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  1. Seems that there are many situations where limitations have to be put because of performance impact when rendering lots of zombies. Are there any plans to improve it? Can anything be done? Its the core game mechanic, makes sense to try to make it as best as possible.
  2. Cutaway rendering for that barrier doesnt really add anything, just looks bad.
  3. Pot of water is inside active microwave. If you want to clean bandages, character turns off microwave and takes out the pot, but if you want to sterilize bandages, it can be done without turning off microwave and taking out pot.
  4. Toshis

    Migration vs Craft

    Arent you concerned that Project Zomboid might lose its original vision of zombie survival game and shift more into some sort of farming simulator game? Edit: I mean, I am all in for deep and complex game mechanics, but growing and milking cows, growing chickens and picking up eggs? I dont know, it can be a nice side detail, but not the main focus of the game, that a lot of development time is spent on.
  5. I like this. For example, i have various car repair tools, some empty gas cans and some water for emergency situations in my car trunk. Putting these items under different category would help prevent them from mixing up with random items when looting. Side note, there is a game flaw, that doesnt allow the player to access container within container. You have to either equip it to take items out or put it on the ground. Also, what about option to choose item icons instead of item list? Example from game "EVE online":
  6. A tiny detail, but it would be neat if could create your character as left hander.
  7. Once zombie bit a hole through bullet proof vest and leather jacket beneath, injuring characters chest. Just think for a moment - bite a hole in a bullet proof vest, what kind of bite it has to be? Sorry, but thin plastic wont help against these insane zombies
  8. Try hitting spacebar. Noticed in multiplayer, when character gets stuck and cant do certain actions, hitting spacebar (making that push action) somewhy refreshes it. Or when character gets stuck in certain animation hitting spacebar helps.
  9. After a day of looting, friend and i were tired, so we decided to clear the warehouse in Westpoint and stay for the night there, then loot mentioned warehouse in the morning. Killed some zombies outside and inside, opened garage doors and drove car inside. Shortly after we noticed an increase of zombies around us, we decided to get rid of them, although we were tired. While fighting we saw hordes of zombies swarming from all directions. Apparently we forgot to turn off car engine and a weird bug happened - zombies were attracted to that car, like it was some sort of house alarm. Yes, i observed it and zombies were going straight for the car (full of our loot). We got extremely tired and situation became unmanageable, so we decided to run away south, into the forest. Completely dark, exhausted to the point that can barely walk and zombies almost touching our backs. After a quick talk we had different opinions on where we should go and we split our ways, i went deeper into the woods, while friend tried to kite around back into the town. After wandering for some time in the dark woods, zombies breathing at my back, I stumbled upon a small house. I've decided that this is it, i have to get loose of those zombies and catch a breath in that house. To my misfortune there were more zombies inside, decided to fight or die trying, had enough of running away. And i met my end, in that cursed house in the middle of nowhere. Meanwhile friend was walking across the town almost entire night and managed to reach safehouse in the early morning, injured, but alive.
  10. Game code doesnt allow to build gates on north and west facing walls. All the necessary materials are in inventory, tried claiming nonresidential building - no difference. Example: It happened so, that garage doors are on the north facing wall and zombies busted it. Cant replace it, thats just really disappointing. Please fix this. edit: Tried south facing wall - it works, just didnt make a screenshot.
  11. There could be gun maintenance kits in game. Oil and clean the gun to reduce the chance of durability loss when using the gun and/or reduce the chance of gun jamming. (Also, there could be whetstones to sharpen the blades).
  12. It was interesting read, both OP and replies. But I am wondering, is it really worth the effort to maintain a power plant?
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