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  1. ethanwdp

    Let Me Speak! V1.4.3

    Apologies for the late reply, I don't check this forum much. I've updated the description to include another manual download link.
  2. ethanwdp

    Cheat Menu V2.7.2

    Updated to V2.7.1 Changelog: Prevent Death now functions properly, courtesy of Slok. Thanks to his code contribution, nothing short of falling several stories will kill you. Fixed quite a few bugs for Warp Time, it now correctly sets days/months. Changed the amount of years in Warp Time from 1 - 20 (additive) to 1993 - 2077. Fixed a minor bug in the Vehicles submenu that added engine power/loudness/quality setters to every menu in the Under-the-hood category.
  3. ethanwdp

    Mind Mod

    Glad to see this mod is back, I missed having intact windows in my bases.
  4. ethanwdp

    Cheat Menu V2.7.2

    Updated to V2.7. Changelog: Added Vehicle Godmode. Added Repair All Parts, Add Key To Inventory, Permanently Remove Vehicle, and Toggle Hotwire. Added vehicle part editing, every part on the vehicle can now be edited. Added Freeze Day/Night Cycle. Redid the UI elements so that they now scale properly for different resolutions. Changed how Stats Toggle works, mostly just a behind-the-scenes change. Tidied up CheatCoreForCheatMenu.lua.
  5. ethanwdp

    Looking for an Instant Inventory Mod

    It works with every version from 32 and onwards. It's modular, so if one feature breaks the rest will still be working.
  6. ethanwdp

    Looking for an Instant Inventory Mod

    Cheat Menu has Instant Actions which makes all item transfers complete instantly, as well as building things (don't think it works on crafting, since there's a separate function for that in the mod).
  7. Easily fixed by having this, no? local first = ZombRand(sec+1)
  8. minor efficiency tweak: local function retPopularity(username) local sec = ZombRand(11); local first = ZombRand(sec); -- ensures that it will always be within sec. example: sec is 7, first will be number between 0 and sec local userPop = popularity[username] .. first .. "/" .. sec; return userPop; end retPopularity("snakeman")
  9. ethanwdp

    Cheat Menu V2.7.2

    Both zombies and time are server-sided, unfortunately. Cheat Menu spawns them client-sided, and as far as I'm aware there is no way for me to spawn them server-sided.
  10. Instead of implementing structural integrity or percentage-based chances for them to break while climbing, why not just have zeds destroy them? Every sheet rope would have a health bar to it. A zombie would attack it a couple of times, and it would get torn down. (Apologies if this has already been suggested, the search bar is a bit wonky.)
  11. ethanwdp

    Cheat Menu V2.7.2

    Yeah, it's been out for about a year now
  12. ethanwdp

    Cheat Menu V2.7.2

    Strange... 33.20 must have something funky going on, since this issue seems to only occur on that version. Thankfully, it appears to be fixed on newer versions (34.26 and above). Again, I'd like to thank you for your input on this issue!
  13. ethanwdp

    Cheat Menu V2.7.2

    I may have figured out why this issue is occurring. Looking back at previous Cheat Menu versions, I called Events.OnFillWorldObjectContextMenu.Add(ISUICheatMenu.createMenuEntries) in ISUICheatMenu.lua. When I added the admin check, I moved that over to the CheatCoreForCheatMenu.lua file. It seems that ISUICheatMenu.lua is loaded after CheatCoreForCheatMenu.lua, and I was calling Events.OnFillWorldObjectContextMenu.Add(ISUICheatMenu.createMenuEntries) too early. As for melee insta kill erroring out, I've realized a flaw I made - it checks for the primary weapon, and not if it's equipped in both hands. Keep in mind that insta-kill melee is over a year old, back in 1.3 I believe was when I added it. I barely knew how to code then, and I'm much better with lua than I was before. As such, I'll have to regut it. The patches for both of those issues will be out soon. I've found out how to fix the infinite menu error, and I'll get to work on melee-insta-kill when I'm done writing this. I'd also like to second to express my thanks. These issues have been in the mod for a while, and you've helped me exponentially with those logs. Since the fixes will be in the next version, and the infinite menu error is rather dire, I'll upload a corrected version of Cheat Menu that has the admin checking code stripped and with the infinite menu error fixed. Edit: V2.5.1 is now out. Please let me know if you have issues with it.
  14. ethanwdp

    Cheat Menu V2.7.2

    Strange... It might be a problem with a specific game version.
  15. ethanwdp

    Cheat Menu V2.7.2

    I'm stumped as to why this is happening. It seems to only happen to some people, and I don't see a pattern to this. I've received numerous reports from several different users about this issue, yet I cannot reproduce the problem on any of the systems I've tried it on and neither can my friends. I've opened a thread in the Mods Help section, as I'm not too sure what to do. I have isolated the problem to the admin checking code, but due to the spontaneous nature of this bug I'm unable to find any error in the code that's responsible for this. What's happening is that, for some reason, the game doesn't have the Events.OnTick.Remove function which I use to remove the admin check when it completes successfully so as to not result in this cloning bug. I've put a link below to a modified version of Cheat Menu V2.5 that doesn't have the admin check, and thus shouldn't have this issue. Please let me know if it works.