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  1. I think it would be pretty cool to have a sandbox option to have the ingame map as an item. It could then work similar to how belts unlock the ability for a hotbar (except obviously, this being a map that unlocks the ingame map function). It would create the possibility of people looting your map and getting your map markings in MP (so you might want to think about if you really need your base marked?), almost like a player made annotated map. It would also balance how you can die and magically knowing every location your previous character did (as you would now need to recover your old map to relearn your discovered locations).
  2. Oh it's definately related to that. Hopefully it can be fixed.
  3. When you place an item now, it's possible to cause parts of the item to dissapear if you place it on a tile boarder for a multi tile object e.g. a table. Attached is an example with makeup and a mirror on a table. To reproduce this, place the item on 1 tile, overlapping the other. In this picture they're placed on the bright tile, overlapping the dark one. It's interesting to note, if I place them on the dark tile overlapping the light one, they display correctly.
  4. Kappatao

    Next Up

    smiling cow isn't real it can't hurt you.... smiling cow^
  5. The current blood system is pretty nice (bit morbid I know), but there's a few things I feel it's lacking, so I thought I'd put em in a nice little list. Blood on the character should go darker with time, like blood on the ground does. Bleeding should add blood to the body part that is bleeding, and eventually soak through clothing layers. Following on from the one above, certain injuries shouldn't bleed straight onto the floor (e.g. your chest is bleeding, but you're wearing a t-shirt, so it would have to soak through the shirt before you start painting the floor red.) You should get blood on your hands for bandaging yourself/someone else (if they have the bleeding moodle) Placed weapons should still have their blood textures (This used to be a thing before all the 3D models where ingame if I remember right) In addition, the dirt system could be expanded a bit; Digging furrows/graves should make you dirty (especially if you use your hands) Not sure if this one is ingame, but walking through trees, and walking without shoes should make you dirty. The current dirt texture is very similar in colour to the blood texture (this wouldn't be a problem if the blood texture colour matched the blood that appears on the ground.)
  6. Just gave the the new update a try, thought I'd give my 2 cents, mostly about the UI. Might it be worth moving the Toggle PVP button to a hover menu under the client button (like the pick up furniture/map buttons are atm) to avoid cluttering the LH side of the screen with a lot of buttons? Also neither the map or magnifying glass buttons light up to show if they're active (when clicked on). EDIT: The magnifying glass lights up if look mode is active, not if the menu is open. I like how you've done the hints on the foraging menu. I feel like the new foraging system has been around long enough for people to get used to, can we get the old button removed (right click in a forest still shows the "forage" text)? Also it would be nice if foraged items showed in the loot menu (I get that this probably isn't possible without cluttering the world with junk items) The new tutorial guide is quite nice looking aswell. My one suggestiong with that menu would be to increase the sensitivity of scrolling, currently (at least with my mouse) you have to scroll for ages to actually get anywhere in the text. Being able to Right click the container list is great, but it currently doesn't seem to work on the loot window, only the inventory. I feel like the Remove map symbols button is a bit to "accessible" for something you won't want to use often. Maybe move it up to the symbol panel? Also as a side note, our character looks at a newspaper model when you press M, but a map model is ingame, so could these be swapped?
  7. Kappatao

    42 Techdoid

    Great to hear about the technical updates. Better performance is always great, and letting the game utilize better hardware also sounds great. One thing I'm curious about; will the improvements rendering help with performance on integrated graphics (I personally haven't used integrated in years, but I've heard it's quite rough) or will it just benefit dedicated gpus? It'll be great to be able to drive without getting motion sickness from sub30 fps.
  8. It kinda does with the keyring anyway (the keyring is always named after the character)
  9. This would be an easier fix if it worked the same way windows worked; press e to open, hold e to climb through. Then you don't need any extra hotkeys.
  10. Whenever I die in the new MP branch, I'm not able to "respawn" using the "create new character" button from the death screen. It just pops up the red error box and doesn't do anything. This is in MP and SP, but it's especially problematic in MP because I then have to close down any hosted server and create a new character from the main menu. This is happening consistently (for me) in vanilla. To reproduce it should be fairly simple. create a character, get character killed, and click the button. I'd provide error logs if I knew where to find them.
  11. Just been playing around with the new map tools, which let you zoom in quite far (infact, so far that you can clip inside your character model), which made me think; wouldn't it be nice if you could zoom in this much outside the map? Screenshots attached for comparision.
  12. If I remember correctly, in b40 you couldl scroll through a massive list of containers around you, drag the items you wanted into your inventory, and continue browsing while the character picked up those items. Now the current b41 system might be more realistic, but to me at least it feels a lot more clunky. Now, the game will autamtically switch to the container you're looting from, even if you're currently looking in another container. This gets quite cumbersome if you're taking a lot of items from one container, and want to look in another, as you can manually switch back to the other container, but will keep switching back to the container you're looting from for each item you take from it. My proposal is to add an accessability option to switch between the current system and the old one. I personally found the old one less frustrating, as I could pick items I wanted from a container, and then instead of watching a green bar fill up, I could look through the rest of the boxes in the pile.
  13. How on earth are you getting that much visible dirt? I've been convinced for the longest time that the dirt system was bugged, I can never get any. Unless it doesn't show on clothes or something.
  14. Kappatao

    Search and DeZtroy

    Just a thought I had; Since you're working on a new map system, it would be cool if the current ingame journal system/note taking system where expanded and integrated into the new map, as journal pages etc. Maybe even have it as an item you spawn with that gives you the ability to use the map, and journal (kind of how a belt lets you use the hotbar).
  15. If I may chime in here and hijack the post a little, but doesn't having every CD/VHS (even the home ones) in a list available from the get go spoil the excitement of finding them? I know we can't see the contents of them, but some (especially the home VHS) have rather spoilery names. Might I suggest instead of having a massive list of all of them, there's instead the skill ones (just like for books/magazines), then for the "flavour" CD/VHS there's a number (so you know how many there are in total), and then they only appear in the list once you've found them?
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