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  2. No way around it then? This laptop is old, but it has been able to run games with more modern visuals. Example: The WoD expansion of WoW (granted the settings were low). In short, may I ask why?
  3. Assuming that’s the ~2010 model, it won’t be capable of playing the game. I take it it’s the i3 model?
  4. Please help, leave me a fever in the game and hypersensitive, how to heal it?
  5. The laptop is a HP Pavilion g7 Notebook PC. It's a 64 bit OS and its RAM is 4GB.
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  7. Hey guys, quite some time I read about something about (little) changes to the map. Is there any indication where on the map things will change? Asking as I'm working on some stuff and I don't want to run into a conflict with upcoming content.
  8. BUG: Cannot transfer items from inventory to equipped fanny packs. Workaround: drop or transfer items outside character and then transfer back into selected container>fannypack. Not sure if I can drag and drop items in fanny pack from inventory with a mouse, but with a controller using item menu's to transfer > into inventory or backpack - fannypack option does not show up even though it is equipped and has space for it. Maybe the game doesn't recognise this extra storage yet IDK..
  9. Doesn’t look likely that this can run it. What cpu or laptop model, specifically?
  10. There is an MRE mod in the workshop. It's overpowered frankly, and you can find them on literally any sort of zombie, but it's thematically very nice. If they could be de-tuned and made to drop in thematically applicable situations they would be great. Military outposts. Cabins in the woods. Soldiers and outdoors-men. Vehicle trunks and glove boxes.
  11. You've gone quite deep on this, but I agree that there should be something that also prevents a player from just functioning on caffeine instead of ever sleeping.
  12. There is actually a tool that can be used for moving a vehicle mostly by hand. An old farmer and/or mechanic trick. Ye' olde jack-all can be used to lift one end of the car, you then push the jack-all and the raised end of the vehicle over to shift the vehicle a bit out of your way. The jack-all can kick, you can't be sure how far the vehicle is going to move and it makes a good thud when the vehicle lands! It's a misuse of the tool, it's noisy and the technique prone to damaging the vehicle with a chance for personal injury. This sucker is also really heavy! Perfect for Project Zomboid!
  13. A similar issue happened with a shotgun. I was equipping it and then poof, vanished. I ran around in the area looking for it and it definitely wasn't in my inventory. v41.46
  14. There are a couple of unfinished buildings that were exported by accident with the latest update. Should be fixed soon.
  15. Should be fixed in the next update.
  16. Pandorea

    Hotwire Broken

    Did the car / -s have any gas in them? And what was their engine quality? You can find this info out from Vehicle Mechanics ui (press E in front of the car + click on the part in question)
  17. Try to disable the "Item Tweaker API" mod if you are using it, apparently from some comments on the steam page that's a reason causing it, maybe it will help, maybe not.
  18. Kuren

    Hotwire Broken

    After about a month hiatus and then catching up on Thursdoids, I started with Mods that were supposedly up to date and then uninstalled them all after a few sandbox games. For all games, all sandbox settings chosen through menus the first few times but pre-set builds and looks I had saved; than the other few chosen all through menus (TLDR: All times I had at least level 3 Electrical or Mechanic and I was not able to hotwire a car/truck, despite the tooltip saying I needed less)
  19. Anyway, it's at least strange. Before the global power outage, it is believed that energy is everywhere. However, it is not in the cells. There is no energy in the buildings, but the lights are on, the refrigerators are on, etc.
  20. I've tried updating all drivers, deleting all game files, uninstalling and then reinstalling. Attached is the generated error. Thanks for your time. hs_err_pid556.log
  21. When you are ready for a semi-public stress test on MP, we have a 24 core rack-mount server and a large group of players (20+) located around the world eagerly awaiting release. User base locations : 6 in local area, another 9 in various states across the continental US, 4 in Alaska, 2 in the UK, 3 in the Netherlands, 2 in Russia, 1 in Japan and 1 Aussie.
  22. Any way to tell which ones? I have hydrocraft and a few other mods that add stuff like Cars and more polearms, I can't imagine what could be causing that. I can send my modlist, if it helps.
  23. You'll have other mods that might do a similar thing.
  24. Yesterday
  25. It all affects the angle of the vision cone. If it is 75 degrees instead of 170 degrees, then the above happens. You see a few squares behind and to the side to simulate hearing and to make the game a bit fairer.
  26. Well yeah - and that's great, vision being affected by environmental factors but what does that have to do with this situaon? lol I love the idea of a panicking character's vision narrowing - not that she's anywhere near that. Srsly, she's a little tired, a little anxious but has the brave trait. - maybe it's cloudy so she can see behind herself but not right or left? It does not explain being able to see something almost behind you while simultaneously not able to see anything direct to your side - like, not at all imo. I did add a bad vision trait but I thought that was near sightedness. ...crap, I didn't test this w/ glasses and there is a freakin' glasses store nearby!
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