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  1. Even if I turn this on, any vehicle I find has no fuel. Also, it requires the keys still but not sure if Easy Use disables that or not. It definitely says that all vehicles start with a full tank, though!
  2. So I added a custom map and love the "Select World" menu that now appears... but the "main game" maps are listed under the boring titled "World 2". Is there any way to make it show something else instead of the "World 2" text, like "Official Maps" or "Main World"? I can't seem to find a way to set "worldName" for my own custom map (the UI just uses the map title for both the map itself and the world) or how to change it for vanilla maps. Anyone able to help with this?
  3. I don't know if this is strictly classed as a "bug", but it is not possible to write journals, etc. using blue pens, red pens or crayons. Only black pens ("pens") and pencils can be used. I took a look at the code and I think it might be because "ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.lua" contains the following line: local editable = getSpecificPlayer(player):getInventory():contains("Pencil") or getSpecificPlayer(player):getInventory():contains("Pen") ... that should be... local editable = getSpecificPlayer(player):getInventory():contains("Pencil") or getSpecificPlayer(player):getInventory():contains("Pen") or getSpecificPlayer(player):getInventory():contains("BluePen") or getSpecificPlayer(player):getInventory():contains("RedPen") or getSpecificPlayer(player):getInventory():contains("Crayons") ??? Currently, I use a modded version of "ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.lua" to fix this, but it wold be great to have it fixed officially, if possible. It doesn't make sense if I can't write with a blue pen but can with a black one, surely?
  4. My first guess was video card, since that usually seems to be the issue (many devs don't test/expect older cards or certain less-common brands). Really hope it can be fixed, since this isn't something that happened with previous builds for me. IMO, OpenGL is always a pain because often it renders "blurry" for me; I avoid it when given the choice with things like DOSBox and emulators. PZ doesn't have that issue for me at all, though... just these ugly lines and *only* during fog.
  5. I know that you can use player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.itemname"); to add items to the player during startup, and also that you can use something like local playerstartbag = player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.Purse"); playerstartbag:getItemContainer():AddItem("Base.Scissors"); to give them a bag with stuff already in it. However, I can't figure out how to give the player a pistol that already contains a magazine, let alone a loaded magazine! I'm sure it must be possible, but how? Does anyone know? (I tried doing it like the "bag" method above, but it throws an error when trying to put a clip inside a gun that way)
  6. I get the exact same thing! Have posted a few times on the Steam forums with no response and was thinking I needed to post here now, so glad someone else finally mentioned it! Using IWBUMS build 41 (latest). I've got an older ATI graphics card and using Windows 7, but never had serious display issues with PZ (been playing since Kate & Baldspot!) until now. A new card would be nice, but obviously not possible during a real-world pandemic so hopefully that's not the only solution!
  7. Thanks, but I need to be able to automatically spawn them in the player's inventory when they start in a certain location; it's for a mod I'm working on. I can make an item do that, but can't figure out how keys work so I can make one spawn like an item. I guess I can look at NF's code (so that's definitely a helpful pointer), but I was hoping someone here knew how to do it in lua.
  8. Trying to spawn keys and I couldn't find the item names in the scripts files, so what would I use ("Base.itemname") for a specific key, such as the prison key?
  9. Simple question, related to my other thread but since nothing showed up in searches I thought it would be better to ask in a new one so others can find it for help if they want to do the same... EDIT: SOLVED! I figured it out, but for those who are wanting to know how, here's the code from Robomat's awesome Co-Ordinates Viewer mod... local absX = player:getX(); local absY = player:getY(); local cellX = absX / 300; local cellY = absY / 300; local locX = absX % 300; local locY = absY % 300; absX and absY are "absolute" co-ordinates (where in the whole game world you are) cellX, cellY, locX and locY are "relative" co-ordinates (current cell and location within it, as used in start spawns)
  10. Thanks so much for that! How do I get "z" co-ordinates (presumably height)? I used RoboMat's co-ordinates viewer to get x and y.
  11. I want to make a profession that adds two existing traits to the player. Easy! Except, if they already exist as "normal" traits, they can be removed without changing the profession, resulting in glitches to the points system. Yup, I remember that issue from years ago! So the obvious fix is to make a *duplicate* of the trait (say, "Inconspicuous2") that cannot be removed (and otherwise doesn't show up in the trait list) and have *that* be the trait that gets added by the custom profession. This is how the Chef and Burger Flipper seem to do it (with "Cook2" as an unremovable duplicate of "Cook"). Solved! Except every time I try that I get an error and the profession description glitches. I've double-checked that the icon is correct (it shows up) and the description pointers are correct (custom Translate\EN.txt). I suspect the issue is that these traits are hardcoded when they effect zombie detection, panic, etc. perhaps? Or maybe I've just missed something obvious? The issue is clearly with that trait since when the profession is included, *all* custom professions have no description in-game... when the problematic one is removed, the ones after it have descriptions again! Attached is my code for profession, trait and description if that helps! ProfessionOfficeWorker.lua TraitInconspicuous2.lua UI_EN.txt
  12. Is there a way to have an item spawn in the player's inventory *only* if they select a certain map when starting (for example, a map of Rosewood when starting in Rosewood) or for a specific spawn point (say, they key to the prison when spawning inside the prison). I can do this based on traits or professions, but I have no idea what code to use to make it start spawn dependant! I presume you can't set it by spawn point (i.e. the house you randomly start it) as that would be even better, but I'm assuming doing this by map choice - or even better, spawn point - is possible? For traits, it's: if player:HasTrait("traitnamehere") then player:getInventory():AddItem("Base.itemnamehere"); ...right? But does anyone know if (and how) this is possible if I wanted to give a key or weapon only to someone who starts in Rosewood or only spawns in the mall?
  13. Great to see more awesome updates and fixes, and a BIG thumbs up for making the nutrition system an option (I personally like it, though I totally support those who'd rather not use it) and ability to tweak character settings such as stamina regeneration. I also really like the new zoom "checkbox" options; as nice as the new graphics look, I find the game suddenly looked uglier when zoomed right in, due to the 3D player models that have been part of the game for a while now but previously hadn't been viewable so close up before. However, the seem "backwards" to me, where enabling/disabling "200% zoom" seems to enable/disable zooming OUT 200%, where (I would expect) "200% to mean "zoom in 200%". Am I the only one confused by that and expecting the opposite? Also, am I right noticing that there's still no "never" option for water and electricity shutoff in sandbox?
  14. Thanks for clearing that up (tainted water). I would VERY much like it if auto-drinking could be toggled on and off via settings, as it seems others would too. Failing that, at least make it moddable so we can set the thirst threshold ourselves and disable it (via a mod). Please? I agree with Demonic_Kat in that when you're thirsty, you drink a big drink; though you perhaps *should*, most folks don't sip water all day to fend off thirst ala auto-drinking in PZ.
  15. Thanks. That's what I did above, EnigmaGrey, and it indeed lets you drink whever you want. I use this as a personal mod now. What I'm hoping for, though, is a way to make this a mod that doesn't replace the whole 'ISInventoryPaneContextMenu.lua' file (just overwrites that function), but my lua skills are severely lacking! Regardless, I really wish that was 'vanilla' behaviour, as it seems really odd not to be able to drink water whenever you want yet you can drink anything else at any time. Can I ask why this is now the case? Not auto-drinking, just the "can't drink unless thirsty"? I do understand the reason for auto-drinking (less 'busy work' for the player), though, and my suggestion in the 'Suggestions' forum are more to do with that. In the meantime though, what code would I need to edit to mod (turn off) auto-drinking completely for personal use?
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