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  1. This does not seem to work at all. I can see no code change for it either. Can you confirm this has been merged properly?
  2. Doing it like that seems like a bit of a hack though, since you're changing it globally, not just based on the current player? Edit: this *has* to be done with an event. You could have multiple players look at an item in a container. You will need to show each player a tooltip based on the player's state, which may not be the same one, when sticking to the read/unread example.
  3. Tiax

    Loot tables

    Well the change could be as simple as adding a lua table instead of a string to the Distribution. Let's go with wallets on inventorymale: inventorymale = { rolls = 1, items = { ... "RiversideMap",0.1, "Wallet", 1, "Wallet2", 1, "Wallet3", 1, "Wallet4", 1, "Locket", 1, ... } }, becomes inventorymale = { rolls = 1, items = { ... "RiversideMap", 0.1, { "Wallet", "Wallet2", "Wallet3", "Wallet4" }, 4, "Locket", 1, ... } }, Type being string/list should be easy to check in the java. If it's string nothing chang
  4. Tiax

    Loot tables

    Let's talk about how loot tables currently work. I made a mod adding a bunch of items, added them to the loot tables for zombie male+female as a (what I thought was a rare chance) drop and to my surprise got stuff from every couple of zombies. Really... stuff dropped like crazy. Checking the the java implementation, I found the equation for loot to be generated in a container is: Roll N times (that's a var in the table) for every item in the table check if: Rand.Next(10000) <= loot_table_chance × 100.0 × luck_modifier × world_loot_modifier + chunk_zombie_intensit
  5. Request: OnInventoryItemTooltip It would be nice, if mods could implement dynamic tooltips on inventory items, based on the game's or character's state. Example: achieve something like the vanilla game's "already read" on literature items.
  6. Already put it in the release announcement thread, putting here again to properly track it: Unstacking three or four logs still yields three or four ropes, respectively, instead of the two (from the new recipe in 41.46). Temporary fix in Steam workshop for my fellow lumberjacks: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2292387684
  7. Unstacking of 3 or 4 logs returns 3 or 4 ropes respectively Workshop fix, until an official release fixes it: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2292387684
  8. It seems like the same thing happens, when you cancel (ESC) during the casting animation.
  9. Was doing some testing with the nutrition system and enabled the "stored calorie" display in ISCharacterScreen.lua While jogging (SHIFT key) seems to increase the calorie burn drastically, sprinting (ALT key) burns the same calories as standing/walking!
  10. From checking the LUA, it looks like smaller food items (based on "hunger" value) will always be forced to the same consumption time as cigarettes: steamapps\common\ProjectZomboid\media\lua\client\TimedActions\ISEatFoodAction.lua o.maxTime = math.abs(item:getBaseHunger() * 150 * o.percentage) * 8; if o.maxTime > math.abs(item:getHungerChange() * 150 * 8) then o.maxTime = math.abs(item:getHungerChange() * 150 * 8); end -- Cigarettes don't reduce hunger if o.maxTime < 100 then o.maxTime = 450 end I published a small mod to fix it on the Steam workshop, if yo
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