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RELEASED: Build 35.26


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Build 35.25


  • For now Nutrition is enabled on every difficulty to get some feedback, plan is to be enabled only on hard and hardcore difficulty once i balanced it completely
  • Added nights events, be carefull where you sleep, close the curtains and turn off the TV!
  • Big trees in wilderness
  • New SadisticAIDirector sandbox options
  • Added new skill books (first aid...)
  • New world filler for container (shelves, bar shelves...)
  • You can now build while having materials inside bags
  • Barricade action can take items from your backpacks  
  • Added missing object as bed (bar stool, barber chair...)
  • Added a new MP server option FastForwardMultiplier (default 40.0, min 1.0 max 100.0), define how much the time will accelerate when all players are sleeping
  • Zombies can now tears down your sheet rope
  • You now only have 40% chance of spawning with your house key
  • You now have a minor "chance" to spawn a new player with minor injury (could be bandaged), minor panic or a bit exhausted, won't happen in easy difficulty
  • Wet items (bath towel and dish cloth) will now dry themself after a while, a progress bar is in the tooltip to show you how much time left
  • Coffee and tea bag are now food items  
  • New Evolved recipe: Prepare Beverage, from a mug of water, add coffee or tea, sugar/honey/milk if you want and cook it!
  • You now can't destroy ashes with a sledgehammer, use a shovel to remove them instead
  • Lot of fruits and vegetables now have thirst reduction
  • Added a "Transfer All" button like the Loot All, it transfer everything in your current inventory that's not equipped/not a key ring/not favorite
  • You can now favorite items (right click on it, "Favorite") meaning they can't be transfered (expect inside your own inventory, ie put it in a bag/unpack it)
  • Updated credits    
  • Updated/Added lot of items tooltips
  • Highlight selected loot container in the world (color is currently orange, may subject to change)
  • You can now paint almost any interior walls of houses (tell me if i'm missing some!)
  • You can now paint your wooden furnitures (crates, chairs, table...)
  • Drainable item (water bottle, bag of coal, painting...) now reduce weight according to their remaining uses
  • Now spawn Extinguisher in shed and garage    
  • Dismantling a TV remote will now give a Receiver, used to craft remote trigger
  • Added various info UI (character creation, inventory, health/skill panel) to help newcomers, but feedback is always appreciated anyways ;)
  • Added Fruit Salad (make them from a bowl and add fruits!)
  • Park Ranger and Lumberjack now move faster in forest (park ranger more than lumberjack)
  • Now grab automatically items in the first aid kit (even when not equipped!) when using the health panel menu
  • You can now consolidate 2 drainables (eg. fill a not full petrol can with another, etc.)
  • Your character no longer climb over a fence when using context key ("e" by default) if it's on upper floor, you can still use right click -> climb over to do so
  • You can now make molotov with empty glass bottle (wine, whiskey) and petrol
  • Small mail box is now a container and can spawn newspaper and magazing (including profession magazine!)   
  • Drop your cooking pot, bowl, bucket or saucepan on the ground when it's raining and it'll fill automatically! (long process, even longer for the bowl or saucepan, because they're smaller)
  • Added black & red painting
  • Added Box of Jars, spawn in houseware store and groceries, open it to get 6 jars and jar lids
  • Added smoker trait: need to have a regular cigarette or start to gain stress/unhappyness
  • Cigarettes now gives less stress relief, no more unhappyness but give bit of sickness if not a smoker, on the other hand smoker get more "bonus" from having a smoke
  • Added a OnEat lua hook on Food items (called when eating the item, check cigarettes)
  • Display a "% full" of a zone when foraging
  • [MP] Admin: Log players spawn coordinates upon fully connecting.
  • [MP] Admin: Log players death coordinates. (in the user log if by zombies or in the pvp one)
  • [MP] Admin: Log incidences of the game removing "duped" items when a player tries to have both of them in inventory. (with coordinates)
  • [MP] Admin: Log players locations when logging off
  • [MP] Removed /grantadmin and /removeadmin commands, use now /setaccesslevel "username" "none" to remove an access level
  • [MP] Added a "display name" for users, can be changed by admin (your username/loggin/save still remain the same, but the name shown to the others player can be changed)
  • [MP] Admin staff will now have UI box when something important occurs in the world (detected cheats, player killed in pvp...) and can teleport to the place via a simple button
  • [MP] Added an admin panel, press "escape" while in game and click on "admin panel":
    • In this panel you can have a little SGBD: see/modify the database (only moderators and admin can modify)
    • Admin staff can also enable carpentry cheat: construct anything in carpentry menu instantly without materials (more "cheat" for admin are coming)
    • You can see a safehouses list
    • You can see a factions list
    • You can see/modify the server options
    • See/Modify "Non-PVP zone"
  • [MP] Added a transactionID on players, should stop copying/pasting save in multiplayer (server option: SaveTransactionID, default false)
  • [MP] Added a server option to save the player status after he gets hit (PlayerSaveOnDamage option)
  • [MP] Added users log:
    • Everytime something weird occurs (lua checksum, cheat detected...) a log is added, admin staff can see them easily in the admin panel
    • Admin can also add log to keep trace of stuff
    • Added also a warning points system: admin staff can add warning point to a user (with a reason) so they can have a trace of players having bad behavior
  • Added a Multiplayer tab in the option screen:
    • You can display or not your username (works only for you, others will always see your username if the server options said so)
    • Change your username/speach color (it's now persistant!)
  • [MP] Admin: Added a /teleportto command, use it to teleport to coordinates, ex: teleportto 10607,9462,0
  • [MP] New access level for admins, check this:
  • [MP] Added a player stats UI, admin and moderator can now change a player's stats (name, surname, nickname, traits, professions, experience, ...)
  • [MP] Admin and moderator can now setup a tag name + a color for this tag (will appears like: [Coder] RJ)
  • [MP] Admins can now mute the /all chat for a player (do this from the playuer stats UI)
  • Auto set keys to azerty keyboard if azerty language (only french? meh.) detected
  • Allow key replacement in the option screen (if you type a key that's already in use, you can switch values via a simple modal dialog)
  • Changed default resolution from 1024x768 to the max possible (according to your screen, max is 1920x1080, set to 4K directly in option)
  • You can now pass through green hedge, but it slows you a lot (zombies included ;))
  • [MP] Added "Non PVP Zone" for admin
    • From the admin panel, you can manage your non pvp zone
    • Add, remove, change title of a zone easily with this new UI
    • To add a zone, click on "add new zone", then you draw a rectangle with your character (you'll see a green rectangle as you move, this is the non pvp zone you're creating) once you're done, click on "create new zone" to finalize.
    • Everyone inside this zone can't shoot or be shoot people, they also can't use melee attacks on others, you can still fight zombies
  • [MP] Added a safehouse UI for players (and/or admin):
    • Once you've claimed a safehouse, right click it while inside it and choose "View Safehouse"
    • From there you can addremove players in it (with list of connected players)
    • Change safehouse title (new thing!)
    • Change ownership (again new!)           
  • [MP] Admin staff now have unlimited weight capacity
  • [MP] A safehouse now need to have a bedroom (can't claim police station etc...)
  • [MP] Added DisableSafehouseWhenPlayerConnected server options, if true it make safehouse not safe (you can enter/loot it) while someone from this safehouse is connected and some times after he disconnect  
  • Added lot of new things to translate.
  • New map areas for survivors to discover! We want the community to discover these together, so all we'll say for now is that to find them you go in a generally south-western direction from Muldraugh. If you see a new road, follow it!
  • [MP] Faction
    • Create your faction from the user panel (press escape while in game to see it), admins can use FactionDaySurvivedToCreate options to make players needs to survive some days before creating one
    • Add a tag (4 letters) and choose a color for it, it'll be show over your head (or not, use the faction panel to disable your tag for players outside of your faction)
    • Admins can use FactionPlayersRequiredForTag option to set a minimum of number of players in the faction before crerating a tag
    • Disable PVP for players of your faction from the faction panel! Be carefull though, as it only works for melee, firearm will still hurt them if you enable pvp
  • From the user panel, players can now also send tickets to communicate with admins
  • Admin can answer and manage those tickets, players will see the answer.
  • VOIP!
    • VOIP lets you talk to your co-op friends and survivors you meet on MP servers.
    • It’s not a general overall PZ chat channel, but instead allows survivors to communicate when they’re in ‘audible’ distance from each other on the map itself.
    • To enable VOIP enter the options menu, then choose whether you want the system to operate via Voice Activation or through the press of a button (default: left alt).
  • Added lot of new zone for foraging (not 100% is done yet)
  • Added a "Known Recipes" on the crafting UI, showing total recipes you can do and how many left to discover


Alarm clocks/Sleeping tweaks:

  • Your alarm clock and digital watches are now usefull to wake you up!
  • Without them, you'll wake up only when your character is not tired anymore
  • Set the time to ring the alarm, enable it and you're good.
  • And don't forget to turn off the alarm...
  • Your character can have trouble falling asleep, meaning he could wake up still a bit tired
  • You'll not be able to sleep if you're in pain or panicked (you can counter this with sleeping pills...), while being anxious could bring some nightmares...
  • Clock (top right screen) is hidden if you don't have an alarm clock or a digital watch in your inventory



  • You can now scavenge (disassemble) world items (chair, shelves...) to obtain materials
  • This often require tools and skills, low skill could end in the destruction of the item
  • Metal welding:
  • Craft various objects from walls to fences, windows... In metal!
  • You'll need a blowtorch (works on propane) and a metal welding mask in order to craft anything involving metal
  • You can also barricade your windows and door with metal plates or metal bars


Multiple stage building:

  • You're now able to upgrade your constructions if you have to appropriate skills
  • It'll take some materials to upgrade your constructions and you need the right skill (ex: you build a wall lvl 1, then hit lvl 4 carpentry, right click on the wall and upgrade it!)
  • You now first need to build a frame (wooden or metal) before building a wall or a window.


Added sleeping quality:

  • Sleeping on a good bed could reduce the needed time to sleep a tad
  • On the other hand, sleeping on a chair or some couch could make you tired even after waking up (understand you had a bad night, trouble to fall asleep..) and some pain in the neck
  • You can't sleep if too much in pain or anxious, take some sleeping pills to counter this     


Added compost:

  • Build them from the carpentry menu, under furniture
  • Put food in it, when the food is rotten it'll start to transform slowly into compost, more or less depending on it's hunger value
  • When the compost is at least 10% full, you can grab some compost with an empty sandbag
  • Then use the compost just like the fertilizer, it'll make your farming plants grow faster!


Inventory Experimental Tweaks:

  • Goal: make it feel more like a windows explorer
  • Using "shift" key now select a list and not a single item (you first select an item, press shift and another item, it'll select everything between your first selection and your second)
  • Using "control" key now select one more item/unselect in the list, just like the "shift" key did before
  • Increased a tad the highlighted white rectangle of selected items
  • Unselect items when clicking outside the inventory
  • Ctrl key (or anything you binded on "Aim") still stop moving the camera when inside the inventory



  • Balanced nutrition, weight progression should be more linear... (really need feedback on this one ;))
  • Adjusted zombie behaviour in terms of night-time house lighting
  • Changed way "lucky" and "unlucky" traits works, changed the way lower odds, it's now a fixed % instead of weird numbers calculation.
  • Renamed "Build" menu into "Carpentry"
  • Chef and Burger flipper can't take the "Cook" trait
  • You can now find watches sometimes directly on dead zombies
  • Claustophobic panic will now depend on the room size + Capped it so beta effect still works
  • Made some fixes in the tutorial/improve it.    
  • "EXIT" -> "QUIT", "RETURN" -> "RESUME" in Main menu
  • Trap Stick -> Stick Trap  
  • Barricade context menu becomes now Barricade (Planks)
  • Falling take your weight, athleticism and type of floor to calcul fracture/damage done
  • Falling more than three storeys is always fatal
  • Reduced how the stats multiplier sandbox option impact fatigue in easy difficulty
  • Stairs planks and nails requirement increased from 8 to 15   
  • Tweaked a bit how the fire spread, should less spread/start on non desired tiles (roads...)
  • Increrase weight of mattress from 2 to 8
  • Inventory context button: drop all/drop one/unpack is now Drop all/Drop one/Unpack
  • Rest option is now possible even with no exertion moodle
  • Boredom/Unhappyness no longer increase while reading
  • Digging hole for farming now drain much less fatigue
  • Removed electrician skill requirement to pick up fridge but increased their weight from 30 to 40
  • Reduced move speed even more when carrying heavy objects
  • Scale endurance loss while running being heavy loaded with current weight
  • Now also reduce endurance if you're walking while heavy loaded   
  • Beans Bowl now have happyness reduction just like the open can of beans, cook the bowl to remove the happyness debuff
  • Increased planks and nails required to build wooden crates from 2 to 3  
  • Renamed "Empty Sang Bag" into "Sack"
  • Increrased the time for a rotten food to totally disapear (x10)
  • Food poisonning (from eating rotten food) is now tied to it's hunger reduction (meaning bigger items poison you more), it's generally less than before
  • Generators will now drain more or less fuel depending on how much electrical objects they're plugged on
  • Use 2 nails instead of 1 to barricade a window with a plank
  • Balanced how XP is given for recipes: lot of cooking recipes has been tweaked, opening jars/etc won't give xp while making bread etc will give more
  • Same for sawing log, it now gives 3 xp if your woodwork level is under 3, but only 1 xp point then
  • Stress now reduce the damage done by your weapons (shaking hands..)
  • Being stressed for a while start to increase unhappyness
  • Changed paperclip weight from 0.1 to 0.03 (same as nails)
  • Changed notebook weight from 1 to 0.5

[Bug Fix]

  • Fixed a bug in eating food ("can't eat more" sometimes wouldn't appears, thanks vanorfeadiel!)
  • Now reduce nutrition value to pasta and rice when put in a saucepan or pot
  • Now remove curtains if a windows burn
  • Fixed wrong burnt fencing on some fencing
  • If you killed zero or one zombie, write "zombie" and not "zombies" in the death screen.
  • Pot of soup and stew from evolved recipes now reduce thirst
  • Fixed thirst not changed when pouring soup/stew into bowls   
  • Firing a firearm don't give blunt maintenance and guard XP anymore
  • Soup from canned soup now also reduce thirst  
  • Changed "SMall" chest to "Small" chest
  • Stop spawning double bag + stuff when choosing easy and a starter kit (first week or sandbox)
  • Can't barricade wooden fences
  • Fixed a bug making you're health not decreasing if starving
  • Now take the weapon needed from the container if needed when upgrading/removing upgrade on it (thanks Snakeman!)
  • You can now barricade with planks if nails were inside one of your backpacks
  • Fixed a bug when sometimes the paint menu appears empty of painting
  • Removed inaccurate ping in top left of the screen (+ key binding)
  • Fixed some translation problems (button not aligned, etc... Thanks Teesee!)
  • Fixed making sheet rope invisible when building a wall over it
  • Fixed ultra fast stomp glitch
  • [MP] Create the servertest.ini even in dedicaced server (not only in host)





Patch 35.1:


Patch 35.2:

Patch 35.3:

Patch 35.4:

Patch 35.5:

Patch 35.6:

Patch 35.7:

 Patch 35.8:


Patch 35.9:


Patch 35.10:


Patch 35.11:


Patch 35.12:


Patch 35.13:


Patch 35.14:


Patch 35.15:


Patch 35.16:


Patch 35.17:


Patch 35.18:



Patch 35.19:


Patch 35.20f:


Patch 35.21:


Patch 35.22:


Patch 35.23:


Patch 35.24:


Patch 35.25:


Patch 35.26:


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Just tried out the IWBUMS RJ; everything is looking awesome! Just a few things to point out though. I've tried building the various things and I cannot seem to build any metal furniture even though I have the required skill and ingredients. Also, the pole fence does not orient its graphic to the way it actually is in game (i.e; the fence looks like it goes north - south, but actually exists east - west invisibly. That's just what I've found so far though. Also, love the new litter mechanic! ;-)

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Great news !

RJ can you put all that metalworking and carpentry stuff into crafting UI, some things are there , some you can only see when you have right items and r-click.

I took metalworker profession and crafting UI have only 2 recipes there.... we have that feature for some reason right ?

Also for Crafting UI can you make something like that:

white -> you know how to craft it and have mats with you

grey -> you know how to craft it but dont have mats

red -> you dont know how to craft it (due to lvl or skill book/ profession)

I want to try new stuff but dunno whats new as I cant find it.


Ill post few bugs in bug tracker.

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I had two filled up blowtorches as well as a bunch of the metal pipes, sheets, etc. When I hovered over the metal furniture, it said I had the right skills and tools, so I tried to build a metal shelf, then a metal crate. The shelf showed where it would go if built, but stayed red as if I didn't have the ingredients. The crate placement image did not show up at all.

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3 minutes ago, RobertJohnson said:

Crafting UI is not for the tile object building, new crafting are mostly in the right click menu.

Is there any way to address this ?

Like im having truble finding PZ new features and I know what to search.

New players might not know that half of the PZ crafting fearutes exist as they are buried under tons of requirements.

This may affect reviews, we old players know that PZ have deep crafting system but for new players that look just at crafting UI I dosent look that deep.

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Aye, so, about blacksmithing/smithing/the stone furnace: right now it's disabled (smithing magazine shoudln't be there, I forgot about them, sorry.) as we talk with the team to see what's best to do, this may even never come, no idea, for now I focus on metal welding, but i'll let you know :)


About crafting UI, yeah ok, I see your point, I'll try to think about something (maybe a tab "Wooden building" and one "Metal building", idk...), same for colors naming suggestions, great idea there.


About jumbo trees: yeah my bad, I just checked with mash and I need to reexport the map, but i'll do another version tomorrow wiht more balanced scavenging stuff.


Gonna also take a look into this metal things not showing, this part of code changed a ton in the past days, rushing a version, so I may broke something (tho the metal walls worked when I tested before the version :()

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