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  1. Annotated maps, icon sizes, bag transfer tips and more assorted ideas for beginners:
  2. Erm... in comparison to furniture, as the post says 😆 Where did you find the 2x multiplier? I guess "bug" is the wrong word and I'm more curious just to hear if it's intended or an oversight. Sitting on a dirt floor is currently more restful than sitting on a couch which to me just suggests unintended. (But I got comments like yours back from facebook and discord as well so like, maybe I'm the only person who just doesn't find dirt better than chairs irl 😅)
  3. Hi gang. I just did some research for a youtube vid and I found that sitting on the ground is the most efficient stamina recovery method (apart from the hack of sitting on ground AND taking the rest action while doing so). I clocked it at about 0.54 stamina per minute (regardless of time setting), compared to 0.32/minute for chairs and beds or 0.108/minute standing around. Is this a bug or is it working as intended? I'll link to the video timing where I explain it, but basically the info is as above. Version 41.69, only mod is for damage display, and I performed on sleep enabled as well as sleep disabled server with insane population. All other server settings were default.
  4. New deep dive look at endurance costs and recovery rates! And I think I found a bug? Reporting after this post.
  5. 60 second dev blog summary with a few clips of the new sounds!
  6. Only 2 weeks late in adding this one here....
  7. Finally came back to this series for a new video! Dealing with locked doors, talking a bit about endurance, and other topics for keen beginners.
  8. New vid up for most kills per weapon's max durability! A "long game" take vs the more short-term max damage of dps.
  9. Soooo after taking a pretty close look... I'll finally agree that spears are still OP. Seems they occupy 14 of the top 20 spots for DPS. Maybe that could be spaced out a little better to make the best spears more worth it, and the lesser ones... lesser?
  10. Animals look amazing. Overwhelming? What do you think?
  11. New one's out, marking my time since the Thursdoid drop to see if I can be faster on the next one:
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