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  1. Maybe have to examine (timed action) an object you find first, then you can make it later?
  2. I too was expecting a performance improvement. I have a pretty solid rig for gaming and getting 15fps zoomed out seems very low to me. I haven’t put any serious playtime into Zomboid since fall of 2018. Been following the Zomboids weekly and we (a group that plays together) are eager to get back into playing the game regularly. But we decided to stop playing 1.5 years ago knowing that our saves would be lost when the impending animation update landed. Now we are waiting on MP. I install all the updates and play a little bit to keep up-to-date. I shared in an e
  3. I just want to give some feedback on the new zoom system. Zoomed in all the way I am getting about 90fps. Zoomed out all the way I am getting about 15fps. Settings: Everything maxed. Specs: Windows 10 Home i5 9600k 3.7ghz OC'd to 4.4ghz - Zoomed in CPU Utilization is about 60% - Zoomed out CPU utilization is about 55% Nvidia Titan XP 12gb -Zoomed in GPU Utilization about 40% and 15% memory usage -Zoomed out GPU Utilization about 33% and 15% memory usage 32gb RAM 3200mhz Without significan
  4. This video is at 4:30pm on 12/12. Louisville, KY sunset is 5:20pm on 12/12. Maybe its a little too dark, but it is within an hour of sunset.
  5. 1082 Make a splashing sound when running/walking through puddles.
  6. I’m sorry to disagree, but I get the impression that you have not been following the development of the game closely. Animations will without a doubt have a significanrly greater impact on gameplay than a minor QOL UI tweak. Anyone who has ever played this game with friends or public MP knows, this game needs the new animations and they will have a massive impact on gameplay. Knowing what other players are doing visually is a massive improvement in gameplay. Knowing what your friends/enemies are doing is incredibly useful in every situation. For both MP a
  7. Animations are going to have a massive impact on gameplay. I for one am perfectly content waiting on being able to sort by weight until after we get the animations.
  8. I have 2 children (3yrs and 3mos). Having my 2 children with me in a zombie apocalypse would be just about the worst thing ever! At their age they are almost totally useless and will likely just get themselves and myself into trouble. With that being said; it would certainly add a new dynamic and challenge to the game. The Last of Us pulled off having to protect a child during an apocalyptic scenario.
  9. And have to reset the clock everytime you change the car battery!
  10. I honestly have no idea if this makes a difference or not, but did you try it with the windows down?
  11. Yes this works, but it then lowers all the other ambient sounds to a level that is too low to hear. I think vehicles are just too loud loud when you’re inside them with the windows up. I ride a motorcyle IRL (a loud Vtwin) and it’s easier to have a discussion on that then it is to have a conversation playing PZ while driving.
  12. I second this! Right now it is very difficult to drive and have a conversation with your buddies in MP. I get that our perspective of our characters is from outside the vehicle (and that would have loud vehicle noise), but sounds that we perceive should be based on our characters position (quieter inside the vehicle) and not where we are viewing them from. Maybe if the windows are down it would be very loud like it currently is and difficult to have a conversation?
  13. Haven’t tested the newest IWBUMS version yet, but we had a car horn bug for the last version I wanted to report. Saw in the Thursdoid that the bug tracker is being retooled so I thought I’d post it here. When players are honking the horn in a vehicle, other players who are very close in a nearby building can not hear the horn at all. I’d understand if it was muffled in a building with all the windows and doors closed, but I live in a major city and I can say with utter certainty that regardless of how tightly you close up your home you can still hear car horns.
  14. Thats an oxymoron though don’t you think? It wouldn’t be a scratch or a cut if it didn’t break the skin.
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