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  2. I can confirm it also happens with other weapons, like hunting knives or pipe wrenches.
  3. (Just restarted the game and it fixed it )
  4. Update is great, some sounds feel like recorded from a cave, is that just me or ? <3
  5. The new hoe gardening weapon get stuck in inventory (i attached it to the back of the character first), impossible to remove, place or equip
  6. No mods just the iwillbackupmysave build, I have already Un-installed the game and re-installed it. It still had the same issue, I ran all the other builds and they do the same thing. I was reading on the internet that it can be the keyboard ( I will check on that today). Any other suggestions I can check on?
  7. Before the animation update it used to be just 3 items — top, bottom, and shoes, but now, in the late game, you can have up to 15 pieces of clothing equipped at once and it bloats up the inventory tab. Would it be possible to make a separate tab as with the key ring?
  8. these stick out like a sore thumb when placed down. look at how low resolution everything is compared to dropped items. can we have an option to match the resolution the dropped items are rendered with the tiles?
  9. title. I used to love being able to easily adjust the volume of most sounds just through a menu, and now it's gone.
  10. What the hell, since when? I've been plumbing stuff for like 4 patches now. And why shouldn't be able to plumb a sink inside of one of my bases while the water still on? That's the whole freaking point of it. Without that, base-building is completely hobbled, unless I want to be depending on rainwater and heat. Is there some way I can activate that again by fiddling with the code somewhere? Because otherwise, this completely ruins PZ for me...
  11. Today
  12. Ah, welcome. Here's the pillow context: Back before the game was on Steam, it was on Desura and Google checkout as a tech demo. The tutorial/story was Kate and Bob - and an option was added that if you find the pillow in the wardrobe, you can smother Kate (your wife) to skip the tutorial. That's where the pillow comes from. It tends to be used to disagree with someone, I guess since we added an option of a key to force stomp, so I'm not sure separate keybindings are necessary with that modifier? Also, no idea on how up to date you are with news and such, but we plan on adding it back (Kate and Bob) as we start adding NPCs in again. I don't see why the pillow won't make the cut again, now with nice animations to go with it as we're technically able to, as well.
  13. I dislike the music stings when a zombie is close by , it feels cheesy , its especially bad when you play with music off like i do , i also dislike the new zombie kill sounds , when i hit a zombie in the head with a bat and kill it , it sounds no different from hitting it and not killing it. I like the update overall but the noisework section seems to have dropped the ball.
  14. Hacking in this game is so prevalent and so easily available. People try to do servers and turn loot respawn off, and people can just load over characters with full invs of contraband, load it all into a duffle bag and drop it into the forest. This is directly related to how the backup system on servers work. Another problem is the fact servers do not have a way to disable people from loading backups. Some people in the PZ community would call this a /feature./ However I believe it is a pretty glaring flaw that hurts the online community. People don't want to play multiplayer if it involves getting randomly killed and deleted by a hacker with 10 in all stats and after you shoot him a few times he disappears into the forest and loads his backup before returning to try again. Server creators deserve to have a right to keep these people off their servers. A VAC ban is one thing, but in reality - what we need is a more secure system that some thirteen year old kid with notepad can't change with simple instructions. For the multiplayer experience to be complete, it requires a way to stop someone from taking a box of ammo. Saving their file. Unboxing the ammo, reboxing it. Placing it into a cupboard, loading previous save. Repeating the process you can essentially dupe infinite bullets, afterwards you would take said bullets and you would go level your aiming to 10. (Using Hydrocraft that means just going afk at a firing target for 3 hours.) Afterwards, you save your file. You now have 10 shooting and plenty of ammo. Commence your griefing rampage, if anyone kills you. Just load your save. The previous example is -incredibly- common in PZ. These people are all over multiplayer and they prey on legitimate community members who are just trying to enjoy the game. If we want to make the multiplayer experience proper, we need to fix the hackers or else when the multiplayer animation patch drops these people are going to be racking up bodies left and right of people who don't use backups and if those people decided to quit and not come back to the game I wouldn't necessarily blame them.
  15. Somehow I missed the "Auto-detect Prone or Standing attack" checkbox when I was looking through the keybinding menu the other day. Thanks for pointing it out. Hopefully it'll lessen the issues I was having in combat. I've only been playing this game for a week so I have no idea what you mean lmao
  16. I would like to have the translation into Russian corrected as soon as possible!!
  17. Equip on > back primary secondary can we have it?
  18. MadDan2013


    If I understand you correctly: We've moved the blogs to every two weeks a while ago, instead of weekly.
  19. ON1030


    The post said that Pat_Bren will be back this week for more news. Is that post and the subsequent one (which will cover 44.55 content) delayed by a week in the context of the patch being released this Thursday?
  20. Mechanics courses are not 3D, other courses seem to be in 3D. When you are in a building in a car, you cannot see the furniture.
  21. Verify/Repair in Galaxy's Manage installation submenu for zomboid. It should force the update - that's how I did it anyway. See pic: @nasKoreally loving the update so far. The new zed noises are especially atmospheric when you get inside a house, and the shotgun sounds SO much better. Car sounds are also good when opening and closing, but I do agree the engine sounds can be better - it's better than it was, but still a bit weird. Nice detail on different sounds depending on condition, but would be nice varying sound depending on type (heavy vehicles sounded the same or similar to normal and sports). Zed hitting sound can also use some improvement but overall, fantastic work as always!
  22. Lope

    This is fine?

    Performance drops start at a scale of 125% (120 fps> 90 fps), while the load on the processor and video card does not increase. Windows 10 last update i5-8600k 16gb ram rx 6600xt 1440p 120hz display
  23. Excuse me, but I am missing on something? The Gog page still says Beta 41.53.
  24. I tried myself to make a coffee beverage, but the new mugs don't "accept" ingredients, this means that a red mug with water cannot make a beverage, like the following image shows. Blue mugs seem to work. On the same note, Hot Cuppas no longer work as they seem to be replaced with "Hot drink", which just reduces thirst and unhappiness, no matter if coffee or tea was used for it.
  25. Thank you for reporting it. I noticed the same thing too and I wasn't sure if it was a bug or not.
  26. Basially add proper character screen for equipment, like RPGs have. or at least right-clicking on the character in the info screen should give you a dropdown list of all equipment slots with options for possible items to fill them or un-equip occupying item.
  27. GrumpyTheClown, I don't see why it can't be a trait instead of a profession-locked, which could also have a timer of its own, like kill 1000 zombies - gain this trait. The sytem is pretty much in place already, like smoker affects you less over time if you don't smoke, overweight/underweight is dynamic. By this logic you shouldn't have skills/learning system at all then, just have a very linear rogue-like with professions, looting and that's it lol but it could be a game mode, no need to lock everyone into it.
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