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  1. trombonaught


    Fire lookin goooood. Hoping for similar release times on zoom and fire so that I can watch myself burn to death in high-res.
  2. I think there'll be lots of lore work when NPCs come in. I wouldn't worry about it till then.
  3. Or a relevant experience boost! This facilitated and incentivized daydreaming would be really cool. Depending on the variety and what comes up, it might even give a sense of the character's personality! (Eg. Wants to read something, cook something, drive x km, build things, sort things, walk x km, walk x through different zones, etc)
  4. Is that a thing?!! I tried it intuitively, thinking it might do something, but it hasn't worked.
  5. Maybe clothes and bucket could both work, with a super low heat tolerance before "burning" and destroying the item while also increasing the oven's chance of starting a house fire (and indicating "damaged/messy" oven or something like that, to signal the risk of fire).
  6. I think no to the plot- my unfounded understanding is that the game will generate mostly random NPCs to interact with that will develop their own "stories" as they go, with a few set NPCs that will recur with their own associated events or something like that. A plot suggests a climax and resolution, but I think that kind of structure would work against the "Story of How You Died" vibe.
  7. trombonaught

    Like, sew cool

    I'm finally getting time for some extended digs into the new build and have to share, new elements with movement/cooking/protection/zombie lethality have really balanced the game into everything I ever wanted out of the foundation of it. I walk past ambling zeds instead of killing them for xp/fun, because they're deadly; raiding involves way more strategy and preparation because you can't mindlessly kill the mindless anymore, but the raids are much more rewarding now that clothing and soap are valuable. Finally coming up on winter and it's felt (and looked) nothing like any other play I've been through. Can't wait for MP so I can orient my game group to this new world!
  8. trombonaught

    Like, sew cool

    Sounds awesome!
  9. Nothing new to add but... yeah. Holy cow it's rough out there.
  10. trombonaught

    Thermal Expansion

    LOVE IT. I was worried we were about to read about some boring old DII hotbar biz but this sounds very Zomboid. Bravo!
  11. Just posting this in a relevant thread: possible hypochondriac issues detailed here.
  12. Hey good to hear! Thought my memory was off but hypochondriac seems super lethal. I like the challenge of never knowing when I'm truly infected, but thrice I've died from non-infectious scratches (did not zombify even after letting the screen run for ten minutes to an hour). The troubling thing is I died despite being generally well fed and rested throughout (I always prep a bunker to wait out the inevitable sickness). Hypochondriac seems to have turned into a death sentence.
  13. New problem. Yesterday I could play a couple hours no problem- today, it crashes 1-60 minutes in.
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