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  1. Being able to repair car hoods is the best news on this list.
  2. Maybe with a blanket and a pillow, you could have the option to sleep on the floor, just with the risk of less restful sleep for balance.
  3. After building the wooden wall frame, when I then build the wooden walls themselves, there is no noise and my carpentry experience doesn't raise. I was wondering if this was normal for everyone, of if I'm having a weird glitch. Sorry if this has already been mentioned, I scanned the thread and didn't see anything about it.
  4. On the one hand, I wanna restart so I have a 'fresh' looking world. On the other, I FINALLY FOUND A SLEDGEHAMMER.
  5. A strange bug I got: started a new game with the 'first week' setting, but the entire town is visually decayed as if months had gone by: (broken streets, wild trees/bushes, ivy). Food is still fresh and the power/water was still on, it's just these visual elements. Also, does anyone know if it's possible to move large objects like couches and desks?
  6. In 31 build, sledgehammer and axe always can be found in one warehouse, sometimes separately, but often one axe i can find always - in 32 build, axe is problem. May be it a new feature? I have the opposite problem: always find axs, can never find a sledge.
  7. Downtown was heavily infested, but I managed to sneak through and finally make my way to the police station after days of trying to reach it. Broke the window and hopped in. That's when the alarm went off and signaled all of those lovely zombies I'd so carefully avoided. In a blind panic I ran through the nearest door as the undead poured into the station, only to find myself trapped in a hallway with cells, interogation rooms, and not a single escape route except for the way I came (which was currently being clawed apart by zombies). Ran into the furthest interrogation room, eating wa
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