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  1. Nebula


    Do you ever implement manual gear shifting (manual gearbox)? Also interested - Low and high beam.
  2. Nebula

    Problem! Local files and accounts ...

    Surprisingly, there is no such variable — the serverID is not in the pzserver.ini file
  3. Nebula

    Sunbeds and SunZeds

    New water is good, but when will you teach your character swim?
  4. Nebula

    Problem! Local files and accounts ...

    Surprisingly, there is no such variable — the serverID is not in the pzserver.ini file
  5. Nebula

    Problem! Local files and accounts ...

    I know about it ... but it is useless ... users still use their save easily I checked it myself several times .. everything is saved, location, inventory, experience, etc.
  6. I guess I do not understand something, but ... Why can players, after a complete wipe, go to the server without a hitch, having local save files from the previous world, without creating a new character ... even if I completely delete all accounts? What to do and How to deal with these?
  7. Nebula

    Hard reset (deleting everything) Problem.

    When changing the ServerID, the player can still log in to the server with the old save ... all inventory and experience is saved. it is sad. Transaction validation does not work. Players cheat in large quantities.
  8. Nebula

    Stop the server when restarting.

    Thanks, but did not help Completely reinstalled the server until everything works. Thank.
  9. The server worked properly for a couple of months, and then at the next restart I began to give an error and stop ... HELP! 1558352223880 erosion: reading /home/gameserverXXXX/Zomboid/Saves/Multiplayer/pzserver/erosion.ini java.lang.NullPointerException at zombie.erosion.season.ErosionSeason.dayDiff( at zombie.erosion.season.ErosionSeason.setSeasonData( at zombie.erosion.season.ErosionSeason.setDay( at zombie.erosion.ErosionMain.start( at zombie.erosion.ErosionMain.<init>( at zombie.erosion.ErosionGlobals.Boot( at zombie.iso.IsoWorld.init( at 1558352223884 server terminated
  10. Nebula

    Glowing picture

    Coordinates at the top left Picture hanging at school
  11. Nebula

    White list for items

    In Hydrocraft there are a lot of items that are “Installed” of type ... and in fact a player must simply throw them out of inventory ... and they are craft .... shorter. surely there is a ready list for many on the servers ... with items that do not need to be deleted by timer .... something like this ... I am also interested in the list.
  12. Nebula

    Weather Stations Tv/Radio

    Although it would be a barometer ...
  13. Nebula

    Campfire Fuel Problems

    campingFuelType.Mattress = 10.0/30 campingFuelType["Mattress"] = 10.0/30 Help me to understand... What do these two numbers mean? Before slash and after ... Why in the game, the mattress does not appear as fuel? Need to add a Base through the dot at the beginning of the name? Also, some items do not appear for burning, although I put them in the table. For example: campingFuelType.Doll = 1.0/10 campingFuelType["Doll"] = 1.0/10 Some items are added and burn ... everything is fine ... for example campingFuelType.HCBriefs2 = 1.0/7 campingFuelType["HCBriefs2"] = 1.0/7 What's my mistake? Understood by experience ...
  14. Tails - About the clock on the walls I agree completely. 968. Food in winter at freezing temperatures should freeze ...
  15. Nebula

    IWBUMS VERSION - 40.37

    I join the question ... When will you make normal moon phases with a 29,5306 cycle?