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  1. This brown-leafed sort of bushy plant cannot be removed neither by digging a patch, neither with sledge, and neither by right-clicking.
  2. It's super-minor, but the swimsuit icon has no legs, but its texture on character has them. Also the cleavage is much smaller on the texture.
  3. 1142. More foraging zones. I find it strange we can't forage i.e. on farmland, or in green areas in towns. I'd be cool if foraging in these places was possible for stones, branches, earth worms, insects, etc. 1143. This one isn't probably a small suggestion, but the fitness system should be reworked. Every exercise, however small, should be beneficial for the player, increasing the damage/carry weight and endurance pool by tiny increments. This way we'd know that however small our workouts are, we get some bonus out of it. As it is now, there's no point in using th
  4. 1140. It would be cool if houses didn't hold so much heat during winter, so actually having a fire going for the night, or sleeping in warm clothes would have an impact on sleep quality.
  5. I've added some patches to clothing, but the clothing tooltip (on the left) doesn't display updated values.
  6. In this configuration you can't turn the lamp on or off, only the generator.
  7. Posted in wrong section, sorry. Please delete.
  8. 1139. Washing cars should prioritize using tainted water if available in inventory or bags on the player. Currently if I have a water bottle with clean water in main inventory and buckets with tainted water in backpack, the character uses clean water from the water bottle.
  9. Geras

    Last Boy Zcout

    I'm personally not a fan of lip smacking sound while eating, it's irksome. Also not a fan of the "thump" sound when soundtrack changes i.e. from calm to combat tune - it's kind of anti-climatic.
  10. 1137. The boarded up survivor homes should have extra loot in every container in the house, not just the kitchen counters. I always found it very strange to have just the kitchen stocked up, but rest of the house was like i.e. a book, a comb, and a t-shirt.
  11. This sprinter turning behaviour is rather unfair, as they sprint behind your back, what is pretty much a death sentence if you don't manage to do a 180 degrees turn with the slow player turning animation. https://streamable.com/dw717e I'd suggest to change their behaviour to turn around on the spot to face the player and then start running instead of this early sprint and turning in a wide angle. The current wide turning angle behaviour also leads to sprinters orbiting the player, which is very easy to consistently reproduce. Sprinters orbiting:
  12. Hi, this bug has been around since sprinter slowing down the player was introduced. See the video for more details, but in a nutshell if you hold RMB and push the sprinter zombie after a certain point in their attack animation, you get slowed down and the speed penalty doesn't go away until you release RMB or push the zombie again, but earlier in their animation. If you keep holding RMB, the slowdown is pretty much permanent, even with the zombie being a few tiles away or dead. It's a very annoying bug which often leads to deaths with sprinters where every second is a m
  13. There's a cool mod on steam for just this. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1974106155
  14. These brick walls here have no collision, you can walk through them. Location: https://map.projectzomboid.com/?#0.4027988592026911,0.19890151196602895,505.61182509090054
  15. 1. Graves are not visible on snow (I mean the open grave there). 2. Digging graves doesn't seem to give any worms, which it should. (I might be wrong here)
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