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  1. Yeah it's a rough wait bro but hopefully soon. I've been dying to play with my pals for a whole ass year now but when it drops it'll be worth it.
  2. In the video there's two people beating the crap out of each other (Well more like one person beating the snot out of the other), it looks like every time they get hit they're stun locked? Is that just temporary until a better player vs player melee combat is added or will be stun locking a player stay and be pushed into the MP update? Just asking out of general curiosity. (P.S Great work!! Love the updates!)
  3. Okay first off I know y'all's kind cause I play Foxhole too and I've spent many hundred hours blowing your boys to the high heavens in a my Colonial battle-tank! Y'all's boys make for good target practice. I'd be down to clown in an RP server, this is the first one I've heard of potentially coming up whenever Update 41 drops so I'll throw my hat in. Character Name: Noah McSlide Profession: Forest Officer at the Otter Creek Outdoor Recreation Area Preferred Allocated Spawn: One of the many farmhouses north of Muldraugh. Hours: 600ish Experience: I've got a few
  4. Love the transparency and work, all the screenshots are hilarious and it's so fun to see how everyone expresses themselves through their clothing! Excited to see more content and eventually be able to play with my friends. Many hours of enjoyment are ahead thanks to y'all's effort!!
  5. Wow that looks like y'all had a blast! Makes me jealous I wish I could've been there, I been DYING for a lil' tease of the multiplayer experience!! Keep these devblogs rollin' I wanna see more! (And thanks for da blog as always!)
  6. Towing is something I've been hoping for since the moment that vehicles dropped so, wow, holy shit this is not something I expected to come in the build 41 package! Hell yeah I'm glad it's getting official implementation, hat's off to you @Aiteron and the dev team!
  7. DresdenBBQ


    One would assume Kappatao, I hope they show up on the emergency radio broadcast that would be sick. It'd be even cooler if they acted like real storms and hung around for a few days.
  8. DresdenBBQ


  9. I know the devs have toyed around with the idea of having underground areas before that are *genuinely* underground but as far as I'm aware there's some sorta wonkiness with the engine. It just doesn't behave when you try to create "Underground space" that cuts through the world. It's possible to get around it (Foxhole, another indie game had a similar problem that they eventually worked around.) but from what I understand with my complete and utter lack of knowledge of game design, it's labor intensive and not high on the priority list.
  10. DresdenBBQ


    My British friends have been talkin' non stop about that heatwave, I hope they're feeling better soon! 😓
  11. DresdenBBQ

    Covoid 19

    Yooo the idea of being able to squish whatever type of item I want into shelves is like, an organizer's dream. No longer will there be the days of the books on my bookshelf turning out to be bullets once the loot menu is open! Also just what aesthetics you can do with stacking items (Cans, pots/pans, boxes, etc) would allow bases to feel so much more personal. It also might legit incentivize people to not just dismantle every bit of furniture they find as they can use it for organizational space instead.
  12. DresdenBBQ

    Shoving off

    Looking forward to multiplayer! I've got a good many friends lined up to get it once it's dropped (Can't wait to show my girlfriend the ropes!) and honestly the reason why it's taking so long is perfectly rational. The second they release *any* sort of multiplayer functionality, it will automatically be treated as a final product as Lenny said. I'd rather play on a stable server than have it be buggy, unstable and a poor laggy experience. I have EU friends I want to play with but if the zombie lag bites and real time zombie placement isn't good then they'll get frustrated and quit from the lag
  13. DresdenBBQ

    Zed Clients

    That zombie best watch itself it's sorta got a katana in its chest. 😳
  14. DresdenBBQ

    Urban TerrorZ

    Congratulations to XeonyX!!! I remember when he helped me out back in the day when I was new to creatin' buildings and tryin' to figure out the maps. He was a real help and I've always been purdy grateful towards him for it. He's a fantastic mapper and I'm sure he'll do a great job helpin' with Louisville. Keep up the good work y'all!!! I hope to get my girlfriend into the game when build 41 multiplayer drops! >:D
  15. So you're telling me it was my fat ass fingers that were removing the keys from the car mid drive THIS WHOLE TIME????
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