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  3. The issue seems to be due to you having an outdated driver. Can you try downloading and installing the latest drivers for your graphics card? https://www.amd.com/en/support/download/drivers.html You can read the guide for it here: https://www.amd.com/en/resources/support-articles/faqs/GPU-131.html
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  5. I try to launch the game on steam or just from my desktop, and it just never opens, it will say launching and never does, im new to having a pc, so i have no idea what to look for, would really appreciate some help console.txt coop-console.txt logs.zip options.ini
  6. Admins I was just wondering can I get unbanned it’s been a year the guy I fought with are friends now my username on discord is BloodWire display is captain crow I have a crow profile picture
  7. Hello to all Roleplay and Project Zomboid lovers, I invite you to our new Operation Story RP server, don't wait too long to join!! if you like good quiet and fun RP then this server is for you! come in now the first MiniRun starts soon! https://discord.gg/EwvZK2FD
  8. I found my mistake. For those interested: I forgot to put `}` at the end of the script. Yeah xD But I still won’t refuse your advice on creating functioning tiles in the game
  9. i suddenly feel eager for a wafflecake with strawberries and chocolate
  10. see, what really draw me to this game was exactly the "The Sims 1" visual, but with guns! Also, being able to get in a car and actually drive it , something TS1 wouldnt allow. some may say that bad advertising is still advertising. But getting too many people to the game with the wrong idea, could be harmful in the long term. To tell you the truth, the first time i installed the game, i hated it, and ended up uninstalling it. Didn't ask for a refund. Later on, i don't know why, it came to me that saying "good things are hard", ... so i decided to try again. In my gameplay, i came from "dying in the 2nd zombie" to "being able to survive almost 2 months" . I'm still trying. many games allow external modding, PZ is not the first and surelly wont be the last. Hell, depending of that one person's perspective, any changes to the default behaviour of a game could be considered modding. Like difficulty (easy - normal - hard) , camera-view, etc. Its just "internal" modding. like i tried to mention in the other thread, (and SilentLight 's writing corrected me ) its only my personal feeling, that external mods change too much the original gameplay intention. And it really might get to a point of being a cheating mechanism. Someone said in an earlier post, that a non-official modded server could be used intentionally to harm other people, and i agree, because the majority of the players actually have no idea of what the source code of those mods could do. Trojans and backdoor exploits, maybe ? It's online , right, so it's always good to be careful. Yes. Well, if the game allows modding, as long as the source code is not being modified, people could have a possibility to create their own experience. It's a good thing, i think. But at this point, i'll stick with the "vanilla way" of playing. At least, until i can figure out the rest of the game. Who knows, in the furure, i might too, to try mods, We never know.
  11. I'm trying to add two new tiles to the game so that I can turn them into machines in the future. I made three files: .tiles, .pack, CB_WorldFiller.lua. Arranged them as follows: When I load the server (this makes it easier for me to work and test the functionality of the mod, write commands, etc.) with such a set of files, it loads and works. But as soon as I add the following script, everything stops working: module CBitems { imports { Base } item Press { Type = Moveable, DisplayCategory = Furniture, Icon = CBpress, Weight = 5.0, DisplayName = Press, WorldObjectSprite = press_test_0, } With this script I am trying to create an item (press) so that the player can later craft it, place it and use it for work. What's my mistake? Please tell me, I spent eight hours trying to implement all this.
  12. Gotta disagree about most of this. Mods more often fill niches we're not interested in exploring, in ways that we feel would not be fitting with the game; Mods often scratch that power-fantasy itch that some expect from their games; mods often turn something more organic ( and yes, playing it safe is the natural outcome of that in this setting ) into something more gamey if that's what players want. This may sound judgmental, but it's all good to me -- the whole point of supporting mods is to let you do your own thing (up until it impinges development) while we do ours, after all. It's just that people as a group also do not agree on everything and don't seem to have a grasp on what they actually like. They often ruin the fun for themselves because of this. We can't make millions happy - sometimes we can't even make ourselves happy because working in a team is always going to be some of compromise, even while pursuing a specific vision. PZ can't be all things to all people short of recreating the universe atom by atom: you see needless grind, other people see 400 hours of gameplay inexplicably chasing those skills (when they could just change the XP modifier). I'm personally bewildered by this and we'll likely change the skill system to what we feel are it main detractors, but you do you. Same thing for combat. Some people do not seem to want to put in the time to plan ahead (anticipate momentum, know when they pushed too far for the underlying mechanics) or learn how it works (trial and error; change behaviour; die a lot) -- so be it, there's a mod for that. Some people do not like randomness in games at all -- so be it, someone will probably mod it out one day. But ... we're not going to take on things we feel would hurt the game or slow/distract development just because server owners are way too liberal with mod selection. :/ We respect your right choose, to customize the game. Just remember that our goals might not match your taste (same for individual servers). In practical terms? just got to get out of your own head and have some fun. That's all that matters (so long as you're not hurting other people). Don't worry about ruining the vanilla experience for yourself. Mod it, tweak it, or don't touch anything and embrace the suck. Don't overthink it, unless that's fun in itself, ofc. :p
  13. That is progress, can you in that case share the console.txt file found in the C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid folder? Or you can screenshot the alternate launch window again, the window should stay open even if the game crashes and show the error messages at the end. Additionally, new err_pid files might be created after this crash when you click to start, which would be different from the ones you already shared, since the issue is different now. Therefore, can you share these new files as well?
  14. This message should not be related to your issue, the pauses are only a few milliseconds long, you can read that in the rest of the message. Instead, the crashes sound more severe, can you share the hs_err_pid files found in the main folder where the server is installed and started from?
  15. Facing this issue suddenly today, unsure exactly what causes this. I am using a premium subscription server host but we are now suddenly seeing major issues with chunk loading and then after some time with roughly 5-6 players online the server will suddenly decide to crash.
  16. It's a shame to hear that won't be a priority any time soon. It is impossible to use some mod features like shops without it or change button mapping But I will try what you said for the closing of the window. In the case that it does work, thank you.
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  18. As our discussion is about Vanilla/Mods, I've written a reply for you in a separate thread: I don't want to derail these nice folks thread about their server.
  19. This is a forked thread from a discussion about someone's offer for a free server. I've forked it on the basis the discussion is less about the server offer and more about views on the differences between vanilla and mod experiences. I don't want to derail the other person's thread. Original post I'm replying to. The issue I have with modded play, especially in YouTube videos, is they actually change what the outside perception is of the base experience of Project Zomboid. I was drawn in because of a YouTube video, but I was very confused when I noticed certain features were absent in the game. Many of these videos don't carry disclaimers upfront that they're modded - often just mentioned offhand late into the video - and some them can even give advice that is incorrect for unmodded gameplay. And many of these mods can be contradictory (a 'realistic' weapons mod that introduces a lethal rapid fire BB gun), or contrary to the difficult spirit of Project Zomboid gameplay, for example, rapid fire machine guns, an overabundance of easily accessible guns, easy-to-move doors, overpowered armour that is 'relatively' easy to access, negation of slower-walking-whilst-aiming (without the nimblefooted skill), the introduction of careers that make things easier (E.G. soldier), a bow and arrow that offers stealth and no drawbacks. To me, that effectively feels like I'm cheating the underlying mechanic, or rather, not respecting the underlying intention that things be difficult. I also think it distorts the outside perception of what Project Zomboid actually entails. As an outsider, to me, it looked like a game where you endlessly gun down large hordes of zombies, with maybe some Minecraft-esque base building and survival. A sort of, tower-defence type feel. But when I started playing it, and saw how slow reading for a skill was, and the manual fridge food cooking washing and mood aspect, I said 'this is like the Sims [the classic early 2000s version] with zombies'. And that's probably the more accurate portrayal. The Sims with zombies. Not 'Doom run and gun large hordes'. For me, the jury is still out on my opinion of Project Zomboid. I like the intention, I can see what they're going for - what a Zombie movie would look like if you took away the glamour and showed what happened inbetween. But I also feel like certain elements of the gameplay... don't lend themselves to fun. And I don't mean 'Doom shooty shooty' fun, but the kind of general fun you're meant to have in a game. The skill tree feels grindy and inconsistent - somehow a guy who spends days studying a book knows less than a guy who watched a one hour cooking show(???) and gameplay kinda feels like it swings between two extremes - high intensity all-on zombie fleeing action or household chore simulator. There is something there, I can feel this game has greatness, but, it feels a bit... sloggy. I feel like the mods are an attempt to compensate for the uneven vanilla gameplay, but they're introducing other people's visions of what they think a zombie game should be and nearly all of those views involve 'gunning down large quantities of the undead'. The problem is those ideas aren't novel. I think Project Zomboid is onto something with the Sims angle, but it feels like the zombie combat experience and the time spent hiding like a coward in your house doing household chores in vanilla gameplay are disjointed affairs.
  20. I tried disconecting the Joystick from the computer, i opened the game and it worked. but when i clicked to start it crashed.
  21. Ok, there are the files Yes, i have a joystick connected to my pc. Does that cause errors? hs_err_pid6860.log hs_err_pid13632.log hs_err_pid7792.log hs_err_pid8500.log hs_err_pid14036.log
  22. Try going to the C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid folder and edit the options.ini file with a text editor. In that file, edit the fullscreen=true line to fullscreen=false Then try launching the game again. This is to test if the issue happens in Windowed mode as well.
  23. Server Info: The Last of Us Chronicles is a permadeath roleplay server, but instead of being up 24/7 it will be hosted in 4 sessions where all players get online at the same time. The 4th session will be a finale, ending the story until a sequel event. To play in this event you will have to join the discord and create a character with a backstory beforehand. Lore: It is October 2033, 20 years after the world fell apart. You have been sentenced to death by FEDRA, whether justified or not. Just before your scheduled execution a strange, well-dressed man enters your cell. He gives you an offer. Go to the abandoned quarantine zone in Trelai and prepare the area for reoccupation, or die. How easy or hard the decision was only you know, but in the end you look up at the man and choose to go to Trelai. He barely even acknowledges your answer before getting up and leaving the room. The next day you are escorted to Trelai by helicopter and dropped off at a random location, all alone. They give you a sheet of paper with your job and take off. They didn't tell you much, but you understand that if you don't get this job done before they return you will be put to death. If that proves too hard, you know of another way to get in their good graces. FEDRA found what they believe is an immune survivor, if that’s even possible, but before testing could begin the survivor ran away and escaped to this city. You have a picture of their face, and just maybe the will to drag them back to FEDRA, preferably alive. This is, as the name suggests, based on the world of The Last of Us series. For more info about the world watch the HBO show or play the games. Trailer showcasing mods and gameplay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eszpQNGhOlU Discord server: https://discord.gg/Wn4EHV4xv7 Session Dates in EST (All are on weekends): May 4th 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM May 5th 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM May 11th 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM May 12th 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  24. I’m having issues with the game, Project Zomboid. In Project Zomboid, I’m encountering a specific error. I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but every time I launch it, the mouse stops working. How can I solve this problem?
  25. I got myself thraped on a roof one day and it got me thinking, maybe i could drop a dead corpse from the roof, and when the crowd go there to check it out, i'd run to the other side. Or even throw itens over a distance, to confuse them. then, i think .... were those zombies THAT persistent when they were alive? They would be good employees for a business company !
  26. I was wondering... does bathtubs work with 12 collectors ? I never survived long enough to test water collectors, but we pipe them on both sides when installing.
  27. Yep. like a small box near the door. In real life, alarms run with a battery, so even with a blackout they'd still work for a few weeks, or even months. Also, there are heat-sensitive detectors, so dead bodies wouldn't activate them.
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