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  1. How to translate the channel's title?
  2. [BUG] It looks smashed the wrong window. https://youtu.be/lW6ZPVxedU0 And the zombie looks like floating in mid-air.
  3. It looks cool in the challenge: House in the Woods - Last Stand Accumulator Anyone can make it as a watch like items?
  4. [BUG] We can still fall through this roof.
  5. [BUG] The pills and other non water containers still use fixed capacity.
  6. [BUG] It looks like some inverted pyramid stand on the cropland.
  7. Your Thursdoid here https://projectzomboid.com/blog/news/2020/07/looks-different-somehow/
  8. In EN/IG_UI_EN.txt line 40 IGUI_ContainerTitle_corn = "Corn", Is that mean ? Or something container I never seem?
  9. But actually, it doesn't load completely after "THIS IS HOW YOU DIED" and even "Click to start" on some slow PC (even on my 6700K). I usually wait for the fps raise to normal before to 'click' to start.
  10. [BUG] Cutaways and lights will not work properly if you destroy the house wall.
  11. Is there possible to make tents more realty/useful? Hope we can see this: Enter the tent for shelter from the rain/cold etc. like the house. Store something in tents, like a container. Protect from zombies attacks, but with condition drops, like clothes.
  12. [BUG] Save file crash when saving at sleep. a
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