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  1. As title says, runner zombies can't hit you most of the time, especially if they are in groups. In 1v1, they manage to hit you about 50% of the time, if you stand still. In groups, they almost never hit you. Shamblers work for me fine. I turned on debug in the video just to make sure godmode was not turned on. If you enter a car, they dont ever attack it, just follow. All sandbox settings are like Apocalypse, except for runners on and infection off. See video for demonstration:
  2. Keshash

    Combat Renovations

    Interesting. Are such translations planned for any other languages?
  3. Awesome! A bit weird that the sky wasn't very cloudy when the rain started, but awesome nonetheless! I would love to see more small snippets of work like the last picture. Screenshots are always good.
  4. Wow. Punk with a guitar, Zorro with a chainsaw, bride with a shotgun. This is awesome. And that glorious mustachio man!
  5. 17th video called 'Last Resort' in that playlist, to be precise.
  6. This is a really good thread, such cars would blend right in. I'm interested, the current set of vehicle models is the final version or do the developers plan to expand it? I'm not talking about things like bikes and RV, which would require additional systems. I'm talking about normal, usual cars, like most in this thread.
  7. What I thought could be a good addition, but maybe hard to add is replacing seats with furniture. For example, exchanging some seats in a van for a generator and a fridge.
  8. Keshash

    Storms and Studies

    Wow, the shader and lightning work on Storm car ride is astonishing. Truly, one of the most atmospheric things in game. Looks like something out of Darkwood. Really looking forward to experience it.
  9. Если память мне не изменяет, то этот навык давал бонус к скорости перемещения по лесу, что и называлось "ориентированием"? Не могу сказать точно, но что-то такое я помню.
  10. Keshash

    Climate Change

    What are the white dots on the debug map in thunderstorms video? The points where the lightning hits or what? Also, it would be pretty cool if there were radio broadcasts about incoming storms.
  11. Also featuring phrases like "Do not fear, Boris is here", "Babushka, guide me!" and opening mayonez jars without tools. I think it's pretty balanced. Where could I stick a link to Life of Boris in this post?
  12. Keshash

    37 n’ Next

    Amazing! Is it just me, or the cars are too big, compared to player character? I'd expect them to be a bit smaller.
  13. I love being weird, unless there are children or doppelsoldner drug friends hanging around my house. However this doesn't prevent them from noticing the strange things that try butt chocolate. I'm a curious hadephobic pagan who buys people from Japanese traffic-rings freedom, that is kinda hagiophobic with that, but what a wonderful cute dog operates time-zones, specifically votes for Tybug0rz cause, it's Cthulhu adept clown memes. Resurrecting, though,
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