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  1. @nasKo I won't comment on everything on your Dec. 5th post, you guys seems well aware of what you want to do and the reasoning behind timing issue (e.g. UI update when all or most feature are present to avoid multiple redo). However, if you allow me this brief rant, I'd like to comment on the leveling system… because it's sort of a hobby/passion of mine I don't believe I know everything, but I hope this will help in a very though job that either define the work or, to employ words of others, "is too generic". While the issue you raise (gathering sort of general XP to s
  2. I beleive the infection rate for a bite is 95%, if I'm wrong, someone can provide a different number. There is no mean to reduce this chance or prevent infection (except maybe the trait Thick Skin). Once it's been determined by the game, it is only a matter of time. As such, surviving an infection form a bite (19 times out of 20) is impossible. That is why I always play with sandbox settings that make infection and death instantaneous... I always know which bite/scratch is fatal right away.
  3. I have not played in a while, but didn't it use to have a expand/retract feature for the bags list (and any other items)... allowing you to view items (and bags) as a list or a single stack. Arguably though, this feature does not work if you renamed each bags. As for your suggestion, I'd have to see it in action because I'm having trouble visualizing it's implementation.
  4. There are a few post that don't match the rule (see the Original Post) : Words can't use the same letter. Nonetheless, I'll add my answer to the latest Word. Clueless -> Happy
  5. The liquid variable weight is a relatively new feature (it used to not exist at all). I agree it could be expanded in due time (edit : it also currently apply to solid fuel such as coal unless I'm mistaken… they added fuel + water at the same time)
  6. Gouda -> Sixteen (as in "All the cheeses would be taken to the market square in Gouda to be sold. Teams consisting of the guild of cheese-porters, identified by differently colored straw hats, carried the farmers' cheeses on barrows, which typically weighed about 16 kg.")
  7. Speech -> Tradition (as in oral tradition)
  8. Just a suggestion for another poster to follow since I feel weird to follow on my own word... Length -> Discuss (as in Discuss at length)
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