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  1. Hi! Sorry for my silence. I had to put this mod in standby for personal reasons. Now i can back to it. With the release of build 39 i had to rewrite some scripts. But i still motivated. I can't give you a deadline. I have others projects in progress and a lot of work. But a first version will be released in the coming weeks. I will post new screenshots and videos soon.
  2. Thank you for your feedback and encouragement! It makes me want to continue! The UI is not complete changes are not excluded. For the moment I focus on "the engine" and not on "the body". But I take note of your feedback, thanks. For trading, hostiles, farming, etc... it's planned For now I'm focusing on the singleplayer but my way of coding should allow multiplayer porting easily. Thanks for you proposition. I'll think of you when I need a corrector I will try to release a first version in late November but I can't promise you anything. See you soon!
  3. Hi! First, sorry for my bad english. Then, i know that NPCs are planned for future builds and that a mod already exists but I want to bring my vision to the game. I love the Nolanri mod that I have been using for a while. But I find it incomplete. So I decided to create my own mod. What will he do more than the Nolanri mod? Better AI. Explore, loot, eat, drink, sleep. Better survivors spawn handling. Better management of groups (yes with S) Talk with NPC. Become friends or.... ennemies Quest! Not a priority but i work on it. And more... Currently the mod is only at its beginning but I already have a screenshot to show you! At left bottom of the screen you can see the interaction window. The available dialogs are below (yeah i have a deubg dialog lol) and the conversation history above. Still above is the status of the relationship. With "Let me see your equipment" (that changes in future) i can see the inventory of NPC in the window at right. I can drag and drop item like a normal container. The dialogs are like tree and each branch can contains other branches. I'll give you soon more news about development
  4. Hi! I need to block all controls for a IsoPlayer. Not just block movement. It's possible? EDIT : Okay! I read the decompiled source of IsoPlayer.class and i have an answer. It's not possible! In my case, i need that to avoid IsoPlayer who is not a real player he can open the doors when a player presses the Interact Key. But nothing in the source code allows it
  5. Hi! Is it possible to use custom models for new clothes? I made an attempt with the function "loadStaticZomboidModel" but I did not succeed...
  6. Ho! It's works perfectly now! Thank you! How to marked the topic as solved?
  7. Thank you! It's not perfect. The Green Oven is just named Oven but the result is satisfactory.
  8. Hi! First sorry for my english. I want put the name of an IsoObject on context menu. But getName() returns nil... For example if i right click on Green Oven getName() returns nil. But when i take it is name is Green Oven. I searched in "ISMoveableInfoWindow.lua" but it did not help me... Any solution? I have another question. It's possible to open an inventory in the container window by script? Thanks
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