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  1. I think it's about distance too, not just the vision cone. Your panic there definitely reduces 1 of either distance or cone, maybe both.
  2. Bump for this cuz uh... still can't write with blue and red pens (haven't tried crayons). Finally became relevant to me because I have found 5 red or blue pens, 0 pencils or black pens, and I can't record which berries are safe to eat 😭
  3. Very cool update to take a run at this weekend ,but what I really like is seeing all the attention it's already generated. The servers will be lit when MP drops 🔥
  4. 🤦‍♂️ I knew this and totally forgot. Thanks!
  5. 🤦‍♂️ I knew this and totally forgot. Thanks!
  6. Definitely #1 on every carpenter/building player's list. Even if it had an exceedingly high fail rate, window pane removal would be awesome (for all types of windows).
  7. This plus every overlay from that overlays mod (forget the modder's name but it's my absolute favourite mod bar none).
  8. I think it just transfers to whatever world inventory you have open/selected atm 🤔
  9. And maybe Chainsaw Dogs soon after that! Get'm Ash!
  10. Good points, and I haven't done too much of it myself in rl buuut I didn't find it mind numbing or tedious at all on a few trips (might feel different knowing I had a backpack full of food and gear but like... it wasn't tiring 🤷‍♂️). For the balancing, maybe values could be reduced? 5 or 10 hunger seems like a huge reward for a handful of berries for example. I feel like something closer to the range of 1 and 3 would be better-balanced values.
  11. A few searches in and I haven't found a dedicated discussion for this, so... Why does foraging put you to sleep? Running, fighting, presumably exercising (haven't tried it) all bring fatigue. But foraging wrecks your sleep schedule? It seems inconsistent both logically in real terms and thematically in light of how other forms of exertion are handled in the game. I'll routinely call 10pm bedtime in-game, and while this doesn't always play out perfectly it feels like my bedtimes align with night time. But one good round of foraging will make for a 4pm bed time and a morning that begins at 2am. This feels broken to me. Anyone else? Is there something I'm missing here that this would be intentional?
  12. Second on these spawns, rare or otherwise. Same with any item that is currently recipe-locked: I think we'd all be more driven to craft them if we had been able to use them first to learn their value.
  13. trombonaught

    New High Score

    Bug? Is the bug hidden behind this slick new slenderman feature?
  14. This same thing happened to me semi-frequently on many past builds. Don't recall if I ever reported it... also running on a mac, and only my mac (haven't had the problem on my newer pc, but haven't been playing much lately either).
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