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  1. Help add a scrollbar to the info window. Here is the code I use ... DreamsWindow = ISCollapsableWindow:derive("DreamsWindow"); DreamsWindow.compassLines = {} function DreamsWindow:initialise() ISCollapsableWindow.initialise(self); end function DreamsWindow:new(x, y, width, height) local o = {}; o = ISCollapsableWindow:new(x, y, width, height); setmetatable(o, self); self.__index = self; o.title = getText("IGUI_Dreams_Window"); o.pin = false; o:noBackground(); return o; end function DreamsWindow:setText(newText) DreamsWindow.HomeWindow.text = newText; DreamsWindow.HomeWindow:paginate(); local tempTexture = getTexture("media/textures/dreams/dreams.png") if (tempTexture) then self.Image:setImage(tempTexture) else self.Image:setImage(getTexture("media/textures/dreams/dreams.png")) end end function DreamsWindow:createChildren() ISCollapsableWindow.createChildren(self); self.Image = ISButton:new(10, 25, 240, 240, " ", nil, nil); self.Image:setImage(getTexture("media/textures/dreams/dreams.png")) self.Image:setVisible(true); self.Image:setEnable(true); -- self.Image:addToUIManager(); self:addChild(self.Image) self.HomeWindow = ISRichTextPanel:new(260, 25, 340, 240); self.HomeWindow:initialise(); self.HomeWindow.autosetheight = true self.HomeWindow:ignoreHeightChange() self:addChild(self.HomeWindow) end function DreamsWindowCreate() DreamsWindow = DreamsWindow:new(330, 330, 610, 275) DreamsWindow:addToUIManager(); DreamsWindow:setVisible(false); DreamsWindow.pin = false; DreamsWindow.resizable = false; end Events.OnGameStart.Add(DreamsWindowCreate); Please help, really needed.
  2. Nebula

    Wet clothes

    How to wet the pants of the character dressed in the code and make them dirty?
  3. Nebula

    Get item ID

    How to get item ID?
  4. Your jokes are inappropriate here. I need help with the code. And by the way, yes, it would be more interesting if the characters were completely undressable, and underwear was dressed as well as clothes.
  5. How to determine the gender of the character?
  6. I need to get the item name display. How to do it right? It gives me an error: Callframe at: PerformMakeItem Object tried to call nil in recipe_ recipe name I have this code: item WorkItem1 { Type = Normal, DisplayName = WorkItem1, Icon = WorkItem1, Weight = 0.1, } recipe WorkItemExample { WоrkItem1,WorkItem2,WorkItem3,WorkItem4,WorkItem5 destroy WorkItemqqq, Result:WorkItemResult, Time:30.0, NeedToBeLearn:false, OnCreate:recipe_WorkExampleCreat, } --------------------------------------------------------- function recipe_WorkExampleCreat(items, result, player) WorkItemName = getPlayer():getInventory():getModData():getDisplayName(getText("IGUI_WorkItem1")); end IGUI_WorkItem is recorded in the IGUI_EN table You need to iterate over the names from the first list in the recipe. And save in the variable WorkItemName the name of the IGUI of the object that was used when crafting ... You need to get the name that I indicated in IGUI_EN
  7. How to color the displayed text in green, set the character size and font?
  8. Thank you, problem solved. Here is the correct code that I got. function WorkDelta(items, player) local player = getPlayer(); for i = 0, player:getInventory():getItems():size() - 1 do local item = player:getInventory():getItems():get(i); if item:getType() == "WorkItem" then item:setUsedDelta((item:getUsedDelta() - 0.01)); end end
  9. Help me please. I'm trying to solve the problem myself, but it doesn’t work ... I need to find the item in the inventory, read its current delta and reduce it. What am I doing wrong? function WorkDelta (items, player) for i=0, items:size()-1 do if items:get(i):getType() == "WorkItem" then items:setUsedDelta((getUsedDelta() - 0.001)); end end
  10. recipe Open Package { PackageClosed, keep KitchenKnife/HuntingKnife/MeatCleaver/LetterOpener/Scissors, Sound:PutItemInBag, Time:15.0, Result:PackageOpened, OnCreate:FillPackage, }
  11. How to make the delta of an item be spent without being in hands? Show an example.
  12. Make it possible to hang radios on the waist belt, as you already did with the weapon. It’s very inconvenient to keep the radio in your hand all the time.
  13. West Point - Pharmacy Store food instead of medicine on shelves
  14. Nebula

    Hydrocraft Mod

    I somehow informed Hydro that the mod was causing a problem in build 41 with a bonfire. No more.
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