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  1. The cleaning agent doesnt have the bar "remaining", empty?
  2. Had two bird traps on roof, safe from zombies. After some time one trap just disappeared. Not sure if this is intended or bug.
  3. i think you need to read metalwork magazines to unlock it.
  4. Cars also drift slowly when towing another car.
  5. Those are not crates. Those are piles of brown bricks, which give wood and nails when dismantled. If you want to find axes and sledgehammers, look for warehouses and garages/tool sheds.
  6. Thanks guys, next time i turn on PZ will try to uninstall hood and check if i can repair it. P.S. I dont use mods, generally not a fan of mods on any game. Often they distort the original feel of the game too much, unless its really, REALLY good mod P.S.S You know, when i think about it, there is a problem of lack of information. Game is updated and changed often, so there isnt much information on the internet. And the game itself doesnt tell much how things can be done or how it works.
  7. Running 41.47 repair trunk requires metalworking 3, and there is still no option to repair hood. Why and how to fix this? Do i have to create new world with new vehicles? Games created before 41.47 do not update? Although coffee dissapeared, when it was changed, so it should be updated. Would really appreciate if someone from development team could shine some light on this.
  8. Dismantling various objects doesnt give enought scrap metal compared to how much you need to build metal structures. Got plenty of metal sheets, pipes and bars, but no scraps. Cant build anything. We can weld small sheets to make big sheets and cut big sheets to make small sheets. Maybe we could make metal scraps from small sheets? edit: Also, construction sites could be better source of metal materials. It could contain crates of construction materials, more dissasemblable objects.
  9. You know, ability to fix metal weapons using welding rods/blow torch could be implemented.
  10. man, i wish i had such soap in real life. No more need to buy soap.
  11. gap is too small. Make bigger gap between cars
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