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  1. Fun fact: you can actually do this manually - but only if the window is opened, and you won't be able to steer the car while doing it. Apparently, the character lets go of the steering wheel and leans out the window at 100 mph to focus on the road. Like, dude, stop doing that.
  2. Agree, I think this is also an issue with which zones are set as "urban" and "rural". For example, the western starting area of Riverside is surprisingly safe, while the farmland south of Rosewood is full of zombies.
  3. Choose your own % of Runners, Walkers, Shamblers - and Crawlers! You missed those, didn't you. By default, you should get ~5% Runners, 60% Walkers, ~33% Shamblers, and ~2% Crawlers. Only works if you choose "Random" for zombie speeds in Sandbox. Not sure if this is 100% reliable, but it seems to work so far. ZombieSpeeds = {} ZombieSpeeds.counter = 0 -- counter to delay execution, otherwise it doesn't seem to work ZombieSpeeds.randomizeSpeed = function(zombie) ZombieSpeeds.counter = ZombieSpeeds.counter + 1 if ZombieSpeeds.counter ~= 200 then return end ZombieSpeeds.counter = 0 local data = zombie:getModData(); if data.zombieType == nil then -- we didn't set a zombieType yet -- so lets set a zombieType local random = ZombRand(101) if random > 98 then zombie:toggleCrawling(); -- how to set, not toggle? data.zombieType = "crawler" -- elseif random > 97 then -- zombie:setForceFakeDead(true); -- not working? -- data.zombieType = "fakedead" elseif random > 95 then data.zombieType = "runner" elseif random > 60 then data.zombieType = "shambler" else data.zombieType = "walker" end -- now do something with the zombieTypes if data.zombieType == "runner" then zombie:changeSpeed(1); elseif data.zombieType == "walker" then zombie:changeSpeed(2); elseif data.zombieType == "shambler" then zombie:changeSpeed(3); end zombie:DoZombieStats() -- doesn't seem to work without applying the stats like this end end Events.OnZombieUpdate.Add(ZombieSpeeds.randomizeSpeed); RandomZombieSpeeds.zip
  4. I disabled eris minimap & started a new game, now it works just fine!
  5. Or is there any other way to see live console output?
  6. Huh...I played Zomboid for 300 hours and never realized this is how boredom works. I thought it was caused by inactivity, which makes sense. Btw: I generally ignore boredom & depression anyway, because the penalty doesn't matter most of the time. But one time, I was at maximum boredom & depression for days - and suddenly I started losing health and didn't know why. Can depression cause health loss after all?
  7. Even small trees are evil and will try to kill you whenever they can. Slightly hitting a very small tree created by erosion at the side of the road can cause a major car accident. Pretty annoying. Imo players should be able to run over small trees with cars, just like zombies. We didn't start this war, the trees did!
  8. Btw: Bread seems way too rare. I want to make sandwiches again. I also can't seem to find any of those gardening spray cans for treating sick plants, but maybe I'm just unlucky.
  9. Damn those runners look great. Being able to mix runners & walkers would be great. Any chance they'll make it into MP?
  10. I was wondering about that as well - zombies always seem to spot me before I can spot them. Are the zombies just covered up by the tree sprites or something? Or can zombies really see through trees?
  11. Exactly. If zombies have to climb over an object after crawling though a window, it's the same as if they climbed over a fence - they'll suddenly pop into their standing-animation if you hit them.
  12. We already have that rumor. Some people think it 's a ~95% chance that can be lowered with Thick Skinned trait. Both isn't true afaik. Thick Skinned is probably one of the most useless traits.
  13. A rainjacket & warm winter gloves would be nice.
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