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  1. I don't know why, but it can't use my High Performance GPU any more. And... Is there possible to support GPU switch in game? Desktop w/ Win 10 1803 CPU: I7-6700K GPU: GTX 770
  2. Very old bug... since 41.1x......
  3. Is the self-make building still not work for Agoraphobic & Claustrophobic?
  4. [BUG] The backpacks will get bloody and no way to wash.
  5. [BUG] You can reload or rack your gun when driving. If you can, please make sure you don't have the third hand to operate the steering wheel.
  6. Same, how to translate the radio text? And how to modify the "translations by"?
  7. [Suggest] It would be great if the game screen will be blur or gray or even both when the player nearly die.
  8. Yep, thanks guys, that's really good to know. If I can't sprint, then I should not use a spear as my main weapon.
  9. I had tried all the keys, but still...
  10. Happy new year! A question, how to use controller to sprint? [Suggest] Add a keymap like this to help people learn how to play with a controller faster.
  11. Cancer simulator, wow, I can learn how to take care of cancer people from the game, that's cool! You are pushing so hard then will push you back! Your shoes don't have enough grip to keep you stand in place!
  12. Then just do anything you want, and I found a mod in workshop can read just 1 page, you can try that.
  13. So why not add a heart attack? It sounds great!
  14. Life is always unfair. This is not a trade or something fair simulator, this is a damn life simulator. No winner, only loser. TIS is teaching us to enjoy the damn shit, don't complain all the days. Be happy, worst could be worse, maybe you are not the worst.
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