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    Migoxiss reacted to IanSchot in World Furniture!!!   
    I and i'm sure the other countless masses have noticed how restaurants in project zomboid are missing important facilities...
    like DEEP FRIERS.

    and DISH WASHERS... But i didn't draw any art for that yet...
    And garages and stuff would be better if there was a larger variance of containers that arent wooden crates, card board boxes, shelves, cabients.

    ...I don't know some stuff like that.
    just sayin'.
  2. Spiffo
    Migoxiss reacted to Geras in Player built walls zombie resistance overhaul - "buffer HP"   
    (Not my idea, but I found it brilliant. It got lost somewhere on this forum, and never had a separate topic created.)
    One of the users suggested a rather long time ago that player built walls should not be able to be destroyed by a single zombie. He or she suggested that walls should have "buffer HP".
    Imagine, now even a single zombie can destroy a lvl 10 carpentry wall or lvl 10 metalworking wall given enough time to head-butt at it. With wall "buffer HP" that would change and make walls more realistic and more resilient to zombie damage."Buffer HP" would be an additional wall HP that regenerates quickly on top of existing wall HP.
    How would it work in practice?
    For example, a lvl 4 carpentry section of log wall would have enough "buffer HP" to withstand an attack of 5 zombies at a time (total amount of zombie damage from 5 zombies would not get past the regenerating "buffer HP"), but if another zombie comes and head-butts the same wall section, they get past "buffer HP" and destroy the wall in time normally, as it happens now.
    My suggestion for the amount of "buffer HP" would be as follows:
    (Numbers could be balanced, I don't even know if it's possible to fit 14 zombies on a tile of map)
    Standard board wall + board window barricades + wooden doors (weakest of all walls):
    (Add 1 zombie resistance if playing a Carpenter, Construction Worker or Engineer)
    - lvl 1-2 carpentry: 2 zombies needed to destroy a section (so 1 zombie will not be able to destroy a section)
    - lvl 3-4 carpentry: 3 zombies needed to destroy a section
    - lvl 5-6 carpentry: 4 zombies needed to destroy a section
    - lvl 7-8 carpentry: 5 zombies needed to destroy a section
    - lvl 9-10 carpentry: 6 zombies needed to destroy a section
    Log wall (strong defensive wall)
    (Add 1 zombie resistance if playing a Carpenter, Lumberjack or Engineer)
    - lvl 1-2 carpentry: 4 zombies needed to destroy a section
    - lvl 3-4 carpentry: 5 zombies needed to destroy a section
    - lvl 5-6 carpentry: 6 zombies needed to destroy a section
    - lvl 7-8 carpentry: 7 zombies needed to destroy a section
    - lvl 9-10 carpentry: 8 zombies needed to destroy a section
    Metal wall + sheet metal window barricades + metal doors (ultimate zombie defence) (can we make metal doors?)
    (Add 1 zombie resistance if playing a Metalworker, Construction Worker or Engineer)
    - lvl 1-2 metalworking: 6 zombies needed to destroy a section
    - lvl 3-4 metalworking: 8 zombies needed to destroy a section
    - lvl 5-6 metalworking: 10 zombies needed to destroy a section
    - lvl 7-8 metalworking: 12 zombies needed to destroy a section
    - lvl 9-10 metalworking: 14 zombies needed to destroy a section
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    Migoxiss reacted to nasKo in Build 39: Vehicles released!   
    Survivors of the Knox Event can now drive vehicles and explore every nook and cranny of the vast Project Zomboid map.
    Vehicles are enhanced with real physics, and come with all the expected sundries such as a UI dashboard, headlights, expanded inventory space, car horns, air conditioning and car radios – and the capacity for breakdowns, part replacement and collision damage.
    Mark.exe has been kind enough to record a short video to explain ’em. Please consider going and subbing to his channel if you don’t already!

    Nine different vehicle models are available – not including variants on these such as branded vans, or emergency vehicles. The PZ garage runs the gamut from family cars to police sedans, to Spiffo restaurant vans.
    Vehicles can be found outside homes and in parking lots – while keys can be found in nearby homes, in the vehicle itself or on the floor. Hotwiring is also a skill option.

    Players can replace spare parts, tyres, suspension, brakes and more – all of which can be damaged by situations such as overuse, off-road driving and collisions.
    Vehicles must be topped up with gas, have charged batteries and each variety of vehicle has its own set of replacement parts for players to add to their chosen transport.
    To accompany vehicles a Mechanic profession and skill have also been added to the game – allowing for increased chances of successful part installation, and trickier repairs.

    PLEASE NOTE: Due to the massive engine and gameplay changes required for vehicles, game saves from the previous build 38.30 are NOT compatible. If you want to continue your game a Steam beta channel for the previous Build 38.30 has been provided.
    PLEASE ALSO NOTE: While we’ve taken a lot of effort to get this build as bug free as possible, due to these huge changes to the PZ engine we can anticipate many bug reports, and also the potential of operational issues on computer set-ups that weren’t part of our IWBUMS beta process. Please report any issues here, and thank you for patience.
    The PZ map has been expanded – filling in the countryside between Riverside and Rosewood with farmsteads, camp sites and various nooks and crannies to explore in your cars, vans and ambulances. The official PZ online map has been updated to reflect this.
    A lot of optimization has been done under the hood to make way for vehicles: general map streaming performance, garbage collection improvements, UI framerate changes, rendering of non-visible internal tiles to provide smoother play around tall buildings etc. Many, many other improvements to game systems including: player-crafted double-doors and gates, new sandbox options, map improvements, MP and co-op tweaks, external generators, loot and XP balance, UI improvements, better gamepad controls and much much more. For the full changelist, and information on about a million other fixes and tweaks, please visit the Build 39 release thread.
     While vehicles have been a massive group effort from a lot of people within the team, we’d like to give a special thank you to EasyPickins, who did a lot of the technological framework and put a lot of sweat and blood into the system for a long time before everyone else got involved. We’d also like to thank General Arcade, and especially Yuri, for his invaluable help in their integration and evolution.
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    Migoxiss reacted to Amenophis in Life : Another survivor mod   
    First, sorry for my bad english. Then, i know that NPCs are planned for future builds and that a mod already exists but I want to bring my vision to the game.
    I love the Nolanri mod that I have been using for a while. But I find it incomplete. So I decided to create my own mod.
    What will he do more than the Nolanri mod?
    Better AI. Explore, loot, eat, drink, sleep. Better survivors spawn handling. Better management of groups (yes with S) Talk with NPC. Become friends or.... ennemies Quest! Not a priority but i work on it. And more...  
    Currently the mod is only at its beginning but I already have a screenshot to show you!

    At left bottom of the screen you can see the interaction window. The available dialogs are below (yeah i have a deubg dialog lol) and the conversation history above. Still above is the status of the relationship. With "Let me see your equipment" (that changes in future) i can see the inventory of NPC in the window at right. I can drag and drop item like a normal container.
    The dialogs are like tree and each branch can contains other branches.
    I'll give you soon more news about development
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    Migoxiss reacted to Footmuffin in Survivors Mod   
    yeah! press either + or - on a number pad if your keyboard has it.
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    Migoxiss reacted to hunger john in RELEASED: Build 37.14   
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    Migoxiss reacted to Patrick H in RELEASED: Build 35.26   
    maybe that zombie has been visiting the gym recently.
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    Migoxiss reacted to MyTJ in A few features of NPC (hope I'm not too late)   
    Great idea
    Makes me think that most of the occupation should have a few "automated functions", like farmers removing plants with DWF under certain conditions, cook using spices only if there is a negative happiness stat, etc.
    Most of all, people eating cooked meal before raw ingredients, before non perishable food.
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    Migoxiss got a reaction from MyTJ in A few features of NPC (hope I'm not too late)   
    Maybe the "builder" and alongside that general carpentry is relevant for this discussion. I have the feeling that this is quite important, especially if you want to build a sanctuary with all kinds of stuff. I don't like the idea of having to "command" your fellow builder. Like wall for wall. Instead, they should do it on their own and if that's a bit to complicated, you should be able to do a blueprint, kind of, so the builder builds 5x5 Walls or even tell him to secure a certain part of a open field/space between houses.
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    Migoxiss reacted to Batsphinx in Ultima Warrior   
    Climbing through a window full of glass shards is bad enough in this game, god only knows what damage you'd do if you tried to launch yourself through a closed window...
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    Migoxiss reacted to DresdenBBQ in Ultima Warrior   
    Why can we just sprint and dive through the window? That'd be so much cooler . I mean how dope would it be to surrounded by zombies commin' at you and you turn around and bust through the window to escape! Other than that great work!
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    Migoxiss reacted to Keshash in Text events   
    Yes, something like that, but I don't think that such things during action is a good idea. It could work for some missions, but it'd need a perfect timing for standard sandbox.
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    Migoxiss got a reaction from Demonic_Kat in Rotate Map   
    I think with other viewpoints the Game would lose his magic

    *cough* Bathroom-Zambies *cough*
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    Migoxiss reacted to lemmy101 in Re-Animator Mondoid discussion thread   
    Well considering the animation system being required for the NPCs the prime reason for a lack of recent progress on the NPCs, that the animation system was started about 2 years after NPCs were, and the animation system needing to be in before NPCs can be released, this pretty much means 100% that it's impossible that animation system can take as long as NPCs ;P
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    Migoxiss reacted to Zapp Brannigan in Sprinting Zombies Shamble when Idle   
    I like playing Sandbox games with Sprinting Zombies enabled - gives a 28 Days Later or Dawn of the Dead Remake feel to things. One thing I really don't like though is that with Sprinters on, zombies do nothing but sprint. Even when moving a few feet they sprint fully. I think it'd be great if even Sprinters just shambled when idle, but when they get alerted by noise, an event, light, players, (and later) NPCs and animals, they break into a full sprint. As it stands Sprinters don't even seem to move around that much when idle to begin with, sticking in clumped groups. DotD Remake-style, if they could idly walk around when not alerted, I think that'd add some immersion and be less weird than them sprinting every time they move, even if it's just a foot or two. Maybe add it as a new option to the zombies? "Slow Sprinters"? Then for 28 Days Later style zombies, "Fast Sprinters"?
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    Migoxiss reacted to CaptKaspar in Slice Potatoes = Fries   
    Simple suggestion: How about slicing potatoes into fries (chips)? Potatoes and fries are already in the game. We just can't make fries from potatoes...
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    Migoxiss reacted to vanorfeadiel in Build 34 Discussion   
    Jack the true way to address that is to review sadness and panic (eventual mental health system).
    The following game change would resolve the worm eating issue.
    Hopefully mental health would go down when severely panicking or depressed (or maybe just depressed).
    It should go down like health and at zero the character should go temporarily insane (would get controlled by the NPC engine for a few hours, sanity slowly coming back to about 25%).   This is only because they don't want to put force suicide in the game.
    Let's focus on sadness first (with the following penalty and the mental health above you would think twice before eating a worm):
    Feeling a little sad
    "Find a way to raise your mood."
    -No game impact.  
    -First level of negative moodlet normally have no or little impact.  
    Getting a tad weepy
    "Seek some excitement or human contact"
    -Should start having an xp penalty about 10% less xp. 
    -Interaction penalty with NPC (placeholder)
    "Ravaged by mourning and depression"
    -Should have the same effect has slow learner (lack of motivation).  Both should stack but only for the remaining percentage (if they both give 25% penalty they would give 44% penalty together not 50%).
    -Should also get the effect of about half sleepyhead.
    -Very High NPC interaction penalty
    Severely Depressed
    "Find a way to forget reality"
    -Should have a 75% xp gain penalty (should stack with slow learner as above).
    -Reading book for learning purposes should be impossible.
    -Building things should be impossible.
    -Should suffer from sleepyhead (or double the penalty if sleepyhead has been taken).
    -NPC interaction should be severly limited.   
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    Migoxiss reacted to Banjo in 'Never' option for water and electricity in Sandbox   
    I'm a bit confused why this isn't already in the game, given the point of Sandbox is to let us set things up however we like. We can set 'Instant' but not 'Never' for when water and/or electricity gets shut off right now.
    Would it be possible to please add a 'Never' option for water and electricity, so we could have them never shut off if we wish?
    Obviously this would *only* be a Sandbox option, not something for regular difficulty modes or challenges!
    Hopefully this would be very easy to implement and give the player more choice in setting up their Sandbox games as they wish (for roleplaying terms, it could be that your game area is in a 'quarentine' zone where power and water are suppied from outside since the rest of the world is uninfected).
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    Migoxiss reacted to RobertJohnson in RELEASED: Build 34.10 - Food Tracker Build   
    Hello! As many of you know we're working on making PZ's food system and its impact on Survival more realistic. To do this we need your help!
    It's gonna be hard to balance, hence why we really need your help here, but please stay on the subject, you can sure comment if you think that the system is way too hard with having a good nutrition, but please explain why!
    This is not finished, some bonus/malus about the nutrition aren't in yet (everything about weight/fitness is in though, you can notice new weight-related traits)
    All the packaged food will have nutrition informations displayed, this may change to only display calories (a nutritionnist will know everything!) but try to not stick to that while eating, just act you're playing a normal game..
    Also some new foods are in, but not everything, I have more ideas about that don't worry
    We need to see your in-game eating habits in the curreng game, and once we've hoovered enough stats up we will be sure that when we integrate the new system it benefits the survival experience (especially in the late game) rather than become a pain in the arse.
    Right click Project Zomboid in your Steam library and select "Properties". Navigate to the Steam Beta tab and input the following password: spiffoburgers
    You may need to restart Steam to see the beta branch in the list.
    Play the game entirely as you usually would in normal Survival. After few days/weks (months even!) of play press the J key (character screen) and either screenshot or note down the new figures there: calories, weight, carb, proteins, lipids. These are the gamified real world stats that the new system will run off but will be invisible to most players.
    Then: post in this thread!
    Tell us game settings, a general run-down on what you were eating (more fruits/vegetables, anything you found, etc...) and either post your character screen or tap in your food stats.
    We will also need stats from the late-game, so if you could use a backed up save of a game that's 3+ months in then please do the same. Then post the info up here, being sure to tell us how long you've survived for when the stats were harvested!
    Only that we'd ask all discussions about the new food system to be in separate threads on the forum. This thread is purely for statistical feedback direct from your own PZ games. Thanks everyone!
    - Last note: This is a version directly from my pc, you may find some weird stuff sometimes (really not a big deal tho!), don't worry all will be ok for real release, stay only on nutrition, thanks
    - Also also: this test is stricly for single player for now, dedicaced server will not be updated.
    - I LOVE EDITING: I may in a future version add a debug files who tracks lot of thing (average calories, average weight gain/loss, how many time you run per day, what food you ate....)
    Update 2:
    Update 3:
    Please keep the thread free from discussions of anything unrelated to the nutrition system. Unrelated posts will be cleared from the topic.

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    Migoxiss reacted to RobertJohnson in RELEASED: Build 33   
    33.7 is out!
    Fixed mushroom/berries can't be add in the recipes via right click No-sound fix. Share OpenGL shader objects instead of creating one per model. Reuse WorldSoundEmitters and IsoWorld's SoundEmitters. Fixed random-building code sometimes putting bodies outside rooms. Fixed exception right-clicking on a burning campfire. Ambient bird sounds start near dawn and end near dusk. Fixed recipes that produce multiple food items not calculating hunger reduction correctly. Fixed amount of rotten food added to a recipe at cooking levels 8 and 10. Fixed hunger being reduced to zero after eating any amount of food reduced hunger below 20% Fixed greyscale w/ alpha PNGs not loading. Fixed inventory window minimum width being too wide on dual-screen displays. Fixed passive skills displaying "level up" buttons. Fade out main-menu music when starting a game. Updated Linux FMOD binaries. Updated FMOD version. Sound tweaks. Added PZServerSettings .class files, removed exe again. Fixed zombies spawning in random barricaded bathrooms Re-added mastered musics Fixed pain + drunkenness not getting reset to zero for god-mode admins. Fixed zombie creation in random safehouse when spawning is disabled. Fixed water tiles making water-drip sound. Fixed harmless Steam-related errors after soft-reset completes. Fixed fridge sound when power goes on or off. Fixed server crash when tv/radios destroyed by fire. Fixed helicopter started day 1 Fixed burglar alarm Fixed randomized building sometimes throwing alarm
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    Migoxiss got a reaction from MadDan2013 in why is pz dead?   
    Yeah I think he means public servers, as there are little to no players on them.
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    Migoxiss reacted to nolanri in A Fully Complete Wiki of All the Recopies, Crafts, Items, Weapons etc. in Project Zomboid. Including Hydrocraft.   

    We now have a page where you can look up all the information on any Item, weapon, craft, recipe on Project Zomboid including anything added from the Hydrocraft Mod!

    From the list of items or crafts click on any item or recipe name to see all the info on it.

    The Item page will show all the info, attributes and values of the item. And below that it will show any Recopies
    that require the item as an ingredient. And any Recopies / Crafts that can create said Item.

    The Recipe page will show all the info, required ingredients, skills and tools for any recipe. And even what book must be read to learn that recipe if needed.

    Hydro and The whole Dev Team at Aggressive Gaming's Newdawn helped to build this for you guys! So enjoy!

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    Migoxiss reacted to ethanwdp in Zombie infection mechanics explained   
    Hang on, let me hack into Project Zomboid's source code.

    Aand the answer iiiis
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    Migoxiss reacted to ethanwdp in Apparently flamethrowers are legal to own and use in the USA   
    They're probably only legal if you attack terrorists with it while riding a golden eagle that is singing the national anthem.
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    Migoxiss reacted to ethanwdp in Zombie infection mechanics explained   
    Posted a thorough analysis of the source code for zombie infection to Reddit a while back, might as well repost it here.
    This should clear up the exact chance of zombie infection and scratch/bite chance.
    Analysis conclusion:
    It's a secret to everybody.
    Full analysis:
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