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  1. I think I'd rather use denim threads for this personally.
  2. I think it'll take them a lot of work for 3d items to block the field of view, if it's even possible.
  3. I agree, I'd like to see the durability system reworked at some point.
  4. Same treatment should go for potatoes.
  5. Currently trapping requires an appropriate item to have at least -5 hunger to be used as bait. This creates a logical issue if you have i.e. 2 cabbages, one -2 hunger, and other -3 hunger, you can't use them both to bait 1 trap.
  6. Geras


    High beam, reversing, and braking lights when?
  7. Geras


    Are flies going to be visible in winter? I always found the flies sound in winter to be out of place. I suggest adding an animation of holding one hand to your nose when there's corpses overload. The flies visuals and sound should only be there in seasons other than winter imo.
  8. No, not really. I specifically chose flat mohawk as my hairstyle, but sweat band changes it into short mohawk.
  9. As on video, the sweat band changes my nice flattened mohawk into ugly short mohawk. https://streamable.com/srlhqd
  10. You can only place sheets on doors. Curtains only on windows.
  11. Geras

    It's Coming to Roam

    Wow, with the cool little LCD displays for radios and TVs I wish we had a UI overhaul for these. Something along the lines of having a low poly radio/tv model open in a new window instead of the current UI, with usable knobs and controls.
  12. I agree with the last paragraph, the zombie pushback from behind seems like a bug.
  13. I don't like this idea, I'd rather have normal zombies get the 'player movement slowdown' effect sprinters have. This should solve all kiting issues with all weapons.
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