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  1. Polish translation

    Okazało się, że to była moja wina, ale od następnej aktualizacji gry powinno być już na bieżąco
  2. Official Translation Files V2

    Thanks. I'll facepalm myself out xd
  3. Polish translation

    Pogoniłem ich, być może wkrótce zrobią update. BTW, gra tłumaczona jest na j. polski na bieżąco.
  4. Official Translation Files V2

    @Connall Hey, I don't mean to rush you or anything but the current PL translation that comes with the game is seriously outdated and we start to have people asking if it's even still being translated. I don't know about other languages, but I think it's time to use the latest files from github and push them into the game. I think best would be to setup some sort of automatic weekly update or something so we can avoid this happening in the future. Thanks!
  5. Polish translation

    Zażalenia kierować do twórców o rzadkie aktualizacje tłumaczenia
  6. 837. Fog should hinder out ability to spot zombies instantly. They should appear at least a bit slower on our screen when in our field of view if zombies are further away than 15 or 20 meters or so. They should not even spawn in on our screen when further away than 20 meters. 838. Same should go for heavy snowfall and heavy snowfall + fog.
  7. Gardening hose

  8. I vaguely remember a post made ages ago that there was a person responsible for reviewing the Build 38 and Beyond: Small but Important Suggestions Thread and making the best suggestions a reality. I didn't see any of those suggestions being implemented in a very long time, to be honest. Are they still being reviewed? (Maybe besides car battery charger, but that was planned by RJ anyways, right?)
  9. Off road driving

    Driving on snow should be extremely slippery, agree. Not so much for 4x4 vehicles, though.
  10. Off road driving

    I'd like to know that as well. I once made a long wooden trail wide for 3 tiles, but my car still was behaving bumpy, as if it would be off-roading.
  11. 750 Ability to fold down back seats (or just take them out entirely) in family cars and vans with multiple rows of seats to make the trunk space larger (saves the hassle of filling the back seats). 751 Car headlights cone of light should be MUCH wider and longer. It's close to useless now with the flashlight-like cone of light.
  12. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    I support this. Pretty please.
  13. The translation bug thread

    Can confirm.