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  2. I have the same thing happen to me even when I move too far away from the house, when i come back the generator still runs but the house has no power, so fridges and lights are off. Weird thing is, it used to work before on the same build (vehicle test 29.1) but suddenly started doing this. Only thing I changed was tinkering with mods a bit.
  3. ORGM Rechambered

    I know I just pushed out the 2.01 update, but 2.02-stable is now up. Fixed error stopping Reflex and Red Dot Sights from mounting on SMGs. Built in compatibility patches for NecroForge and Survivors mod. The separate Survivors/ORGM Rechambered Patch is now obsolete. NecroForge is now fully compatible.
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  5. All player made Building Archives Updated 3/29/17~

    Ok, I discovered something really interesting. I was placing several buildings, one gave error which meant a graphic that was part of it could not be loaded, so loaded the building into building editor which is named InApBl_by_7.tbx, and saw a swing set that is part of the built in park. Was wondering if the graphics were really missing, so looked into the tiles folder and low and behold I find location_community_park_01.png and realized, the graphics are actually there. They are just not loading in. Is this a game bug or does something need to be edited to get those graphics loading? And if I have to edit my side, most likely family and friends have to fix it on their side as well?
  6. The Modders Wishlist

    RemoveOnBreak and ReplaceOnBreak for weapons. Unless it was added in some update, not really up to speed but always wanted those. Edit: also OnBreakLua for extra options.
  7. you can enable health panel debug mode and get a bunch of extra options in the health menu. That is however on by default for admins in mp. Sorry for late reply but i work a lot and don't even have a computer. Posting from phone.
  8. The Modders Wishlist

    Connall and BatSphinx, you are awesome! I think my biggest modding problem is that I'm a total moron when it comes to lua events. I'd like it if a very basic "How to Write Lua Events, Hurp Derp Dur Durr" could be written. There are some guides on this site but I haven't had much luck with them, they mostly define lua events, not how to write them.
  9. The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    just finished the map touchup, and discovered something so weird. Had to go into a backup I made because I discovered the veg map was severely off kilter. It was as if the whole veg map was selected, and at some point shifted right about 16 blocks. Most likely, I had left the map open when I went to bed and one of the cats saw fit to sleep on the keyboard. Anyway, everything is now where its supposed to be. I'll make sure to keep my pc shut down this time.
  10. General Creativity

    im just waiting on the animations update at this point haha some real old work i found when i first started with the idea of making a game. over the last 2 years i learnt a whole lot and got much better at stuff but looking back at this just warms my heart up. i love the aesthatic i created with the figures, it looks very satisfying to me. its so clean idk how to describe it. second is a burning animation and burnt corpse third is part of something i made to keep cool skies, colors and shading that id see in real life in mind by redrawing the sky and applying the sun + shadow lighting (and strength) how i remembered it the very hour or day that id see them. for example overcast afternoons with a lil bit of sun peeking out giving some warm lil spots of sunlight were something i really liked back then and i did this to remember what i liked and how it looked like it helps a lot with short term memory
  11. All player made Building Archives Updated 3/29/17~

    Tough question, least for me to answer. One thing I do know, or at least I think I do is the building editor makes changes to certain files when you do things like adding your own graphics. I'm actually looking into what exactly control those because some houses in that huge list, have question marks and unless another graphic is picked for it, they can't be used or the map errors when trying to convert it.
  12. ORGM Rechambered

    All the original ORGM guns are there. There is partial compatibility with necroforge: gun spawning will work, but not ammo until necroforge gets updated. The old version is still good, but there are a few bugs, and this version has extra features. There are more addon mods and compatibility patches for the older version though which won't work with this one yet.
  13. ORGM Rechambered

    And is it Worth playing the old gun mod?
  14. ORGM Rechambered

    Does this mod adds the guns that was in the older version?? And also is it compatible with Necroforge mod?
  15. All player made Building Archives Updated 3/29/17~

    I believe this is where you used to be able to find the internal room definitions. Who knows, they may not be needed anymore?
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  17. The One Stop TileZed Mapping Shop

    Any chance y'all could update this guide with working links? Thanks y'all.
  18. Muffled Scream

    *gasp* What have you done with Nasko you fiend!
  19. Workshop "Failed To Update Result=8"

    Ah right I didn't know if it was on PZ's workshop upload system's end. The contributor pretty much is just for namesake. You don't get any abilities besides discussion moderating.
  20. Blender 3D Scripts

    What do you mean? You want the male character model with his hands down? More details needed.
  21. United States Military Gear [38.20]

    Can you create another link for download? Like mediafire, because i can't get it from steam.
  22. Has anybody seen a spiffo around lately?

    Wait they still spawn hav'nt seen one in months
  23. The Modders Wishlist

    Ok, here it goes! 1- Food items can use a custom context menu text to replace "eat", I'd like to have this option of other item types such as literature. 2- I'd like to have a food item option that makes it spawn already cooked. 3- Another interesting food item option is to change it into another item when frozen, like for example making our own popsicle or ice cream. 4- Yet one more food suggestion, I'd like the option to make an item that doesn`t "inherit" certain properties from its uncooked/unfinished version. Right now there are some stuff like happiness/boredom that seem to be tied, I want to have an uncooked item that doesn`t give happiness while the cooked version does, but last time I checked it wouldn't work. 5- Maps can open an image with all that map info on them, I think that allowing other items to have an associated image file that can be checked in game could be nice. This is a suggestion I already posted here. 6- For some reason the moveable item type can't be used in recipes. Removing that limitation could open some fun possibilities. 7- One thing I think we could mod, maybe with a few changes, are new skills. How about adding some placeholder skills to the list that we could use, and let us control which of them show up in game? I know that there are currently skills that aren`t used, like Blacksmith, but enabling it in game needs Java changes and I`d rather not do that. I will probably remember more ideas I had in mind later. Thank you for your efforts to help us modders!
  24. Blender 3D Scripts

    Pls, help. How can i get the model with "staying" animation? I mean, when model's hands down
  25. Foraging not working

    Where are you on the PZ map? It might just be that the area you're in hasn't been given a Foraging zone yet.
  26. Foraging not working

    When i RMB the foraging option dose not come up i have tried it in dens forest and in open grass. The only options are dig and remove grass. WShat do i do?
  27. Has anybody seen a spiffo around lately?

    Ahhh you're right Batsphinx, my apologies! I guess I'm just used to choosing the Rosewood spawn to walk to March Ridge hahaha! Love coming up with excuses. :^)
  28. Has anybody seen a spiffo around lately?

    It's actually in March Ridge iirc
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