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  1. You're talking about the vehicle changing skins, vehicles duplicating themselves (I think someone said that happened on server before, but it didn't happen to us until yesterday along with this bug from the first post here), or the actual bug of cars attracting other cars in a black hole fashion :D?
  2. It seems that the issue got fixed, since I was able to move to some of those cars and drive away, though some of the cars remain in odd places still. Someone playing on the server yesterday confirmed that they had the bug as well, so it was something bigger. When I tried approaching some of the vehicles that were lying on sides though, I got disconnected from the server – not sure if it was coincidence or not, I'll report if I'll be able to connect again if everything is still fine. I was able to log in again (but I still get lost connection to server error from time to time with the "Failed to establish P2P connection with server" for a while when I want to reconnect after interacting with cars sometimes, but they generally work now. I have noticed however, that while some of the cars were the ones were indeed ours (based for example on the content of trunk), some are definitely not ours, so I think they duplicated. Also, either some of the cars are switching skins or there are multiple cars on the same spot (possibly related to this bug? However I experienced that with Spiffo van changing to a radiostation(?) van). Also, since the vehicles are stuck on trees now, I can access some by cutting down trees (I can enter them, but they are stuck in between the trees), but not the ones that stand on side obviously (unless maybe if pushed with a vehicle, but I never succeeded that). I can, however, sometimes access some trunks and items indie the glove box in them and can verify they are not the cars we hauled there (we always empties them, plus they have different skins/styles too).
  3. RELEASED: Build 39 - The Vehicles Build

    Reading through the old changelogs, it seems that these bug fixes were listed twice (the only difference being "hardcore" being lowercase and missing one dot by accident: Fixed position of skull icon in load-game UI. Fixed map-loading errors when there are unknown types of items on the ground. Fixed game freezing when hundreds of nearby zombies play footstep sounds. Fixed metal-barricade sound not playing in MP, or for IsoThumpables. Fixed chop-tree action stopping too soon when the player's endurance is low. Fixed food cooking for too long once it has been removed from heat. Fixed hardcore difficulty using the wrong XP multiplier on Beginner/FirstWeek. Fixed prone zombies being pushed by non-prone zombies on the client. Fixed solidtrans objects adjacent to window frames (without windows) blocking movement It was confusing to suddenly read the same notes, I'll remove the duplicates from Build 39 changlog in wiki I think .
  4. Deaf character should not hear radio in car

    For reference, the ability for deaf character not to hear the radio/TV (not from vehicles) was only recently implemented, in first build 39 according to the changelog.
  5. Raw fish not labled Dangerously Uncooked

    Will have to try, but that's what in the most recent (39.67.5) game newitems.txt file: item FishFillet { HungerChange = -25, Weight = 0.2, Type = Food, IsCookable = TRUE, DaysTotallyRotten = 4, MinutesToBurn = 50, DisplayName = Fish Fillet, Icon = FishFillet, DaysFresh = 2, MinutesToCook = 20, EvolvedRecipe = Soup:15;Stew:15;Pie:15;Stir fry:15;Sandwich:5|Cooked;Burger:10;Salad:10|Cooked;Roasted Vegetables:15;RicePot:15;RicePan:15;PastaPot:15;PastaPan:15, FoodType = Fish, BadInMicrowave = true, GoodHot = true, } It's mostly in line wit the wiki, as in there's no DangerousUncooked flag set – there is "GoodHot" flag added, but it shouldn't make you sick if eaten raw, so maybe the wiki is just outdated? (which sadly is often the case ;( )
  6. Raw fish not labled Dangerously Uncooked

    Are they dangerous though? It seems it isn't marked as such in game files, but maybe that's for a reason – while I agree freshly caught fishes are probably not the best in survival, but I rarely hear of someone dying from eating sushi IRL after all .
  7. FLASH Megatest IV: Vehicular Testslaughter [Key Giveaway!]

    Wasn't sure if I should post it here or make a dedicated bug thread, but it's related (in?)directly to this server: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/24022-all-vehicles-on-the-spiffospace-server-suddenly-started-behaving-oddly/
  8. So we've been playing with my wife on the Spiffospace for the several few days, and aside from the few annoyances, the vehicles performed fine. When we logged in today, and tried to get into one of our vehicles parked outside, they suddenly started behaving oddly – changing places, floating and while in vehicle you couldn't move, fly, I think some vehicles changed skins or spawned a different color copies too, since when we got logged out and in (the only way to get back the control of the character and mitigate the madness) there were suddenly more unknown to us vehicle colors. Then we went to a nearby parking where we knew were still cars parked, to see if the cars there behave differently, but it was the same, see the following video: Is seems that once you get into a car and try to move, all the nearby cars start to behave oddly, now we have cluster**** of cars parked in our safehouse and at the nearest parking . EDIT: It may worth be noting that the cars near our safehouse seems to be grouped together when we got back and got stuck at the nearest obstacle, plus when I tried to switch places in cars, sometime the game switched a camera to a different car. Can attach more screens of the bug if needed. Another videos of the same bug: And a screenshot of a similar thing happening on a different location:
  9. The title of the "MECHANIC" panel that is accessed by pressing "i" button when looking at the vehicle details is a little not in line with the other information panels (inventory, loot, info/skills/health or crafting). It should say "This is the mechanic panel." or something along the lines instead of current "MECHANIC". See the attached screenshots for comparison
  10. The car in vehicles is called "WaveSignalDevice" (visible on title bar of the item) which I think it's a placeholder? Even if the name stays it lacks the spaces, but since the regular radios are used as a vehicle radios, I guess it should show the name of currently mounted radio. The second issue is that you unlike the regular radios, you can't connect headphones or earbuds to the radio mounted inside the car – you can uninstall the radio, equip it and then install the headphones/earbuds manually, but if placed back inside the car they can't be used (headphones/earbuds are there, but unusable, so I suppose they don't work). Finally, radios in the cars seems to have the (regular, not car) battery in them – I'm not sure if the battery is being depleted (seems not, as I extracted 100% ones) when used, or whether they are being used when the vehicle uses up all the car battery (never happened to me yet), but if you uninstall the radio, take the battery away and install it back, you basically have a free (regular) battery available. It would be nice if either the radios in cars spawned with no battery, or the battery inside them could actually be used (and visible inside the regular panel, along with headphones/earbuds I mentioned earlier). For a similar issue, see also my previous bug report: Deaf character should not hear radio in car.
  11. I reported this bug some time ago, but I'm not sure if it was in issue tracker or a regular forum post, nor if it was acknowledged, so again sorry if that is known issue the team is aware of. Currently, the weapon weight is only affected by attachment (which works fine, increasing the weight or decreasing when it comes to sling (actually it should decrease it only when the item is actively worn and not in containers, for example by giving an option to wear it on back just like backpacks do, but that's the matter for a different suggestion, possibly where the new animation come), but loading the magazine or ammunition in the magazine/chamber does not change the weight of it. Ideally, weapon weight should be adjusted when there's no magazine in it and when's ammo in it. The other thing that I think I suggested before (in the small suggestions maybe?) related to pistols is that I believe loading the ammo to magazine should progress to reloading difficulty (as so does loading individual shells to guns) and possibly chambering a round too, but that's only possible with the higher reloading difficulty levels and is matter for a different suggestion as well.
  12. Bug Tracker being decommissioned

    I think you can respond to the thread with that, though that will inevitably bump it :). I don't think it's a problem though, and it's motivating to see which issues are fixed already (or at least attempted to fix :D!)
  13. Bug Tracker being decommissioned

    Guess mods can still open closed topic and even add/merge info to it if needed, but I get your feeling. Originally I was worried about the unsolved bugs being lost in the bunch of the ones that were solved, thinking it's the only bug tracker available, but upon reading in this thread that there's an internal one where the actual bug reports are re-added, this may not be that much of a problem,
  14. I was testing stuff with a deaf character, and realized that when I turn the radio in a vehicle, I see the usual <bzzt> and <fzzt> above that – I think deaf character shouldn't hear the buzzing sounds. After further testing, It seems that a deaf character can even listen the auditions in car's radio as usual. I checked if I can watch TV or listen regular radio when deaf, but it seems that only vehicles radio is the one that's affected, so it seems like an omission.
  15. Minor correction to item names in .txt files

    I forgot about the chess pieces – added them to the list now.