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  2. Hydrocraft Mod

    I tested the small junkcard and the metal detector yesterday - I get only empty garbage bags when I "search junk" and nothing (except an empty battery) when I "search for metal". And there is still an error reported in the console logs: SEVERE: Error found in LUA file: steamapps/workshop/content/108600/498441420/mods/Hydrocraft/media/lua/server/JunkyardExtra.lua se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaException: JunkyardExtra.lua:418: 'then' expected near `the` rgds
  3. My game has decided not to work.

    Have you tried the solutions as disabling the steam overlay or running the game with the ProjectZomboid32.bat file in your game folder? Open the Steam client and navigate to the Steam > Settings/Preferences > In-game tab. Uncheck the box next to Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game. You should also try reinstalling the game if it happened suddenly. If you already tried all this / none of this worked. Please upload your console file and tell us your computer specifications, mainly your graphics card. Go to C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid Open the console.txt Copy everything from there to Share the link to the pastebin here.
  4. RELEASED: 39.67.5

    hello, so i have noticed that each time i load my SP game the TV channel comes to life on starting. TV was on before i left the game but no broadcast. Yesterday not only that but 2 zombies appeared next to me in my safe house (that was totally clear for days) when the game loaded. gave me a suprise i can tell you. So go to exit game - no zombies. load game - 2 right next to me. run away !
  5. Resting in cars

    The "resting" action should not depend on chairs/sofa's at all. Let us sit anywhere, give bonuses to different furniture.
  6. RELEASED: 39.67.5

    Nice nice nice, waiting for that animations update how is the progress?
  7. New farm zones do not have zombie spawns

    Thanks for confirming, glad we could help.
  8. Word Association Extra

    omg bro you've got me again haha I should give up!
  9. Resting in cars

    I suppose you could sit in the vehicle and F6 until your exertion drops to acceptable levels. If that is the case then is the rest command nothing more then F6'ing in a chair or is it some kind of focused recovery method that uses time for recovering more efficiently then just F6? Thanks Eldergamer
  10. Yesterday
  11. TMX to BMP?

    It seems to be working here. If you want to send me the cell 4,6 TMX I can see what's going wrong there.
  12. Loud Cars

    The zombie reaction doesn't seem very realistic though, they are pretty apathetic to it and to honking, in most cases.
  13. Word Association Extra

    N and A are common to both words
  14. Lockpicking Mod (1.8.1)

    Mod still working very well on Build 39.67.5. no problems found. Is possible upgrade to unlock security doors?
  15. Alternative Unlocking Methods

    Still working for me like a charm. I just can't unlock security doors, maybe i will request to author other solution or fix.
  16. New farm zones do not have zombie spawns

    Your tingling spider sense was correct for this farm - we'll bump up the spawn in Build 40
  17. Word Association Extra

    Granville -> Company haha
  18. My zoom does not work.

    I too have this issue from time to time, I'm not sure why, try closing the game and re-opening it. That is how I 'fix' this. When my zoom doesn't work, I found that opening options and checking the zoom settings would then allow me to zoom. but the edges beyond the initial zoom do not render correctly. I will show a screenshot next time this happens but for now I've scribbled on a screenshot to show the areas that fail to appear correctly.
  19. Hydrocraft Mod

    First, I don't think you understand what I mean. Yes according to the UI you have a 50% chance to repair for wood glue on a weapon the first time you repair it and it goes down after each time. However repair chance also depends on your carpentry skill (and other things according to the wiki) and my carpentry is at level 10. So I'm sure the 50% repair chance is part of the repair calculation. Second the issue is the UI shows fake success even though the repair failed. Perhaps it is a vanilla bug where the UI shows a successful repair by increasing the durability on screen even if you failed to repair the weapon. Last I know Hydro made changes to repairing items including allowing items to be repaired using his materials. Perhaps that changed bugged out weapon repair in general.
  20. Hotwiring vehicles.

    Oh thanks for the insight, haha just my luck, I leveled to be able to hotwire specifically to get this truck damn. haha my character even has the lucky trait, haha how ironic. So an ignition could actually be broken? being unable to hotwire? Would having the key still allow it to start with aa broken ignition? Thanks again for your assistance
  21. Word Association Extra

    Toy -> Granville (as in Granville Island Toy Company)
  22. Hydrocraft Mod

    That's not a bug. There's a % Chance that an item will be repaired but it's not 100%, and the chances go down with repeated repairs so that everything will eventually break.
  23. Super Survivors!

    this most likely means there is an error in the SuperSurvivorPresetSpawns.lua after you edited it, and therefore it did not load, and so the function which is trying to be called here does not exist bc it is declared in that file, so it causes this error.
  24. Super Survivors!

    Thanks for the reply despite your new busy schedule... Very much appreciated!!! So I get coord's off WorldEd map utility... (not sure if that's different coord's ??) Got to get to work, and i'll look into that this afternoon... Anyrate, making sure the areas is totally clear... I simply change the first Preset NPC in the file to : x = 2120 ,y = 400, And then I get hundreds of these right after clicking to start the game... 1529592134124 ----------------------------------------- 1529592134125 STACK TRACE 1529592134125 ----------------------------------------- 1529592134128 function: SuperSurvivorsLoadGridsquare -- file: SuperSurvivorsMod.lua line # 191 1529592134131 1529592134131 ----------------------------------------- 1529592134132 STACK TRACE 1529592134132 ----------------------------------------- 1529592134133 function: SuperSurvivorsLoadGridsquare -- file: SuperSurvivorsMod.lua line # 191 java.lang.RuntimeException: Object tried to call nil in SuperSurvivorsLoadGridsquare at at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.luaMainloop( at at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.pcall( at se.krka.kahlua.vm.KahluaThread.pcallvoid( at se.krka.kahlua.integration.LuaCaller.pcallvoid( at se.krka.kahlua.integration.LuaCaller.protectedCallVoid( at zombie.Lua.Event.trigger( at zombie.Lua.LuaEventManager.triggerEvent( at zombie.iso.IsoChunk.doLoadGridsquare( at zombie.iso.IsoChunkMap.processAllLoadGridSquare( at zombie.gameStates.IngameState.enter( at zombie.gameStates.GameStateMachine.update( at zombie.GameWindow.logic( at at zombie.GameWindow.maina( at zombie.gameStates.MainScreenState.main(
  25. Super Survivors!

    i would first go in your game with your map mod. then check the coordinates in game with like HC compas or necroforge. once you see those coordinates. use them as reference to change the preset spawn coords
  26. I run a 24/7 server that has been up for about 10 days, with 15-20 players joining per day. One group of players has set up their safehouse in the new farm area, around 8510x9368. We changed the sandbox setting to Distribution = 2 to see if we can get some zombies to spawn out near the farms. After a few real days there are still no zombies out near the farm. The other relevant settings are: PopulationMultiplier = 1.0, PopulationStartMultiplier = 1.0, PopulationPeakMultiplier = 1.5, PopulationPeakDay = 150, RespawnHours = 57.0, RespawnUnseenHours = 12.0, RespawnMultiplier = 0.05, RedistributeHours = 12.0, As I understand it, a zone has a zombie population "hard coded", and the population will increase up to that limit, adjusted by the PopMultiplier. Do those new farm zones have zombie populations set? So far, from our observation, that one zone does not. No zombies will spawn there. GameServers_SandboxVars.lua
  27. Fort Knox by Woldren

    God of the Mapper!
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