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  1. If you say so. You most likely got insight on data, I don't. But still I couldn't wrap my head around the fact why someone wouldn't use the things available when communicating. BI Studios made several weird decisions over the course of DayZ EA, like letting their forum folks rot and giving in to the ever screaming twitter croud. Just to name another example from personal experience. You have the option, you even used it in the past. Again, I'm not saying you are wrong. You will have your reasons. It's just a bit weird from my perspective.
  2. Steam can be a very special place with many people thinking in special ways. Looking at the forum, your moderator staff are handling stuff very good and sometimes entertaining. So who the fork cares about negative feedback from steam? Don't move back because of such people. Problem is, people don't want to do research. They want it the easy way. That's why you still got newcommers asking about why this game seems dead in steam forums every now and then. I can only advise you to use what you've been given via steam. Extend your reach, keep it up to date, get new players that way.
  3. See also: https://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/0/2998799976100600200/ Long story short, it's a lotta work.
  4. Happy new year dearest community and dev team <3
  5. Never seen such a behaviour on my vanilla zombies yet. Are you sure you deactivated your mods correctly?
  6. -MaVerick-

    Tier 4 Xmas

    Everything comes at a cost. GoG got it's advantages, but for as long as i can think of, it has always took it's time when it comes to patches. I dunno if thats because GoGs verification process is taking so long or maybe it's the patch distribution with their system, who knows. While it's not great, I wouldn't go full double post about it. If that is your biggest gripe, come to steam.
  7. Mine is working just fine, in RL and ingame. Got any mods?
  8. Hello future zombiefood, yesterday I started a new vanilla sandbox game in Riverside, the beginning went great. Today my woodman went ahead to do things when the ground texture suddenly just went *poof* Returning to main menu and loading didn't fix it, restarting the game did though. Can I provide something to smash that bug?
  9. Smells like World War Z...i really didn't like that movie compared to other Z heavy ones. While I can see some gameplay features, I prefer my Zombies the classic way. Bunched up, but not piled up like some meatstairway..
  10. Thanks guys, your hard work is very appreciated!
  11. Until now I was under the impression that those bottles simply don't the same size. Or I didn't get your post right and you are talking about the same bottle, just with water and burbon?
  12. Yes please! Those shows in the first few days are easy to miss and video tapes would be perfect to gather those skill points later or with a 2nd or 3rd character on the same save file. Kinda like books, just with a level of risk due to loudness.
  13. Not saying that google is the answer to everything and all, but according to the first thing you find 100g would be 410cal. OP has a point, though I would rather think of 1000 other things before fixing a value of some food item. Chill a bit Nativel, patience is the key
  14. Found that one, too! Dunno about how the current crisis is going in your country, but here in GER people buy lots and lots of toilet paper when getting a little panicky, like right now. With that situation in mind i had a good laugh when finding a house full of toilet paper. Nice one Devs I don't think it's a bug, and even if, please keep it.
  15. Could you also post your system specs here? Could come in handy in case it's a technical problem.
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