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  1. An option's height is not recalculated when a texture is specified unlike in ISRadioButtons. Steps to reproduce: Create an ISTickBox UI element, add some options with textures: tickBox:addOption("option", data, texture) The fix is simple: function ISTickBox:addOption(name, data, texture) table.insert(self.options, name); self.textures[self.optionCount] = texture; self.optionData[self.optionCount] = data; self.optionsIndex[self.optionCount] = name; self.optionCount = self.optionCount + 1; -- START OF FIX if texture then
  2. ISWorldObjectContextMenu.onFitness function duplicates the first lines from ISWorldObjectContextMenu.onFishing. I suppose it was a copy-paste and shouldn't be like that, right? ISWorldObjectContextMenu.onFishing = function(worldobjects, player) if ISFishingUI.instance and ISFishingUI.instance[player:getPlayerNum()+1] then ISFishingUI.instance[player:getPlayerNum()+1]:removeFromUIManager(); end local modal = ISFishingUI:new(0,0, 450, 270, player, worldobjects[1]); modal:initialise() modal:addToUIManager() if JoypadState.players[player:getPlayerNum()+1] then setJoypadFocus(player:g
  3. Huh, my words were passive aggressive then, ok. You've read too much Sarcasm for beginners, mr. Community Manager, instead of Online Community Management for <choose_yourself>. I better logout before I write something that you'll consider aggressive xD
  4. Alright. I didn't want to continue this, but where I was not civil and what did I throw at you? I only pointed out that the balance is unbalanced without any offensive words. What times we live in, everyone finds a reason to be offended even by harmless messages.
  5. I'm sorry that you didn't like how I wrote it. These were my emotions when I saw it. Thanks for taking into consideration.
  6. The new balance of vehicles' trunks doesn't make any sense. 110 cap for pickup, pickupvan - 130, stationwagon - 150 (really? + 3 seats, what's the point of heavy-duty vehicles?), stepvan - 160, but only 85 for van, seriously?
  7. Thank you, guys, for fixing the recipes bugs
  8. It's not new. Seen on forums and then found myself. I think it was added around March this year.
  9. Yep, noticed the same thing. Really curious about it. Can't override base game recipes and 1 more recipes related IMO recipes related code should be rewritten to add unique ids to recipes as it is with items.
  10. Also is it me or all required items (even I don't have some) are written in white when hovering over recipe menu entry since this update? I believe missing items were written in grey. In the crafting menu missing items are greyed out as they should be:
  11. I'm developing a mod and today I wanted to publish it but seems you made some changes to recipes. Before 41.45 I was able to override vanilla recipes in my mod like that (with some bugs probably related to recipes not having unique ids): mymod/media/scripts/myrecipes.txt module Base { imports { Base } recipe Open Canned Mushroom Soup { CannedMushroomSoup, keep TinOpener/KitchenKnife/HuntingKnife/Stone, Result:CannedMushroomSoupOpen, Time:80.0, Category:Cooking, OnTest:NFOCF_OpenCan_OnTest, OnCreate:NFOCF_OpenCan_OnCreate, OnGiveXP:Recipe.OnGiveXP.
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