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  1. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Hotfix 24.3 Fixed some car having no trunk (hence the stuff dropping out of it). Fixed car gliding when trying to stop it. Fixed car spawning everywhere. Fixed engine being "Under Hood". Engine category is now "Under Hood".
  2. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    It does this only on this car? Could you give me your save file where you're in a car that does this? Can't reproduce here Also guys: how's car speed & gas consumption feel?
  3. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Re item falling from trunk: could you screenshot me your mechanics UI?
  4. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Hot fix 24.2: Added several missing parking stall in rosewood. Car parts now spawn in much more places (fossoil, shed, garage...) Fixed mechanics context menu sometimes showing not needed options. Now show in red when remaining battery charge is lower than 5%. Fixed missplaced weight in mechanics UI. Added missing cars.
  5. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Could you give me direct pzmap link for the location without vehicles? For traffic jam, no all are added yet, but i'm waiting to see with the team where to add the hard-coded ones
  6. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Released hotfix 24.1: Added back sounds. Balanced engineForce to be bit more powerfull (now condition is taken in calculation). Fixed being in "god mode". Fixed WP Giga mart parking stalls.
  7. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    What's the condition of the suspension on it? Shouldn't bump like that even at 0%... :/ Gonna check (is that a new game or a loaded save?) @DramaSetter nah, they should tear your car appart
  8. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    They'll spawn in new save, go check the big crossroad between Muldraugh & Rosewood Edit: how wait,t hey may not spawn 'cause of the new meta_zones.. mmph, guess we'll have to test i'm refering to this btw:,0.3340746729216971,69.50922315674495 All will be done for next version
  9. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Build Vehicle 24: [New] Show engine volume as a visible stat in car part details. Added missing parking stall zones in Rosewood, March Ridge, Dixie and other locations. Player with relevant skills and items can now repair damaged trunks directly in the Mechanic UI. Deflated tires can now drop off your car instead of bursting. Vehicle control and behaviour now impacted when going off-road. Added suspension parts. Low condition suspension will make for a bumpier ride. Added missing mask and light to cars. Added in-game car manufacturer brands and model names. Added traffic congestion and wrecks. Some big traffic jams are hard-coded, you'll always see them and are part of the game lore. Others are spawned randomly, but will generally be smaller in scale. Balanced how traffic jams and wrecks spawn: extra randomization to positioning, vehicles at the front of the queue should appear in an orderly fashion, while those at the back are more haphazard. New sandbox option: Enable Car Wreck Congestion (default true), set it to false to remove all traffic jams spawning. Added several new car textures damage by Mash. Updated car's shadow. [Balance] Balanced parking stall zone vehicle spawn. Balanced West Point, Riverside and Muldraugh vehicle spwaning, rich houses have a higher chance of spawning higher quality vehicles. Removed ability to uninstall a trunk and other vehicle containers. Reduced chances of items falling from a damaged trunk. Updated naming: some old parts now of a 'Valu' brand, Modern becomes 'Performance' etc. Balanced how car stops when having no control (engine brake), should be more smooth now. Removed "Old Brake" item (they won't spawn anymore on a car but you can still install them). Polished Mechanics UI bit more. [Bug Fix] Fixed one of the compact cars not having a driver seat. Fixed car key duplication when switching seats. Fixed errors when loading a new save (Bullet wasn't present). Fixed opened trunk acting like there was no trunk when driving and all your loot falling out. Update physics when starting a Mechanic activity - previously when removing a tire on a stationary vehicle physics weren't updated. Fixed removing a tire releasing all air pressure. Add a null variable check in getChunkFromSquarePos function, this will hopefully fix bugs that occur after car crashes. Fixed some vehicles appearing too bright. Fixed compact car's missing shadow. Fixed a bunch of scripting errors for vehicles. Fixed not getting your keys back when running out of gas. Fixed being able to start a car for a few seconds while having no gas left. Fixing not being able to sleep in a car. Fixed a bug in part spawning inventory item calculation. Fixed some burnt cars not having textures. [Building rendering fixes] Player-built fences are now hidden correctly when on south or east side of the upper floor of a structure. Small roof tiles that overhang the edges of first floor roofs are now hidden when the player walks behind them. Slightly increased ‘window peek’ distance. Can now hide multiple buildings if they are blocking our view of the player. Previously only the closest to the player was hidden. Southeast corners of walls or thin pillars would be hidden incorrectly when not obscuring our view of the player. Improved detection of player-built floors for visibility culling. Stops walkways being wrongly hidden. Added back trove.jar to dedicated server.
  10. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    To get rosewood etc. cars nope, as zone are new they never spawned anything so you should have cars here without re starting a save
  11. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Yup tomorrow, i'm finishing traffic jam atm The cars respawning is fixed
  12. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    As our glorious leader said. Next version will have way more zone (riverwood/march ridge, dixie..) still missing a few one (in smallish area), I may be able to do them tomorrow before the version
  13. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Could you send me your savefile so I can check what's wrong? Cheers
  14. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Sorry my bad, previousvehicle is back in 21 now (not dedicated, i'll do it now, give it 5 minutes) Just i'd like to know: why you seek for 21? Your save isn't loading on latest 23?
  15. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 24

    Quite some of your suggestions are planned/already in PPanda Goal is quite basic: have something for people who doesn't care about vehicle but still want to use it. Basically, find one with key, refuel it, change tire if you want (require level 0 mechanic), then drive i. You crashed? Car's dead? Time to find another one, no need to repair! And also for people who wants to spend time with their car, trying to find better parts for it, customize it (you like truck for their trunk size but they're too heavy/loud? invest in mechanic to reduce this!), be a mechanic in a MP group, repairing cars... You found a sport car in good shape but the suspension are worn out, find some performance suspension and mount them.