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  1. Geras

    A Good Day

    Thanks, I haven't used the mod, so I wouldn't know. Also, modded gameplay being posted on official PZ yt channel is what made it confusing.
  2. Geras

    A Good Day

    Ah, I see. Good point. I couldn't care less who DrunkOnLife is, vid was posted on official PZ YouTube channel, might as well be one of the Devs/internal testers. Thanks for clarifying, though!
  3. Geras

    A Good Day

    Exercise? New car? Do you guys play with mods or are these coming? xd
  4. Yeah, that's exactly what happened. Single attack, motorcycle helmet falls off, head injured.
  5. Helmets with chin straps should not be able to be dropped from character while being attacked by zombies (and vice versa). I just got lacerated on the head while wearing a full motorcycle helmet. Stuff like that should not happen imo. 100% protection my a** xd. Please fix. Thanks!
  6. Hold tight, the sneaking buff is coming soon. You might not need to wait that long to playing again.
  7. Afaik sneaking will be buffed, so it's going to be easier to stay undetected. Zombie sight was bugged and prevented them from seeing farther than 10 tiles, this is fixed now, and as a result zombies spot you from quite a distance. To clear a busy area make a Molotov cocktail, get a car with a siren and park it in an open space (i.e. car park). Fire up the siren and hide. Throw the Molly into the zed party and watch them burn (you literally need to see them burn for the fire to kill them). Enjoy zombie-free neighborhood for some time.
  8. Please, for everything that is holy, disable the car-wrecking damage of saplings and trees when just driving past slowly. The massive speed debuff is enough to get you killed when zombies are nearby, and this is fine. Maybe leave in trees (not saplings!) damaging windows and windshields - that's cool and realistic-ish. There is no way a small sapling would damage a car window when driving past. They are too short, and too elastic. Also, some saplings are impossible to distinguish from harmless bushes, and this becomes a huge issue when world erosion kicks in.
  9. This has been reported a few times already, this is to bump this issue. Red outline is confirmed no-forage zone (roughly). Yellow outline is where I suspect there is no foraging neither. Please fix. Super-annoying if you have a base in this area.
  10. Can't disassemble: Fancy_White_Chair Brown_Lazy_Couch Brown_Lazy_Chair Purple_Rattan_Chair Large_Low_Shelves
  11. I had the same issue. The car key was for Dash Elite, but the only Dash Elite close by was a burned car wreck. logs_17-01.rar
  12. I'd be okay with being easily spotted when running, but lower chance of being spotted when walking and sneaking.
  13. I think the zoom build became obsolete with 41.26 release.
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