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  1. Food that should rot, but currently don't

    But wild eggs should rot already, after 14+21 days, at least according to the code. If they don't then there's something wrong:
  2. Thurs…weather…shaders….chat!

    I also like to point that there's an option to disable vehicles in sandbox option, so can't you theoretically play on the newer builds with vehicles disabled? At least until something else break at least . Also, what Intel are you taking about? I suspect nothing further than the 4th generation, i.e. before the HD Graphics (Intel GMA and below), as new intel GPUs, including the ones included in modern lowest-end atoms should be more than capable of handling shaders, and even some more modern GMA should handle them, too. I guess a specified shader model version support is required, if so then which one 4.0? 3.0? I wouldn't stretch too much too, as you already are doing a great service – we live in times where even 32-bit support and things like DX9 are being phased out (in addition to XP being long unsupported) and AFAIK you still support it all, which is good service for the old machines. You also mentioned Linux support improvements, and I'd like to remind to those 1% folks still running a game, that I generally have a good experience with Linux giving second life to the retro machines, especially those with Intel graphics as the intel drivers for Linux are even better than Windows. Heck, maybe I'll even install Zomboid on my wife's old Asus EEE PC 901 to see how it works there. It doesn't even have a 64-bit CPU and single core would bottleneck it the most I guess, but if shaders will work there, then it's really nothing to worry about. Speaking of optimization, I have recently wondered, since the game is based on LUA, I haven't check what executable it currently use, but have you tried LuaJIT compiler? Unfortunately it's fallen behind in development after the mastermind behind it didn't have time for the project and currently only support Lua 5.1, but it is still one of the suggested way to optimize the game for Catalysm CDDA on low end machines, so unless it's being used already, having it an option could help boosting a little more performance for the lowest-end folks here as well? I'll take a look at it.

    Oh right, focusing headlights was there in 40.3 but I didn't test it extensively other than the focus value could go over 100 probably by accident (what is it supposed to do?) Didn't spot the rest, nice find!

    I see there's new weather build being downloaded. The update was quite big (134.3MB being downloaded), but there's no changelog in-game. Any plan to give a rough list of changes that's been made in the meantime ? I see there's new chat and the sliding sounds have been added (though I hear sliding sounds when trying to ignite an engine on a car without fuel, which is odd), and the bugs about unkillable zombies and not working horn were fixed. From the other changes I spotted comparing the .txt files: Sounds effect names have been fixed/changed and there's new files govering sounds to make them moddable, as was teased in Thurstoid Empty wine bottle can now be filled with water Bow of Soup give thirst now Whole/Sliced/Slashed watermelon can now be used for recipes Radio recipes got NoBrokenItems:true, but I don't know what exactly it means Some fixes to vehicles (probably that's what fixed the horns, too) and I think the teased fixes to opening doors (don't know what exactly was the problem, but I see new addition to the respective files) No changes to distribution.lua, didn't compare other files EDIT: I didn't look for any of the map for fixes yet We never got the rough changes for previous 40.3 build too, but for those that I noticed earlier were (other than weather itself): cars can damage players (turn off by default in sandbox options) wrecks can now be dismantled (didn't try it yet, but saw the option) some item names were fixed some items were added to distribtuions remoulade and medical herbs got nutrition values and remoulade spawn was reduced
  5. Project Zomboid won't launch running SteamOS

    I never used Steam Machines, but SteamOS is actively updated by Valve, so if what @EnigmaGrey says, make sure you have it updated. Current Ubuntu LTS is 18.04 but the game should work fine across various Linux distros (works fine in Arch Linux which isn't officially supported). What SteamOS or kernel version are you using? You can check kernel version from a terminal using uname -r command.
  6. Sandwich values are bugged

    You need higher cooking skill to add more items without boredom, i.e. your character were so terrible at it so it just randomly slapped those ingredients there lol. Also adding same items contribute to boredom (but they have to be preciely the same). It's all explained here:

    Also, if it wasn't mentioned/implemented yet, eating cooled down food should cool you down (and eating hot food shold warm you up) – that would finally give reason to keep non-perishables in fridge during early game (and who doesn't enjoy a cold solda or ice cream during hot summer?)
  8. On the other hand, we are "picking" up the street signs and fire hydrants/standpipes (!) (with shovel and farming) and disassemble various metal things with propane torches (including whole vehicles), so it's all up to time and skills, plus you can also smash it all with sledgehammer currently. Alternatively, they could be disassemblable for raw materials using the disassemble menu obviously, similar to doors/fences "Scrappable Objects" currently .
  9. On "Initial Infection" and "One Week Later" presets it seems zombies have better cognition (Navigate vs Basic Navigation) than in Survival, I don't know if that's intentional, but it seems like an omission as other options are properly adjusted.
  10. It seems that currently you can trigger alarms as admin when going inside the houses, even when invisible. I guess it's not intended behaviour.
  11. I know that sandbox options may get adjusted in build 40, seeing there's newly implemented "DAMAGE TO PLAYER FROM HIT BY A CAR" (something's off grammar-wise here) is set to none in all presets and there's a new solo screen where the "Initial Infection" option is mising, but in case that's been missed, I'm bringing it up. When browsing and comparing stock presets options in sandbox it seems that on the "Survival" vehicles are set to never be locked and never have alarms? The same applies to 6 months after, but it's more reasonable in that settings. The settings on initial infection and one week later are properly adjusted.
  12. So it seems there's no limit on which day of the month you can (try to) set in Multiplayer by editing options. Fortunately, it only seems to be visual issue, not affecting actual game setting .
  13. May be a suggestion, but seeing it's probably an omission, I decided to post it as a bug instead. When dismantling items, a text is being shown over character head. Normally, for those things a character speech is used (can't read book yet, already know the knowledges from book or in the recent build, inability to get out of car). The current text when the character fails dismantling uses a different mechanic and is surrounded by star signs and uses a different font that is hard to read. It also seems to disappear quicker? It would be nice if those text could be replaced with the unified speech text.
  14. It seems that list of mods gets cuts off at one point suddenly when browsing multiplayer options. Ideally, I would love to see them all multi-line, but even if some limit is going to be kept, it would at least be nice if ellipsis (…) could be added at the end.
  15. When right clicking Metalwork menu and choosing any of the items, there's still "BlowTorch" name being used, instead of the newer Propane Torch name.