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  1. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.14

    Great fixes and additions. I have 2 questions, though: Do campfires warm you up correctly now? Has fuel economy for Sunday Driver and Speed demon been balanced (both perks are terrible for fuel economy, and Speed demon overall does not belong to positive perks category to be honest).
  2. Quick thanks

    Best zombie survival game out there.
  3. Beeverdoid

    Roof racks sounds cool! Also, additional roof headlights for ultimate cone of light.
  4. *Advanced Walls* & *Gates*

    Yeah, brick and concrete walls would be a perfect addition to existing wood and metal walls. Maybe to balance those kind of walls we would have to defend them from zombies as the mortar/concrete sets and hardens. Something like maybe it would take 2 or 3 days for a section of wall to set and within that time they would be easily destroyed by even one zombie. Or even better, make the setting time dependent on world temperature and make it impossible to build in freezing temperatures, as in real world. Concrete walls would require concrete bags (already in game), sand/gravel (already in game), metal rods/pipes to reinforce (already in game), water and buckets or something. Brick walls would require bricks (not in game currently), concrete, sand/gravel, bucket and water. Sounds cool enough to me.
  5. 892. Odometer for vehicles and resetable trip meter to accurately check travel distance and fuel economy. Numbers could be random for each vehicle with the option to reset trip distance.
  6. Late Game Meta Events

    Afaik in the game lore everyone is dead excluding some single survivors. There are no governments left to organise such missions.
  7. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.14

    Snow could use some darker shade of white (?) as well.
  8. IMPORTANT UPDATE: I did another test without perks - results are in updated OP. TLDR; Perks are terrible for fuel economy, do not use. Sunday driver is the worst. Road rage is second worst, just a little bit better than Sunday driver. No perks is best, close to twice the mileage compared to Sunday driver.
  9. I though if they can freeze, they could also get more lively in hotter temperatures.
  10. I just did a quick test to see how Road rage and Sunday driver perks affect fuel economy while driving. UPDATE: I also tested fuel economy without any of those perks and did another test for Road rage using exactly the same car by killing off my first character and continuing the game with another character with no perks. I had no patience to retake the Sunday driver test, but by the difference in mileage using Road rage we can predict more or less how much further would it drive with Sunday driver. I'm posting my results here for others to see if you had similar concerns. Since with Road rage we basically drive with pedal to the metal I though that it actually would be bad for fuel economy even though it's a positive perk. That would make it a terrible choice because fuel is finite in the world. I started two sandbox games, one with Road rage and the other with Sunday driver. I ticked an option for cars to be in high general condition to even out the results (I don't even know if car condition affects fuel consumption). I chose the same car model and filled them up with the same amount of fuel (10 units, which equals to 1 fuel can), and drove along the same road back and forth to see how far I will go. Results: In case the graphic is not very clear to understand: 1. No perks - best fuel economy - 1 gas can took my big van for about 3.5 lengths along the highway. 2. Road rage - second to worst fuel economy - 1 gas can took my big van for about 2 and maybe 1./5 lengths along the highway. 3. Sunday driver - worst fuel economy - 1 gas can would take my big van only for about 2 lengths along the highway (guesstimate). Road rage is truly a positive perk and seems to have better fuel economy compared to Sunday driver. Only con in annoying revving and noise for the player, but that can be adjusted in new volume options. UPDATED TLDR; Road rage and Sunday driver are terrible for fuel economy, with Sunday driver being the worst of all. You can get almost twice the mileage with no perks compared to Sunday driver.
  11. Hi guys, I've started a new IWBUMS 40.9 playthrough using 6 months later scenario and I have some feedback and suggestions about cold weather & cold moodles and getting warm. I'll try to keep it simple and to the point. 1. Feedback: It feels really strange that I'm dying (losing health) at positive temperatures (around 0.5 degrees Celsius - measured by car thermometer). Suggestion: We shouldn't be losing health at positive temperatures. At least not when fed and quenched. 2. Feedback: It feels almost impossible to get warm from a campfire. I put a campfire inside a warehouse (building interior gives temperature boost and I had one green chevron on my cold weather moodle - see screenshot below). The building was ON FIRE inside, as some burning zombies set it ablaze (side note: concrete floor inside a warehouse burns extremely well). I started a fire with some zed clothing and 3 or 4 planks. I stood next to it for over 2 in-game hours and got only slightly warmer (1 or 2 moodles up), despite having 3 green chevrons on my coldness moodle and a sweater. My character didn't get warm. Campfire died out while I was still on the mildest level of cold moodle. Suggestion: Well-lit campfire (at least 3-4 planks or a log) should quickly warm us up to the point of hot temperature moodles appearing depending on campfire temperature. Warming up shouldn't take longer than 1 in-game hour in extreme cases. Especially not in temperatures close to 0 degrees Celsius, where it should take maybe 20 minutes maximum. 3. Feedback: I also tried the new extreme-cold-weather-challenge scenario and I didn't even last more than 2 nights. I had a campfire going inside a building, well-lit with 4 or 5 logs and a chair put up right next to it. My character was at that point in hypothermia, I slept the entire night (about 6-7 hours) on that chair with my feet literally in the fire and I went up maybe 1 or 2 cold moodles. That is extreme. The chair burned, by the way xd. The fire was already dead when I woke up. Suggestion: As in suggestion above, warming up should happen much faster. Logs should burn longer. Perhaps 1 log = 2 hours of fire? So 4 or 5 logs would get you through the night. Outdoorsman perk should give a detailed description of how much time you have until fire goes out. Without the perk we should get a rough estimate, i.e. 3-6 hours, 1-3 hours, more than 12 hours, etc. 4. Feedback: It feels unnatural that a character doesn't get warm from physical exercise: walking, sprinting, shoving & stomping zombies, swinging weapons, etc. Suggestion: Physical activity should work towards warming up. I used to jog in -10/-15 degrees Celsius in nothing more than a set of breathable long johns, breathable long-sleeved shirt, tracksuit pants, breathable cycling shirt, a fleece hat, light scarf, gloves, 2 sets of normal socks and running shoes and I was sweating-warm. 5. Feedback: I found it strange that while my character was barely able to move because of the cold while zombies were almost happily prancing about doing circles around me and calling me names. Suggestion: Ok, maybe that's not exactly what happened, but cold should finally start affecting zombie moving speed, effectively slowing them down in sub-zero Celsius temperatures. The colder it gets the slower the zombies should get. We could nullify zombie-speed-penalty for zombies on fire for the lolz of it. Slow shamblers could also be upgraded to fast shamblers in hot temperatures. 6. Suggestion: Burning zombies should be a heat source. For realism I'm not sure if burning map tiles are a heat source either. Worth taking a look at that as well. EDIT: some details and stuff. EDIT: slow shamblers upgrade to fast shamblers in hot weather
  12. 890. Rain and storm should dampen the sound of footsteps and melee fighting, pushing and stomping, so zombies would hear us from a smaller radius.
  13. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.14

    Just a quick thing I noticed: You can have both Road Rage and Sunday Driver perks at the same time.
  14. Self-sustainability and the culprit

    Have you guys tried 6 months later? Best preset IMO.
  15. How long do YOU survive?

    A few months on average, I'd say.