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    recipe Open Canned Cheese Sauce { HCCannedcheesesauce, keep TinOpener, Result:HCCannedcheesesauce, Time:80.0, Category:Cooking, } Heheh.... my bad... It should be fixed in the next update.
  2. I and i'm sure the other countless masses have noticed how restaurants in project zomboid are missing important facilities... like DEEP FRIERS. and DISH WASHERS... But i didn't draw any art for that yet... And garages and stuff would be better if there was a larger variance of containers that arent wooden crates, card board boxes, shelves, cabients. ...I don't know some stuff like that. just sayin'.
  3. So i've been trying to figure out how i can get a OnCreate:(This case "recipe_DoStuff") to successfuly check and fire a output if a trait is met. I'm not too sure what i'm doing wrong here. function recipe_DoStuff(items, result, player) --other stuff if player:hasTrait("WeakStomach") == true then player:Say("I Pooped my pants."); --this would be my generic output. end --other stuff end This file is in media/lua/server, if that makes a difference.
  4. Thank you for the help, with this i will be able to do some neat shit with this.
  5. Im looking to make a electric blanket item that uses a OnCreate: recipe_. i can't seem to get it to referance the Hyperthmeria/Hypothermia Stats. (Bordem, Unhappy stats seem to work fine.) What am i doing wrong? (Lua Code) --Raise Temperature function recipe_raisebodytemp(items, result, player) local unhappy = 5; local hyperthermia = 50; HCDoStats(player, unhappy , hyperthermia); end (Lua Code)
  6. This should cover the initial development of jello, other than integrating it into time tracker for the cooling phase. Anything you want me to cover directly? Because i was trying to figure out where to start because i don't know what you are working on exactly and i don't wanna step on your work, lol. Hydrocraft_Injection.06.19.18.rar
  7. Got some art done for jello upon doing this i wonder how the jello is going to work cooking-wise. Im Packet -> Jello Preparation -> Hot Variant -> TimeTracker?! -> Cold Variant -> Remove Action -> ->Formed Jello (With Mold) ->Jello Cubes -> Jello Bowl (With whipped cream....) Similar process with the pudding but i made them need to be put into bowls. I still need to make the dried up/rotten sprites and all that jazz. I got pretty much all the art for the jello covered in the meantime.
  8. Yeah for sure, I'll start kicking out a media injection for you when I get off work later man.
  9. @Hydro Its cool. i just felt like drawing up some drug shit lol. speaking of code I should know enough about lua to be able to make code injection snippets if you want me to work on integrating any of that crap i made.
  10. Empty FolderPolice File (A interesting end of the world read. )Classified Police File (Even MORE interesting, but more rare.) Full Flavor Cigarette Carton ->Open-> Full Flavor Cigarette Pack x10 ->Open 1->Base Cigarettes x20 Light Cigarette Carton ->Open-> Light Cigarette Pack x10 ->Open 1->Light Cigarettes x20 Menthol Cigarette Carton ->Open-> Menthol Cigarette Pack x10 ->Open 1->Menthol Cigarettes x20 Jar of Apple Butter Cigarette Butt (If you like it more.) Hitter Box (Is it possible to make this a drainable item you fill with hemp and smoke for like 10 uses?) Dime Bag (Gives a few cured hemp buds.) Fat Hemp Joint (And Roach, so you can smoke it twice and get max effect.) Hemp Joint (Same as above.) Jello Packets LimeLemonWatermelonAppleVanillaChocolateStrawberry CherryBlueberryOrange Blank Document Folder(In case someone has ideas.)Business Document Folder Slightly NSFW Adult Magazine variants. Okay, next i definitely should do more large art for that list.
  11. Okay I got these banged out. WD-40 CanBunny SlippersSlippers Sim Municipality 2000 PC GameUncivilizedation PC Game Dogenstein 3D PC GameDudelings PC Game White/Brown Rice Bowls. (Or do you want the bowl to look like this? -Base Game)
  12. 2x Log Splitter 2x Wood Chipper Both of those probably need more work and control panels and shit, feel free to improve it. LooperDICEee Board GameMoneypoly Board Game LIVING Board GameONE Card Game
  13. Oh okay I guess what i did was a wedge, I'll start working on some larger art here soon like the push mower, lawn spreader, and that log splitter. By the why what the hell is a Looper? lol.
  14. I started working on this list, as well as a few ither things.... BB Gun (Source of small parts.)Trauma Bandage (Sterilized Packaged, one use.)Wooden Disc Wooden Sun Dial (Not sure if this is what you wanted?)Tooth Brush Holders Sewing MachineLog Splitter (Right?)Hand CultivatorPost Hole Digger (New/Old) Cistern (Rocks,Plaster?. Stage 1-3) More later!
  15. Canned Chicken Breast Bread Bag Base Bread Loaf (Grocery stock, gives 2 bread and a bag with tie trash item when opened.) Raisin Bread Loaf Wheat Bread Loaf and variants. Hamburger Bun (Should've made a bag of these. ) Mixed Canned Food Box (Gives six random canned food items when you open it.) I was thinking have them all fall under the same tier like chips? I think you can do that without any conflicts. Replacement for base game cereal bowl, proper colors and all that shit. Cereal 2 Cereal 3 Battery PackGlue PackWood Glue PackGarbage Bag Box Duct Tape PackInstant Coffee BoxInstant Coffee Packet Boom PC GameNyst PC Game Restaurant Takeout Bag (Could be a container that has a chance of spawning leftovers inside?) Spiffo's To-Go Order (Has a chance to contain random fast food items OR theseSpiffo BurgerSpiffo Cheese Fry) Trashed Spiffo's BagWhip Cream CanFountain Drink (I think it needs more some work?)
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