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  2. How to kill off a large horde with only melee?

    Sorry... what's a quarterstaff?! I've never seen this! Is it a mod thing?
  3. Strange place on the map

    In the real world it is a space cleared for large overhead powerline structures. I hope they will eventually add these to the game, because in my opinion it's always been a sore spot on the map: it's clearly something, but it's not clear what it is, so the players are left wondering about this unfinished part of the game. I would even prefer if they just filled it in with trees.
  4. Workbench

    Not sure I fully understand the recipe. Is it to say that those listed items are expended and become part of the crafting station? I'm not sure this idea works in a scavenging game as detailed as this one. For instance, say you want to grab the hammer to fight, the hacksaw to make boards, or the vice to create scrap metal. Can you remove these things easily? Does the workstation retain its functionality? I think the more discrete that components in this game remain, the better, so that there are as few barriers as possible to accessing items in a hurry. That said, a workstation requirement in recipes would be cool (such as a countertop for faster food recipe times, workbench for faster carpentry, etc), if it could be balanced with the scavenging priority of the game.
  5. How to kill off a large horde with only melee?

    I would seriously consider what will be faster... killing ~100 zeds to get your old items back, or just finding all new items. My guess is starting over will be both quicker and more enjoyable. Then one day if you randomly come across your old zombified body, you have a cool plot point.
  6. Will Animations require a fresh save?

    My guess would be yes, as it's a (much?) bigger update than vehicles was. That said, it's possible you won't see the update for quite some time (a year?), so if you're wanting to play you may as well start and assume you'll play it out before the update.
  7. Sasha’s Sense of Snow

    Mac user here. Had three short startup games (no mods, IWBUMS, survival) and found the following: 1. In two of the three, trouble with my inventory windows. They chased my cursor around the screen if I got too close, and would not open for viewing. This was fixed after plugging/unplugging my mouse a few times. 2. In all three, my screen seemed to be overwritten by a static background. That is, my HUD, character, and zeds went offscreen, and instead I could see only the buildings and environment around me at the time of this freeze. Audio cues suggested that the game played on, including my ability to move and fight. Audio tracked with my character movement, but my visual remained frozen. Pressing escape to open the menu did pause the game, but the visual did not change (no menu appeared). This bug appeared to occur when the global shader thingy changed to reflect time of day. Each game lasted less than a couple in-game hours, and would freeze on a slightly darker colour than before the freeze. Additionally, I encountered no vehicles in my dashes around Muld and Riverside. Not sure if that's typical survival or a problem (but like, no cars, including many parking lots and home driveways). Haven't been on for a while so I'm not sure when any of this would have started.
  8. Men with Ven

    Nice creative stretch on the Thursdoid title haha. Animations will be great, yes, but lately I'm MORE excited for Beever's new tracks!!!
  9. Beeverdoid

    Gotdayum Beever. Gotdayum. Vehicles look sick. Music + Vehicles = evolution of the atmosphere that make this start to look like you're brewing a sequel over there.
  10. Word Association Extra

    C! Instead, Discuss-> Talk
  11. 40.6 — can't drive while drunk.

    Whoa sick- now how do we implement this in RL?!!
  12. How long do YOU survive?

    This gave me a thought- put the start date at the end of winter/very early spring, to showcase a bit of the snowy weather while the players still have loot to live off of.
  13. How long do YOU survive?

    I usually play at 1 day=15 minutes so I can speed through the year. I used to call one year one playthrough, but now I recognize when I'm in a good enough position to *likely* make it through the year and I drop out at that point, typically 2-4 months in. As more systems are implemented to complicate the later game, that'll definitely lead to longer save files for me. That said, a year is a hella long playthrough for many people. A casual option might be to have one in-game day represent abstract performance over a week, or 1 game day=7 calendar days. I would seriously consider moving the start date to early/mid spring, to emphasize Winter as the hardest stage of the game (at least as it stands now) and having that come at the end of the year.
  14. Double thumbs up for this and all similar ideas.
  15. Word Association Extra

    Bully -> Nerd