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  1. Even if somehow you could get your iPad to run OS X, or emulate linux or something, you'd be dissapointed in the performance I'd imagine. iPads may technically be more powerful than a couple of year old macs, but Macs have fans, which means you can push their hardware further before they thermal throttle.
  2. Try it on a new save. Older saves can get wierd glitches that don't happen on newer ones. (Could also be the mod, but I'd suspect it's more likely to be the fact that your save is really old.)
  3. Kappatao


    Do tropical storms naturally happen ingame (I.e. with vanilla climate settings)?
  4. I would post screenshots of what I mean, but I don't have access to my PC ATM. Here is a clip I managed to find, where if you look close, you can see the grass appear temporarily through the car. Sorry Enigma, I fail to see how IK factors into clipping? Could you elaborate a bit? Thanks all for the insite you have provided tho.
  5. Collision is already a thing in PZ, so they are already kinda simulating IRL physics there, or else you could just walk through a wall. What I'm referring to is purely a cosmetic issue that's been in the game for years. I remember when cars where initially added, they had a much bigger problem with the draw order of sprites, but it was mostly fixed. I'm just curious why it's been so difficult to 100% fix. In your first point, I would argue that it does affect player enjoyment (At least for me), since, especially after such a big visual upgrade as 41, it's just jarring to see half my character inside a wall. Yes it might not be a huge issue, and any other development team I'd not question it, but I know TIS have an eye for detail.
  6. I get why that kind of clipping happens (where two 3d models intersect and overlap). I'm talking about the type of clipping where a sprite will be rendered in front of a 3d model, where it shouldn't, e.g. when grass sometimes gets rendered infront of your car, and you can see it through the car.
  7. I'm just curious, maybe someone who actually knows how the game renders could answer this for me. What causes the clipping of sprites through the 3d models in the game (e.g. when driving and grass shows up through the car, or when crouching near the corners of buildings), and why does it seem so difficult to fix?
  8. Nice sounding update. Since we now have visible watches & jewellery, could we get visible belts, holsters and splints?
  9. For a few updates now (I think it's ever since the update where animation cancelling was added) , when using a double handed weapon, (e.g. an axe, or a baseball bat) the miss attack animation has often played when the character isn't missing. I'm talking about the animation where one hand flys off of the weapon, which (I assume) should only play when you miss an attack. I have found it playing on the first hit of a zombie, then subsequent hits play the correct animation (usually). Apologies if this has already been reported, but seeing how long it's been around, I hope it get's fixed soon.
  10. I feel the general concensus about welding masks is that they should be able to be worn with hats, but they where clipping pretty bad with most of the hats in the game (and tbf it was quite op). Can we not wear bandanas and welding masks anymore though? I'm kinda hoping some more work get's put into it, so that we can eventually wear em with hats, without clipping, but this is an understandably easier solution in the short term.
  11. NGL didn't even know you used to be able to do this.
  12. Could I just get confirmation that this is only the first emote update? As of right now, I've noticed some features missing that where mentioned in previous blogs (e.g. walking while emoting/ favouriting emotes ), and I just want to check that these haven't been scrapped.
  13. What would also help with digging through uis, would be a text search option for the inventory. Another addition I feel could benefit the game a lot is being able to collapse and item type (e.g. collapse all your equipped clothes into 1 single item,especially now we can have so many equipped items).
  14. FYI you can just go to the install path, and find the sound files there to play as you want. But yes, more ways to support the devs would be nice.
  15. Kappatao

    Totes Emotes

    The emotes look awesome! I have a question though; will certain ones be triggered automatically (like your character yawning when they're tired, or holding their nose around corpse piles)? I think it could be quite cool for giving the player feedback about what their character is feeling like.
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