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  1. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    Build IWBUMS 39.51 Removed assaultrifledistant2.wav causing a false positive virus check on some anti-virus.
  2. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    @Tails Can you give me some pzmap links of the farm house you've tried? I remember adding some parking stall on farm, but i must have forgot some (they're quite hidden sometimes.. :D) (PS: I always loved Tails, way more than Sonic :D)
  3. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    IWBUMS 39.50 [Bug Fix] Removed the debug.lua file making you invincible.
  4. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    Yep, it's based on current speed, you still gonna damage it, but by going slow, it should be ok. Yep, it's probably gonna end up being true by default btw
  5. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    IWBUMS 39.49 [New] Now always able to start cars in debug mode. Opening the Mechanic UI now happens instantly in debug mode. "Seat Occupied" notification shown in Mechanic UI if someone is sitting on the seat you're inspecting. Added an AllowExteriorGenerator Sandbox option. This allows generators to power exterior tiles, and for example can get gas pumps working after the electricity has turned off. For now it's false by default. Added Mechanic UI cheat command to set exact gas/pressure levels Added a new 'Press 'R' to rotate during construction' tool tip to minimise Sasha's rotation despair [Balance] Balanced damage on various car parts. Foraging previously caused both fatigue and sleepiness, but the sleepiness has now been reduced. Updated the 'Save cannot be loaded' text before the game for players with Build 38.30 saves to make it more readable. Made microwave/oven ui background a bit darker to improve visbility. Changed IsoWorld.emitterUpdate from OnceEvery to counting milliseconds to avoid built up sounds. Made vehicle travel through forests bumpier compared to open countryside. Nerfed damage to parts when driving off-road. It now also takes into account whether you're in a forest zone, countryside zone etc [Bug Fix] Fixed mod .tiles sprite property values being wrong (Issue 1376) Fixed more vehicle-related translations. Fixed collision/pathfinding/vision when loading chunks. Fixed Moveables.txt translations not being used in Disassemble menu or inventory window. Fixed player's "Survived For" time, which was increasing twice as fast as it should in MP. Fixed visibility/pathfinding glitch along chunk boundaries. Fixed roof-hiding code not updating when players build new floors. Fixed PZArrayList iterator exception in IsoGridSquare.explodeTrap() Fixed position of skull icon in load-game UI. Fixed map-loading errors when there are unknown types of items on the ground. Fixed nullPointer when uninstalling a vehicle part. Fixed a bug with -dnosave. Fixed a wrong calculation in the CarSpawnRate sandbox option. Fixed car part condition drops while driving not being synced in MP. Fixed game freezing when hundreds of nearby zombies play footstep sounds. Fixed metal-barricade sound not playing in MP, or for IsoThumpables. Fixed missing parts of double doors not being repairable by building a new one over the old one. Fixed keys being put into the ignition leading to them losing their favorite status. Fixed chop-tree action stopping too soon when the player's endurance is low. Fixed radio sine-wave UI updating while paused and at different rates depending on fps. Fixed food cooking for too long once it has been removed from heat. Fixed Hardcore difficulty using the wrong XP multiplier on Beginner/FirstWeek. Fixed hood being closed twice when the Use key was pressed with the Mechanic UI open. Fixed failed-to-start engine sound not playing in MP. Fixed some vehicle sounds playing at full volume for distant players. Fixed prone zombies being pushed by non-prone zombies on the client. Fixed solidtrans objects adjacent to window frames (without windows) blocking movement.
  6. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    IWBUMS 39.45 [New] Added 2 rear seats for the small cars. Load .lotheader files in threads to reduce savefile load times. Player is now notified when trying to enter and vehicle seat is missing or occupied. Clicking the "Turn Off" or "Turn On" button now closes the vehicle ac/heater UI. Added translations for remaining vehicle menu options. Added context menu option to toggle ISVehicleMechanics.cheat in debug mode. Server softreset now resets vehicle key spawns, container loot and shuts off engines. Increased performance when generating a burnt building. Vehicles don't fade out until plahyer is 15 squares away, or enters a pre-existing building. Equipped umbrellas prevent player from getting wet when out in the rain. Player can remove glass by hand - takes double the amount of time to accomplish than tweezers. Initial Gas sandbox option has now more options (very low, low, normal, high, very high, full). Added a Chance of Gas sandbox option (before that, Initial Gas governed the chance of a fuel tank to have gas), options are: low, normal, high. Updated burnt car texture & added new burnt cars. [Balance] Adjusted appearance of the vehicle heater/ac and lightbar UI. Balanced Mechanics XP gain. Increased the odds of spawning the car keys directly in the car/nearby container/zombies instead of on the ground. Increased loot spawn of shovels, cigarettes and lighters. Increased the chance of a vehicle spawning items. Increased the chance of spawning ammunitions in container. [Modding] Can now get HandWeapon.RunAnim with getRunAnim(). IsoGameCharacter now has an avoid damage variable that will negate hitting. getAvoidDamage() & avoidDamage(). [Bug Fix] Fixed being able to access Mechanic UI while driving. Fixed irregular rear windows by updating Van texture. Fixed exception in ISVehiclePartMenu.getNearbyFuelPump() if a square is null Fixed exception when removing corpses that spawn in vehicle trunks. Fixed exceptions during server softreset. Fixed exception with Use key when checking for doors. Fixed IsoMetaGrid.processZones() taking a long time to do nothing. Fixed overly-long map names appearing on LoadGameScreen. Fixed clicking on 1x sprites that are scaled to 2x. Fixed rendering a 2x sprite attached to a 1x sprite. Fixed pathfinding glitch caused by failing to update a vehicle's poly. Fixed Wire Fence and Big Wire Fence not being buildable with ISBuildMenu.cheat=true Fixed lighting not updating when climbing over a fence. Fixed vehicle keys spawning in water, under trees, or in solid objects. Fixed vehicle hood being open when it is uninstalled or locked. Fixed fake-dead zombies attacking players in vehicles. Fixed digging graves not being allowed on level 7. Fixed double doors being buildable through perpendicular walls. Fixed -debugtranslation not replacing - with _ in DisplayName. Fixed container overlays not updating when rotten food is destroyed. Fixed ItemPickerJava.updateOverlaySprite() not getting called from some places. Fixed ItemPickerJava.updateOverlaySprite() not clearing overlay from empty containers. Fixed vehicles with unlocked doors and full gas tanks not being available in debug mode. Fixed damage to zombies and height of vehicles bouncing at higher framerates. Fixed player being able to build and place objects on squares occupied by vehicles. Fixed the Van using VanSeats texture. Fixed saves from build 38.30 being able to load, problematically, into vehicle build. Fixed small car burnt 02 using the small car burnt model. Fixed various health-panel actions not being possible in a moving vehicle. Fixed radio/TV broadcasts not giving bonuses to all players in splitscreen. Fixed TV broadcasts not always giving bonuses like radios do. Fixed vehicle keys spawning on zombies - they were previously being lost when the zombie dies. Fixed randomized buildings/stash not being spawned. Fixed installing/uninstalling lights & battery not giving any XP. Fixed mechanics XP in MP being given even when the action fails. Fixed grocerystorage garbage being stocked with fresh food. Fixed missing mechanics UI hitboxes for SportsCar. Fixed missing overlay sprite on corner shelf furniture_shelving_01_8 Fixed various map bugs by placing a floor tile on level 0 if there isn't already one Fixed zombie visibility not working right in splitscreen. Fixed car color mask.
  7. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    Just to be sure with that, when you said battery, you were talking about it's condition or it's charge? Gonna do a few balancing today on it anyway
  8. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    Did you have any crash with your car, or rammed zombies?
  9. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Vehicle Beta Build 41 [New] Added new foraging/parking zones - specifically close to Rosewood. Added Moveables.txt translation file (for moveable-object names). Added MultiStageBuild.txt translation file (for creating/upgrading walls). UI now displays multi-stage build options even if a required recipe is unknown. Solid objects, trees and vehicles prevent double-doors from opening and closing. Added cheat Get Key / Repair Vehicle to context menu when clicking outside any part. [Balance] Changed SafetyCooldownTimer and SafetyToggleTimer server options to seconds. Force player to exit vehicle when using Mechanics UI. [Bug Fix] Fixed overly-long physics box on the Dash Rancher. Fixed burned vehicles sometimes floating off the ground. Fixed UI confusion by renaming "Generator" to "Generator Maintenance", "Herbalist" to "Herbal Remedies" Fixed crafting UI rendering parts of itself when collapsed. Fixed gunshots/screams/dog-bark events happening when MetaEvent sandbox options is set to 'Never' Fixed move-furniture tooltip texture position. Fixed some untranslated controller prompts. Fixed translations not being used for "Basic Mechanics" etc in mechanics UI. Fixed car battery being simply called "Battery" and causing confusion. Fixed engine-volume calculation for splitscreen. Fixed action progressbar not rendering for split-screen player. Fixed vehicles not working for split-screen players in multiplayer. Fixed old double-door code being present. Fixed physics not updating on the server when double-doors were closed. Fixed there not being a check for null sprite in IsoThumpable.syncIsoObjectSend() Fixed sprite properties: railings, street-crack grass, double-door lighting. Fixed syncIsoObject() sometimes sending truncated packets to the server. Fixed issues with double doors. Fixed lighting not updating when player is walking a path. Fixed lighting not updating after a character wakes up. Fixed RadialMenu sometimes staying transparent at certain framerates. Call UITransition.UpdateAll() in render() instead of update() Fixed player avatar animating slowly in character-creation ui. Fixed RPM in MP to improve fluctuating gears and ear-splitting audio. Fixed hood being closed when closing mechanics UI when the player was out of range. Fixed player exiting a vehicle without opening/closing the door sometimes. Fixed TutorialPanel.prerender() error. Fixed VehicleManager.clientReceiveUpdate() exception. Fixed random two vehicle wrecks sometimes putting a vehicle on the wrong chunk.
  10. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Vehicle Beta Build 40 [New] Moved EnableVehicles from being a Game Option to being a Sandbox Option. Doors can now be locked from inside without a key. Commercial building doors can be locked from the inside as well. Added crafting recipes for double wooden doors/gates (still WIP) & double metal doors/gates. Player now walks to engine hood/bonnet and opens it before starting Mechanic skill tasks. It will close it automatically when you're done. Updated vehicle masks (fixing green outlines). Added PerformanceSettings.getUIRenderFPS() to fix rates of animating UI elements Added saving/loading/translations for the UI rendering options. Added "Fill Grave" command to fill a grave to its capacity of five corpses. Added many new items to spawn in vehicles (cigarettes, tissue, etc in glove box, clothings in truck bed..). Added several new specific 'owner profession' loot spawns for vehicles (construction worker, taxi driver, painter etc) Added "CHEAT: Remove Vehicle" menu for burned vehicles in the mechanics ui. [MODDING] Ability to disable/check player animations through setForceOverrideAnim(bool)/isForceOverrideAnim() [Balance] A few changes to speed up zombies responding to sound. Hopefully will reduce the amount of lag from zombies when in car. Stores sounds heard on chunks, so will be less iterating and testing sounds per zombie. Slightly lowered long range car sound triggers to further ease on it without hopefully ruining zombie attraction. Sometimes a battery will spawn almost fully charged, no matter your difficulty or time since outbreak, to simulate a more recent use. This should make finding a working vehicle in Six Months Later less of a pain. Nerfed the impact of world age on the battery remaining delta, also to help with the above. Lowered default car's speed limit in MP from 70 to 50. [Can still change this if you want in Server Options] [Bug Fix] Fixed Mercia & Offroad masks not being present so you can now see uninstalled parts. Fixed visual flaws by updating small car shell texture. Fixed Small car having a flipped mask - meaning that uninstalling the left window would show the right one removed etc. Fixed the slow flashing rate of aspects of the Mechanic Skill UI. Fixed there being a rear door on the Small Car 02 texture. Fixed an unneccesary XP bug crashing some mods. Fixed exception for using iterator in IsoObject.FindExternalWaterSource Fixed vehicles colliding with flattened trash cans in MP. Fixed wrong textures showing for burnt/cooked/rotten food. Fixed physics not updating after creating solid objects. Fixed Carpentry objects that block player movement not blocking vehicles. Fixed physics debug-rendering Fixed pressing Escape key in chat cancelling actions. Fixed path-smoothing for zombies to improve performance of hordes. Fixed duplicate "hunting" entries in Distributions.lua Fixed not being able to right-click on other players in multiplayer. Fixed key icon over player appearing when vehicle is behind wall or on another level. Fixed position of item textures in crafting window. Fixed possible NullPointerException in BodyDamage.UpdateWetness. Fixed IsoPlayer.dirtyRecalcGridStackTime never going to zero after mouse-looking. Fixed ISVehicleSeatUI exception Fixed some debug ui rendering out-of-sync with UI FBO. Fixed walking-on-the-spot when zombies move through hedges. Fixed assert being hit in old code. Fixed walking-on-the-spot when two path nodes are at the same location. Fixed lighting not updating when turning a lightswitch on/off. Fixed lighting not updating after climbing through a window. Fixed right-clicking on 3D corpses. Fixed exception with radio sine-wave display. Fixed exception with vehicle heater UI. Fixed squares with dumpsters or other solid objects sometimes not being rendered. Fixed malformed SuburbsDistributions causing exceptions in ItemPickerJava Fixed some controller issues with map UI. Fixed inventory highlight color when using a controller with offscreen rendering. Fixed zombies playing multiple idle sounds in multiplayer. Fixed vertical position of vehicles at 1x scale. Fixed engine condition not being synced in MP after repairs. Fixed engine condition not being synced in MP after removing engine parts. Fixed rendering issues with map UI. Fixed context-menu tooltips hiding/showing every time the mouse moves. Fixed exception right-clicking a Mug of Water with Sugar in inventory. Fixed UI colors so that they're closer to what's seen when not drawing the UI into an offscreen image. Fixed vehicle gauages not pointing at zero. Fixed speed dial going past 120 and not scaling with server's SpeedLimit option. Fixed vehicle steering getting slower when the framerate is below the chosen framerate. Fixed station-wagon rear being clipped by too-small offscreen texture. Fixed rendering issues in ServerDisconnectState. Fixed blue/green swapped colors in UIElement.DrawTextureCol Fixed number of corpses in a grave not being synced in multiplayer. Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException after player teleports. Fixed missing vehicle loot distributions. Fixed zombies not responding to sound in multiplayer. Fixed world sounds not getting added to all chunks they touch. Fixed bug with SpeedLimit option. Fixed NullPointerException after teleporting. Fixed display not updating for zombified player after death. Fixed black screen when trying to create a new character after dying in MP. Fixed vehicles being assigned unique ids on the server when they hadn't been added to the world. Fixed infinite loop in WorldSimulation. Fixed the Shout key not working for passengers in vehicles. Fixed Passengers being able to use the vehicle horn with the radial menu. Fixed vehicle sound issues. Fixed exception opening mechanics ui with burned vehicles. Fixed issue when vehicle zones overlap a chunk for optimization reasons Fixed siren sound abruptly cutting out 10 tiles away. Fixed and adjusted alpha of more UI elements when using offscreen rendering. Fixed 2D/3D switching of vehicle backing-up/horn/siren sounds. Fixed framerate issue for CarController throttle. Fixed engine sounds for vehicles driven by other clients not being synced.
  11. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Vehicle Beta Build 39 [New] Many and varied FPS optimizations. Please let us know how the version plays now!c Added a new Vehicle Tutorial window (F1 screen/Survival guide). This opens automatically the first time you start a game. Added "ItemNumbersLimitPerContainer" server option. It should be used to limit the numbers of items possible into one container. Moved the Vehicle Enabling/Disabling tickbox on the main screen to a new Gameplay tab on the Options menu. Moved Reloading tab in Options into a new Gameplay tab. Vehicles are now enabled by default in SP & MP. Added multiple new framerate lock possibilities in the options, including uncapped option. Added a SpeedLimit server options, with the default being 80. Removed MP car speed limit of 55 mph. Added an offRoadEfficiency property for some cars. Added a speed multiplier for the speed gauge (x1.5). UI ingame renders to a separate texture FBO at a lower framerate for optimisation purposes (may need some rebalancing / fixing) Car spawn zone added to small settlement south of Riverside. Applied model.scale for vehicle part models (i.e. tires). [Balance] VehiclesDisable server option renamed as EnableVehicles. Increased odds/location where milk will spawn. Put some of the UI images into a .pack to improve performance. Updated close, pin and unpin UI icons. Changed trunk lid damaged information. Changed plant info "???" into "Unknown". When out of gas Mechanic info now reads "Out of Gas (0/xx)" instead of simply "0 / xx". Nerfed the sped at which clothes become dirty. Changed texture of removed windows/doors from jet black to a dark grey while we don't have interior textures. This should look less ugly. General damage balance. Nerfed car's damage if you hit something at low speed. Increased radio transmission range for walkie-talkies etc. Since radios were added the map has grown, and the tranmission ranges had not been adjusted to fit it. [Bug Fix] Fixed seats in the Switch Seats UI not being aligned. Fixed removing rear windshield on the SUV showing that the rear windows had been removed. Fixed uninstalling rear windshield of CarStationWagon resulting in removal of left/right boot windows and not the back window. Fixed vehicle models sometimes being drawn too small in MP. Fixed objects destroyed by vehicles not being removed on the server. Fixed physics not updating on the server when objects were created/destroyed. Fixed Vehicles without drivers not damaging zombies. Fixed vehicle sounds not stopping when a vehicle was removed. Fixed server spamming UpdateFlags.Lights packets while headlights were on. Fixed duplicate vehicles caused by a checksum bug. Fixed VehicleCache not handling removed vehicles, and not being cleared after exiting. GC fixes. Fixed memory leak with VehicleParts on the client. Fixed memory leak with IsoZombies and SoundBankEmitters created by IsoDeadBody. Fixed resize behavior in NewGameScreen. Fixed vehicle cheat-repair not fixing broken door locks. Fixed keys being removable while starting a vehicle. Fixed context menu for curtains showing when standing outside a building. Fixed server logs being spamming by Zzzzzz & radio static sounds. Fixed resetting server option to default value in admin ui. Fixed IsoSprite.canBeRemoved not being set. Fixed UIManager.useUIFBO getting set to true in MainScreenState Missed part of WindowN/W fix Fixed WindowN/W sprite properties changing from String to IsoFlagType. Fixed noclip players colliding with vehicles. Fixed Disassemble option showing for partially-destroyed multi-tile objects. Fixed pathfinding info not updating when objects are destroyed by fire. Fixed player sneak animation playing too rapidly at certain angles with the controller. Fixed (removed) nightlengthmodifier as a command as it's now a server option. Fixed flipped vehicle textures by updating vehicle models and textures Fixed squares not updating as time passes due to caches. Fixed UITransition and RadialMenu for every-so-often ui updates. Fixed processing events while loading .pack files to avoid Windows thinking the game is not responding. Fixed floor shading drawn on highlighted floors (as is done for walls already). Fixed flickering door highlight when a key-tooltip is displayed. Fixed flashing container/tutorial objects. Fixed zombies pushing the player they're attacking. Fixed boolean server options accepting any string. Fixed zombies snapping upright after getting run over while getting up. Fixed Savefiles from newer versions of the game throwing errors - instead they just won't be loaded. Fixed reloadVehicles() debug command not reloading textures. Fixed vehicles steering at different rates depending on framerate.
  12. How to add Vehicle Zones to your Map Mod

    Check how I did it on our map, but basically 4x3 parkingstall, then to switch orientation just do a 3x4
  13. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Build Vehicle 36: [New] Added tooltip showing Username on the Scoreboard and Mini-Scoreboard. Added tooltip to Claim Safehouse context menu option when player hasn't survived long enough to be allowed to join. Accounts with access level other than "none" don't count towards MaxAccountsPerUser. Increase java heap max size on the Mac to match Windows/Linux (1200 MB). Added "Quit to Desktop" button for when errors occur while loading a game. Updated Vehicle shell textures. Updated Vehicle damaged shell textures. Identical items are now compressed to a single item when networking. Hide unused TransactionID column in Server Whitelist. Inflating tires now requires a Tire Pump. Updated choose-seat UI with Mash's new textures. Clicking a part in the Mechanic UI window selects the part in the list. Added "/safehouse release" command so clients can release a safehouse they own. Vehicle doors may be locked/unlocked from outside if the window is uninstalled, or broken or open. Added SirenShutoffHours sandbox option to auto-shutoff vehicle sirens. Clicking the overlay sprite on containers acts the same as clicking the object's sprite. Items are transferred in stacks of up to 50 items in a single action. When dragging items to a container, as many items as will fit are moved to the container, starting with the lightest items if multiple types are selected. [Balance] Keys no longer required to turn on/off headlights. Reduced the odds of damaging Muffler. Adjusted SportsCar extents (chassis was wider than the wheels). Limit vehicle speed to 55 in multiplayer. [Bug Fix] Fixed can't transfer items to/from bags on the ground. Fixed ObjectSyncRequests bug deleting multiple objects. Fixed missing on Linux server. Fixed BufferOverflowException saving vehicles with many items in containers. Fixed building walls not being possible behind staircases. Fixed vehicle backing-up sound playing when the engine is off. Fixed client spamming onBackSignal commands for vehicles without a backing-up sound. Fixed column order in server whitelist tables. Fixed "connection lost" message when client's Lua files don't match the server's. Fixed alarm clocks only waking players on levels 0,1,2 inside pre-existing buildings. Fixed IsoWindowFrame working for IsoThumpable. Fixed teleporting between front/rear seats in VanAmbulance. Fixed Vans having double-rear doors instead of a Trunk Lid. Fixed context menu position in mechanics window when scrolled. Fixed game hanging after "Player does not appear to have been created on this server." Fixed barricades, campfires, etc not being synced. [There might still be some visual sync issues to be resolved] Fixed vehicle dashboard remaining visible after teleporting from vehicle. Fixed putting items into compost bins. Fixed /additem without username when display name different than username. Fixed issues with mini-scoreboard and safehouse UIs. Fixed multiple copies of some admin UIs being created. Fixed items still disappearing during a transfer. Fixed incorrect vehicle lighting. Fixed car having an alarm if it wasn't locked. Fixed car's container capacity not taking Organized/Disorganized trait into account in a calculation. Fixed co-op hosts getting kicked when the game is in debug mode. Fixed vehicle lights and open/broken window textures when texture compression was turned on. Fixed vehicle brake lights, ambulance lightbar lights, and open/broken windows not rendering with texture compression is turned on. Fixed OpenGL coordinate overflow with path debug drawing. Fixed missing car name translations. Fixing missing PickUpVan McCoy texture. Fixed VanSeats having wrong textures. Fixed some vehicles having wrong damaged textures. Fixed missing IGUI_VehiclePartTruckBedOpen translation (trunk of pick up truck). Fixed missing burnt vehicles textures. Fixed burnt vehicles "floating". Fixed burnt zone sometimes spawning special non-burnt vehicles. Fixed aspects of map no longer streaming fully ahead of the player when moving fast after removal of Yuri's sync code - feedback required on this. Fixed vehicles spawning inside buildings when creating random car crashes. Fixed opening a vehicle's hood displaying the Mechanic UI. Fixed some hitboxes in the Mechanic UI. Fixed server not having up-to-date skill levels when installing/uninstalling vehicle parts. Fixed Mechanic UI not being draggable. Fixed the display of voice-activity and vehicle has-key icons when the DisplayUserName option is false. Fixed player getting stuck trying to walk a path when inside a vehicle. Fixed vehicle colors changing after reloading. Fixed BufferUnderflow exception loading unknown items. Fixed microwave/stove timers not counting down. Fixed hot/cold background colors of food being faded compared to earlier versions. Fixed vehicles won't start if gas < 0.1, but will run until gas = 0.0. Fixed window open/closed appearance sync in multiplayer. Fixed opening/closing uninstalled doors. Fixed "Start Engine" in radial menu being disabled when key is in ignition. Fixed client using InventoryItem.getItemCapacity() which isn't synced. Fixed long text in the vehicle radial menu overlapping the icons. Allow hotwiring (not starting) a vehicle when the engine isn't working. Fixed recipe food ingredients appearing available when multiples are required. Fixed missing hitboxes in Mechanic UI for smallcar. Fixed vehicle color being random for all clients. Vehicle updates sent for every vehicle. Fixing missing vehicle sounds on Linux. Fixed the type of battery not being displayed when trying to install one. Fixed vehicle hit-zombie and crash sounds not playing in multiplayer. Fixed vehicles not operating near the edges of the world. Fixed client constantly sending list of vehicles to the server. Fixed server sending every zombie idle sound as separate packet. Fixed some garbage collection issues with vehicles. Fixed uninstalling a tire from any car meaning that the image of the wheel disappears but still allowing the vehicle to move. Fixed pickup-truck trunk icon in the loot window. Fixed Mechanic UI drawing stuff when collapsed. Fixed usernames showing for splitscreen players when "Show your username" is false. Fixed choose-seat UI showing wrong texture for another player in a seat. Fixed entering/exiting vehicles when an obstacle is in the way. Fixed vehicles not smashing windows when colliding. Fixed vehicles not running if game window resolution is very small. Fixed some cars MP syncing bugs.
  14. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    So you sit in a car without key (door was open i guess?) and when the zombies thump lights started to turn on & off? Looks like alarm triggered when it shouldn't... You didn't hear any horn while it was doing that?
  15. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Different sounds are coming in, this is in fact the jeep sound, but it's used on every car at the moment because it feel better than the previous one