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  1. Super Survivors!

    Now have support for translations. file to translate is in the standard location: media/lua/shared/Translate/EN/ of course credits will be posted to anyone who makes a translation.
  2. Super Survivors!

    Estou organizando o mod para que possa ser traduzido agora. Ainda não terminei. Eu preciso de mais alguns dias. Quando eu terminar, haverá apenas dois arquivos para traduzir.
  3. Super Survivors!

    I Think most of these are pretty obvious if you look at them from the main menu options. Not sure why your looking at the code names of them in the codes.
  4. Super Survivors!

    You can now give a Survivor Armor from the "Armor Mod" . Have the armor in your inventory unequipped and then call and right click on a survivor for option to give armors. You can see the armors they have equipped in the survivor info window. If wife AND Ready for battle mode is enabled. Wife will also get the guns & or armor that your player gets in this mode. Fixed problem with survivors not cutting wood unless close to trees Main menu options now have a scroll bar for those with screens to small to see all options
  5. Super Survivors!

    update: options compacted to fit on smaller screens. survivors who have guns, but not equipped, will draw their guns if they spot hostiles or raiders coming, and go back to using mele when the fighting ends Hilltop has been converted to a real live group, like players group. workers there take on various tasks by themselves. Also survivor spawn rate options are now more sensitive, though "Normal" has not changed
  6. Super Survivors!

    Here is a video of me trying to defend hilltop with raiders set to spawn every hour, its quite intense:
  7. Super Survivors!

    Yes, though the house you spawn in,(if you spawn in a house) is marked as your base by default. so its a possibility there too. marking your base helps in many other ways too. like easy to prevent survivors or raiders from spawning IN your base since your base area is marked.
  8. Super Survivors!

    The raiders are back! Raiders event Added!You have a nice cozy base with food and weapons stores and such! how nice! well these guys want what you have! If you have a base and you are in your base, there is a small chance for raiders to appear who plan to take your base by force!Tweakable settings on how often this event will occure have been added to settings.If raiders come while you are sleeping you will automatically wake up.
  9. Super Survivors!

    UPDATE: To go along with the recent ability to select locations, such as the location of your base, and locations of where to store things etc. Using said selected base locations, Survivors can now go to work themselves. Survivors in or around the base, will try to keep themselves busy even if you don't tell them what to do. W/e they choose to do, they will stop and return to base after doing that thing for a reasonable amount of time. A Survivor in the "Worker" Role will do these things:Chop wood. Try and find an axe and go chop down near by trees in the area or in the designated chopping area.Forage. Area must be designated for them to do this, they will go to designated foraging area and forage for a while. then bring back and drop all they found in the Food storage area.Pile Corpses. Will go and pickup and pile corpses in the designated pile corpses area. If Take coprses area is selected, they will only pickup corpses in that area.Gather Wood. Will go and take Logs or planks from the general area, or the designated wood gather area, and bring it back to center base or to the designated wood storage area.Relax. Relax around the base for a bit.A Survivor in the Guard Role, will Patrol the designated Guard area, or relax around the base for a bit.A Survivor in the Doctor Role will go to the medical storage area and assume the Doctor Order.
  10. Super Survivors!

    Added ability to select your territory / base Right click on the ground and choose select area. Then Left click and hold on the ground and move your mouse around to select an area and declare it as your base territory. This will be useful as Survivors can now be given different AI / behavior for when they are in base as compared to not being in base. Like if out of base, loot some stuff, if in base, find some work to do etc. Added Return to Base Order. Will return to base even if the survivor exits the loaded cell while attempting to return to base, they will still make it back. Pile Corpses order added General fixes and improvements here is a video demonstrating how to select your base:
  11. Super Survivors!

    it was there choice now they have to live with it.
  12. ORGM Rechambered

    You should consider using the ResizeWorldIcon attribute on all the spent casings items in the item scripts so they look smaller. maybe like set to 0.25. right now the spent casings are the same size as my players leg, its a bit of a bummer.
  13. Super Survivors!

    With the vehicle update yesterday, Survivors can now sprint. And no more friendly fire on your group members even if pvp is on. survivor vs survivor ai is a bit better, not just attacking other players like they do zombies when they come too close. They will sprint after you if they see you even from far away. loose line of sight for a while and they will give up thier pursuit. or get some zombies between you and them to distract them to get away. or you can fight it out of course. with that note, to help you fight it out, iv also updated the stand alone armor mod, it has most of the findable armor from hc, like swat, riot and kevlar armors. Which can also be traded for with advanced trading post mod enabled.
  14. Super Survivors!

    Wait what? You can't take stuff from corpse? One thing? Or anything? Did u try other corpses? Did you try all this on a new game since update or loaded old game?
  15. Super Survivors!

    try it now, i updated with the fixes but without the group pvp stuff and the sprinting stuff