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  1. Ask support to reset the account's email & password to the same it's always been, reverting any recent changes made to it. Not sure if they track those changes, but hopefully they do. Try sending proof that you're the owner of the paypal account connected to steam. Do NOT ask people to flag the account or anything like that, it's pointless & will only make you look suspicious.
  2. Heh, good one. DayZ Standalone was supposed to be a combination of DayZ mod and Zomboid - and utterly failed. I actually agree with OP when he says that MP is more important for player numbers than NPCs. MP needs some love and can help the community grow with relatively little effort. NPCs with proper AI require much more work.
  3. try Translator.getDisplayItemName("Wire")
  4. Have you looked at the GlobalObjectSystem? I think that's the "modern" way of doing what you want to do. TIS's Farming mod uses it, for example.
  5. Each square can only have north & west walls - so if I want get the southern wall, i have to get the northern wall of the next square. But on the first floor, getting the next square returns nil if that square is outside of the house. What am I missing here? How does the game even place the wall in that spot when there's no square for it?
  6. Some of the posters here must have been icebears in a former life... For me, the current balance feels fairly realistic. When I go skiing at -10°C, I need full winter clothing & sunlight to stay comfortable. During the night at -10°C, the heat loss is immense when wearing normal street clothing. Maybe I'll feel ok for an hour or so, but not much longer than that. Increased fatigue & hunger is a result of the body trying to increase the temperature & fighting illness. Also fairly realistic afaik.
  7. Just happenend again in Build 41.21 - I was fighting a single zombie, suddenly I'm bleeding & the panel says I was bitten in the groin area... Btw. sometimes the opposite happens as well: There's a scratch/bite sound, but no injury. I assumed the clothing prevented the injury?
  8. As soon as the bandage is off, it drains a whole lot of health no matter what.
  9. Even minor pain makes the character attack in slow motion with weapons, while shoves & stomps are still normal speed. Please don't slow everything down, tho... seriously, it's just annoying and looks weird :3
  10. No scratch sound, but suddenly I was bleeding... even bitten. happened several times to me now.
  11. by pressing "aim" & moving the mouse,, the same way you do it when not in a car.
  12. I haven't used it yet, but maybe "OnSave" will be useful? Is Events.OnDisconnect never dispatched, not even in multiplayer?
  13. I'm trying to modify/replicate the zombie respawning mechanics: 1) Get the surrounding Chunks 2) Check how many zombies they have 3) Check when the player has last seen them I thought this would be simple, but I just can't figure it out. Does anyone know how to do this?
  14. Almost all clothing items have a weight 1. The first thing I do in the zombie apocalypse is get naked while watching woodcraft. Don't judge me, I'm just doing it because I have to survive!
  15. Temperature behaves very odd for me. I'm overheating in winter at -5°C after running 20m. I'm playing with 30min days. I think the game measures things too much in "ingame time spent jogging" and not "actual time spent jogging".
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