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  1. As topic says, just launched latest version and noticed this. Maybe there more sounds not playing, dont know yet.
  2. Use some thread with needle and some ripped sheets to make sacks > sand bags > sand bag walls. Currently sacks are pretty rare find in game, a way to make some by yourself could be nice.
  3. Toshis

    Really Useful

    Also, slightly rounded corners and crosswalks on crossroads could be nice, for example:
  4. You know, fruit trees is an interesting idea. What if players could occasionally find wild fruit trees in forests.
  5. Toshis


    I imagine it will take quite a lot of time not only to create new road tiles, but also rework roads of the entire map.
  6. If it is wireless mouse sometimes it could have bad signal, not register mouse clicks. This can happen.
  7. Toshis

    Bohemian Rhapzedy

    Seems like some people dont understand that by improving graphics, sound or other game mechanics, not only single player experience becomes better, but also multiplayer. Its a win - win situation. Also, it seems that some people dont understand that multiplayer and audio is worked by different people in parallel. And also, some people dont understand how hard and long it is to develop a game. To create something from nothing. Personally, i do care about other aspects of the game, not just multiplayer.
  8. Toshis

    Bohemian Rhapzedy

    Very impressive and well thought out. As i understand you tell Noiseworks what sound effects you need and they design it? Re-watched video two times, its a bit hard to hear tree creaking noises during strong wind, but still, that was very pleasant to listen. Speaking about zed noises, you know what would be nice - when attacking zeds, on top flesh hitting sound effects add occasional bone cracking sound. Imagine when you land a one hit kill or hit so strong, that even bones crack edit: Found an example, you can clearly hear prolonged tree creaking sounds:
  9. Noticed that when reloading the game coffee beverage loses its fatigue bonus (bug?). Also, why tea reduces fatigue more than coffee? Sometimes when i add +5 coffee, beverage reduces fatigue by 7, sometimes by 11 etc. Why it is fluctuating? (not affected by how much character is tired, tested) Another example: i add coffee +5 and beverage has fatigue -11. Then i add another +5 coffee and fatigue becomes -7. Shouldnt stronger coffee reduce fatigue more? Also, sometimes adding x2 or x3 coffee fatigue bonus doesnt change, sometimes it changes. Why? Sorry, but it doesnt make sense. It would be nice if there were larger bottles to store coffee, maybe thermos, which would also keep beverage hot for long period of time.
  10. Hey, i am curious, does it have the same durability as other vanilla cars or was it changed to withstand more hits? Anyway, nice mod.
  11. When multiplayer for newer game version will be released, please enable larger buildings like warehouses to be set as safehouses. I love settling in warehouses for multiple reasons and its a shame its not possible set safehouse there.
  12. Cant tell for sure how it was several decades ago, but today modern gas stations definitely have fuel level measuring devices installed in tanks. Fuel station operators can quickly check level of fuel in each tank without having to physically open the tanks. edit: Of course a crude way to open a tank and stick something inside to check the level should be possible
  13. I assume gas stations have gauges to measure pressure by default. The higher the level of liquid, the higher the pressure.
  14. Toshis

    Home on the Range

    Not sure how i feel about fuel station change. Eventually all cars and refrigeration will be locked out because lack of fuel. Maybe add fuel tank trailers scattered around the map to alleviate it?
  15. Toshis


    I agree with PZ developers, dont mind waiting for a good quality product. I also understand that waiting can be hard. Take a look at cyberpunk, mass effect andromeda or no mans sky - in what crappy state those games were released.
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