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  1.  Hey Footmuffin, i belive you were the one that gave me my awesome profile pic on steam, if you ever read this, i want to talk on steam, SCP-That_SpyStaples! <3 loved you and this forum a lot. 

  2. Footmuffin

    Survivors Mod

    hey! does this mod still need me to paste any folders over any other game file directories? because i remember doing that at one point and now i dont see that you have to, now that i'm coming back to the mod. anybody that can answer this for me, thanks in advance! and also, thanks nolan, for the mod! its stellar.
  3. Footmuffin

    Survivors Mod

    yeah! press either + or - on a number pad if your keyboard has it.
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    Under the Hood

    @nolanri wink nudge wink wink
  5. awwww!!!! this is so cute!! i just popped in but congratulations RJ!! the game development n cars stuff is good news too but!! your baby is adorable!! good luck!! i thought a day old was supposed to still be in the screaming sanguine alien phase.
  6. i have an idea for point two! @lucy the axe quick time events to make the zombie do what it would normally do. little highlighted tile you have to click when the zombie hears or sees or smells something, and a selected "walk-to" path you choose every interval, maybe eight seconds to fifteen seconds. encourage people to go back to playing humans, or lazily shamble to a lead.
  7. @TheWraithPlayer there are already hispanic and latino player characters, and we already (used to?) at least have a couple of culturally hispanic surnames and first names for random characters. light or dark skin is already a thing for people of those ethnicites. though uh. it'd be good if you didn't make a noun out of an adjective like that? not to be shitty to you but, that's kind of fucked up and hinges on a fairly racist bias. again, not to be shitty or hurtful to you just. don't do that.
  8. I think that's the most functional application of this entire idea. I really, really hope they can introduce that some day!
  9. i dont know u but u seem funny. plus, a high five just for being apparently nonbinary. :u) 4/5 gold stars. special black friday deal, 90% off the final remaining star for the next 24 hours.
  10. reposted to new context with the character differentiation update here:
  11. So the incoming clothing and bites+blood system has different layers for types of clothing or bite + blood marks for injuries, right? It'd be fantastic for character differentiation to see an expansion on it that corresponds with what kind of body type or tattoos the survivor has. So, maybe a character creation table for a couple body tattoos the same way you might customize a shirt (or however it gets chosen,) or sleeve tattoos if they're a really tough gal/guy. also! If a survivor has the overweight or underweight traits, they could get noticeably softer looking skin, and maybe contour shadows under their tummy or chest to simulate a belly if they're fat, or shadows to look leaner or frailer if they're thin. Chubby survivors wouldn't have the little rib marks n stuff, thin survivors would have them about as prominent as regular. I think this would really emphasize character differentiation with that same neat little level of detail that has always really charmed me and lots of others with the game.
  12. It's funny how every time someone becomes a moderator, it's because everyone figured they were already a moderator. I like that.
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