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  1. Hmm. Interesting. It is possible that this is the influence of mods on the game. I'll check it out tomorrow when I get home from work ...
  2. Wet things worn on the character dry much faster than in a tumble dryer. Please speed up the drying time in the machine.
  3. Make it possible to adjust the played sound files as it is done for music: 1. Ability to change the volume during playback. 2. Ability to play a sound file - from the desired second from the beginning. 3. Ability to return the volume value. 4. Ability to return the playback position in seconds.
  4. I would like to be able to wrap a piece of glass with a rag and inflict one fatal blow (like a knife) on a zombie. For balance, you can also add a random (small) probability of cutting the character's palm during this action. A shard of glass wrapped in a rag, to prevent a cut on the palm, is a rather terrible weapon in close combat. I see no reason to fence the mod for this opportunity. I would like to see this in the vanilla assembly. Thank.
  5. Yes. Level 3 and 4 also raises the skill quickly. This happens when the character is watching TV. And yes, I had insignificant multipliers at that time, from reading books. But in my opinion it was still inadequately added, I saw such an increase in skills for the first time. Thank you for paying attention to this thread.
  6. All I wanted to say, I have already said ... The bug is present and experience points are awarded inadequately. I didn't start playing yesterday and I understand what I'm talking about ...
  7. +125/250 for one TV show? In two days I completely pumped gathering and construction! It is not normal. It wasn't like that before.
  8. When watching TV, skills grow extremely rapidly.
  9. - Fixed item.RequireInHandOrInventory being treated as DisplayName in ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.doEatOption() instead of an item type. Can you clarify this point? In my mod Smoker - the Smoker context menu has become red and the character cannot smoke a cigarette from the mod.
  10. Nebula

    belt bag

    A belt bag with, in a sitting position, falls into the character’s stomach....
  11. Nebula

    School Reopening

    You're still not very old Where am I ... I was born in 1973 ...
  12. Nebula

    School Reopening

    Dear Sirs, Developers, finally make an animation of sitting on chairs and lying down (floor, bed, sofa). Or will the character stand in front of the computer?
  13. Nebula

    School Reopening

    UFO: Enemy Unknown (X-COM: UFO Defense) - Appeared in 1994, although I think you can close your eyes, since the first part is simply gorgeous. There was also a cool continuation in the form of the third part - X-COM: Apocalypse (1997) I still play it sometimes. Jagged Alliance - 1994/
  14. Nebula


    По всей видимости никак. Подозреваю что проблема в самом движке.
  15. You can adjust this yourself by dragging the mouse ... change the width of the columns (columns) of the categories. At the top there are vertical dividers for this.
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