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  1. Title. That's all. I just saw some nay-saying for the new jumpscare sound and had to publicly state my love for it. That and the new zombie sounds... unless they're not new and I just haven't played in a year 😅
  2. It's a sunday ZomPro. Line up some zeds and some walls and do some science!
  3. Y'all what IS this community. Any other game makes even a positive announcement, and negative nellies will pile on about things that don't even have anything to do with the post. Here the devs literally say "we're going to move the timeline back 6 months" and there's nothing but support?!! Kudos to the mods and whoever makes this dark magic happen.
  4. Thorough. Clear. Reasonable. Please hold master classes in this kind of communication for all other developers!!! Get some publishers and board members in your classes too 👌 VERY excited for that Noiseworks drop.
  5. Might help to reframe it the way the Romero setting would posit it: RNG doesn't deliver an instant restart. Rather, it SAVES you from instant restart more often than not. If you got wounded by a zed then you've already failed your counterplay. The bite isn't the the cause of your failure; rather the failure to scope out the area in advance, to maximize your run speed, to get going while the going was good, etc is what brings you down. It's not a combat game really so if things come to blows, you've kinda already lost. But every now and then, an attack on you ISN'T a bite, and that's when you praise RNGeezus.
  6. trombonaught


    Awesome! Love this tiered release idea. 32 should be more than enough to satisfy most player scenarios anyways!
  7. trombonaught

    Ohio Orio

    *gratuitous salivation noises for all of the above*
  8. trombonaught

    EmergenZy Stop

    Freaking awesome. This game is/will be sososo unique on full launch. Thought about the rain though: if the height of the storm is to be as intense as the sound suggests, I (or anyone familiar with continental summer storms) would recommend significantly further increasing visibility obstruction at those times. Rain that sounds that loud in an outdoor, natural environment (as opposed to hammering on resonant rooftops) can obscure your vision of what's across the street from you, coming down in literal curtains of water. What we're seeing now reminds me of the light coastal showers we get on the west coast in Canada, whose aural "signature" never reach the heights heard in that audio. Still freaking amazing as-is of course.
  9. trombonaught

    Rusty Rifle

    Ugh so tantalizing 🤤 Any chance of a two-stage MP release I wonder, maybe with a hard cap of 10-20ish players for the first stage of the release? 🤔
  10. trombonaught

    Noise Works

    Whoa. Sounds, rounding out the 3D models, that crazy iterpolation optimization- that plus animations and cars add up to this being and going to be a radically different game from when I started playing, in all ways but core gameplay! Nice preservation of the game's spirit through these massive and relentless cosmetic overhauls.
  11. This is one part of the game that I hope gets a little more love/attention in the future. Right now if you get bit, and you start to get sick, you can just end the game right there. With NPCs, this might get a little spicier in that you'll have to monitor your companions to see if anyone is hiding a bite from you. This would help to give dying more significance to actual gameplay. Not sure how to make the player's side of infection more interesting though. I like the idea of the old Romero zombies, where a bite just means you light a smoke and wait for the inevitable. But I also think this needs to be more interesting in terms of gameplay... like maybe if, after zombifying, you get a whole new phase to the game where you must now hunt and kill the living (albeit with highly reduced senses)!
  12. Or can this be reframed as a *feature* and used to bring in single prop planes, which get shot down at the map borders by anti-aircraft artillery (with radio warnings) 🤔🤔🤔 Jokes aside, MP looks much more personable with all of the unique player outfits!
  13. Please for the love of Zombs tie it to exhaustion rather than fatigue if it needs future nerfing 🙈🙈🙈
  14. Yeah the massive trees in the forest are great, but I do think the urban trees would benefit from a 30-100% height boost.
  15. Should should definitely be able to zoom in/out. You can set this in the options (it lets you disable higher/further zooms to improve game performance)
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