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  1. btw: Please polish the MP game design a bit as well! For example, we still don't have a sanity/reputation system to combat griefing & KoS. PvP is either unlimited or disabled. The only alternative is admins constantly monitoring the server and banning players who break the rules. And then there are issues like clunky server resets, floating bases, or the lack of a working sleeping system...
  2. This looks similar to a problem I've had when trying to mod animations: Whenever I assigned a new hit animation while another hit animation was already playing, the new one would get queued instead of playing immediately - so zombies got stuck in a series of hit animations. So what might be happening here: 1) "knockdown" anim is playing 2) zombie gets hit while "knockdown" is still playing 3) game thinks that the player hit the zombie from BEHIND because the zombie's center position is at its feet - so it queues a new "hit from behind" anim 4) After "knockd
  3. In this image, the scratches look as expected, the dents are brown instead of grey, and the rust is... on fire? It even glows in the dark 😮 edit: ok, the rust glitch was because I set rust to "100" instead of "1"
  4. My shell damage overlay has the wrong colors ingame. For example: if I make it greyscale, it appears brown ingame. Any idea how I can fix this? I'm using the newest B41.
  5. Ack, I think I haven't read any... guess it was me being dumb, after all xD
  6. Indoor temperature only changes once electricity is off.
  7. Got a filled torch & welding mask, but there's no metal working option in the right-click menu anymore. Or am i just dumb & doing something wrong right now?
  8. I get pretty severe screen taring no matter what.
  9. Compare this to the old preview video, where turn speed was much better: 0:42 fast turn & hit 0:46 fast turn & hit, visually a bit off 1:27 niiice All of these would have resulted in death with the current build. btw NOBODY CARES about feet sliding a little.
  10. I'd simply do this: - take the area's coordinates from blindcoder's map - check if the player's position is in that area when he spawns - then use modData to check if he's already received the items, kinda like this: if not player:getModData().startingItems then player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.itemnamehere") player:getModData().startingItems = true end Maybe there's a smarter way, but this should do the trick.
  11. Ok, so the above version doesn't work because the sound won't get registered. This version works: local sound = "test" local gameSound = GameSounds.getSound(sound) local gameSoundClip = gameSound:getRandomClip() local emitter = IsoWorld.instance:getFreeEmitter() local id = emitter:playClip(gameSoundClip, nil) emitter:set3D(id, false) emitter:tick()
  12. The last thing I tried is this: emitter = IsoWorld.instance:getFreeEmitter() emitter:setPos( getPlayer():getX(), getPlayer():getY(), getPlayer():getZ() ) emitter:playSound("Test") emitter:tick() Can't hear the sound. No idea why.
  13. Didn't work for me either. Mono makes no difference, music is still played with 3d on and still twitches when using the player's emitter. I tried to duplicate the sound definition with "is3D = false", but now i get an error "couldn't find an FMOD event or .ogg or .wav file". It seems duplicates are simply ignored if they reference the same .ogg Having more access to emitters & FMOD would be nice. Not sure what Nebula is working on, but I'm trying to make devices play audio.
  14. This. Survivor Radio is a nice mod, but currently there's no sane way to make it really work. We'd definitely need: :setTimelinePosition() Also nice to have would be: :setMinDistance() :setMaxDistance()
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