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  4. Not gonna lie the fact that your account is public is somewhat convenient for us. I could try to flag the ticket for you but if you want I can create a new Steam account *for* you?
  5. Had just amassed a huge horde at doorstep of my base by turning the ambulance siren on. My idea was to stay behind a pre-made metal wired fence, safe, while shooting the zombies with my shotgun to increase my aiming skill. It was working fine and nice until I press "E" instead of "R" to reload my shotgun. My character just jumps over the fence to the angry mob's delight... I even try to press esc to cancel that action, to no avail... sigh...
  6. I ran into the same problem in build 40, I couldn't figure it out either, I guess it's a bug..
  7. Damn it's like they're teasing me now. They're messing with the privacy settings and for some reason made my entire account public. Probably so they can do more phishing or something.
  8. Well it's worth a shot right? And I got a bunch of people to flag it too.
  9. Can you go to C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid and upload the "Logs" folder? Just attach it to your next message, it will show us what those errors are exactly.
  10. I run PZ on a Intel laptop, so the game keeps crashing now and then (had to reduce all settings to the lowest) so occasionally items are deleted. I thought this was the case for some axes and propane tanks I had put in the back of my battered ambulance. I then put a full big hiking bag with a shotgun, boxes of ammo, lots of food and some fishing gear. To make space (the trunk only has 50 capacity now) I moved some items that hadn't glichted out of existence to the seats and put the bag on another seat. I then clicked on the trunk to find my original items gone and my quite valuable hiking bag gone.
  11. I've already had eight or so people I know report it and hopefully others that I don't know have gone ahead and done it as well. Ain't really sure I can file a support ticket cause it ain't my account?
  12. I've been looking for tutorials on how to create new clothing items (modded tshirts and else) and haven't found anywhere a guide or tutorial to help me with that. Clothing doesn't appear in itemzed so i guess that's not how it's done. Also the search bar ain't really accurate since you cant search especific subforums. Any help will be appreciated.
  13. Also, looking for a detailed tutorial on clothing. If anybody found out one, or is able to share their knowledge with me i'd really appreciate it.
  14. So here's some new ones plus a fact check on #2. 2. Went on a window smashing spree and couldn't reproduce. Maybe that was just a one-in-a-time weirdness. 6. The Storage Facility near Riverside has two toilet rooms that are missing doors. You have to sledgehammer your way in. 7. Graphical Glitch at the Clothing Shop in Riverside (I play on a Mac btw) - somehow the mannequins are "mirrored" outside the shop. 8. PLEASE do something for cars flipping over (few) bodies on low speed. I just lost a promising character this way. I cleared maybe 20 Z's outside my base, 10 of them already on the ground, very low speed because it was a scrap limo with low hp, was not driving in circles, when all of a sudden the car flipped. That's just not physically possible. There wasn't a pile of bodies and with like 10 kph at most I don't see how a 1.5 to limo would ever flip when driving over was what maybe 6 bodies. I consider this to be a bug but have to cope with feeling a cheater if I activate my backup 9. Now I'm perhaps a bit pedantic but the char died when the driver side window broke due to zombie attacks. Thing is, the limo was lying on the driver's side window, the windshield was intact, and their should be no way for zombies to reach you, as it is when you park close to a building. Edit: They shouldn't have been able to reach the driver's side window in the first place to damage it, as the car was lying flat on that window without moving. Edit2: forgot one. 10. The sound radius function for attracting z's with vehicle sirens, honks, house alarms etc. is larger than what the player can actually hear. To reproduce: start the siren on a police car and go away. After some distance, you won't hear the siren anymore but there will be lots of z's who follow that sound. This makes no sense lorewise since the living should be able to hear better than the dead On Singleplayer, this is not so important but with Multiplayer I see problems, when you have hordes moving and you have no chance to have a clue at wtf is actually going on. Edit3 - I promise it's the last one also zombies inside buildings seem to be agitated by a close siren the same way as the ones outside, while if you're going in the building, the siren will be not as loud as outside.
  15. No I do not play with mods, playing on version 41.27
  16. The crazy thing is I don't even own CS:GO but my nephew is young and thought he was saving me money. But if you can throw in a support ticket for me with all this info and also keep flagging the account I'd appreciate it.
  17. Yeah that's how I got hacked. But how will they restore it? They don't know its been hacked.
  18. Steam should by default recognize that it's not your IP. I'm sure they'll reset it back to your control once they see that it's obviously been hacked. For whatever reason hackers always boot up CS:GO.
  19. So I have an idea. For now if you can just get it shut down I can contact steam later to get it back up and in my control again. Right now I'm more worried about my card. So keep up the flagging campaign, get the account inactive for now temporarily so the hackers don't steal my card or start buying random shit and drain my account dry. I'm sure Steam will do that. If you need I can give you the IP's of the hackers if that helps. It wont match steams records of my IP.
  20. Noticed a repeated issue where I can't remove a car key from a corpse's inventory once I kill it. If I drag/drop the key to my keyring, it does nothing. The workaround seems to be to grab and drop the corpse and then you can take the key from its inventory.
  21. On the topic of gas can weight, I also noticed this odd behavior when i had 2 crates full of completely filled cans and one crate held more than the other!
  22. I tried that. Tried to do it under a friends name but the request failed. I figured it would work because he doesn't have a steam. I'll need someone to put in a ticket for me.
  23. Just checking if the devs confirm this as an issue as I noticed the exact same location with the issue was posted on reddit by another user along with similar posts in other locations involving 2nd+ levels of buildings. EDIT: Changed title to 41.27 as issue still exists
  24. I would make a new email cause you can't associate two Steam accounts to the old email.
  25. I guess I'll have to make a new email then. I mean if I attach my old email to my new account idk if they can put that email back on my old account.
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