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  2. One potential issue from a lore / realism perspective: I think "Red Bull" was about the earliest energy drink marketed in the United States, and I don't think it was released in the US until 1997. So, particularly in a more rural area like Kentucky, I don't know if energy drinks would realistically have been available. Might be better to leave this one in the world of mods so that people can choose how important the realism factor is to them ...
  3. I don't know if this is so much a "bug" as a "we haven't gotten around to that yet" ... Basically just noting for the record that when a vehicle is parked inside a garage / under a roof / etc, the windshield still reflects the sky. Not a big deal, but maybe a cosmetic tweak worth making at some point.
  4. As an aside, the existence of the inside trunk release probably renders item 3 (prying trunks with crowbars) a non-issue, since the player can more easily smash a window with the crowbar and get at the trunk release instead.
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2573418067 Hopefully this helps.
  6. In addition (based on the last item in the article linked above), one could argue that a rifle sling should give a trained shooter (aiming 5+ ?) a small accuracy bonus.
  7. See if this helps with the FPS: Go into nVidia control panel. Under 3D settings, try setting the power profile to "prefer max performance." Note: the mods are loading on start, so I don't think they're disabled? Could you go into %UserProfile%\Zomboid and delete the \mods\ folder, just to ensure they're off? Then start a new game and see if zooming performs as poorly.
  8. Good to know -- thanks! Might be a little too subtle though; I've got almost 590 hours in on the game and never noticed / figured that out. Hopefully that doesn't say more about me than the trunk release UI ...
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  10. Hi before reading this down below quick heads up: English is NOT my Native Language it´s German, BUT I have full understanding of English, I just don´t have enough writing practice. I was with a reasonable camera zoom only able to play with max. 10-20 FPS. Spent hours on forums and tried the following: - Tweaked the graphics settings - increased the RAM in the .json as well as in the batch file - Adjusted the Nvidia settings - updated my Video-Driver - un-and reinstalled the game - checked the files via Steam - changed the start options in Steam for Example: -autoconfig - Tried the 32-bit instead of 64-bit - made a system file check in "cmd". AND EVEN - reinstalled Windows but unfortunately nothing solved my Problem. I would like to say that I only get 30-60 FPS when I don't have zombies around AND when I've zoomed in almost all the way. Info on my Site: - no Mods installed - PZ takes almost no System-Ressources - yes I have Mods on Project Zomboid but they are all inactive - and yes I also tried deleting them all but sadly to no avail My PC: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3800X GPU: Nvidia Titan XP Collectors Edition RAM: 32GB System: Now: Windows 11, Before: Windows 10 Game is on a NVME and like you can see up there all my Drivers, not just my GPU Driver, are up to Date. I attached the DebugLog File for further Information, if something else is need just tell me. Hope somebody can help me with my Problem. 24-05-22_11-47-20_DebugLog.txt
  11. Hope for electric heaters in the future
  12. Are you able to connect through the favorite when you have the IP there and not the DNS name? And can you share the whole server log?
  13. I can understand. I personaly was very close to ban me from my own singleplayer game, but then I made a point by explaining that it was an accident, and that it's only because I was tired that I ramed that van in the mouse trap. I got away with a warning and the promess to never put a mouse trap near a road again. More seriously, thanks for the info about the radios and toasters. I don't think I'll put one near a road, but just in case, I'm better knowing they have the same issue. ^^
  14. Discord integration is bugged as a hell, I suspect it is because zomboid uses ancient four-year-old Javacord version v2. Which was developed before Discord public API changes a few years back. Maybe someday developers will update the bundled library to modern version v3.4.0+, as well as some relevant code pieces, and some bugs will be gone for the greater good.
  15. Our server isued a ban rule for placing these on the roads, after some repeated accidents... Same goes for tosters, radios... Even the generators and chairs does not have a collision box like these. Oh, and the stone cairn does not collide with a characters. Does with a vehicle though.
  16. How are you adding these items? You have to drag CD into "Device options" of the CD player for example.
  17. There are also errors with mods. It’d be best to disable them. Set fullscreen to false in the Options.ini file found in %userprofile%\zomboid if updating drivers doesn’t work.
  18. Seems like from the logs the game does use the correct graphics card, though there seem to be some driver issues. Could you update the drivers for your Intel graphics card and your external one as well? Since based on the version info they may be outdated.
  19. Any electrical connection will cause a house to remain a stable temperature in winter right now.
  20. Even with High / Medium / Lowest settings?
  21. That’s just a car to test animations. It shouldn’t be used.
  22. Left side is not showing up on a car i spawned with the admin tools, seems to be the case for that type of car. No mods
  23. I cant' put headphone in the Cdplayer and in the walkie-talkie I cant' put vhs in the television I cant' put cd in in the CDplayer is this happen to me only?
  24. Guys, you should add the generator producing heat to the houses they are connected to, and working AC as well haha Love the new music system <3 <3
  25. You can unlock the trunk on the dashboard of the car, there will be a green icon lit up that releases the lock. It separates from cluttering the radial menu with too many options and vice-versa.
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