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  1. Update: Here is the original thread where I found out it was supposed to be a bug https://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/0/5717866822629306576/ Looks like they'll be adding a size option for the clock, so that's good news.
  2. So is the big clock interface here to stay? I'd heard it was a bug that was being looked into when 41.51 launched, but it's been two updates and it's still oversized, which is leading me to believe this is intentional (Which IMO would be unfortunate, as I personally think it's a tad too big and takes up a bit too much of the screen. It just feels a bit out of place, as it's much larger and HD than any of the other HUD elements). If it is here to stay, could we get a slight resize of the speed buttons so that they line up with the edge of the clock again? It used to be so satisfying
  3. Since we're getting a whole load more cursors (e.g. with farming) and radial menus (e.g. the emote radial menu), there's some QOL that I think would greatly benefit them. Firstly cursors. It would be nice if there was a keybind for cancelling (or turning off) a cursor. I know esc cancels the cursor, but it also cancels any action you're doing, and any time warping. I instinctively right click to cancel them, which kinda, as opening the right click menu turns the cursor off, but I think it could be streamlined a bit more, e.g. right click cancels a cursor if you have one selected, but
  4. We recently got some nice QOL, where you can now switch a flashlight on/off while aiming (which is super nice btw), so I figured it was time to suggest this. Now, it would be super nice if we could open windows while aiming (like you can with doors). I think it would help reduce the "friction" between the aiming and normal walking, and as E isn't used in combat, I don't think there's any danger of opening a window and getting locked into the animation mistakenly, especially since you can cancel the animation anyway It would also be nice to get a key combination or
  5. As far as I can tell it's not been implemented fully yet. I've never noticed it actually appearing from gameplay (visually), and tbh I've never even noticed the dirtiness stat change how you described it (but I've probably never observed it properly). I just did some testing in debug mode (take that as you will, it's probably not representative of normal gameplay), and from what I could tell, doing actions like digging furrows, doesn't make things dirty. Exercise will add to the stat a bit, but nothing visual, and I think walking through bushes is supposed to add visual dirt, but seemed v
  6. While the star was pretty awful, it would be nice if you could mouse over the items in your hands/hotbar to see their tooltip (and hence the durability).
  7. This is kinda dissapointing tbh. It's too big IMO, and you can't enable/disable the alarm from the ui. Also a lot of the female hair cuts still go to a pony tail when wearing a hat, even though we have the long hair for hats. I also noticed some of the new DEBUG uis don't work (they don't open anything) Other than that pretty cool update. Love the mohawk details. Props for the optimisation (just spawned 1k zeds, and the game is actually running, so that's really greatt to see!)
  8. Thanks so much for the info on the error screen, i've never been able to close it before!
  9. Water Storage: We should be able to fill bathtubs, sinks etc. before the water shutoff to provide more water after it is shut off. Weapons: This mod does a pretty good job of rounding out the unused items as melee weapons. Notable mentions of missing melee weapons: lug wrench (I can't remember if the wrench is a weapon or not), kettle, gas can. Clothing: Belts, holsters and splints should have visuals. It would also be nice to have sneakers that have white borders, like the canvas shoes added by the Paw low loot mod.
  10. I don't think they should be merged back into one skill line, but it would make sense (IMO) to get a bonus in the opposite skill tree once you reach a certain level. e.g. level short blunt to 8, and you get a 2x multiplyer to long blunt xp (and vice versa).
  11. TIS have already said multiple times they're not gonna do this, because there is virtaully no difference between the CO-OP and full blown server code wise.
  12. I remember a while back some modder on here was working on actual proper curved road tiles (not 45°, actual curves). I don't remember what happened to them, but they looked quite promising. I'll liink the post if I can find it. EDIT:
  13. Kappatao

    Rusty Rifle

    Is the pink/blue hair colours new? I don't think i've ever seen the option ingame before (unless it's a hair dye i've never found)
  14. Kappatao

    Noise Works

    The sound of new sounds sounds amazing! I kinda feel that this is one of the remaining areas where PZ has the greatest potential to shine, so I'm hyped for this one. If Mark has almost finished his 3D models, is there a good chance they end up in b41 and not later like originally planned?
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