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  1. Survivors Mod

    if you leave the settings at default your gonna almost always hear gunshots at the start, hordes swarming back and forth after the people who are shooting. You can just wait out that initial chaos in an upstairs room. if you don't like that chaotic start you could go to the settings.lua file (see workshop desc to see how to do it) and set the chance for npc to spawn with guns way lower or set spawn rate of npcs much lower.
  2. Survivors Mod Dev Support

    I see, well kinda for the same reasons, this would also be very difficult. you would need to make hoards of changes to the game engine just to accommodate the mod that is using things (methods) in ways they were not meant to be used. It would be far more productive to just continue the work on NPCs properly. ..... and or throw me on the NPC dev team....
  3. Survivors Mod Dev Support

    if you suggesting like merging & fixing up the mod into base game. I'll be the first to say that's a really bad idea. Survivors mod is not at all properly coded. I just threw it together to add some madness to the game. It's very messy and not done in the way it should be. The mod just spawns extra "IsoPlayer" Objects which is meant to only be one instance of, which is "you" the character you the player controls. And then a lot of other stuff added and bypassed to make sure the fewest amount of problems arise from having multiple player characters on the map. in short it is not something that can be built on. the solid base to build on is not there, it would all crumble and fall if you tried. Now given that you can say the code workmanship is shoddy and crappy I suppose. But short of TIS giving me the entire PZ project files this was the only way it could be done in a mod. NPCs should be a java class managed by like a parent Director class which lots of other classes in the java engine need to account for. If I or the devs were gonna make NPCs properly, it would have to be done that way, much cleaner, organized and proper. A sturdy foundation that can be build on. but me as a modder not accountable to anyone just fooling around for fun, i dont have to follow those rules.
  4. RELEASED: Build 38.22

    At least you got to see that beautiful roof before that zombie right in front of you became visible, right before eating you...worth it.
  5. Hydrocraft Mod

    wiki updated. And I noticed something you will surely find useful. You can have recipies with no results now. " RemoveResultItem: true "
  6. RELEASED: Build 38.22

    I have this same problem most of the time. Happens in vehicle build as well. Even with dozens of mod this unique "stuttering" never happened on stable builds ... until 38 was pushed to stable build. Now there is no escaping it.
  7. Block controls for IsoPlayer

    player:setBlockMovement(true); this will disable basic controls like walking aiming and attacking. note that this condition is not checked when processing vehicle build controls yet
  8. RELEASED: Build 38.22

    every 5 seconds or so, the game will freeze completely for about 1 second. Like in this video with cars build : Slightly less sever than in this video, like i said about every 5 seconds and freeze for about 1 second or less. but still of course that makes it pretty much unplayable. I thought it had something to do with cars but Since it now happens to be on this new 38 (stable) build it must not have anything to do with cars. maybe the map streaming "improvements" / garbage collector. this never happened on prev stable build. even if I had 20 mods enabled with insane zombie counts downtown and firing guns. would take fps drops of course. but not like this specific stuttering thing which just continues on forever once it starts.
  9. Exit and Rejoin Game looses key for car

    i think it might have been because I left the car running ( i guess with the key in the car?) when i exited the game. and it was not running after rejoin?
  10. vehicle controls ignoring isBlockedMovement()

    All vehicle keyboard controls like E to enter/exit car. wasd for driving / steering all ingore isBlockedMovement(). These controls should not work when player object isBlockedMovement() returns true.
  11. Exit and Rejoin Game looses key for car

    I had a key for a car, was driving it down the road. I then exited my game. and rejoined the game and suddenly after getting into the car again my character said he did not have the key anymore. Since i had many car keys in my inventory im not sure if the key disappeared or somehow the id of the key stopped matching the car.
  12. Survivors Mod

    The barricade window order I did not get around to finish. I noticed the PZ Function in the documentation that says it returns window objects for a given building. However that function did not work, it always returns nil so it must be phased out and old or something. The barricade window order would have been an easy thing to add if that function worked which is why I tried it, but without it, it's a lot more work to make so I kind of ... put it aside for now ... The loot room command seems to work for me, and I even see it work for other on like youtube videos using the mod. A few things to know about it is that you can't use it if your outside first of all. And that some "rooms" in the game are not actually separated by walls. which means a you could be standing in the kitchen, but if you walk one square too far away from it you may have actually entered the living room or some other room without even knowing it because these rooms were not separated with walls. .... Which in turn means, that you might be standing just a few squares away from a fridge which is in the "kitchen" and give order loot room -> food. but since you are technically standing in the "living room" the survivor will then check the "living room" for food and say there is no food here.
  13. Survivors Mod

    Before, I had made the control survivor via Java, because dev team gave me a copy of IsoPlayer.class file. tho that file is now outdated, and its too much trouble to ask for the new one every time it changes. so now its all made via lua, the downside is that some features were lost during this change, such as the "Full control" option. you can still control them slightly but prespective will remain on your main character. when survivor eats, it is a timed action, same as the player, so if you drop 3 foods at a survivors feet, much food will be wasted as they will start eating a 2nd food before they even finished the first food. Just give them food 1 at a time with some time inbetween foods.
  14. Survivors Mod

    Take a look at the lua/client/prespawns.lua file. you can copy a line that defines a preset survivor, then change the coordinates and anything else you like.
  15. Hydrocraft Mod

    Wiki updated: