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  1. DresdenBBQ

    StreamZed II

    This game has improved so dramatically with the last few builds finally adding in much needed changes like more complex weather and vehicles, and now we're about to get animations!!! I can't wait for this build to drop so I can dive right in and teach all of my newbie friends how to get munched on by zombies in style! I can't wait to see what Mash does too with the art style. The more post-apocalyptic looking, the better!
  2. DresdenBBQ

    More Late-Game Power Sources & Home Batteries

    Residential solar panels have been around since the early 90's but the technology wasn't wildly explored due oppressive taxes which make them more expenses, landlords who've outlawed them on their buildings, and their heavy production price due to a lack of mass production seeing as the renewable energy market simply cannot compete with the already well established fossil fuel industry. However they still did exist but the problem with solar panels is that the solar cells in the panels deteriorate over time and need to be replaced after a certain amount of time or your solar panels will cease to work. While this isn't a problem for us in the year of our lord 2019, our global market easily has the ability to produce these solar cells (If it would actually choose to do so instead of fracking and mining more), it's still a more cost efficient and waste efficient way of producing energy than coal or gas. However in 1993 solar panels weren't exactly popular so getting new solar cells for your panels would be extremely difficult in rural Kentucky in 1993, not to mention the solar power at the time was more unreliable and had a faster deterioration rate. Wind power has been around for longer but I'd like to point out that wind power isn't what I'd describe as "silent." It still makes noise depending on the speed of the wind and I do think it the amount of sound it generates could be incorporated into the game since I believe a weather overhaul is planned in the future? It would also allow for different watts of electricity to be produced dependin on the strength of the wind. That or either give them a lower overall power production rate so that you'd have to have more wind turbines to equal that of a generator but make them slightly quieter so they can seem like a more end game item to craft/steal. Or make them have overall *more* noise because after all, you don't have to constantly fill them up with gas and can leave them to do their own thing. I don't really think solar panels are feasible, but with the right amount of balancing, wind power would definitely be a cool end game addition to the game.
  3. DresdenBBQ

    Far from the Zedding Crowd

    Woah! This update looks slicker than shit on a hoe handle! I haven't been followin the game that closely these past few months but what a shocker to come back to and look the sneak peaks of what build 41 will look like! Y'all look like you're doing an amazin job TIS so please keep it up!!!! This has been and will prolly be my favorite game of all time and I'm so ecstatic to see that it continues to get better and better every year. Oh! And to everyone out there who thinks the new combat system will be too easy if you're still not convinced by Lemmy's video, (Which by the way R.I.P that poor soul he didn't stand a chance) is combat in the game currently really that difficult? Any dipshit with an axe can grind up their axe levels on small groups of zombies and eventually you get to the point where you can stare down a small horde of 10-20 and just swing, kill one, step back, swing, kill a few more, step back and rinse repeat that cycle. Sure it's time consuming, but combat isn't exactly high skilled at the moment, just incredibly punishing if you fuck up so this combat update is really really exciting!!! I have the upmost confidence that TIS will have build 41 combat balanced. My main interest is how gun combat will be balanced, I'm very keen to see more info on that.
  4. DresdenBBQ

    Word Association Extra

    Pivot -> Dance
  5. DresdenBBQ

    New Dawn Roleplay

    I dunno I think a Project Zomboid Roleplay experience could be fun, even if the admins are a bit partial to their friends & boosting their own narrative before others. I wouldn't mind testin' the waters on the server granted I'd have the time. Though I'd definitely raise hell if I was griefed or screwed over for simple petty reasons such as simply havin' a dislikin' for someone.
  6. DresdenBBQ

    Forking Hell

    0: That boy just did some Dyin' Light jazz over that fence. Does that mean people will be able to jump on top of one story buildings with flat roofs? Basically, if I had a base on a multiplayer server, would some raidin' trumpetfucker be able to jump up onto my roof & get in, no stairs required?
  7. DresdenBBQ

    Higher Fidelity

    Can't wait for this update! It's always pleasant to revisit the forums after a month or two & see the Mond-, I mean, Thursdoids! Keep up the great work y'all! I've been dyin' for an update that shows different clothes on zombies & my character! Nothin' against the hearty sweater, blouse & vest, but a new batch of fresh clothes is always lovely.
  8. DresdenBBQ

    College Station TX

    https://www.google.com/maps/place/College+Station,+TX/@30.5907759,-96.4317463,11z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x8646848619463ca3:0xc969c74db6bf6ac9!8m2!3d30.627977!4d-96.3344068 I've ceased workin' on the map since life has caught up to me. But this is what I was basing it off of.
  9. DresdenBBQ

    New Briefs

    I just saw the weather update! It looks really slick! An if I didn't know any better, I'd say y'all are gettin' a bit faster at updatin' the game! I'm excited for future content, keep up the wonderful work y'all! (Also, I don't reckon a feller could get an invite back to the TIS Discord?)
  10. DresdenBBQ


    Oh sweet mad max cars would be slicker than shit on a hoe handle.
  11. DresdenBBQ

    Defecation v1.2

    This is a purdy sweet mod! I just came across it & I'm gonna give it a whirl but I just wanted to ask, is it possible to defecate in a urinal? Just wonderin' cause tryin' to take a poo in one of those is well, shitty, for lack of a better word. Anyway, can't wait to check out the mod!
  12. DresdenBBQ

    Too Hot For TV

    Any information on when the cars teleportin' on each other bug is gonna get fixed? Just curious since on Blacksite at the moment we can't have cars cause they'll teleport on top of each other? There's also been moments where cars have randomly blown up whenever people were away? I think it's related to the teleportin' bug since teleportin' & blowing up seem to happen at around the same time. Other than that great update! Can't wait to see animations in the main build!
  13. DresdenBBQ

    Word Association Extra

    River --> Boat.
  14. DresdenBBQ

    Zombies in the Mist

    Hey been away from the game for a while but it's nice to come back & see vehicles in the main build! I don't reckon y'all are gonna be doin' another public megatest for the weather update?
  15. DresdenBBQ

    When did you join pz

    I first learned about Project Zomboid in 2014 whenever a YouTuber I watched a helluva lot back then uploaded a video showcasin' the game. Now back then I ate up anything that was zombie survival+realism so this game was right up my alley. Bought it the same year, been playin' it since. So guess I'm a middle feller. Christ I was thirteen years old when I started playin' this game?? Lordy lordy that's a long while.