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  1. i made a new game and went all through muldraugh street by street, not a single trailer in the entire town. that took some doing.. now i have to fill up again and head to rose wood to see if there is one there.. oh, and this is with HIGH vehicle spawn settings cause i figured it would help.. nope they are SUPER rare if not even one is in entire town lol.
  2. I find it odd that you have a crafting system, but you don't have the ability to take scraps and parts and have a forge and melt this stuff down and reuse it to make better weapons armor and things you may be having a hard time finding. this would make building a lot more enjoyable. If you have tons of scrap metal throw it in the forge and make some steel bars, or steel pipes, sheets etc. Same thing goes for woodworking and crafting axes and other tools that you may need from time to time. i can see ammo being limited and or not reproducible. honestly the way the game pla
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