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  1. because thats more clicks than I have to and I've never had any ill effects from bowl water! I would totally be up for side effects for this kind of thing though, more side effects the better. EDIT: Oh and yes toiliet stashes, imagine being chased and stuck in a bathroom too and you check the toilet and you find a gun!
  2. VividHazE

    On the Test Trail

    Excellent progress guys! I think its safe to say you are closer to the end than the beginning. I am liking the new zombie features that are making them harder/more scary/life like. Its one of the few games I want it as real as possible and as hard as possible, but with enough tools that if you are smart enough you can survive, for a while.
  3. There was some discussion on Reddit about whether we are drinking out of the toilet or the place with the handle. What animation did you have in mind?
  4. Awesome updates guys thanks for your hard work!! Please take your time on the MP, cause once its in me and my friends will be playing non-stop
  5. Tried out PZ for a good 30 hours lately after not playing in ages, things are really improving. Have a couple of friends will be jumping in as soon as MP goes live. Great work so far devs!
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