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  1. If you equip a wooden cage trap in your primary and secondary and you set the traps on the ground they will disappear from your inventory but still show in your primary and secondary hand (not actually there). Display bug only, it doesn't impact gameplay.
  2. I remember in my days we were bald and took care of our woman and had to worry about intruders coming into your home with shotguns while trying to heat up some soup and not burn the house down. Not like today where people of all gender run around just thinking about themselves (ignoring multiplayer here)... Bought it on July 6th, 2013 on Desura. Definitely, the non-MMO game I have played the most. Looking toward the final build 40 to get back into it and fully experience the weather system. Don't remember if I first saw it through youtube or discovere
  3. Early on stew and/or salad with bacon bits. Bacon bits gives tons of cooking xp (or at least did the last time I cooked them, I'm waiting for the end of build 40 before getting back in the game). Late game: squirrel or fish stew with or without vegetable/mushroom depending on the season. Always minimize eating non-perishable for when I can't find food in winter. IRL: breakfast: crepes stuffed with banana and dark chocolate covered with my homemade caramel lunch or dinner: wild mushroom risotto with prosciutto garnished with fresh Parmigiano Reggiano and Italia
  4. I have been away for the game for some time now. I should finally have time to play in the next week or so. Really excited about the weather system and the level of complexity you are trying to implement. You seem to be taking wind into account to affect the ability to resist cold. That is awesome that you are implementing wind chill into the game. I wonder will you be adding air humidity to affect the ability to resist the heat (combination of high heat and humidity is harder on the body and leads to much quicker exhaustion). Finally, I hope
  5. Looks nice. Keep up the good work, looking forward the complete effects you intend to implement.
  6. Yes that's the type of things I had in mind as well and what I mean't. I just created my example to play with Spiffo from the PAWS movie (in game lore), not to suggest that specific story as the next one that should be developed.. But the possibilities are endless, go back to the Dark Age where the Black Plague was the Death Plague. Create a sci-fi game where the zombie virus are invading nanites that extract iron from red blood cell to reproduce and take control of the brain. Body Snatching Aliens. Or the ones you suggested. All could use the basic building bl
  7. Assuming TIS does deliver on all features and are not all burnt out by the genre they should make DLC of different settings for the Zombies (different location, different lore, different stories, different time period) and release additional features with them. Think Deadworlds in the All Flesh Must be Eaten RPG if you are familiar with it. For example a spaceship of raccoon type humanoid that had a malfunction with their Portal Actuation Warpway System crash in the zombie infected Atlanta in 1995 (2 year post infection). Radiation from their ship cause mutation in
  8. The latest animation video has given me an idea for running through trees. The player should be given the opportunity to run through trees if he wants at the risk of taking damage (a bit like digging with your hands). Denser trees would mean an higher probability of damage. Any damage from trees would cause the player to stumble and stop running (the player could decide to restart running and risk more damage).
  9. I haven't found any bug per say. The only issue is that there is nothing to do once you've killed the 194 zombies (assuming that's all there is, couldn't attract any more screaming and running with the radio on)... Shouldn't be a problem with 99.99% of new players but just wanted to point it out. Maybe have a small Easter Egg if they manage to pull that off like: "Maybe you'll actually survive for a few days before you die. Let's see how you do in Survival." Alternatively, make the zombie able to zoom in a bit more on the player or respawn add
  10. Where you encumbered (carrying too much)?
  11. I have used shoes like Geras as well or just opened all the doors of a house I looted. If you only play one game at a time you can create private tags in project zomboid maps to mark which house you have looted. But yes spray paint in the base game could be nice to have for that role.
  12. I found a shelve with items but it's empty. Adding and removing items did a reset to properly appear as empty. roughly at 10841x10251 The houses where this bug happens (3 so far in this playthrough) are completely empty. Bug is inconsistent I haven't been able to get it again in 2 different attempts without zombies.
  13. Cooked Steak can't be added to meat pie or salad. Should be able to add to both. Meat pie has the same problem has the cake except in the opposite direction. The 1250 calories cake became 5 pieces of 70 (350 calories). The 1080 calories meat pie became 5 pieces of 440 (2200 calories).
  14. Code for slicing cake needs to be reviewed. A 1250 calories cake gets sliced into 5 piece of 70 calories. It should inherit the calories from the original cake. I'm guessing pies will have the same problem will try to test...
  15. Skinny is not an advantage. It just appears to be. In real life less weight mean burning fewer calories (especially less muscle mass). So the fact that you are burning fewer calories is important. You need to understand that if your weight goes below 35 you will start taking damage and eventually dying.
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