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  1. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Build Vehicle 36: [New] Added tooltip showing Username on the Scoreboard and Mini-Scoreboard. Added tooltip to Claim Safehouse context menu option when player hasn't survived long enough to be allowed to join. Accounts with access level other than "none" don't count towards MaxAccountsPerUser. Increase java heap max size on the Mac to match Windows/Linux (1200 MB). Added "Quit to Desktop" button for when errors occur while loading a game. Updated Vehicle shell textures. Updated Vehicle damaged shell textures. Identical items are now compressed to a single item when networking. Hide unused TransactionID column in Server Whitelist. Inflating tires now requires a Tire Pump. Updated choose-seat UI with Mash's new textures. Clicking a part in the Mechanic UI window selects the part in the list. Added "/safehouse release" command so clients can release a safehouse they own. Vehicle doors may be locked/unlocked from outside if the window is uninstalled, or broken or open. Added SirenShutoffHours sandbox option to auto-shutoff vehicle sirens. Clicking the overlay sprite on containers acts the same as clicking the object's sprite. Items are transferred in stacks of up to 50 items in a single action. When dragging items to a container, as many items as will fit are moved to the container, starting with the lightest items if multiple types are selected. [Balance] Keys no longer required to turn on/off headlights. Reduced the odds of damaging Muffler. Adjusted SportsCar extents (chassis was wider than the wheels). Limit vehicle speed to 55 in multiplayer. [Bug Fix] Fixed can't transfer items to/from bags on the ground. Fixed ObjectSyncRequests bug deleting multiple objects. Fixed missing on Linux server. Fixed BufferOverflowException saving vehicles with many items in containers. Fixed building walls not being possible behind staircases. Fixed vehicle backing-up sound playing when the engine is off. Fixed client spamming onBackSignal commands for vehicles without a backing-up sound. Fixed column order in server whitelist tables. Fixed "connection lost" message when client's Lua files don't match the server's. Fixed alarm clocks only waking players on levels 0,1,2 inside pre-existing buildings. Fixed IsoWindowFrame working for IsoThumpable. Fixed teleporting between front/rear seats in VanAmbulance. Fixed Vans having double-rear doors instead of a Trunk Lid. Fixed context menu position in mechanics window when scrolled. Fixed game hanging after "Player does not appear to have been created on this server." Fixed barricades, campfires, etc not being synced. [There might still be some visual sync issues to be resolved] Fixed vehicle dashboard remaining visible after teleporting from vehicle. Fixed putting items into compost bins. Fixed /additem without username when display name different than username. Fixed issues with mini-scoreboard and safehouse UIs. Fixed multiple copies of some admin UIs being created. Fixed items still disappearing during a transfer. Fixed incorrect vehicle lighting. Fixed car having an alarm if it wasn't locked. Fixed car's container capacity not taking Organized/Disorganized trait into account in a calculation. Fixed co-op hosts getting kicked when the game is in debug mode. Fixed vehicle lights and open/broken window textures when texture compression was turned on. Fixed vehicle brake lights, ambulance lightbar lights, and open/broken windows not rendering with texture compression is turned on. Fixed OpenGL coordinate overflow with path debug drawing. Fixed missing car name translations. Fixing missing PickUpVan McCoy texture. Fixed VanSeats having wrong textures. Fixed some vehicles having wrong damaged textures. Fixed missing IGUI_VehiclePartTruckBedOpen translation (trunk of pick up truck). Fixed missing burnt vehicles textures. Fixed burnt vehicles "floating". Fixed burnt zone sometimes spawning special non-burnt vehicles. Fixed aspects of map no longer streaming fully ahead of the player when moving fast after removal of Yuri's sync code - feedback required on this. Fixed vehicles spawning inside buildings when creating random car crashes. Fixed opening a vehicle's hood displaying the Mechanic UI. Fixed some hitboxes in the Mechanic UI. Fixed server not having up-to-date skill levels when installing/uninstalling vehicle parts. Fixed Mechanic UI not being draggable. Fixed the display of voice-activity and vehicle has-key icons when the DisplayUserName option is false. Fixed player getting stuck trying to walk a path when inside a vehicle. Fixed vehicle colors changing after reloading. Fixed BufferUnderflow exception loading unknown items. Fixed microwave/stove timers not counting down. Fixed hot/cold background colors of food being faded compared to earlier versions. Fixed vehicles won't start if gas < 0.1, but will run until gas = 0.0. Fixed window open/closed appearance sync in multiplayer. Fixed opening/closing uninstalled doors. Fixed "Start Engine" in radial menu being disabled when key is in ignition. Fixed client using InventoryItem.getItemCapacity() which isn't synced. Fixed long text in the vehicle radial menu overlapping the icons. Allow hotwiring (not starting) a vehicle when the engine isn't working. Fixed recipe food ingredients appearing available when multiples are required. Fixed missing hitboxes in Mechanic UI for smallcar. Fixed vehicle color being random for all clients. Vehicle updates sent for every vehicle. Fixing missing vehicle sounds on Linux. Fixed the type of battery not being displayed when trying to install one. Fixed vehicle hit-zombie and crash sounds not playing in multiplayer. Fixed vehicles not operating near the edges of the world. Fixed client constantly sending list of vehicles to the server. Fixed server sending every zombie idle sound as separate packet. Fixed some garbage collection issues with vehicles. Fixed uninstalling a tire from any car meaning that the image of the wheel disappears but still allowing the vehicle to move. Fixed pickup-truck trunk icon in the loot window. Fixed Mechanic UI drawing stuff when collapsed. Fixed usernames showing for splitscreen players when "Show your username" is false. Fixed choose-seat UI showing wrong texture for another player in a seat. Fixed entering/exiting vehicles when an obstacle is in the way. Fixed vehicles not smashing windows when colliding. Fixed vehicles not running if game window resolution is very small. Fixed some cars MP syncing bugs.
  2. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    So you sit in a car without key (door was open i guess?) and when the zombies thump lights started to turn on & off? Looks like alarm triggered when it shouldn't... You didn't hear any horn while it was doing that?
  3. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Different sounds are coming in, this is in fact the jeep sound, but it's used on every car at the moment because it feel better than the previous one
  4. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Build 35.3 [Bug Fix] Fixed map chunks weren't downloaded from server after joining. Fixed corpses can't be looted. Fixed missing on Linux server.
  5. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Build 35.2 [New] Added new sound to car's engine. [Bug Fix] Fixed wrong trove classpath. Fixed synchronizing the state of objects worked only for IsoLightSwitch.
  6. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Could you try to restart Steam or even reinstalling the dedi server tools? Just tried on vehicle branch dedi server worked here :/
  7. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    What OS are you using?
  8. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Build 35.1 Reverted the new syncing item process as it need more works.
  9. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    I'm aware that currently new car's damage models aren't working (damaged parts won't be shown) this will be fixed in a next hotfix. Build Vehicle 35: [New] Added 2 new cars: a Dash Ranger (similar, but not quite as good as a SUV) and a Luxury Car called a Mercia Lang 400. Basic parking stalls now have a small chance of spawning special vehicles (Spiffo van, Ranger car, police car etc) Added tooltip over Mechanic UI car overlay. You can now right click vehicle parts directly on the overlay, to bring the context menu that specific part. Updated some car textures. Force changing hotkeys of vehicle horn if it's the same as the 'open health panel' hotkey. Vehicle Mechanic system, emergency lights, car heaters and windows now work with a controller. Removed redundant vehicle options from the back-button radial menu. Added a UI for choosing which seat to get into. Added conditionAffectsCapacity property to vehicle containers. Added line in literature tooltip to reflect when recipes are already unlocked by Profession and/or Traits. Headlights and Tail lights can now be damaged in collisions. Added debug scenarios to help in testing for devs and modders (Create a new character quickly from Main Menu, setup params, sandbox options etc. Check lua/client/DebugUIS/Scenario/DebugScenario, can only be used in Debug). Added a -Dnosave argument in the command line for devs and modders. Use it to stop world saves when testing involves the creation of lots of new characters Added debug option to display circle around character's feet. Added ui for admins to inspect number of network packets sent/received. [Balance] Changed how car colors are picked. Previously there were mainly dull colours being chosen - vehicle colors should be a lot more varied now. Lowered chance of Muffler being damaged. Factorized a lot vehicle scripts. Increased damage done to vehicles by melee weapons. [Bug Fix] Fixed small car 02 not having a Mechanic UI vehicle overlay. Fixed numerous bugs in vehicle script (missing tire updates, some parts not requiring keys to operate, missing required recipes etc) Damaged trunk lid now governs if items drop from the trunk, instead of the trunk itself that governs only its capacity for loot. Fixed trunk/trunk lid having wrong part info description. Fixed using java.awt.Color (doesn't work on headless servers). Fixed cars making breaking glass sounds while driving around. Added missing translation UI_optionscreen_binding_Vehicle horn. Fixed one cause of zombies walking in place. Fixed exception when dropping a key onto the ground from inside a vehicle. Fixed server log messages whenever a player hit something. More tooltips respect the tooltip font size option. Hide the vehicle dashboard when the inventory window is displayed and player is using a controller. Fixed vehicle mechanics window updating when not visible. Fixed vehicle ac/heater window updating when not visible. Fixed oversized gas-pump texture in the vehicle radial menu. Fixed server exception when food rotted in a player's inventory. Fixed vehicle dashboard disappearing when a splitscreen player is created. Fixed vehicle heater and seat UIs using wrong player after respawning. Fixed position of game-speed controls in splitscreen. Fixed post-death UI not being removed in splitscreen. Fixed putting/taking key from ignition not being synced in multiplayer. Fixed trove.jar location on the server. Fixed gas tank appearing empty and being impossible to uninstall. Fixed missing translations of some car's name. Fixed exception with new packet-inspector ui. Fixed multiple generators interfering with each other. Fixed container color overlay strobes. Fixed Error with packet 164. Renamed ISMiniScoreboardUI.lua.lua -> .lua Fixed trransferring a large object may result in duplication.
  10. How to add Vehicle Zones to your Map Mod

    Not yet, I did hardcoded this in Java for now, I'll move it to Lua when we hit IWBUMS, zones can be heavily customized (chance of keys, base conditions...)
  11. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    No need to post all those rendering issues, we're aware of it it's because of the Z-Buffer, something that'll be look into later, not urgent one. @arkahys You mean you can remove car parts without keys/vehicle hotwired? For the mechanics books i'll give a look, I swear i fixed it before already..
  12. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Yeah, I deffo took this light blue cars for light grey... Gonna change that then, really cool charts halkaze! And don't worry, this things don't take me that long to do at all, it's more after Kim's screenshot showing the current color i found it very silly, next update will see way more things that just a change in the car colors no worry (dragons maybe? i feel like it's been a while since we've talk about dragons..)
  13. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    When you click on the radio in the mechanics menu you should see "military radio" and not just "valu-tech radio" in the top right infos. Also for blue cars: tbh i didn't see lot of blues car when looking for images on google.. really lots of red/white and grey/black... Just google images of arial parking lots.. Well, gives me screenshot you think they are really representative i'll adjust my RNG then
  14. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    Thanks, i'll look into it
  15. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 36

    What's the exact name of the car? Or post a screenshot if possible