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  1. Super Survivors!

    You actually have the same ability to magically storm out of or through hordes as they do. It's a little know fact but, i have reported it as a bug while back. How you do it is by simply using the "Walk To" option when right clicking on the ground. Which makes your character move by path finding and not by the normal movement controls. When in this state, zombie slow does not effect you. This is the same way these NPCs move which is why they don't get slowed. Try it out yourself right now, if your quick with your mouse you can escape zombies grasps with it, but like the previous poster said, it doesn't meant you wont come out of there unscratched. I did mess around at one point in manually slowing their pathfind speed when attacking zombies are detected. It had a small effect but ya they still kind of power through most situations where you could not do so with using normal controls.
  2. Super Survivors!

    That's a good idea. They should have some good loot on them to reward you for the trouble of killing them. It's a simple change so I'll try to add it soon.
  3. Super Survivors!

    Try rebooting pc
  4. Super Survivors!

    this most likely means there is an error in the SuperSurvivorPresetSpawns.lua after you edited it, and therefore it did not load, and so the function which is trying to be called here does not exist bc it is declared in that file, so it causes this error.
  5. Super Survivors!

    i would first go in your game with your map mod. then check the coordinates in game with like HC compas or necroforge. once you see those coordinates. use them as reference to change the preset spawn coords
  6. Super Survivors!

    at this point i see the flaw in my design, but basically, they do not consider zombies beyond a certain distance any threat and will never attack them until they get a certain distance close. if you give a rifle with high max range and high min range. they will basically be out of range by the time the zombies enter the danger range. And therefore not attack and only have option to run. its a flaw in my design, making pure long range guns useless in the hands of survivors. and I wont likely have any time to do anything about it for a while
  7. Armor Mod

    it would be a file called ArmorLoading.lua in \media\lua\server\
  8. Super Survivors!

    Not sure. I would need time to try it myself and see to diagnose the problem. Time which I just don't have these days...
  9. Super Survivors!

    looks like survivor group files were not loaded. maybe you forgot to transfer those over as well. if update broke ur save. might be best to just make a new game sadly.
  10. Super Survivors!

    your console appears to be kind of empty. you need to start pz, go in game, re-create the errors/problems. then close pz. then your console shouod have the comments i need. also in game, press U. double click on your name and take a screen shot of the window that appears. showing your group id etc
  11. Super Survivors!

    To try and address the errors/problems you have. i'll need you to post your console.txt somewhere so i can scan it for errors. Also would need a list of all mods in use survivors are essentially frozen in time when they are out of cell. it would require more than double the work to add a system which progress survivors over time when out of cell base soley on calculations. Something I do not plan on trying to handle.
  12. Super Survivors!

    i have added it to the workshop
  13. Super Survivors!

    you can use "é/è/à/û/ù/ï" characters. you just need to make sure the file has the right encoding. feel free to fix it with characters including "é/è/à/û/ù/ï", then i'll add your translation
  14. people could still hack said item pretty easy. and duplicate it even easier. if you really want the item to have a controllable value like a currency, you must prevent it from being duped or hacked at all cost. have an authentication process which gets used to create and also when said token is spent / used.
  15. I see you have not found anyone to do this yet. Maybe your already aware but I just feel I should warn you that pretty much anyone could whip up a mod with a token like item. But it would be easily duped and therefore worthless in no time. All the work in this project would be in implementing system(s) to prevent duping / creation of these tokens in unauthorized manners. I would be interested in taking on this project, it's just I would not be able to give it much priority. If your not in a hurry to get it out asap then gimme a "call".