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  1. YUSS! I think I've been the most vocal about this being added, so thank you a lot, it will make micromanaging water a lot easier for me with autodrinking turned off Though the option of leaving key in ignition is fine too!
  2. It would be nice if you could mix some ammo types too, risking a malfunction, though I understand it's a stretch
  3. When consolidating threads, it says "Pouring in". Also, threads weight the same no matter the weight, but it's still the case with some other items too, despite the recent changes
  4. I'd love it as well, it was also mentioned in this thread:
  5. I was thinking about this especially after trying SCUM. There's a discussion in this thread as well:
  6. I noticed in editor that some other furniture (notably armchairs and sofas) also have the property set but can't be disassembled, though I'm not sure if it's directly related…
  7. 1148. Some visual indicator on how much a tree is cut – it'd be really helpful when you forget what tree you were last cutting when your raw axe broke 1149. Some visual indicator on how damage construction/item is (preferrably something that wouldn't need a new model for each item; maybe simple crack marks?) 1150. Ability to repair walls and/or reinforce them when you get higher construction level / find someone with handy trait – right now you need to break it down and place new for it to have full HP again.
  8. I would still like autodrinking to be disabled, as it takes fun from me micromanaging stuff, have no animation and breaks things from time to time and I also suggested that the amount of water being float sometimes causes trouble (I'd love if everything would be simple units, similar to farming when it comes to water), but currently, if you are thirsty and want to prepare dish from a container full of water that is in the container, character first drinks the water needed and then succeeds making dish, even if less than needed water is available afterwards.
  9. I remember suggesting it back before, probably in small suggestion thread, but with watches and jewlerries now wearable and bandages being visible on characters and zombies, would it be possible to make bandages be worn as a regular clothing, so they would have some weight and could be looted from dead bodies? This would ideally also allow to wear the bandages even if no wound is present – it could be handy for RP and multiplayer especially, but it would open options to wrapping parts of body for heat and/or protection later on or in mods.
  10. I guess it might be added eventually, hopefully in line with B41 multiplayer, but yeah, current penalties for not sleeping can be countered and in B40 you can even take all your negative perks with MP for free points
  11. I would actually like if the skills and traits would be split altogerher, so I could choose the starting points in skills rather than limit myself to the predefined sets of +1/+2 skills. I really like traits that give something other than skills though and those are the ones I always take.
  12. 1147. Wash Dirty Rags in water bodies (rivers, lakes, poodles, etc.)
  13. 1145. Ability to use broken Raw Axes and other crude tools and broken weapons as fuel. 1146. More uses for buildings from stone other than Cairns (I think I suggested it before?)
  14. It was teased it might be a planned feature in one Thurstoids , though right now they don't want to change too much before B41 final.
  15. That could be nice option for a homes that have no weapons whatsoever – as long as there's a window you can break the glass or pick the one zombies broke and tear some clothing (incl. the one you started in) for an improvised weapon until you find someting. May be nice for MP servers too, where everything can be looted.
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