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  1. Clothing already works like this. Mouse over the item in your inventory and it should show the modifiers towards movement. Tough items like jackets and boots slightly slow your running speed while items like sneakers speed it up.
  2. I'm pretty sure this is intentional, the idea is supposed to be that the occupants had packed and left/the house had already been looted.
  3. When equipping the camo hunting vest the following visual glitch appears: Unequipping the pants (or the vest) fixes it. This happens with any pants.
  4. Is firearm suicide not in yet? I remembered that one preview video so I checked the keybinds and fiddled with the controls for a while, but in the end I couldn't figure out how to stick the barrel in my mouth.
  5. Delightful experience. The gameplay feels much deeper overall and it's like playing for the first time all over again. I love the variety and atmosphere. The main issue that has consistently stuck out to me is that controlling the character is much more of an ordeal-- It's almost like tank controls and the turning animations are really sluggish. There's also the issue of aiming changing your walking direction which has turned my attempts to glance around for danger into stumbling right at pursuers at the worst times. While I understand there are trade offs to be made from the old system, there's still definitely room for fine tuning this.
  6. hunger john

    Grave Intention

    You guys already used that title https://projectzomboid.com/blog/2016/12/grave-intentions/
  7. I've seen it in a parking lot before, namely the bar in Riverside.
  8. hunger john

    Rise of the Baboon

    got to admit I did not expect fursuits
  9. Isn't all this bloodied clothes stuff already in the animations build? Are you moving the code over to the generic sweater/vest/etc items, or rewriting it as a placeholder?
  10. To add onto this, there should be rolling blackouts in the days before it happens so you can prepare for it accordingly.
  11. From what I can tell it's to prevent something like Brandenburg happening again
  12. Is there a way to leave the car idling while on foot?
  13. I don't think that preset factions would fit well in the game. Rather than have these different factions form on their own in the exact same place every time, let the players influence just how territory changes hands and what factions form. Have the game start with no factions as the quarantine was just recently placed on the game area, and have NPCs/the player form them on their own over time. Allows the player to feel their actions have direct consequence earlier on. Clearing an infested warehouse and coming back later to find bandits have set up shop is a more enriching experience than the warehouse having always had a preset group. Deeper player agency as they discover what actions can be taken to ensure different consequences. For example, this could be helping someone badly hurt, and weeks later when they're the leader of a nearby group they might be more receptive to bartering. Instead of the prison always having a tough set of armed inmates, let the game decide what outcome happens. Say the prison always starts with a dozen inmates, and five guards. What are their traits? Upon world generation, the prisoners could all end up psychopathic, athletic brawlers that massacre the guards, or a mishmashed group of craven gardeners and hunters that are quickly put in check. This means several things: The results add variety and depth to the prison area The player could arrive at the prison early and directly influence the outcome This allows for deeper consequences. You could help the prisoners take over, and then later they could ally with your own faction, or perhaps they just decide to terrorize the entire Rosewood area instead. I think there's just too much to be explored with more RNG-decided factors, rather than preset factions.
  14. I assumed it was just supposed to be on constantly once enabled through properties, thanks
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