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  1. Not a botanist, but it doesnt seem right that you can grow vegetables indoors during the winter with ease in PZ. Cold should kill growth and without enough proper light plants should grow slower. Regular light bulbs could give some stimulus to grows, but not the same as sunlinght. Wish there were more and easier ways to preserve food for winter. Jars are rare in PZ and jar lids are not reusable.
  2. Stumbled upon this video and thought its pretty good. Sharing in case you havent seen it: (i am not creator of it)
  3. If server was set to longer growth time (i think there is such option), then vegetables would stay longer in their "ready to harvest" state. By default in game cabbages take 2 weeks to grow, realistically it takes about 3 months.
  4. I think the more you learn, the more confident you become. Just dont give up on doing it and confidence will come.
  5. Just search "PZ trapping" and it is in section "usage" on wiki.
  6. I've noticed that when you enter a car which is in a non-player built building/garage, outside sounds become louder.
  7. Really enjoying new sounds, especially nature sounds are great. Was wondering are there any plans to create more atmospheric music, which really helps to create immersiveness? edit: Though probably music and ambient sounds shouldnt interfere or "fight" each other too much. Let us enjoy the sounds of our surroundings, but when there isnt happening much, you're in a lonely shack or walking through foggy streets, subtle atmospheric music could kick in.
  8. Took a quick look, here it is: > singleplayer > v 41.65
  9. Btw, developers, please increase the lifespan of light bulbs. Constantly replacing burnt light bulbs every couple of days is a bit too much.
  10. How about these lights: I havent tested whether they work or not, but if they do, they look pretty decent for outdoor lighting.
  11. Found similar issue, will add here if no one minds.
  12. I remember seeing developer post that it is known issue in multiplayer, sit back and relax until it gets fixed.
  13. Not as simple as it might seem. All 3D apparel models would have to be adjusted to different size zombie/character models.
  14. Why create another identical post? Pretty sure developers saw it already.
  15. Seems like cars are cursed for you My most bs death? Not sure, usually its because of being too confident, not careful enough, but i can tell how i almost had a quick death because of my silly mistake: Had all the medicine packed in that green medical box and then packed that box into the backpack. Suddenly zombie made a laceration on characters neck and health was dropping fast, really fast. Had to do multiple layers of unpacking before i could patch up the character. Barely made it, reached terminal injury, only couple pixels of life bar left.
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