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  2. [BUG] It looks smashed the wrong window. https://youtu.be/lW6ZPVxedU0
  3. Here are 2 other examples, with the last one being with a 1-handled baseball bat while strafing from bottom to top instead of backpedaling. I didn't try when moving forward yet. 3.mp4 4.mp4
  4. I was hoping the 41.40 update would fix it, but maybe it got missed ? Anyway, here are some clips to show the issue : sometimes when hitting a zombie, the character freezes in place (you can see the legs/feet moving but the character stays in the same place) until the "hit" animation is over, making you vulnerable. It only seems to happen with 1-handed/handled weapons. The "movement disruption" is enabled, and this is a world I created after the last update. 1.mp4 2.mp4
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  6. fcolley3

    Covoid 19

    Welcome back and I guess that makes you now immune to the Covid? Looking forward to all the tweaks and fixes and hoping that enabling power to player made rooms that are added on to exiting houses is in that mix. The 3D items look great and can't wait to see them in the game....in the future. Cudos to the whole Dev team. I've only been playing for a couple of months but with all the hours I've logged, it feels like a year or so. Loving this game enormously. So much for my obsession with Dinosaurs.
  7. Hi, Well i go straight to it, because ive got logged out after typing wall of text 1. UI Currently its unclear and cumbersome to use for new player. What may work is UI based on icons, this goes for inventory and world stuff that you interact with. Example: Stove window, maybe with mash art in back, changing depending if its on/off. Less space wasted, because in current list UI, we have lots of unused area. 2. Map system Currently its very limiting (opague floor requires fix, flat terrarin only), buggy (killer stairs are back) and probably is eating FPS. I imagine new one would allow for much more, especially when Rockstar Mark is working on juicy new models, that may, or may not require another support for our old wodden building holding rock solid 3d anim stuff. 3. Water Yuri did great job on water, its great on its own. But when used as river, we need more muddy water near coast with foliage. 4. Spawn In CO-OP Currently you cant spawn at one location with your friends, because to do so you have to edit files. Bad idea, new players require handling with care. Remember, they hold finger on refund trigger. Yeah i guess thats it, had to type this twice so its smaller now. I know that something like map system, or ui is not one week job, but treat it more like my votes in "what problem is most noticeable right now" poll. Thanks for reading and all the work put into build 41.
  8. Kappatao

    Covoid 19

    Seeing things like crates, drawers and door frames in 3d, does this mean we can expect things like animated doors, or actual 3d crates (instead of sprites) in the world? Or even seeing our character carry crates etc. when they pick em up?
  9. nasKo

    Covoid 19

    Hey there, your regular Thursdoid author returning today after a quick dose of the Covid. Pro tip: don’t get the Covid. It’s not super fun! Let’s now return to our regular fictional pandemic programming: We released build 41.40 to the public IWBUMS beta this time last week, with a small hotfix to it on Monday to allow for more shoving. The intention for 41.41, meanwhile, is to make a dent in our internal task list of ‘quality of life, balance and niggle’ issues as we don’t want to put out any big features while MP work is ongoing and complicate Yuri and Andrei’s work (and also because that list is pretty long and needs a trim!) Currently on the internal test build we’re running with the following amidst some more general work under the hood – this is only the beginnings of the patch and will be considerably expanded as the week goes on: Properly integrated the M14 single shot assault rifle. Balanced damage and now uses proper ammo (.308) instead of 5.56. Enabled the “New Character” button after the player dies in singleplayer, so it’s more clear that players can continue the save with a new character. This button was already available in splitscreen and multiplayer. Reduced damage for Wood Axe as previous damage values were workaround for a past bug that ended up way overpowered when said bug was fixed. Lowered min angle of shove to stop shove working on distant zombies who weren’t in range Fixed jaw-stabbing zombies through unbroken or barricaded windows, and fixed jaw stab animation playing but character missing Fixed splatting blood and playing weapon-impact sounds when hitting a window between the player and a zombie. In terms of the ongoing MP work meanwhile, if you didn’t read it last week then there’s we provided a general overview in last week’s blog. As for a progress update, well Andrei will be picking up on his work on fake clients to stress test the server next week – while Yuri’s been up to the following. MULTIPLAYER Yuri’s continued his work on getting rid of some remaining issues with zombie synchronisation between server and client. Issues where zombies on the client would stop at fences sometimes instead of fall over them, or alternatively would phase through the fence without triggering the correct animations. Things are looking a lot smoother now! ZOMBIE OPTIMIZATION We also currently have Zac digging into zombie optimization, as we need to make scenarios with anything more than standard zombie numbers a lot more palatable for your machine. He’s looking into stuff like shared anim skeletons and ways to cache anim state info for non-visible zombies, and given as he’s got a bunch of experience in this area we’re confident that he’ll return victorious. To those who suffer from anything over normal zombie counts (i.e. pretty much everyone) this should significantly improve performance with hordes! 3D INVENTORY ITEMS It won’t be a 41 feature, but Rockstar Mark has just delivered the next batch of 3D model items that’ll in future be seen littering the floor instead of inventory icons too – and they look pretty fun so we thought we’d share. (Image of Kate in the frame a temporary version of her he yanked off google image search) The idea also being that we can make neatly stackable versions of the inventory icons so they can appear properly on shelves, tables and other surfaces. STAIRS BUG Finally, a quick appeal for info. Long ago (long ago!) we used to have problems with player death when descending staircases. However, we’ve recently heard that it may somehow have returned. If this is happening then it must be SUPER rare, and we can’t replicate it at all. So… Have you recently been a victim of stair death? Do you remember exactly what you were doing at the time? Might you even have it recorded on a stream or a youtube video? (Please?) Anyone able and willing to provide information that leads to a fix for this bug will receive multiple Spiffo Points which, while fictional and of zero monetary value, do at least come with a degree of kudos. Let us know on the forum! Fanks! This week’s prison standoff from comrade_jonas over at reddit. A changelist of all IWBUMS patches since the 41 beta was released can be found here. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send you update notifications once builds get released. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
  10. Dunno if it's just me but it seems the weapon reloading system is broken. I can't insert a new magazine or rack the weapon.
  11. Unfortunately, there's no setting anymore to remove excess corpses. Could you try turning off Corpse Shadows just in case that somehow contributes? It shouldn't, but you never know. You're also burning them. Fire in the game is not remotely optimized, so if a ton of the map is burning, it might cause lag by itself as it gets processed. You really want to contain them in one small area and get them to die when doing this. It's something we'll be looking at either in build 42 or near the end of build 41 (when Yuri's work on fire is added). The zombie spin is odd. I think it's a consequence of the game trying to make up for the pause that happened during the animation.
  12. and also a mod where u can set up percentages of zombies that spawn from crawlers to sprinters
  13. If u mean the Life and living channel, its normal, it plays few programs that teach u skills if not its either a bug, or some mod thing :<
  14. By restart I just mean closing out of the game completely (quitting to desktop) and then opening it and loading back into my save. And no, it seems once they disappear after the first restart they stay gone. I’ve tried disabling mods again and I reinstalled the game one more time to see if i could get it to work and had no luck. Even after the final reinstall the icons were still just question marks
  15. And that's why I hit that TV immediately upon spawning. Got 8 or 9 days to play TV tag and then we're on our own.
  16. Good afternoon, I want to bring to your attention our new game:) Steam ZLM Crafter is a project name, Z means Zeal, L means Love, and M means Manner. In the current version (V1.4.0.0), you will experience the world of AXIOX. If you leave the main city too far, the Protocol will overload and accelerate your death. This version is Z World, which is the world of Zeal. The only thing you need to do is to survive, to survive... Game features: Extremely real water. It is far from the earlier version 1.3, we hope you like the surface of this version. Survival mode. In version 1.3, you are the creative mode. You have experienced the feeling of being a god, but with the update of the version, you will join the plot mode, and will also launch two other maps: L, M. New Updates: So let's talk about the other updates! The first is the subsystem. Due to the increase in skills and modes, the button display in the lower-left corner is too complicated. Therefore, we have integrated all the functions in one. You only need to press Alt to call the subsystem The acquisition of the subsystem can only be started by obtaining two installation packages in AXIOX City. If there is no subsystem, various skills cannot be used. A new turret system is added. Generally, when you see this type of button, there must be 1-2 turrets that have not been activated nearby. After activation, the turret activation time is limited. Once the connection is disconnected, it takes 5 minutes to charge. The animation sequence has been updated. Now each map of the theme has an opening animation and subtitles. There are many other details of the update, you are welcome to explore and discover!
  17. Because of late game freezes can't normally hit zombie, example of how it looks like: I set up t minus five:
  18. Sorry for late answer, it was 41.39 save. Btw, yesterday I have find out many things that can be fixed and lags has apier but not at the first few days in a game, lags appear after some time when we have many dead bodies on ground, I'll show you: It was in a challenge "you have one day" started yesterday 41.40 no modifications: I set up T minus five to see how crowd and character spinings on lags. And game freezes every 5-10 seconds, till helicopter came and save that dude with double barrel fiddle. (I'm russian, my native text weird)
  19. When watching TV, skills grow extremely rapidly.
  20. Yay! A partial win there! But how do you mean "restart" - quit and then continue? quit and load? do the icons reappear if you "restart" again?
  21. PZ is crashing only when cars are rendered, I can play if they are not rendered, it happens only in this version (IWBUMS), in the stable I can play normally. I play on a laptop, I5-3210M processor with Intel HD Graphics 400 all updated to date I attach the debug log file PD: changing the options in the game does nothing, the game keeps crashing when render cars Sorry for my english im spanish. 05-08-20_20-11-28_DebugLog.txt
  22. Yesterday
  23. After doing some testing it seems that none of my mods are causing the issue. I disabled them all and re-enabled them one by one to see which was the culprit and did another clean reinstall after seeing no results. The icons came back after the reinstall. The odd part is that it worked fine until I restarted the game. Upon restarting with no mods enabled, the icons disappeared once again
  24. There is a mod that makes zombies run at night it is very cool.
  25. That makes sense, I figured they reduced spawns because the watches just didn’t feel like anything special anymore in previous versions. And so far I’ve only found digital watches. I haven’t found any of the other ones, even after turning the spawn rates for the “other” category in the settings all the way up to abundant. I am using mods, but nothing that alters clothing in any way, just with mostly quality of life fixes like backpack attachments and similar stuff along those lines. I verified my game files and nothing was missing, however I did do a clean reinstall of the game because for some reason the new watches and jewelry had no icons in the inventory menu. The reinstall fixed that issue Edit: After re-enabling mods the icons for the new items are gone again, they show up as like little questions marks with a circle around them. I'm going to do another clean install and just play without mods until the they all get updated. It's not game-breaking but I do wanna see those new beautiful icon models lol
  26. Yes, you can set their speed to random in the Sandbox settings.
  27. It's not possible still to have mixed type of zombies ? Shamblers and sprinters in 1 game ?
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