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  1. Only public? IWBUMS is still on 37.8
  2. @RobertJohnson Ok, It just doesn't seem right that the solution to a problem is to create new ones, but it's your game, not mine.
  3. We can build a wall, and it is breakable. We can build a crate, and it is breakable. Anything we can build is breakable, even what we can pick up and place again. Why not the composter?
  4. If you craft shelves the capacity is 50. But if you pick up and place them again, now the capacity changed to 10. Same with double shelves (50 to 15) and metal shelves (50 to 30).
  5. No offense, I think it sucks. Composter problem was the zombies don't attack it and destroy it. Just It had to make it breakable, not hoppable
  6. Composter bug updated and reported into tracker @RobertJohnson https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/tracker/issue/905--{?}/
  7. The composter has a visual and accessibility bug. It can only be used from the east and south sides. North and west sides are not accessible.
  8. Why don't you do zombies will be able to destroy the composter like other furniture?
  9. @RobertJohnson
  10. Spanish translation ready for Build 37.8 Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0hlhVIaFw3RdV85SGNfazFLeWs @RobertJohnson @Batsphinx @turbotutone Please keep an eye on this thread... There are many things not yet translated.
  11. @RobertJohnson There is a visual bug with the composter now...
  12. Spanish translation ready for Build 37.7 Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0hlhVIaFw3RUUZXR2lrVnJ0Sm8 @RobertJohnson @Batsphinx @turbotutone Please keep an eye on this thread... There are many things not yet translated.
  13. How will the issue of fuel be addressed when vehicles are introduced into the game? Currently the generator is useless in the medium-long term due to lack of fuel. The same thing will happen with the vehicles?
  14. Any chance to add bicycles?