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  1. Geras

    PZ Community Zed Scenes Thinktank

    Couple of guys fishing at river/lake. Scouts camping trip in the woods with tents and fireplaces. People sunbathing at lakes/river banks. Hunting party in woods and nearby hunting towers. Logging team nearby one of the forest trailers. Meetings in offices.
  2. Geras

    The Sound of Mucus

    I was thinking something similar. None of the sounds should clearly stand out in front of the others or be easily memorable because they'll get boring really quick.
  3. Geras

    The Sound of Mucus

    Looks and sounds really cool! I hope you create a large enough sound base for the sounds not to repeat very often. Also, any plans on weapon reloading animations to go with or without progress bars (i.e. racking a shotgun)?
  4. Geras


    Yup, pretty much. They could even let us reuse existing planters in the game. Just get rid of decorative plant and sow some delicious potatoes in there. i.e.,0.10404227320468437,580.618556701031
  5. 1006. "Random" option for game starting point.
  6. Geras

    More corpse position

    A ragdoll system for zombies would be EPIC. Imagine hitting zombies with cars with ragdoll.
  7. Geras

    More details

    The world of PZ definitely looks too clean. Every chair is neatly tucked in, all furniture is standing upright, no hastily-built furniture barricades, basically 99% of homes look like an Ikea showroom. Also, every car is parked in between the lines in car parks...
  8. Geras

    Heatmap Migration

    This + ubran focused zombies turning with time to uniform distribution.
  9. Geras

    Forking Hell

    Lemmy said on Reddit that they want to implement weight to be visible, so maybe muscles as well (not in the initial animations build, though).
  10. Geras

    Running Zombies - More Zombie speed presets

    +1 for runners and random speed zombie preset.
  11. 983. Empty glass bottles should be added to loot tables. As of now, the only way to get them is to drink wine and whiskey. 984. Reverse car lights with cone of light. 985. Rear car lights should give red cone of light on the ground. 986. Breaking car lights should give increased cone of light compared to above. 987. Emergency vehicle lights should give cone of light of appropriate colour.
  12. Geras

    Higher Fidelity

    IMO there's really no need for Blunt Guard and Blade Guard, just merge them into one skill. Same with Lightfooted and Sneaking, they even lvl up at almost identical speed.
  13. Geras

    Expanding the Sandbox Options

    The things I would like to be added as default settings are: 1. Random zombie migration times. 2. Random zombie respawn times and numbers respawned. 3. Random zombie group sizes, random group diameter, 30-40% zombies not participating in groups at all. 4. With time, Urban zombie distribution should slowly become Uniform, so no place would be safe from zombies (i.e. it would take a year of in game time for Urban focused distribution to change gradually into Uniform).
  14. Geras

    Higher Fidelity

    This looks promising. As @Zorak said, I hope some rebalancing of skills will take place sooner or later. There's no need for a few skills to exist.
  15. Geras

    Puddle of Zudd

    Epic puddles. Well done.