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  1. Another Aiming Suggestion

    Ah I see that is a cool idea. Would need to implement hitboxes to have tires/headshots whathaveyou but that would be awesome.
  2. Another Aiming Suggestion

    This goes against what the game tries to do though. They purposely want you to play a character and have you perform to the character's abilities, rather than your own. A compromise would be to have the bullet land someahere within a certain rnge of where you click, based on character accuracy. Which is basically what happens now.
  3. You can already do this using spacebar...
  4. Wednesday 23rd IWBUMS Server Megatest II - This time it's mega-er

    Not sure if it's helpful later but I've got this excerpt from from my system report (forget where to find the log in the game folders): And the full thing just for fun:
  5. Wednesday 23rd IWBUMS Server Megatest II - This time it's mega-er

    Verified game files, reinstalled, tried vehicles/iwbums, compatibility mode- all no go. Thanks though!
  6. Wednesday 23rd IWBUMS Server Megatest II - This time it's mega-er

    Shoot- turns out I can't run the game. Crash on startup. Vacation ruined, darn you MacBook!!! (I attribute all of my problems to Apple).
  7. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    Hey man not sure what you're looking for, but they post info updates every Monday and every week or two they update the Vehicles or IWBUMS branches. It's been pretty consistent. Make sure you're in one of the testing branches if you want more frequent updates!
  8. Why do gifs/pictures have a maximum size?

    Can't be done. Abandon up hope all ye who seek the animated profile gif.
  9. How to setup a 38.5 server? (non-steam)

    This has nothing to do with the topic but... man the zed sounds used to be way scarier! The way they sound now seems... lazy?... by comparison. Lazy zeds.
  10. Insane/High settings

    I'll tag on too- I think "pop" is your base, "pop start" is the early modifier, which scales up to your "pop peak" multiplier. So if pop=2, start =0.5, and peak= 2, you get 1 [or 2x0.5] at start and 4 [or 2x2] at peak. I think.
  11. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    I had similar one time as well.
  12. Project zomboid best part and worst part?

    Best- community. These forums are pretty alive and there are some really committed modders. Worst- having a real life to attend to outside of this game.
  13. What sould i do as an challenge

    I use "collect 10 spiffos" as an end goal. Also you need to keep them on you. I don't think I've ever accomplished this... but it keeps me going.
  14. Charcter build help/What build do you use your self

    You can get by with almost any traits, just need the right play style. Think about how you die most, and then avoid those situations. Do you fight often? Don't, until you are prepared with lots of weapons, food, and a safe place to recover. Do you get cornered indoors? Scope out a house thoroughly before you search it. Learning how to jaw-stab with knives can get you out of tight situations. Use guns to your advantage- not for killing, but for luring hordes away from your area. Find a safe area on the edge of town or out of town at the start For traits, I usually favour extra Strength for more knockback if I want to fight, or I take lightfooted and graceful if I want to be sneaky. Maxing either can be very effective. Enjoy your hours of sufferring!
  15. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    Re: corpses: Would be cool if 1. More bodies=longer to burn and 2. Burning bodies count as double against your health. I refer here to the negative health modifier you receive for being near dead bodies. On that note, 3. Not sure if this has already changed, but this negative effect from bodies should not damage player health, as was the case; this should induce stages of nausea (or similar) instead.