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  2. does not allow on the server

    What does the message say? I cannot read Russian.
  3. Zombies in Bloom

    We’ve just updated the public weather build beta to version 40.7, which will probably be the last one before we widen it out to the more heavily subscribed IWBUMS public beta channel. (Steam beta password is ‘weathertestbranch’ for those wanting to check it out.) Primary new features in this include: Turbo has hooked the Winter is Coming game mode to the new climate system. After three full days of preparation time a powerful weather period is generated, that will always feature a blizzard. The mode will still follow seasons, of a sort, with the mode’s ‘Summer’ having a high temperature of 0 degrees centigrade, and the ‘Winter’ dropping to -30. A time-lapse of the initial Blizzard in Winter is Coming can be seen below. Before the public release of this build we will likely also add in an Endless Night and Mega Stormy scenarios too (names placeholder!), and likewise experiment with zombies being attracted to the rumble of thunder. Placeholder moodles have been added to show the ‘heating up’ and ‘cooling down’ of player temperature, but this will likely change to being shown on the player health screen. We don’t want this aspect of the game to become too distracting and micro-managey, and don’t feel that an over-population of the moodles is entirely the way to go. [In the meantime, however, they are quite useful for tracking impact of the WIP system. This build hopefully nerfs some of the more extreme impacts of temperature too.] RJ has coded a new MP Admin UI to help server owners quickly search through, and spawn, items. It looks a bit like this. Stas has continued to update his new chat system – and this version has a bunch of bugs fixed that have arisen in testing, alongside a much neater fade-in and fade-out for the input field. New car stuff: When dismantling a car wreck metal items are now spawned on the ground instead of player’s inventory. The player can also now sleep in a car that has its engine running, and Turbo has also played around with the visibility cone when driving through more intense weather effects. General Arcade’s Yuri has also exposed various elements of the vehicle code to modders, essentially rewriting stuff like LoadVehicleModel and vehicle spawn governance, in lua. This will aid modders who want to add in new/individual cars to operate alongside the existing ones of the vanilla game. He has also written a guide for this, which will go onto the forum in the coming week. The full changelist for 40.7, which also contains a lot of handy fixes and tweaks, can be found here. If you missed the full current changelist for the version 40 weather beta last week then that can also be found here. [As mentioned in the last blog this build also contains a system that converts items placed by mappers into in-game objects, the rethought soundbank system, an improved car battery charge system, in-game sandbox options for MP admins more readable fonts and players damaged by vehicles in MP.] Elsewhere we had a productive anims meeting with Bitbaboon Mark and the team at TEA this week, with work like a tidy-up of the state system, improved documentation of current player functions, a motion extraction build for Martin the Animator to play around with and an investigation into depth buffer usage to help with model issues all now being worked on over in their HQ. (None of it sexy stuff, but all of it necessary and in good hands.) Meanwhile RingoD is now helping out Mash when it comes to Louisville, and in particular the suburbs, creating house variants on what we already have in-game so that when the larger urban area finally arrives (as we’ve said before, this is a huge project so will be several public builds away at least) the expanded number of buildings won’t feel cookie-cutter. This week’s roof garden from Eddie. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too.
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  5. Sandwich values are bugged

    A few of them likely didn't have "fresh" status, but let's be real... is a delicious open face sammich amidst the zombie apocolypse going to push someone to suicidal depression because the eggplant wasn't fresh out the freezer? Come onnnnn guys, fix that. It's silly.
  6. does not allow on the server

    the white list is disabled, but the server still does not start up, writes that the wrong login and password, what nonsense?
  7. Editing vanilla Knox County map?

    This is creating new map, not editing current one in game. I look to edit current one in game.
  8. Moodles vs Animation

    I agree, it was just something that I was playing with in my mind. Hunger could be expressed through emotion and action but that would be best left to moodles. Good god I just want anims to drop :')
  9. Moodles vs Animation

    I think it would be best to have animations compliment the moodle system, not replace either with the other.
  10. Duplicating cars

    Sometimes we find duplicate of our cars with all the loot we've been scavenging and all ready taken to our safehouse. We play co-op server my friend is hosting.
  11. Wooden walls and stone hammer

    Yup, I was wondering if it was just my game being broken, this is an annoying "bug".
  12. Looking to play with a group, let me know what role needs to be filled. I'm leaning to carpentry or metal working. Anything that involves building I suppose.
  13. Regional Map

    OPS!) Download (Google Drive): Download (Steam):
  14. Display resolution

    My mod will work in mp without servers having to install it.
  15. Display resolution

    It's somewhere in graphic settings.
  16. Display resolution

    Mods are not an option as im playing MP. ill just keep to the squinting for the time being.
  17. Regional Map

    16.08.2018 [EN] Update! Added a recipe for creating a more convenient map of Riverside [RU] Обновление! Добавил рецепт создания более удобной карты Риверсайда
  18. Regional Map

    [EN] I have a question for the developers: What are other cities and settlements called? Could you name them?
  19. Regional Map

    [EN] Mod allows you to create a map of the whole region. You can find in the world a magazine - Cartography. After reading, you will be able to draw a map of the entire region. !!!! Chance of the appearance of the magazine is small, so that on the servers the card had a price (REAL RP PLAYER WILL NOT WATCH ONLINE MAP) Also, the card will be convenient for those who play on weak PCs on servers. For if you play online, and in the background open an internet card - the game starts to slow down !
  20. Moodles vs Animation

    Upon further thought, Moodles do give more background depth. I mean well, it depends how many animations we have to play with since the last proper demo we saw was in 2016. Seemed like they had a big library to play with then, now that vehicles are out they should be implemented soon enough. Right now they're coding... rain?
  21. Co-op Multiplayer Lag

    Is your friend on a 32-bit computer? It just seems kind of odd that the lag gets worse the longer he plays. I'd expect it to be constant lag if it's the problem we found in the release of Vehicles. But, it could be "delayed chunks" stacking up -- the game keeps a list of areas that didn't load (the black areas around the player). I really would recommend trying build 38 without cars, though. It handled continental play better.
  22. Display resolution

    There is not one. You can only scale the inventory and tooltip UI. You'd have to follow the link I posted above for something more detailed. With EasyPicken's work and my font mod, you can force the UI to scale, if playing at a lower resolution isn't desired.
  23. Game loads then crashes

    Try disabling your Steam Overlay: Open the Steam client and navigate to the Steam > Settings/Preferences > In-game tab. Uncheck the box next to Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game. If that doesnt help, go to your Steam Library > Rightclick Project Zomboid > Properties > Set Launch Options > Type -novoip > Start the game If that doesnt help either, do -nosound instead.
  24. Moodles vs Animation

    even with animations, personally i would like to keep moodles. the degrees of information moodles show are the feelings you would get so sadness and exhaustion just wouldnt show up in an animation unless you zoomed in on your own face.
  25. Display resolution

    where is this option? as i play on a surface pro 4 and the font is tiny. I've upped all the ones i can find
  26. Zombies in the woods?

    my house is nestled in here against the lake. i take my vehicle into town about once a week for supplies (mainly nails and metal, the odd book). i mostly off road to get in and out but i have partially floored a strip to give me some road.,0.32373763097366753,198.74211800847692 its a good 3-4 cells from the nearest zombie (before i killed it). helicopter goes over quite often and every time i sleep there is an event of some sort. ive been the only one online for each event as well. none of the other players have been on for weeks (real world)
  27. Co-op Multiplayer Lag

    @EnigmaGrey Ok, we went on co-op with the vehicle disabled, with no avail. A few things to ask: 1. Is there a way to view your ping? That could be useful. 2. Since I know how to, I manually ported forwarded the ports needed by Project Zomboid (16261, 8766, 8767), would the conflict with anything 3. I was watching him in admin mode and made him invincible so he wouldn't die if he lagged. He reported that when the server started, they lag was noticeable, but wasn't hurting gameplay. The longer he stayed on the server however, the laggier he got, to a point where zombies were rubber-banding. At this point, he claimed that he was at the point where the game was unplayable. If you need me to send anything, just let me know.
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