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  1. Kappatao

    Rusty Rifle

    Is the pink/blue hair colours new? I don't think i've ever seen the option ingame before (unless it's a hair dye i've never found)
  2. Kappatao

    Noise Works

    The sound of new sounds sounds amazing! I kinda feel that this is one of the remaining areas where PZ has the greatest potential to shine, so I'm hyped for this one. If Mark has almost finished his 3D models, is there a good chance they end up in b41 and not later like originally planned?
  3. It would be quite nice if you could open boxes of ammo (and possibly put ammo back in boxes) straight from the reloading radial menu, instead of having to go into the inventory each time you need to open a new box . Limiting it to opening 1 box per button press would be fine I think, if you can just press the button more than once, and queue up the amount of boxes you want opening. Or maybe something along the lines of a "hold" press to open all boxes (though that is used more on controllers, and doesn't translate that well onto M&KB). Please see image for rough example.
  4. Just curious, once things get more polished with MP, could you guys stream/record and upload your entire wednesday tests (like you did before the release of 41 IWBUMS)?
  5. 1225: A replace bandage option in the health menu, that combines the actions of remove bandage and selecting a new bandage (I suppose it would default to the same type of bandage if you have one, or the best that you do have if you don't have the same kind) Also adding on to this, perhaps let us wear bandages, even without injuries (for fashion purposes)?
  6. why thank you kind sir! Just reminding people y'know.
  7. I've noticed this quite a lot with those kinds of tiles (It happens quite a bit around gas stations aswell.) It seems to be some kind of "additional" tiles that are added onto walls etc. for more detail, that don't get cut away properly.
  8. That's a great idea, but then you end up where we started, within invinsible floating sky bases with zero downsides. At least with zeds being able to tear your rope, you need to think a bit before destroying your stairs.
  9. This. I find it so annoying to see my cars etc. wobbling on the ground. It's been around so long I'd started wondering whether it was just me that noticed it. Sorry to hijack your post, but I would really like this issue to get more attention (along with the character occaisionally visually clipping through 2d objects).
  10. This is a good idea IMO. To balance it however, cars would have to not be invincible, which would probably require more work than the current solution did, so I'd say it's understandable for now that things stay as is
  11. Just curious, what are bumped anims? Are they the same as player hit reactions, or is it when you jog past a zombie and "bump" them?
  12. This is a very simple suggestion. As it currently is, bandanas have quite a messy way of wearing them (an issue that was resolved for hoodies and ponchos and fanny packs a while ago with the addition of the "wear" menu). Notice how Untie Bandana and Tie Bandana are seperate to wearing on your face. (TBH the wording of these is kinda confusing aswell) Here is the solution that has been implemented for hoodies, to clean up the clutter in the RMB menu. Just a simple proposition to apply the same "wear" menu to bandanas (and maybe reword the Unti Bandana
  13. This is more of a question than a suggestion. I've been wondering, will stubble return as an option for male characters in b41? I'm also just gonna tag an arbitrary reminder than belts and splints still don't have any visuals yet.
  14. While we're at it can we PLEASE get a fix for the horn not looping correctly (there's a click/buzz currently at the end of the horn sound when it loops).
  15. That's been around as long as I can remember. If i'm not mistaken though, isn't the M16 the fully auto rifle that hasn't been implemented fully into the game yet, and as such still has quite a few bugs? (I get the m14 and m16 mixed up so i could be mistaken). I used to think firerate was somehow tied to framerate, but I think it's just a bug in general, that will probably get fixed once the gun gets fully implemented.
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