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  1. Music on tape or CD and video tapes (Beta or VHS)

    As we say - Promised for three years waiting! Come back in a year. Perhaps nothing will change.

    Will it be possible to determine in LUA what kind of weather is around the player?
  3. Amulets & Dreams

    Amulets & Dreams v1.31 - Added Dreams. - Added Amulet - DreamCatcher. - Added Beads (temporarily without functionality). - Added the chance of a shot while drilling an ammunition (be careful - a lethal outcome is possible). - Added accumulation of experience - when crafting amulets. - Added displaying the effectiveness of the amulets. - Minor changes in recipes. - Fixed the Star of David, which does not affect the player. - Other minor fixes. Thank you DarkKreepe for help!
  4. Help in writing code - Miscellaneous issues

    How to determine the presence of the specified item in the player's inventory? The previous question is no longer relevant, a solution has been found.
  5. Amulets & Dreams

    Amulets & Dreams v1.3 - Added an amulet - Cut off the ears of a zombie. - All the amulets have been added a basic effect that prevents a decrease in mood. - The influence of the effect is dependent on the phase of the moon. - You can see the phase of the moon in the window of Amulet and Talismans. - The window of the amulets is called by the key O (by default). You can change this key in the game settings.
  6. Help in writing code - Miscellaneous issues

    How in LUA to intercept the event - when the character wakes up? It is the moment of waking up (on an alarm clock) and separately when he wakes up, in a panic and himself.
  7. Help in writing code - Miscellaneous issues

    Solved the problem by going from the other side, reading the name of the equipment item and prescribing the conditions specifically for him with the help of - player:getInventory():getItemFromType(player:getModData().NeckAmulets):getDisplayName(); But it's inconvenient ... I had to create a bunch of additional code. Also I understood why the method of reading table elements does not work. elements of the table need to read by looping through them. But my knowledge is still not enough for this implementation. At the moment, there is the following question. How to make the text in the Tooltip.txt be added to the value from the LUA variable?
  8. I can help. Wrote you in private messages.
  9. And further... I have a button on the destination screen UI_optionscreen_binding_ As you warned, although I used the translation files ... Here is the code. local index = nil for i,b in ipairs(keyBinding) do if b.value == "Toggle UI" then index = i break end end if index then table.insert(keyBinding, index+1, {value = getText("IGUI_Show_window_of_equipped_items"), key = 24}) local oldCreate = MainOptions.create function MainOptions:create() oldCreate(self) for _, keyTextElement in pairs(MainOptions.keyText) do repeat if not keyTextElement or not keyTextElement.txt then break end local label = keyTextElement.txt if == getText("IGUI_Show_window_of_equipped_items") then label:setTranslation(getText("IGUI_Show_window_of_equipped_items")) label:setX(label.x) label:setWidth(label.width) end until true end end end
  10. Yes. I need to have a designated key in the tooltip, besides the usual text. So, as a TXT file, then it does not work in it to use variables from LUA how to be?
  11. Thanks for the example! Everything worked out. But there is one problem. What about the Tooltip? It is necessary that in Tooltip_.txt - except for the text the value was displayed getCore():getKey(getText("Text")) how to do it?
  12. Help in writing code - Miscellaneous issues

    java.lang.RuntimeException: __concat not defined for operands: ERROR (not in table): item type and MAX Here in this line - print("ERROR (not in table): item type " .. item:getType())
  13. Help in writing code - Miscellaneous issues

    I think I'm beginning to understand ... in part Can you provide your code with comments? It will help me very well! That's what I do not understand at all. local atable = GlobalAmulets[item:getType()] if not atable then for key, value in pairs(GlobalAmulets) do print(key) end elseif (atable.Effect == "Unhappy") then Thank you again, you are one of the few who help beginners! Now I'm definitely sleep ... tomorrow I'll come.
  14. Help in writing code - Miscellaneous issues

    But he's recorded right here? WorkingAmulets = "ATTalismanCross"; GlobalAmulets[WorkingAmulets] = {}; GlobalAmulets[WorkingAmulets]["Location"] = getText("IGUI_Neck"); GlobalAmulets[WorkingAmulets]["Effect"] = "Unhappy";
  15. Help in writing code - Miscellaneous issues

    Before going to bed I decided to check the corrected code in the game. Sadness, trouble ... the problem has remained. Gives: function: ATEffectAmulets -- file: amulets.lua line # 146 java.lang.RuntimeException: attempted index: Effect of non-table: null If comment line 146 then it starts issuing the same error on line 147 146 if (GlobalAmulets[item:getType()]["Effect"] ~= nil) then 147 if (GlobalAmulets[item:getType()]["Effect"] == "Unhappy") then Maybe I'm somehow wrong trying to read the value from the field?