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  1. Sway of Things

    its on the list for build 41
  2. Sasha’s Sense of Snow

    The whole point of last Thursdoid is we're mixing the anim codebase into our main development branch after 40 in a 'shit or get off the pot' move, therefore beyond hotfixes for serious bugs it actually won't be possible for us to release a build without the anims any more than it'd be possible to get flour out of a cake. It may take a long while to get out but we'll be 100% commited to anims being build 41 and 100% of the entire team's focus will be on them. To drag the analogy out there's no way you can ice an unbaked cake so will force the entire team to bake it up first, the entire game will be broken internally until the entire thing is playable with new anims, and before we can resume work on anything else that would otherwise be in an 'in-between build'.
  3. Sasha’s Sense of Snow

    Fraid not - there's just too many items, massive amount of work, would be too costly in performance when people dump 1000s of items on the ground, and would cause issues for mods particularly stuff like Hydrocraft. re: car windows - this is planned, they have interiors.
  4. Sasha’s Sense of Snow

    Not quite - but literally every build ater weather, including animations, is on what we internally call our 'road to NPCs' roadmap which we'll talk about after animations and will be major. There may be quick inbetween builds though depending on circumstance.
  5. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    IWBUMS beta version 40.18 released! NEW Added new Spiffo survival guide entries about weather. FIX Fixed the lighting color on corpses. Fixed a bug with the screen shader. Fixed an old SpriteRenderer bug, not sure if it hurt anything. Fixed appearance of selected hot/cold items in the inventory/loot windows. Fixed food temperature possibly going above/below container temperature. Fixed some UI layout issues with jumbo fonts. Fixed long strings overlowing comboboxes. Fixed some minor map bugs - light switches, doubled-up TVs, a building with no wall on second floor Fixed using string.match (string contains) instead of stringStart for the item list. Fixed broken chat coammds Fixed rights for chatbox command execution Fixed commands additem, addvehicle, teleport has additional required options -c and -u for coordinates and username stuff Fixed chatbox not remembering last command Fixed small bugs in survival guide
  6. Thurs…weather…shaders….chat!

    Hi Fenris - some cool stuff to look into here, however our profiling basically shows that while kahlua stuff is relatively slow, it's completely overshadowed by the lua->java JNI calls and even moreso rendering. Will deffo add it to the optimization target list though that's a nice tip and I think it will help.
  7. Dedicated Server using wrong branch (IWBUMS)

    This is an odd one we're all puzzled by. Main branch on linux ded server hasn't changed since the public vehicle build 15 days ago according to steam backend. but we'd have had more than two reports if this had been an issue since then and its hard to see how it could habe changed to a newer build. We're waiting on testing but are looking into it.
  8. Build 39: Vehicles released!

    It will be uploaded the moment we're sure there's no show stopping problems, since its much more difficult to update GOG than steam and if there's some serious issue we don't want to mess everyone playing on GOG's game up for days.
  9. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Released! Just a quick hotfix to remove the bug where overencumberance could kill you.
  10. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Released IWBUMS 39.64 NEW Updated the list of packet names in the multiplayer packet inspector. Game now automatically moves items that are on a seat you're trying to climb onto over to a nearby seat (if available). Pressing ESC in the vehicle mechanics UI will first try to cancel the current action instead of closing the UI. Add damage to player if you're carrying too much (capped so it's not too annoying). Progress bars in item tooltips will display at least 1 pixel if the amount isn't exactly zero. Pouring gas from one gas can into another now updates the contents and weight during the action. Added ScriptManager.FullTypeToItemMap to avoid splitting strings every time items are looked up. Updated car parking zones. Action progress bar now shows above the username, and isn't hidden when transferring items. Added a Disassemble button to the furniture-moving UI (Pick-up/Place/Rotate/Disassemble) (There used to be a Dismantle context-menu command for IsoThumpables; it was removed when the furniture-moving stuff was added, which made it impossible to dismantle stairs or lamp-on-pillar for example. EP has added this ability back in by combining it with the existing "scrap" mode of the moveables feature. This makes it easier to hunt around for objects that can be disassembled by mousing over them instead of right-clicking on each one. FIXES Fixed invalid chunkmap + vehicle coordinates being saved Fixed client setting wrong speed on a vehicle not being driven Fixed client requesting the position of a vehicle it has a valid position for. Fixed sending PhysicsDelay to clients while connecting Fixed PhysicsDelayServer being active Fixed wrong weight calculation in ItemPickerJava preventing some items spawning. Fixed wrong translation being used in quit-faction dialog. Fixed invisible players being pushed by zombies to make admin testing easier Fixed newly-built floors not always being rendered right away. Fixed possible exception downloading map chunks from the server. Fixed television appearing to be powered when it was loaded after the power shuts off. Fixed map UI issues when using a controller. Fixed some dialogs accessed from the inventory window not being closeable using a controller. Fixed police cars not spawning at West Point police station. Fixed backing-up beepers on non-utility vehicles cars Fixed items spawning on front seats. Fixed VehicleDistrbutions.lua and changed to VehicleDistributions.lua. Fixed profession magazines not spawning where they should. Fixed calling ItemPickerJava for every container and not just ones with an overlay. Fixed exception locking/unlocking player-made doors. Fixed double-object furniture giving full material for each object when disassembled. Fixed multiplayer user panel button saying 'Quit' when 'Close' is more appropriate Fixed vehicle horn not being audible to another player inside a building Fixed being able to read while sleeping by stopping all actions before going to sleep. Fixed zombies sometimes trying to walk through walls. Fixed switch-seat UI glitch when selecting a seat a player is sitting in. Fixed sheet rope levitation bug by not allowing barricaded windows with sheetropes so players don't get stuck climbing. Fixed rear seats without door access showing up in the loot window when outside a vehicle. Fixed coloured keys for special vehicles. Fixed missing car collision with some objects. Fixed unlimited character carry size exploit (the one with bags) Fixed zombies not attacking players on stairs. Fixed Thread consuming itself when equipped. Fixed zombies not being able to attack players that were very close to a wall or other obstacle. Fixed pathfind code sometimes treating solid objects next to windows as non-solid. Fixed water bottles on the ground becoming tainted when it rains. Fixed Drainable items not updating their weight in some cases when the contents change.
  11. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    39.57 released! Due to some last minute confusion about which build could go out, and the late time I don't have a full changelist. The highlights are covered in the blog though. We'll edit this post with changelists in the next day or so.
  12. vehicle branch on ubuntu Again:l

    vehicle branch has been retired, we're on iwbums now.
  13. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Because we knew it was a decently stable build we moved the last vehicle build directly into IWBUMs so yes this is correct. Future ones will have IWBUMs version numbers.
  14. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Available on Steam beta branch 'iwillbackupmysave' New Features: Vehicles Er... lots of other stuff to numerous to recall. We'll look into an overview of added features at a later date. Post your bugs over here!
  15. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Turn its FPS up in options?