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  1. I also suggested that keyrings and keys should have a tiny little weight and limit on how much you can put on them; this would force at least some organization on them It would also be nice if some name would be autogenerated; renaming them every time you find one is really PITA. Also, the curent system of keys spawning just inside the buildings is kinda flawed, wish it would be changed. Also you can't lock doors inside at all at the moment.
  2. You need to go to build41 or iwillbuckupmysavegame (IWBUMS) beta, you can see how to enter it in that gif for example:
  3. That was suggested on a few occasion, but it would require a lot of new assets. They might come eventually though, but if so, it might take some time.
  4. You can also use the "Pan Camera" key, but yeah, a proper fix would be shifting camera to the way you're driving automatically.
  5. opengl.dll is the file that your graphic drivers are supposed to install globally, so updating your drivers would probably solve the issue in a more proper way, but good it worked for you
  6. Alternatively, just add a flag to recipe to not appear in recipes menu.
  7. Actually, watching TVs and radios have some minor gains for hapiness and boredome reducers and of course the better the cook, the more ingredients can be added for the hapiness bonuses, but yeah the whole system needs a serious upgrade down the road, as right now it's really easy to cheese, especially with smoker or pills and is barely noticeable even if you stuff yourself with dog food and worms.
  8. I think I saw this post before, but maybe I forgot to reply? Anyway, adding to what others said before: For now you can set Helicopter to "Sometimes" as well as fiddle with zombie amount, respawns and groups in options, other meta event don't cause much zombie migration and sadly I have to agree with @MadDan2013on this, hopefully more zombie migration/grouping will be addressed in future. Basic traps are already there (broken glass and remote traps, there's a bear trap sprite image), so I guess more are coming in the future, more might come with hunting update and maybe fir
  9. Basically what @Fuzzy Wolfysaid, everything you suggested is already planned or verified not to be in the game (no special zombies, though we could get some more armored zombified policemen/military ones and no zombie dogs), see an old but still fairly accurate https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/192-commonly-suggested-suggestions/ The zombies are adjustable, but more sandbox fine-tuning might come in future, for now you have mods to fill the gap. The buildings will come with Louisville (though there's a tall Dormitory building in March Ridge and a big resort in cente
  10. I suggested the water, I think in small but important features – in CD:DA there's an advanced system with even things such as evaporation depending on temperature I believe, and as far as I know water spillage is also implemented in Neo Scavenger, would be nice to see something like that in Zomboid, I just posted about some issues with water here as well: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/35339-ui-overhaul-suggestion/&tab=comments#comment-310239 As far as eating with spoon and fork, I wholeheartedly agree, in CD:DA and Rimworld you even have eating with table an
  11. Thanks for bringing that up, here's the original blog entry for those interested: https://projectzomboid.com/blog/news/2019/07/reloaded/ The inventory definitely needs some work to do, I've talked about it with friends the other day, so let me add a few things we discussed as well: The current inventory should at least have a search option, I mentioned it somewhere at forums before. Looking through the 200 units of unsorted loot lying in 4 surrounding floor tiles, full vehicle trunk, chest with organized or a full inventory (which in extreme cases can go past 50 by unequipp
  12. 1133-ish. Ability to wear leashes as a clothing item.
  13. The fitness menu seems to be one of the most advanced ones, wish some of the features from it (like having to remove backpack, having to stand up, unable to be overburdened, exhausted etc.) would carry into other aspects of the game as well! Either way, it have its minor flaws, so here's a summary: You can't see what Barbell and Dumbbel does unless you look it up online or actually equip them – it would make sense for the options to be clickable but OK button wouldn't be clickable even if you don't have them, so you can read the descriptions. After you equip barbell or dum
  14. That clothing scrap would be great, instead of burning indivudual clothes indeed!
  15. Faalagorn

    Techno Babbloid

    Adding to what @HerioJohnX@Zedllerand @Stainasaid, while I understand that some form of protection might be needed for huge 24/7 servers, I never even enabled any anticheat options in our coop server, for fear it may trigger uncontrollably or prevent fixing some fixup that happens while playing that can be modified with what otherwise would trigger anticheat protection, so for me any drawbacks in cheat detections are a non-issue right now.
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