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  1. hunger john

    Grave Intention

  2. hunger john

    Grave Intention

    You guys already used that title
  3. hunger john

    RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    I've seen it in a parking lot before, namely the bar in Riverside.
  4. hunger john

    Rise of the Baboon

    got to admit I did not expect fursuits
  5. hunger john

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    Isn't all this bloodied clothes stuff already in the animations build? Are you moving the code over to the generic sweater/vest/etc items, or rewriting it as a placeholder?
  6. hunger john

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.15

    To add onto this, there should be rolling blackouts in the days before it happens so you can prepare for it accordingly.
  7. hunger john

    Muldraugh/West Point Photos

    From what I can tell it's to prevent something like Brandenburg happening again
  8. hunger john

    Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Is there a way to leave the car idling while on foot?
  9. hunger john

    NPC Faction Ideas

    I don't think that preset factions would fit well in the game. Rather than have these different factions form on their own in the exact same place every time, let the players influence just how territory changes hands and what factions form. Have the game start with no factions as the quarantine was just recently placed on the game area, and have NPCs/the player form them on their own over time. Allows the player to feel their actions have direct consequence earlier on. Clearing an infested warehouse and coming back later to find bandits have set up shop is a more enriching experience than the warehouse having always had a preset group. Deeper player agency as they discover what actions can be taken to ensure different consequences. For example, this could be helping someone badly hurt, and weeks later when they're the leader of a nearby group they might be more receptive to bartering. Instead of the prison always having a tough set of armed inmates, let the game decide what outcome happens. Say the prison always starts with a dozen inmates, and five guards. What are their traits? Upon world generation, the prisoners could all end up psychopathic, athletic brawlers that massacre the guards, or a mishmashed group of craven gardeners and hunters that are quickly put in check. This means several things: The results add variety and depth to the prison area The player could arrive at the prison early and directly influence the outcome This allows for deeper consequences. You could help the prisoners take over, and then later they could ally with your own faction, or perhaps they just decide to terrorize the entire Rosewood area instead. I think there's just too much to be explored with more RNG-decided factors, rather than preset factions.
  10. hunger john

    Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I assumed it was just supposed to be on constantly once enabled through properties, thanks
  11. hunger john

    Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    1) Engine noises loop whenever the game is paused. This means that you need to manually stop and turn off the engine every time you want to alt-tab or open up the steam overlay to check something, or the noise will blare. 2) Some way to lock doors from the inside (and outside with keys) would be appreciated. I know this is likely on the list anyways but currently MP/Coop vehicles aren't very safe since other people can just drive off with them. 3) -disableeasyvehicles doesn't seem to be working. Would be nice to have a more realistic/hardcore experience before release. Would also like to point out that sleeping in a moving car is really buggy. Hordes speed up and can attack windows while your car remains at the same speed, and waking up can cause it to do some strange flips and other general weirdness.
  12. hunger john

    Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    1. Try entering the car through the unlocked door, switching seats, and exiting using E. 2. Don't think it's possible yet. Would be nice to be able to recharge them with another car + jumper cables, or perhaps a generator if you're especially desperate. 3. Obtain a gas can, and use the V key to open the radial menu outside and directly beside your car. It should allow you to siphon + deposit.
  13. hunger john

    Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Damnit, Lori! Anyways, FPS seems around the same. Haven't noticed any crashes or FPS drop over time yet, I'm averaging 15-25fps with the specs seen below. (Lowest graphical settings, 1280x720)
  14. hunger john


    3. I like this idea. In real life, light pollution is a lot more prevalent than you'd think. When I was 17 I went out to a relative's ranch in rural Ohio, and at night everything was astoundingly dark. I'd legitimately never seen the sky so dark. And Christ, the stars were beautiful. Anyways, even with it's proximity to Louisville, the rest of the game area should be rural enough to have minimal light pollution. It would also make headlights on cars, generators, and candles much more useful. 4. If I'm not mistaken, aren't zeds already attracted to light?
  15. hunger john

    Released: Vehicle Tech Test build Looks like they weren't doing their job very well.