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  1. trombonaught

    Rusty Rifle

    Ugh so tantalizing 🤤 Any chance of a two-stage MP release I wonder, maybe with a hard cap of 10-20ish players for the first stage of the release? 🤔
  2. trombonaught

    Noise Works

    Whoa. Sounds, rounding out the 3D models, that crazy iterpolation optimization- that plus animations and cars add up to this being and going to be a radically different game from when I started playing, in all ways but core gameplay! Nice preservation of the game's spirit through these massive and relentless cosmetic overhauls.
  3. Hey all, not sure if this is just me or what- for the last month or so, when accessing the forum on a mobile browser (either samsung or chrome), the notification bell icon and associated red notifications no longer display. The notification icon and alerts work fine on the desktop site (whether that's accessed by a computer or mobile device). Anyone else seeing this?
  4. This is one part of the game that I hope gets a little more love/attention in the future. Right now if you get bit, and you start to get sick, you can just end the game right there. With NPCs, this might get a little spicier in that you'll have to monitor your companions to see if anyone is hiding a bite from you. This would help to give dying more significance to actual gameplay. Not sure how to make the player's side of infection more interesting though. I like the idea of the old Romero zombies, where a bite just means you light a smoke and wait for the inevitable.
  5. Organizing supplies and prepping my bug-out bags. Nothing quite like it.
  6. I'd wait to see how combat shakes out in the end first. Once that gets a bit more of a final sense to it, I'd imagine any armour/protection adjustments would stem from combat balancing. For now, I just imagine that zombies are going to bite and tear more effectively than live humans because they feel no pain and have no concern for self-preservation. They wouldn't mind ripping a few teeth out if it meant getting a chunk of the good stuff.
  7. Or can this be reframed as a *feature* and used to bring in single prop planes, which get shot down at the map borders by anti-aircraft artillery (with radio warnings) 🤔🤔🤔 Jokes aside, MP looks much more personable with all of the unique player outfits!
  8. I think axes just have a straight up higher damage output listed on in hover information? I find they tend to last a while too, certainly longer than short blunts. Still, I main spears because you can't beat an unlimited ceaseless resource.
  9. Please for the love of Zombs tie it to exhaustion rather than fatigue if it needs future nerfing 🙈🙈🙈
  10. Yeah the massive trees in the forest are great, but I do think the urban trees would benefit from a 30-100% height boost.
  11. They "travel" (as data I believe) into thei map chunk from the edge of the map. I believe if there is no legal pathway available (perhaps because you encircled an area in fencing) they will not respawn. So if you 100% block off an area, you can block it's respawn.
  12. Basically this! They migrate in from other areas. I've seen people make massive safe zones by connecting houses and buildings together with fences, but that's about all you can do. Otherwise, zeds can migrate from higher population zones into lower. You don't have to build a giant fence though. Keep clearing zeds out of areas beyond your own and that'll help too. A good purge with fire every week or so helps speed this up the clearing process if things are dense, just make sure you do that away from your base and don't burn yourself. Edit: oh and yeah, if you look at th
  13. Should should definitely be able to zoom in/out. You can set this in the options (it lets you disable higher/further zooms to improve game performance)
  14. Wear denim clothes, sturdy boots and a hard hat! That's about the best you can do.
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