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  1. Dont know the lore of PZ. This zombie virus is local event or global? I always imagined that it is local event and that area that you play in is isolated from the rest of the word by military. No one can come in or leave and military helicopter is checking the situation.
  2. Maybe he/she quit smoking
  3. Wait, you can wash your car now? Somehow i missed that
  4. Toshis

    Toasty Warm

    Nice work. Have a pleasant christmas everyone!
  5. Caturday is right, you have to be unrealistically weak to be not able to load it
  6. Hey, i have safehouse in same warehouse
  7. I assume you lose items if you have full trunk and damage it?
  8. Theoretically it should matter, but how it actally is don't know. Generator info panel updates when you connect something new.
  9. Valutech radio, placed in safehouse, consumes generator power, thought the only way to turn it on is to insert battery.
  10. The cleaning agent doesnt have the bar "remaining", empty?
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