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  1. 1220. Dirt overlay for cars which would slowly build up as we drive on dirt roads. Rain would clean the car somewhat, or we could clean it.
  2. 1219. DIY dumbells and barbells. Concrete + bag of sand/gravel + metal pipe/metal rod + bucket/sauce pan/pot + hacksaw = DIY workout weights. Making these irl as I type, lol
  3. Wind turbines and car battery power banks as an alternative/supplement to generators (ie. generator autostart if batteries are low) One can dream.
  4. It's been suggested at least 2 times before. The answer was that it would be too resource-consuming for every tile of wall to constantly check for the number of adjacent zombies. Another user then suggested that every type and tier of wall should have a regenerative pool of HP on top of normal HP, and then have it balanced that only X amount of zombies for each wall type and tier, would be able to apply enough damage to the wall to destroy it.
  5. Great to see a start of rebalancing vehicle trunks.
  6. High grass on every or most lawn tiles after a few months had passed would be neat.
  7. Maybe we could remove entire window with the frame rather than just the glass.
  8. Feature request: Please add text wrapping for long strings.
  9. Watering plants with bucket also leaves a bit of water in the bucket.
  10. Ok, sorry for the repost then.
  11. Seems that players on Reddit like this idea, maybe it's something to consider? I'd personally prefer default settings to be that maybe 1/3 of the zombies creates groups and 2/3 don't.
  12. 1162. 'Take mattress' option for existing beds. Would probably need some new mattress-less art for beds, and mattress art though.
  13. It would be cool if you added an option to play with sprinter zombies for all the challenges, i.e. 'Winter is Coming', 'You have one day', and others.
  14. The new "Add all" (or whatever it's called in EN) to add all fire fuel of a given type only adds 1 unit for charcoal, instead of the entire thing.
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