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  1. So i'm currently on a 2 months save and when i was about a month in i began experiencing FPS issues at certains locations, for exemple i have a garden on the roof of my base and whenever i go there my fps will drop to like 20 fps, or when i'm going in my storage area I do have certains mods but not big mods, and even without mods i experience the same issue, i always had problem with FPS on this game but it's never been that bad I have RX 5700 XT GPU, and AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU with 16gb of ram, what can i do ? Is there something to do in the radeon software ? I don't want to give up on my save but i can't play with all thoses massives FPS drops
  2. Thanks for the answer ! Can't way to try this
  3. Nice update ! Can i find trailer in my current save ? Do i need to go to unvisited area ?
  4. When you destroy a wall with the sledgehammer, the floor is dirty and you can't clean it up It would be cool if we could clean it up with bleach so that it can fit with the rest of the floor (the wall is still there on the screenshot, i didn't have sledgehammer to provide a good exemple)
  5. Is that normal ? I just died on a 10 days game and i didn't find anything to see the current time, i'm on a new game and still nothing.
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