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  1. They are stocked in this file EG told me it's often a problem, I'll prob move them on their own file for build 38
  2. 37.11 [Bug Fix] Fixed a problem when loading some previous saves.
  3. I released a 37.10 which should fix this
  4. Build 37.10: Live on public & IWBUMS (in case someone forget to go back to public) [Bug Fix] Fixed crash when throwing bomb with explosion power over 100 (hydrocraft). Fixed being able to respawn stash container. Fixed zombies thumping on hidden floorboard container. Fixed being blocked by hidden floorboard container. Fixed some compatibility with hydrocraft when scavenging.
  5. What you mean by very shortly? Did scavenging for 1h in game my character hadn't got any exhausted moodle..
  6. MP or SP? Do you simply log off/on in the same house or you move around, come back... ? Also, how do you log off to trigger this? Ok, nvm, fixed it, thanks a lot
  7. Build 37.9: [New] Added -XX:-CreateMinidumpOnCrash -XX:-OmitStackTraceInFastThrow java parameters for windows. [Balance] Lowered annotated map chance from 30% to 20%. [Bug Fix] Changed "Annoted map" to "Annotated map". Fixed possible zombie crash. Fixed wrong capacity on player built containers (shelves, bookcase...). Fixed wrong displayed version number. You can now walk over composter but are slowed by it.
  8. Need to know what the crash is
  9. @dito: as i said, it can sound easy to you, it's not to me, composter are composter, walls derive IsoThumpable. Stop insisting :/
  10. And make it breakable as i stated many times is way more tough than you expect
  11. The composter act like a north-west wall, so you can hop it in any way, it's intended to work like this. We'll see once we get animations to do a "jump over full tile" animation, in the mean time it's either this or not hoppable at all
  12. Yep, only way to do it for now, we don't have climb over a full tile animation
  13. Build IWBUMS 37.8: [New] Updated translations. [Balance] Reduced the odd of having an annoted map to 30% (from 50%). [Bug Fix] Fixed some of the moodles descriptions. Fixed adding fuel to a BBQ displayed "add petrol" action. Fixed wrong items distribution in bar. Composter are now hoppable.
  14. Really sorry to hear this dude
  15. Build IWBUMS 37.7 Probably the last IWBUMS before public, will update translations before doing it. [Balance] Changed first aid kit red cross to a blue one. You can't wake up by moving in SP anymore. [Bug Fix] Fixed a rare null pointer in calcul visibility. Possible fix for multiple bags spawn on some treasure maps. Fixed black screen when sleeping in MP under certain conditions. Can't trade with a player asleep.