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  1. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs


    Are there any plans for rag-doll physics for zombies getting hit by cars, explosions and so on?
  2. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    Combat Renovations

    Stuff like this: Brainless, rotten corpses that are barely able to walk are suddendly able to jump people out of nowhere like Arya Stark, fight like pro wrestlers, and/or simply tear people apart like they're a zombiefied version of Superman. And don't even get me started on scenes like this:
  3. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    Combat Renovations

    Imo Realism > Romero. A healthy human being would have a really hard time biting a chunk out of someone's neck. But for the sake of gore, a rotting corpse is somehow able to do that with ease in B-movies. Imo it's just cheesy & also doesn't result in good gameplay - it just isn't fun to survive a zombie attack only to bleed out seconds later. I guess it's an unpopular opinion, but i think the chance to die from a bite is too high as it is. If getting bitten means you're almost guaranteed to die, there's no suspense. It's also the reason why First Aid is kinda useless as a skill. TLDR: Bad injuries = fun, instant death = meh.
  4. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs


    btw are there any plans to make zombies really grab the player, instead of just doing the "grabbing animation"? Is King of the Zomboid a Battle Royale mode? Will the challenge maps get added to open world map one day? Looking great as always!
  5. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs


    Will we inventory screen get an update to handle all the new slots for clothing items? Can't wait to get my hands on the new build!
  6. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    Some mood suggestions.

    Imo a revamp of the mood system is long overdue. I don't know how all the moods work exactly, but it seems that many negative mood-effects are extremely situational, irrelevant, non-intuitive and/or unrealistic...
  7. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    Project Zomboid is In Need Of A Change Of Design

    Also, the soundtrack is imo really unique & the concept is great, while OP's choice of music feels bland & generic in comparison. It would be nice to have some ingame CD's with 80/90ies music, tho.
  8. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread

    But there's only a skull & arrows for walls, right? It's really limited. I'm suggesting letters so we can write the name of a base on it, or write stuff like "KEEP OUT" or "ALIVE INSIDE". And more symbols, too.
  9. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread

    930. Allow players to paint letters & symbols on walls & floors.
  10. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs


    workbenches would be sweet.
  11. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    (Change it back!) Why was Erosion toned down so much?

    Only if we get a lawnmower to deal with zombie plants and zombies alike.
  12. Was scrolling over the PZ online map the other day and realized helicopters might actually be a thing. Just use a simplified representation of the map at higher altitudes, without details. The helicopter itself doesn't even need fancy physics or collisions like a car. This might actually work, doesn't it? つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE HELICOPTER
  13. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    More Flexible "Random" Options in Zombie Lore Settings

    + being able to set the % of each would be awesome. Like: 30% Shamblers, 60% Fast Shamblers, 10% Sprinters Last time i checked, modding zombie types & values wasn't as simple as you'd think, either.
  14. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    Unbalanced shaders and gamma/brightness

    It works fine for me, it's probably a compatibility issue with your graphics card?
  15. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    Pea Super

    don't know if this is intentional or not. but shortcut keys won't work for me when in vehicle maintenance mode.