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  3. Hmm, did the other system have the same keyboard as the Pop OS one? And is it a fresh install of the OS or have there been tweaks done to any of the keyboard settings?
  4. Yeah unfortunately that graphics card is way too old and Intel has dropped driver support for it. You can try updating the latest drivers to it from the Intel website but it isn't likely that it will be able to run 41.
  5. Try going to your Steam Library > Rightclick Project Zomboid > Properties In the "Launch Options" copy this exact line: -Djinput.useDefaultPlugin=false -- After that close the properties and try launching the game again.
  6. I could be wrong but I don't think build 41 supports intel 2000 series apus. This caught my eyes on the logs [08-12-21 19:40:26.671] ERROR: General , 1639003226670> [LWJGL] GLFW_API_UNAVAILABLE error. [08-12-21 19:40:26.671] ERROR: General , 1639003226671> Description : WGL: The driver does not appear to support OpenGL. [08-12-21 19:40:26.673] ERROR: General , 1639003226672> Stacktrace :.
  7. used to be you could "fall" off a tall building as a way out. just tested it with the office building in west point, fell 3 floors with no injuries. built a ladder to the roof, still no injuries when falling 4 floors
  8. Yes, that's correct. That's why I wonder how can this be happening if there's no separate mods folder for client/server. The problem here is the server not identifying mods properly, like it had a reference for an older/newer build of some mods. Yes, everything is in place, both in the Workshop and in the Mods tab, even matching the different files some mods offer in the Mods one. What's weirder is that now it struggles to even generate a new world from scratch, it throws the error right away. I'm 99% sure it has to do with some cached/residual files stored somewhere in between Steamapps and the Zomboid folder in documents. Appdata maybe?
  9. NGL 25% of my effort in the first week is finding a plain leather jacket and poncho (I use the military poncho mod, looks so cash), so Fashionboid is definitely a thing. The tailoring system will hopefully feature fur clothing, cloaks, maybe some leather stuff too once animals are released.
  10. Yeah I looked around and nothing fixed it. Projecct Zomboid is the only game I have that issue. Even in other programs I have nothing like it. I tried on a different system running Ubuntu 21.10 and I have the same problem, both in windowed and fullscreen mode.
  11. Yesterday
  12. @BeardI tried the first one and it didn't work, my windows is the latest version and I ran both the 32 and 64 bat files and both didn't work either. I don't know much of logs, so I'll send mine to you! 08-12-21_19-40-18_DebugLog.txt
  13. Ao tentar abrir o jogo ele inicia o bat e trava sem exibir a tela inicial Já apaguei a pasta zomboid e tentei abrir. Já tentei reinstalar o jogo Já validei driver e versão do Windows, ambos o mais atual Segue alguns trechos do Log, o mesmo esta em anexo. versionNumber=40.43 demo=false WARNING: Found unknown Windows version: Windows 10 Attempting to use default windows plug-in. Loading: zombie.core.input.XInputEnvironmentPlugin Loading: net.java.games.input.DirectAndRawInputEnvironmentPlugin logs.zip
  14. I achieved level 10 strength skill - it often glitches back to just a few points shy of level 10. I can play the game and within 20 minutes or so I have regained the 10 level. It is almost as if it reset to my last save prior to achieving the 10th level for the first time. Doesn't bother me but thought you'd be interested in knowing about it. Cheers.
  15. There needs to be a shoot yourself button so you have a actual way to take youself out instead of joining the horde
  16. drat there goes my bleach drinking plans darn you moderator
  17. It's bleach?... It never did stop zombification. I'm gonna hope I'm reading this wrong, but a skull needed to be added to tell people it's bad so, just in case: Don't drink bleach.
  18. I got bit so i chugged 3 entire bottles of bleach and i was still alive just a little sick so i fast forwared the game and then died but mysteriously i stood back up as a zombie? is it viable to just drink bleach instead of water now because bleach wont kill you?
  19. so after surviving a 50% chance of death from 2 lacerations on day one, my character (with the smoker trait and depressive from the more traits mod) becomes extremely unhappy, stressed, and ill every time he goes to sleep and wakes up, this has been happening for 4 days now (infection mortality is set at 2-3 days) and im very confused as to whats going on. Is this just some odd bug? the only negative downside is me having to smoke and read some books or eat some good food so its not gamebreaking, but also the character is overweight so im somewhat starving him as well to lose the extra pounds, is it a result of that?
  20. First of all sorry for my Bad english How about spawning as the Job you select for Example: i choose the Firefighter job and the Chance that i will spawn in a fire station or a house near the fire station is increased also the chance spawning with fire fighter clothes or Items would increased for Jobless people you could spawn waking up drunken in A bar
  21. oh cool bro you even got the indie stone workers looking at ur post lol
  22. Just to be sure, under the Workshop tab, the mods are listed? There's two places, mods and workshop in the server settings.
  23. I run steam servers for Ark survival evolved this always happens how I fix it is I goto the workshop unsub from the mod or all if I don’t remember which one after the server was updated. And resub generally fixes the error it happens every mod update without fail on clients so I gotta tell everyone to resub every time I update servers it’s very annoying.
  24. Actually I run servers and ones with steam workshop mods typically the server updates fine but the client mods I generally have to tell people what mod updated and to uninstall and reinstall it from their clients and it fixes the issue for some reason steam hasn’t been updating mods correctly.
  25. Появляется данная ошибка при попытке установки мода. Что делать?
  26. It would seem like a specific Pop OS issue, have you tried searching the Pop OS forums for any mentions of a similar issue? Such as:
  27. That is very strange, so you are using the Host function right? Which should use the exact same mods as you have as a client, but when you try to launch it it shows that the workshop version is different?
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