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  1. Anyone got what is that mean? Any picture of that? How and where it looks like?
  2. Prevention for prone zombie heads clipping through walls and obstacles: Falling and prone zombies will now slide away from walls. well ... it's still looks weird.
  3. Falling from where? From roof? From 2-nd floore? From space orbital station? Can you type normally what you done - when character pushed zombie it does not fall out of the wall. Are you translate your patches from china to albanian then from albanian to english. I'll ask google to add chinalbanenglish language to translate your patch notes.
  4. Caught on video! Time is already set, so you'll see exact moment when player stuck in aim mode.
  5. I was in the same situation, luck restart the game before they got me. Was in situation, when I ran out of ammo and zombie was in point blank.
  6. Siply there is no ammo magazine for MSR788 Rifle and MSR700 Rifle. You will find ammo and rifles, but you will never use them, because such weapons need ammo magazine to operate. I started game 100 times, with maximum on all items spawn and lucky perk. 10000+ rifles 9,9*10^9999999999999 ammo, no ammo magaine
  7. Developers changed angle and range of all melee weapons not so long time ago, so for now it was bad angle and range on this video. As for me - situation we have now is unacceptable, so I agree in changes to recalculate priority targets and increase angle and range.
  8. 0:25 player hit on bad angle, and the weapons now became more demanding on attack angle. So aim better. 0:44 by some reason game count second zombie who was after the first one as a prime target this should be fixed. 1:16 not enought time for rotation and hit started on wrong angle. Some firearms also miss zombie who is in front of you they just move forward without get in hit, they some kind of ghost zombie. I can do some video about that.
  9. I can do that in 1 minute, I mean I can fix tat in less than one minute, ctrl+c ctrl+v couple times and it's done
  10. .308 is already exists in the game, but some developer create nonexistent .556 cal for M14 M14 have to use .308 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.308_Winchester it is 7.62×51mm NATO for M14. If you'll fix that make new .308 ammo magazine for M14 and .308 ammo magazine for MSR788
  11. You right .223 could be replaced into 5,56 mm, Any way 0,556 inches and 5,56 mm is not the same, so it have to be fixed.
  12. .223 Remington = 5.56×45mm on NATO classification, but it was Remington who create that cal. NATO is just organization that call some MiG-27 airplane as a Flogger-D, but who care how NATO call some thing, .223 Remington still .223 Remington and MiG-27 still MiG-27.
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