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  1. More optimization for vehicles [X] More car seats [X] Gates [X] New map areas "soonTM" [X] NPCs [ ] This is quite good mondoid !!!
  2. Build works great but after 10-20 min of playing the game freeze every few sec. log: Will cars ever have more than 2 seats ?
  3. Not a skill, trait yes. We have way too many skills that are worthless. First flesh out skills to make them interesting pick before adding new ones. Cooking, farming, nimble they have little to no impact compared to carpentry etc.
  4. A Big MP test for vehicles would be good
  5. Just a smal thing about armor, we need to have hard cap for dmg reduction / bite chance so 80-100% reduction wont be possible. I remember in Dead State that after few weeks zeds were no threat as their hit chance was 10-5%.
  6. Even if vehicles are so big coz of animation update look at door frame. Characters right now are as tall as door frame. If they get bigger after anim update will the size of doors also increase ? Or we replace "vehicles are too big" to "door frames are too small"
  7. Its in game switch. Like you are close you hit one buttton and you have "old view". Old X- Com had something like this. Show just the current lvl or all of them.
  8. Or just make a hotkey to toggle old and new way od view.
  9. ok we will try that. thx.
  10. Nope , how to do it ?
  11. Hey My friend have probem lunching PZ We tried different solutions from other topics and the best we could do is getting to main menu and when hes trying to start game crash. here is console log any way to fix it ? we tried vcredist update, steam overlay, windowed mode.
  12. People care more about free PZ codes than helping :-S. Do you plan the same test with vehicle branch ?
  13. Well in 90% of action games you walk by pressing the button so i dont mind that change. Shift to accelerate above safety speed is good idea, also speed meter would be good to see if my current speed is "safe" or not.
  14. It seems so. When I start new game on vehicle branch I start with a lot of items, just like someone was testing something and forgot to remove EZ mode. Also you are immortal.