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  1. The challenge of "The Last Frontier 2" is extremely unfinished for the following reasons 1. You may feel thirsty during a test, but you will not be able to quench your thirst. Impossible to drink. 2. The zombie counter may break. When the wave ends, some zombies may still be alive. 3. Bonfire - imba. You don't even have to fight the zombies, they will burn themselves. It is enough for the player to walk away from them. 4. There are very few goods in the store, and leveling skills and buying perks are extremely expensive and useless. There are a lot of firearms and melee weapons in buil
  2. 41.46. I've noticed that some cleaning products might be soap and some might not. Maybe they are empty, but why is there no indicator then?
  3. The detergent is not soapy and will not wash clothes
  4. - All zombies that were killed off the back have the same corpse pose. It doesn't look very nice and not believable. - Add the likelihood of getting a scratch on the face and head when shaving or cutting. - Add the ability to get infected with a zombie virus if you scratch yourself with bloody scissors while shaving.
  5. The eggs in the box do not rot. About 2 months have passed for me, there is no light and water for a long time, and my eggs are safe and sound.
  6. Thank you! awesome update please keep working on the game, it becomes like an AAA project
  7. Why not use a towel, rag or kitchen rag instead of a handkerchief? It is foolish to die because the character simply does not want to blow his nose in an ordinary rag and attracts all the zombies around.
  8. My character is stuck between the sofas. https://youtu.be/uQuP2LfQxnY
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