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  1. Project Zomboid was also available on GOG connect, that's how I got my copy on GOG and what prompted me to buy a gift for my wife
  2. Thanks for making 50s Dinner Table pickable, as now it's not so easy to get stuck in a few more dinners :). I checked other items mentioned before, in build 40.39, and they are still not pickable. I also changed topic a little to reflect the scope of it. Adding to the list is this: Chicken Coop Ladder https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10851x9086
  3. Faalagorn

    List of map errors (40.38, world version 143)

    Also what @Geras mentioned originally here (verified it's there in the latest game, 40.38 world 143, fresh save) 8. No door leading to the balcony. https://map.projectzomboid.com/?#4673x8601 There's also various shading issues, especially when sledgehammering existing buildings, mentioned int this thread and in dedicated thread here, but this seems to be known and might be an engine limitations.
  4. Faalagorn

    List of map errors (40.38, world version 143)

    I changed this thread a little to include more generic map-related errors. I have verified all of them (including misplaced shutter in Rosewood) are still there in the most recent build (40.38, world version 143). Here are other issues originally included in other threads that are still here, can attach new screenshots if needed: 5. Scrambled tiles around the Muldraugh North Files that were OK in previous builds (originally reported here) https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10842x8968 6. Children Paintings in Muldraugh Elementary School (originally reported here) https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10615x9971
  5. Faalagorn

    Floating cars

    Another car. This time I "fixed" it by spawning another one and cheat-menu'ing the car key and removing the old one from the world.
  6. Faalagorn

    Cannot drop items from inventory

    For movables there's no drop/unequip option (except for generators) as per latest patches, however for multi-tiles items that come in part you can drag and drop them to the floor. For other, you can also place them inside various containers.
  7. Faalagorn

    A few Bugs [IWBUMS 40.38]

    I can confirm also encountering this bug from time to time for the past few builds. I didn't knew that "killing" such zombie gives XP too, I always just restart the server after encountering it. Thanks for noticing that!
  8. Faalagorn

    Floating cars

    It's a local hosted server for me, my wife and a friend, and it's all the same after multiple game restarts, restarting the PC, build updates and even restoring old saves (though in the case of the latter example, after backing up the save before that happens, so far this car behaves normally). I originally tried pushing such car with Godmode on to not to incur damages, but I didn't had luck with it. Also parking below it only moves it a little, not even trying to flip it.
  9. Good idea for the animation build too!
  10. Faalagorn

    Weird flickering/screen freezing

    Just to clarify, while it's true that ability to run shaders is required for PZ to run in the most recent builds, it's dependent on GPU, not the processor alone. In your case it's a laptop GPU with integrated processor, but I think it should be fine with shaders, so if the issue still persist, maybe the issue is elsewhere? Aren't you using 32-bit OS? The game is often problematic (and less performant) in here – also make to update your GPU drivers.
  11. Faalagorn

    Floating cars

    The same just happened to me with a different car, when entering, on IWBUMS 40.38. This time, I was entering the car, and my wife didn't see that happening, but for me the car instantly flipped upside down when I went in.
  12. Faalagorn

    Floating cars

    Pinning toward this thread, to not start a new one: I had experienced floating cars twice in my hosted server in 40.36 – both with the small car (one was found in the game normally, the second one I spawned in replacement of the first one). Once I exited from the car, it suddenly flipped to the roof, actually floating above the ground (you can see the shadow and/or go under it). It may be related to some kind of server lag/desync, as other players have seen a similar issue with the car I was driving, while I saw nothing wrong on my side, as long as I stayed inside. I can normally get into the car and interact with all the elements from the inside or outside. I can move it by ramming it with another car, but I'm unable to flip it back to side. Here are the screenshots:
  13. Faalagorn

    [39.67.5] (Steam) Cooking glitch.

    My wife might have a similar glitch(?) on multiplayer when the can of oats (which normally doesn't spoil, but it was open) that wasn't rotten resulted in rotten oatmeal. Not 100% sure if it was related or maybe it was intended
  14. Faalagorn

    Building stuff in jewelry store.

    It's the "Glass Display Counter" that's missing the loot table. It also happens in Mall's jewellery and optic.
  15. Faalagorn

    car texture

    Worked for me and my wife. To be on the safe side, we also re-downloaded the whole game in case there's more issues with filename casing, but just doing waht @sprkng suggested was enough to fix vehicles.