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  1. If they were it'd have the label "uncooked" next to it. Maybe play around with it a little more? An egg burger is kinda weird but I guess not crazy, try adding something that can add the "uncooked/cooked" state like, well burger or pork chop or something.
  2. Hell yeah we brought this thread back from the dead!!! Lots of folks here listenin' to metal and pop. A lot more metalheads than I would've thought, so I figure I gotta spice things up with some good ol' country thrown into the mix! I won't throw too many at y'all but these two are definitely headbangers!
  3. My lord, Louisville looks so cool!!! You can already tell on MP servers that Louisville is gonna be HELL to be in. High loot spawns, high zombies, exactly how it should be. It should mean the rest of the map is less looted too, with more folks joining in on the Louisville slugfest, it'll be cool to see how all of this shakes up the dynamic of multiplayer servers!!!
  4. Deep fried heaven.. Enough to bring a tear to my eye. Man it'd be the bee's knees if you could fry stuff in this game, like c'mon man this is the SOUTH! Yet there's no way to take some steak, some flour, water and eggs and fry that bad boy into some CHICKEN FRIED steak! Chicken? Fry it! Veggies goin' bad? Bread that baby in buttermilk and throw her on the griddle! Even them zombies will start to be lookin' like a sweet savory SNACK when you batter them boys up. Deep Fried heaven indeed!
  5. DresdenBBQ

    MP Status Update

    I mean, that sounds perfectly rational. It's disappointing but I for one as a consumer do appreciate that kind of transparency and honesty, it's def not common in the gaming industry these days. I obviously don't speak for anyone but myself but I don't really mind a wait, plus the announcement of Louisville is actually cool, I'm curious to see how well my computer could handle it.
  6. Wow that sound design is phenomenal, the audio will be somethin' else once it's released. Everyone will be able to tell since sound is such an important part of this game, I like the touch with the different sounds for boots/sneakers.
  7. DresdenBBQ


    Oh good lord Louisville is gonna be hell!!! That straight up is like five malls in one small area? That'll provide a special challenge to really clear, the mall is hard enough!
  8. DresdenBBQ

    Techno Babbloid

    It's a breath of fresh air to have actually transparent developers of a video game.
  9. DresdenBBQ


    If you ain't interested in multiplayer the singleplayer aspect of build 41 has already technically been released to the public! It's not all but a definite majority of the content, you can find it by going into your Steam library and finding Project Zomboid, right clickin the game and going to properties, then the betas tab and switching to the IWBUMS version of the game then let the game update. Also it's nice to finally see some sort of definitive milestone to reach before release of multiplayer, a stable 32 person server. With that said will 64 player servers not be available until build 42? Or will we see them reintegrated in the form of a patch/small update once they're ready and stable. PZ multipayer is fun, but I think the statement 'the more the merrier' definitely applies to Project Zomboid. The more people in the world the more full the game world seems, so the bigger the servers the more fun the game'll be. (In my humble multiplayer maniac opinion.)
  10. DresdenBBQ

    Ohio Orio

    Another fantastic dev blog! Sound is such an important aspect of this game and it's nice to see it getting so much love and attention!
  11. Yeah it's a rough wait bro but hopefully soon. I've been dying to play with my pals for a whole ass year now but when it drops it'll be worth it.
  12. In the video there's two people beating the crap out of each other (Well more like one person beating the snot out of the other), it looks like every time they get hit they're stun locked? Is that just temporary until a better player vs player melee combat is added or will be stun locking a player stay and be pushed into the MP update? Just asking out of general curiosity. (P.S Great work!! Love the updates!)
  13. Okay first off I know y'all's kind cause I play Foxhole too and I've spent many hundred hours blowing your boys to the high heavens in a my Colonial battle-tank! Y'all's boys make for good target practice. I'd be down to clown in an RP server, this is the first one I've heard of potentially coming up whenever Update 41 drops so I'll throw my hat in. Character Name: Noah McSlide Profession: Forest Officer at the Otter Creek Outdoor Recreation Area Preferred Allocated Spawn: One of the many farmhouses north of Muldraugh. Hours: 600ish Experience: I've got a few hundred hours over the years but it's been a while.
  14. Love the transparency and work, all the screenshots are hilarious and it's so fun to see how everyone expresses themselves through their clothing! Excited to see more content and eventually be able to play with my friends. Many hours of enjoyment are ahead thanks to y'all's effort!!
  15. Wow that looks like y'all had a blast! Makes me jealous I wish I could've been there, I been DYING for a lil' tease of the multiplayer experience!! Keep these devblogs rollin' I wanna see more! (And thanks for da blog as always!)
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