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  1. Yeah a good few of us are British including 3/4 of the directors, so we were aware of this it's set in the US so US colloquialisms rule and it is just extra funny to be called a fanny pack anyway, it seems a rather tame thing in a brutal dark zombie apocalypse to worry about tbh. We've resisted renaming pop to soda still I guess though we'll get to it!
  2. *looks at one of the entries on the 'big nos' haha oh my.
  3. NEW - Enabled the "New Character" button after the player dies in singleplayer, so it's more clear that players can continue the save with a new character. This button was already available in splitscreen and multiplayer. - Added "Corpse Shadows" display option. Corpse shadows are drawn as a separate pass (along with player, vehicle, and zombie shadows) so could affect performance with lots of corpses. - Added a sandbox option to disable zombie lunge after climbing over fence (in the zombie lore). - Allow sleeping anywhere when the character reaches a fatigue level of 4. The sleep i
  4. lemmy101

    Shoving off

    This is the problem, as soon as there is any even broken multiplayer the interest in PZ will explode, there are big streamers waiting for it. Itd be a mess and then they would move on and unlikely return once we have solid MP. People treat IWBUMs as the official version once it's there. We can't risk having non functional and unreliable MP and it needs to get to a set level of performance and polish before it goes out in any capacity or it may mean the difference between millions of future sales and eeking by. B41 is the most important update so far and a real opportunity to break
  5. Koester, putting aside your colossal attitude for a moment, since your streamer friends may well be people we'd like to help out. Does these stutters only happen when recording? and what capture / streaming software are you using?
  6. Thanks for the feedback. We may strive to be realistic, but allowing players to go a month without food would, for the most part, remove food as a practical concern in the game particularly for the majority of players who probably don't survive more than a month or two. It's one of the situations we need to prioritise gameplay over realism. As for foraging tiredness, perhaps this needs rebalancing, but comparing it to fishing, a renowned relaxation pastime doesn't really seem fair comparison. I'm pretty sure hunting for berries in the woods would get tiring a ton sooner than chilling beside a
  7. lemmy101

    Zed Clients

    In case you didn't know, we're vastly majority white in the development team. If you took from that statement that we don't value our own lives and don't think our own lives matter, then am afraid you took the wrong thing away from it. If what you say about Belarus is true then that is wonderful to hear and we could all learn a lot from Belarus. Sadly its not the case elsewhere, particularly in America where all this stuff is going down at the moment, as such that statement is something a lot of people are saying in solidarity and its unfortunate that its somehow so contentious to
  8. Thanks for the suggestions will make sure the mp team see them! though a core aspect of our planned zombie networking is the client who zombies are chasing will have (server validated) authority thus eliminating latency completely where its a concern.
  9. It's something we're not actively promising, and certainly not pre-1.0, but its very much something we still want to do.
  10. This code was on the 'Creative' branch which made it possible with some significant changes to how the map worked for the Creative mode. However that branch, due to anims and npc pressure of focus from community anticipation didn't get any time put into it and has spent years going stale with years old code. The prospect of merging in creative at this point would be an act of madness since the code has diverged so much, so this stuff would sadly need retransplanting at the point on a fresh branch, 'started from scratch with the advantage of the old code for reference' when we start
  11. BALANCE - Increased dirt on character. FIXES - Fixed some recipes not being able to use the new garden saw. - Fixed exceptions due to missing eye-shadow textures. - Fixed the makeup ui not working with different-sized fonts. - Fixed the makeup ui not working with a controller. - Fixed the Lua debugger Errors ui not showing exceptions in one case. - Fixed occasional Lua error when right-clicking on windows. - Fixed odd position of bags on the ground when dropped from hands. - Fixed Blooo (again again again) by making the default Dis
  12. to encourage flashlight use - no one ever uses flashlights because its perfectly able to see even in houses at night. Using flashlights is cool and atmospheric and something a person would do irl, and also comes with risk/benefit tradeoff so is an interesting gameplay mechanic that until now has never been required to be used.
  13. 41.35 patch notes NEW Experimental bag holding - Feedback please! Added make up: - You need either a make up foundation, make up eyes shadows or lipstick. - Make up available will depend on the type you selected. (i'll change it so it'll check for every make up material in your inventory, so if you have lipstick but click on makeup foundation you'll see lipstick make up in the list) - You also need to be in front of a mirror or have a mirror item in your inventory. - Clown, Skull, Brave heart, multiple lipstick & eyes shadow color... Experimental lighting changes - Feedback please! - V
  14. 41.34 Changelist NEW Added a full decay for zombie corpses: they go from stage to stage until disapearing totally (they can become skeleton before disapearing) Adjusted melee anims. Added a new slow when swinging (only when going backward) for 2 handed, 1 handed & knife Added visible wounds on character (not done the lower body parts yet). Can now remove visible blood from health panel debug menu. Added new vehicle stories Added fuel timer to campfires and other fuel items Added ability to tie the bandana RAMBO style (will also be added
  15. yup if there are sufficient trees / plants around and far enough away from urban build up you should be able to forage anywhere
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