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  1. As a veteran player (over 1.2k hours) I mostly agree with your opinions, however there are a few things I disagree with. I wouldn't like multi-shove to come back. Combat now is as easy as ever after getting used to animations, besides maybe being attacked from behind. If you're constantly attacked by multiple zombies, the problem then is in your playstyle. Imo loot rarity is fine. Even on very rare you'll be swimming in stuff after some time. Car spawns imo are fine. I even enjoyed 6 months later scenario more where there are less cars afaik and you also need to find a working battery. I'd like to see some cars spawn with missing parts, i.e no wheel, no battery, no door, missing a seat or two, etc. Now on Apocalypse you only need to find a car with a key and usually find petrol and off you go. Zombie distribution I'd like to see by default go slowly from urban focused to uniform, i.e. within a year. That would make late game harder imo, nowhere would be safe. Zombie respawn, redistribution, grouping, etc. imo must be random within some minimum and maximum values. You'd never know how much zombies had respawned, when, or when they're going to come from other cells.
  2. Don't break driver side window if you want to use the car! Zombies will be able to attack you while in driver's seat.
  3. Same goes for wood axe, reach is too long for its model.
  4. That range should be nerfed, though. The axe head is often nowhere near zombies.
  5. They also shouldn't make a wide U turn when starting to sprint in a direction other than currently facing. Edit: Them turning on the spot and then starting sprinting would be much better imo, maybe starting with a lean forward and a boost with one leg.
  6. 'W' does start the car, though. I use it all the time.
  7. Most of the professions need a rework imo. Also, every profession should have some kind of special trait to distinguish them more.
  8. We have books that increase xp multiplier. We have magazines with recipes. We have TV shows granting XP. The only issue is TV shows because they run on a timed schedule and if you miss a show, there is no way to get that show XP. It's even harder still because we don't have a watch to check the time at game start. It would be cool if among books and magazines we could find shows recorded on VHS as a rare spawn. VHS players could be more common, and also used to dismantle to get electric XP. Imagine: Hunting shows giving a mix of trapping, sneaking, and aiming XP. Fishing shows giving foraging and fishing XP. Military shows granting aiming and reloading XP. Car mechanic shows. Electronics shows. And other skill-shows.
  9. Geras

    Runners Return

    Came to say exactly this. Also, different running speeds, and not one speed for all, please?
  10. In my experience zombies don't instantly stand up when you attack them when they crawled through a window. It only happens with low fences.
  11. Lemmy confirmed on Reddit that it's 100%. Thick skinned is far from useless, as it lowers the chance of being scratched/bitten.
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