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  1. trombonaught


    I love this and want it tied to zombies' sense of smell, meaning if you stay somewhere too long they'll pick up your scent and head over. Preferably this would be a small effect but with a massive range (determined by zed scent abilities) that is heavily influenced by wind speed and direction. As for the raiders, I'd prefer if they discovered you via direct behaviour (eg. scouting territory for raids by default) rather than indirect meta stuff. This game has very few (none?) systems that track and respond to the player, and I love that- the world is its own beast and you're just trying to live in it.
  2. As an alternative, even being able to use them for changing hair/beard style would be great too (as per the mod that does this). The fewer useless items the better.
  3. trombonaught

    The most reasonable suggestion ever made!

    Yes you can! Open the vehicle menu ("V"by default) and it's one of the options in the radial menu.
  4. trombonaught

    The most reasonable suggestion ever made!

    1. We should be able to sleep everywhere. Agreed. Gives us the choice to take on more risk in desperate situations. Risk-tethered choices = good gameplay. 2. Give additional functionality to pillows and maybe other items (put a big sweater under your head? A Spiffo doll maybe?). Good idea. There are too many "useless" items that in reality would be great to have. 3. Carbon monoxide poisoning from sleeping in a car while in an enclosed space (and/or maybe with a worn out exhaust?). Love it. Can be tied on to the same effect seen with indoor generators.
  5. The only exceptions to this are the big rebuilds, like cars and animations. I wouldn't worry about that yet.
  6. trombonaught

    Waterway to Go

    Is it just my imagination or is the skybox reflecting on the water too, like it does with car windows?
  7. trombonaught


    They joined an hour ago- have a look around first mate!
  8. trombonaught

    Crepe Expectations

    That trailer was awesome! Already sent it out to some friends who've been away from the game for a while and it's got us all jumping on for a game tonight. Also, totally feel you on that English degree sentiment, well done haha
  9. trombonaught

    9pm - daylight illumination.

    I'm much further North than this, and evrn here that's perfectly acceptable 9pm lighting for July.
  10. trombonaught

    Button Creep

    I'm not a fan of forced popups, but maybe leftclicking on the time could open the alarm screen in the same way that left clicking a mearby device opens the device interface
  11. trombonaught

    Compass Item

    I might see what you're getting at. For greater distances, telling someone which corner of their screen to follow is not a fine enough reference (basically between corners and sides you have a 45°) and they'll need frequent course correcting. With a compass item overlaying finer degrees (perhaps 15°), you could better direct players over larger distances. I support this. I know exactly what you mean with trying to shephard super casual players. My workaround has been to host locally and set only one spawn point so we start off together. Alternatively you ask everyone to spawn in one of the smaller towns. I like that meta navigation is limited in this game because it does force you to get creative and realistic, but there is a gap between realistic and fun in the situation you describe. Compass seems like an alright way to bridge that gap without really compromising anywhere.
  12. trombonaught

    Is there an issue with Pitch Black Nights? Build 40

    I came on to report this. Seconded.
  13. trombonaught

    Button Creep

    I'll just tack on here regardinn cooking, I've introduced 11 people to this game. 6 complained about the cooking after only a couple hours of play, one of them vehemently so. Hope the team is thinking about it.
  14. trombonaught

    Button Creep

    Maybe one solution could be for that 25x25 scan to be summarized in a checklist, and after selecting a dish (eg. Bowl) you could just tick off ingredient options, with options becoming greyed out if they're incompatible (eg. After clicking strawberries with bowl, carrots grey out because you can't make a fruit salad out of them). Then you click "done" and voilà.
  15. I don't remember these being so prevalent at the time.