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  1. The same questions and suggestions once a week. The people do not bother to read the proposal thread.
  2. It's not a joke. It's true. You need to leave some air in the bottle and so that it does not touch the hot iron. you can just put the bottle in the coals (fire). You can do this simple experiment yourself. It can really save your life one day.
  3. In real life, it is possible to boil a plastic bottle filled with water in a fire. You will be surprised but it works. We Russians make good use of this.
  4. Don't you think that the developers of this game can have much more experience than yours several times over? Forgive me for being straightforward, nothing personal, but in my opinion, you have a little overstated self-esteem. This shows up in most of your posts.
  5. Mods load the processor and RAM. Even with a lot of mods, these values are not normal. There is something wrong with your graphics card. Have you changed the thermal paste for a long time, cleaned fans and radiators from dust? Maybe bitcoins are being farm on your computer, and you don't even know about it?
  6. It would be very convenient to look around with the right mouse button pressed while driving. Just like it is done on foot. And you could also use a flashlight while sitting in the car and shine in this way in the right direction.
  7. There will be no boats, as well as water treatment - this issue has been raised repeatedly. The developers said that this will not be implemented. @Nazarito22, You post topics and raise questions that developers have been asked many times. Take the trouble to read this forum thread with suggestions ... A lot of players would like the character to be able to enter the water and swim ... but alas ... in the next few years, this can only be dreamed of. I understand that this is due to the enormous work of changing the game engine and map. That will entail serious consequences - to redo everything again. The game from the very beginning consisted of crutches for crutches ...
  8. We all actually understood what you meant.
  9. Question / Suggestions - about cats, dogs, etc. climbed many times already. The developers plan to add animals to the game, but do not expect this content in the near future. Planned animals Rabbits will roam the countryside. Artificially intelligent animals wandering around the world on their own are expected for version 1.0. List of planned animals Rabbit American Black Bear Brown bear Deer Squirrel Elk Birds Probably only after this list we will see cats and dogs ... but this is not certain.
  10. Nebula

    Low-tech Alarms

    Shards of glass can be lifted and placed in the right place. This added a couple of builds back.
  11. Cat vision is a fierce vanilla cheat in my opinion! It generally needs to be cut out of the game. Developers often talk about realism ... what the hell is realism? Where have you seen people with night vision?
  12. Nebula


    Items 1 and 2 have been unambiguously relevant for implementation for a very long time. The fact that food does not freeze in the cold looks ridiculous in the game.
  13. By the time you get the required amount of experience ... the electricity will already be off. At least the possibility of visual detection of the alarm ... for example, a device on the wall with a red light.
  14. Oh my God! Russian hackers again? Is Putin to blame? You have become a victim of propaganda. The guilt of the Russians is only in your head.
  15. Nebula

    The Walking Spiff

    Парень, тебе к психиатору необходимо обратиться - как можно скорее.
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