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  1. 1192. When an exercise fills it's "Regularity" bar have there be an XP Boost when continuing to do that exercise If the exercise is not done for awhile then the "Regularity" bar could decrease and the XP Boost would be lost.
  2. Sounds like you're overhauling farming! Love to see it and thank you! Excited to see different seasons for different crops, an expansion of the variety of crops, as well as adding herbs/spices that can be grown! https://projectzomboid.com/blog/news/2022/11/farm-of-fear/
  3. 1188. Crops should not grow in winter. It should not be just slowed. Perhaps if this is too harsh then there could be a server/sandbox option to disable crops growing in winter? The first good frost (below about 30F) would kill off any crops growing. Force us to find a way to grow crops indoors during the winter. 1189. Water barrels, cooking pots, buckets, etc full of water should freeze and need to be unfrozen before use. Freezing of food is already in game. 1190. Food left outside below freezing should freeze.
  4. 1184. Use farming seeds as bait for stick traps. 1185. Wet clothing should increase encumbrance and have a negative run speed modifier. 1186. Cars should collect snow when stationary during snowfall. 1187. Preview hairstyle before cutting it. You can do this with makeup.
  5. I also really like the idea of throwing rocks to make noise as a distraction. We also have to think about what we're fighting. To kill a zombie you need to destroy the brain. Even a grenade is going to do an overall bad job at that. Sure some shrapnel might hit them in the head, but a lot of it will hit other parts of the bodies and have no effect on a zombie. Plastering a living human's body and limbs with shrapnel is devastating. Plastering a zombie's body and limbs with shrapnel won't do anything. Blowing off an arm or a leg won't kill them either. Not against a grenade killing a few and causing some crawlers, but they're not a great weapon against zombies either. Being able to throw a rock hard enough to destroy a brain is doable but seriously how often is that going to work? You need to have a hell of an arm and great accuracy. Having slings or slingshots for the rocks would be cool and more realistic to getting head shots with some velocity. Lawn darts were banned for sale in late 1988, but i'm sure there were still some around in the early 90s
  6. I'd love to see the depression system get some attention. Right now unless I eat bad food or sit around all day in game, my character doesn't get unhappy. There's no need for anti-depressants. It would make sense that doing tasks your character enjoys would be a comfort to them. Doing tasks they don't like would weigh on their mood. My hope is that when NPCs are added that this system will be overhauled. The interactions between fellow survivors seem like great opportunites to expand this. In MP if a player is injured, infected, sick, or killed around them it could have a negative effect on our moods. That seems like an easy addition. Did you see or hear a player character get killed? If yes, then did you kill them? If no, then player gets a negative mood adjustment. That guy you just spent weeks/months surviving with was killed when he was looting a car because you asked him to check it for smokes. That'd probably be a downer.
  7. A QoL suggestion: make sprites for the container icons in our inventories. I included a few pictures here: In this first picture you can see two metal cabinets that both have wood box icons. There are 3 wooden box sprites for the containers in my vicinity. Only 1 of them is an actual wooden box. This next photo shows metal containers have a wooden box sprite. The metal shelves also show up as wooden shelves. Not a huge deal, but would be a nice QoL tweak for those of us who like keeping our containers organized.
  8. In the early 90’s there were VHS and CDs everywhere in the US. There were no internet streaming services. Everything was on VHS, CD, or cassette - everything.
  9. Filling propane tanks is nothing complicated. Anyone who can follow some easy steps and directions could do it. Maybe a skillbook could be needed like with generators? You fill gas canisters by weight. Weigh the canister and check its tare weight on the canister. If for example the canister weighs 22lbs and its tare weight is 20, then you have 2lbs of propane in it still. Hook up a high pressure hose, open valve, watch weight change on scale. Most portable propane tanks in the US are 20lb tanks. When the tank reaches about 80% full shut off the valve. The pressure of the tank will vary by temperature and you dont want to fill it to 100% and then have the temp of the canister to rise - which could over pressurize it. I have filled plenty of CO2 canisters in my day. No special equipment needed other than a scale and the hose to connect the two with an open/close valve. You can already fill the propane torch, so its safe to assume the player character has the knowledge to do this. Can also assume they have a hose as a way to transfer the propane. Plenty of homes in the rural US have large supply propane tanks on their property for heating. There would also be at least a few locations in each town for refilling propane tanks. Gas stations and hardware stores would be common places. They’d have the scales and hoses at the refill site. The trick in combining the two 20lb gas canisters would be trickier because a high-to-low pressure differential is needed. A temperature gradient would be used to create a pressure differential. Since gas and liquids will always travel from high pressure to low pressure. To do this one canister should be cooled, perhaps in cool or ice water. Or if you still have a working freezer put it in there for around 30 mins to an hour. The other tank can remain at ambient temp. The process will be relatively slow, but the propane gas will transfer to the lower pressure (cooler) tank -transferring from one tank to the other. If you could get the temp to -45F you could just pour out the propane into a cup or bucket since it’ll be a liquid! Once it hits -44F though it boils and turns into a gas. Hook up a high pressure hose (which we already seem to have since we can refill propane torches) between the two tanks and cool the temp of one gas canister. Then wait awhile. Might not get all of it, but you’ll get some.
  10. Yeah kinda hard to argue against something thats on the cover art of the game being added to the game
  11. I was playing last night and I was trying to fill my propane torches. I came across an odd issue where I can't use the last remaining bit a of a propane tank. I provided a screenshot below. I have one propane torch that is about half full and one that is almost full but not completely. I can not get the last of the propane out of the 3 tanks to fill them. I can not combine the remaining propane tanks together like I could with for example wood glue or gas cans. Is there anyway to extract this remaining propane?
  12. Yeah our ASOS (Automated Surface Observation Stations) and AWOS (Automated Weather Observation Stations) in the US both report the "zulu" (GMT) time of the their observation. My profession is in aviation and we regularly use automated weather services. Most - not all - of the weather reporting stations in the US are also located at airports. I noticed the lack of time in the PZ weather forecasts. In aviation we have automated ASOS and AWOS that provide information for METARs (Meteorlogical Terminal Air Report)s that are typically issued automatically at the top of each hour. This METAR information is compiled into an ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service) that is broadcast hourly (or more frequently). It includes the date and time as well as a "designator" using the phonetic alphabit. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, etc. This way you sequentially know which ATIS is coming next and you know when it is an updated one or if you have an older one. These are all for observations and not forecasts. When human interaction isn't used the ASOS or AWOS will continuously broadcast over the assigned frequency (you can also call the station's phone number and listen to the broadcast that way). We don't actually have any forecasts that are broadcast via radio in aviation. We are required to make our flight planning based on official weather forecasts such as Area Forecasts (FAs) and TAFs (Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts) that I affectionately call "Totally Asinine Forecasts" cause they're wrong more than they're right...but I degress. But these are not broadcast via radio. They do provide a date and valid time for the use of the forecast though. I like having a simple forecast for today and one for tomorrow in PZ. We don't need to know much other than the winds, visibility, sky cover, temperature, and expected precipitation for PZ. Rising or falling pressure would be useful, but not a big deal. I just wish they added the date/time. An automated system would not say "today" and "tomorrow". It would give a timestamp in a terrible text-to-speech voice.
  13. I wish the date was added to the automated weather broadcast information. Provide the date (and ideally time) that the weather information is being provided for instead of just saying "Today" and "Tomorrow". It would eliminate any confusion on what day the information is referring to. I have listened to the broadcast at midnight and it gave me the same information from earlier in the previous day.
  14. You're right. They do stay mostly frozen. The carrots I put in a sack in the freezer lost just a sliver of the frozen bar and I assumed it was dropping further. They did stay frozen, but never regained that sliver of frozen they lost after a day in the freezer. The carrots in the freezer and not in a sack had a full frozen bar. So vegetables do stay frozen in a sack that are placed in a freezer. And yes you can manually rename a sack which is useful, but wouldn't be great if the sacks were automatically named like soups and stews? Add some carrots to a sack and it becomes a "carrot sack". Mix some carrots and cabbage and it becomes a "vegetable sack" just like it does for soups and stews. Right now you have to manually change it and then change it again if you empty its contents and/or add something else to it. Not very important though
  15. I tried placing vegetables that I had in a freezer into a sack and then placing the sack in the freezer. This worked as intended putting vegetables in the sack, but the vegetables began to thaw defeating the purpose. Being able to store sacks of vegetables in freezers/fridges would be realistic, practical, and potentially beneficial to trade/bartering when NPCs come out. Also, if the sacks could be renamed by what vegetables are in them, that would be helpful. For instance there are already "sack of potatoes" in the game. But if you put potatoes in a sack you just get a "sack" with a small icon indicating there's potatoes in it.
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