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  2. On default settings with no extra traits and without binge eating (which makes you live longer as it heals you faster than infection saps life) it takes 24 in game hours approximately (if you start with full health). I did do the drunk thing once to try it, when you attempt to walk it kind of makes you walk the wrong directions basically. I like the idea of that, and then maybe reduce player visibility, maybe even tint the colors slightly and add a few sounds and affects that are fitting.
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  4. All of this sounds awesome. I'm excited for 38 now!
  5. Don't know if you guys are super tight bros and the sarcasm just blasted over my head, but that seemed to miss the "be pleasant" mark.
  6. disable the mod "Quick bags"
  7. Can't wait to see those updates on stable!
  8. 3. I've been out in the wilderness at night before too, and like you said, the only things that weren't black were the stars. 4. I think I heard somewhere that they already are, but it hasn't made a big enough difference in my gameplay for me to notice. I'm basically asking for it to have a more noticeable effect.
  9. 3. I like this idea. In real life, light pollution is a lot more prevalent than you'd think. When I was 17 I went out to a relative's ranch in rural Ohio, and at night everything was astoundingly dark. I'd legitimately never seen the sky so dark. And Christ, the stars were beautiful. Anyways, even with it's proximity to Louisville, the rest of the game area should be rural enough to have minimal light pollution. It would also make headlights on cars, generators, and candles much more useful. 4. If I'm not mistaken, aren't zeds already attracted to light?
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  11. YES! This would be a great way to add more challenge for seasoned players like myself. I have a few requests for this. 1. Maybe give us the option to have a separate configuration for zombies at day and night? 2. When we hover over the slider controlling darkness at night, maybe render a frame of a character standing outside with a few world objects of different colors around them so we can see the effect of our settings without having to wait until night time in-game? 3. Maybe have the minimum darkness be the current setting (because it's realistic, but you can still see). For the max darkness, I want it pitch black. Tar black. So black, that it feels like the darkness is a solid entity that can only be broken by light sources. Black hole black. So black, you can't see a single texture or object outside of a small radius in front of your character (about as big as you can see zombies behind you). This would make flashlights so useful and make the night so scary.. 4. Could you add a light attraction setting so that keeping lights on at night can be dangerous unless you have your curtains closed? 5. As others have said, it would be nice to have some cool new options for light sources. I know flame barrels were mentioned and something else. It would be great to have those, as well as torches, flashlights with a smaller radius, the rare flood light, and a few other improvised items.
  12. I concur. I'm quietly hoping the optimization involves subterranean parts of the map as well. Either way, it all sounds good to me.
  13. Haha, I am going to white person hell for laughing as hard as I did just then.
  14. Hoping this is in reference to the long awaited Louisville outskirts (Orell) Been looking forward to it for years and always assumed the engines limitations with tall buildings was holding it back For anyone wondering, here's a old WIP teaser image of the area I'm talking about:
  15. When it's ready.
  16. Looks like they weren't doing their job very well.
  17. Where is the love for canndles though? The one item we cant place, yet in any case of emergency is indispensable to have a light source. Also talking about sickness, i am wondering what type of sickness we are talking about here. When you get dried blood in your clothes and after a while you get a wound, you would get infected or would get an infection? (Zombie vs Normal infection). Also last and not least, IF the vehicle tech is ready to go because Jesus himself came down from heaven, touched the TIS dev work and everything works correctly, is that tech going to be merged into IWBUMS 38 or it will have its own IWBUMS?
  18. Woha now thats a good Mondoid ! If we talk about darker nights a more light sources would be nice. like : Flame barells and torches for our base. + some electricity powered lights fr those that use generators (and spend fuel in that way) More types of flashlights: Big ones (the yellow one we have atm), that needs to be in hand but generate most light medium one that we can attach with duck tape to shotgun or rifles. and small ones (head lights) that dont provide much light but dont occupy important hand slot. + battery chargers (I think we need to benefit more those that use generators). sickens for corpses is nice IF we make that sicknes more cruel. right now the only injury that I care about is fracture ... or bite.
  19. Great to see smell finally making its way into the game. I hope there's good smells too, as touched on in this thread. Since zombies can canonically smell as evidenced by their sandbox options, I suppose other players won't be the only ones we have to worry about smelling our delicious stale bread and potato stew. How will clothing dirtiness and blood amounts on the player currently work while we wait for the full visual implementations in the animation build? Only thing I can think of is a reskinned soaking wet moodlet for blood.
  20. I wasn't going to reply to this, but these two lines are honestly just stuck in my brain. What on earth are you actually talking about? If developers believed in their product they wouldn't take the risk of going bankrupt so they wouldn't do EA? How on earth does that make sense? Do you even understand how a business works, much less the game dev industry? You can't make a game without initial investment. You have to pay people- the people working for a company need to eat, have somewhere to live, have transportation, maybe even be able to buy christmas presents for their kids. Then there's business expenses- computers, software licenses, lawyer fees, etc. And of course constant overhead, like office space and supplies. None of that can be paid for by believing in one's product. Most people don't have the capital sitting around to just start a small business, pay a bunch of salaries, and go for a few years without making any money. Thus, businesses need investment. They have a few options. First, to find a publisher. That's what AAA games have done, and many larger "indie" companies. However, if you don't have an established track record, this is essentially impossible. PZ is the first game by TIS as a studio. They could not have gotten a publisher. Second, you can go to a bank and ask for a loan. This is... possible, but requires putting personal assets on the line as collateral. As an individual, that's okay I guess? But as a company with no assets other than personnel, it would be insane to ask one member to put their house or other personal assets on the line for the company. Finally, we have the third option. For most other business, this doesn't exist, but for game companies, you have Early Access. It's a way to pay people's salaries while the game gets built. There are a lot of valid criticisms of EA, and I myself am not a huge fan (to date have purchased or backed 3 EA projects including this one, so far all three have been successes). PZ wouldn't exist without Early Access. Not because the devs don't believe in it, but because that's how businesses work. For someone who throws around a lot of "in this generation" and "back in the day," you have a rather startling lack of understanding of basic business fundamentals. I'm not really trying to be an ass here, I just hate seeing stuff like this from people. Ten other people will see that and without thinking it through at all will leave this thread with the idea that EA exists because devs don't believe in their games, and that's frankly nonsense. Edit: Also, Early Access devs still risk bankruptcy. I don't know what possesses you to think otherwise.
  21. Hey hey, here’s the news from Zombietown. VEHICLES We’re just finishing off a new update for the Public Vehicles Tech Test – details on how to join this can be found here. This will address some of the FPS degradation issues that testers have been reported, rebalance zombie attraction so it sits somewhere in-between the two levels we’ve already provided and added a few debug settings to let us play around with balance. It’ll likely go live tomorrow. Last Wednesday we also updated to include Mash’s newer textures (seen above and below) which seemed to go down pretty well, alongside an improvement to draw order and woodland that’s less drive-through. Our thanks for all the great feedback and thoughts on the system that’s appearing on Steam and our forums. Likewise the reports of the various things that have been broken on the vehicles branch that have been getting in the way of general survival (loot tables wrong, light switches not there etc). We’ll address the latter, and then get into more gameplay development once the current tech and performance-centred work is complete. [Cheers to Hunger John for the above pic too btw]. BUILD 38 Over to France for the latest on the workings of our next IWBUMS beta release… Hello RJ! So what’s up with this ‘corpse management’ stuff we mentioned last week? “Essentially, having piles of rotting corpses around your safehouse could now make you sick. It will be a slow process that’s dependent on the amount of bodies near you, but the longer you stay near them, the more your survivor will feel queasy. To avoid this, you should get rid of the corpses near your main base by burning them or burying them in our new graves. I’m also including a new sandbox option to let you determine just how much rotting corpses will repulse you and make you feel ill.” We’re not going full ‘wash your hands, folks!’ but in general we’re going to add some hygienic sensibilities when it comes to zombies too. Could you explain a little? “This is a system that will come into its own with the new animations/models when they appear, but it will be clear enough in-game currently that things like getting zed blood on clothing through melee combat and leaving it there will be a bad idea. If you have any open wounds the chances of it getting infected will be higher. To a lesser extent clothing will get dirty and more ragged over (a long period of) time, with a similar system. This will have a super-gradual impact on wound infection, and will essentially mean that you won’t want to be wearing the same outfit for months on end as you currently do. This, again, will be built on once the new models are in but will work fine in the mean-time – and you’ll be able to switch it off in Sandbox options should you wish.” You also mentioned some new sandbox options for when people start up new games? “Yeah, here are some of the fun ones. This is not a full list! I’m still adding them! Zombie Construction Damage: Governs whether or not zombies can destroy player constructions and defences. Multi-speed Shambling: Zombies can now have a “random speed” setting. Day/Night Active Zombies: Governs whether zombies are more active during the day, or whether they act more nocturnally. Inactive zombies will be slower, and tend not to give chase. [If you fancy checking out something similar in the meantime then Nolan’s Nocturnal Zombies mod is great.] Injury Severity: Increase and decrease the impact injuries have on your body, and their healing time. Bone Fracture: Enable or disable broken limbs when survivors receive injuries from impacts, zombie damage and falls. Darker Nights: A slider that will let you make nights darker. We’d like SP Survival to have darker nights, and this is a step towards it, though there’s still a lot of work with shaders to be done in the future to get it perfect. So with all this you could, say, get a better I Am Legend feeling with a pitch black night and zombies sprinters only active during the night. I tried it, and it’s pretty scary. If the community would like me to put any other Sandbox options, toggles or sliders into the game for them then please just let me know on the TIS forum!” OTHER STUFF As mentioned last week, we’d now like to officially welcome General Arcade’s Stas to the PZ codebase. First up he’ll be making a deep dive into our MP codebase to optimize systems and get to grips with some of the more complex bugs that impact on our server admins – and beyond this our current plan is to get him optimizing the main game to make the engine smoother so we can get to integrating our more built-up urban environments. He joins Chris (a new one) and Mark in terms of recent coder acquisitions, and everyone seems to be bedding down quite well. More to follow when their work starts to flow! This week’s pile-up from the (perhaps) rudely-named Koitus. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is now open for chat and hijinks too. A general overview of the content of PZ builds past, in testing and upcoming can be found here.
  22. I wouldn't want to deprive you of more things to complain about, Paul. That'd be cruel. Though I'd really rather TIS had started with a monthly format rather than weekly, changing the format now would just bring about even more ridicule, not to mention disappoint those that enjoy the weekly sign of life. I doubt the complaints would really change anyway.
  23. Since RJ is working on new sandbox options for the game, I though I'd go ahead and suggest this as it's been on my mind for a while. For those unaware, the game No More Room in Hell features a few different kinds of zombies. The sequel is expanding on this by adding different levels of decay with a different zombie subtype for each. Recently infected are sprinters, then they decay into walkers, and eventually they're just a bloated shambling corpse. This provides their lore explanation while still allowing different distinctive zombie style tropes like runners and shamblers in one game. Anyways, I saw that "random zombie speeds" is already being worked on so I was wondering if it could be directly tied to time spent as a zombie. Default zeds would be randomized as usual, perhaps with sprinters on the rarer side, but player-borne zombies would always rise as sprinters (and decay over time as usual). I feel like this would be an especially fun addition for multiplayer as you'd have people extra paranoid about having someone in their group croak and come back as a sprinter within their base. I can imagine some funny scenarios where a guy gets an bite, dies, and in turn infects his entire safehouse of people because they're all sprinters running around in close quarters. Then you've got people debating whether to run in and grab all the loot before someone else does, or waiting until the group inside has decayed down and hope there's still something left. I suppose it also has the added bonus of crowded servers not becoming infested with sprinters either, as they'd all decay down to walkers within a few in-game days. Don't know if I'm supposed to post a separate topic for different suggestions, so I guess I'll post my other one here: Sandbox option to enable zed numbers decreasing over time. I actually don't know if this is already possible with the current advanced settings, but if so I can't figure it out. It would allow for more versatile gameplay since you could have the zed population start low, then sharply rise up and find yourself frantically attempt survival until they die back down. It would fit in well with sandbox games attempting to emulate 28 Days Later with sprinters, for instance. Nervously peeking through the curtains hourly watching them all stumble around and run after noises, desperately attempting to survive in a barricaded apartment as you pray to god the ones outside starve before you do, etc. I've admittedly no idea how much work any of this would be, just some suggestions spurred on by today's Mondoid. Thanks for reading.
  24. Yeah, when you have 10 kids per woman + western aid some WILL survive by sheer luck.
  25. Exactly. Life finds a way.
  26. I'd prefer to keep my Mondoids, thanks. Also, I'm not sure you've seen some of the hate threads I've seen directed toward the developers. I've seen a good amount since I bought this game in 2014. They're usually in the Steam discussions. The criticisms here are praise by comparison. In some cases, it is "that serious", and they would pop up almost every time the developers said anything about NPC's in a Mondoid (which was already rare at the time). After one thread popped up on Steam in 2015 (which I saw and participated in), they were never mentioned in a Mondoid again. It was bad. Some guy came in and flamed on the developers like crazy, and never answered the thread again. He had a few supporters, but it was mostly people telling him to chill out. It clearly got to the developers because most of them replied multiple times to the thread. Lemmy even wrote a few massive posts in response to this guy, and replied to it again months after it had already been closed. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - EDIT: In fact, here it is: I used to be a fanboy of TIS, but now I'm half fanboy and half critic. Even my harshest criticisms (probably the most harsh one I've made as of now is calling guns and pre-patch vehicles "pretty much useless and impractical in-game for their primary use in real life") are nothing compared to this thread. The thread, which was so charmingly titled "The Indie Stone is the worst development team... [I have ever dealt with.]" was released on the same day as this Mondoid: This simple mention of NPC's sparked the thread above.
  27. Move those rain collectors one floor above water source (sink, toilet, etc) and one cell offset. Instant potable water from the tap. You may have to pick the sink,toilet etc up and back down again if it doesn't work after the barrel is placed. But remember not directly overhead. One floor up and one tile offset.
  28. Did you try to equip the bottle, then right-click?
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