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  1. There are some corn fields ingame. I'm no programmer, but i'm pretty sure that refers to the corn in those fields, as they are "containers" that you can loot to simulate picking corn.
  2. you can use a sledgehammer to destroy any tile that isn't dissasemblable.
  3. To save having to make multiple topics, I'm just gonna bundle a few suggestions in this one thread. My first suggestion is to bring the some of the design decisions from the temperature menu, to the protection menu. I think the "hover over a body part for more info" system works really well for the temperature, and would clean up the protection menu a lot, so it's not just a long list of ugly looking stats. My 2nd suggestion revolves around the inspect menu for clothing. I think it would be neat if instead of the white silhouette you get when you inspect some clothing, it would be nice to have a 3D representation of what the piece of clothing looks like on your character. Something like the character info screen, where you can rotate the character model, except maybe zooming in on the piece of clothing that is being inspected. Personally, I also feel that the inspect menu could be usefull, if expanded to all items. It would give a nice place to display more advanced stats, in a larger window than the hover text. It would also give be nice to view weapons (and eventually every item) in 3D, even if it's just for looks. I also feel it could benifit controllers a little, by having some of the options that we have from right clicking an item, in a menu where these actions could have hotkeys etc, kind of like how the crafting menu collects a lot of actions that are spread over several menus into one. Let me know what you think.
  4. A problem I've run into a couple of times is not being able to see underneath roofs t hat are out in the open. I'm talking about things like the roof over the fossoil gas station in muldraugh, or the awnings on some of the mall buildings. The problem begins when they don't cut away unless you're basically underneath them, meaning you're going in blind, not knowing what zeds are underneath said roof. The way I see it could be fixed are; Automatically cut away the roof if any zombies are underneath it (which could be exploitable) Cut away the roof if you're zoomed in far enough (probably the closest you can be zoomed in) Cut away the roof if you're in look mode (holding rmb and dragging the mouse) I think some system is necessary (my favourite being cutting away the roof if you're in look mode), as the with current cutaways, though it's nice being able to see the whole building, you're at (in my oppinion) quite a disadvantage. Let me know what you think.
  5. I'm just kinda sad that there is no drinking animation for auto drink.
  6. How did you get the trunk open like that? Did you edit the model in debug mode?
  7. My apologies, I have just been informed that the ground is covered in muddy puddles, which are less clear than normal puddles. I would delete this post, but I can't figure out how
  8. I noticed today while playing, to me it looks like the puddles are inverted, with the whole ground being when, and a lot of dry patches in the shape of puddles. I'm running the game with all puddles enabled, up to high quality.
  9. I like this idea. A classic zombie trope is throwing objects to distract them from your location. I t hink it could fit nicely.
  10. It's something that's bothered me quite a bit since 41 came out. I also imagine improvements are in the works, it would just be nice to know for sure if this isn't going to stay this way. Currently when you climb through a window from the outside, and there is a counter in front of it, the player character will walk over the top of the counter and drop to the floor. When you try and leave a window when there's a counter in front of it, the counter has no collision, and you can just phase through it, which I think is quite a shame as it's quite imersion breaking (for me more so than, for example being able to walk through chairs.) Will this stay the way it is, or is it something that we have to wait for the cover system to get fixed? Here's a gif of the situation in action (sorry for the low fps)
  11. Kappatao


    The way I imagine would be to tell the game to draw certain tiles above the player character when they're prone, and then disable those tile's collision (kinda the inverse of how counters in front of windows work atm)
  12. Kappatao


    I'm not sure whether more movement options like proning (lying down) would fit in PZ, but i think it could be a neat feature (maybe tying into the upcoming cover system). The immediate use I can think off the top of my head would be hiding under tables, and making guilllie sniping more stealthy. Let me know what you think.
  13. It could also add a use to some of the lesser used items in the game (e.g. the pillow).
  14. Being able to push them out of windows would also be a nice addition.
  15. I fele stupid, what is blooo?
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