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  1. Self-sustainability and the culprit

    Another idea which I've tried with my group is to model yourself in your character as best you can. Give it your weight, your skills, even your dietary restrictions (I played the game gluten/dairy free!). This made for at least one more interesting playthrough with a much less synergistic (and initially quite useless) squad.
  2. 40.6 — can't drive while drunk.

    Whoa sick- now how do we implement this in RL?!!
  3. How long do YOU survive?

    This gave me a thought- put the start date at the end of winter/very early spring, to showcase a bit of the snowy weather while the players still have loot to live off of.
  4. How long do YOU survive?

    I usually play at 1 day=15 minutes so I can speed through the year. I used to call one year one playthrough, but now I recognize when I'm in a good enough position to *likely* make it through the year and I drop out at that point, typically 2-4 months in. As more systems are implemented to complicate the later game, that'll definitely lead to longer save files for me. That said, a year is a hella long playthrough for many people. A casual option might be to have one in-game day represent abstract performance over a week, or 1 game day=7 calendar days. I would seriously consider moving the start date to early/mid spring, to emphasize Winter as the hardest stage of the game (at least as it stands now) and having that come at the end of the year.
  5. Double thumbs up for this and all similar ideas.
  6. Word Association Extra

    Bully -> Nerd
  7. Just want to tag on to say I had this problem too, reported it in the weather branch thread. Running on MacOS.
  8. These items are pure gold. All of them.

    Two bugs outlined below. System info: 1. Grey screen of death When standing in certain buildings (doorways, random tile in a living room, middle of a bedroom, anywhere- Usually contained to a block of 4-8 cells, occasionally entire buildings), the screen goes grey as shown below. HUD remains visible. In all cases, changing zoom level (either in or out) will reveal the screen, though the effect is repeated at various zoom levels. Pic below: Before and after entering doorway to the cabin. In this case, entire cabin appeared greyed out. This effect does not appear limited to any particular areas. 2. Can't attack zombies. As it sounds. Guns, melee, shoving, blades, jaw stabs- nothing shows any effect on zeds. Zeds can still attack me as per usual. Bug 1 was evident before the latest update. Bug 2 was not evident before the latest update. Couldn't reproduce any of this in the IWBUMS branch. No mods enabled.

    That would be so cool.
  11. Word Association Extra

    Both contain "u" so here's a redo: Lure -> bait
  12. Too Hot For TV

    Window reflections look great, I had no idea that would be coming in! Awesome! Edit: could a similar function be added to building windows, with the pattern of reflection made relative to player position?
  13. Question about zombie respawn settings

    Sounds like you've got it, but just so you know why you might not need them to be the same number: Zombie respawn: this is how often zombies will respawn in UNSEEN AREAS Unseen location: this is how long an area must be unseen for it to be considered an UNSEEN AREA So set that second option super high if you want no respawns in places you've been. If you set it to zero, basically all areas you are not presently in will be considered unseen, and will respawn at the rate you set in the first option.
  14. On another note, why does it cause sustained physical injury at all? A random chance for injury, rolled every hour that you carry overloaded, with higher chance for injury on higher overloads, would make more sense. IRL we start taking damage not when we carry heavy loads, but when we mess up and incur a particular injury from those loads. Also, my sense is that there is a fatigue multiplier tied to weights already. Hopefully this multiplier increases with heavier loads, though I am not sure that is the case.
  15. What is community reputation?

    My latest study suggests that not only do the reacts add rep when cast, but removing them removes rep, and the pillow react actually adds nothing!