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  1. We have also put it in front of a few other native Portuguese Brazilian speakers who said it was a good translation Through this we have also corrected a few typos, added a small bit of polish and I have also been able to give accurate lore feedback when required. Thank you SO MUCH for your contribution - it really is very much appreciated.
  2. 41.50 HOTFIX II released - Fixed "Wash > Yourself" using 10 times the water it says it will. - Fixed NullPointerException in PolygonalMap2.Obstacle.connectCrawlNode(). (This happened when a burnt vehicle was close to a non-burnt vehicle) - Fixed incorrectly showing 'car crawl zed' options
  3. Should be fixed now chaps/ladies. Could you give it a whirl for us? (Also thanks for the heads up that this was on 32 bit systems, we had seen the bug but our testers hadn't made the mental connection to 32 bit)
  4. HOTFIX RELEASED! HOTFIX - Fixed zombie spawns on 32 bit systems - Boosted tailoring book spawn in residential houses (not included in previous patch) - Boosted farming book spawn, also now appears in shops and farmhouses (not included in previous patch) FRESH ANIMS -hooked up weapon variants of bumped anims -re-exported handgun bumps as weapon bone orientation was wrong
  5. We think we have the fix - will try to hotfix tomorrow
  6. Fixed in imminent patch - thanks for catching this one
  7. Fixed in imminent patch - thanks for report
  8. Latest Public Beta IWBUMS patch has been released! Barring anything urgent or required hot-fixes this will be the last update to IWBUMS for a little while. Backstage the current internal MP branch is being merged into our mainline, meaning that all devs will be working on the version containing our MP work. As such after this there won't be any big patches until MP itself is ready for a full IWBUMS beta release. Things are feeling really good with it, but there's still a lot of work to do! Please keep tabs on the Thursday blogs for updates.
  9. Thanks - I'll pass this over to the Build 41 MP team.
  10. It means that previously you'd pick up gun types in a set order when you came across them in survivor houses (I think), whereas now it's more of a roll of the dice.
  11. KNOWN ISSUE: Worms won't work in traps now due to the change :/ Sorry about that, will be broked over Xmas I'm afraid. We didn't have time to change it before the holidays.
  12. A quick Xmas patch for the Public 41 IWBUMS See y'all in the New Year, apart from the Xmas Eve Thursdoid - and indeed if we've managed to break anything in this patch. In which case we'll see you tomorrow! NEW - Added sawn-off double barrel shotgun. - Greatly reduce hit chance if shooting from a moving car (depend on car's speed). - Added clothing suit jacket tint, shirt formal short sleeves tint, waist coast tint. - Added a new optional field named ignoreZombieDensity to the Lua item-distribution tables. When ignoreZombieDensity=true, the chance of an
  13. 41.47 changelist NEW - Added camo baseball cap. - Added urban camo shorts. - Tweaked attachedWeaponDefinitions so it can handle weapons for custom outfit (ensure police spawn with more guns/nightstick, bandits with weapons...) - HairOutfitDefinitions can also handle beard. - Added some new Zed Stories and improved some existing ones - Updated translations. MAP - Added driveways and parking lots to new buildings added to the current main map in 41.46 (these weren't mentioned in the changelog) - Fixed incorrect driveways in Riverside gated
  14. 41.46 NEW PERSISTENT ZED OUTFITS - Zombie appearance is now mostly preserved when reloading. - Added Zombie.Outfit.Random debug option to disable persistent outfits and choose random ones when zombies are loaded. - Added AttachedWeaponDefinitions class to avoid parsing the Lua table every time a zombie spawns. - Rewrote ZombiesZoneDefinition to avoid parsing the Lua table each time a zombie spawns. - Fixed the police barricade vehicle stories not checking for a wide-enough zone properly, preventing them from spawning. - DebugChunkState displays all the zones at a
  15. NEW - Allow crowbars to be used to remove wood barricades, and use animations for it - Added context-menu commands for adding all fuel items, and all fuel items of a certain type, to barbecues, campfires and fireplaces. - The warm-hands-by-a-fire now works with fireplaces. - Added 'world' attachments to shotgun models. - Added a shit ton of new male names, female names and surnames taken from 1994 US census so every other character isn't called Marina Hodgetts. (Thanks to Jam for putting these together.) - The inspect-clothing command will transfer items to the player's i
  16. Actually we do have plans to improve performance when huge hordes are around, but it's currently in the air whether or not it'd make it into 41. It'd probably be best to expect it in the builds beyond at this point.
  17. NEW - Re-use container buttons in the inventory and loot windows instead of creating new ones each time the windows are updated. - Use radio buttons instead of checkboxes for available bags in the forage ui. - Bloodied and dirtied backpacks can now be washed. - Removed the "Age" stat from the character info panel - Add Yes/No prompt after pressing quit to desktop - Arrange option-screen controls better when the resolution changes. - Re-enabled the FPS counter - displayed with K by default. Should work okay now. - DPad-down displays the emote radial menu. When a sub-me
  18. NEW - Updated with new controller icons on gameplay screen when playing with pad - The inventory and loot windows are collapsed right away when the player begins aiming, unless they are pinned. - Interrupt zombies climbing through windows if the player is closing the window. This applies if a zombie is starting to climb through a window, and isn't over the window sill. - Block the player closing a window if a zombie is climbing through it. The player plays the 'struggle' animation if a zombie is over the window sill. - Added "Automatically Drink Water When Thir
  19. There'll be a hotfix for this and a few other issues (sometimes no zooming in tutorial, some recomplied stuff to make things work on Linux) over the next day or so
  20. Only our game could have a bug that's "Mom and Dad are naked"... 😂
  21. What OS do you play on? Standard PC set-up?
  22. NEW - NEW TUTORIAL Updated and improved Cabin in the Woods map by Xeonyx (worth exploring if you survive at end) New steps and expanded outside sequence Mainly covers movement and combat - will be expanded at a later date, and made compatibile with gamepads - Added a radial menu for reloading firearms and spare magazines. The menu is displayed after holding down the Reload key (or controller button) for half a second. The "Display reloading radial menu immediately" Accessibility option changes this behavior so the menu is displayed immedia
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