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  1. SMDistribution.lua local function preDistributionMerge() -- Smoker mod Trash ProceduralDistributions.list.SmokerModItemsTrash = { rolls = 7, items = { "SM.SMButt", 10, "SM.SMButt2", 10, "SM.SMEmptyPack", 10, "SM.SMEmptyPackLight", 10, "SM.SMEmptyPackMenthol", 10, "SM.SMEmptyPackGold", 10, "SM.EmptyMatchbox", 10, }, } -- Smoker mod Zombie Items ProceduralDistributions.list.SmokerModZombieItems = { rolls = 1, items = { "SM.Matches", 100, "SM.SMPack", 100, "SM.SMPackLight", 100, "SM.SMPackMenthol", 100, "SM.SMPackGold", 100, }, } end Events.OnPreDistributionMerge.Add(preDistributionMerge); SMPoceduralDistribution.lua local SmokerModDistTable = { all = { bin = { procedural = true, procList = { {name="SmokerModItemsTrash", min=1, max=10}, } }, inventorymale = { procedural = true, procList = { {name="SmokerModZombieItems", min=0, max=1}, } }, inventoryfemale = { procedural = true, procList = { {name="SmokerModZombieItems", min=0, max=1}, } }, } } table.insert(Distributions, 2, SmokerModDistTable); Yes, the item distribution is finally working, but I have questions. In killed zombies, the entire list of items specified in SmokerModZombieItems appears, how to limit, for example, two items? Another oddity is that objects in zombies that are killed outside (outside the premises) never appear, while when killing zombies indoors, objects are guaranteed to appear, the same applies to dumpsters.
  2. How do you regulate the probability of an item appearing (if there are several different items) in this example?
  3. Nebula


    Now you can make color music
  4. I suggest removing the air temperature readings from the clock. This is imba. Where did you see the temperature clock in the 90s? And all the residents. - this will force the player to pay more attention to indirect indicators of the ambient temperature, "listen" to the weather forecast on the radio, body response, wind noise, etc. The game requires ordinary thermometers, alcohol and mercury. The first is for the air, the second is for the body. - It would be nice to get some more barometers. зы. The most important thing is not to forget that we can put the thermometer in the oven, in the refrigerator, in the freezer, in the fire.
  5. Nebula

    It's Coming to Roam

    You are still under constant supervision, my friend :), don't be naive and welcome to Orwell's world.
  6. Nebula

    It's Coming to Roam

    Leave the desktop radios - only for tape cassettes ... for "playing" (text) and broadcasting recorded (text from radio) tape cassettes. Please! This will create the possibility of custom broadcasts - in the form of text ... in the radio network of the server ... recorded by the players themselves - on cassettes. I did such experiments in mod ... and they ended successfully ... remote radio stations were broadcasting my text.
  7. Please make a normal kerning between letters. This is killing the eyes, and because of this I cannot translate your texts in the picture - through the service of translating images into my language. The explanatory texts can simply be placed in the main text of the post ... under the picture, and everyone will be happy.
  8. Nebula

    It's Coming to Roam

    CD playback is very similar to how it was implemented in the text version of the iСDPlayers mod. I assumed that you will follow the same path. Unfortunately my knowledge was not enough to write a full-fledged interface for CD players.
  9. Nebula

    Jumps n' scares

    Video - 0:28 background music - immediately reminded of RimWorld
  10. Nebula

    MP Status Update

    Everything will be fine, you guys are the best! Hello from Russia!
  11. It would be interesting to add to the cars... - Engine oil (when the condition of the engine deteriorates, the amount of oil decreases, starts to flow, which can eventually lead to breakdown). - The same goes for the coolant, but I understand that you will have to add a radiator. - Spark plugs for the engine. This will make it harder to use and maintain the car, which will add to the hardcore, which will be good. It would also be extremely nice. - High and low beam of car headlights.
  12. How to implement such a function? I need to determine that an equipped item fell from a character while fighting a zombie. If you can show an example of such a function. Is it possible to determine this - before the item is thrown from the inventory? In fact, I want to implement the probability of a broken headphone wire in this event.
  13. There are no vanilla swimming mechanics, as well as boats. I am not going to return anything to you, due to the fact that I don’t owe you anything. I want and dream that the character is "taught" to swim in the water, and that it freezes. But euvas are only dreams.
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