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    • Good evening. I would to put the attenction of the devs on the following questions:
      We are working on our server, on the writing of new mini-quests that we would to be readable and/or listenable on radio/tv, adding new phrases or modifing the old messages already in it.
      We have found the following file: (C://Project Zomboid/Media/Radio/RadioData.txt) and we have found the following lines text = (what the radio says)
          member = 550510ab-0997-445d-9c4a-6f9acf9a8b3b
          member = b14163e2-3103-4a88-8500-07cdf23ee6c1
          member = 51b3dacb-eea4-4a87-9b5e-005fbb2d67a2
          member = e0e74f88-e00b-4fec-b26d-96ef44d553a5
          member = dfb1a0f4-5472-48fd-b9be-b810bbe36a4f
          member = 93d3954e-fecd-4347-9eb5-ec4628ee8494 But we don't know what these codes are and how to generate others. So.. -What are those numbers under every phrases? And how to generate them? -To create a meaningful text how we should proceed?
      -What is the procedure to insert the Mini-Quests once we crate them?
      -Is there a limit to the lenght of the phrases or the text?
      -If we would to add others during the time, we just need to updated the mod or to hard reset it?
      -Is there a way to award prizes to the players once they complete the quest?   I hope the devs can help us, since we have been supporting this game, with our server, for 4 years, with passion, dedication and professionalism. Thank you.
    • ・You can see the back of the character.
      ・The time display on the upper right of the screen is hard to see in winter. 
      ・Dash launcher sheet UI. texture bug.  
    • You still can't craft pipe and other kind of bombs without mods/profession.
    • Hydrocraft v10.1 has been released!   Which includes ...   - Updated Advanced Potted Plants - Hunting cannot be done indoors. - Fixed fixers - Fixed male cream cat - Fixed Jagermsibter - Fixed eye dropper with potassium permanganate - Fixed coffee - Fixed beehive in winter - Can keep pizza stone - Fixed Flint Tipped Bow Drill - Fish Bowls and Fish Tanks can collect Rainwater - Can recycle and craft Pruning Shears - Can craft fire suit from more types of clothing - Fixed making blast furnace with mortar - Fixed Cordless Drill Art - Fixed Herbal Medicine for anchored tables - Fixed Pullout paper recipie - Fixed empty beaker with water - Fixed baby food jars - Can turn unusable wood into charcoal - Added Jar of Glue and Jar of Wood Glue - Added Wooden Pulley - Crossbow and Longbow animation fixed! - Thanks to everyone who helped!   Enjoy!