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  1. DresdenBBQ

    Taking aim

    Thank you so much for this Thursdoid!!! My friends keep askin' me when multiplayer for build 41 Zomboid is comin' and why it's takin' so long and now I can simply link them this. Can't wait to see what hijinks y'all are workin' on for build 42!!!
  2. Thanks y'all!! I needed the names of those threads so I appreciate ya finding them for me. It's good to know that making buildings itself hasn't changed a lick. I appreciate the help.
  3. Oh hell yeah! Is the mod already on the workshop and is it compatible with build 41? o:
  4. I think the broken wood spear/broken huntin' knife into your inventory is the best resolution to this issue. It's possible they haven't overlooked it and just haven't implemented it yet? (Remember that clothes could be damaged before the ability to repair them was added to the game.) Nonetheless it'd be nice to have an official response that they know that's a problem and they have it in the queue!
  5. Holy shit this is fantastic!!! I've always wanted a mod like this. I ain't a fantastic writer and I got shit from shinolah when it comes to writin' experience but if there's anyway I can help then I'd love to!
  6. I really wanna know how long this goes on for too. It'd be cool if at some point in the game it got taken over by survivors instead of cuttin' out completely. Maybe that goes against the game's lore of it being "There's no hope for survival everyone's gonna die" but having it cut out on Day 9 with the T.V and radio would kinda suck and not make it that viable. Like whoopie you get to know the weather for nine days. It's a neat feature but the length it plays will determine its usefulness.
  7. Finding performance parts is one thing but other parts like windshields, gas tanks, hell even engine parts are hard to find if not impossible since they're not on the loot table. How sick would it be if you could play an even harder setting where all cars come by default broken and you have to find engine parts to get one operational? Even if you do find performance parts they're always busted in some way and correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think you can repair some things like suspensions or brakes?
  8. You can already yoink car parts from cars but I'm purdy sure that every car has the exact same parts default to them. You can't get better car parts unless you get them from a mechanic's shop and install the parts yourself. It'd be nice to find cars with better parts in them but I've never come across any before.
  9. I don't know about y'all but I've always been kinda annoyed that you can only find car parts inside mechanic shops. Of course that makes sense they'd be there, but when you scour the whole map and you don't find a single large or even standard size gas tank or any other upgraded parts for that matter on a save where's there's no loot respawn it's kinda annoying, especially since getting to mechanic shops can be an extremely deadly endeavor and can easily result in death since they're mainly situated deep in towns. Such is the apocalypse but I find it hard to believe that you can search four towns head to toe and still not find the right parts for the car you have. Not sure how many others agree with me, but wouldn't it make sense for warehouses to maybe have some car parts in them? You'd obviously lower the spawn rate dramatically but findin' parts every once in a while when you're scouring warehouses would not only make them more worth your time to check but also offer another way you could potentially find parts that are in high demand. You could even have some garages have car parts in 'em! That's just my two cents, any comments building on or criticizing the idea are more than welcome, they're encouraged!
  10. You can also go down this rabbit hole in the Steam Support section "Help, I can't sign in". From there you can go to enter your steam account's name which you know. Then it'll give you a bunch of questions. Do you have a phone number? If you do have one already set up with your Steam account you can have a verification code texted to your phone and you can get your account back that way. If you don't have that, then the next possible step is email. I know you said they switch the email associated with the account but just click that tab anyway since it'll say what email is tied to the account. If it's yours still somehow you can get a verification code sent to the email you already own and have your password reset that way. If neither of those work, then THAT'S where you can file a support ticket. I actually didn't need to create a new email and Steam account for you as I just found out but you're welcome to use them anyway if you want. Fill out that support ticket with your current email and they'll get back to you. Seeing as I know for certain your account has been reported at the minimum of twenty times they're prolly eyeballing it and you'll have it back sometime within a week from now if you're persistent. I know this is super stressful but you ain't gonna do yourself any favors getting frustrated or lashing out or quitting now. None of those things are gonna solve your problems or make you feel a lick better, in fact they'll only compound the frustration you already have. There's no reason to quit a hobby you enjoy cause of a hiccup like this, you'd just be cutting off your nose to spite your face. You gotta do what you can to get by these next few days and it won't be easy, but I think you can do it. (Steam support to see if you can't reset your password.) https://help.steampowered.com/en/wizard/HelpWithLogin (Steam support page to file a ticket to reclaim your account.) https://help.steampowered.com/en/wizard/HelpRequestCantLogin/?s=9908405315204992566&lost=6
  11. As I said in DM's I don't think Steam is gonna deactivate your account, even if they would it'd still take upwards of a week or two before they'd do anythin'. It's fucked up that it's gone this far but you're gonna have to freeze your card to stop him from buying anything else. Use the Steam and Email I created for you to file the ticket for the lost account, you need to do that regardless. I don't think it's a good to give up an entire hobby cause of this one experience. You can't put into words how much this fucking sucks, but after this is dealt with you won't ever have to deal with anythin' similar to it again and I can show you how to set up a Steam Guard which makes gettin' hacked virtually impossible. Another slight bit of hopefully positive news is on the Steam Support page they have a section for "I have Charges from Steam I didn't make" so you can file a ticket *there* once you get your account back and you may or may not be able to reverse some of the charges made to your account and get some of your money back. I reckon that alone is enticin' enough to wanna get your account back. When you file the ticket once you get your account back you're gonna wanna go over your bank statements and track the purchases so you can give them as much info about them as possible. They might be lenient seein' as your account is currently hacked. I can show you how to jump off that bridge when we get there. (This is their support ticket in case you wanted to know what sort of information you'd be providing once you get your account back. You also have the ability to attach files too.)
  12. Report his account as stolen is one way but for right now I'm jus' waitin' to see if he wants me to just make the Steam account for him.
  13. Not gonna lie the fact that your account is public is somewhat convenient for us. I could try to flag the ticket for you but if you want I can create a new Steam account *for* you?
  14. I've already had eight or so people I know report it and hopefully others that I don't know have gone ahead and done it as well. Ain't really sure I can file a support ticket cause it ain't my account?
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