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  1. The military had GPS. Civilians did not have access to GPS until 1983 (and was only given to the world because the Soviet Union shot down a Korean passenger jet that was off course). The US realized that could have been avoided if they shared some tech. But there was a catch; its accuracy was purposefully degraded to about 100 meters. It would give your general location (in lat/long) but was very “inaccurate” for the civilian user. The full GPS constellation wasn’t even operational until 1993. Then in 2000 its accuracy degradation was lifted. So the timeframe doesn’t quite fit with e
  2. Most of these are great ideas! Maybe, not what the OP meant, but earbuds and headphones can be worn when attached to a radio so that they can be listened to quietly. TBH wallets as containers seems like a waste. There’s no point in carrying around cash, credit cards, etc. Yeah if cash could be used as kindling like the OP suggested there’s a small reason. But you could just stuff the worthless kindling wherever. A wallet just makes carrying cash and credit cards easier and more convenient and there’s just no need for that. But yes; let us burn cash!
  3. That orbiting video cracked me up! I can not agree more after watching that.
  4. Yeah lamp posts, log bundles (the most useful), and log walls are the only uses I know of right now. Can they even be used as “sheet ropes”? I would assume they can, but I have never tried in recent memory.
  5. I am not dedicated to being against your idea. I gave two suggestions to go along with the idea to improve on ropes being used for log walls. Ropes are a rare resource and likely wouldn’t be a players first choice (in Project Zomboid) to build a log wall. But if there were actual IRL zombies that I wanted to keep out and I had three choices of ripped sheets (likely cotton), twine, and ropes to hold a wall of logs together; I would absolutely use rope. I suggested braiding ripped sheets into ropes. This would solve the scarcity issue of rope. It could be a skill for tailoring. Use the
  6. This as an argument, a bit ironically, just does not make sense. Ropes are used in the recipe to make log walls. Drinking bleach is not a solution for thirst. Yes its a liquid, but you’re making quite a reach. Now if you you told your character to drink and they were out of potable water and they decided to drink non-potable water then maybe that could be a better argument. Your character only automatically drinks when they have potable water. Log walls aren’t made automatically. They are placed each time you tell your character to make one and only one. You
  7. “Retarded” is offensive. Be lovely. Maybe braiding ripped sheets into rope is a solution. “Solves” the realism issue (at least makes it better) and the rope shortage issues. Could be a tailoring skill.
  8. TBH; only ropes should be able to be used to build log walls. Can you imagine the weight of multiple 8ft logs being held together by some strips of ripped cloth or twine? Its just not realistic. However, gameplay sometimes has to beat realism. There just aren’t enough ropes spawning in game to make building log walls a plausible thing to do; which is likely why you’re upset. Ropes aren’t very common to find. I think ideally removing the ability to use ripped sheets and twine to build log walls while increasing the spawn rate of rope would be the way to go.
  9. Yep! To give more context: at the top of the stairs I had placed a doorway. Twice while going up the stairs I hit “E” early before getting to the door. My character hopped the railing into the “corridor” instead of opening the door. They fell through the floor after hopping the railing and ended up on the 1st floor. I don’t know if this happens every time, but the two times I did it my character has fallen through the floor and has gotten injured. Not eager to test it further 😝. Happened the first time and I thought it was odd and a glitch. Happened again and I thought
  10. When climbing a set of stairs I have hit "E" and hopped the stairwell railing. Doing so has caused me to fall through the floor of the second story and land on the first floor causing a loss of health. I have observed this happen twice. The observed issue occurred here: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.5252641104354852,0.08880894354184916,776.925006270379
  11. 1136. Use broken spears for fuel in fires. Allow us to throw broken spears into a fire as a source of fuel. They are crafted from planks and tree branches which can be used as fuel. Why wouldn't a spear be able to be used as fuel?
  12. 1135. Add existing gardens of vegetables to the game. There are lots of farms and houses with garden plots. None of them have potatoes, tomatoes, radishes, strawberries, cabbages, broccoli, or carrots growing in them when starting a new map.
  13. Yeah something seems off there. Pretty sure planks give 2 hours of burn time in a campfire and logs give 4 hours.
  14. What if our characters wore a certain size shoe and that shoes had different sizes? Too small; you can't wear them. Too big; you get a movement penalty for wearing them. Could maybe have shoes that are a little too small cause pain. A little too big would not have as bad of a movement penalty.
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