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  1. This isn't obvious though. It's stereotyping. And it does change game play drastically. There are already fast/slow learner perks that make a world of difference in the game. Stout and feeble also do the same. I'm not opposed to aesthetic additions, but to tie aesthetics into game play via stereotyping may step the game back and draw a cruder audience. That being said using aesthetic changes with traits that are already in the game would be fun for RP.
  2. I'm just gonna go through these w/o the quotes cuz I keep creating new lines with it (I'm out of practice!) 1. Height: This would be kinda neat. Honestly though if there's debuffs to either side, I would go for mid height making this trait kinda pointless. Would it give extra points to spend on tall/short? Would they be the same? What would be considered a high shelf? There's many shelves with different tiers, how would those be counted? 2. Age: This seems to draw on old worn out negative stereotypes. You're implying 18 year olds learn faster than 60 year olds. I can tell you from experience it took years for me to learn how to do things (this is not a joke, though it does sound funny). 18 year old me was much slower at learning than 30 year old me. 30 year old me has the tools needed to learn quickly and efficiently. Not only that but you don't see many 18 year olds running around with Ph.D.s in biology. On the physical side, I have to say while I may look older than 18 year old me, I still run just as fast (slow) and still lift as much weight. I can't say what this'll be like in 30 years but I think age is too variable and subjective of a "trait" to added. We have "slow learner" and "feeble" traits already if one wants to RP as an old slow learning feeble person. Aesthetically I would love to see these options though. 3. Sex: Almost everything in this section would be a horrible addition to the game. Yes, men tend to be stronger then women on average. Also women have a higher pain tolerance and do tend to live longer. However... Pain doesn't do much at all in this game, no one lives long AT ALL EVER, so why would anyone pick a female character if men have an actual buff to strength? I think this is gender locking characters and I do detest when games gender lock roles. 4. Face: This would be kinda neat to see. I don't want to spend an hour customizing my character though. 5(?). Nationality: Um. This game is set in 90's Kentucky. This group of people is more or less homogeneous. I'm not saying that it wouldn't be cool to see, but I think this would be great as a mod at best.
  3. If this happens, I can't wait to crash these like I've been crashing cars x.x
  4. I'm updating a few names to reflect their in-game names, but I can't find the auto manuals in the text files to make sure I'm naming them right. Anyone know their location?
  5. I think if you expand the keys in your inventory and scroll over them, they indicate what doors they are to.
  6. I know the way burying corpses is a bit different than the inventory system, but it'd be nice to just be able to throw the items in the hole. I just don't like trash lying around! To balance this the grave could be dug as normal, corpses added and a cap of 50 (weight?) units added to the hole in the form of items. That way no one's digging holes everywhere to store their crap. Also... I often fall off of buildings and break my legs, but I've never once fallen in a grave... It's big enough for 6(?) bodies, falling in that thing should at least leave a bruise.
  7. I didn't even know you could edit topics. Thanks guys!
  8. Hahaha well now everyone who's confused will be no longer be confused by the end of this. I'll keep my wording in mind in the future.
  9. Let's see I got: High thirst Slow healer Smoker Hemophobic Weak stomach Axe man Dexterous Inconspicuous Lucky Fast learner Thick Skinned Stout (from the lumberjack profession) Nothing that modifies sight or hearing as far as I know.
  10. Yep I'm saying it'd be good if that happened. It doesn't currently. Once emptied the bag disappears. (I hope I'm understanding you right when I reply to this. I'm not sure if you're agreeing with me or if you think I meant the opposite lol.)
  11. Just as the title says, using the entire bag of fertilizer should leave an empty sack.
  12. Maybe the sledgehammers are tied to the side.
  13. Yes. It'd still be cool to see the effects while I look through windows/doors. I'm not too picky though, if I could just turn it off so I don't get sick I'd be fine with that too.
  14. I would really like to use the washers and driers. It'd be nice to have a horde of zombies peering in the window during the spin cycle.
  15. Well it's not a new save anymore lol. I could start a new one if you're willing to tell me how to upload a save. Does it not happen when you play? I made a test game after the first two with 0 zeds and sped up time until it rained. Same issue occurred.
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