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  1. Ooof that's brutal, hopefully someone else can jump in here with some answers
  2. Is the server running the stable or unstable version of the game? If the server runs without the mod, maybe check if the mod updated recently and broke for your version. Might also want to set up a server with only that mod to see if it runs on its own, in case its conflicting with another mod.
  3. You can basically emulate this, minus the sprinter response, by turning off infection in sandbox and applying this mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2789145726&searchtext=smell+blood
  4. Oh no haha. This was in the current stable, 41.77.9 I think. I'll keep my eye on the next few patch notes, thanks for the heads up. Related to this, I noticed that the shotgun damage isn't using part of the code that looks like close range should deal more damage. Instead, it only hits with more projectiles. The unused variable is line 4508 in processHitDamage of IsoGameCharacter, it runs all the calculations to create a damage modifier for rangeFallOff weapons but then it never applies the modifier (so its just running the unused code). Do you know if that's also getting addressed with the range/damage fix?
  5. Yeeeah can't say I have an answer for you. If anything I would think the middle range would have the best damage (no zombie in your face, not straining accuracy at long range). But hey, no reason not to exploit it!
  6. Like the title says. I put out a melee Close Range Penalty video a week ago, and now with my first dive into guns it seems they play by the same rules. My gunfighting just got that much better.
  7. Triple bump for this, I have this thought every time I host a game and have for years. Never thought to voice it though 😅
  8. New with today's update (41.77.7). Sometimes when I go to start a server local hosted (new or old), the Steam Workshop and Mods lists populate with Workshop IDs instead of the mod names. Restarting the game fixes this inconsistently: sometimes it shows IDs after booting, sometimes mod names. Curious to know if anyone else is seeing this.
  9. I don't mind the change to port forwarding but I've gotta say, if that's what it took to get a good multiplayer connection back when I started the game I think I would've passed it by. We're an older audience now and many of us might be on the tech savvier side (what with the enormous modding community), but it might be a hurdle for uber casuals who pick it up for the first time and just want to play with a friend or two. Especially if they are using the same ridiculous multi-router setup that I'm using, with an equally ridiculous provider who made me configure everything through their own barely-functional app. So glad to be done with this headache (not TIS' fault of course, but something I wanted to voice). Does anyone know, if the host doesn't open for direct connection, is network performance the same or worse than it was before the change? My main server felt it was worse but we also added some new big mods around that time
  10. I tend to love the crowbar for its durability or spears for their raw, rangey killing power. Like Laker said though there are lots of factors to consider. If you want to look at something like "most kills before breaking or becoming exhausted," you might be interested in this video. Or if you want to measure "best" as "most likely to get one hit kills" there's this video. These videos aren't limited to two-handed weapons but you'll see that two-handed weapons tend to dominate the top spots.
  11. Reduced endurance cost on missed attacks! Interesting
  12. I for one see your point, but for a few bucks a month you could operate a dedicated server using the mods you want (or host on your own machine for free). Doesn't seem like something that should have dev resources allocated towards it.
  13. Hey all, I'm trying to get a look at how the spear checks and functions work. Does anyone know what classes I should be looking in? I've been running laps through HandWeapon, IsoGameCharacter, IsoPlayer etc but can't find it for the life of me. I'm specifically looking for how the sprint charge and head stab are determined and handled. I'm a Java & decompiling noob so I'm not sure how to just follow the usages when I see stuff that looks related. Any tips much appreciated. Edit: Nevermind, found it! Was right in front of me the whole time (SwipeStatePlayer and IsoPlayer if you're looking).
  14. As the title says. I tested the teas and I don't think ginseng has any effect as a tea. Details in the video at 1:18:
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