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  1. 1226. Update Project Zomboid Modding Tools with the most recent versions from GitHub and add missing tools (some tools such as ItemZed or TranslationZed are not there) and compile builds other than Windows (Linux and Mac).
  2. 1218. Add Jay Chicken NPCs (they don't seem to spawn and the Jay Chicken Hat hat is only obtainable from foraging)
  3. 1211. Add missing icons and spawns to Antler Boopers, GoldStar Boopers, Furry Ears, Hat Arrow and Hat Knife, they already have models and spawn with foraging. 1212. Add missing icons to bunny suits. 1213. Add unique icon for garter. 1214. Further lower weight of jewellery. 1215. Differentiate clothing weight more. 1216. Add more spawn locations for Leather Trousers and Skinny Leather Trousers 1217. Nerf the Long Denim Shorts a little (they offer the same protection as Denim Jeans or Jeans)
  4. I think I suggested it way back, or maybe I didn't but yeah, it would be nice 1203. Ability to add maps as a fuel (actually, it would be nice if whole fuel system was overhauled, every item should have a melting point and some energy which I hope will come down the road with blacksmith) 1204. Ability to add paddings and rip fingerless gloves. 1205. Ability to wear oven mittens. 1206. Visible 3D items when held in hands (should be doable now that almost everything has a model) 1207. Obtaining worms and some forage materials from harvesting grass (some mods add it already) 1208. Boxing gloves should havefer protection but slow characters fighting speed (or transferring items, if possible). 1209. Differently colored scarves should have different names – I assume they are made out of various materials, since they have varying insulation. 1210. TV shows watched should could as VHS watched for training materials and vice versa.
  5. 1195. Automatically use the eating with fork or spoon animation when spoon or fork is nearby. 1196. Add extra unhapiness and/or speed when eating with fork or spoon. 1197. Allow eating on plates for extra bonus 1198. Allow eating on tables for another extra bonus. 1199. Show Bullet protection on Protection screen 1200. Add option to show numerical (not bar) for things like insulation on clothing (and other bars as well, preferably as an option to be toggled). 1201. Allow to cut leash for leather straps.
  6. 1193. Ability to dig up for worms directly instead of constantly digging plot and removing it (unnecessary clicks). 1194. Ability to check traps in the similar way the farming works now, i.e. activate and then check it all (same with baiting).
  7. 1180. Underwear should have a category different than other clothing, such as "Underwear" instead of "Clothing" to make it easier to sort. 1181. Dice and Playing Cards should not be labeled as junk, they are usable. 1182. Razors should be labeled as "Appereance" and not as junk, they can be used to change hairstlyles. 1183. Empty Beer Cans are labeled as "Water containers", though they can't keep water (Empty Pop Can and Empty Tin Can are called "Material").
  8. I mentioned that originally back in 2016 here: would be nice to have it in game eventually Also, here was my small suggestion about renaming "rotten" to "spoiled": https://github.com/TheIndieStone/ProjectZomboidTranslations/pull/388
  9. CDDA have a very realistic and advanced system for weight/size/length, including pockets. Not saying Zomboid should as advanced (though I wouldn't mind it), but can be looked for inspiration for anyone wandering.
  10. Not sure how long ago did you tried it, but that has changed since. Keep an eye on how things goes with Valve's Steam Deck as they are going full-blown Linux for gaming with KDE on it!
  11. You seem to not have skill points left. Luckily the concept of gaining skills was scrapped in build 41
  12. Spares were surely made though, would be nice to have them as item even
  13. Actually, it's planned with the electrical overhaul, here's an old video when it was being experimented on with:
  14. There's a look around/peek mechanic in Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, so it can be looked/compared into.
  15. Seems like a bug, only hunder is reduced. @Pandoreais this something known?
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