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  1. I haven't seen new animations for it, but I hope there's also punching/smacking on windows along with thumping. Zombies doing nothing but banging their heads into doors and windows is pretty silly to watch.
  2. Well damn, that looks (and sounds) friggin' amazing!
  3. Thank you for your response. I apologize, I was unaware of what the balancing was based on. My misconception was you guys were making it easier based on the current build, not what's upcoming. It's more clear to me now and I really do appreciate that.
  4. That's my bad, I wasn't aware. I thought they were making combat easier from Build 40, not 41's own overhauled combat system. If you set them to Superhuman strength, I meant. Even then have you ever seen Day of the Dead? Peak classic Romero zombies? Even one or two of them can easily overpower an adult soldier if they get the drop on them. If Romero's what the standard settings aim for, they're pretty damn strong by merit of exerting as much as they can with no regard to strain, pain, or tiredness.
  5. I'm also not keen on the combat changes or strafing. Maybe if it's implemented in a way that tires the player out faster I think it could work, but otherwise zombie combat (zombat?) is already too easy. Zombies, alone or in groups, need to be more of a threat, not less, IMO. I miss the old days where even one zombie could end you if you were careless. That doesn't happen anymore, not unless you're using Sprinters.
  6. Looking at the newest blog post, I'm a little confused. Why is 1-1 combat being made easier? Zombies are already so much easier than they were a few years ago. Their animation's been slowed down and their hit registry feels off to the point I can stand in one place, let one keep doing its thing at me, and not get "hit" for a good 2 or 3 seconds. Especially on higher strength or speed settings zombies should be dangerous. If anything, they should be buffed. More pulling, clawing, punching, and tackling with the new animations, better hit responses to where if they do their animation, you get hit. You shouldn't be able to treat even small groups of zombies like a joke, but you can right now and apparently the group buffs are being dialed back. I don't think this is the way it needs to go, or maybe there should be a zed difficulty setting added that changes exactly how powerful they are more than the vague options we have now. My suggestion would be to either revert whatever nerfs or changes are coming to make individual fights easier, keep whatever group buffs there are after tuning them, and implement more concise, effective options for zombie difficulty. Superhuman strength should let them pull you down and hit you hard when they hit. Higher sense should give them better reactions. That sorta thing. I remember back in the DayZ days people complained zombies were too hard and they nerfed them big time, and in the recent game Hunt: Showdown similar complaints led its zombie-ish monsters to get nerfed into pointless distractions. I don't want that to happen with PZ. Zombies should be a threat you have to be careful with and learn to manage, not something you can easily strafe around and stunlock solo or even in groups, which you can do now. One shouldn't be instant death, not at all, but it shouldn't get any easier than it is right now.
  7. Muting or toning down the zombie door-slamming would also help a ton. I hate sneaking into a huge, dark building, not knowing what's around the corner, only to hear door or window thumping from several stories up. Kills the suspense. They should only be audible when you're close by.
  8. That'd lead to trouble with sprinters though, who should be able to vault over things as easily as the player and NPCs.
  9. We can go up, and soon we can go underground, but one of Kentucky's most prominent features is its rolling hills and mountains. It's the "Coal State", after all. PZ as-is is completely flat. The engine might limit this, but is there any chance in the future we'll see natural elevations? Hills, mountains, cliffs?
  10. This times a thousand. Their attacks should also be sped up. You kinda have to deliberately stand still for their hits to register.
  11. Loving Louisiana. Can't wait for this to be released.
  12. You can wake up from gunshots or other ambient events randomly. Would like a wake-up from discomfort though.
  13. It's pretty disappointing that, while PZ's zombies are highly lethal, they don't feel highly lethal. You can run into a group of six or seven with Superhuman strength as the setting and still last for a minute or more, getting pushed around lightly and occasionally scratched or bitten -- sometimes you don't even GET scratched or bitten! Seeing zombies do things like give you fractures from their slams and hits, pin you down, tear you up, do more damage in general. This could also play in to the (hopefully) upcoming amputation system, zombies biting limbs or something and ripping them off. Have some bites give you deep wounds needing to be stitched (maybe you'll get lucky). Overall, I'd like to see more injuries, particularly related to zombies, have the player die much faster when completely surrounded, and have generally more things happen when zombies attack you other than scratch, bite, or neither. Zombie hit detection could also be improved.
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