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  1. No but the next build will at least have the value rebalanced longer and we'll look into options
  2. yup if there are sufficient trees / plants around and far enough away from urban build up you should be able to forage anywhere
  3. this will probably be further balanced a few in the team said the same thing but we didn't want to block the release due to it.
  4. NEW - Map and crafting window can now be closed using ESC - Fishing with a spear has new SFX - State changes now respect partial consumption of foods - Ropes can now be used as sheet ropes - Targetting system now prefers shooting targets closer to the player's z-level. - The door-lock icon in the vehicle dashboard is now drawn in yellow if some (but not all) doors are locked. - Synced zombie thumping animations with the thump impact on doors and windows (except the window-rubbing animation, which doesn't have an impact). - Placed Wire in the metalwork-menu tooltips with the other materials, instead of under the skill level required. - Sandbox options with non-default values are highlighted - Added aiming at floor when you're aiming at a zombie on ground (only works when static for now, strafing will be the same) for every weapon. - Added talkie walkie static models. - Added ability to attach walkie-talkie on the belt having seen how awesome it is in Planetalgol's mod. (Check out his stuff!) - Balanced all weapons range/angle, some weapons were missing angle (meaning you could hit from a 90° angle), some range were way too big. - Better bones masking for melee attacks, hips will now be included, so the melee attack will feel less weird. - Can now uppercut/overhead attack while moving. - Zombies will now thump a car with siren/alarm on, siren will eventually get destroyed by thumping zombies. - Added corpses removal default settings in SP: After 9 days a corpse will either disapear or transform into skeleton (skeleton will then disapear 9 days later). - If you're able to hit a zombie, you won't hit any thumpable, doors, windows, etc. Zed fence/window behaviour improvements: PLEASE NOTE THIS IS IMPROVED, BUT NOT FINAL - potentially still some issues - Zombies won't always do their lunge attack even if they can. - Player will not 100% fall on the ground, but do a dice roll depending on stats to check if he falls or not, if not, they'll slightly lose his balance. - Fixed zombies trying to lunge on a different Z levels player. - Added missing weight in calcul for some chance to fall during certain actions. - Fixed too much range sometimes on the zombies fence lunge attack. - Fixed missing transition from shove to bump. - Fixed fence-lunging and window-lunging zombies lateral movement being restricted. Nerfed backstabbing: - Before there was a 100% crit chance with knife when backstabbing, now it will occurs only if the zombie is unalert - The crit chance for other weapons during backstab is lowered if zombies are alert, but greatly increased if unalert Populated many chunks with forage zone via a code solution: - Forest zones are automatically added to allow scavenging in areas where such zones haven't been placed by the mapper. These zones cover exactly one chunk. These zones are always of type Forest, never Deep Forest. These zones aren't saved. A chunk must not be part of a Nav zone or a Town zone, or an existing Forest or Deep Forest zone. Automatic Forest zones require all neighbouring chunks to have trees BALANCE - Clothes can be washed without soap but it takes much longer - Lacerations can now be bandaged with dirty rags - Increased nutritional value of caught fish - More loot in sewing boxes. - More canning equipment in kitchen (jars/jar lids) - More painting materials in crates. - Increased fingerless gloves spawn rate. - Added more loot to the junk table - More clutter in kitchens. - More loot in sheds (mechanics stuff, saws etc) MAP FIXES Fixes to: Bathrooms with toilets facing each other Doubled up shelves/counters Accidental additional walls Missing windows Missing doors Missing lightswitches Incorrectly placed furniture FIX - Fixed Mildew Spray not being pourablr on the ground - Fixed Tall Fences and Log Walls not being part of cutaway system - Fixed tile with a wall from an intersecting wall not fading away with cutaways - Fixed incorrect timed action on chopping down tree with axe - Fixed floors built on water being invisible. - Fixed rendering floors above water on z > 0.* by tim - Fixed errors loading lua files from mods. - Fixed issues with hoppable seats placed next to walls - transparent walls and jump through-able walls - Fixed fence-lunging zombies hitting players in vehicles - Fixed "Choke Tube Full" making the Shotgun unusable (it set the MinAngle to 1.0). - Fixed sandbag and gravelbag sprite changing to a burned wall when burned - Fixed Character.Debug.Render.AimCone rendering (the angles were wrong) - Fixed save folders and game modes not matching the English UI labels. - Fixed the order of Blow Torch and Welding Rods in metalwork tooltips changing depending on availability. - Fixed vision through windows by adding the transparentN/transparentW flag to all window sprites - Fixed the player clipping through tall fences while climbing over. - Fixed the player not going over a tall fence when starting the climb from too far away. - Fixed fake-dead zombies not counting as "on the ground" when running over them with a vehicle. - Fixed the player shouting when honking the horn when the Shout key is the same as the Vehicle Horn key. - Fixed VehicleCrash1 and VehicleCrash2 sounds not being defined in sounds_vehicle.txt. - Fixed some keys not working after viewing an annotated map. - Fixed missing Stash_MarchRidgeMap6_Text3 translation. - Fixed the JOIN button not being greyed out in the main menu (changed by Zac). - Fixed not being able to attack zombies through see-through carpentry doors (i.e., chainlink gates). - Fixed zombies sometimes facing odd angles when thumping doors and windows. - Fixed wrong angle calcul when aiming at zombies on ground. - Fixed skill magazines not being removed from inventory when used as fuel for barbeques and fireplaces. - Fixed quick stomp when shoving zombie to ground + shove after killing a zed with stomp. - Fixed fences door being more resistant than fences. - Fixed zombies crawling through walls and fences when lunging at the player, after climbing through a window or over a fence.N - Fixed zombies getting stuck in the grace period of AttackState after the player dies (standing with their arms outstretched). - Fixed the context menu sometimes being placed too far away from the hotbar. - Fixed the zombie population renderer not showing buildings in the right column and bottom row of cells. - Fixed player getting double attacks sometimes due to bAimAtFloor switching while an attack animation is playing. - Fixed, hopefully, the Wash'Bloooo' bug. - Fixed sandbox options "attack block movement" not working. - Fixed some weapons (revolver, dbl barrel shotgun..) jamming when they should not. - Fixed media/textures/patches/patchesmask.png getting loaded on the wrong thread. - Fixed not being able to drop individual parts of multi-part furniture items (like beds). - Fixed the zombie "stutter" when going in a room while they're chasing you. - Fixed Sack not being empty (with items inside it) being used to take dirt/sand/gravel. - Fixed red veteran shirt having purple color. - Fixed one of the generic outfit of zeds (one with the long leather jacket) always having white trousers.
  5. NEW - Spiffo's Secret Special Sauce. CONTENT REDACTED. Zoom improvements: - Used the same zoom levels with the not-double-sized textures as are used with the double-sized textures. This is mainly to allow zooming in further with the not-double-sized textures. - Fixes to non-diamond floor sprites' tile seams. - Fine-tuned padding to 0.5% at Zoom <= 1, and 0 when zoomed out. - Cleanup of sprite shapers. - Added WallOverlay property to some trailer sprites to fix seams (not completely fixed). - Added is-floor property to two flat trailer-roof tiles to fix seams and lighting. - Fixed missing flags on a couple of floor tiles to fix seams and lighting. - Revised Iso sprite padding to reduce overlap and minimize seams. - Changed the way texture filtering is selected, for better aesthetics at all zoom levels, and minimal visual artefacts while in motion. - When zoomed all the way in, the filter used is Nearest-neighbor for that crisp, pixelated look. - When zoomed less than 100%, the filter used is Bilinear, for a smoother appearance and no visual artefacts - When zoomed out beyond 100%, the filter used is TriLinear, also known as Linear MipMap, for smoother appearance and less pixel shimmering. - Fixed edge-tile seam artefacts on shorelines. Cutaway improvements: - Player made walls now display walls, windowframes, doorframes on north and west when build it on Z>0. - Timer now stops cutaways and other visibility/hiding effects flickering - East walls from character on Z=1 levels now work correctly Polished animations when working on vehicles: - Fixed character angle snapping when opening the hood. - Play an animation before the mechanics window shows (while examining the vehicle). - Play animations when adding/removing gas. Display the gas can model in the player's hand when using one. - Play animations when installing/uninstalling parts. - Increased the time to install/uninstall tires. - Ensure the player is facing the vehicle before smashing a window. Temperature system improvements - changed room temperatures to be more accomodating until heating/cooling devices are introduced - fixed bug where bodyheat would sometimes prevent clothes getting wet in the rain - reinstated food consumption for combatting teh cold, but decreased impact severely - toned down other consumption of fatigue and fluids, tho fluids still remain a strong factor when overheating - changed energy impact on thermoregulation to be less harsh when energy still is high but worsening as energy depletes. - changed core celcius recovery faster when trend is moving towards setpoint - changed bodywetness having a slightly stronger impact on heat gain/loss - changed capacity weight factor on energy produced stronger as capacity nears max, negligble when low - reworked and finetuned some parts of thermoregulator - removed hunger effect of Thermoregulator in favor or increased calories intake. Vehicle/Player DB - Players are now saved separately from vehicles. - Players are saved in a file called players.db. Vehicles are still saved in vehicles.db. - The hitching when entering unexplored parts of the map (when new vehicles are created) should be fixed. - Added a cursor to choose squares to remove blood from. - Multi stage build now show a plank in player's hand when building. - Added pouring water with watering can (for farming eg). - Take fuel from gas pump now use an animation. - added debug panels for radio system to monitor all channels, broadcasts, scripts etc including their settings - Zombies now can't bite you mid-air while climbing tall fences/wall, but can make you fall. - Added sewing kit texture. - Smashed bottle is now a stab weapon, won't do damage to door or trees anymore. - Sync the sound and action of racking a rifle with the animation better. - Added a note in a gun's tooltip when it requires racking to chamber a round. - Allow corpses to face arbitrary angles instead of being restricted to one of 8 different angles. - Changed the "wash yourself" animation. - Now possible to recover and repair a weapon used in Spear creation - Increased chance to hit ranged weapon when zombies are really close. - Sprinter zed attacks now slow the player down. - The controller B button toggles sprinting on and off. - Increased time to heal some wounds. - added ability to remove grass and wind effect that appears on street cracks - added notice "Needs to be turned off." when trying to pickup moveable that cannot be picked up when operational (BBQ) - added DeviceData getEmitter for modder purposes BALANCE - Increased spawning of cigarettes on zombies. - Zombies can now spawn lighter, matches & digital watches. - Increased various metal working related items spawning rate. - Increased mouse trap, gardening spray spawning rate. - Chainlink fences are dismantlable, giving MetalBar and Wire items. FIXES - Fixed sprinter zombies running through the player. - Fixed crashes on some intel systems due to the unused includes on floorTile.frag not playing nice - Fixed the clothing dryer being plumb-able (removed waterPiped property). - Fixed race condition leading to an exception when starting up the game. - Fixed pistol spawning without a magazine in the last stand challenges. - Fixed lot_barn_03 which used an old dirt tile (floors_exterior_natural) and had the flat part of its roof on the wrong level. - Fixed fishing line always breaking when catching something. - Fixed foraging action not auto-repeating if nothing had ever been found in that area. - Fixed which animation plays when taking dirt/gravel/sand with a Trowel. - Fixed bottom-right quarter of the screen not being painted black with three coop players. - Fixed broken spear remaining in the secondary hand after it breaks while fishing. - Fixed some "require xyz failed" error messages. - Fixed water-related rendering exception. - Fixed zombies breaking and climbing through the metal-grate-covered windows at the mall. - Fixed lighting on floor blood splatters again. - Fixed the rake animation (used when cleaning blood with a mop) only affecting upper-body bones, and not looping. - Fixed the forage animation only affecting upper-body bones. - Fixed AxeMan trait not affecting animation speed when fighting or chopping trees. - Fixed saw logs not defering lower bones. - Fixed grab items (right click on item -> grab) not using any animation. - Fixed lua exception when a zombie's clothing is destroyed by a player's attack. - Fixed vehicle headlights starting too far in front of the vehicle. - Fixed overlapping text in the inspect-garment ui. - Fixed players and zombies moving through doors/walls/windows/windowframes when climbing over obstacles. - Fixed zombies getting stuck inside an object adjacent to the one they climbed over (they can only climb over one obstacle). - Fixed players climbing through windows over obstacles and then onto water. - Fixed obstacles being solid when placed adjacent to carpentry windowframes, unlike non-carpentry windowframes. - Fixed the Riverside hotel swimming pool having sand around the edges. - Fixed missing ParkingStall zones in cell 33,36. - Fixed some TownZone not being Nav zone in cell 33,36. - Fixed (again) player getting stuck aiming after their weapon breaks. - Fixed custom object tooltips (such as the farm-plant tooltip) being rendered dozens of times each frame. - Fixed a bit of lambda-related garbage creation in StateMachine. - Fixed not being able to 'clean' dirty bandages/rags with contaminated water - Fixed sandwich giving extreme amount of boredom when using bread that's still fresh but will turn stale in less than 1d 12h - Fixed clothes instantly becoming "slightly dirty" after just being washed - Fixed some walls & cars giving you 0% bonus when sneaking behind them. - Fixed ClimbThroughWindowState bug with zombies. - Fixed molotovs disappearing if the attack is cancelled. - Fixed exception when climbing over a fence with fire nearby. - Fixed players catching on fire when inside a vehicle. - Fixed not being able to rack a gun with a magazine if no round is chambered already. - Fixed not being able to repeat-fire rifles from vehicles. - Fixed racking handgun/revolver/shotgun (added rackBullet event) - Fixed random corpses always facing the same direction. - Fixed some story-based corpses clipping with furniture. - Fixed see-through floors blocking vision to other levels. - Fixed rendering issues by changing Muldraugh trainyard buildings so the upper levels are considered rooms (cells 38,32 38,33 and 39,33). - Fixed not being able to interact with doors and windows behind the player using the controller A and B buttons, as could already be done using the E key. - Fixed overlapping debug text in the health panel. - Fixed incorrect dirt tiles in the Muldraugh soccer field in cell 35,33. - Fixed VehicleType static tables not being recreated after reloading lua files. - fixed automated broadcast generating frequencies that werent being able to be tuned in manually - Fixed corpses or zombies spawning when they should be disabled (on vehicle or house stories) - Fixed the player ending up inside a solid object after falling backwards while climbing through a window with a zombie on the other side. - Fixed hard-coded use of "Zombies/Male Pain" FMOD event name instead of using a script-defined sound. - Fixed mannequins facing the wrong way. - The application's main thread is now the RenderThread. Previously, the render thread and game thread were started and then the application's main thread would exit. Now there is no separate RenderThread. This was a change I already made on the lwjgl3_upgrade_2 branch. Apparently MacOS requires the window be created on the application's main thread, so I'm not sure why that hasn't been a problem before. - Create texture mipmap data on the asset-loading threads instead of on the render thread. - Tried to reduce the long delay after clicking "Click to continue" the first time.
  6. Turbo looked at the save. The window below you there is a broken window with purely a curtain covering it.
  7. lemmy101


    Not sure yet but connall will still be around to make sure there's a smooth transition - and from what he says, he'll prob still help out some as a community member, time permitting.
  8. What do you mean I couldn't? I did. We implemented unrestricted movement during strafing and everyone in the team was happy about it (build 40 and prior btw, there was NO movement during a swing), I was giving it a play, and then I noticed and was like 'oh shit' and posted a video in the private dev chat of me killing hundreds of zombies by holding backward and hammering the left mouse button, saying 'oh shit we need to sort this'. And we did by putting a small slowdown during the swing. Player strafe speed = X Zombie speed = Y if X is bigger than Y then infinite kiting is possible, and that's a problem, the brief pause is just enough to make it possible for zombies to catch up to you WHILE you are swinging and strafing. It's not just that its possible, maybe practically you'd stop at 40-50 zombies instead of 200, but that doesn't make the situation better - it's that it turns combat into the same experience every time. Find a horde, get them all following you, back up strafe, wait until the conga line reaches you, swing, swing swing, back back back, swing swing swing. Leave a trail of bodies along the floor and thin out or exterminate the horde with little concern. Get tired or no, this isn't a fun gameplay design and after 8-9 years of designing this game, I'd like to think you'd take our word with some remote level of trust on that.
  9. The vast majority ARE finding it enjoyable and playable though. Almost every review, or comment about zomboid outside this community is 'you need to play 41 it makes the game 10x better' type stuff, I appreciate people in this thread's perspective but if we tightened up the controls to 40 level, we'd end up with horde killing and the game being too easy (as well as kill off the visual improvement the animations bring), which would make the game worse for orders of magnitude more people than are finding issue in this thread. We've already tightened up the controls before and during IWBUMs as far as its humanly possible to without reverting the animation system, to the point that it seems to hit the spot for the vast majority of people, but we can't go further than this without hurting the game severely in other ways for what is a minority of people who still take issue with the responsiveness (responsiveness I should point out that must be like 5-6x faster response time to input than some AAA stuff like RDR2, we've already squeezed as much out as possible and compared to us RDR2 is the one where a character moves like driving a boat) A lot of this stuff has been suggested without the knowledge that we HAD this stuff in testing, and purposefully removed or nerfed it. The 'Should be able to walk backward faster' thing is fair enough in principal to assume we need to add. But we literally had 100% unrestricted strafing during combat, and that seemed great until I realised I could kill 100-200 zombies with zero effort purely by holding backward and hammering LMB. Just doing that you could disperse about 200 zombies, the only consideration and risk being looking around every so often to make sure you don't back into a zombie. That's not a combat system, that's broken and would have been an exploit everyone used, people would be surviving years and have zero fear of zombies, combat would be boring and broken, and so we added the slow down during swing purposefully to fix that. This applies to most of the suggestions in here, it's the way it is for a reason after the months of testing the game has had prior to these posts, and for the majority it seems to be in a good place minus a few bugs.
  10. Yes this is required. Without it the game difficulty plummeted to near zero its already been balanced around making the combat difficult. We could look into a sandbox option to disable it perhaps, but trust me we've been through this whole process and that was specifically added to avoid players being able to horde kill with it.
  11. The way the new lighting works, it's extremely cheap and unlikely to be the cause of your slow down. In fact if we were to reintroduce low rectangular lighting, it would be a visual downgrade with practically no speed improvement whatsoever as it would essentially be faked to just look worse but cost the same to render. The extra 'step' the game had to take to render the lighting, that meant higher quality lighting was slower has been removed, it does it all at once now so makes practically no extra impact to render a gradient over the tile instead of a single colour. You'd perhaps get an extra 0.05fps or something which is really not worth the effort to implement or the visual downgrade to select. Also since it's doing a step less now, it will be faster at high lighting than it used to be at lowest. Your problems are elsewhere. Freezing for a few seconds is nothing to do with lighting, it's memory/garbage issues. we thought we'd solved them all but clearly there are still some potential memory issues remaining for low end pcs. As EG says, can you post your specs?
  12. PLEASE NOTE: ZOOM BETA IS NOW LEGACY The current Zoom beta is a Zoom-enhanced version of 41.28. It will contain bugs such as one with cutaways not working. The zoom beta channel will be left open until all players have transitioned back over to the IWBUMS beta. NEW - ZOOM beta merged in - crisper visuals and improved performance for low spec systems - Added a cursor to help select which tree to chop down. - Added a horde manager UI in debug - Added sandbox options "Vehicles Story event chance" BALANCE - Removed damage from driving over small trees and bushes. - Reduced the slow-down from driving over small trees and bushes. (May be one or two types we've missed) - Tiny saplings no longer make you fall when sprinting. - Updated community translations. - Made lighting on dropped weapon and hat models less bright. FIXES - Fixed some strangeness on older Macs with the new models (Apple crew! Please report in! Do we have you back?) - Fixed cutaways failing on NW wall corners. - Fixed issues with cutaway system failing completely sometimes. - Fixed lua error taking a key from a killed zombie. - Fixed zombies getting updated after being removed from the world. - Fixed not being able to attack prone zombies if there is a zombie standing nearby behind a closed door. - Fixed the aiming outline not appearing sometimes. - Fixed timed action stop() method being called if the action was interrupted during waitToStart(). - Fixed the missing patio floor in the Riverside restaurant. - Fixed collision detection with trees and bushes. - Fixed some typo (Tshirt -> T-Shirt). - Fixed tailoring XP exploit when removing patch multiple time. - Fixed "Tiered zombie updates" option not saving. - Fixed garbage creation related to clothing item lookup - Fixed scavenge and fishing Cancel buttons doing nothing after the first action finishes. - Fixed scavenge and fishing layout with different-sized fonts. - Fixed north-west corner tiles not cutting away. - Fixed off-center chop-tree indicator image. - Fixed ISEquipWeaponAction not completing immediately if the weapon is already equipped. - Fixed the render thread calling AnimationPlayer.getRenderedAngle() in some places. Added pooling of AnimationPlayer objects. - Fixed controller issues in the foraging and fishing ui. - Fixed vehicle save issues by doubling the size of the ByteBuffer used to save vehicles from 64KB to 128KB. - Fixed IsoZombieGiblets never being removed from the square they are on. - Fixed closed curtains not being visible from the outside. - Fixed being able to click on curtains to open/close them from too far away or when outside buildings sometimes. - Fixed iso cursor being visible when using a controller. - Fixed the player getting stuck in the aim animation if the weapon breaks while attacking.
  13. as we've stated multiple times ,- you'll know WELL in advance of an iwbums build it'll have multiplayer in it. We'll have showed videos on thursdoid, and have been talking about for like a month of thursdoids, having public tests on a single server to debug and profile, then a separate branch, before it ever hits IWBUMs people will be playing MP, and before people have played MP on their own servers, there will have likely been 2 or 3 very advertised load test events where we have a single server up for people to join. If your heart is skipping a beat when you read IWBUMs thinking we're going to randomly drop: * added multiplayer into it, you're setting yourself up for a disappointment every time. This isn't a bug fix, its a HUGE low level rewrite of the game's multiplayer architecture, and undertaking that'll be likely more a headache than the zoom branch has been to get finalised to merge into iwbums.
  14. NEW - Experimental optimization. This allows zombies to be updated every X frames via a per-object gametime multiplier that depends on proximity / visibility to player. It spreads update ticks of zombies over frames, meaning higher FPS with large crowds.\ - Accompanying the above, added 'tiered zombie update' options (enabled by default) that will update zombies at a distance / out of sight less frequency so hordes will be better fps. - Some fixes to address attack cancelling. Let us know how it plays. - added Automated Emergency Broadcast radio channel - Made rain a bit softer, and when indoors cut alpha in half - Added option to disable rain indoors completely - added multiplier option for text remaining visible radiochannels - added computerize scrambler to zomboid radio - Updated community translations. Improvements to Foraging UI: - Now displays a list of items found, with their textures. - UI is more transparent. - Cancel button now only cancels the current action. - Added a close button to close the UI. Improvements to Fishing UI - Now uses same UI model as Foraging - You can select rods/lures - Can select bags to put caught fish in (as with Foraging). BALANCE - Increased sneak bonus when behind certain fences FIXES - Fixed lua error pressing the Craft All button when items are in bags. - Fixed a rounding error that prevented items with 0.1 weight being moved in multiples. - fixed RuntimeException when having Campfire going inside of a building - fixed RuntimeException when picking up TV - fixed InvocationTargetException when picking up a Barbeque that is burning (bbq can now no longer be picked when burning, too hot) - fixed NullPointerException + Game crash after driving from WestPoint to Muldraugh (RVSContructionSite) - fixed Fastforward through Helicopter event causes to go on for a couple of days - Fixed being stuck when the fishing rod break while fishing. - fixed night color not being applied - fixed open doors cutting weather mask when not visible - Fixed inconsistency with where items are dropped depending on whether the item was dragged from the inventory window, dropped via the context menu or Drop button, or automatically dropped (for equipped corpses). - Fixed the loot window not updating when corpses are dropped sometimes. - Fixed the inventory and loot windows placed at the bottom of the screen being in a different location after reloading, if they were resized to less than the default height. - Fixed being able to rip clothing that requires scissors if other clothing is selected that doesn't require scissors. - Fixed roofs not keeping the player dry if there aren't enough walls to make a room. - Fixed garbage creation related to clothing item lookup. - Fixed scavenge and fishing Cancel buttons doing nothing after the first action finishes. - Fixed scavenge and fishing layout with different-sized fonts.
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