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  1. Water and electricity shutoff is always random, it just chooses at what timescale the randomness ends and they shut off if they haven't yet. Can't say anything for the stat decrease, since I haven't tested it. What I did notice is that the 'closed houses' thing doesn't affect windows! I think it should. I personally would like to have to break in almost every house and only rarely encounter a window that could be opened with hands and feel 'Yes!! Finally!' But I selected the "instant" option for shutoff and I always had water and electricity avaible. (even after 24 hours) I think windo
  2. Is it just me or are there sandbox settings that are not applying at all like water/electricity shutoff and stat decrease?
  3. Success, I can play now! Thanks for the quick fix and for the hard work all you guys putting into this game!!
  4. Ok, thank you Mr. french accent
  5. I tried with all the standard settings, I also verified & reinstalled the game files, It seems I can join a server but when I try to start one or start an SP game Ill get this error message.
  6. I'm on the IWBUMS branch but when I start a new game I get an error message that says "Sorry an unexpected error occured". Here's what the console spits out: Could someone please help me?
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