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  2. Can you make sure to delete all mods? I noticed an instant reading mod and we don't want any mods when troubleshooting for in game bugs.
  3. My opinion about the crafting discussion: It should be kept as simple as possible. I do not want to bother with 10 materials just to craft 1 item. This stops the game from being fun and just adds more tediousness again. Making a spear from sticks and knife is totally fine to me. Hell, I don't even mind the plank, even though I, too, would have rather guessed on sticks being required. Can't say much about spears being OP or not, haven't used them much yet (not enough duct tape available).
  4. I'm pretty sure the controller use within this build hasn't been calibrated/properly tested yet so I'd recommend you probably don't use a controller and stick to keyboard + mouse. I've also never had an issue with the character turning, I'm always able to look behind me perfectly when I'm in the attack stance- it's just a little slower which I'm A-okay with. The game isn't 'now probable to impossible', you just haven't adapted to the new gameplay yet. You have to learn and adapt to the new mechanics and learn that it isn't okay to open a door when you suspect a zed or more are behind it and have to be very cautious now. Lets be honest, build 40 and below were wayyy too easy. Sneak more and try to avoid combat when you can. Also the new 'brawler' mode might be of interest to you, it's not an 'easier game mode' or anything, it's just more combat-oriented with alot of unique tweaks specific to it. I do agree with you for aspects of the looting though. I find it cool when your character goes in-front of the thing he's looting but it's annoying when they re-position themself in such a way that you can't actually look at the inventory of the thing you were looting anymore.
  5. Mechanically, how much difference is there between crouching [C] movement and sneak/aim [ctrl/right mouse] movement? Of course there's the nice new animations, pushing through trees and so on; and one mode is for fighting. But noise-and-notice-wise, skill-wise? I've not particularly noticed, but haven't been thoroughly looking.
  6. Today
  7. Sneaking is also louder than moving while aiming which seems a bit wrong
  8. It would also indirectly nerf the Motorbike helmet at the same time(as you can't wear eye-wear with it for some weird reason) and there are "realism" reasons why this may not go in(source: super short sighted IRL and tried other peoples glasses)
  9. a lot of the times i've received damage i felt i shouldn't have, it's been from a zombie that's either flanking me from the side, or i somehow lose line of sight on temporarily (pushed into a tree/ behind a wall/right behind a door/etc) which leads me to suspect there's some mechanic ingame now where zombies get to ambush you if they suprise you, and possibly a flanking advantage mechanic. If i'm correct, that mechanic probably needs balanced a bit more
  10. Like climbing into windows some action aren't allowed while sneaking. It makes the game unresponsive. That's all.
  11. This looks a very light type of rain. I do believe this will change when Insulation goes in.
  12. This is a known bug and (I believe) will be fixed in the next patch. Thank you for the report!
  13. Can you upload the console.txt and logs.zip files from the Zomboid folder found in the Users directory? Make sure to do this after it crashes again, since the console log resets each time the game is launched.
  14. Yeah it is currently a known bug at this point that this happens, if you want to help in figuring it out and fixing it you can upload the "logs.zip" and "console.txt" files from C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid Make sure to do that right after the crash, as the console resets each time the game is launched.
  15. This is a result of an update that did not go completely according to plan. The fix is in the works.
  16. i personally think this is accurate. if you tape a knife to a wooden stick and stab a moving zombie the bit most likely to break is the tape. if this happens the knife will be in the zombie and you would be left with a stick.
  17. 1: The Hypochondriac trait kills me every time I get wounded by a zombie. I get nausea, anxiety, and stress and eventually a fever, but my health never recovers and the "fever" kills me. I don't come back as a zombie, it says Deceased instead of zombified. Also, I tested it in a custom game with reanimation time being instant so I'm 100% sure I wasn't infected. 2: When you have the Hypochondriac trait, being scratched from running through trees triggers the Hypochondriac symptoms (anxiety, stress, fever). Also, because the Hypochondriac trait kills you, you die 100% of the time from a scratch caused by running through trees, even if the wound has already healed by the time the fever kills you. However, it's not all wounds. If you punch a window, for example, Hypochondriac won't trigger. Not sure about scratches from tripping, in my experience they sometimes kill you and sometimes don't, but I could be mistaken on that. 3: Hitting the Randomize button on the character screen gets rid of your occupation. You have to go back to the skill screen and change to a different occupation and back for it to update. 4: Sometimes, the sound breaks when it rains. 5: Clothing doesn't keep you warm. Died of hypothermia wearing 5 layers during May, had to switch to June. 6: When you remove a magazine from a pistol (with the right click option), it racks the gun before removing it. So with a pistol having 5+1 bullets, removing the magazine will cause you to have one bullet in the chamber, a magazine with 4 bullets, and one bullet in your inventory. Removing the magazine by pressing R does not do this. 7: Sometimes when hitting a zombie vaulting over a window/fence, the animation bugs out and makes them stand up. 8: Switching off from a gun has the red/green firearm zombie outline stay on them for a second or two afterward. 9: Standing zombies can push sitting zombies. 10: If you have a loaded gun in your hand and wait using the fourth speed option (the clock one), aim, and hold left click, your character will shoot infinite shots without using ammo and your character will bug out. The shots aren't real, I think, it just looks like you're shooting. However, shooting at the third speed option uses bullets normally. Besides the bugs though, Build 41 is some of the most fun I've had playing a game in a long time. Keep up the good work!
  18. You could mod it in ! That's the wonderful thing with mods in games
  19. Just found a minor bug; neckties are one layer lower in clothing than they should be; they show- say, over a Long John, but not over a Formal Shirt (which is what most of the necktie-having zed wear). Not exactly game-breaking, but it seriously hinders any chances for a Shaun of the Dead cosplay
  20. Noticed in the new test update that my game crashes when opening a window and quickly trying to jump through. I have to wait a second before jumping through.
  21. This is my feedback for build 41 so far. Character movement is super clunky and makes the game exponentially more difficult. It feels like I'm playing surgeon simulator while trying to survive the apocalypse. Having to actually rotate to make a move or fend off a zed has ruined the game for me now. I think having the old movement system with the new anims would be best. I understand it might look kinda weird but there needs to be a balance between realism and fun. It has turned any zed behind a door or corner in close quarters into a death sentence. I don't like how making a 180 degree turn can't be done on 1 square. I used to be able to engage a zombie and do a quick 360 to check my back and see if I was being flanked, this is now nearly impossible, and I don't like this. Having to target the head when zeds are down is also frustrating, but I think I can get used to this. However, I think there needs to be more leeway because aiming at that small of a target is pretty difficult and also makes zombie encounters just so much more difficult. I do like the balance of stepping on the head being more deadly, though. I understand you guys are probably trying to make it more difficult or realistic, but I've never experienced this level of frustration with a game that I've loved. It seems you've turned the gameplay from survival being probable to impossible. I'm going to continue to play for a few more hours to see if I can see where you're coming from, but I don't think I'll be able to get over the new character handling. Also, I've found a bug. If your character dies and you go back to the main menu then click continue, sometimes it spawns an invisible character in your last house that makes the game crash if you try to perform an action. I think clicking load has the same effect. I'm playing with a controller, I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I will attempt to recreate this and upload my console log. edit - Looting is also clunky. When there are multiple containers that can be looted and you try to grab something from one you're not standing directly in front of it forces your character to reposition to the front of that container, this makes all the containers in the UI get rearranged, and I lose the shit I had my eye on. It makes sense to me, in a game world, if you can see the shit inside a container that's a square away, you should be able to loot it from where you're standing. If you want to stick to this mad realism, you could make the character lean in the direction of the container, this would alleviate the character having to move directly in front of it, and would stop the UI from disappearing.
  22. In my case I've solved the micro stuttering problem by disabling the antivirus when I play (what you already tried) but you can also try adding the %UserProfile%\Zomboid folder to the exceptions list and see if that helps. I still have a framedrop when driving in the rain though.
  23. muscamole


    Tallow takes ~7-8 hours, while soap takes 24-48 hours. Not that long at all considering we have things like hunting. The devs plan to add hunting. It'd be a strong incentive to go hunting if you could collect animal fat as well as food. Lye is also a fairly common thing found in the real world, and could have multiple uses. I can understand why they'd rather just add more soap or rebalance soap use, but making soap is not some nonsensical fantasy. With that said, I think soap would be fine as is if they let you wash yourself at least partially with water.
  24. I've noticed this everytime that it rains and I'm outside, I don't get wet at all. I have gone though several games with days of rain while being outside with no worry. I've also seen this happen in this YouTube video from 16:10-26:32.
  25. This has happened to me on more than one occasion, where zombies will pop out out of the floor of a building and start charging, even though I was not close enough to aggro them.
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