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  1. trombonaught


    Great god in heaven there's a man in that car! Totally wasn't expecting to see that for a couple IWBUMS releases at least. Nice.
  2. trombonaught


    I am mad excited for that rotation. I never realized how much all these little animation details added to the game until seeing them in these updates!
  3. trombonaught


    This. Looks. So. Good. So polish. Much wow. Got holidays coming up in the nearish future and almost literally praying for a drop before then haha.
  4. trombonaught

    Wrong way down a one way streeeet!

    Shaking barricades! Yusss.
  5. trombonaught


    Gosh haven't looked there in ages despite preferring to read it there, thanks!
  6. trombonaught


    Is it just me or was there no Doid this week (18th)?
  7. trombonaught

    Mannequin vs. Zed

    Dressing rad mannequins is going to be my new endgame.
  8. trombonaught

    Anim-Transition Blog

    Is it just me or is that aiming stance a little slow to ready? I've been playing a ton of Arizona Sunshine lately and I can tell you I get my hands up a lot quicker than that if there's a zed about! The original anim looked maybe better on that one?
  9. trombonaught

    Compass Item

    This guessing over any real distance is useless. A bearing down to the degree is necessary but equally useless unless you could figure out your course with an added feature to the online map or something. Or, pairing a compass with a map item to set bearings for your journeys would also be wicked.
  10. trombonaught

    The Sound of Mucus

    The rhythmic breathing in the new sounds, and the link between the tempo/intensity of the sounds and the action of the zed, give a better sense of "(un)life" to the zeds. Amazing.
  11. trombonaught

    Advanced Zedonometry

    I did a laugh/cry at this as I debug my own stuff at work. Very sexy 'doid.
  12. trombonaught

    Combat Renovations

    This really does look like Zomboid 2. I love it. I would pay again.
  13. trombonaught

    Big Pan Thursdoid

    Vid looks beautiful, but +1 for "The Sasha Shitlist."
  14. trombonaught

    Drink to the Memory

    Can't wait to jiggle some garage doors with some better-sized cars before pouring one out for the homies who die in the resulting accident. Much excite.
  15. trombonaught

    Red Hand Gang

    Although a little reconstruction can change that pretty quickly