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  1. It was worth a shot. Hopefully someone else can take over from here.
  2. Well, looks like I was wrong cause that is your main GPU. Next thing that comes to mind would be your Windows configuration regarding displays. Assuming you are on Win10, please take a look under Settings>System and check the display options. Look for something fishy, like your small display set to main. I am running a single display system, so I can't check those settings here for myself, but my better half runs 2 displays, so I can take a look later today.
  3. Could you please take a look at the "console.txt" and see what GPU is listed there? From your description it sounds like PZ is using your onboard GPU as main GPU, therefore using your small display connected there as main display. The line you are looking for should look something like this: LOG : General, 1603461186899> Graphics = [AdapterRAM=4293918720,DriverVersion=,Name=NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB]
  4. Found that one, too! Dunno about how the current crisis is going in your country, but here in GER people buy lots and lots of toilet paper when getting a little panicky, like right now. With that situation in mind i had a good laugh when finding a house full of toilet paper. Nice one Devs I don't think it's a bug, and even if, please keep it.
  5. ...and died 11 days after my RL birthday, 21th of march. Boy what a ride. Rest in peace my lumberjack dude. Lets take a quick look at his post apocalyptic live, shall we? To be honest, his start was pretty easy. He found himself a base in Westpoint that was up and running, but nobody to be seen. Maybe it was from another survivor, who may got eaten somewhere...a shooting range for example. Who knows. Winter was already coming so setting up for that was priority. I really love winter in this game, especially aesthetically, but it wasn't the challenge i expected it to be according to some posts I've seen elsewhere. Even with temperature well below freezing point, was long as you have some decent clothes and keep indoors for activities that require sitting around, you are pretty much fine regarding that. Foodwise I had a steady income of strawberries and other veggies from my indoor fields. Getting unhealthy food isn't a big deal either, grab an axe or 2, a car and secure the next best restaurant or fuel station. Being a lumberjack makes the axe a sooo much better weapon. My standard weapon setup was an axe and a handaxe on the belt, for when i forget to check the condition being on a zombie killing spree. On calm winter days I went east, across the river, down the highway. My long term plan was to decimate the zombie population as good as I can, keeping the highway relatively clear and setting up shop in a nearby construction yard. Just like my main base. I also ripped all clothes from every zombie I killed on the way, leaving a trail of naked, dead zombies. With the thread won from ripping, my character was getting better and better with tailoring, reaching lvl 9 at the end. Driving was hard at first, cause you can't see the streets anymore, but you get used to this. Also you can see dead bodies better on snow, so there's that If you wonder, yes those 3x8 fields are packed with potatoe seeds and were even growing just fine. Snow and coldness doesn't make much difference it seems. A few days after those wonderful snow potatoes found their way into my freezer, the snow was gone and while trying to secure that construction yard I told you about, my character was cornered and forced to jump over a big wooden fence, a leap of faith. Luck wasn't on our side. Thank you IndieStone for giving me that theethgrinding feeling of losing an ingame character I was working on for hours, days, weeks. I love it and I mean it. So...new save or new character?
  6. Could you also post your system specs here? Could come in handy in case it's a technical problem.
  7. How long does it take for you do regain control of your character? Sounds like more than a microstutter. Are you sure this is related to the time and not, for example, the amount of zombies nearby? My system is taking serious hits when around hotspots like the prison or military area (RIP Nr. 1) which is similar to what you are describing, effectively pausing my game for up to a second for every 5-10 seconds.
  8. For comparison, this is what my base looks like on normal days. I am more or less standing on the same spot on both screenshots. As you can see, its not like that every day, but on some days. Even if thats supposed to be storm weather, not even a flashlight would have helped me there.
  9. Hello community, while I quite enjoy some moody light effects when the weather isn't good, but this... ...this is a bit over the top. Correct me if some days are really THAT dark in america, but this is bug territory dark for me. Even my lights can't penetrate this sheer darkness. Playing vanilla sandbox, only have tinkered with zombie related stuff afaik.
  10. Ah it adds up, that makes sense. Haven't even thought about that possibility, work is draining out my brain Thanks again, I will take more time with that trait menu when something happened to my current char, seems deeper than I thought first.
  11. Thank you, I suspected as much. Here, have a pie. That brings me to more questions, as of why I can still pick up that trait in the menu, wasting 6 points for something I get automaticly on an else points neutral character.
  12. Not that I am aware of. But he is gone for good, somewhere at the darn shooting range. I tested this again...because of reasons...and picked exactly the same traits with a Jumberjack again. Stout is back. Edit: I can also pick Stout as a trait if I want to, didn't test this though.
  13. Hello my dearest soon-to-be-zombie-food-friends, as my former Burglar char sadly died because of a sudden house alarm followed by a helicopter and a horde, I started over again. This time as Lumberjack. After my overweight, smoking but fast reading and fast learning character has seen the light of day, I noticed that I got another free positive trait, which I surely didn't select beforehand - Stout. My wild guess would be because the Lumberjack gets a +1 on strenght he also gets Stout. If thats the case, its a free 6 points trait and a little bit imbalanced if you ask me. The extra weight capacity surely comes in handy. Can someone share some light on this for me? I'm not sure if thats intendet or I just stumbled over a bug.
  14. I noticed this too when I gained access to a carport roof. The sloped roofs don't have any collision detection, but there is a flat floor underneat as some sort of workaround so you don't just fall through it. Looks a bit silly since you are kinda clipping through the roof, but it's something I can live with. Maybe that would be a way to counter your problem.
  15. Awww I was running this combination quite succesfully on my last 2 chars. But it does make sense since the mask is clipping through the hats pretty hard. Keep up the good work, the ~115hours i had with this game in the last few weeks were awesome. Can't wait for MP to hit the floor so my better half can also join the fun.
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