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  2. Still looks like an out of memory error, are you able to play a singleplayer game by the way? Just to make sure it would not be a more serious issue. Our official Discord is this: https://discord.gg/0lGvMrCiUWbasJFh
  3. You want something like: local scriptItem = ScriptManager.instance:getItem("BCGTools.KukriMachete") if scriptItem then scriptItem:setDisplayName( SandboxVars.PerpetualItems.Name1 or "Epic Hatchet" ) end
  4. MadDan2013

    Banned or kicked

    Hi, it seems you were banned for spamming/posting your server adverts in others posts. Unbanning you, but please limit the amount of adverts.
  5. There's a spelling mistake in the Moveables_EN.txt for the key "Scrapable_object". The current entry reads "Disassemblable Object" but should be "Disassemble Object". The error is most often visible to the me when disassembling toilet stalls.
  6. Today
  7. If you need high metalworking skill to get it, most people would opt to just go grab one from their guaranteed spawns.
  8. Fun idea, but none of that would work in practice, at least not how you think it would.
  9. Good news for Zombies = M1 users cant join the war against them
  10. LARK

    Banned or kicked

    I have recently gotten banned or kicked from the discord server. Without notice of infraction or any kind message on why . . I love this game and run 2 servers . Your matchmaking is very bad and the way steam and the workshop items work together make new players overwhelmed with the amount of extra things that need to be downloaded to play online . This leads us server owners with having to do heavy advertising to give the players a different experience and get some traffic . This in turn leads to in fighting between servers to get the traffic of players into their own servers . I'm assuming this is the reason i was flagged for maybe spamming by another server . I run 2 servers and advertise individually for both i assume this leads to being perceived as spamming. I try to follow the rules as best as i can . I have taken my time and effort to promote your game . I feel personally disappointed at how as a server owner I'm being thrown out for making your game available to players . - LARK
  11. Hi! Can you help me with the code to change the Displayname of an item from the sand box? --WITH SANDBOX OPTIONS require('NPCs/MainCreationMethods'); local NAME1; local function setLocalSandboxVars() NAME1 = SandboxVars.PerpetualItems.Name1; if NAME1 == nil then NAME1 = "Epic Hatchet"; end end local function initItemNamePerpetual() setLocalSandboxVars(); end local item1 = getItemDisplayName(BCGTools.KukriMachete); item1:setItemDisplayName(BCGTools.KukriMachete); Events.OnGameStart.Add(initItemNamePerpetual);
  12. Yesterday
  13. TileZed/WorldEd Unofficial Fork new settings to set Grid opacity new settings to set Grid Thickness Create .pack file (Jumbo) textures up to 2048x2048 (was 512x512) LUA Console: ability to replace a tile by map:noneTile() LUA Console: fixed RoomDefs layer insert via newObjectLayer() (Azakaela request) LUA Console: fixed addObject() in newObjectLayer() (_add_RoomDefs.lua example provided) (Azakaela request) BuildingEd: Export to TMX enabled BuildingEd: Export to NewBinary Format enabled BuildingEd: Building up to 32 floors BuildingEd: Colorized buttons (easiest to know if it's disabled or not) Ability to see tiles ID and Name in main UI TileSheets export new options (Whole Word Only, multiple tilesheets export) Export tiles from main window (right click) Fixed all deprecated Qt Function fixed official InGameMap feature calc to prevent polygons with less than 3 points (red dot/line in InGameMap) original ROADS menu fixed/enabled ability to recalc thumbnails for all selected cells (instead of just one) InGameMap Roads features settings to define threshold/size as you want Objects Treeview collapsed by default Floor Max up to 15 (testing purpose) Generate Road primary/secondary/tertiary/trail/railway Features (In Game Map) Option to not load last project at launch TileZed: https://github.com/Unjammer/TileZed WordlEd: https://github.com/Unjammer/WorldEd
  14. TileSetZ From a simple texture, generate all tiles you need for your Project Zomboid Map. Walls, Doors Frames, WIndows Frames, Floor, Walls Roofs.. You only need ONE texture and a simple click https://github.com/Unjammer/TileSetZ v0.0.1alpa: first public release, fill free to report bugs or any comments =) Release Link and source on GitHub
  15. Project Zomboid Vanilla Map exported to TMX based on Project Zomboid 41.78 (stable) 2841 cells exported 117 441 rooms All cells are exported as is. Each tile is exported at proper floor, layer and position. All buildings are exported Room by Room, each room has is own TBX file. All TMX files are linked to TBX files Kentucky_full.pzw = Full Map with all RoomDefs and Objects. Layers Names are "by default" and can be changed as you want. Objects are visible on WorldEd This map is not provided by TIS, and result of a massive reverse engineering of .lotheader, .lotpack, tilespack, .bin files of Project Zomboid Game. Now you can go on https://github.com/Unjammer/PZ_Vanilla_Map and download the entire reversed Vanilla map A common question on mapping, For a long time the only answer was "No". BUT since few months, I created an exporter to reverse the Vanilla map to an editable format. Now you can load Project Zomboid Vanilla map in your Mapping tools and made the change you always dreamed of ! This exporter is not released yet, but offer possibility to edit old or borken map. And already give ability to some mappers to revive long lost project.
  16. So I did it and closed alot of backgroud programs and load a server without mods the whole game just killed itself like it loaded the world but as soon I click start it forced closed. Im just losted because before this bug I had no problem with the memory. is there a discord I can join so I can screenshare this? logs.zip coop-console.txt console.txt
  17. The latest 3 logs still show a memory crash, are you sure you have enough memory to allocate 8GB to the server? The game itself reserves around 3GB, meaning you would need to have less than 5GB used by background programs (browsers and so on) Therefore try lowering it again and see it that helps? Preferably without mods.
  18. Done few small tweaks here and there and we added few mods and removed some. You can find more on our discord server, so join and be apart of our wonderful server
  19. On April 15th 2021 Indiestone mentioned their Stealthoid Patch To my knowledge. This has not been implemented? Does Indiestone intend to release this in a later patch? Or has this been pushed onto the back burner?
  20. Any update, Im having same problem on my server where we cant turn engines on or off now
  21. Suggestion: I would really like to be able to toggle lightning on and off so that photosensitive players can still play the game during storms without having to (a) hide inside the whole time or (b) cancel the weather pattern. Having the option would make the game much more accessible to people who are sensitive to flashes of light. Currently, settings can be adjusted for most weather patterns, even fog and snow, but not for lightning. I understand there are hardcore realism players who would be upset having thunder but no lightning, but for the handful of players who could utilize such a feature, I think it would make all the difference in gameplay. Thanks, and please keep up the phenomenal work on this game. c:
  22. Hi! Im a Admin on a multiplayer server. What is Reapply Style in the map menu?
  23. It'll probably run, but you might experience crashes when resizing the window + have to run the game in window mode in order to get it to work. Due to the out-of-box experience, we can't list it as supported at this time.
  24. We try our best to answer all queries as fast as possible, but sometimes things get missed, or people aren't around to answer or busy. It's not indicative of some malice towards users. Regardless, after a very short search on the forum I've found an older post explaining this in better detail.
  25. No answer??? It seems that the developers do not want to sell their game to Apple-Users?!??!
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