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  1. - Metalworking requirement when repairing Trunk/Hood to lvl 1 Oh nice, so now we can repair hoods.
  2. Some very interesting feature additions from the community in this update. Good to see the game expanding.
  3. Can no longer wear gas mask and army helmet together. Also a battery cannot be removed from a running vehicle anymore. plz fix both thanks
  4. A real shame since fire has been in development since before build 41. Clothing, fire, and car/character details were the biggest standouts of build 41.
  5. Very interesting Fixed vision cone angle not updating for zombified players. Reduced damage done to the car's engine when ramming zombies without hood.
  6. Love the fixes and the addition of the radio to belt! (psst still need ability to pour on ground gasoline)
  7. Would be nice if beds included a small inventory for pillows and blankets.
  8. Hmm that was impressive. Would be a neat option or mod.
  9. Loving these smaller more weekly updates. A great change and improvement devs. Keep up the wonderful work.
  10. Heeled shoes and high heel shoes would also be a nice addition. Several dresses, crop tops, short skirts, leather jacket/pants, motor bike helmets, kevlar helmets, visible makeup, makeup that changes facial colors (eyes,lips,face), hair dyes, comb to change hair style, and I could go on and on.
  11. I really like these suggestions! The only thing I would like to suggest is an expanded explanation of damage treatment. For example, when carrying a heavy load the player's health decreases. When the player sees the sprained/broken bone moodle appear it only says seek medical aid. So the players thinks okay I must be injured. Then the player checks their character health and there is no indication of injury beyond some lost health. The player then becomes confused because there is no way to provide themself first aid as the moodle says as it stays on screen. Now what the player is suppose
  12. Shame this mod breaks the right click menu when clicking items (it does not appear) and the blood test doesnt do anything other then create a used blood test. Hopefully the mod will be fixed soon because its a very unique one.
  13. Can you upload the mod to someone where else or re-upload to steam? The mod is no longer listed on steam
  14. *deleted post* issue seemed to stop with a new world game.
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