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    Haha - great to see you mate Don't worry you're not the only one who had a hand in it all I'm sure (In times like this it's best to blame RJ tbh) EDIT: Also check your PMs!
  2. We have now reached the end of the initial testing phase of our controller build. The work that Stas has done on it will be integrated into the anims build at a later date (though we can't say for sure which version that will be in), and any other relevant/demanded tweaks will be added at this point. The Controller beta is staying open - but won't have active work done on it until our animation system is closer to completion. This is due to the fact that Stas is moving onto pastures new, and in terms of the rest of the team we're currently all hands to the pump getting the core components of the next version of PZ in place. If you want to keep playing the controller beta, however, then please do. The way you can now help us most is: Tell us the three tweaks/fixes to the current Controller set-up that would most improve your experience. Password: badassstas456 Beta name: controllertest We would also like to thank @Stas from general arcade for all his hard work on this aspect of the game!
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    Improved Controllers Build: Ongoing Player Reports

    Leaving this steam post here also, so we can be sure its items are ticked off.
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    Mannequin vs. Zed

    It made me suggest a Waxworks Museum for Louisville, though Mash hasn't agreed just yet
  5. Batsphinx

    New game screen Simplified

    Good thoughts here - thank you.
  6. Following on from the question about whether we have a doctor's coat in the new system in the Thursdoid news piece (which we do, as seen below) here's a thread for community suggestions for the new clothing and outfit system. If you guys want to brainstorm other clothing we should have then feel free. Martin has probably got most of them covered, but it would be a good community exercise and a handy way of telling what's fallen through the cracks. Remember: 90s, Kentucky, zombie outbreak etc.
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    Night Drivin’

    I'd say its inclusion in an initial anims build is 50:50 atm. So we don't lose this though, could you please outline your primary bug concerns with the build in bullet points in a post in the thread? I know you've already given us reports, but it would be great to have it all in one place - as you're one of the keenest of the controller testers and there was a lot of radio chatter on this build overall back when Stas was working daily on it. Would be good to have stuff spotlit.
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    Allow Cleaning of Things DIRECTLY in Sink

    Is it in Wrike @Pandorea? If not we should deffo Wrike it.
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    PZ Community New Outfit Thinktank

    Quick caveat to all this: outfits that we have 'done' won't necessarily be in the next version. If they suit a future location better, they'll be kept back.
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    Zed Tumble

    Yeah, but it's still looking a bit patchy - so we decided to hold off till next week, or maybe the week after. Whenever TEA's done some of the groundwork that'll let us fix it up a bit.
  11. Improved Controllers Build: First Bout of Public Testing! We currently have General Arcade’s Stas working on a new controllers build, and we’re now at a point at which we need to hear feedback from PZ survivors who like to play with a pad, and/or in split-screen, about how it's playing. The joypad back-end system, configuration and bindings have been completely rewritten from the ground up, and in the process some aspects of the controls and default bindings have been changed in the rewriting process - if you have any issues with the default bindings and behaviours of the controls we'd like to hear about it. So what we need from you are answers to all of the questions below and a few hours of testing, and if you put in the time we will say thank you with a free Steam PZ code. First off, here are the details for the Controller Test beta: Password: badassstas456 Beta name: controllertest PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CURRENTLY ONLY HAVE PC TESTING ON THIS BETA, SADLY MAC AND LINUX VERSIONS WILL NOT WORK. As ever, please be aware, that this build WILL be buggy – and that you should please back up your save games before installing and playing. We need to have answers from every tester on each of the following questions: What controller are you using? Does the controller work? Please check out the new gamepad customization menu in the Options. Does it work, and does it make sense? Is it relevant to the pad you’re using? How could it be improved? How does your gamepad feel in-game? Is there anything missing, and has anything changed that you’re used to playing with? How would you like your gamepad play further improved? Do you play in split-screen? If so, how is this beta playing? In the current game when you use inventory and character windows, your survivor on-screen can still move and perform some actions. If we were to forbid this, and have you either controller as your survivor OR having you navigate the UI, how would you feel? How would this change your playing style? What other gamepad bugs or weirdness have you noticed in this build? This build also contains a java lwjgl upgrade. Have you noticed any changes in game performance and stability, especially at higher resolutions? What's the Number 1 most important issue that you'd like to see resolved in the next update to this beta? This is only the first iteration of our gamepad improvement testing, so please expect a few bugs and inconsistencies. Please leave all feedback in this thread! Thank you
  12. Hey all, many thanks for your help in this test beta. A new thread for ongoing feedback can be found here: We have now reached the end of the initial testing phase of our controller build. The work that Stas has done on it will be integrated into the anims build at a later date (though we can't say for sure which version that will be in), and any other relevant/demanded tweaks will be added at this point. The Controller beta is staying open - but won't have active work done on it until our animation system is closer to completion. This is due to the fact that Stas is moving onto pastures new, and in terms of the rest of the team we're currently all hands to the pump getting the core components of the next version of PZ in place. We would also like to thank @Stas from general arcade for all his hard work on this aspect of the game!
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    Yup it'll be slower, not simultaneous and with other variants in there too. (Most likely done for next week, due to the many comments we've heard made on it!)
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    There'll be like... one Spiffo zed max on the whole map, with the outfit discovered only in Spiffos. Currently it's a random spawn.
  15. What sort of controller is it that you're using?
  16. Batsphinx

    IWBUMS 40.41 (important info for server operators)

    There is a Spiffospace server currently up for this version - if people could jump on and kick the wheels a bit before we push to public, it would be greatly appreciated
  17. Batsphinx

    Megatest VIII: We Need YOU! [COMPLETE]

    This should be starting in around an hour from now
  18. Batsphinx

    Build 40.40 - Patch Released

    PATCH 40.40 - FULL CHANGELIST NEW Improved night visuals by adding indoor masking to color exterior when inside, so interiors are no longer affected by climate coloring. Split climate colors into exterior (shader) and interior (mask) variations. Added config file to initialize colors. Added debug panel to edit climate colors ingame and save config file. BALANCE Highly reduced odds of breaking a windows when trying to remove it at lvl 10 carpentry. Can now sleep on a piano seat. (somehow) Double doors now shown in red if trying to build inside a building. Made it possible to disassemble many more items, including: fridges, ovens, more chairs, washing machines, lockers, fitness equipment, metal barrels and some missing shelves. Added chance of success in the disassemble context option tooltip. Adjusted ambient, rendersettings and shader to fix flash/street/car lights. Added minimum values for rain and snow, a very low value as it sometimes looked patterny. Changed darkness so it's more variable during weather. Added dither circle to weathermask Adjusted non-default sandbox night darkness a bit Added missing moon calcs to climate system, and readded night moonlight coloring Saucepan can now be used to disinfect bandages. Added missing textures for fractured bones. You now can't splint a chest. Updated Translations. Added support for Estonian lanugage. FIXES Fixed Steam servers appearing password-protected when Password is empty. Fixed /changeoption server command not accepting empty option values. Fixed foraging never finding anything for admins/mods in multiplayer Fixed vehicle engine sounds not being muted in the menu screen in multiplayer. Fixed empty ChunkObjectState packets being sent in multiplayer. Fixed whisper in chatbox crashes with spaces or slashes Fixed not being able to whisper to some players Fixed being able to build a stairs in the opposite direction directly on top of another staircase. Fixed some disassemble definitions having no 2nd items and giving wrong info. Fixed required skill not being displayed in tooltip when picking up or placing furniture. Fixed drainable items not cooling down when placed on the floor. Fixed custom weather settings not applying for some challenges when loading an existing save. Previously, if you continued a "Winter is Coming" save, you'd get rain instead of snow. Fixed items remaining equipped after placing traps and installing vehicle parts. Fixed GetTextWithPrefix of non-existant table when a whisper target is out of range. Fixed whitespace being deleted from name in quotes of whisper chat command Fixed some red errors when input regex parts into chat. Small refactoring chat window. Fixed concurrent chat server problem. Chat system is thread-safe now. Fixed bug in isoregions where a pole sometimes invalidated a region room and rain could get in. Fixed Turkish translation files causing errors when displayed in game. Fixed Safehouse channel being heard by any member of any safehouse, not only by members of a particular one Fixed "plumb sink" not being synchronized in multiplayer. Fixed game sometimes locking up when exiting. Fixed game freezing if player not found.
  19. Gamepad Test Build 8 Released • Fixed it being possible to set same action to multiple buttons • Fixed it being possible to reassign A / B / X / Y to anything, but it remaining as the defaults on the game screen • Fixed not all fields in the gamepad bindings window having an empty option • Fixed RuntimeException and being stuck in main menu when changed options are not accepted • Fixed not being able to change back to controller in game • Fixed issues when layout of guide windows is saved and guide window became disabled by default gamepad and given wrong focus • Fixed not being able to aim or attack when inventory / any panel is opened
  20. Gamepad Test Build - Version 7 Released • Fixed: change inventory button has no effect - inventory open by Y button still. • Fixed: Game doesn't save changed sizes of the columns in inventory (column size changed automatically.) • Survival guide border looks better in gamepad focus • Fixed: sometimes game not focused on help window after game loading finished • Fixed: Add a notification along the lines of "Use X to switch to gamepad" (Any gamepad control can activate gamepad.) • Fixed: Can't close "version update" window with a gamepad
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    Project Zomboid is In Need Of A Change Of Design

    RE: Music stuff, as we said in a blog a month back (or so?) Zach has redone the full OST to make it sound more like Kentucky, and we plan to get it into the anims build. He was only like... 15 (16?) when he did most of the PZ music, and I think he's enjoyed going back over the old tunes quite a lot with the added wealth of knowledge he has from his musical studies post-High School.
  22. Version 40.36 released: Full patch notes NEW Implemented horizontal scrollbars. Added horizontal scrollbar to the new-game screen. Added sandbox options for snow on ground, rain/fog fx intensity Added option to disable door shake effect Rain-barrel context-menu tooltip displays warning if the barrel contains tainted water. BALANCE Updated community translations Player can now get wet if windshield is broken based on vehicle speed and rain intensity. Weather period frequency increased Increased chances for heavy weather (storm/tropical/blizzard) Reduced the car's alarm radius from 300 to 150. Changes when building carpentry/metal items. For floors you have to check that the floor you're trying to build is connected to another existing floor if it's on z level > 0. For other stuff (walls etc) it must be on a solid floor. Lowered the risk of getting a fracture when falling. Increased the timeout downloading chunks when joining a server. Instead of 60 seconds altogether, it times out 60 seconds after the latest chunk was received. Moved doorframe carpentry option into the door submenu. FIXES Fixed map-loading exception in IsoObject.getWaterAmount() Fixed being able to place some types of furniture at the top of stairs. Fixed chat no longer being logged on the server Fixed cardboard boxes not stacking like wooden crates do. Fixed vehicle trunk not appearing in the loot window for some vehicles at certain angles. Fixed exception climbing stairs that happened if no walls had ever been rendered. Fixed Comments in chat being replaced by ellipses Fixed 'Q' throwing exception in singleplayer debug mode Fixed sheetropes sometimes not being removed properly in multiplayer. Fixed missing banID function Fixed sleeping in tent not stopping you getting wet Fixed tree rustling in MP Fixed door shake in MP Fixed new clothing not being used in sheet rope recipes Fixed small objects like microwaves, tv, radio etc blocking zombies Fixed mods triggering weather that impacts on current front strength Fixed possible bug in WinterIsComing that would reset conditions for a couple of days every 30 days Fixed vehicle reflection cloud intensity matching climate manager Fixed vehicle reflection cloud direction matching ground cloud shadows direction Fixed height off the ground of wooden crates being choosable with the 'R' key when building. (This was the old way of choosing the height; the moveables system chooses the height automatically now.) Fixed metal crates not being moveable, scrappable or stackable. Fixed exception building double-doors above ground level. Fixed being able to build doorframes or double-doors at the tops of staircases. Fixed rate of vehicle-alarm honking at different framerates. Fixed vehicle horn playing in one ear when inside the vehicle. Fixed if radio chat is available then other messages were also copied in Fixed whitespace after player name when opening last whisper chat Fixed chatbox not allowing channel IDs (as an alternative to names) to be used for Discord integration Fixed wrong number of times the "All" option when trying to do a recipe if frozen food was involved. Fixed ISVehicleMenu.getVehicleToInteractWith() not checking for the vehicle the player is in. Fixed a missing exterior wall in a house. Fixed layout of character info UI with more than two rows of traits. Fixed exception when sleeping outside on a chair. Fixed exception when a player joins a server in a vehicle with the engine running without a driver. Fixed clients sending zombie-attracting sounds to the server when a vehicle horn is used. Fixed vehicles sometimes moving to the left/top edge of a square after loading. Fixed player-zombie unique multiplayer IDs never being released. Fixed player being forced to reenter a vehicle in multiplayer sometimes. (If the player rejoins a server and the vehicle they were in is no longer present, savedVehicleSeat does not get set to -1.) Fixed errors activating a controller after the player dies. Fixed rain barrels not saving the tainted state of water. Fixed being mandatory for the game to run Fixed stairs not being destroyed with melee attacks. Fixed not being able to repair VanSeats trunk. Fixed list of multi-stage recipes not being cleared before reloading scripts. Fixed the crafting menu not handling drainable items correctly for multi-stage build recipes. Fixed ReplaceOnUse being ignored when using ItemsRequired items in multi-stage build recipes. Fixed not being able to place double doors inside buildings. Fixed exception in IsoRegionWorker.loadSaveMap() with Core.noSave=true. Fixed RainParticle.update() not setting lastIntensity. Fixed exception in isoRegion.DataChunk.load() Fixed time disconnected from a server counting towards zombification. Fixed it being possible to trap the char in a car placed between a wall / car Fixed calculation of vehicle container capacity (and other things) based on condition. Fixed vehicle debug repair command not updating container capacity in singleplayer or on the server. Fixed vehicle trunk capacity not changing when repaired in singleplayer. Fixed repairing vehicle parts not updating some stuff on the server Fixed expanded vehicle bounds blocking splitscreen players. Fixed vehicle exits appearing blocked that aren't in switch-seat UI. Fixed empty savefile names and names starting/ending with "." being allowed. Fixed two color options applying when chosen instead of when the Accept or Apply buttons are clicked. Fixed initial value of the Personal Text Color option. Fixed position of the Personal Text Color color-picker.
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    IWBUMS VERSION - 40.37

    Thanks guys - Stas is looking into it right now. I'll forward your findings.
  24. Batsphinx

    IWBUMS VERSION - 40.37

    Great to hear the positive reaction re: the night-time visuals. If you spot them doing anything weird though, please flag it and provide screenshots. We also need to test this all on an MP server, and make sure that the whisper bugs are sorted.