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  2. Vehicle build server stops booting up (objects.lua)

    Thanks! That fixed it (should have tried that first, sorry for bothering you guys).
  3. Vehicle build server stops booting up (objects.lua)

    After that it loads map_meta.bin and map_zone.bin. Try deleting those?
  4. Vehicle build server stops booting up (objects.lua)

    Started the server with -Ddebug and that's the line it stops: 1518986043132 zone: cut zone into 1 pieces x,y,z=10800,13200,0 Do you guys need the whole log? If yes I would get rid of some "personal" infos in it an post it in here. EDIT: Just edited all the "personal" info out of the log, here it is: server-console_vehicle.txt
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  6. Vehicle build server stops booting up (objects.lua)

    Try running the server with -Ddebug JVM option, it should print more debug messages that might give a clue to what the problem is.
  7. Hydrocraft Mod

    They of course hold to the fact it's just their own arbitrary weight units but its certainly usually a lot closer to what it would be in Kg and it's the unit most of the world uses. Even if the game setting is based in the U.S.A.
  8. Hydrocraft Mod

    Haha, yeah it being in kg makes more sense.
  9. Vehicle build server stops booting up (objects.lua)

    Yep, no mods, just the default setup with the default map.
  10. Occupation Changes/Additions

    Why would there be a zookeeper in the middle of rural Kentucky?
  11. Profession Framework Mod

    Agreed. Some of the current implementations in the base game are rather clunky. When it's a bit more refined, would you be interested in handling the steam upload? Given the nature of most of your current framework style mods, I can't really think of anyone better suited.
  12. Vehicle build server stops booting up (objects.lua)

    You've made sure no mods are loading?
  13. Profession Framework Mod

    No hurry, but yes, its use would be rather limited if its not on Steam. My ultimate hope: more of such frameworks would find its way into the base game, would make modding so much easier. And thats not just the profession-system, pretty much all of it could use a proper framework for interacting.
  14. Profession Framework Mod

    It should at some point if someone is willing to upload and maintain it there when updates come out (since I'm not a steam user). Not being on steam really limits the usefulness of such a framework. That being said, its still in a semi-testing phase, and I'd like to refine it more first, including adding error/sanity checking features and such.
  15. Profession Framework Mod

    Can't even put in words how much I love this Hope this finds its way on to steam.
  16. Greetings, currently doing some tests with the vehicle build but for some reason my dedicated linux server run with lgsm doesn't want to boot up. It hangs on this console-entry: Adding translation: b73aa63e-6286-4c32-9e48-3b0024c22b51 Found file: /home/pzde02/serverfiles/media/radio/RadioData_FR.txt Adding translation: b73aa63e-6286-4c32-9e48-3b0024c22b51 Found file: /home/pzde02/serverfiles/media/radio/RadioData_PL.txt Adding translation: b73aa63e-6286-4c32-9e48-3b0024c22b51 Adding (vanilla) file: /home/pzde02/serverfiles/media/radio/RadioData.xml - GUID: b73aa63e-6286-4c32-9e48-3b0024c22b51 Radio loaded. ################################################ 1518981478282 can't find map objects file: media/maps/West Point, KY/objects.lua 1518981478283 Loading: media/maps/Muldraugh, KY/objects.lua I already checked the objects.lua, seems fine and the same as the one on my linux client running the vehicle branch. Steps I already tried: reinstalled from scratch many times revalidated many times tried vanilla server (boots just fine) Any help?
  17. Profession Framework Mod

    This mod is designed to simply the process of adding new professions, or editing the default ones. As well as simplifying the addition/modification of a profession's skills, traits and known recipes, it also allows for the creation of custom profession starting kits: both items in inventory and on the ground in front of them, and running a custom OnNewGame event for each profession. The 'special effect traits' (ones that don't edit skill levels) such as brave, lucky, outdoorsman, etc can be properly used by new professions without bugs and extra coding on the modder's part. Please note this mod adds no new professions or changes itself, it is simply a framework for use by other modders. Example of a upgraded Park Ranger, starting with the outdoorsman trait, ORGM's Lee Enfield No4 (with scope and sling attached), spare ammo, a hiking bag, and a tent and campfire kit on the ground at their feet: Example of a new profession: The Military Sniper, starting with Inconspicuous, Graceful and Brave, ORGM's SR-25 (with scope and sling) and spare ammo: Example of a updated Chef, starting with a set of GOOD kitchen knives: List of all 'special effect traits' that can now be added to professions: For best use and compatibility with other profession mods that may use this framework, it is advised you don't actually include this mods lua files in your mod. Instead make it a requirement, and just call the ProfessionFramework.addProfession( ) function from your own mod. Downloads: Current Version (1.00-alpha): Direct download link coming soon Github Development Version:
  18. Hydrocraft Mod

    Thanks for your vigilance jackmods I noticed the red feathers could not be used as well. The weight im pretty sure is closer to kilograms rather than pounds as an 80 pound man would be pretty unhealthy but 80kg sounds reasonable. so 10 kg is a lot more than 10 lbs making the weight of the glue sticks even more unrealistic
  19. Occupation Changes/Additions

    Ideally there would be a 100 plus professions to choose from all with unique skills and traits. That would be great but probably not going to happen If you had 10 general titles each with unique trait sets to choose from you could create any job you could think of. I feel like having specific professions limits you to those specific jobs. (but it kind of doesn't because you could choose firefighter and Role Play as a Zoo keeper.) I do feel like there should be a lot more spawn options. (these do not need to be attached to professions but could be?)
  20. Car testing loop reading bug?

    It's not too late, EP! There's still time!
  21. NecroForge 2.6d [18.02.2018] Small Update - Download Links in the OP New Debug Vehicle - Repair All - Sets the Condition of all Installed parts to 100% Updated Vehicle Items - All the missing ones should now be there. Removed Some Bugged/Dysfunctional Stuff Sorry it took so long to get even this little bit of work done but I really barely have any free time between work and some serious RL issues. More, hopefully substantial, updates to come soon I hope. Edit: Btw, I added the Mechanic Skill boost function, probably some other stuff I forgot about, I was chipping away at updating for weeks I don't really remember all the stuff I changed/added because I forgot to write it down.
  22. crazy high memory usage

    Your server has 3GB of RAM? How many players are usually running around? Are there daily serverrestarts?
  23. Big thanks to Damntry for all the data in this thread : ] Not sure how useful the below info is, but just as FYI: I've had a recent character die from a fever brought on by a scratch that was neither infected nor zombified in vehicles 35 survival. I don't recall for certain if it bled, I believe it did though. After a couple days of gorging and sleeping pills, I went down and got the "deceased" skull moodle with the "high probability of becoming rat food" message (or similar) and didn't reanimate. This was after getting scratched through a wall at WP town hall... and will be the last time I have a character with 'restless sleeper' and without 'thick skinned'. If something similar happens again I'll try treating it with antibiotics, having turned loot spawns up to normal in sandbox since; last time I found/tried them, antibiotics did nothing for a zombified infection.
  24. burn zombies should make more noise

    It was not the best example but there are not many easy to find examples. I was thinking of it more like how they moan aggressively when they lung at you or how they make noise when struck, perhaps it would cause them to react to it. Mostly I just think it seems odd that they simply do not respond to fire in any way shape or form when set on fire, at least when first set on fire. At the very least it would seem more immersive and fitting if it agitated them in a similar way to when they get really close to a player and lunge. This is a much better example. I do not think they should act much differently, but notice how much noise they make when set on fire.
  25. Spawning with a car

    I'd like to see options to start with house keys or not, the sandbox settings could definitely be a little more sandboxy imo
  26. Map: Trumbull Valley

    Dead Island, that would be very interesting. Probably too multi-leveled to come out any bit coherent but it's definitely an idea to keep in your back pocket. Compared to making that, Trumball valley is easy.
  27. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    since hotwiring is in the game the version where you connect wires together. There should be another alternative to starting a car without a key. Starting a car with a screw driver putting the screwdriver into the cars ignition since the screw driver in game is a flat head and it's effective on any car built before the mid 90's.
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