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  1. The translation bug thread

    Same goes for Polish.
  2. Test Track

    The idle car sound is ok, but the other sounds... I hope you guys will improve.
  3. They should make bites 99% fatal, not 100%. That would keep us from instantly quiting the game and taking our chances for surviving a bite.
  4. Zombies in the Stream

    I'd like the fog effect to have a sort of vignette effect around the screen, where spotting zombies would be harder, i.e. they would be rendered closer to the player or something and fog would be more dense around edges of the screen.
  5. Looks amazing. This should be in vanilla game.
  6. I get: "You have been kicked because your files don't match the server's" I'm on IWBUMS 38.27
  7. 574. Add more noise to walking/running in forests in autumn to compensate for dead leaves on the ground (tie the increased loudness zone to foraging areas, maybe, as those are mostly forests?)
  8. Ambient sounds change with seasons

    + Making more noise in autumn when walking in forests to imitate dead leaves crunching + Snow crunching sound when walking on snow tiles
  9. Official Translation Files

    PL files for 38.26 and vehicles 24.4
  10. Pitch Battle

    Yeah, kind of not needed feature.
  11. Radio Translation Files

    I found a typo in PL radio files (now fixed).
  12. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Visible loot on pickup trucks would be neat.
  13. Official Translation Files

    PL files for 38.20
  14. 519. Fish traps to catch fish bigger than the smallest ones we currently can catch with a trap (fishing net traps maybe?).
  15. More types of vehicles.

    Definitely buses and various trucks (fire trucks, garbage trucks, lorries etc).