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  1. Vehicles Build 17 released: 1) Gamepad integration for Lootable map interface added 2) Add ‘disable experimental vehicles’ option on server 3) ‘Vehicles’ toggle on New Game screen made more highlighted/visible. 4) FIXED: Burned cars spawn above ground and slowly fall 5) FIXED: Vehicle shadow and collision boxes. Flipped cars should no longer lose collision. 6) FIXED: Player stuck in walking animation.
  2. Hey, thanks a lot guys! Doing ok now, this happend 2 weeks ago, didn't wanted to talk much about it, but mondoid mention with bit of his drawing will make my parentss proud Don't worry though, i'm full back on coding since 1 week now Really appreciate the thoughts, thanks again!
  3. Vehicle test build 14: Final acceleration approach to top speed put on a curve: in the last 25% of the highest speeds then acceleration should slow. This should feel more realistic and will allow us to space out RPM increase in sounds, and implement simulated gear shifts. It will also, hopefully, make high speed driving more rewarding. Engine gauge (rpm) and speed gauge added. [Visuals/implementation placeholder. Speed currently km/h but we will provide the option for m/ph later on] The amount of petrol/gas needed to drive any particular distance increased Leaving the car should leave the engine on. Player must manually turn off the engine. This will allow cars to be used as a distraction, and also allow for fast getaways. Slightly longer gap required between car ‘turning on’ and car being able to move. (A very brief moment) Increase chances of zombies being turned into crawlers after collisions Bug fixed: Vehicle gas tank is titled as Battery on the vehicle information window. Bug fixed: Cars can spawn on top of each other. Fixed bug with engine sound after starting. Fixed errors in log "moving vehicles..." when players move through the world. The car sounds are loading preliminary now. The occasional turning error that showed should not appear.
  4. It's not in vehicle yet, only in IWBUMS 38.5
  5. Build IWBUMS 38.5 [New] Changed how bodies make you ill, previously the bodies count was set on the current zone (and it could be really big) now a custom 30x30 tiles zone is created, meaning bodies illness/flies will spread only on 30 tiles. [Balance] Changed how bleeding from a scratch evolve, it should now resolve faster to avoid bleeding while the scratch is over. [Bug Fix] Fixed flies sound emitter overlapping. Fixed possible lags due to bodies on ground. Fixed problem with custom map loading (conflict detector on his way!). Added missing recipes with dirty rags. Added missing recipe for cleaning shoes.
  6. I think they didn't spawned inside the building, but they "simply" went through the walls. When sleeping, time goes really fast, meaning sometimes a zombie will check if there's a walls, but because of speed, he'll be already on the other side of the wall. Would need to confirm if it happend only when sleeping, i'm going to investigate in game also
  7. Looks like it was due to mods in the end?
  8. Would need to confirm it for build 38 as code have changed a lot in IsoCell :/
  9. About new view and bugs: it's IWBUMS guys, it will contains weird bug and such, it can't be always perfect on the first try if we add a button to toggle it, people will just turn it off whie it's bugged and we'll never have report on it... @junglistjim: You can't wash your shoes as they don't really become dirty, i could add it, but i found shoes were ok to not be dirty, thanks for the wash all bug, will take a look @Ronarch: In SP? Can you provide a screenshot so i can see the area? Also, it always bug, like even, if you reboot the game?
  10. Ok thanks, will try to reproduce then
  11. Don't see in the code why it should do that, but i'll add a fix anyway, thanks!
  12. Hey, how did you heal them, only bandages? Took any medicine/plants? Cheers
  13. Done new version: removed my debug file merged with latest IWBUMS
  14. Ah woops, it mayyybeee my fault... On IWBUMS or vehicle or both?
  15. IWBUMS 38.4 [New] Changed how custom maps are loaded: After selecting your mod, you now arrive on the "select spawn location" screen. There is no longer a "select map" screen - to avoid confusion. Every map mod that's enabled is now loaded, including their spawnpoints. This means you don't need to code your own 'multiple maps mod' to load up more than one. New sandbox option: Fire spread (previously No Fire spread on server): allow or not spreading fire. [MP] When a server save occurs all player action is paused for a very brief time. Currently a server option. This will hopefully reduce lag and side-effects of players performing actions during the save. [MP] Got rid of TransactionID while it's bugged & it made server saving longer. Changes on world view: Building levels above the player are ONLY hidden for the "current building". "Current building" defined as the building you're inside OR if you're outside, the building blocking our view of the player character OR a building whose window you're look through. To peek through a window stand adjacent and face it. Building levels are also hidden when the nearest visible zombie is behind a building. So if your character looks behind the back wall of a building and there's a zombie there the building's floors will be hidden just as they would if you walked behind the building. Building exterior walls are no longer stencilled to transparent when you're outside unless they are actually blocking the view of your character. [Balance] Lowered flies sound. Changed graves sprites for a 2 tiles instead of 3. (smaller graves)