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  1. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    No idea where this is, but here's what i think of for colour composition of a North American parking lot in the 90s.
  2. All else being said, I want to let you know that yours is a sentiment I am sure we have ALL been able empathize with at some point since getting into the game. As you can see, many people have weighed these thoughts before I hope you're able to find some other charm in the game that might keep you engaged with it! Or maybe you'll find another NPC ai game to tide you over.
  3. If you just bought the game... maybe it's worth a read into the development that HAS occurred over those years. The game's development has it's pace, and whether that's to be described as slow or not within it's own context doesn't really matter. It's active, it has a community, and it generates enough interest to keep it's growing team paid. It's a hobby, and people are into it. It's a business, and the model is working. If you want NPCs, buy a game that says it has NPCs , or that shows them in a video, or that gives you any concrete basis from which to support your assumption that it has NPCs. Your unfounded understanding based on the "environment" in which the game is marketed sounds... kind words escape me.
  4. Commonly Suggested Suggestions

    It's a perfect disguise!
  5. PZ "community"

    Post a steam review and move on bud.
  6. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    +10 points for what sounds like a new overlay idea! @Viceroy you are still one of my favourite people for making this mod.
  7. about the cars

    Would this be like using them to draw zeds out of an area (as opposed to the same mechanic applied to lure them towards an area), reset the alarm to safeguard your car (as in, use it for conventional purposes), or do you maybe have some else in mind? (Just curious as to what people can come up with here)
  8. about the cars

    I love the turning on the alarm idea! That would be a great way to hit the bases of opposing factions!
  9. Spiffospaced

    Just a thought from that pic with the new character model and the car- Does the car still look oversized to anyone else?
  10. Spiffospaced

    (Dead)Meaty update! Thanks!
  11. After some quick searching I think the melee one hit KO is maybe easier to do than the jaw stab. Honestly I'd love to see it all in there, but I think it should be available to all and as effective as your combat training permits. I cringe at the idea of locking things in this game to any class (including the current status of desensitized and axeman).
  12. I'm just going to post this so the idea is represented if any devs look over this thread for consideration: I think tying access to a kill-skill to any non-combat oriented class (so vets and cops are the exception) is a little silly. Can't say I know too many carpenters practicing their hammer-swing headshots, for example. Also not aware of any thieves who practice jaw-stabbing people in preparation for their b&e's. I think most melee tactics should be available to everyone by default, but that with low-level skills in blunt and blade, your execution might be slower and less effective.
  13. I imagine discussion on how this move might be modified will be easier after we see what animations change about combat.
  14. A new Challange

    Ohhh good question. One way to find out!
  15. Back in Bleak

    Given that they depend on full implementation of both vehicles and animations, the best answer you could probably hope for is something pertaining to how long they imagine animations will be in public development.