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  1. We may be able to look into a way of looking around by turning your head we'll see what we can do.
  2. well outside a few glitches and rough edges, I would say the balance will not change, as in 'lethality of a group of zombies per zombie member for base character', on survivor in general terms. Though the manner that difficulty will manifest will hopefully will become clearer and better signposted.
  3. Guts and Horde really don't suggest 'more combat focus' though sadly, we're very open to better naming if someone suggests something viable, but those were the best we could come up with after a ton of discussion (in fact it was Fighter originally but someone in community suggested Brawler after a thursdoid about it which rang better to us)
  4. There are defensive animations that tie into guard skill :/ (well the weapon skill, guard skill has been combined with that) and yes we plan on more combat stuff in future, but likely not build 41 since there's only so much work we can do and ever get it released, and the tech for complex player vs zombie interactions like long lasting grapples is not there yet. And yes there are issues still present which lead to unfair deaths we are still working on. I'm just frustrated at brawler, something we went way out of our way to avoid being percieved as 'easy mode' and just 'more combat mode' still being seen as some easy mode that people begrudge playing on or even helping us balance and instead totally disregarding the black and white text 'combat often best avoided' as a show of intent for the balance of Survivor and wanting combat to be just as viable on there. It's like 'Alien: Isolation's combat sucks, I can't damage the alien even with a machine gun!' and beyond the text on the main menu its pretty hard to understand how to make it more clear what the intent is. As you said above: " I still think movement while swinging is something you could pull off, if you balanced it in another way, like making swings take more stamina, or making it so that standing still while swinging did more damage than moving backwards. In my mind, the thing that would balance this is that a zombie could leap forward and grab you at any moment, pulling you into the horde to certain death, which wasn't part of the game before. They could also grab your weapon. But I get that that's hard to balance and relies a on a lot of small variables, and you're aware of more of them than I am. The problem is you haven't been a part of testing prior to this IWBUMs, months of tweaking and discussing and testing, where we did literally this, and as I said above, just allowing that extra 1/10th of a second of movement during the connection of the swing meant you could kite and kill zombies indefinitely, you could dispatch hordes EVERY time with a starting character and any weapon, we tried about 10 ways of 'balancing it' e.g. stamina etc, and the only one that worked was adding that tiny pause during the swing connection. It's very easy to suggest these things but we've got a good handle now on exactly how narrow the margin is with the balance. You say you don't want it to be possible to dispatch hordes, and that I'm accusing you of wanting that, but you're suggesting balance changes that WOULD allow that and we know that fine well because we've been through this process already. You're suggesting we remove something we specifically added after testing as an improvement when we already know this doesn't work and completely kills the game's difficulty to even easier than b40 levels, and then getting a bit defensive when we defend our decisions. Is it perfect? No. Will it improve? yes. But is it doing the job for the ethos and playstyle of Survivor? Certainly. 5 zombies are terrifying and will have you trying to escape with heart racing, instead of thinking 'I can handle them'
  5. I totally get what you're saying and we do intend to polish and expand combat. But we're not making Survivor easier is my point, and zombies will remain lethal and just as dangerous, because that's the entire point of it. Brawler is not some 'second tier' way of palming off people complaining, we want to provide a fun experience for people who want to have more combat oriented gameplay, and people who want to be so scared of zombies they are constantly on the run and are terrified if a group of three are at their window. We anticipated that some from previous builds enjoyed the combat more and wouldn't like this balance, so we decided to introduce the concept of 'playstyles' so we could balance independently depending on how people like to play, but people all seem to just want their own will imposed on this one specific playstyle.
  6. As I said, it's NOT easier, the zombie numbers are on Insane instead of High, that's two steps above and makes the game VERY challenging for just different reasons. We coded those features, then added those options to sandbox specifically to balance to Brawler, and now we're being criticized for those only being sandbox options being tweaked? Supposing we added all the stuff you request onto Brawler mode, we'd ALSO put them into the sandbox options, and then because they made the game easier, and they were sandbox options, wouldn't brawler still be 'just sandbox with the easiest options picked'? We gave more combat power, and took away by increasing zombies significantly. And we've only just begun to balance it. It's just that it's balanced more around combat than it is around stealth and scaring people into avoiding combat. The stuff you suggest, despite being 'extra features' and not just 'balancing numbers' which for some reason you find demeaning to play on, would still have the result of making combat easier, regardless of what you say, and we're hesitant to make combat in Survivor easier, outside of fixing the issues that do still exist that contribute to the difficulty, as it says on the main menu description of the mode 'combat is often best avoided'.
  7. So you are not interested in us making the game easier by changing numbers on a seperate 'equal tier' mode on the main menu specifically for the numbers being changed how you want, you want making the game easier by changing numbers on a specific mode specifically designed a different way, that a lot of people like being super hard? It's a permanent thing, specifically we want a way for people who want stealth and avoiding zombies, AND people who want to focus on combat and fight zombies at every opportunity, to both be happy despite these being mutually exclusive balances. But the ones who want to kill everything seem to insist that the 'stealth / avoid combat' game mode is changed to suit them. Brawler doesn't make things easier, try it - the zombie numbers are dramatically higher than survivor. It just makes combat a bit more powerful for the player to encourage it over running away, and eases the '2 zombies kill you straight away' stuff you take issue with. There are still issues that make brawler too hard, but as I said in point 2) this is due to some issues with the combat system that we're still solving, such as pushes being a bit broken sometimes in target choice etc.
  8. We'll take all concerns and criticism on the new combat seriously, but there are a few key points to bear in mind: 1) Survivor mode is specifically balanced around 'combat is generally something to avoid' - Brawler is specifically built around 'I enjoy lots of combat'. We won't change balance of Survivor to make 3 zombies easy to dispatch with a fresh character, because this 100% goes against the ethos of that. Brawler will be balanced closer around build 40 combat, so our general advice is to play that mode instead. 2) Some issues with combat still revolve around issues (some of which are already fixed our end but we're not releasing on a weekend, its too risky with lower devs around to fix any issues that crop up with changes) so we'll not be making any sweeping changes to balance until all the bugs and glitches and movement tweaks needed may give an inaccurate view of current balance. 3) The balance error margin between 'being eaten by 3 zombies' and 'being able to slay an entire horde' is TINY and some people don't seem to appreciate that. You say 'just do this' but for example we have the character being able to strafe during a swing now. We had to introduce a tiny pause during the moment of connection. Why? Because without it it was possible to easily dispatch about 60 zombies in a group without any risk. With it? Well you can see. That's how much something so tiny can dramatically affect combat balance, which has undergone so many changes and tweaks over the moments that's bounced it between extremely hard and way too easy. It's not as simple as 'just do X' and you have no idea how these changes wildly affect the balance and would allow for horde killing.
  9. maybe its too much, but the rationale is its not an 'easy mode' but has much easier combat, so extra zombies added to compensate for the lower difficulty of combat. We can tone it down a little tho.
  10. not within a month I'd say, hard to say beyond that
  11. no controller fixes yet afaik, sorry
  12. Various movement / rotation fixes, hopefully a final Turkish lanuguage issue fix, various other bug fixes and working Brawler and Builder modes - Now treats aiming/strafing as a zero-momentum state, like idle. - Turn180 now uses idleToRun180 instead of runToTurn180 when going from strafe -> run in the opposite direction of travel. - Only blends (with animations) to defaultWalk/Run/Sprint if isTurningAround==false - Uses animation-less transitions otherwise. This prevents the transition anims from doubling up with the turn180s anims. - ZNetFriends continues pinging in singleplayer, possible it's one source of FPS drop - Failed to Poll Device spam should be hidden, may be source of FPS drop for those with Blutooth or other wireless hardawre - Vehicle will continue moving after its tire is burst - Increase quality of Tires on cars to at least 20-30% in Survival mode - Fixed missing bob/bob_idle on Turkish systems. - Fixed AnimationSet lookup bug with Turkish locale ("Idle" -> "idle"). - Fixed EmptyStackException in IsoSpriteInstance.get(). - Fixed player not starting without clothes in AReallyCDDAy. - Fixed custom icons for clothing and containers being lost after reloading a game. - Fixed exception cleaning blood with a Bath Towel. - Fixed exception loading shotguns (or any gun without a magazine). - GrabItemAction transfers multiple items at a time similar to InventoryTransferAction. - Transferring large stacks of items should no longer lower fps. - Fixed losing ammo when creating a sawn-off shotgun. - Fixed resize behavior of the Customize Character screen. - Fixed combining InventoryTransferActions when the source and destination containers aren't the same. - Changed "version 110" to "version 120" in some shaders that use functions in const expressions. - Fixes to MainThread/GameThread crash handling. - A crash in RenderThread no longer locks-up the game. - Uncaught Errors now get absorbed, logged, and an attempt is made to preserve save data. - Added uncaught exception handlers to MainThread, GameThread, and any other internal threads I could find. - Added default uncaught handler for any external threads. - Added custom handler for MainThread, sets bGameThreadExited and signals the RenderThread. - Added custom handler for RenderThread, sets m_isCloseRequested, zaps any waiting queues, and waits for MainThread to save and close. - DebugOptions - Added testThreadCrash mechanism, used to fire a crash on-demand, remotely from AnimZed. - Run -> Strafe -> Run now keeps to a straight line of travel. No longer does the strange arc movement during transition - Strafe -> Run transitions now only use transition anims if at not turning more than 90 degrees. - Strafe -> movement transitions updated to correct targets when isTurning90/Around. - Fixes to odd arc turns during transitioning from walk -> strafe - Fixed Brawler and Builder playstyle options in menu to stop them launching Survivor by mistake - Crash-fix for when getVectorFromDirection is given a null vector.
  13. nope that was in the old anim build before TEA redeveloped the system that led to the build you're playing. Anims exist but haven't been reimplemented into the new system. We hope for during IWBUMs
  14. not integrated yet, still on another branch being worked on.
  15. Forgot to increment the version number and we have reduced devs today due to OMG FINALLY rest time, so forgive the lack of version change. – Rebuilt jassimp64.dll with statically-linked c++ library (removes dependency on msvcp140.dll).– Fixed exception in MouseState with 2-button mouse.– Fixed lua error with climb-through-window context-menu command.– Fixed solidtrans objects next to windowframes-without-windows being solid.– Removed 3D-models and 3D-corpses options to fix invisible zombie bodies.– Removed AutoZombieManager.java which adjusted the number of 3D models based on performance.– Fixed exception with “New Roof-Hiding” = No option that causes black screen outside.– Fixed “welcome to build 41” being off-center.– Possibly fixed rainbow-colored bodies on Mac OS.– Possibly fixed failure to load bob/bob_idle animation on Windows using the Turkish (and potentially other) locales.
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