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  1. Have you tried on IWBUMS?
  2. IWBUMS 37.4 [NEWS] Added a "Make Small Metal Sheet" recipe, done from a metal sheet + blowtorch/welding mask, gives 3 small metal sheets. Added new server option "HoursForWorldItemRemoval": Number of hours it takes for items left loose on the ground (not in containers) to disappear. Intended to prevent item build-up putting unnecessary strain on servers. Added a new Forage UI, when foraging it'll let you choose what you're looking for (mushrooms, berries, plants, animals, materials...). Also intended to prevent item build-up putting unnecessary strain on servers. Added Portuguese Brazilian community translation by HiveFuse. [BALANCE] Lowered the floor creak sound volume. Improved the loot distributions for the annotated map. Crafting a metal roof now require 1 use of the blowtorch. [BUG FIX] Fixed 64 bits version non working when loading a 37.2 to 37.3 version. Fixed floor creak sound playing on containers other than floorboards. Fixed some fish having wrong weight value calcul (pikes too heavy, etc..). Fixed thunder being heard by deaf characters. Fixed a crash caused by a zombie night event during player sleep. Added code check to avoid doing fall damage when running down stairs on laggy servers. Death by stairs averted. Fixed having bleach in inventory stopping you from eating evolved recipes with more than 3 ingredients. Fixed a crash due to burning IsoCompost item. Fixed blowtorch being removed if it is emptied. Fixed "e" context key not working to climb down a sheet rope. Fixed server crashes when removing a non-pvp zone. Fixed a bug in the calculation of reanimate time making every reanimation to zombie almost instant. Remove bush is now possible with a stone axe. Fixed metal door fences blocking the vision. Fixed vision not updating when barricading player made construction. Now walking to the ashes when doing "clear ashes" action. Fixed a wrong calculation of the non pvp zone size when creating it. Fixed wrong properties on Lettuce. Fixed clicking "Details" on the main screen opening up multiple UIs multiple times. Fixed duplicating factions. Remove plants + erosion data when placing floor Server options for radio tranmission staff members/invis players Some tiledef fixes Fixed oven and microwave can not be controlled from joypad Fixed do not stop alarm if alarm clock on the ground. Player can not activate alarm clock from joypad. Fixed 'Buffs/Debuffs in 4p overlap each other'
  3. What map are we talking about? Can you send me a pzmap link where you try to forage? Thanks
  4. Any chance it appears again? You know for how long you had this mayo, maybe it was off age, we don't have icon for rotten mayo, so could be that :/
  5. You mean it comes from erosion?
  6. changed status to: Fix Committed.
  7. changed status to: Fix Committed.
  8. changed status to: Fix Committed.
  9. changed status to: Fix Committed.
  10. changed status to: Fix Committed.
  11. changed status to: Fix Committed.
  12. Fix done in vehicles branch for now.
  13. changed status to: Fix Committed.
  14. changed status to: Fix Committed.
  15. changed status to: Fix Committed.