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  1. I would love a toggle to remove the cap on zed armour (currently 79%). If this means I run up against dead players with full-body 100% armour, so be it. Sounds like a pretty sweet lore-friendly "boss!"
  2. Another video for my horror survival game One Wicked Night. Survive the monsters and save your friends in a procedurally generated mansion, now with... toilets?
  3. I've never had this thought before but now that you say it, I am 110% on board. Romero lore is a guiding force behind PZ I would absolutely love to see zeds fear fire in this game. Maybe someone will make a mod one day
  4. Every wonder how the virus got out of Kentucky? Check out this second Day 3 video, again with stock footage! Been a lot of fun throwing these together
  5. A quick one here just to say, I'd love to see the new CotDs announced in discord (à la Thursdoids) so I could push them to my own servers! Not sure if this is already happening in some channel and I'm missing it, if so someone please fill me in. And if it's not happening, so be it! I've said my piece.
  6. A little roadmap for the current phase of my One Wicked Night project! So I'm nearly done putting some player commands into Kevin's AI, but you'll see he still has some strong opinions of his own... Full dev blog here: https://sites.google.com/view/trombospace/news2023-06-22
  7. A mini dev update on One Wicked Night. I shared an ai navigation gif on reddit and people wanted me to add music to it, so without further ado:
  8. This is the last broadcast of day 2, and it really sets the stage for what's to come.
  9. My co-op horror puzzle project has shed its project name and is now One Wicked Night! This is how things look after 10 part-time weeks. Full blog here
  10. Panic really kicks off outside of Kentucky at the end of Day 2:
  11. Got a new one for you: Let's meet our first military scientist, John Ramirez.
  12. I haven't heard of that but on a related note, I'm working on recording the entire LBMW frequency and making that available in-game. I'll drop the playlist here in case you want to follow, #9 comes out this week but there's 30+ episodes. Once they're all done I'll announce the mod. Link here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrA-XqbeIGKvGV63LpBjWLVqDLUQ-B-rw I'm also making full-day videos that cut out any repeat quoted segments from that day for easier YouTube listening: https://youtu.be/imqdex4lk8M Also following because if anyone recommends you a mod I wanna know, so I can peak at their code
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