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  1. Если память мне не изменяет, то этот навык давал бонус к скорости перемещения по лесу, что и называлось "ориентированием"? Не могу сказать точно, но что-то такое я помню.
  2. Climate Change

    What are the white dots on the debug map in thunderstorms video? The points where the lightning hits or what? Also, it would be pretty cool if there were radio broadcasts about incoming storms.
  3. Character Voice Lines

    Unless you're slavic yourself...
  4. Character Voice Lines

    Also featuring phrases like "Do not fear, Boris is here", "Babushka, guide me!" and opening mayonez jars without tools. I think it's pretty balanced. Where could I stick a link to Life of Boris in this post?
  5. 37 n’ Next

    Amazing! Is it just me, or the cars are too big, compared to player character? I'd expect them to be a bit smaller.
  6. Storytime

    I love being weird, unless there are children or doppelsoldner drug friends hanging around my house. However this doesn't prevent them from noticing the strange things that try butt chocolate. I'm a curious hadephobic pagan who buys people from Japanese traffic-rings freedom, that is kinda hagiophobic with that, but what a wonderful cute dog operates time-zones, specifically votes for Tybug0rz cause, it's Cthulhu adept clown memes. Resurrecting, though,
  7. In My Garage

    This vehicle thingie isn't going to end good for me. I'll, probably, collect every nice-looking car and park it in my base. And then, die of starvation because I can't get out of the base with cars blocking the doors. Eh, poor me. But PZ gets better and better every month.
  8. Throwing Everything as a Weapon

    I knew the time would come and I saved this post for THIS thread. Please let us throw dogs at zombies.
  9. Stash in the Attic

    Uh... I think that KobraKum means "Cobra's godfather", if the one speaking is a parent of that cobra, if that guy is Ukrainian. Oh, the mondoid is great, I should say it too.
  10. In-Game Mappage

    The mondoids are getting more and more interesting... Do you plan adding an option to mark zones (like that) on the map? All those colours would really come in handy for marking factions' territories, infested areas, etc.
  11. Animations/Clothing Update Suggestions.

    I can answer some of the FAQ, but I may be wrong, so, please, correct me, if I am. In some old thread there was a video from developer demonstrating new animations system running on old laptop. The framerate was pretty playable, though it was a while ago. You can always switch to old builds by Steam or by downloading them somewhere (There was a thread here with R2 builds, or something like that). IIRC, "you can switch to sprites, but you'll miss a big portion of gameplay." Mash's secret mission of 2x textures was for that, no? By looking at the old and new videos of anims, I can say, that clothing became darker to fit the rest of the game. So, in "You got red on you" there was mentioned, that "Clothing that gets bloody will need washing or replacing, though when we code that in we’ll be sure to underline that blood stains are a nightmare to get out…", so there's that.
  12. Boy Scout Profession

    I hope some day social traits will come and save us, the illiterate blind constructors,
  13. Curtains Should Stay Curtains

    I've seen this too. When you take them by context menu, they turn into sheets, but if you pick them up like a furniture, it stays the same.
  14. Megatestin

    Wait, what multi-executions? Isn't it strange that 2 mondoids (CK2 and PZ) in one day speak of mass executions? Huh, I guess, I can understand why devs like to execute people so much these days...
  15. From the coasts of West Point .... to the other coasts of West point! The tales about infamous Bobby travel far! Graceful as a cat and slightly overweight as a cat too, infamous repairman leaves no chairs or Spiffo dolls behind. Beware! Many evenings he has spent sharpening his mind with books and doodles! A bit hypochondriac, but fierceful in a fight and sneaky as a lego brick, mind you! His battle-hardened plank leaves many grieving zombies behind and no one mastered eating chips better than Bobby. No man or woman have survived more microwave burns than him - even the fire fears him. All his enemies heard only one thing before their death: "Hey! Over here!" There is no hope of survival. This is the story of how you died with Bobby in there. The warrior. The misery mistery. The fat dude.