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  1. I don't see any difference with the new update, puddle on or off have no effects The more rain there is, the lower my FPS is Here is a screenshot of my FPS in the top left corner during heavy rain : (I tried to lower all the settings and it didn't change anything, so i went back to the normal ones)
  2. Thanks for the answer ! Can't way to try this
  3. Nice update ! Can i find trailer in my current save ? Do i need to go to unvisited area ?
  4. I can confirm that with puddles off my fps are still low in rain
  5. Ok, thank you for the help ! Can't wait to try it
  6. I tried to changes some things in the AMD software but didn't get any increase in performance I thinks i'm gonna have to play like this, and do nothing during raing
  7. All done, still the same I can't even play anymore, i have a 1000$+ computer and i have 25 fps when it's rainy outside I feel like i've tried everything
  8. When you destroy a wall with the sledgehammer, the floor is dirty and you can't clean it up It would be cool if we could clean it up with bleach so that it can fit with the rest of the floor (the wall is still there on the screenshot, i didn't have sledgehammer to provide a good exemple)
  9. I don't have any mods, and i already removed some of the zooms but with my specs i dont see why i still have theses fps drop
  10. Yes, i disabled indoor rain, i've put puddle and water quality to the lowest and it didnt change anything
  11. Hey, when i zoom out or when it's rainy i get lower FPS (from 144 to 50) And in my task manager, PZ use 99% of my GPU in "System" is that normal ? I play in the last version of the IWBUMS My specs : AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Sapphire Radeon RX 5700 XT PULSE RAM : DDR4 Corsair Vengeance LPX, 16 Go (2 x 8 Go), 3200 MHz SSD : Crucial MX500, 500, SATA III
  12. Is that normal ? I just died on a 10 days game and i didn't find anything to see the current time, i'm on a new game and still nothing.
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