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  1. This would be awesome, great idea. Would also be helpful as an indicator of how much rest you've actually had. Right now, with only a negative indicator, we have no way of knowing how close we are to being tired again. Having this "positive" indicator in addition to our present "neutral" non-indicator would be grand.
  2. trombonaught

    Totes Emotes

    Love this vid. Really puts a concrete perspective to where MP development is at- hopefully people quiet down about MP after understanding that what you got right now, we don't want haha. That said, it's also great to see the level of consistency that's been sought after here!
  3. trombonaught

    Shoving off

    Step 1: create a hyper-detailed reality simulator that requires players to think like people. Step 2: create self-directing quasi-ai to operate in the simulator where they think like people. Step 3: put in the ai in robots. Step 4:??? Step 5: profit.
  4. I don't have anything to say that addresses your report, but dang, the animations, blood accumulation, and external equip slots have really upped the BA-erry of the game. Your slo-mo gif has given me a new appreciation of it all haha
  5. trombonaught

    PriZon Break

    No more worries about zombies hiding under the cover of menu cascades! Woo!
  6. trombonaught

    Man BangleZ

    🙀 I feel things 🙀
  7. trombonaught


    Love the pointers but/and having the ability to quickly toggle them on/off would be handy. Clutterwear looks great!
  8. trombonaught

    Zed OwnerZhip

    Love the "lived in" look and the smoother target updates- the latter of which is definitely worth the wait if it means no more/much fewer invisibites.
  9. trombonaught

    Zed Paddling

    MP zeds are looking tight. But I need someone to settle something for me... the two posted pics are the same right? I was playing "spot the differences" for longer than I care to admit 😅
  10. Boosting this. I think I saw it written elsewhere once but bears repeating. Been a while but I still can't seem to get used to it.
  11. trombonaught

    Slightly ajar

    Yay tweaky tiles! Trying to remember what this game looked like a yearish ago without anims/wind swaying/fog etc... and I can't! Small tweak with the tiles but continue along an awesome and significant trend of creating a "lived/living" world.
  12. "Falling" in this instance is used as an intransitive verb, and makes sense if they intend it to imply falling in the most general sense. Your comment makes sense if you intend it to imply yo mama ain't teach you no manners.
  13. trombonaught


    Just had to share from the new post (not yet listed here): Added a “Delete All” button next to “Loot all” button for trash can/bins, clicking this will permanently delete items from the container. (Please note: this is quite ‘gamey’ currently, and is a first iteration. We will improve on it as we go along.) Made many previously unmovable objects movable: benches, bunk beds, carpets, canopies, bar stools, counters etc. Helmet attacks change: before zombie attacks could potentially make helmets fall and also you get a hit. Now if the helmet falls, the current attack won’t connect but the next one will. Once a timed action is done (reading book, cooking, crafting..) it’ll auto-cancel fast-forward. Cancelling a timed action via ESC will also cancel fast forward. These are HUGE. I'm much more a sucker for little quality of life tweaks than I am for big features. These four back to back- amazing!!! Thank you 🙏🙏🙏
  14. 1098. Make reading great Reading in MP is not the most engrossing experience. More often than not, it involves asking other players to protect you while you go afk to make dinner in real life. What if we had a little mini-game for nominal reading speed boosts, to keep players "in" the game? Could be as simple (visually) as one of those timed button presses- a little reticle could bounce left to right in the reading progress bar, with little targets appearing occasionally- hit lmb at the right moment, and maybe you can skip a page. Not a fan of mini games in this game generally, but then again I'm not a fan of an absence of gameplay either 🤔
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