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  1. 41.78.16 •Multiplayer •Dedicated •Yes •Existing Save •Unable to reproduce, seems to happen arbitrarily to different players. pen Essentially, some H.A.M radios seem to 'exist' afterwards in the game after removal. Almost as a form of silent duplication. Efforts to remove or get rid of these radios have proved unsuccessful. I have attempted to delete them with brush tool (No option to click on them and remove them.) as well as remove the tile they sit on (Move the cabinet in an attempt to 'destroy' what was on top. They don't show up as an object I can pick up, but interestingly enough if I try to place a crate or any furniture on the tile they inhabit, the game does not let me. So in some capacity the game is aware that these exist. In this you'll find my attached logs (Unsure how helpful they are, as I'm just an admin on this server.) If there is any form of remedy that's known for this issue I'd certainly appreciate it! (Note, there *are* indeed mods on this server. The collection of which can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3015479936. However I'm unsure if this is a mod issue, as we don't have any mods that effect in game radios.) logs.zip
  2. I'm purdy sure the explicitly said they aren't replacing tiles since they're pre-created 2D pieces of art. For your other questions though they didn't say anything about it, which probably means they're not ready to come out with that info yet. We'll prolly be able to know all that not long before the build drops.
  3. Mondoids hit different man, absolutely stellar and informative content reveal. Truly a common Indiestone W!
  4. By the way, not only am I bumping this thread but I left out an INCREDIBLY important detail! Without light switches, a building does not naturally have lights that you can turn on. Meaning the only way to bring light into it is by putting lamps everywhere. That's more or less fine in singleplayer as lightbulbs won't reguarlly burn out on you, but in multiplayer you have to do some insane light micromanagment so you don't burn through your lightbulbs like a truck through a tank of gas. Especially since there's no current way to wire 'em all together and install your own electrical systems that you can manage through switches. There's no efficient or reasonable way to fix it up into a base. Which is unfortunate cause I absolutely adore this building. (Also I know for a fact this building is technically supposed to have electricity through it, as it literally has a elevator. No wonder this building was abandoned, they built a factory that workers can't see in!)
  5. As the title says, I noticed this abandoned factory outside of Riverside is devoid of any and all light switches, which despite it being abandoned I still thought was quite odd. Is this somethin that was glanced over, or is it a feature?
  6. Someone with a little more experience than me can maybe correct me, but as far as I'm aware there's not any 'vanilla' buildings we have access to by default. Just the tools to create them.
  7. The devs do an awesome job with the game but modders really take this game to the next level. Even as far back as 4 years ago, mods like ORGM or Hydromancer's Hydrocraft took the game to new levels and depth that made for hours upon hours upon hours of enjoyment. It never ceases to amaze me what the modders are able to acomplish, truly some badass shit!
  8. Severity if fears depends on the individual though I will grant you that I was wrong on my number calculations. My bad, but I still don't really understand the point. I'm half making a personal request and half simply making a point that it wouldn't be a difficult feature to add nor detract anythin in the process. Simply adding an off switch, not removing any features from the game. I will say that while your argument about other phobia's doesn't have anything to do with emetophobia and is a bit of a slippery slope, stuff like spiders you can always run away from or avoid areas you know they'll be, you can turn off the sound of lightnin and you can avoid high places if you're afraid of heights. All of these things are more or less avoidable, the thing with emetophbia is most of the time, vomit isn't, and if your character does it unprompted then there's usually not enough time to react until you're exposed to it. Vomit is such a natural and sudden reaction that a dozen different things cause it and it happens so quickly that usually it's unavoidable. It would just be a server setting, like zombie count or gas consumption. Also folks severity of phobia's depends on the person and the way it came about. Phobia's from somethin like trauma are much more deeply rooted than phobia's caused by social conditioning and upbringing. Some phobia's take decades to overcome, some a matter of years so while it's good that you were able to get over that phobia of yours. For others the path might not be so straightforward, but that's all offtopic. I do appreciate you trying to engage but I'm unsure why you're against it, it's a simple suggestion. If the devs feel obliged to add it they can, if not understandable that they'd have bigger fish to fry with NPC's coming up. I just really wanted to be able to play this game with someone who's special to me is all, and if vomit was added they wouldn't be able to. It's that simple. I think you're ignoring my points here, I'm not talking about phobia's that would compromise the integrity of the game and I don't really enjoy the slippery slope argument of more outrageous examples. What you've said would effect core parts of the game. Without water there is no fishing, nor is there swimming which will prolly be added and important. I don't think I need to explain why clausterophobia and achrophobia are absolutely absurd too, you picked them cause they were. My point is emetophobia is easily preventable, a simple server option to switch it off. Literally all I'm suggesting, it's not like I said don't add it to the game, just add a way to turn it off. You can't do that with most other phobia's. Even common fears, getting rid of spiders could be as easy as deleting some game files. This not so much. Some folks might simply just not enjoy playing with vomiting and think it's an annoying mechanic. I couldn't tell you how many times my character magically threw up for seemingly little reason in DayZ cause I ate a *LITTLE* too much beans for his liking. Anyway, I've already made my suggestion. I don't know if I can lock my own thread, but I'll cease replying now. Take care y'all.
  9. .1 percent of the population is still 78 million people dawg, which is no small amount of folks. We're talkin on the scale of the human race here, even decimals like '.1' are still A LOT! I've known two folks personally over my lifetime that have had it/do have it. We've all most likely met more, but it's not exactly the first thing we tell about ourselves, especially since genuine phobias are usually from deeprooted psychological trauma and not the girl in math class who goes "EW! A cockroach!" Also the second point does not matter. As I said earlier, genuine phobias are usually the seat of deeprooted psychological trauma. It depends on the person with the phobia since all of our brains are wired differently, but in this case it's not about the act but the memories and panic it invokes. You might have a difference in the severity of reaction of something as grotesque as real vomit versus video game vomit, but if it all causes a severe form of panic it doesn't matter. It still all causes severe panic. Also vomiting has nothing to do with hygeniene, and usually is just a reaction to a bad stimuli. Upset stomach, body's response to thinking it's eaten poison, (WE know a lot of bleach drinkers and poison berry eaters in this game) or simply that it's eaten too much. (Though I found the last one usually doesn't happen in real life, your tum tum just hurts instead. But anyway my point is that SHOULD they add it, just to add a server option to turn it off. I'm not here to discuss or debate people's personal relationships with their phobia's, how they work, or how many people have them. Just to make a humble request as emetophobia is a common fear (Again, 78 million people is a third of the population of the United States, and more population than Great Britain) and it should be an easy workaround to just put in an off switch.
  10. As the title says, vomiting will most definetly be added to the game at some point. I get it, it's a natural response of the body and it's in most survival games and especially with upcoming trait reworks. It makes sense that it would be added as a mechanic to probably interact with 'weak stomach' which currently doesn't do much. That being said, I implore the devs to please add a button to disable it in world options. I have a really good friend with emetophobia, but anytime a game adds it in or comes out with it it's instantly off the table because it's incredibly difficult for them to deal with. Emetophobia is also one of if not the most common fear in the world, Adding an option to disable it wouldn't really impact any real gameplay, and it'd allow me to continue playing with my friend, as well as others who have it to play it as well. Please and thank ya'll.
  11. HALLELUJAH!!! I've been playing this game since 2015, I can recant tale after tale of my time in high school coming home and hopping on to play with the boys over a teamspeak call. This game has been my favorite game and proudly displayed on my Steam as such for years now, I remember the last megatest for build 40 and the big PVP royale we had and everything. This is unironically my dream game, and it's wonderful seeing it finally get the recognition it deserves after so many years of hard work. This game has been transformed over the last two years, and while a lot of naysayers said the update would never come, it is somehow here. Thank y'all for your hard work, and for giving me the game that I always wanted. I look forward to many more hundreds of hours of fun and years of enjoyment! THANK YOU!!!
  12. Where's my waffle KINGS at??? Pancakes ain't got nothin' on the Texas shaped waffles from the Texas shaped waffle iron!
  13. DresdenBBQ


    Watching the new melee weapons sounds and seeing how slow the sledge swings has kinda got me thinkin. I love the sledge, but it doesn't make a really practical melee weapon. I understand this is by design as it has incredibly high damage, but you could also make the argument the axes, wood or otherwise, are almost as strong damage wise and stronger when you consider their swing speed in comparison. The closest blunt weapon that is the axe's equal would be the baseball bat, but frankly, I don't think they're really comparable. Between damage output and swing speed, the axe has the edge. (Pun, intended.) So I was thinkin, maybe there could be a trait, albeit an expensive one that would give you better proficiency with the sledge/wood axe? Somethin kinda already exists for axes under the lumberjack profession, so perhaps it's something that could be included under for example the construction worker. As using sledge hammers in house renovation, taking down a wall you don't like, wantin to get rid of some ugly tile, etc, is purdy doggone common in the profession. And those men can wield them like Paul Bunyan and his axe. It would give a nice buff to an otherwise weak profession and a new, practical use to a one-trick-pony weapon/tool. Just some thoughts! Otherwise love the updates, super hyped for MP. Got LOTS of friends always askin' me when the update is comin' out and it's nice to actually be able to tell them that it'll drop soon!!
  14. What a phenomenal mod!! Is there anyway to help out with it, do they have their own development discord?
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