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  1. Yah, and the "climb over" is more likely natural. Now their behavior looks more intelligent.
  2. Steps: Options Go to the Sound tab Click Advanced Audition any music Click close You can't get the BGM back until you start the game.
  3. (Press Space to continue) It looks was hardcoded in the file.
  4. As the title. It doesn't appear on the consume list, does it mean it doesn't consume any power to work? And... Do you see that I can see the item icon through the window, but can't see the floor?
  5. Sandbox_ZoneStoryChance It was added to the 41.45 translation file. But I can't found it in the game even on 41.46.
  6. Looks when the metal trap breaking, it will spawn Unusable Wood. That doesn't make sense.
  7. May I ask you how to activate the debug mode?
  8. When you set the start time at "5 AM", you will start at 9 AM.
  9. Hope we can use the simple models for all things like the old version to lower the system requirements. Make the new version run smoother on the vintage machines. This may be provided via "2D style DLC" etc.
  10. Is there possible to use the tool to track the original radiodata changes? I found it will lose hundreds of lines after loaded the build 41 RadioData.xml.
  11. In LINE 701: https://github.com/TheIndieStone/ProjectZomboidTranslations/commit/cf0d7ea2d8ad972c702edfe129799e62f52745f0 This will cause the context menu can't interact with the upper items. It's recommended that to use a different name or change how the context menu works.
  12. ItemName_EN.txt LINE 448 ItemName_Base.Glasses = "Reflective Sunglasses", LINE 454 ItemName_Base.Glasses_SkiGoggles = "Ski Goggles",
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