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  1. CaptKaspar

    Having Kids

    I have 2 children (3yrs and 3mos). Having my 2 children with me in a zombie apocalypse would be just about the worst thing ever! At their age they are almost totally useless and will likely just get themselves and myself into trouble. With that being said; it would certainly add a new dynamic and challenge to the game. The Last of Us pulled off having to protect a child during an apocalyptic scenario.
  2. And have to reset the clock everytime you change the car battery!
  3. CaptKaspar

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    I honestly have no idea if this makes a difference or not, but did you try it with the windows down?
  4. CaptKaspar

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Yes this works, but it then lowers all the other ambient sounds to a level that is too low to hear. I think vehicles are just too loud loud when you’re inside them with the windows up. I ride a motorcyle IRL (a loud Vtwin) and it’s easier to have a discussion on that then it is to have a conversation playing PZ while driving.
  5. CaptKaspar

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    I second this! Right now it is very difficult to drive and have a conversation with your buddies in MP. I get that our perspective of our characters is from outside the vehicle (and that would have loud vehicle noise), but sounds that we perceive should be based on our characters position (quieter inside the vehicle) and not where we are viewing them from. Maybe if the windows are down it would be very loud like it currently is and difficult to have a conversation?
  6. CaptKaspar

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Haven’t tested the newest IWBUMS version yet, but we had a car horn bug for the last version I wanted to report. Saw in the Thursdoid that the bug tracker is being retooled so I thought I’d post it here. When players are honking the horn in a vehicle, other players who are very close in a nearby building can not hear the horn at all. I’d understand if it was muffled in a building with all the windows and doors closed, but I live in a major city and I can say with utter certainty that regardless of how tightly you close up your home you can still hear car horns.
  7. Thats an oxymoron though don’t you think? It wouldn’t be a scratch or a cut if it didn’t break the skin.
  8. Were you bleeding from the scratch?
  9. 735. Highlight light switches. Maybe need to suspend disbelief here a little bit, but sometimes light switches in this game can be really hard to find in the light, let alone at night in the dark. As long as the power is on they could be 'highlighted'? Like light switches where the actual switch is lit up. Maybe glow in the dark? The idea here is to make it a bit easier for gameplay reasons to find the light switch in the dark. I know for real that in a dark unfamiliar house the light switches could be hard to find. But in this game where often the wall is obscured/hidden it can be really difficult to click in the exactly the right spot even if you know the light switch is there.
  10. I long ago read that a scratch from a zombie has a 25% chance of infecting you with the zombie virus and a bite has a 99% chance of infecting you. This was back in like 2014 though so things may have changed. Once when I was a teen (long long ago) I was playing with my dog and he jumped up and he surface scratched my cheek with his claw. I ended up getting a nasty bacterial infection from the surface scratch. To me a corpse that has been walking around decomposing could very plausibly have some nasty stuff under its nails. Also think about a zombie clawing to get into a place that it saw a meal. It would claw at the door/window/wall/tree etc until it was no longer stimulated. To me I can easily imagine a zombie grinding off all the flesh on its fingertips and could wear/break/grind the bones down into more jagged/sharp points that could do some nasty scratching. I'm ok with scratches from zombies transferring the infection.
  11. Oh I'm well aware of what Down Syndrome is and what causes it. My son was born with Trisomy 21. I was more interested in why DramaSetter felt the need to mockingly make fun of the condition when the golden rule of these forums is to 'keep it lovely'. I don't see how mocking people with developmental disabilities is lovely, especially when they are members of this community. DramaSetter care to explain yourself? I'd love to hear your justification.
  12. What is that supposed to mean?
  13. CaptKaspar

    More funding

    I am sort of surprised this thread has not been locked by now. If you do not like Early Access then do not participate. It is for people who want to invest both their money and their time/ideas into helping make a game. Wait for the 1.0 if you do not want to be a part of that or if the value of what you receive doesn't meet your expectations. This conversation always seems to pop up on every EA games forums/discussion group. It's not a new concept and should be well understood by the gaming community by now. If you don't get it, you are probably a casual gamer that is better suited for 1.0 releases. Stomping your feet and crying about not having what you want, to me at least, is very much like my toddler. For everyone else who wants to show additional support; word of mouth is probably the most helpful you can be. Tell your friends, leave some reviews, etc. No one is asking for more money from TIS, but if you bought an additional copy, I'm sure they won't argue and will appreciate your continued support. As of right now PZ has cost me about $0.02/hr of entertainment. You won't hear me complain! Many of my suggestions and ideas have been incorporated into the game, I have helped test and develop new features, and I have witnessed TIS hire dedicated testers/modders to permanently work with them to finish their game. This game is literally being built by the community, and that to me is awesome!
  14. CaptKaspar

    RELEASED: Build 37.14

  15. CaptKaspar

    More funding

    Billwa, can you cite where the developers 'literally promise shit'? I haven't seen that yet. I thought they said personal hygiene wasn't going to make it into the game? Maybe you are incorrectly using the word literally? Perhaps figuratively is the word you're looking for. They are often misused. Features will be done when their done. If you don't have the patience, maybe Early Access games are not for you. TIS is very upfront about Early Access on their Steam page. Perhaps you should have read it before purchasing. You've been a member of these forums for over 3 years now and have posted 23 times. Recently, they have all been negative posts. What are you hoping to accomplish other than to piss some people off? What good do you expect from it? If you don't expect any good, why are you bothering? Perhaps a more constructive approach would be more useful? While I do not agree with the OP's suggestion, I do appreciate their constructive efforts to help progress the development of this game.