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  1. If we have a window that is only partially barricaded (1 or 2 planks - where we can still see out the window) we could stab zombies banging on the barricades with a spear or maybe a knife. Right now if a zombie is trying to break through the barricades we need to go outside and kill them from the outside. When we try to stab a zombie from the inside we end up hitting the barricades and damaging them further. It would make sense that we couldn't swing a baseball bat or similar blunt weapon at them, but we should be able to stab through the window with a spear. Similar to how we can stab zombies with a spear through metal fences. Are we able to shoot through partially barricaded windows? I have not tried this because generally I avoid guns whenever possible in PZ. I'd rather not have to guns if a pointy object can do the same task.
  2. Keeping items in an insulated container would also help offset any temperature fluctuations during the day.
  3. You can already paint a variety of symbols with a paint can and a brush. But you need something to paint them on other than the road directly. You can paint symbols on walls and wooden signs. Yes it would be ideal to paint directly on the road, but with an easy extra step you can build a wooden sign and paint on that or just use building walls nearby.
  4. Only if the paint job looks like absolute crap . We tried taking parts off one car that is a X color and putting them on a car that was Y color. The X color parts were automatically changed to Y color parts. So its definitely possible that parts can change color. However, my assumption is thats not how it works. Each car has a color code and all parts on that car will have that code. The parts themselves I don't think have any color. But allowing us a to change a car from 0000FF to FF0000 (or whatever they use for coding color) shouldn't be too unreasonable.
  5. This isn't exactly a bug, but it was something I saw that was wrong. In the admin panel for "Climate Control" there are options to choose a "Warm front (volatile weather)" and a "Cold front (calm weather)". This is backwards. Meteorology and understanding weather patterns is vital to the safety of my profession. Warmer are is typically less dense than colder air. The denser air will always want to be on the bottom. Warm fronts do not cause volatile weather. They cause stable weather. Usually a large area of overcast weather with stable precipitation. There is little vertical movement of air associated with a warm front. They are like a warm blanket dropped on top of a colder air mass. Warm air does not displace cold air and so there is little to no volatility to the air. The warm front slowly transfers its heat into the colder air mass. So they appear to move slowly, but are really just transferring their heat into the colder air mass until it matches the temperature of the warmer air mass. Eventually their temperature differential becomes equal and the front "dies". Weather associated with warm fronts can last days. Cold fronts on the other hand are like a broom coming through. They do cause volatile and violent weather. This is because a colder air mass is coming in and displacing the relatively warmer air mass. This causes the warmer air mass to rise. When that warmer air mass rises (along with its moisture) it causes severe storms. They cause unstable air and brief but intense storms. Weather associated with cold fronts rarely last more than half a day and often only for a few hours.
  6. We were listening to the automated weather station in game and it told us to expect a storm in X number of days. Cool its gonna rain, but other than that do we really need to care? I thought it would be cool if we actually had to take that into consideration. Do we have loose, light items laying around the yard that we don't want blown away? What about the crops? Should the cars be parked in the garage to avoid hail and debris damage? What if trees were knocked down here and there? At the least some tree branches and twigs should be strewn about. Give storms a little more bite and something for us to worry about.
  7. This is probably wishful thinking, but it would be great if we could ride in the back of pickup trucks. It would be even cooler if we could jump into the back of one.
  8. 1171. When cooking you can pull ingredients from nearby containers. When repairing an item you can NOT pull repair mats from nearby containers. Make it so that we can.
  9. It'll be difficult to decipher, but you can look in C:>Users>"Username">Zomboid>Saves>Multiplayer>servertest>players. Someone with greater knowledge than me will have to tell you how to parse out the info you need from that, but it looks like its potentially all in there. We had a character just fall over and die without explanation recently. Not kidding, it was like they were sniped in the head. The player was engaged with some zombies. Their weapon broke so they backed away to equip a backup. Then all of a sudden they died and there was a big puddle of blood around their head. They were at least 50yds from any players or zombies when changing weapons. I saw it all happen. We thought well maybe they some how got bit/scratched by a zombie? But they left no trail of blood and they died within seconds of leaving the fight. Would need pretty massive blood loss for that. Then the body never reanimated. So it wasn't the zombies that got him. We don't play PvP and its on a private server with just friends, so it wasn't someone shooting. But bam just like that they were dead. So, that player we allowed them to make a new character and we used the mighty admin powers to restore them as close as possible to what they were before. It wasn't exact, but it was close enough. If we unintentionally gave them more than what they actually had, oh well, its the cost of the hassle to have to go through that.
  10. Ok, but ballparking here, What amount of renewable food is needed to keep weight up on an average day of killing a few dozen zombies and doing chores around the safehouse? Without starting a new character to have the nutritionist trait or abusing admin powers to spawn sticks of butter to eat everyday, how much food is needed? With renewables from farming, trapping, and fishing our options are: Fish, rabbit, squirrel, rat, mouse, small bird, frog, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, radishes, strawberries, and tomatoes. So what recipe combination would be needed and approximately how much needs to be eaten? I am asking because eating multiple bowls of stew from a high hunger reduction stew (+100 hunger reduction from the pot) made from primarily fish and potatoes (the highest fat and carb food that is renewable) struggles to keep the weight on.
  11. If you know where they built out over the water, you could go out there as an admin and rebuild a platform to allow them to spawn in on. Then destroy the platform. However, floors placed directly on water tiles can not be destroyed. So hopefully they were at least one level up. At least I have not been able to destroy them. Otherwise do what Beard said.
  12. There’s a mod on the Steam workshop that does this, as well as lying on beds.
  13. You can add maple syrup (and strawberries) to pancakes already. After the pancake is cooked simply right click on it to bring up the context menu. If maple syrup is within range you should be able to add it.
  14. Yeah the pathfinding of zombies is often immersion breaking for me. You jump over that tall wall that you mentioned and the zombies immediately maneuver to walk around the wall in the shortest distance possible. They don’t approach the wall or blunder about trying to find a way around it. They immediately know exactly where to go. Even if the zombies were able to get around the wall, they should have to reacquire where you are before heading to you. By then you’re probably long gone and zombies should shamble about when they turned directions around the wall. I have found that reducing zombie “memory” from the default to short helps with this issue some.
  15. C:>Users>"Username">Zomboid>Server>servertest.ini MinutesPerPage="X" The lower the number, the faster you read books. We have ours set to 0.1
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