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  1. IWBUMS 40.41 released! [NEW] New zombie network transmission system. Two circles with radiuses definable in server options: ZombieUpdateRadiusHighPriority (default 25 tiles) - zombies in this tile radius circle from a player will be transmitted to that player every frame, meaning their movement will be smooth and precise. ZombieUpdateMaxHighPrority (default 6) can be used to limit the amount of zombies in this circle (ordered by those closest to the player) that will receive these high frequency updates, so in the midst of the horde only the closest few will be precisely transmitted to clients (the most relevant zombies). ZombieUpdateRadiusLowPriority (default 45 tiles) - zombies in this tile radius circle will be updated to the player infrequently, enough to keep track of their approximate movement, but when low accuracy is needed since they are not close to a player. Uses the amount of seconds defined by ZombieUpdateDelta (default 0.5 seconds) to define how frequently the server will send these zombies. Lower ZombieUpdateDelta values will make them more precise at cost of server load and network traffic. Higher values result in less traffic but more obvious pausing, sliding and glitching. Zombies outside the outer low priority radius will never be transmitted to the client, and will be invisible. Depending on the config and player's resolutions and zoom modes, this may cause zombies not to be visible at a distance with 4k res, or when right click scrolling the view, or when driving a car fast, but is potentially a sacrifice worth taking for a stable and performant server, and this effect can be reduced by expanding the outer radius to suit your own needs. We can look at adjusting the defaults further once we've seen what the server runners go with for their options, as it's hard for us to judge how far we could push it on a 60 player server, so our defaults start off relatively conservative. Out of the box, with default settings, we expect the zombies to have a much lesser load on the server, especially with high player numbers. However players may notice some sluggishness of zombies at a distance, delays in changing direction due to sound, or sometimes small skips and teleports, though zombies close to a player that could risk their lives should not suffer this issue and so any zombie glitches and pauses should remain purely cosmetic. This can be tuned to your own preferences. Depending on your expected server load, if you are running a coop server and want more zombie precision, you can increase the radiuses, ZombieUpdateMaxHighPrority zombies, and decrease the ZombieUpdateDelta. This will create more traffic and server CPU load, so is not advised for high population servers. If you're running a high population server and are having issues with server performance, you can decrease these radiuses, decrease ZombieUpdateMaxHighPrority, or increase the ZombieUpdateDelta to reduce the amount of zombie network traffic and CPU load, which should reduce issues with black bordering and server stalls at the cost of zombie accuracy not close to a player. [FIX] Fixed errors with safehouses.
  2. lemmy101

    IWBUMS VERSION - 40.37

    IWBUMS 40.40 Added missing textures for fractured bones. You now can't splint a chest. Fixed server options not showing Fixed still being able to stack up wooden stairs.
  3. lemmy101

    IWBUMS VERSION - 40.37

    IWBUMS 40.39 BALANCE Added dither circle to weathermask Adjusted non-default sandbox night darkness a bit Added missing moon calcs to climate system, and readded night moonlight coloring FIX Fixed bug in isoregions where a pole sometimes invalidated a region room and rain could get in. Fixed Turkish translation files causing errors when displayed in game. Fixed Safehouse channel being heard by any member of any safehouse, not only by members of a particular one Fixed "plumb sink" not being synchronized in multiplayer. Fixed game sometimes locking up when exiting. Fixed game freezing if player not found. Fixed whisper freeze
  4. lemmy101

    IWBUMS VERSION - 40.37

    IWBUMS 40.38 BALANCE Saucepan can now be used to disinfect bandages. Updated Translations. Added support for Estonian lanugage. FIX Fixed MP climate admin panel broken due to color change Fixed new color config not loading on server Fixed shader still applying some slight coloring when indoors Fixed items remaining equipped after placing traps and installing vehicle parts. Fixed GetTextWithPrefix of non-existant table when a whisper target is out of range. Fixed whitespace being deleted from name in quotes of whisper chat command Fixed some red errors when input regex parts into chat. Small refactoring chat window. Fixed concurrent chat server problem. Chat system is thread-safe now.
  5. lemmy101

    IWBUMS VERSION - 40.37

    This will hopefully be the last! If anyone would be able to give nighttime a test, let us know how it goes on different people's machines! Let us know! NEW Added indoor masking to color exterior when inside, insides are no longer affected by climate coloring. Split climate colors into exterior (shader) and interior (mask) variations. Added config file to initialize colors. Added debug panel to edit climate colors ingame and save config file. BALANCE Highly reduced odds of breaking a windows when trying to remove it at lvl 10 carpentry. Can now sleep on a piano seat. (somehow) Double doors now shown in red if trying to build inside a building. Made it possible to disassemble many more items, including: fridges, ovens, more chairs, washing machines, lockers, fitness equipment, metal barrels and some missing shelves. Added chance of success in the disassemble context option tooltip. Adjusted ambient, rendersettings and shader to fix flash/street/car lights. Added minimum values for rain and snow, a very low value as sometimes looked patterny. Changed darkness more variable during weather. FIXES Fixed Steam servers appearing password-protected when Password is empty. Fixed /changeoption server command not accepting empty option values. Fixed foraging never finding anything for admins/mods in multiplayer Fixed vehicle engine sounds not being muted in the menu screen in multiplayer. Fixed empty ChunkObjectState packets being sent in multiplayer. Fixed whisper in chatbox crashes with spaces or slashes Fixed not being able to whisper to some players Fixed being able to build a stairs in the opposite direction directly on top of another staircase. Fixed some disassemble definitions having no 2nd items and giving wrong info. Fixed required skill not being displayed in tooltip when picking up or placing furniture. Fixed drainable items not cooling down when placed on the floor. Fixed custom weather settings not applying for some challenges when loading an existing save. Previously, if you continued a "Winter is Coming" save, you'd get rain instead of snow.
  6. lemmy101

    IWBUMS Beta: Version 40.35 Patch

    IWBUMS 40.36 BALANCE Rain-barrel context-menu tooltip displays warning if the barrel contains tainted water. FIXES Fixed exception in IsoRegionWorker.loadSaveMap() with Core.noSave=true. Fixed RainParticle.update() not setting lastIntensity. Fixed exception in isoRegion.DataChunk.load() Fixed time disconnected from a server counting towards zombification. Fixed it being possible to trap the char in a car placed between a wall / car Fixed calculation of vehicle container capacity (and other things) based on condition. Fixed vehicle debug repair command not updating container capacity in singleplayer or on the server. Fixed vehicle trunk capacity not changing when repaired in singleplayer. Fixed repairing vehicle parts not updating some stuff on the server Fixed expanded vehicle bounds blocking splitscreen players. Fixed vehicle exits appearing blocked that aren't in switch-seat UI. Fixed empty savefile names and names starting/ending with "." being allowed. Fixed two color options applying when chosen instead of when the Accept or Apply buttons are clicked. Fixed initial value of the Personal Text Color option. Fixed position of the Personal Text Color color-picker.
  7. lemmy101

    Waterway to Go

    already in there
  8. lemmy101

    Joypad Testers

    Hey peoples! It's come to our attention that we don't have many people to call upon for testing or improving joypad related things in the game--having, as you'd expect, very much mouse and keyboard-centric folks in the majority to call upon. We want to improve the joypad controls to the game over the next few builds, and would love to have some people to call on for joypad control feedback who would actually use it as the primary control method for the majority of the time. If you're someone who actually chooses to play with joypad we'd love to hear from you! Send a PM to myself and Enigma Grey with information on how you play zomboid, whether you play joypad purely for split screen, due to preference, or perhaps due to accessibility issues, please let us know!
  9. It's unclear - in certain ways it will be much faster, in certain ways it'll be much slower. Other work Tanglewood are carrying out may help a lot with rendering speed too. It's near impossible to predict for sure what the final result will be in terms of performance, but we'll deal with it if it's slower. We'll have to see how it goes. EDIT: Just noticed you talking about network, yes if its MP lag not fps lag you're talking about, its the network code that needs improving and animations will not impact this at all. We're going to be looking at major network optimizations during anim dev.
  10. lemmy101

    Will Animations require a fresh save?

    Almost certainly. Though I'd be surprised if you're still playing a game you are playing now when they hit IWBUMS, never mind release fully.
  11. lemmy101

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    IWBUMS 40.27 released ADDED Added shake when trying to open locked door Added wind to some left out ferns and plants Moved (previously in right click menu) debug stuff (items list, stash debug, player stats) to the new debug panel. Player launching a game in debug is now automatically ghost/invincible. Added ghost/god mod tickbox in the stats & body debug panel. God mod now also set hunger to 0 (never hungry!) Toned down door shake a bit. Toned down rusle and hit shake for large trees. Wind sways a bit more natural Added random rustles to trees. Added gusty/breezy noise to wind (also applies to rain angle) Changed split wind in 2 sets (trees and low vegetation) Added different sway/bending types for objects Changed big trees to now shake less Added a few minor caching improvements Save the last five console logs in a /logs/ zip so users can easily upload errors even after they've restarted a game FIXED You can now wash the new clothing Fixed reverted fog to non-pack which seems to have caused issue on some machine Fixed max skew for most bendy trees reduced a little Added build/health cheat in the debug panel. Fixed bushes only draw with floor when in a car. Fixed player made door shaking when hit. Fixed too few vehicles spawning in some places. Fixed vehicles being usable through closed doors, fences and walls. Fixed vehicle shadows jittering near zombies. Fixed removing a metal-bar barricade giving a metal pipe. Fixed metal-bar barricades requiring three bars but only using one. Changed bushes now also rustle (visual+audio) Fixed bug that caused some erosion replacements (rocks and twigs etc) to sway with wind
  12. lemmy101

    Sway of Things

    its on the list for build 41
  13. lemmy101

    Sasha’s Sense of Snow

    The whole point of last Thursdoid is we're mixing the anim codebase into our main development branch after 40 in a 'shit or get off the pot' move, therefore beyond hotfixes for serious bugs it actually won't be possible for us to release a build without the anims any more than it'd be possible to get flour out of a cake. It may take a long while to get out but we'll be 100% commited to anims being build 41 and 100% of the entire team's focus will be on them. To drag the analogy out there's no way you can ice an unbaked cake so will force the entire team to bake it up first, the entire game will be broken internally until the entire thing is playable with new anims, and before we can resume work on anything else that would otherwise be in an 'in-between build'.
  14. lemmy101

    Sasha’s Sense of Snow

    Fraid not - there's just too many items, massive amount of work, would be too costly in performance when people dump 1000s of items on the ground, and would cause issues for mods particularly stuff like Hydrocraft. re: car windows - this is planned, they have interiors.
  15. lemmy101

    Sasha’s Sense of Snow

    Not quite - but literally every build ater weather, including animations, is on what we internally call our 'road to NPCs' roadmap which we'll talk about after animations and will be major. There may be quick inbetween builds though depending on circumstance.