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  1. 1. Find mod on Steam Workshop (link - https://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/workshop/ or my list: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2395746959) 2. Open site https://steamworkshopdownloader.io/ and insert link on mod (example - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2368058459) 3. Download mod 4. Open zip archive 5. Copy folder "mods" to Zomboid folder (C:\Users\USER_NAME\Zomboid) 6. Open game. Turn on mod in mods submenu. 7. Play
  2. ERROR: General , 1610395846035> ExceptionLogger.logException> Exception thrown java.lang.NullPointerException at RVSTrailerCrash.randomizeVehicleStory line:69. ERROR: General , 1610395846036> DebugLogStream.printException> Stack trace: java.lang.NullPointerException at zombie.randomizedWorld.randomizedVehicleStory.RVSTrailerCrash.randomizeVehicleStory(RVSTrailerCrash.java:69) at zombie.randomizedWorld.randomizedVehicleStory.RandomizedVehicleStoryBase.doRandomStory(RandomizedVehicleStoryBase.java:83) at zombie.iso.IsoChunk.addRandomCarCrash(IsoChunk.jav
  3. If you add a blow torch drop to the action queue and then add the action to dismantle the burnt car, then when the car starts to dismantle will be error. Perhaps there is such a thing in other places (for example, first say to throw off all things for build object, and then say to build)
  4. If turn on radio, wait until text show and turn off radio - text don't disappear.
  5. Change freeze system for food (that affect on roting). Let it depend on the temperature of the container. Example - I want create movable cooler box. I can set custom temperature, but in class Food in method updateAge asking for working electrecity in square. (need way to create freezer too)
  6. Aiteron

    Lag Fightin'

    I think about start my mod for RV interface after end with towing car mod. Not so deep, but the thoughts are generally similar about the mod.
  7. Good idea, but a lot of work. If do this like modder, it's like month nonstop work
  8. I have some cases, when get Java array Example: Color.HSBtoRGB(1, 1, 1) How get elements of array? I found PZArrayUtil, but cant acces to it
  9. Get light value of square (want to make panic when too dark)
  10. Working with 3D models through Lua code (add/remove, move, scale, etc.). I tried to add a cable model to the Towing a car mod, but nothing came of it. Didn't find a way to add my own model and move it in space (and draw). The lua manager has a method loadZomboidModel-, but it is not used anywhere and it does not help here (you still cannot draw).
  11. Aiteron

    Towing car

    You will be able to tow cars using a tow rope. Now you don't have to leave your favorite car to pick up a new one! Will be added to the game: New Item: Tow Rope Physics of towing a car using a rope Parking brake physics - now you can off the parking brake of car and push it by another car. Supported version: 41.x (Version 40.x not tested) Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2241990680 Video overview: The mod is compatible with mods that add new cars (for example Filibu
  12. learned it in code today. As I understand it, part of the code from the distribution was taken out to the procedural generation. in distribution, it looks like "food (from 1 to 50)" for the containers to which this code was written. food is listed in the procedural generation file as a food list with a chances. in total this is for convenience so as not to duplicate the code. You can change both the usual distribution and procedural generation.
  13. Aiteron

    Towing car mod

    You will be able to tow cars using a tow rope. Now you don't have to leave your favorite car to pick up a new one. New item (tow rope), custom towing physics. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2241990680 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Works with mod "Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars!". And with other mods, that add new vehicles. Permission
  14. Main physics almost done. I also want to try to visually show the rope, but I need to check if this is possible. there are already several new features that are not shown in the video I think about in the next couple of weeks I will open the mod as an open beta.
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