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  1. I agree with the slow turning animation, it's a frequent cause of death for me - just as you said: I want to disengage and run, but get grabbed from behind for a free bite. I also don't mind the current aim cursor. Edit: I'm also playing with sprinters, but my character jogs faster than zombies.
  2. Geras


    Image's broken, could you post it again, please?
  3. Geras


    Can we please wear 2 bandanas at the same time? It would be cool to have the over-the-face bandana and default bandana. Or a hat and the over-the-face bandana.
  4. Realistic shadows, topography, rotating camera, rag dolls and physics for everything.
  5. Now also as a mod on steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2038609846&searchtext=
  6. Good examples. Same here. I tried one or two challenges once or twice, but that's it. I also never made bread nor sandwiches.
  7. I still catch birds with stick traps and rabbits with cage traps, the others are irrelevant.
  8. This is mostly for informational purposes for Devs what features are rarely used. I have 1.4k hours (99.9% in SP), and I: - never played as a Chef, Engineer, Nurse, Doctor, Farmer, Fisherman, Electrician, Metalworker, Mechanic - never crafted a noise maker or bombs - never used over/microwave temperature knob (is it still in the game?) - never used radios/TVs as a distraction - never used snare trap, trap crate, mouse trap, trap box - never caught a mouse, rat, or squirrel - never crafted a walkie-talkie or ham radio, I crafted some radios, though, to grind the skill EDIT: - never crafted motion detectors nor remote controls - never used gardening sprays
  9. Geras


    Looking good. Nice screenshot. I also hope you guys will consider adding more vehicles to the game sooner or later.
  10. And a tiny tobacco ember when inhaling.
  11. It also increases fuel consumption by +100%.
  12. I'd go a step further and add the alarm UI to to the on-screen clock display as well.
  13. I think car storage space need a little rebalance. As of now Ambulance is the best car in the game as far as storage space is concerned: - 6 seats - 150 space (big seats) + driver - 90 space in trunk - plenty of engine power as a bonus It makes little sense for an Ambulance to be the best in this regard. As a rule of thumb heavy duty cars should have large trunks for them to have better storage capacity, as well as convenience of filling just the trunk, and not all the seats, compared to normal cars, but normal cars can be quieter still + have better fuel economy and better acceleration as a bonus. Car model Proposed trunk storage Seats storage (big seats) Total Notes Chevalier Step Van 220 30 250 Less torque and acceleration + worse fuel economy + more noise than Franklin Valuline (2 seater). Franklin Valuline (2 seater) 170 30 200 More torque and acceleration + better fuel economy than Chevalier Step Van. Dash Bulldriver 150 30 180 More convenient than Franklin Valuline (6 seater), as you only need to fill trunk + seat, instead of trunk + 5 seats. Franklin Valuline (6 seater) 30 150 180 Ambulance 80 90 170 Changed to 4 seats total instead of 6. Chevalier D6 140 30 170 Franklin All-Terrain 70 90 160 Much more power and torque compared to Cerise Wagon + good offroad performance. Chevalier Cerise Wagon 70 90 160 Chevalier Nyala 50 90 140 Chevalier Primani 50 90 140 More power, torque and acceleration compared to Chevalier Nyala. Dash Elite 45 90 135 More power, torque and acceleration compared to Chevalier Nyala and Chevalier Primani. Quieter than Chevalier Primani Masterson Horizon 45 90 135 Mercia Lang 4000 40 90 130 More power, torque and acceleration compared to Chevalier Nyala, Chevalier Primani, and Dash Elite. Quieter than Chevalier Primani and Dash Elite. Added 2 more seats. Chevalier Dart 40 90 130 Chevalier Cossette 60 30 90 Most powerful and quietest of all performance cars. EDIT: Forgot about Dash Rancher. It can stay the same but add 2 more seats.
  14. From my own experience as a self-defence practitioner, if you don't put your weight behind a strike, punch, whatever, it's going to be more of a slap than a strong strike.
  15. I love you guys for fixing foraging zones.
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