accumulate dirt that can't be washed? @Pandoreaconfirm?
  8. The name has been changed to Plastic Table for a while now, but it's still disassemblable as of 41.50, just letting you know .
  9. Just checked it, it's the same for me: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#14390x5401
  10. I agree, as much as I like TVs giving bonus, I think it should be balanced eventually. There are more crafting skills than Carpentry and Cooking and even the survival skills only have few shows in comparison and the only TV station giving bonuses is Life and Living and no radio bonuses whatsoever sadly, especially later down the apocalypse.
  11. Is that because on Mac OpenGL is deprecated and outdated? If so, then indeed the only option is installing another operating system as a dual boot I guess…
  12. There's also random events that's being improved so you can see some houses with odd loot or zombies inside and you can enable zombies to attack windows even when no player is around in sandbox. There's also randomly-opened cupboards in one of the latest additions of furniture overlays, so it's slowly getting there, probably more when hunting and down the road other mechanics built upon it are introduced
  13. It makes a lot of sense, especially since we have some mechanics for it; hood up/down, bandana for head/face and maybe a few more.
  14. Faalagorn

    Noise Works

    You mention items looking better on the floor, I think of holding weapons in hands when those 3D models will be! I love the look of all the bags, gas cans, tools and foods in animation build in
  15. It seems that the red metal profile tiles found e.g. here: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10072x9618 are enough to make a room for agoraphobic/claustrophobic to kick in. It also has effect on weather. Also, this metal profiles are non-solid, so you can go straight through them.
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