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  2. I was able to implement it by creating a zone type in the .pzw file. Added the lines: <objecttype name="ZombiesType"/> and <objectgroup name="ZombiesType" defaulttype="ZombiesType"/> into the .pzw file along with the other zone type entries. (I could've swore I added the "color=#####" line to the object group, but it was gone after the first save.) Save the text and load up in the world editor, you should see a "ZombiesType" object type. Select it and add an object to the world for the zone. Give it a name from the list above. Some of the Zombies Spawned around that zone should fit the description. Worked for me anyway. It would be nice to find some more in-depth info on zones than just whats in Ringo's tutorial. Like what the townzone/nav/farm zone types actually do. Searches come up light on the forums.
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  4. 1158. When character is washing, some of the dirt/blood should wash slowly, not all at once at the end of the action.
  5. The game crashes and I don't know what to do, they are not the mods or anything, I have mods but they are not the mods because before I put the mods the game crashed before so I don't know what it is console.txt
  6. All kind of trash – listing them for completeness, though it would be funny if you could dismantle it for some empty cans and broken bottles and such
  7. Works delete the game manual and reinstall, thank you
  8. Not sure if it affects other similar areas to this, but it seems that floor does not generate on the outside area of Muldraugh north farm, under the roof here: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10821x9073 (level 1)
  9. Thanks for the reply! I remember hearing about it, but either it was a really old build, it's not working properly, it was entirely different game I confused or I made it up which is also a possibility
  10. Maybe transparency should only be something around 80% so to leave a silhouette in place?
  11. Having transparent objects on the top side of the player might create confusion, in this case i open a door where zombies came out and trying to back away got stuck on the grill cuz the transparency didn't let see it as block object. Hope u can evaluate if its is really necessary transparency all around or just when the object is on the bottom side of the character.
  12. Doubt there is some mechanic. We are usually parked in these 3 houses near a river. Literally every game, and i have never seen any zombie migrate there. Over month, over 6 months,. over a year. Even with insane population this place remains empty, but within 2 cells down there are million zombies on the field. So op is right, legal migration system is needed to keep player on feet and prevent completely safe places.
  13. I just added short sight to the skills and i notice is even brighter at night. I always take cat eyes and i notice the change, i can barely see the lights from the car at 2am. CDDA challenge. Mac Version.
  14. I wasn't sure how to titled this one. I was attempting to stomp a zombie that had just crawled through a window. I stomped while the zombie attempted to swipe. After I was pushed back, my character tried to return to the spot of the stomp without any inputs from me. Clip of the incident: https://www.twitch.tv/vae___victis/clip/BovineLazyArtichokePartyTime
  15. I think there's a mechanic when zombie traverse map, but even if it is I agree that it is underused a lot. It would be good to encounter horde traveling from one point right through your safe place.
  16. This is a good idea. You could also do the same thing with cells that have a lot of player made stuff, bringing the population around those areas higher than others. It would be cool to see gunshots and other loud sounds temporarily increasing the population cap as well. Then we can simulate zombies hanging around the area they last heard sounds even after we wander off.
  17. oh, okay, i thought it is a bug, because on build 40 it counts. If i were a pz developer i would make a full info panel how many zeds killed with which weapon including killed by car and by fire. There not many milestones in this endless survival, this counter was one of them, you look at it and see that there becoming less and less zombies around (i play with 2x zombies at start, but without spawn), and favorite weapon status does not give any combat bonus, so it is a little bit useless, but that is just my personal opinion.
  18. burbigo1

    Body temperature

    What's that specific function ? And do you get an error message/code while doing that ?
  19. Thanks for sharing the solution with us, seems pretty interesting I should say.
  20. IMO a solution to end game safety would be to turn 'Urban focused' distribution on zombies turn slowly into 'Uniform distribution', let's say within a game year. This way, eventually, no place on the map would be safe from zombies, as they would naturally move/spawn around to equalize their numbers across the entire map. Or maybe more of them would stay in the cities, but wilderness would also have some population, but not as big as cities. To my best knowledge zombies currently move naturally from one adjacent cell to another, but their migration gets bottlenecked by cells with very low population limits. My solution would increase these low population limits as time progresses, removing the bottleneck.
  21. I use google translator, I hope it translates my text correctly.I wanted to report a bug. A regular mug weighs 0.2 , mug with water 0.8 , and if you add any ingredient (tea bag, sugar, honey, coffee) or even all at once to a mug of water, then this mug already weighs 0.5 This is somehow not logical
  22. Kills by car an by fire have been removed (for now, iirc) because these numbers are so big that they override all other zed kills and favourite weapon status.
  23. So I belong to a group of players that have been following Project Zomboid's development for a good while now and we love the game. We've played similar Zombie games in roleplay settings such as DayZ servers that are whitelisted and a few other games. We are interested in attempting something similar in Project Zomboid once IWBUMS is stable enough to be released. I guess my biggest question is there any interest in such a server? If there is I'd like to start working with people to setup an ideal server for everyone that encompasses rules, etc. Thanks for taking the time to read.
  24. Atsumori

    Body temperature

    HALP!!11eleven!!11 So, i've been trying to make a specific function set the body/core temperature back to normal but whatever variation i try the game doesn't applies, works great for bodydamage/stats but not for temperature, any ideas? Appreciate.
  25. English version I agree with the idea of improving the Helicopter, however I believe that several of us have different interpretations, and reading what was written here I imagined that the helicopter event could be as follows: - Different types of helicopters (News, Military, Humanitarian Aid, Falling Chopper); Explanation: 1. News: It would be the classic event (a few laps and followed by a horde); 2. Military: As described above, but without all the steps. The start of the event would be by hearing shots from a distance which would result in danger for the player and maybe luck if the helicopter killed some Zeds (but would still attract a horde, only smaller) [I don't know how this would behave, since he doesn't spawn Zeds, but attracts existing ones]; 3. Humanitarian aid: Drop some supplies and attract horde to the point of interest; 4. Falling Chopper: A chopper that had some Zeds hanging from itself, that fall from the Helicopter and leave a trail of dead to the place of the fall (obviously with a lot of noise and attraction of hordes), resulting in an aircraft for looting ( metallurgy or mechanics [not that someone is going to assemble a helicopter, that would be kind of ridiculous]) and maybe some other item, such as something from the 3 models previously mentioned or something different thought by someone, like, I don't know, a helicopter used in farming or something, and that makes a lot, a lot of noise. Versão em Português Concordo com a ideia de se melhorar o Helicóptero, contudo acredito que vários de nos possuímos interpretações diferentes, e lendo o que foi escrito aqui imaginei que o evento de do helicóptero poderia ser da seguinte forma: - Diferentes tipos de helicópteros (Noticiário, Militar, Ajuda Humanitário, Em queda); Explicação: 1. Noticiário: Seria o evento clássico (algumas voltas e seguido por horda); 2. Militar: Como o descrito anteriormente, mas sem todas as etapas. O inicio do evento se daria pela audição de disparos a distancia o que resultaria em perigo para o jogador e talvez sorte se o helicóptero matasse alguns Zeds (mas ainda sim atrairia horda, só que menor) [não sei como isso se comportaria, uma vez que ele não spawna Zeds, e sim atrai os existentes]; 3. Ajuda humanitária: Realiza o Drop de alguns suprimentos e atrai horda para o ponto de interesse; 4. Helicóptero em queda: Um helicóptero que teve alguns Zeds pendurados em si, que vão caindo do Helicóptero e deixando um rastro de mortos até o local da queda (obviamente com muito barulho e atração de hordas), resultando em uma aeronave para pilhagem (metalurgia ou mecânica [não que alguém vá montar um helicóptero, isso seria meio ridículo]) e talvez algum outro item, como por exemplo algo dos 3 modelos anteriormente citados ou algo diferente pensado por alguém, como, sei lá, um helicóptero utilizado em lavoura ou algo assim, e que faz muito, muito barulho mesmo.
  26. It was good in the 90s to early 2000s, now, not so much. Music in general infact is terrible now.
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  28. Zombies hit by car do not count as killed by counter in info panel
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