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    1. 1. Which is better: pancakes or waffles?

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    • I posted this in the wrong section initially so I'm reposting it here.   Simply put, long weapons need to be less useful indoors. Using a baseball bat or a 2 handed sword should come with a speed and damage penalty when inside a building, to account for how unwieldy these weapons would be in closed spaces in real life. If you're melee fighting inside a hallway or in a living room, you'd want to be using a small 1 handed weapon like a claw hammer or a hatchet, or you'd find yourself having to pull your swings to avoid hitting walls and furniture.   In this way, short and long weapons would have different viability depending on the situation - outside a long weapon would be a lot more viable against a crowd because of its superior reach and leverage.
    • 41.65 Singleplayer No mods Seems like the roofing above this dining room was misplaced or something. 13754x6696  
    • Advanced audio section suggests that only a handful of Zach's Early Access tracks is actually used, which seems to match with what I hear in-game. (Although the list may be incomplete because this audio feature was abandoned a while ago.)  
    • Someone must have forgotten to define a BloodLocation for kmilly's Shirt_PoliceBlue, and Shirt_Jockey06
    • Hello fellow survivors, I am running a PvE server with a goal - to reclaim the world from the zombie menace! If that doesn't interest you and you just want to enjoy the zomboid experience on a laid-back server with a balanced economy, World War Z might be for you. We are especially welcoming to new players, as the server has been running since MP came out and safe zones have been established. If you barely know anything about the game, just spawn in Muldraugh and come to the Sunstar Motel where veteran players have set up a communal base. Or, if you're looking for more of a challenge, strike off into the world and reclaim some small corner of it from the zombies yourself! You'll often come across abandoned former player bases overrun by zombies to reclaim, or you can create a whole new one yourself.   Discord with rules, community, and whitelist signup: https://discord.gg/5NRtBBf   Some more details about the server: Whitelisted player base as TIS recommends. Cuts down on griefers 99%. Capacity for 20 connected players at a time Safehouses enabled. If you claim a safehouse other players can't enter without your permission. However, safehouses expire after the owner has been offline for a certain amount of time. XP Multiplier is increased to lessen the grind, but not eliminate it Zombie population is high, but not so high that we'll lag out. Zombies are tougher to compensate Transmission is bites only Loot respawns! That means you should have no problem collecting everything you need for an awesome base without worrying about the map being picked clean and every container being disassembled. Zombies respawn! There's a long timer on chunks being unseen, so if you clear an area and play regularly you can keep it clear. Areas without player presence, however, refill with zombies relatively quickly. Fire is disabled outside of campfires, so all the towns aren't burned down. PvP allowed, but honestly try to be cooperative mmkay? RP is cool, but not mandatory Helicopter event "sometimes" If you start to get bored, your friendly neighborhood admin will, upon request, give you quests and storylines with various rewards. Or spawn hundreds of zombies outside your base for a siege event. Or send a couple mean raiders after you. The options are many, but only if you ask. Once the serve hits 10 years in-game, I will be downloading the map and making it available to the community to use. So your constructions will live forever as people download the map and explore the post-apocalyptic world we built together.   Cheers! Axe
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