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  1. Nebula

    MP Status Update

    Everything will be fine, you guys are the best! Hello from Russia!
  2. It would be interesting to add to the cars... - Engine oil (when the condition of the engine deteriorates, the amount of oil decreases, starts to flow, which can eventually lead to breakdown). - The same goes for the coolant, but I understand that you will have to add a radiator. - Spark plugs for the engine. This will make it harder to use and maintain the car, which will add to the hardcore, which will be good. It would also be extremely nice. - High and low beam of car headlights.
  3. How to implement such a function? I need to determine that an equipped item fell from a character while fighting a zombie. If you can show an example of such a function. Is it possible to determine this - before the item is thrown from the inventory? In fact, I want to implement the probability of a broken headphone wire in this event.
  4. There are no vanilla swimming mechanics, as well as boats. I am not going to return anything to you, due to the fact that I don’t owe you anything. I want and dream that the character is "taught" to swim in the water, and that it freezes. But euvas are only dreams.
  5. Nebula


    Will Noiseworks' work affect the sounds of car engines? Sound that is currently too poor.
  6. Thank you to Star user - who created the mod for this.
  7. Install More Mod Tags - and you will be happy. When uploading or updating a mod in the Workshop - select the tags you need. Profit.
  8. Reverb can only be controlled from the script described in ... * txt I cannot do this trick in lua. As they explained to me, this is not implemented in FOMOD.
  9. Also with warming up objects it would be relevant.
  10. It's hard to say - I don't have complete information. I just say I know. And also, as I was told, the sails will work in the future.
  11. Spoiler alert! As far as I know, boat development and sailing is progressing very, very well, and soon we will see that miracle. Rowing boat - it only rests on the lack of animations of a seated character. Swimming character has the same problem. The third video clearly shows how the character's swimming is now implemented. I can also say that there is already a mask for swimming ... perhaps there will be scuba gear.
  12. Please reduce sugar consumption, at least by half. When preparing a mug of tea, a lot of sugar is consumed. One can / pack of sugar should be enough for many cups of sugar. I hope that I will be heard.
  13. Good time! Is it possible to clarify the item distribution code? Here is the code ... ProceduralDistributions = {}; ProceduralDistributions.list = { KitchenRandom = { rolls = 5, items = { "ItemName", 0.5, }, junk = { rolls = 5, items = { "ItemName", 4, }, }, }, } What are rolls and junk responsible for? What does the number do after rolls? What does the number after the item name do? Can someone please clarify? Preferably in detail. Thank you.
  14. In Items.txt file In the subject of your pistol ... item Your pistol { ... SoundVolume = 70, SwingSound = 9mmShot , SoundRadius = 140, SoundGain = 1.5, ... etc. } **************************************** In sounds_item.txt file sound 9mmShot { category = Item, clip { event = Weapons/Firearm/9mmShot, distanceMax = 150, /* SoundRadius in items.txt */ } } Place the sound file in the / sound folde
  15. I also pondered the strange destructibility of fairly durable metal objects. And I support the proposal for sharpening axes / knives, etc. By the way, this can be done with an ordinary stone. I would undertake to make such a mod, and thought, but unfortunately I do not have enough time for the existing mods that I am doing Try referring to - soulfilcher
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