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  1. Something in the Air

    ***THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE*** for the fog, snow, and smoooooth ride. (Also here is my obligatory plug for implementing the Immersive Overlays mod into the main game!!!)
  2. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 27

    This. Is. Awesome! Particularly the second item. I'll check tonight to see how Macs are holding up!
  3. 589. Food Prep Taken from the Vehicles build 26 thread: I also find that cooking could be a little more elegant in design. I understand there were some changes made in the build 26 (main game, not vehicles) but I wasn't around to know what those changes were. I liked Shin's idea above and might expand on it like this: 1. Similar to the present method, right-click on a food item to see your food prep options (prepare salad, stir-fry, etc). 2. After choosing an option, a "grocery/recipe list" comes up. This is a list of all food in range that can be used in the dish you selected (eg. chicken stir-fry also brings up butter, noodles, condiments, etc). 3. You click checkboxes beside the food items to select the ingredients you wish to use. If you have enough of an item to use it multiple times, perhaps after selecting it once it can spawn an additional checkbox to allow you to add more of it (repeating the process until you have no more portions remaining). 3.5 As you click to add more food, the recipe stats (hunger, happiness, etc) update to reflect your current selection. 4. You click a button at the bottom of the recipe list, something like "prepare." This triggers a progress bar with timing scaled to be proportional to the number of ingredients you are preparing. 5. Once you have a prepared dish, you can still right-click on it to reopen the recipe list and add more food to it. This process isn't radically different from what we have now, but it cuts the number of food-prep clicks in half (no more reopening the context menu for each item). It also gets rid of the start-and-stop progress bars invoked by the multiple item adds we have now. I don't know how hard it would be to code in that recipe list, but if done it would save the cooks of Knox County plenty of tediousness!
  4. Lock yourself out of the car when trying to do body repairs

    I think you can remove the key from the car by clicking on the dashboard key icon. I love that you can lock yourself out of your car- it's a real thing that could really get you killed!
  5. Spiffo Gal

    Yup. That's sweet. Now imagining a zomboid web comic following the trials and tribulations of Spiffo employees during the Knox event.
  6. is there something stopping us from making custom zombie types?

    Dude your post hasn't even been up 24 hours yet. And you posted on a Monday, not the hottest night for activity. If you want to see what zed behaviours you can change, take a look at the behaviour mods that are out there. I forget the proper names but they're mostly mobility: zeds more active day or night (now native feature), zeds run indoors during rain, zeds anticipate player movement. Not sure of there are more. For new looks, there are a few texture mods (infected zombies is one) but for more dramatic differences you'll need to wait for the new animations to drop. For ranged zed attacks, no idea. It doesn't exist in current mods. Maybe there's a way to give zeds custom gun/explosive weapons that have had the gunshot audio replaced? Although right now I'm not sure you can put in custom audio. Good luck if you try to start something. Ps if you have to say "not trying to be rude," that's your instincts telling you that you were rude.
  7. Life : Another survivor mod

    Curious, how are things going with this?
  8. Interview with Andy Hodgetts

    How does the team cope with the pressure and demands from the fans?! I feel like they must have some perseverence tips for the rest of us
  9. You hear the helicopter coming...

    If you have a base in advance of the chopper, prepare at least two campfires each in opposite directions out about two blocks or one cell away from your base. Stock the fires high with fuel, and always be ready to light them. Keep beta blockers, vitamins, and a few extra snacks on hand at all times. When the chopper comes, you dash to the fire and light it as quick as you can. Then you have an all day dance-off/bbq with the zeds that come piling through the flames. And at the end of the party, your neighbourhood is cleared out. Or you can leave the party (which is away from your base) after you light a few zeds. Then, have a good quiet rest, and head back to work the following morning.
  10. It's not kg, the game doesn't use conventional units for weight. My understanding is that "40" value is an abstract unit that considers both weight and size. Regarding bodies not filling tiles, I think corpses (and generators, and all objects) are a necessary exception to the rule. If they filled tile space, what would happen to the bodies there was no space for? I do wish all objects used the move rules of generators and corpses though; not sure how I fit a bookshelf in my hiking bag.
  11. 584. Can the world be made messier to add to the apocalypse feel? To that end: I wonder if cars could be made to spawn to an angle of rotation that is within a range of 345°-15° from their center, to make parking lots more lived- and chaotic- looking. For a looted look to shops, maybe more of those clutter textures could be overlayed on tiles in public spaces. On that note, maybe clutter could add to unhappiness to make you clean out a space if you plan to settle down there. Not sure if clutter can be cleaned atm... if not, that's suggested as well
  12. Looking at the 1992 Los Angeles Riots

    This is a really interesting post. Seems like you found a really valuable point of reference. Regarding the "clean" problem, I wonder if cars could be made to spawn to a 345°-15° angle of rotation from their center. For a looted look to shops, I don't think spawning items on the floor would do it or be efficient. Maybe more of those clutter textures could be overlayed on tiles in public spaces. On that note, maybe clutter could add to unhappiness to make you clean out a space if you plan to settle down there. Not sure if clutter can be cleaned atm... copying this to the suggestion thread!
  13. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 27

    Not sure if this is new, a bug, or something I missed- But it seems some vehicles don't need keys to operate? Not able to test much due to the mac problem, but I've found a black van and yellow taxi unlocked, without a key in the glove box, and they started just fine without keys. Is that supposed to happen? Macs still have a problem, as stated in the relevant bug thread.
  14. Vehicle test build 21 (black screen)

    Yep mac as well, problem is still there.
  15. Dashdoid

    Love the new dashboard! Not just a good look, it'll also save us some unnecessary dives into the menus.