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  1. Koester, putting aside your colossal attitude for a moment, since your streamer friends may well be people we'd like to help out. Does these stutters only happen when recording? and what capture / streaming software are you using?
  2. Hey! Sorry am finding the question a little vague, in the sense that our plan for the most part is pretty transparent. The things left on the list (after multiplayer is reintegrated) are hunting, NPCs and story mode. With other stuff that is more fluid and depending on what feels is needed as builds progress, but they are the main biggies. In terms of overall vision, outside the planned story mode which will be a more narrative experience, I guess it's essentially to create the ultimate zombie apocalypse 'story generator' (story generator being like Rimworld, Dwarf Fortress, Crusader Kings 2 where the game has enough complexity, variety and possibility that the gameplay becomes like a unique story every time that people can recount to each other and that story be as unique to them as possible.) Essentially a Walking Dead episode generator where every time you play you have an interesting story that develops through the course of the game. NPCs will be a big factor in this. As to details on our plans for NPCs etc, we've got a new rule where we avoid talking about them too much until they are planned for the next build in dev, since we've had problems with early hyping in the past, but our plans for them have been spoken about in the past and its all still valid. Am sure others will hook you up with old Mondoids talking about our plans.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. We may strive to be realistic, but allowing players to go a month without food would, for the most part, remove food as a practical concern in the game particularly for the majority of players who probably don't survive more than a month or two. It's one of the situations we need to prioritise gameplay over realism. As for foraging tiredness, perhaps this needs rebalancing, but comparing it to fishing, a renowned relaxation pastime doesn't really seem fair comparison. I'm pretty sure hunting for berries in the woods would get tiring a ton sooner than chilling beside a lake drinking beers and waiting for a fish to bite.
  4. lemmy101

    Zed Clients

    In case you didn't know, we're vastly majority white in the development team. If you took from that statement that we don't value our own lives and don't think our own lives matter, then am afraid you took the wrong thing away from it. If what you say about Belarus is true then that is wonderful to hear and we could all learn a lot from Belarus. Sadly its not the case elsewhere, particularly in America where all this stuff is going down at the moment, as such that statement is something a lot of people are saying in solidarity and its unfortunate that its somehow so contentious to some.
  5. huh very good point there. something we'll look into but I doubt for 41.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions will make sure the mp team see them! though a core aspect of our planned zombie networking is the client who zombies are chasing will have (server validated) authority thus eliminating latency completely where its a concern.
  7. It's something we're not actively promising, and certainly not pre-1.0, but its very much something we still want to do.
  8. While we do have some reservations about streaming platforms in general (the death of modding, ownership of media you purchase concerns etc) GeForce Now leveraging already owned Steam games that you can still install and play natively, and the way they have gone about it we have no issue with and would definitely be open to considering it if approached. No Stadia tho over my dead body etc. * * Unless in future the market has already gone in such a direction to such an extent we have absolutely no choice if we want to make any money, in case that statement ever bites me in the ass
  9. This code was on the 'Creative' branch which made it possible with some significant changes to how the map worked for the Creative mode. However that branch, due to anims and npc pressure of focus from community anticipation didn't get any time put into it and has spent years going stale with years old code. The prospect of merging in creative at this point would be an act of madness since the code has diverged so much, so this stuff would sadly need retransplanting at the point on a fresh branch, 'started from scratch with the advantage of the old code for reference' when we started working on it again. As such this stuff could never have been released as it was entwined in the creative branch which required a ton more work and had no time for it. It could potentially be done again in future, but the video you see does not represent anything usable at this point.
  10. BALANCE - Increased dirt on character. FIXES - Fixed some recipes not being able to use the new garden saw. - Fixed exceptions due to missing eye-shadow textures. - Fixed the makeup ui not working with different-sized fonts. - Fixed the makeup ui not working with a controller. - Fixed the Lua debugger Errors ui not showing exceptions in one case. - Fixed occasional Lua error when right-clicking on windows. - Fixed odd position of bags on the ground when dropped from hands. - Fixed Blooo (again again again) by making the default DisplayName for items is now the Module.Type of that item, making it easier to debug. - Fixed the "leg kick" when performing some timed actions (eating, smoking, etc).
  11. to encourage flashlight use - no one ever uses flashlights because its perfectly able to see even in houses at night. Using flashlights is cool and atmospheric and something a person would do irl, and also comes with risk/benefit tradeoff so is an interesting gameplay mechanic that until now has never been required to be used.
  12. 41.35 patch notes NEW Experimental bag holding - Feedback please! Added make up: - You need either a make up foundation, make up eyes shadows or lipstick. - Make up available will depend on the type you selected. (i'll change it so it'll check for every make up material in your inventory, so if you have lipstick but click on makeup foundation you'll see lipstick make up in the list) - You also need to be in front of a mirror or have a mirror item in your inventory. - Clown, Skull, Brave heart, multiple lipstick & eyes shadow color... Experimental lighting changes - Feedback please! - Vision cone is 25% darker. - Lamppost lighting are way brighter to counter this. - Increased character's lighting to counter balance the darker vision cone. Changed how car damage is done when hitting a zombie: - Before almost no damage were done at low speed + no damage when going in reverse. - Now it do, while it's quite low damage at low speed, quickly hitting zombies in chain will start to ramp up the damage done. - If the hood is destroyed, some damage will be done on the engine. - Tires can now get hits by hitting a zombie too. - Increased damage done to headlights when hitting zombies (those things were invincible!). - Feedback please! Added Dirt/Grime. - The mask is intended for character, but i'm also using it for clothing, making dresses/skirts not having lots of dirt, i'll ask Mash to update the mask. - The shaders could use some more works, specially when on clothing. - Works kinda like blood. - Random dirt will be added on zed at creation (more the later in the apocalypse). - For character: * Running or sweating add dirt on your character, slowly getting to your clothes the more dirty you are. * I also need to add some acions adding more dirt (shoveling, gardening..) * Being in trees will add dirt directly on your clothing. * Falling add also dirt. Clothing item can now have more than 1 extra option. - All bandanas can now be tied the normal way, rambo style or put on face. - Added bandana with random tint. - Added new bandanas to zombies outfit. Added new vehicle story: Bandits on road, couple of crashed cars, few corpses and some zombies (with bandits with a high chance of having firearm attached to them!). - Only appears at after a month of survival. Police blockade car stories have a chance of having the siren lights turned on. Added tile property "IsMirror" and added it for every type of mirror in game (for makeup). Updated hair textures. Updated bag textures. Nerfed smashed bottles condition lower chance. Synced open-window sound effects with the animations better, and try to prevent duplicate sound effects. The player now attacks repeatedly while the controller triggers are held down, instead of once when released. Can now right click the equipped item icons on the left (primary or secondary) to bring up context menu. BALANCE Increased Paint Can uses from 4 per can to 10. Increased health of constructed metal walls. Guns that spawn on zombies have now more chance to have bullets/clip Increased magazines spawning rate. Stop getting strength xp from pushing trees (this ain't minecraft yo) FIXES - Fixed tab panels not displaying the left/right scroll buttons in some cases (i.e., in the crafting ui with larger font sizes or many tabs). - Fixed the mousewheel not scrolling the tabs in the options ui. - Fixed the health panel not always being wide enough to display all the text in it. - Fixed the temperature debug ui not resizing vertically with different-sized fonts (horizontal resizing needs doing). - Fixed model.offset, model.rotate and model.scale not being applied to vehicle-wheel models. - Fixed Sandbox not defaulting to Apocalypse instead of Survivor. - Fixed the existence of the "Post Processing" display option (shaders are no longer optional) - Fixed missing recipes for the new flashlight (aka Hand Torch). - Fixed non-passive skills only gaining a single level when more than one could be gained (due to a high sandbox XP multiplier). - Fixed not being able to attack sometimes when holding torch/umbrella. - Fixed character not raising in hands when ready for a jaw stab. - Fixed Double Metal Doors using same recipe as Double Wooden Door - Fixed crafting Metal Roof not consuming any Scrap Metal - Fixed"Put out Fire" resulting in decimal point values for Campfire fuel times - Fixed Metal Roof not requiring use of Propane Torch and Welding Rods - Fixed translations for hotbar slot names not being used in some places. - Fixed some missing translations in the inspect-clothing ui's context menu. - Fixed police barricades and traffic cones that are added at runtime not being interactive (can't be hit by cars or picked up). - Fixed reset of the "NeedMasking" variable. - Fixed mannequins spawning with inappropriate outfits - Fixed no hair growth on female characters. - Fixed "Blooo" item appearing inside character's inventory sometimes. (Blooo came back :'( ) - Fixed missing blood textures on weapon models when they're attached to the player's back or belt. - Fixed beard color not appearing in character info avatar panel. - Fixed bags in hands not being hidden when doing actions. - Fixed sometime unequipping a bag wouldn't remove it from equipped models. - Fixed right hand duffel bag being considered as left hand. - Fixed duplicating bags when falling after vaulting a fence. - Fixed vaulting fence fall not happening for every type of vault over. - Fixed makeup will now be removed after washing yourself. - Fixed handtorch model not being shown when dismantling torch (previosly was CDPlayer). - Fixed hidding weapons when doing actions. - Fixed being able to cancel attack a ranged shot/racking. - Fixed being stuck in aiming when shoving while shooting. - Fixed some drag & drop weirdness while having a bag equipped. - Fixed arms wobbling while holdings bags & running. - Fixed color not being saved when dropping a bags on the floor. - Fixing context key always dropping heavy items. - Fixed numerous holding bags mask blend/snapping. - Fixed snap and wobbling while running with a bag. - Fixed pressing shift while being idle moving the arm while holding bags. - Fixed pressing space while running not registering the shove immediatly but only when you stopped running. - Fixed icons of new item when using extra option being erased (bandana was never changing its icon for example). - Fixed some mirror not working for make up (they were attached sprite & not new object). - Fixed having injuries on left arm affecting combat speed. - Fixed book store cash register having books in it instead of money. - Fixed incorrect umbrella icons. - Fixed police & some other specific outfit not spawning with weapon attached to them (pistol on police for example). - Fixed seeing bags during sit on ground & opening windows. - Fixed an exception in OpenWindowState.exit() when the lock breaks. - Fixed GameServer.SpawnRegions not being initialized. - Fixed ISWeatherChannel bug on the server. - Fixed old map_p.bin savefile code being called on the client. - Fixed room lights being possibly twice as bright as before. Only exterior lights are possibly twice as bright now. - Fixed some blending issue with holding bags. - Fixed Uniform zombie distribution not putting zombies in places with zero intensity in the spawn image. Needs to be rebuilt on Linux and Mac. - Fixed the UI font being scaled after viewing a map in some languages (i.e. Russian). Changing the Language in the Display options reloads the UI when not in a game. - Fixed holes in clothing disappearing after patching a hole twice. - Fixed Lua error reading a skill book twice. Skill books should probably use DisappearOnUse=FALSE instead of being replaced with an identical item via ReplaceOnUse. - Fixed metal grates over windows not blocking zombies when they come before the window in the list of objects on the square. - Fixed corpses being a lot darker than zombies. Model lighting was changed in commit 4216. - Fixed Lua files being reloaded when the Display language wasn't changed. - Fixed vehicle models being lit from the wrong direction by lampposts etc. - Fixed exceptions sometimes being thrown when the Model.Render.Lights debug option is used (accessing IsoGridSquare from the render thread). - Fixed overlapping text in the item-spawner debug ui. - Fixed music "drama" never going down. - Fixed player textures being recreated every frame, tanking the framerate. - Fixed the player taking damage and dropping equipped items when climbing over railings onto stairs. - Fixed issues with the player dropping hand-held items after tripping or dying. - Fixed dropping items outside the inventory and loot windows being blocked by hidden parts of collapsed windows. - Fixed some player skills increasing each time a Last Stand Accumulator player is loaded ZAC STUFF Zac Congo - Added priority parameter to per-bone anim sorting. The mix is now sorted by: Layer, Priority, Weight - AnimationPlayer - New field, int[] m_animBlendPriorities. Reusable array used to for sorting tracks by priority. - Updated function updateMultiTrackBoneTransformsInternal to include Priority in the sorting algorithm. - Minor refactor to improve readability. - LiveAnimNode - New utility functions give access to source AnimNode values: getPriority() getDeferredBoneName() getDeferredBoneAxis() getSubStateBoneWeights() findTransitionTo(...) getSpeedScale(...) - AnimNode - New variable, m_Priority - New function, getPriority() - Added extra api documentation to various fields. - AnimLayer - updateNodeActiveFlags updated to pass through priority value. - No longer repeatedly calling LiveAnimNode.getSourceNode. Using new encapsulated utility functions instead. - StartAnimTrackParameters - New variable, priority. - IsoPlayer - Removed workaround to "AttackVariableX". Values of 0.01 and 0.99 are now whole values of 0 and 1. - AdvancedAnimator - Removed unused function: ensureEnoughLayers. - AnimZed v1.7.5.01 - New field added to AnimNodePanel, Priority. Ranges from 0 to 10. Defaults to 5. - Lower numbers means animations are pushed higher up the stack. - Updated 1HDefault.Priority to 4 instead of default(5). - Fixes odd snapping when transitioning out from 1-handed aim-attacking while holding an umbrella. Fixed incorrect bone re-bindings for character's clavicles. - Using "Bip01_X_Clavicle" instead of "Bip_X_Clavicle" - Added warning to console if bone re-binds are not valid. - Added toString overrides to AnimBoneBinding, AnimBoneBindingPair, and SkinningBone. - StringUtils - Added function: indent - Indents all lines in the supplied text. Allows us to specify what to indent the first line with, what to indent all non-first lines with, what to use as the newLine string (eg. "\n", "\r\n", or anything else, like "newLine: ") - Default overload uses System.lineSeparator, does not indent the first line, and indents all non-first lines with a tab character. - Added AnimStateNameTable - New classes: GenericNameTable, NameTableEntry, and AnimStateNameTable. - The generic table provides all the functionality of an index-name, name-index table. - Thread-safe, using locks for adds/removes/modifies. - NameTableEntries have a name, and can have an index. Defaults to -1 until specified otherwise. - NameTableEntries notify their parent table when their name/index change, keeping the table consistent. - Initial implementation not wired up to Networking nor AnimStates, yet. - AnimLayers now sync to their parent - Each layer keeps the sync node and track cached. - Each sub-layer checks their parent for the cached sync node+track. - If none is found, then it uses its own. - ie. Bob_Anim_Bags now syncs to the root Bob_Anim
  13. 41.34 Changelist NEW Added a full decay for zombie corpses: they go from stage to stage until disapearing totally (they can become skeleton before disapearing) Adjusted melee anims. Added a new slow when swinging (only when going backward) for 2 handed, 1 handed & knife Added visible wounds on character (not done the lower body parts yet). Can now remove visible blood from health panel debug menu. Added new vehicle stories Added fuel timer to campfires and other fuel items Added ability to tie the bandana RAMBO style (will also be added with a ripped sheet soon). Added ability to use bandana as a mask Removed long press of E to remove keys from car's ignition. Added ability to hold umbrella Added ability to hold a torch/flashlight in your hand Added Garden Saw. Added a Loot Generator UI in debug context menu to track loot spawns better Added cruise control, press Shift + W to start/increase it, Shift = S to decrease it speed, breaking will stop the cruise control (Shift + W to resume it to its set speed), accelerating won't break it, after you release accelerator speed will be resumed to set cruise speed. - The controller X button toggles vehicle cruise control on/off. - Holding the controller X button and pressing D-pad up/down changes cruise-control speed. Stealth improvements: Increased range for jawstab of some knives. Player will raise their left hand if close enough to jaw stab. Added jawstab from behind (player & zombie). Hair dyes: Added hair dye (regular color will be found in bathroom, some others in a hair salon). You can dye your hair & beard separately , just right click the hair dye bottle. Added "Font Size" Display option. Fonts are loaded from 1x/ 2x/ 3x/ and 4x/ media/fonts/XX/ language-specific subdirectories, if present. BALANCE Tweaked junk and clutter loot (increased them, added new loots in there) Increased painkillers active time. Lowered flashlight weight from 2 to 1. Added option to Wash clothes with a full Bucket/Cooking pot and Soap in inventory Weapon magazines are now affected by Ranged weapons sandbox loot modifier option. Buffed the current flashlight, the handtorch is a lighter version of the current flashlight. Battery now weight 0.1 instead of 0.6. Increased torch/battery spawn rate. FIX - Fixed day/night active zombies sometimes sprinting when they should be inactive. - Fixed zombie spawn in large structures like the mall - Fixed Bare Hands counting as a favorite weapon in non-English languages. - Fixed mannequin rendering bug (related to the weather fx mask). - Fixed spawn buildings being randomized. - Fixed exception when the item type specified by ReplaceOnRotten doesn't exist. - Fixed not releasing vehicle database memory properly in rare cases when exiting a game. - Fixed being able to turn during fall down anim. - Fixed zombie auto turning toward player when close killed. - Fixed (AGAIN, AGAIIINNN) having to wash 'Blooo' it - Fixed fishing with the fishing net trap not giving experience in fishing skill. - Fixed leaving Winter is Coming game resetting the Winter timer - Fixed metal Floor requiring 0/0 Welding Rods and Blow Torch uses - Fixed occupational outfits spawning on mannequins - Fixed Scrap Metal not being used when building fences - Fixed problem with masking female character's hair. - Fixed multi hit sandbox option being turned on for challenges. - Fixed models with capital I not loading when using the Turkish locale. - Fixed player not finishing turning around before climbing through a window that is behind him/her. - Fixed missing BreakSound on some weapons.
  14. yup if there are sufficient trees / plants around and far enough away from urban build up you should be able to forage anywhere
  15. this will probably be further balanced a few in the team said the same thing but we didn't want to block the release due to it.
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