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  1. Word Association Extra

    Four -> Legs
  2. Suggestion - Bug?

    The liquid variable weight is a relatively new feature (it used to not exist at all). I agree it could be expanded in due time (edit : it also currently apply to solid fuel such as coal unless I'm mistaken… they added fuel + water at the same time)
  3. Word Association Extra

    Gouda -> Sixteen (as in "All the cheeses would be taken to the market square in Gouda to be sold. Teams consisting of the guild of cheese-porters, identified by differently colored straw hats, carried the farmers' cheeses on barrows, which typically weighed about 16 kg.")
  4. Word Association Extra

    Speech -> Tradition (as in oral tradition)
  5. Word Association Extra

    Converse -> Dialog
  6. Word Association Extra

    Just a suggestion for another poster to follow since I feel weird to follow on my own word... Length -> Discuss (as in Discuss at length)
  7. Word Association Extra

    Ok, there's been some mischief in here including my own. I've made 2 mistakes followed by a proper entry. Sadly, in my opinion, Bejasc's entry of "blood vessel" violate the rules : word association mean single word. It is however a very apt entry in the spirit we discussed earlier (single word part of a phrase, where we said what that word meant in parenthesis). As such, I have to overule both Bejasc and MrCouper's entry and go back to the previous proper one (mine) of Shield -> Arm As such : Arm -> Length (edit : if it's not clear enough, Bejasc, you'd had a proper entry with either Blood or Vessel, but not both)
  8. Word Association Extra

    Shield -> Warfare oups... (E) Shield -> Guard dang... I must be tired (D) Shield -> Arm
  9. Word Association Extra

    Invent -> Arrow
  10. Well, we all saw those movies with competent craftmen moving windows panes that the star end-up going through during a chase... or at least I asume they are competent and it's not only for comedic effect. Joke aside. I understand that it's a bit weird for a master craftmen to break 7 windows while disabling them. 1 out 7, maybe (if that). Those are the guys that know how to remove the frame carefully instead of jolting it out. As for the full windows in the second post, those require more then CARPENTRY in my book, they require metalworking since they are indeed (in most probability) a metal frame in some stonework-ish (masonry/accrylic). On a side unrelated note : STONEWORK
  11. Word Association Extra

    Time -> Clockwork
  12. Word Association Extra

    Reader -> Hobby
  13. Word Association Extra

    Nerd -> Bookish
  14. Word Association Extra

    Win -> Defeat