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  1. I think this is a hardcore game. You must read the wiki if you have no survival experience. But if you can handle yourself in the real world, you should no problem to play this game.
  2. [BUG] If you right click the gun when it's reloading, and then click reload again, you will add one more bullet to the gun. Unload is also.
  3. But... it's bad if not frozen, it just cream, no ice
  4. [BUG] Eatting Ice Cream will get bored when it has frozen.
  5. [BUG] Ice Cream will get bored when it has frozen.
  6. [41.18 BUGs] Is The TV shows will give you much less exp when you fast forward? e.g You will get 5 times when normal, but only 2 times when fast forward. When you star a recipe, the list will move to top automatically, it's very annoying! Skill will lack to upgrade auto in some time, like watching TV shows. Need to click it by player to upgrade. Is the spear charge attack still not work? You can sit down at any time no matter what you are doing, and won't stop the work. Already cooked food can be cook again. e.g put it in two bowls. [Suggest] Make a separate location for character clothing, it's too much now, not easy to check things in base container. It there possibly to set back to normal speed when finnish working? e.g Read a book, chopped down a tree, etc.
  7. Maybe they can cut the arm like TWD to keep the virus out. Then the HY mod's prosthesis is made sense.
  8. The reason is "leave some useful stuff at safe for the next lucky survivor".
  9. I think you guys just need a serum.
  10. Now only support and locked to 2 channels, and no way to expand to more channels. If it can support up to 8 channels or more it would be super great!
  11. Yea, one plugged into nv, one plugged into intel. But I disabled the nv monitor in windows setting, it can only be used for the programs that were set to high performance in windows graphics setting, or something that supported switch GPU itself.
  12. No, it won't work with desktop cards. I'm using iGPU for desktop and nvGPU for games. Using this Win10 function I can leave almost all resources for gaming. It works for other games that I played, except PZ.
  13. Can't display correctly when forced to use the secondary graphic card. The process will run, but not load textures to the selected graphic card.
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