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  1. Hey all, wonder if you've seen these errors when connecting to a private game. I tried hosting an MP game but the other player received warnings when trying to connect. 1st was something like "This program is attempting to launch with optional parameters, cancel if you did not request this" quoting a parameter of "+connect ###...(string of numbers)" 2nd was (after accepting the first) the game sought permission to make changes to the hard drive, which I'd never seen anyone encounter before. So we cancelled the whole thing. Anyone know what's going on with this?
  2. Different Mac issue than above! I have no monochrome zombies (yay!). However, fog is my deadliest opponent. When the fog rolls in, I have minutes before my comp overheats and shuts down. Any advice on what settings I can lower/disable to combat The Fog? This may not be new to this update, been a while since I was on.
  3. Just sharing an unhelpful observation and offer of support... Many of us are going to come into some paid time off (sorry Americans, some Canadians, and anyone else not getting the same deal), which means we're going to get real close to our computers and gaming pals. So if you wanted some testers on MP in that time (paid by sick leave!), all I'm saying is, my body is ready.
  4. Hey boiders, I've had old friends come back to the old MP game to play around before the big MP update (so they can appreciate the changes). And we're looking for your ideas. We play with 3-6 people at a time and are looking for a way to make the group cohere and work together better. Right now, there's little risk to the MP group/party-style gameplay, as, if someone dies, they just load up a new char and jog back into the group. This has people taking risks/playing individually, without much pull to work as a team to problem solve. We're trying to think of a collaborative goal to encourage protecting the newer players, taking smarter risks, adding more pressure to gameplay etc. We've tried some different things in the past but nothing's gone well enough to stick. Our favourite so far is "if anyone dies, restart the game- or burn a spiffo," but the temptation to cheat (i.e. just keep playing) is too great Any suggestions or brainstorm fuel is appreciated!
  5. trombonaught


    Time to reskin all the bases on my old saves. Those sheet ropes were looking janky in my otherwise stylin safehouses. Awesome!
  6. I think all of this is in the game already
  7. I didn't think to share this before, but one time I also heard a scratch and saw no wound. Then, I got super sick as if I were becoming zombified. I figured it was probably a "would have been scratched" scenario that manifested as perceived zomification because of my hypochondriac trait. But, turns out I died and rose up. This was earlier in the animations release and I figured I must have missed something because I was wrapped up in exploring new features, but seeing your comment now, maybe it's a bug.
  8. ROAD ATLASES! Genius. This would be an awesome addition and totally preserve the feel started by the town maps.
  9. trombonaught

    2020 vision

    I dunno, sounds legit. Prepping an obstacle gauntlet and then running zeds through it to trip them up and smack 'en while they're down seems like a great idea.
  10. trombonaught

    2020 vision

    Low fire (the one I'll using) looks spot on. A+, 1000%.
  11. trombonaught


    Fire lookin goooood. Hoping for similar release times on zoom and fire so that I can watch myself burn to death in high-res.
  12. Or a relevant experience boost! This facilitated and incentivized daydreaming would be really cool. Depending on the variety and what comes up, it might even give a sense of the character's personality! (Eg. Wants to read something, cook something, drive x km, build things, sort things, walk x km, walk x through different zones, etc)
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