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    Good evening. I would to put the attenction of the devs on the following questions: We are working on our server, on the writing of new mini-quests that we would to be readable and/or listenable on radio/tv, adding new phrases or modifing the old messages already in it. We have found the following file: (C://Project Zomboid/Media/Radio/RadioData.txt) and we have found the following lines text = (what the radio says) member = 550510ab-0997-445d-9c4a-6f9acf9a8b3b member = b14163e2-3103-4a88-8500-07cdf23ee6c1 member = 51b3dacb-eea4-4a87-9b5e-005fbb2d67a2 member = e0e74f88-e00b-4fec-b26d-96ef44d553a5 member = dfb1a0f4-5472-48fd-b9be-b810bbe36a4f member = 93d3954e-fecd-4347-9eb5-ec4628ee8494 But we don't know what these codes are and how to generate others. So.. -What are those numbers under every phrases? And how to generate them? -To create a meaningful text how we should proceed? -What is the procedure to insert the Mini-Quests once we crate them? -Is there a limit to the lenght of the phrases or the text? -If we would to add others during the time, we just need to updated the mod or to hard reset it? -Is there a way to award prizes to the players once they complete the quest? I hope the devs can help us, since we have been supporting this game, with our server, for 4 years, with passion, dedication and professionalism. Thank you.
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  4. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    ・You can see the back of the character. ・The time display on the upper right of the screen is hard to see in winter. ・Dash launcher sheet UI. texture bug.
  5. You still can't craft pipe and other kind of bombs without mods/profession.
  6. Hydrocraft Mod

  7. Hydrocraft Mod

    Hydrocraft v10.1 has been released! Which includes ... - Updated Advanced Potted Plants - Hunting cannot be done indoors. - Fixed fixers - Fixed male cream cat - Fixed Jagermsibter - Fixed eye dropper with potassium permanganate - Fixed coffee - Fixed beehive in winter - Can keep pizza stone - Fixed Flint Tipped Bow Drill - Fish Bowls and Fish Tanks can collect Rainwater - Can recycle and craft Pruning Shears - Can craft fire suit from more types of clothing - Fixed making blast furnace with mortar - Fixed Cordless Drill Art - Fixed Herbal Medicine for anchored tables - Fixed Pullout paper recipie - Fixed empty beaker with water - Fixed baby food jars - Can turn unusable wood into charcoal - Added Jar of Glue and Jar of Wood Glue - Added Wooden Pulley - Crossbow and Longbow animation fixed! - Thanks to everyone who helped! Enjoy!
  8. My current base is in a gas station building near Rosewood.,0.304014996385078,12.839184645488631
  9. Not much point of a car there. Sure you're right in the town
  10. PZRP Serious Roleplay [RP] [Whitelist]

    Well, now! I'm always glad to see a new roleplay server pop up... hopefully it sticks around longer than some of the others I've grown attached to. I'll definitely be keeping an eye open, at any rate.
  11.,0.10398558783193391,133.48467734398187 There's only two 'small' entrances where zombies can get in.
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  13. Something different from those Ambient Tracks, sorry but this is the common tracks you'll hear a lot. YouTube link. SoundCloud MP3 Download That's all for today. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next track "Chase!"
  14. [Vehicles Test Server] Spiffospace: Vehicles

    Updated a few hours ago. I was away the past few days.
  15. Multiplayer Bugs , trojan from steam inc

    Your friend has to invite you from in the game. After he successfully spawns into his server, he can invite you by doing the following: 1. Press ESC 2. Go into the Invite menu near Players on the lower right-hand side 3. Double click your name in the friends list. This should turn the icon on the right from grey to green (Allowed) and display the message "invite sent" at the bottom center of the screen. A dialog box or chat window will then open on your copy of Steam. Make sure you've closed the game before he sends the invite, else it won't work.
  16. I'm not convinced about the Vet class. From my sleuthing you build up a resistance to panic over time plus Beta BLockers are a cheap and cheerful fix in the meantime Besides that the -8 skill point penalty is kinda beefy If what the guys are saying is true about being able to use every skills/ability with magazines then maybe something like the unemployed is the best for a jack of all trades as you'll have the most points to slap were you want it
  17. I nipped into the college, had some interesting moments there. Mainly I tripped an alarm and hid with a knife in the centre of the wall of a house while a ton of Zeds poured around it and walked towards the noise. Nice and creepy Got a sweet Black Muscle Car in perfect condition and managed to fit a charcoal and a propane BBQ into it. Funny times
  18. Wind Gusts that move across the screen visually

    I think what Trombo is trying to say, which I second, is from a developmental point of view, "cool/standard" wouldn't really be enough to warrant the motivation to implement a wind and gusts system. The amount of time it would take for something like this, no matter how long or short, just wouldn't really be worth it to a lot of people. It would just be them focusing their time on something that has no impact to the game when they could be focusing on something else in the game that needs attention, like how in the current IWBUMS version, you can't connect through steam and have to use the direct server connect. I don't think he was being negative either, just being optimistic and real.
  19. I just looked up the list of magazines and I had no idea that there was a herbalist magazine. I've played 70-somethin hours on steam and hundreds on a torrented version back in the day, so I find it quite weird that I haven't ever seen it. Will keep my eyes open though. I think I'll do the same. I usually choose carpenter though because getting through the beginning grind of those levels can be tedious.
  20. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    farm houses lack vehicles in the drive ways haven't seen a single vehicle there. some other locations also lacks some vehicle spawns such as: Farmers market outside of Rosewood.,0.32034671396204334,228.95091994576572 2 houses in rosewood with the sliding glass door on the back.,0.2948469851216612,158.99369440678177 2 farm houses near riverside.,0.08614258646251338,106.49333312354108 Army Quarters.,0.31253946865964766,51.35673858195466
  21. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    Build IWBUMS 39.51 Removed assaultrifledistant2.wav causing a false positive virus check on some anti-virus.
  22. Error: the game does not start

    It means that you might have outdated graphic drivers. You need to install your graphics drivers from AMD/Intel/nVidia support website. Try to manually select them from the dropdown lists, rather than using an program to do this for you, as they often get it wrong.
  23. That's all I need to hear so. I'll try the Vet start so
  24. AFAIK every profession-related recipe can be found in magazines anyway, so - yes.
  25. Multiplayer Bugs , trojan from steam inc

    Thanks, i sleep restly today at night. (wave) But we have some problems with server on vehicle builds and IMBS builds. Problem with server auntefication somebody knows how to fix it because when on 41B pick "multiplayer" i see playebl servers but when i want to join my freind server - nothing happends and when he pick "public" on server settings nobody cant find this server on "multiplayer". When i pick join by invite absolutly nothing happends. And when my friend try to join my server nothing happends. When we try to join in steam overlay "server dont answer". Do you have problem with server or may other people have? I tell you that thing because in community every one tells dump things to fix that thing but nothing of they way debug works. Thank you.)
  26. I have a build where I take fast reader, fast learner, and lucky. I think I have a mod that gives me access to all engineering through magazines... I think this build gets me everything pretty quickly except the herbalist stuff.
  27. Wind Gusts that move across the screen visually

    Haha sorry, it would be awesome. I'm just finding that with each major update I'm having to turn my settings down a little, and the performance creep has me on edge
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