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  1. 1152. Separate climate settings for seasons. As mentioned in this Reddit thread:
  2. It would be great if you made sandbag walls dismantle-able. Currently you can't dismantle it to put it elsewhere. I suggest to add a right-click option "Pick up sandbags" or something along those lines to pick up the 3 sandbags so we can put the sandbag wall in a different spot if we want to.
  3. I'm currently redecorating my base in an existing building by removing some interior walls, and it bugs me that I cannot move my light switches around. I'm either to be left with a piece of a wall with a switch on it or with a floating switch. Would it be possible to make switches movable similar to how it is with other furniture?
  4. Geras


    Maybe you also could make bench presses and treadmills usable? They're already in the game.
  5. Geras


    Really cool update, thanks!
  6. Let the festive tradition begin!
  7. Geras

    School Reopening

    Overclocking confirmed? xd
  8. It's been like that since car stories became a thing, but it's just seems strange that police cars at road blocks or maintenance pickups, or any other car from car stories, spawn at ~10% durability? Even the car accident story shouldn't have both cars totally wrecked with no useful parts left, but rather only have the impact zones of the cars damaged.
  9. I really like one of the new car stories with a car missing a wheel, and tools lying about. It would be cool if this could be expanded and for erosion system to be tied with an increasing % of cars missing parts at spawn simulating they've been scavenged for parts.
  10. As a suggestion: it would be cool if sprinters that fell down on their own, if we attack them in this pose, would rather fall flat on the ground rather than stand up. Edit: nvm, seems already in the works
  11. Geras

    Slightly ajar

    No, aliens confirmed!
  12. Geras


    I think it's the one with 20 capacity. Hiking backpack.
  13. I agree, and I was thinking of the same thing.
  14. I'd just like to add to this great feedback: - When making car hoods repairable, please consider removing/extending the number or possible repairs and diminishing returns. Maybe tie the number of possible repairs to car fixing skill? Consider car mechanic and welder professions having this limit lifted? - Car mechanic profession special trait: can fix all car parts (suspensions, brakes, mufflers etc) with metal and welding parts + spare parts of any quality i.e. fixing performance brakes with cheap brakes + welding and metal parts.
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