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  1. lemmy101


    We'd like to, it used to be the case, but there are complications - it may be more feasible once lwjgl 3 is integrated, otherwise you'd have a cursor that was restricted by the FPS of the game, and that would be unresponsive and awful.
  2. lemmy101

    A new "Transmission" option: Saliva only

    It'll be on the list
  3. lemmy101


    I'd say putting aside anything catastrophic popping up, definitely this year.
  4. lemmy101


    But we've explicitly said, and I've replied as such, that the goal is there is less clicking and micromanagement over what you currently have, so please explain how you feel its too much micromanagement? Perhaps we've not explained it properly or missed something?
  5. lemmy101


    oh, apologies. We were under the impression people wanted us to delay it as long as we possibly could. we've obviously been trying to get it out there as soon as possible. We also said upfront before this build it's a massive rewrite of the entire game and will take a long time. People keep using this 'lose interest' like some kind of warning. If people are impatient and annoyed, we'd MUCH prefer them to lose interest, and then find interest at some point in future when they find out its out. Interest in the form of being annoyed and complaining the build isn't out yet is of no benefit to us whatsoever, there are plenty of other games in the meantime to sink your teeth into. As said in the thursdoid, we're down to our last 'big thing that needs to go in', while nothing is certain the dates you said are perfectly plausable for IWBUMs, its certainly nowhere near another year.
  6. lemmy101


    yeah there's going to be less clicking. We're making the system more logical and realistic in terms of containers, but we'll be easing up on some of the restrictions we have currently that require clicking (e.g. clicking between loot or held containers, or having to transfer items in and out of containers to use them)
  7. lemmy101


    The game would be rebalanced accordingly to counter the issues you describe. If anything we'd make log/plank transporting easier by allowing more weight reduction if stuff is in hands, without having to make the 'top level inventory' some kind of catch all big inventory space that meant we had to limit the log count to balance it. The goal of this system is to make things easier and more logical for people. My guess is you'll probably be able to carry 2-3-4x as many planks, just you'll have to use your arms to do it Also, the anims made the game much easier, not harder, we had to balance to make things more difficult because the smooth fluid animations and controls made combat a million times more responsive and intuitive.
  8. lemmy101


    No. We still need the rotational anim stuff implementing.
  9. lemmy101

    Regarding the latest Thursdoid, to TIS

    Hey CaptainDingo! Thanks for the offer and we'll definitely consider it! It's not time right now we're still deciding on where all this would fit in.
  10. lemmy101

    Sunbeds and SunZeds

    it's not currently planned, as it creates a real issue with the river, which is there purely as a a natural barrier way of meaning we won't have to model the entire of Louisville and surrounds over the river, only the portion on this side north of where the mall etc is (which will still be meaty enough in terms of work and play area). Also in terms of lore, for a good portion of the early game at least, the other side of the river is fine and unaware of the zombie threat across the river, so there are multiple issues with adding swimming and maintaining our story, the huge ton of work it would add aside. Maybe if at some point we can do some kind of 'currents are too strong' thing to keep the river uncrossable we could consider it. No promises though.
  11. lemmy101

    Reloading skill could use a rework

    In future builds, there will be no such thing as manually applied skill points, so you don't have the same kind of opportunity cost by choosing one thing or another. We can keep reloading skill but maybe also add gun maintenance skill, since skills will just level up themselves through xp gained doing that action organically there's no reason to remove or change existing skills because they are not seen as equivelent usefulness as others. Because of this we're hoping over the next few builds to vastly increase the number of skills to cover a lot more gameplay systems and stats.
  12. lemmy101

    The Sound of Mucus

    Hear the 'difference': The zombie sounds we've added are surprisingly similar (though we didn't consciously imitate) to a show that probably represents the most culturally relevant modern depiction of the zombie in popular culture, so to those saying 'too animalistic' or 'over the top' I respectfully disagree. The vast majority of feedback we've received has been overwhelmingly positive, we're extremely happy with the results, we may tweak volumes and hearing distances before release, or add more variation and degrees between different zombies, but this is how the zombies are now and there's nothing wrong with them. If they are 'too scary' then they are doing their job well, and someone of a nervous disposition or young age should not probably be playing if they are too scary. Zomboid has never been intended for the faint of heart and always blatantly and clearly intended and advertised to be a dark, bleak, nerve-wracking survival horror experience, and if it wasn't before these zombies, then it was a failing we've managed to overcome. This ain't Minecraft, it's Project Zomboid.
  13. lemmy101

    Combat Renovations

    it's not just you, it's a concern we're trying to balance against the sluggishness, it may change again before release to try and find some sweet spot between the two, we'll see how it plays out. The slower movement / anim speed drew a lot more complaints tho.
  14. lemmy101

    Combat Renovations

    and it's literally only neck bites we've changed severity of.
  15. lemmy101

    Combat Renovations

    sorry you feel that way, but the things you describe as unfun have been our raison d'etre, ethos and what the game's proudly worn on its sleeve as its inspiration, marketing and reason for being since day 1, we're not going to move away from that. You always have sandbox to disable.