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  2. Some vehicle suggestions.

    I was about to make a post with some car suggestions but a lot of them are already in this post. My main one was similar to this. I don't see how you can open a trunk and have detailed knowledge of every part of the car. I also don't think you should know the exact condition of a part and it should instead be a bar so it's consistent with weapons. Some other suggestions are ability to jump start car and use wipers for increased visibility in the rain. Another issue I have with driving is maintaining speed. It's kinda annoying having to constantly tap "w" if you don't want to go full speed. Instead there should be a way to control how hard we press the gas pedal. Maybe the longer you press "w", the harder you press the gas pedal and "s" slowly releases it. Double tapping "w" or "s" can instantly press/release it all the way.
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  4. Two ways to move furniture.

    Something on the same note : Could we eventually get the ability to push vehicles (both as in pushing a car off the road,as you would with hitting it with another car atm, and pushing it along the road (e.g. if it runs out of gas))
  5. Gunshop In the Mall

    Yes, very much so yes. It also isn't uncommon to find vet clinics, feed stores, sale barns, and the like out in the middle of no where in the Midwest, as well as other parts in rural America
  6. PVE NA EAST | ProjectZomboid [CASUAL] | 24/7

    which version runs the server?
  7. Heart Condition Trait?

    I would be a bit hesitant to make the player take more than 1 pill a day because it would make it difficult to keep up with the supply in servers with rarer loot spawn. It might be a bit annoying to juggle a bunch of moodles as well. I do think a very rare chance to find them on zombies is a good idea. Losing strength and fitness temporarily also sounds great. I was having trouble deciding on symptoms. The devs can figure all the details out. I like the geral concept though. I think some people would have serious health conditions going into the zombie apocalypse so it's realistic in that sense.
  8. Map of Normandy, France

    Well, write me when you start doing
  9. Unplanned Server Resets

    I'm usually the one hosting when I play. I do play in one session where someone else has a paid for server hosted for the group and I haven't had any issues with that game at all. The problem has been with the servers that I host. I had no issues previously. I'm not sure what's causing the issue. It could be any one of the things I mentioned above, or something I'm not aware of yet. I don't know if it is my switching between the stable and IWBUMS builds (which I wasn't having any issue with before), renaming the files in the manage server settings window, trying to set up a Discord integration when I had no idea what I was doing, failing to install some mods when trying to join a different server with a third group, or something I'm not aware of yet.
  10. Unplanned Server Resets

    Are you hosting the server yourself, or is someone else?
  11. Heart Condition Trait?

    This would be an interesting idea. It is basically death but kept at bay so inattention is not a good idea. It would have to spawn on zombies as well but as a super rare chance. But it might work out better if you gave out points on the severity of the condition. In the times it is not take you steadily get weaker (loose a point in strength and fitness) and start having vision issues along with nausea. 4 points for a mild condition where you take 1 pill a day. Dead in 4 days if not taken. 6 points for a worse condition where you take 2 pills a day. Dead in 3 days if not taken. 8 ................................................................... 3 pills a day. Dead in two days if not taken. 10 ................................................................. 4 pills a day. Dead in one day if not taken. You get more points for the more severe the issue yet you pay for it by constantly having to find a supply. The only thing I would say is that there should be some big scores in houses as many people get 90-180 day supplies in the 90's.
  12. Unplanned Server Resets

    I'm curious if uninstalling and reinstalling the game may help with my issue. I've lost another save loading it up since last playing it.
  13. [Build 40.26] Frozen meat

    But are all of those animals frozen completely? (sorry, hard to see in the video) I was able to repo this only with a Small Bird..
  14. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Just wanted to check. Is it working correctly now?
  15. Two ways to move furniture.

    Pushing furniture is definitely something we want in the future. It was taken out back before the game had a physics engine (cars). There was a lot of weird things that'd happen before MP was a thing, like a two-tile object breaking into two when crossing the edge of a chunk (my sofa is now two chairs!). But you were able to use them to barricade doors.etc. Similarly, you could drag a wheelie bin around for storage. One day, a modder's going to stumble onto that code. It's still lurking in the game files, last I checked.
  16. This is reproducible on Mac (and only Mac seemingly). How weird.
  17. Floating cars

    Yes, until we have a different scheme in place to handle differences in the Z axis (like a traditional Z buffer), cars suspending in air is just kind of going to be a thing. We do plan on fixing it, though. It's just more in the "major overhaul" territory than "quick fix." Either it'll be done during or after animations.
  18. [Build 40.26] Frozen meat

    If you freeze fish or any other animal, you may be able to filet or cut it without problems and it appears fresh instantly.
  19. Two ways to move furniture.

    I really wouldn't mind being able to push furniture. It makes sense that not everyone can disassemble a couch, but PZ right now is ridiculous in its skill requirements. It pains me a lot how even with an increased skill/ exp modifier, I'll have to build Trumps wall just to be able to move a stupid desk... and then I still have a 45% chance to break the object.
  20. Floating cars

    This unfortunately can happen often when cars interact with each other, such as pushing them or slamming into cars at high speeds. Currently the only way to deal with it is to push the car out of the bugged position as you did. The collisions will hopefully be fixed in the future.
  21. Cannot drop items from inventory

    What version is this? I tried moving the bed and I have the option to drop it in my game. Double-check if there are no mods enabled. Also, have you tried dragging the item to the floor?
  22. Heart Condition Trait?

    A negative trait that rewards the player with a fairly significant amount of points, I'm thinking 8-10. It would function like the smoker trait in that the player would have to take medication periodically to main their health, let's say once daily. If medication is not taken then you start to slowly suffer from the symptoms while becoming more ill until eventually dying. Medication could primarily spawn in pharmacies, with a lower chance to spawn in residential bathrooms and be a consumable like painkillers.
  23. First things first, you could try disabling the Steam Overlay, as that creates some problems for MacOS uses especially. Open the Steam client and navigate to the Steam > Settings/Preferences > In-game tab. Uncheck the box next to Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game. Other than that, you could go to your game options and try disabling UI Offscreen Rendering and see if that helps.
  24. CentOS 7 - Glibcxx 3.4.21 not found

    Resistance is futile.
  25. Sway of Things

    When the wind is at max intensity the trees kinda lose depth and the bill-boarding kinda stands out, but overall still a nice improvement to the atmosphere.
  26. Yesterday
  27. Life : Another survivor mod

    A recommendation I would personally like to see that I miss from Nolan's old survivor version was the ability to switch between you and the other survivors. It would help with inventory management and everything.
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