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  2. Hi guys, Part 5 of my attempt at the Winter is Coming is now live! Hope you enjoy it! Take care out there. Toodles
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  4. Short answer? No, deal with it. You can turn it off in the sandbox menu if you want to. Long answer? It's been three years, you should be used to the chopper now. Comes by around the seventh day, is easy to lead away from your base and presents an actual challenge. The devs are not going to remove it, or if they do it won't be for a looooooong time.
  5. Plus 1000000 to this post. Foraging could be tied into this. The lower your foraging (or similar skill), the more likely you are to receive a rash (and scratches?) in long grass or maybe foraging zones (typically wilderness areas).
  6. I for one appreciate the challenge, but what gets me is the flavour. Why is this chopper here? Who is the jerk following me around? Are they observing me? Are they actively trying to kill me? Why not shoot me? I find the lack of story behind it to be more frustrating than the hordes it brings.
  7. The helicopter presents a unique danger that it usually forces you to abandon your base and find a new one. However the fact that it can somehow spot you when you are indoors is somewhat annoying.
  8. No, games are meant to have some degree of challenge. Otherwise you might as well just play MineCraft Creative . . . Which you can, by the way, by going into Sandbox and disabling the helicopter.
  9. Here is my steam ID: Sorry, but Steam doesn`t allow me to post any capture because I didn`t bought any game directly. I bought this game on a second-hand page who send me the game as a gift. I really would appreciate if you accept the picture from here.
  10. Here is a more refined michigan turn.
  11. Iv'e been playing PZ for a good 3 years now and one of the things that seriously needs to be nerfed is the DAMN HELICOPTER! Before, it was cool with just the swaying away here and there, but now it seriously looms over you like the freakin eye of sauron. I even did a few tests were I stayed in the building, never went out, and all of a sudden MAGICALLY the helicopter appears over my house and begins its looming killing my character. Seriously unrealistic trick to kill the player. Just like a poorly cheap magician's parlor trick, this really kills the magic of the game. Another good analogy is those pay to win games where you reach a certain point of the game where you need to start paying because the difficulty gets so hard, same with the helicopter. The game realizes your living a bit too long so they BLAST you with a helicopter without no gradual progression. The game literally is saying TIME TO DIE HERE IS A HELICOPTER NOW WEEEEEE! Don't you all agree?
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  13. Just wanted to thank everyone at TIS. PZ has come really far and defied my expectations since I got it 7 years ago. Had fun today at the test! Thanks again @EnigmaGrey et al. Cheers
  14. steam release: build 34

  15. Are you still busy answering all the PM's?

  16. TL;DR I was wrong. I apologize sincerely for the way that I responded. I agree, let's move on. BUT...I did not catch the typo until this very post. I didn't even catch it when you first posted the log. My brain must have instinctively done that because I never use a lower case and maybe at the time I felt that I got booted because of it. I really didn't know and I really do appreciate you pointing it out for a second time so that I could finally see the error of my ways. I apologize for the misunderstanding and the attitude that I gave you because of it. Having said that, please try to put yourself in my shoes for a second. I come here to report an issue and was greeted with, well what I got. I felt that my original post was ignored and then I felt disregarded. Then I felt disrespected. I was called childish. I was called a hypocrite. I was told get the point. Could I have been a bit cooler about it in my first and second post? Yes. I apologize again for that. But if that's all it takes for you and the community to come down on someone then well I guess I'm just not a good fit for these parts. This doesn't change my opinion of the game what so ever and it won't affect my playtime. I just felt that I got a lot worse than I had given to begin with when all I was doing was trying to help. I only registered on the boards after hundreds of hours playing to report the issue and yet even that comes with negative connotation and assumptions of intent that I was not aware of. Once again. Sorry. And I re-iterate...this wasn't about the free copy and I will still do as I stated in a previous post in regards to giving a copy away with high remarks. PEACE OH, and please feel free to respond or not as I'll abide like The Dude and end this discussion.
  17. forum bug

    It's inherent to the forum software. You have to just click the show vote options at the bottom of the poll, to link up what was voted for what, or click the person icon which will show a truncated version of the option name. Sorry, just how it goes
  18. Really fun this megatest!!! Some visual issues.
  19. It's coming along nicely but slowly, next month would be a big maybe for release. Once the maps filled I still have fix the zombie spawn, do foraging , make all the vehicle spawns and complete all the new tile definitions. And I work full time, so I'll just do a TIS and say when it's ready
  20. I appreciate the attempt to help and can sympathize: perhaps it'd be a good idea if PZ's error message were simply "You've already created the account Biofringe. You may only have 1 account" but there's a few reasons why that'd be a bad idea. Denying that typo (you used a lowercase f the first time then a capital F the second time) and ignoring my explanations to accuse me of being disrespectful is, itself, disrespectful. It isn't helpful. Instead of working with us to resolve your issue, you came out swinging. Let's move on, please. There's no need for anyone to continue this discussion.
  21. I find it funny that you say you came to help, yet you've only just joined the forums when there was free stuff involved and never before to post bug reports or any feedback on the iwbums in the past. I also almost missed out as there was some confusion with the timezones and I got in 10mins before it finished, I hope I get the key, as it is for a friend who has been active on the forums for a long time despite not even owning the game, though I won't throw a tantrum if not.
  22. Fair enough. This wasn't about what I wanted. I came to help and was shown disrespect instead. If you think that anything that I said prior to being disrespected deserved such a response then so-be-it. The irony of someone telling me that my skin is too thin when they take anything I said so dramatically. I'm sorry that I have offended. I will fade back into the ether where I came. Oh, and thanks for the backhanded slap in your previous post. It was taken as disrespect but then again what do I know. At least you eventually had the courage to put your money where your mouth was. Good job. No need to respond as I am out.
  23. BioFringe... Your profile shows that you joined the forums two hours ago. That's not an excessively long time. Nobody around here knows who you are, so you'll have to forgive people for being standoffish when you've come across so entitled in all your posts. I'm not going to bother quoting anything you've said because I don't like adding fuel to flames. In fact, me posting this right now goes against a lot of my views towards interacting with people online. But you're just hopelessly wrong and emotional right now. Read the last two sentences of your novel you just wrote, and if you can't tell me that the hypocrisy you've accidentally written is actually quite hilarious, then you're also hopelessly clueless. Either way, stop complaining that you didn't get something for free. It was your choice to call off work, not the TIS staff or EnigmaGrey. It's your job, they're your bills, it's your money. You chose to do something that ended in failure for you. Grow up and suck it up. You not working today is ENTIRELY your fault. Other people clearly were successful in getting on the server, so objectively, the likelihood of this being a "personal attack" or whatever you think it is slim. Nobody lied to you, nobody deliberately told you false information. EnigmaGrey even admitted that perhaps there was just some unfortunate miscommunication going on, but no. You insist that it's personal. Okay. Get off your high horse, get off the forums, and go drink some water. Breathe deeply and slowly for about 15 minutes and if you haven't passed out due to hyperventilation, maybe you'll be more calm as a result. If you do pass out, you'll be in a comatose state, also more relaxed than I presume you to be in now. Either way, I find it humorous you've ruined your own mood or even whole day over this. Good work man!
  24. Hi Since last update I can't play the game I try by console ./ 64-bit java detected ./ línea 31: 2774 Violación de segmento (`core' generado) XMODIFIERS= LD_PRELOAD="${LD_PRELOAD}:${JSIG}" ./ProjectZomboid64 "$@" > "${LOGFILE}" I'm Using Kubuntu 16.04 thx
  25. I'm certainly not trying to throw a fit but I posted in this thread about an issue that was ignored. Then I posted again in response to something you posted about the servers being full. Your 1st response to me tried to put the blame on Steam AND on me all at the same time. Your 2nd response to me was to further place blame onto me. You weren't interested in getting to the bottom of the issue (hell, I'll except responsibility and even apologize for being upset if the case turns out that way). You we're only interested in blaming others, including someone just trying to help you, instead. Of course I got upset and threw a minor "fit" as you say. Who wouldn't when shown such disrespect? [28-06-17 16:02:22] 76561198009840849 "Biofringe" removed connection index=31. No idea what that means. Here's how it started... I set the server up as described in my last post and attempted to connect. It showed that I passed Steam Verify but after that it just hung with Server Not Responding. I hit the button to join and again that that's when that message started. At that time I had no idea about Steam's server limits (though I wonder how Planetside does it) and I didn't know about automatic failed attempts after the first. I did not change anything as far as I can remember and I think I kept hitting the same button everything the message came up. You assumed that I would have known about Steam's policies on servers and would have even looked at the server list (I didn't). I simply tried to connect via the Join button in the game after having loaded the game as usual via Steam. All of this of course might have been useful info for you but you didn't care. Shame really. The other thing that I was hoping to get out of this (since you asked) was some sort of acknowledgement that some of this info could have been provided prior to alleviate such frustrations. Please Note: There's a server limit of blah, blah, blah so come quick! And the Time zone info is just nuts. List GMT and let everyone figure it out for themselves. Maybe include a link to a converter for easy. Instead you listed multiple time zones and even had to correct a time at least once as far as I can tell. This stuff confuses people and I thought that you might appreciate the insight. But again, I was wrong. Sorry that I tried to help. I've probably spent more time on this test today than nearly any of the other 100+ participants but of course you won't appreciate that either. Assumptions are fun.
  26. Sorry I couldn't make it; my family had an unfortunate medical emergency last night and so I had to drive to the hospital and sit in a waiting room for about three hours... That being said, it doesn't look like any more people were needed for the test. Good to see the event was successful! Also @EnigmaGrey and the TIS staff at large, I'm sorry for all the hassle and vitriol you're receiving. Unfortunately it comes with events like these... like flies to honey. Though the smell in some parts of this thread reek a little more like vinegar unfortunately.
  27. It still is, I've been working on making new houses and such takes some time but it's worth it. Probably by the middle or end of next month it will get released, if not sooner. Depends, we just need help in terms of house making :c
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