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  2. https://store.steampowered.com/app/108600/Project_Zomboid/
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  4. Smashing the can open with the wrong tool could cause loss of food depending on the tool used. I'm sure I could open a can with an axe but I'd be lucky if half the food was still in the can. Also if it's the axe was covered in Zed guts I'm probably going to get sick later.
  5. Hi, the discord invite is not valid anymore, can you send an updated one please? I'd like to Join
  6. Well I did trip once or twice while running on the steet, so I thought I would trip and fall (and die horribly) if I run up and down stairs.
  7. It is caused by mods, based on the log you have the "ModTemplate" mod enabled for some reason. As its name suggests, it is just a template and it should never actually be enabled. So just disable it.
  8. I have the same probleme and the single solution have found is to put my game in windowsed and when the screen is "freezing" i moove the window in a corner and the game appears but if you have another solution i take it @Beard
  9. i do not think it is caused by mods because ive been looking for solutions and ive redownloaded the game already and unsubscribed to all the mods ive had and im at a loss a friend recommended me to redownload java but idk.help.txt
  10. As a player with a super cool base it would be nice to be able to allow safehouse guests to visit so I can show off. It could be a allowed guest list. It could be balanced to prevent exploits by requiring the player to be online or present at the safehouse.
  11. Not sure what you're asking exactly, but I moved your post from Servers as I don't think that's the right section.
  12. Going to unban you since it wasn't just randomly dropped in the chat to be NSFW, but please take care in the future to check screenshots beforehand if there's anything... like that in them as NSFW images do break our rules.
  13. I got banned in the official discord server today while asking about a bug-related question, I sent a printscreen shot in pz_chat to show the problem but I forgot to crop the health icon that displayed an nsfw element from a mod from steam. I should've checked the image before I sent it and I apologize regardless. Is it still possible to appeal the ban.
  14. Would be cool if your overall panic resistance played a factor in how often it occurred as well.
  15. I have never in my 1200 hours tripped by running up stairs. If it's a feature it must be exceptionally uncommon or the game is giving me a break.
  16. I see, in the case the file is empty, try going to your Steam Library > Right click Project Zomboid > Properties > Set Launch Options > Type -cachedir=C:\Zomboid > Start the game
  17. Can you share your logs.zip file found in C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid?
  18. The screaming is actually a cool idea. There is a mod (I don't know the name) that adds a negative trait where your char will start screaming when in panic - Pr1vateLime has a video series with this mod.
  19. Panic really kicks off outside of Kentucky at the end of Day 2:
  20. Some mods have it take place in the future. With the next update. I am looking forward to a server that makes it take place 1200 AD. The only way to balance ranged combat is high cd high recoil bows!
  21. the mods won't load into mp even when i have them enabled in both steamworkshop and mods in server settings
  22. The logs.zip folder is empty, and there isn't a hs_err_pid file anywhere in my game's directory.
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  24. Hello, I would like to learn how to work with .tiles and .pack, pack images and unpack them, and things like that. Don't know of any good guides? Thank you
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