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  1. It would bring more life to the game, i say yes.
  2. Used up all my rope on log walls...

    I Always run out of metal wire when i'm going some metal working. wires run out sooooo fast.
  3. Stashes, are they still in the game?

    I haven't found a single one in over 500 hours in the game. Hell, i never even knew about them up until now.
  4. What are you Survivor's Courtesy Code rules?

    If i get infected (3 scratches or a bite) i go on crazy looting sprees in the mall or prison as i completely disregard my character's life. I put all of my garbage (Tin cans, broken weapons etcetera) on Zombie corpses. I scout regularly for zombies near my base even though i won't necessarily kill them. I Always carry a can opener even though i rarely get to use it.
  5. Electricity on buildings not reaching ?

    Oh! since you're there, you should create a wooden floor on the second floor inside. There's a trash bin floating in the air in the botom left corner somwewhere.
  6. Is PZ Ever going to get finished?

    I consider the car update to be the biggest update yet. We should praise them for the car update. The second contender being the graphics update. They're slow with development, but they're just an indie developer team. We can't expect huge monthly patches. The map expansions felt SUPER refreshing too.
  7. Climate Change

    Windows? Sure. Doors? Hell no!
  8. Hot/Cold vs Hunger/Thist

    Cold definitely needs more downsides.. I wouldn't mind risking catching a cold or a fever/ the flu even. There's no reason not to run the prone to illness perk.
  9. Sandbox Options Thread

    Immunity to infection would be nice. Of course, only in sandbox. I'd tune their damage up to super human levels so i can go for a more fast paced game mode instead of the safe and slow prevention of bites. Medical skills/items and endurance perks would be more interesting in this mode too.
  10. Instant exhaustion foraging 'feature'

    Yeah, i get that they want to add difficulty to the game, which is fine. But this is just downright stupid.
  11. Buldings for Wild West

    I'd personally LOVE a themepark. Imagine the possibilities.... Imagine what furniture we could take back home. Imagine how well we could reinforce said theme park.. Imagine what sort of crazy bases we could create at said theme park.
  12. Better looking storage areas/crates idea

    I signed in just to like this post.
  13. Snoring trait

    Bad teeth You eat a lot slower. crooked hands Crafting takes longer than usual Psychopath You are unaffected by emotions (Or to a much lesser extend) Let's keep 'em coming
  14. Behold the Thursdoid

    Thursty for puns?
  15. Behold the Thursdoid

    Press F to pay your respects. ....Press Y to pay your disrespects.