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  2. Text too small to read

    Change it to 150% and see if it works better. For some reason with Windows most recent creative update seems to be bugging out when set to more than 150%. If not, there's a few other things you can try to improve readability.
  3. Text too small to read

    175% scaling, resolution is in main post @ 1920x1080
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  5. Loot Respawn

    Thank you for the info, it helped a lot with my understanding of how it all works.
  6. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I'm putting these in here in case this is the better place to report. Macbook Pro users can no longer render cars! Sometime around cars V20 I think. If we spawn in an area without cars, we're fine. But if we come across cars, or spawn in a zone where one is close enough to render, the game crashes. As of vehicles 24 the game doesn't even load up a world, it freezes in the "this is how you died" soon after "click to start" appears. Help! (Or tell me "yes okay later bye," that'll work too )
  7. Loot Respawn

    And apparently now the containers randomize which ones re spawn loot.
  8. Pitch Battle

    Oh my! So now we can have faulty suspension? Well then, all I need is a grey sedan with good engine and transmission, a few dents on the sides, a slightly cracked windshield, a faulty radio and no BLEEEP!ing suspension on the back, and I'll have perfectly recreated the trashy 98 Camry I drive... This is an odd kind of immersion....... and I like it!
  9. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    ・"H"key is used Horn and Health panel.
  10. ERROR - Tried to make a custom sandbox with the vehicles build on

    Alright, thank you for telling me and have a good day today !
  11. ERROR - Tried to make a custom sandbox with the vehicles build on

    The issue is caused by putting the stand-alone Chaparral map into the game's map/ directory. It looks like you were trying to spawn in one of the game's spawnregions, but only Chaparral was loaded. Chaparral's file isn't set up correctly to join with the game's map. It should be in a separate mod.
  12. Splitting a Building Between Cells in WorldEd?

    I would suggest going in the game files and using some of the small roof tiles for your roof edges. They would help a ton !
  13. Police Cruiser Textures

    The Modern Car could be used as an FBI car maybe. You could add a siren on the top left side of the roof above the driver seat. Rather simple but efficient. Or it can be a detective/private detective car or such thing.
  14. Splitting a Building Between Cells in WorldEd?

    Thanks for the help. I tried out splitting the building up just to see how that works. It took some fiddling but it seems to work OK. Definitely easier to just move the building over a bit. It's my house and my neighborhood so I was trying to get the placement perfect lol. I'll be less picky further on. Got some buildings done and placed Thanks again!
  15. ERROR - Tried to make a custom sandbox with the vehicles build on

    Wait, uh, I added the Chapral map (it's quite new and in the forums and not on steam) a few days ago in Build 22 of the vehicle branch I think. I think I solved it since I erased it from the map folder and it didn't bring that issue up ever again. Any idea why it did this ?
  16. ERROR - Tried to make a custom sandbox with the vehicles build on

    None from what I can tell. Turned all map mods off.
  17. Life on the Inside

    No probs
  18. Previous Save CTD with 3D Models ON

    Yeah, any unnumbered HD Graphics card can't handle 3D models. Only HD 3000 and above can. It simply won't work with 3D models.
  19. Yep, I am wrong. Mistook this for a different generator issue.
  20. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Was the loudness (as far as zombies perceive it) increased quite a bit in build 24? Getting lots of zombie pursuit and low FPS (sub 20s in FRAPS) in West Point's down town.
  21. Loot Respawn

    How does loot respawn work, does it require the ini setting to be matched to the sandbox setting and does it make all containers respawn loot or just a select few per cell.
  22. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    One of my tires fell off while i was driving (Which was to be expected as it was on low health and resulted in a cool spin out into a bunch of trees) However when I went to replace the tire which the "Inflate option" did not work as before I would watch the air capacity go up whereas my character would do 2 loading bars and the air did not increase.
  23. Police Cruiser Textures

    I may experiment with the modern car to see if it can be a police car. In my opinion its size doesn't do either the Crown Victoria or the Caprice justice, but we'll see. Separately, I've looked at the game's files, and I am unable to find the actual physical vehicle models to edit or use for scale for new models. Current vehicle models seem to be locked behind .text files, and not actual models that I can open with a program (i.e. Blender). There hasn't been any word by the developers either (to my knowledge, at least) or any guides on adding custom vehicles. Hopefully, a guide gets out there at some point on how to do it. (If anybody has any information on actually adding custom vehicles, feel free to post it!) One way or another, I aim to make sure that a variant of a Crown Victoria, a Chevy Caprice, or both ends up in-game.
  24. General Creativity

    Some random little things I've been working on:
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  26. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    yes, i've had the engine turn over like that as well
  27. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Agreed, the same thing has happened to me. Along those lines, I've had the engine turn over as soon as I get into the car - it doesn't happen every time, but it's quite often. Shin
  28. ERROR - Tried to make a custom sandbox with the vehicles build on

    What map mods are you using?
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