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    Survivors Mod

    Hey, just wanted to say love your mod! But I have a question. Is it possible to change the following distance of my companion? I've had close encounters where he/she got eaten because I was still too close for him/her to follow me.
  2. Migoxiss

    Driving Cars Mod

    ORGM-test button? Never heard of that! Well that could be the solution, because of the sheer amount of weapons and ammunition etc. I got.
  3. Migoxiss

    Driving Cars Mod

    Also filled my Military Jeep with many guns, unloaded all of them at my safehouse. Then a few weeks later (in-game) I visited West-Point with the same car. And while I drove all the weapons duplicated itself again and suddenly my character weight was 1227 because everything loaded itself onto my character Is that the duplication bug that you talk about being gone, nolanri?
  4. Migoxiss

    Driving Cars Mod

    Maybe you could try to activate 2x textures if you haven't? I've had the same problem with hydrocraft so possibly it's the same thing.
  5. Maybe the "builder" and alongside that general carpentry is relevant for this discussion. I have the feeling that this is quite important, especially if you want to build a sanctuary with all kinds of stuff. I don't like the idea of having to "command" your fellow builder. Like wall for wall. Instead, they should do it on their own and if that's a bit to complicated, you should be able to do a blueprint, kind of, so the builder builds 5x5 Walls or even tell him to secure a certain part of a open field/space between houses.
  6. I read that the first thing your body improves when training (in this scenario running, sprinting) is kind of ,,expanding" the nerves and synapses. I can't explain it in english. So the connection between your brain, your muscles, your nerves get better and because of that you would be able to perform your tasks better. I have a friend who did a 12-week-Imakeyousexy-body programm and he told me, the first thing he realised is that his strenght got better without his endurance getting better also. So I think you could say that this is the reason why the characters fitness is gaining xp slower than his sprinting.
  7. Yeah I think he means public servers, as there are little to no players on them.
  8. While you're right about that "hunting" doesn't really fit with the lore, I find myself often cornered from zombies. When there are more than 3 zombies, atleast one always comes from the side while the others go from the front. I guess thats for gameplay reasons that they do this. However I find it very challenging (in the good way).I could definitely be wrong about this, as I have no insights into the actual programming behind the z's, but I'm willing to bet there is no code in place that causes zombies to flank you or attack from different angles. From what I've seen, the z's all move towards you in the same manner, as simply as their (relatively basic) path finding allows. I would be so bold as to say observations to the contrary are suffering from a bit of confirmation bias (I.e., you see what you're looking for rather than what's there). I assume the same could be said for zombies "targeting" windows, doors, and player made structures. While it seems logical to say "all these doors and windows are broken, the z's must be seeking them out purposefully", and this seems observable through the sheer number of broken windows and doors around you, the devs (Lemmy, I believe) out right stated there is nothing in the coding that tells them to do so. Yeah, you're right. I guess it seemed so cool, that zombies are actually using strategies. But still I don't know why they are sometimes behave so weird, like they are going back and forth and finally coming from an another direction their friend come. I remember lemmy saying that in the thread about zombies intentionally attacking player-made structures. I must say though, I would be lying if I would say that I am convinced about "zombies having no special combat behaviors".
  9. While you're right about that "hunting" doesn't really fit with the lore, I find myself often cornered from zombies. When there are more than 3 zombies, atleast one always comes from the side while the others go from the front. I guess thats for gameplay reasons that they do this. However I find it very challenging (in the good way).
  10. I now want an option to suicide when turning into a zombie. Just to make sure you won't become a zombie. Bleach, leaping out a window, chugging sleep medicine, running into a horde, setting yourself on fire, you've already got a lot of options Still you will turn unto a zombie, except you end up in a ash pile But for RP purposes it could be cool, to end our characters life with a headshot, to not become a zombie. Its not the "honorable" way out, still better than roaming around as a soulless being.
  11. No ETA. They are ready when they are ready. hehe... I love it.
  12. Migoxiss

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Hey Hydro, are you planning (or whoever wants to) to update the hydrocraft wiki? Is that wiki even from you? Because it would be nice to have a wiki where all the items are listed + their uses. I guess its so much work that you don't have time for it?
  13. And while we are it, introducing new traits would be useful too. A sharp sense of smell or something like that, where the radius is bigger of detecting bad smells.
  14. I also think the pathfinding of the zeds stayed the same. You can run through a forest and they will high likely lose you and walk a bit further. What I did notice however is the fact that when multiple zombies are engaging you, that one or two try to "flank" you. Like coming up to your sides and grabbing you.
  15. First, we wil let the developers accustom to the flamethrowers. Then, after many threads about flamethrowers and whatnot, one guy will simply suggest Flamethrowers being able to use ingame. And the devs will say yes. Zombie BBQ.
  16. Plot twist! I am the Devil, ruler of hell. Now the old crone is the cleaner of the ignobal souls that roam around my kingdom.
  17. Migoxiss

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Really love your mod, it adds so much more content to the game! But one thing is confusing... Where can I find Feathers?
  18. Is there an equivilant button on the controller? Kinda hard to reach my keyboard from the couch You should search for the push button. Unfortunately I dont know where it is located on the controller
  19. really? i have heard this before and it never has worked.For me and some others it works though
  20. Pressing spacebar stops every action.
  21. If he's out to get me then why does he run away when he hears or sees me? stealth game logicHe has to get you when the time has come...
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