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  1. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.60

    I support this. Pretty please.
  2. anyone know what suspension does?

  3. The translation bug thread

    Can confirm.
  4. Wind turbines would go great with the upcoming weather overhaul (wind variable). 743 Small art/item request. a) Separate art/item for car radios (also they don't have batteries in them): Nope Yup b) Separate art/item for car light bulbs so they are not interchangeable with a bedside table lamps and others Nope Yup
  5. Cruise Control

  6. Blindcoder's PZ map updated for Build 39 / Vehicles

    Thanks a lot!
  7. Monkey Bizness

    As the other guys said: I'm always hyped for a new Thursdoid (RIP Mondoid), and always hope for a surprise release of something big (now animations) but it rarely happens. Well, I'm extremely patient
  8. The translation bug thread

    Thanks for the info! Yeah, this looks good
  9. The translation bug thread

    Great! Count me in as well. I'm not very familiar with how GitHub works, but: I have one concern. Is this going to tell us which strings got changed or just i.e. "Items_EN.txt changed today" and we'll be like "Umm... there are hundreds of strings in there, which exactly got changed?" Best would be if system was string-based as opposed to file-based. So, for example, every time you change something, we get some kind of feedback what string changed exactly It would take some work off your shoulders (telling us which strings changed yourselves). Just a thought.
  10. Bug Tracker being decommissioned

    If people don't want to read a short questionnaire the quality of their bugs logged would be questionable anyway. Only people who care log bugs anyway, I don't think that a couple of short menus to pick an option from would be very annoying.
  11. Bug Tracker being decommissioned

    Good point.
  12. Official Translation Files

    Polish for 39.56 PL_39_56.rar
  13. When did you join pz

    Wow, I count as "The Firsts" 2013
  14. Bug Tracker being decommissioned

    I suggest making a system that requires: 1. Putting repro steps to make your life easier. 2. Build number. 3. Ticking SP/MP or both. 4. Mods installed: yes/no, if yes - which ones. etc. etc. The more tick boxes and drop-down menus the better. The less "type information here" the better.
  15. The translation bug thread

    Great news, thanks! I would hate the thought that such a great game would have outdated strings!