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  1. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    Zombie Migration Question (across cells?)

    Btw does the vanilla Sadistic AI director do anything similar or not? I thought it creates hordes or at least sends existing ones to your base at some point - but I haven't experienced that lately. My bases seem to be completely safe once the area is cleared od zombies...
  2. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    Some mood suggestions.

    Imo a revamp of the mood system is long overdue. I don't know how all the moods work exactly, but it seems that many negative mood-effects are extremely situational, irrelevant, non-intuitive and/or unrealistic...
  3. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    A Hardcore Server

    I'd be interested. + no global chat!
  4. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    Project Zomboid is In Need Of A Change Of Design

    Also, the soundtrack is imo really unique & the concept is great, while OP's choice of music feels bland & generic in comparison. It would be nice to have some ingame CD's with 80/90ies music, tho.
  5. This. I guess it's a bit off-topic, but while the weather & frequency itself feels fine for me, it's kinda hard to give feedback as long as the weather doesn't actually do much... I expected it to shake things up much more, making it important to adapt to the situation: - Weather having various impacts on zombie senses - Thunder causing zombies to run up & down the street, trying to chase the noise - Winter & Snowstorms slowing zombies down & making them less active - Effects on car physics - & while we're at it: Rain on a hot summer day still makes your character ill, but almost freezing to death doesn't ;P
  6. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread

    But there's only a skull & arrows for walls, right? It's really limited. I'm suggesting letters so we can write the name of a base on it, or write stuff like "KEEP OUT" or "ALIVE INSIDE". And more symbols, too.
  7. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread

    930. Allow players to paint letters & symbols on walls & floors.
  8. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs


    workbenches would be sweet.
  9. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    (Change it back!) Why was Erosion toned down so much?

    Only if we get a lawnmower to deal with zombie plants and zombies alike.
  10. Was scrolling over the PZ online map the other day and realized helicopters might actually be a thing. Just use a simplified representation of the map at higher altitudes, without details. The helicopter itself doesn't even need fancy physics or collisions like a car. This might actually work, doesn't it? つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE HELICOPTER
  11. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    More Flexible "Random" Options in Zombie Lore Settings

    + being able to set the % of each would be awesome. Like: 30% Shamblers, 60% Fast Shamblers, 10% Sprinters Last time i checked, modding zombie types & values wasn't as simple as you'd think, either.
  12. Finally got one after ~20 hours, the atmosphere is fantastic. I read that they will be a little more frequent, which is great imo.
  13. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    Unbalanced shaders and gamma/brightness

    It works fine for me, it's probably a compatibility issue with your graphics card?
  14. Are thunderstorms working in MP? I've never seen one either in ~15 hours around springtime. Lots of fog & wind, some rain, rarely snow.
  15. ZombiesLoveBrainiacs

    Pea Super

    don't know if this is intentional or not. but shortcut keys won't work for me when in vehicle maintenance mode.