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  1. Zeds can now crawl under cars even if they aren't crawlers!!! Maybe this has something to do with it?? It's not mentioned in patch notes
  2. I wouldn't mind brewing tea or coffee by filling a Kettle with water, boiling it, and then crafting said product. Then sugar could be added as a boost? Not sure seems like a tough one
  3. @BentNosegreat to see! I do think boating will be added before 1.0 release. It's too fun and useful of a mechanic to not implement IMO. I would expect the only reason they haven't added them yet is because they would need to add things on the other side of the Ohio first.
  4. Yes, but my thoughts are these would be impossible to do solo, you would either need multiple trained PCs or NPCs most likely with specific professions to accomplish these goals. For example, if your group consists of electricians and engineers, you can restore a power plant. However, if your group is instead comprised of veterans and mechanics, the APC vehicle would be the better choice.
  5. The body of your average car is mostly aluminum actually
  6. Restoring Power Plants and Water Treatment Stations would definitely be worthy end-game goals. Can't get rid of the zombies, but at least you can enjoy your last few years in luxury! I definitely think the planned Factions will be locked behind establishing some kind of radio tower. I can't imagine you will just be able to start building a faction up the second the game begins, since I think that will be when you are still operating under the 'Group' mechanics at that point. Would definitely be nice to build up a bunch of different skills or rally different specialist PCs or NPCs and have to c
  7. Just a visual bug still being ironed out in the new build. Taller trees would be nice though
  8. I think Boating is definitely in the works, as@colid_cnakesaid. Would be very nice to have a safe alternative to highway travel, even if it's restricted to following the Ohio. I would expect this to come alongside the Louisville Update. Since I imagine traveling into the heart of the city by car would be nigh impossible. Water travel could be the best way in and out of the urban areas of the map. Besides that, NPCs and even MP will benefit a lot from trading over the rivers of Knox Country. Canoes could be crafted out of logs with carpentry. Low level would result in a basic hollowed out log.
  9. Glad to see the expanded idea, I love it! I think this could be implemented as easily as adding a Sandbox setting called something like 'Survivor Classes'. If you check the box, it would allow for more customization of this system (similar to Proper Zombies settings). You could select which classes would be available and when. Survivor and Apocalypse modes would probably default to 3 months later, but this could be changed to be any amount of time. This way servers could opt into or out of whichever professions they want to allow players to use. Alternatively, anyone could just set
  10. Being able to sew together curtains out of ripped sheets would be nice though, wouldn't it? Maybe we could craft full sheets too! Hopefully this will come if they ever add fabric dyes. I'd love to craft some custom color curtains at high level tailoring.
  11. I agree that vehicles deal too much damage. I think driving should create a lot more crawlers if anything, and should rarely kill zeds. I think there is a disconnect in player's brains because the car takes way too much damage compared to what we see on screen. Small, wimpy vehicles can run through a horde of 20 from a complete stop. Your average car can continue through a dozen zombies on the highway going 60. The damage the vehicle takes is super realistic, but we don't see it in a way that makes sense to us. I think if they gave infected way more stopping power, it would make more sense whe
  12. Good point, I guess its kinda a fallacy to think that just because they introduce a sandbox option, it will upset the meta of the game. Minecraft has creative mode, but people don't use it for competitive play and speedruns I think if it helps more people play then, why not?
  13. That is very true, maybe just have the Tires, Chain, and Gears as parts that degrade and need replacement. These seem like simple additions that could be found in lots of places. The Bike itself (Body, Handlebars, Seat) could all be repaired with Metalworking skill and Metal Rods, similar to how Car Hoods/Trunks can be repaired with Metal Sheets.
  14. I think OP means that people stop playing because they put weeks or months into a character with friends and then that character dies and they don't want to invest a bunch of time into a new character. I have personally seen and felt this firsthand myself so I know where it's coming from. @FurizuI feel like it would be cool to create a sandbox option in which the player or server host can allow player respawn, but I understand why the devs don't want this in their game. I guarantee, almost immediately, the meta of the game would change and 80% of the community would start playing s
  15. I think this is possible now due to custom vehicle support that came with the Trailer patch. Bicycles as a tile object are already in the game, so hopefully this does come one day. However, since a lot of new code and animations would need to be developed, we should definitely include both the Road Bikes and Mountain Bikes so at least it's somewhat more useful and varied. There's only really six parts of a bike that we have to consider: Handlebars, Tires, Rims, Chains, Body, and Seat. We could also have things like helmets and pads to lessen damage from crashes, Mounted horns or flashlights fo
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