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  1. When I don't have a vehicle I travel long distances with the option "Walk to..." in the context menu, using F4 in zones without zombies. Now it's impossible, and very boring. I can mention a thousand examples where fast forward is essential for the gameplay of this game. If you use fast forward in dangerous situations it is your responsibility as I said before.
  2. Speeding up time is a player's choice, and he must be aware and responsible for it. This change is too frustrating and has a negative impact on gameplay more than any other.
  3. Glad to have participated in a new Megatest! I've noticed lag as always, and the zombies pushing them to the ground blinked. Also, when I was moving in a vehicle, distant zombies suddenly appeared. I had a lot of rubber banding in my car, and I even hit invisible objects.
  4. If you freeze fish or any other animal, you may be able to filet or cut it without problems and it appears fresh instantly.
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    My body is ready. Let's party!
  6. I don't know if it's intentional or a mistake, but the campfire has more capacity than ovens and microwaves for cooking.
  7. If we leave the game after watching a TV show and go back in, the TV show is repeated and we gain XP again. This can be repeated as many times as you want, gaining infinite XP.
  8. Hi! How can I fix this error without having to add the line manually?
  9. Some suggestions from the Spanish community! 841 Drying around a campfire. If we get wet from the rain, being able to dry ourselves off near a campfire. 842 (by Blacksmith) Allow to remove the snow with a shovel. 843 (by matetekali) Reinforcing certain parts of vehicles with metalwork. i.e. metal sheets on doors and windows. 844 (by Snake) Secret stashes on the ground with a shovel (very useful in MP!). 845 New skill: driving.
  10. 752 Random keys in zombies Zombies only drop keys if we kill them inside a house, and the key is from that house always. It'd be great if it was more random. 753 Less obvious zombification When we have a scratch, if we heal up and wait a few hours, we can know if we are infected or not, simply by checking if we get the "OK" message on the health panel. This should be like with hypochondriac trait, getting sick randomly and not receiving the "OK" message until the wound heals completely. 754 Ability to repair walls I guess a highly requested suggestion...
  11. Any news about this? Suggestion; allow to build a campfire with dirty rags.
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