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  1. All other ways got no results. I don't even understand why we even have to discuss such miserable bugs, such things should not even exist in game. The true of eyes pricks. This is pure provocation, no chance...
  2. What do you mean? I'm not Indiestone and never work for them.
  3. Overal condition of trailers does not affect its volume, it's 100. I suppose bodywork contition should affect it's volume.
  4. Made this report October 9, to fix that you need 1 minute, nothing done even now, and you block my account for aking who make balance in the game, because I suppose he ashamed on his work and how he doing it. Also I made post about wrong balance in bottles for water. One again - nothing done. Beer bottle you add in previus path have unbalance stats 0,4 weight can contain 12,5 units of water, wine bottle can contain 12.5 water units and have 1 weight when full. You just copy past code strokes and too lazy to normally made balance. To fix that you need 2 minutes, this is r
  5. So you will continue add random buildings on map, I get. Ok... just need to let other people know about that, thank you.
  6. Well it's not single building, they already add more. I don't need to live there, and I don't made this map just delete this https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Knox_Country and delete all mentioning about Knox Country. You type to me like I'm made this map and trying to hold it at all cost... pff
  7. It will harm game map, read this https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Knox_Country So we should delete this post then and start making sandbox map, no more Knox Country etc...
  8. What do you choose If developers will add some random buildings around cities we already have or they will add Louisville? https://www.google.ru/maps/@38.0980454,-85.8860136,10.5z It's not possible to add both at the same time, because they spent time on add or create new city.
  9. Most pressing issue is 150 trunk size in station wagon for now, with was added in 41.46 also beer botle with have 0.4 weight and contain 12.5 units of water. Who make balance in the game?
  10. Game map was made from real world map and some developer start add building that is not exist in real world, why? What for? Will you continue add building and cities, like Riverside where we have chemical plant instead of city? So game map will become sandbox instead of real world map copy.
  11. https://map.projectzomboid.com/#10630x9211
  12. After 1 month developer who do balance did nothing. This screenshot is a proof that we still have same nutrition stats for beef jerky in game ver. 41.46
  13. Wine empty bottle have 0.3 weight can contain 12.5 water units and have 1 weight when full. Bourbon empty bottle have 0.3 weight can contain 12.5 water units and have 0,7 weight when full. This is wierd. Have same empty weight as wine bottle and holding same amoung of water but have less weight when it full. Beer empty bottle have 0.1 weight can contain 12.5 water units and have 0,4 weight when full. Beer bottle shold have less capacity than wine and bourbon bottle. Plastic empty bottle have 0.1 weight weight can contain 10 water units and have 0,8 weight when full. ok We will t
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