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  1. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    I guess what I meant to say is the default for survival might be higher for the sake of realism. It's weird having a town full of empty gas tanks, unless it's accounted for in the lore.
  2. I have a build where I take fast reader, fast learner, and lucky. I think I have a mod that gives me access to all engineering through magazines... I think this build gets me everything pretty quickly except the herbalist stuff.
  3. Wind Gusts that move across the screen visually

    Haha sorry, it would be awesome. I'm just finding that with each major update I'm having to turn my settings down a little, and the performance creep has me on edge
  4. 726 How about an additional context menu when adding fuel: Add fuel> "Sturdy Stick"> Add one/add half/add all, just like with food. I dumped all of these sticks onto the fire to get rid of them, rather than add them as fuel 71 times.
  5. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    I'm having trouble getting the trunk inventory to show up. I'm able lock/unlock (I press E and get an unlock sound), but the container won't show up. Got the trunk once, not sure why it worked that time. All trunks above 50% condition. Tried on three different vehicles (all cars of some sort). Anyone else get this? Not sure if it's new, I've never tried using trunks before... PS Love the new bounce rate on forest travel! PPS I still think default gas in vehicles could be (much) higher... ran around half of muld and found only 3 cars with gas in them.
  6. Fix the Aiming System or revert to old one.

    It would be enough for me if the aim arc of all guns was reduced to what was directly in front of your character. If, while aiming, I could plop my cursor on top of a zed and be confident that this is my intended target, that would be enough for me. That said, I don't use a controller and I'm not sure if this would work the same way between mouse and controller.
  7. So is there anything to account for the phenomenon of gaining the tiredness moodle while foraging? Is it the desired state of the game that foraging yields the tiredness moodle before reaching a fatigued state?
  8. I can contribute nothing to your plight but I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Best of luck.
  9. That's really interesting. In practice, I've never gained a fatigue moodle during foraging. I consistently gain a tiredness moodle after (I believe) 2 bars of foraging. Please give it a try yourself, I don't believe I'm the only one experiencing this! Edit: 4 runs of foraging makes my character tired, even after a long sleep.
  10. Ugh I haven't just sat down and listened to that before. So good. Thanks for posting.
  11. Cars are a great barricade.

    Has no one here simply climbed over a car before? It's lots easier than everything suggested here. Getting over a van may be tricky, but getting over the hood or trunk of a vehicle is simple. As to zombies doing it, I've seen enough people do it in umm... shall we say quite "altered states" just fine (albeit a little more clumsily).
  12. Why i turn off music/ do you play with or without music?

    Is anyone able to speak to this? I feel I've read about this before someplace...
  13. 724 I know it's been said before, but foraging. Please. Make it cause fatigue, not tiredness. If all other forms of exertion cause fatigue (running, fighting, tree chopping) there is no reason for foraging to be different. Thank you!
  14. Wind Gusts that move across the screen visually

    No offence but this sounds like a hella lotta work for a neglible (if not wholly absent) impact on gameplay. I'm thinking a system like this might engage fire spread and zeds' smell ability (I think this is still a dead feature?), but I'm not sure it'll add much that couldn't be accounted for through less costly means. I guess my point is this would certainly look cool, but at what cost (both working hours and performance), and is there another benefit I'm overlooking?
  15. Why i turn off music/ do you play with or without music?

    I think the skill point sound might need to be replaced. I LOVE it, and don't necessarily think they should drop it (apply it to some other event?), but it seems too dramatic (and like, negative/uneasy/harmonic minory/raagy/out of the ordinary) for something as common as gaining a skill point. Maybe it could play when you recover from critical damage? And play something else (more sinister) when you reach critical damage? Then again, I don't know why we'd be hearing that music in KY... Maybe they SHOULD drop it?... Musically it's awesome. Thematically, it seems off. Love the background music though. I turn it way down, but I've always kept it around.