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  2. Works fine now after the update, what exactly was the issue?
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  4. I was wondering if you guys could make something such as a Project Zomboid story campaign that takes place in the present day like 2022 or should I say 2023. I think it'd be cool to see the modern things the present day has to offer in the game like 3d printers, smart phones, computers, vehicles, hover boards, etc. As for if this is a project zomboid retcon that takes place in the modern day or the current story time skipped from 1993 to the current day I don't know what to go with exactly. If it's the former, you'd have all these 1993 assets updated to the modern day if it's the latter, the world would be in really degraded shape since the 1993 Knox infection. It would be nice to have something project zomboid related that takes place at least sometime in the 2000s which would have to be at least 7 years in the future from when the game takes place. I heard such a story scenario was in the works somewhere.
  5. I kinda like that second idea in general, because then you could have like, a whole group learn a skill instead of just one person Though, I'd have the read aloud option happen slower than reading to yourself, both for logical, and balance reasons, like it takes you twice as long to read a book aloud like that
  6. I think it makes somewhat sense. The living can't stand the excruciating pain very long and would drop pretty quick.
  7. Well I did just that and it worked, I don't know why but yah, reinstalling everything seems to work just fine.
  8. It's really a very helpful tool. Of course, it can't be compared to something like Mobdebug (I tried to somehow inject a socket without recompiling the zombie package but failed miserably... lol), but it's definitely extremely useful. Just two small suggestions on my part that could further improve the handling: A small search bar for the window of loaded lua files would be a nice thing. Even if it works trivial like the first regex match so something like that. Scrolling through this long list can be very painful. Adding item to the watchlist out of the stack trace list would be nice, too. Or as alternative, adding the object to the watchlist which is currently opened in an object viewer window. Currently it only seems to work with members inside the opened object. This is of course helpful, but you have to get the higher level into the stack manually to add object to the watchlist. Especially with global objects, this is laborious, since you have to open _G in the Object Viewer and search for the corresponding objects (a search field might help here as well, or the option of arranging the members alphabetically) Best regards, stuck1a
  9. No. I don’t agree. Empathize? Sure. I get it’s frustrating not to have full insight or control over things in life, but you get used to it. Frankly I find the whole reaction pretty extreme, unreasonable, and increasingly manipulative as this continued. It’s insulting to pretend we don’t care just because you don’t personally get your way. Obviously we care, or we’d not be here. We just can’t pick your mod and/or server over all servers. In a world where we had infinite time and far more testers and didn’t have hackers bringing down servers, sure, my position would be different. But otherwise this is the norm for most games and if you’re going to mod them, you do need to expect that things will change, and if it does, that you’ll not necessarily have full knowledge and a long time to prepare for it.
  10. A one tile jump distance wouldn't be to unreasonable, but I would like to see a nimble check or something, or risk falling. I feel it may be a little OP to simply hop over a gap to safety every time. Add some risk to the action, and I'd be pretty down for this.
  11. Slanted roof tiles at the moment don't have any "geometry", and as a result, you'll always fall through them. Other roof tiles may have the same effect, as well. I think I read one thursdoid a while back that they aim to do something about. Next build maybe? Can't rightly recall. Floor pieces are only one plank and one nail a piece, I believe, so it's a relatively cheap fix in the meantime, but I think you'll have to demo the roof pieces first. A little unintuitive at the moment, and a good way to break a leg for anyone new to the concept. As a matter of fact, I'm sure most players figured this out the hard way.
  12. We can adapt to changes, we are happy to help with tests and report issues, but just being caught by surprise wears down everyone. Modders and server runners got completely blindsided by it. This entire situation could be avoided with more concern about backwards compatibility, a feature toggle. We got nothing, again, just a "deal with it". I understand TiS, like every company, has limited resources and can't cover all the bases and it's ultimately your decision but you might agree with me that this was an unnecessary blow. Sometimes, strategy is deciding what we are NOT going to do. And it seems that modders and server runners are frequently in the list of what TiS decide to not care about. I don't mean to keep nagging at it but this change doesn't even persist across relogs. And it works for a few seconds upon login. A half-baked feature breaking mods without giving us a chance to test. I swear, since patch 41.71 I DREAD every patch TiS releases.
  13. 06/12/2022- Updates NuperGaming Mod - -Removed Car clamp mod - Updated UdderlyVehicleRespawn Mod - Updated SchizophreniaTrait Mod - Added RefinedHotWiring Mod - Added Christmas Village - Will Be holding an event here in the mean time the area is inaccessible. Changes - - Fixed load order for spawn in car mod Game Updates - Project Zomboid updated to 41.78.15
  14. It might feel I’m being dismissive because for me it’s simple: you need players to be alive to have a functioning server to even use those mods. You seem to be intentionally ignoring that while second-guessing anything I reply with to try and force the issue. Really, I get that it sucks to have mods break, but it really sucks to die to hacking ingame as well, especially on an rp server. I’m sure we can look at options or alternatives for this in the future, but you do have to understand that as a modder, things will change with the game and you might have to do things differently when it happens. Like, why do you need to know every player online for a car claiming mod, for example? Limit it to the players near the car. Store the money and let someone pick it up instead of send it directly. I don’t know, I don’t use this stuff.
  15. "Any client had a full list of online players. A compromised client could teleport to each one and kill then rapidly." I read this as "could teleport each one and kill them rapidly", so my bad. I did not go back and verify the exact phrasing again as you were already dismissive of any and all input, criticism and pleas with a "what we say goes" attitude in regards to mods. Yes, what you say goes, but at least take into consideration the people who supported your game during 10 years and kept it fresh with new things for the playerbase to enjoy while the core game matured. Oh, the question above: it broke every single mod out there needing a fully qualified list of people. Examples are everywhere around the mod scene, smaller and large. I have a mod that allows vehicle claiming with permissions management. When somebody wants another to be able to enter they get a context menu to add them. Another mod is an economy mod allowing people to wire each other money via ATM and here i need an instance because i need to get first and last name instead of usernames, as it is in an RP environment. Also wiring money to somebod 10 tiles away is not really sensible. It is an "across the map" feature.
  16. What? How do you teleport to someone if you don’t know they’re there? Ergo: it’s no longer a problem. You can tell its no longer problem because no one is contacting us telling us their server got wiped out or sending us the cheats anymore. I’m fine with putting in an option if the other devs feel it’s prudent and they have time for it, but turning it off seems like a significantly worse trade off than usual. Lol
  17. Then why are player coordinates of the others even relevant if they are teleported to the attacker regardless? The premise to break this core function was "use a list of usernames to teleport players to attacker and kill them" which can still be done with or without this function being useless now. If this is such a huge risk maybe putting it behind some anti cheat setting is a good idea then, so server owners can decide on their own, like with the other twenty something codes where nobody really knows what they do. Want a player list to be available? Enable anti cheat xyz, done.
  18. No. To use the teleport command* the server needs to be involved. The client can, however, set its own coordinates, especially if they work around anticheat. Not that they necessarily need to to create mischief. PZ, partially because it’s heavily moldable and because of its history as a sp game, is very client centric. Websites are not: the server controls everything. I very much doubt there’s many mp game out there that gives clients a complete list of everyone down to their position when they connect. The problems with that should be obvious. So, in short: we plugged an exploit that involved killing everyone on a server. It bugged radios (which have had several patches since) and broke a car claiming mod?
  19. Thank you for the report. Could you please share more details, it will help us to figure out the culprit here. Are you the owner of the safehouse? Did you create exactly the same character with the same user name on the other server? Both servers have Safehouse set to true?
  20. Any explanation as to why zombie camouflage is a big-no?
  21. This issue is under investigation atm. Thank you for submitting the report.
  22. Try going to C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid and delete the Lua folder there, after that try reconnecting to a server.
  23. How old is your save game (this has been fixed in one of the latest patches)? And also, can you find a car wreck that is not of a modded vehicle to see if you can dismantle that? (I can see that you've got mods there so that can interfere with this functionality)
  24. Can you share your logs.zip file found in C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid?
  25. Beard

    Game not working

    If you have an AMD graphics card then the recent driver for it is causing issues in OpenGL games such as Project Zomboid. I recommend updating your drivers to the latest Optional driver version from the AMD website: https://www.amd.com/en/support
  26. Wait for it to update within the next hour.
  27. Wait for it to update within the next hour.
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